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aTfnrriiffliniffnrnJt - i
P. if f m m
n n iiri hi is am n
1 1 II VI 81 Pit 1 rl II til II IfYll V A I II
it f li ii
tlOUSe Ol KenreSMiatr'eS
r ,
Overflowing ,
1 I I II n . f, , i report upon house bill dOO, proposing
AllU LnhhV Tnirnn0fa1 ' V u appropriation of 'ir,0,000 for irria
4.u uvuuj tuivuvu . 0 development work in eastern Ore-
IT TinUP I ITiTrtf TUTrrrv l'ort was 'ejected anil tne majority re
Al lllJlfc ANHUuNILD l"'" was adopted, but when the ques-
j tion cif indefinite postponement was put
la rolleull was demanded by Kepresen-
I tntive llinkle, and the bill was thresh-
Wppk Fnrl Afiimiriwpnt KnA 1,1 0111 011 its "icrits. Although the do-
YCCh L1U1 nUJOUIlUIieill AIM hm . slill in pr0r(,as tlia afternoon
Irrigation Bill Crowd It
Out of Place
The prolilbition, bill passed the house
at 3: 60 o'clock as it came from the com
mittee, with only two dissenting votes,
although many protests were voiced by
V,i, the house crowded and lammed ,
.lonr out into the lobby so that per-1
aims endeavoring to enter or leave the i
chamber did so Tit the risk of being nl-j
most ...ashed to death, the l.,,r.mite,l !
iiruhibitiou measure, bouse bill No,
- - ' "
J !
. iZ' i
Milxtitule for bouse bill No. 1, !v Dr.
...i fjcil
mi lor
Anderson, was liuatly annount1
tiiii i reading this afternoon
I'pnple from all over the stale inter
'Hte I in the measure thronged the state
Iioiisc, nnd liie scene presented recalled
Hie days when the election of United 1
States senator u-.ed to call forth iniVis
that Mould almost take the building in
'hcii efforts to hear the proceedings.
An organized effort w ill 1-c made on
Hie flour of the house, during consider
ation in cmiHiiittee of the whole, to i
have the measure nine'ided so as to!
eliminate the section permitting aiiy !
'piantity of liquor being shipped int u
the stnte after the constitutional 1
.-inieiidiiieut goes into effect so us t"
make the measure absolutely prnliif
itive and "dry" in the full sense of
I he tenn, or as nearly so as th.1 inu.-ti-tuti'mal
limitatintis will permit, and, i'
this fails, those who are in fnvnr nl'
uutkiug the law prohibitive, will iutrn !
bice a resolution to be submitted to the :
people to amend the constitutional ;
tiinenilmeut so as to permit the Oregon j
breweries to manufacture beer in u Mm-I The senate spent the entire morning
ite.l amount so as to get the benelit ol ,,,,i)lltill diviilond report oir Senate
the revenue to be derived trom th:' ., ,., M . .,
..mount permitted to be shi I int, i Hl11 N"' "2 l,v H,'",lt"r M"H,'r K,v,"
the stnte under the proposed enabling 'all parents having children between the
bill, jages of 1 and lid years of age the right
There are mimcrous sides to the op-ito vute at school elections and also at
position of the section nllewiag liipmr school meetings where the amount of
to be shipped in, even in limited 1)111111- I tin tuxes levy is to be determined,
tities, some objecting to the exemption The majority of the committee oil oil
of wine for sucrnmontnl purposes while 1 "cation reported in favor of the pass
the most serious objection seems to b age of the bill, Senators llawley, Vin
directed to the clause permitting the I tun, l'nrrell mid I. 8. Smith signing the
shipment of 21 quarts of beer into the j majority report and Senator (iiirlnnd
stnte for privnte use in every :ii) davs. submitting a minority report rei'iun
Statistics have been prepared showing mending that the bill do not puss,
that this limitiition will permit of the I Senator (inrland spoke nt length ill
shipment of 4,0110,000 gallons of beer favor of the minority report presenting
into the state annuallv, after the state the unjustness of allowing iioa tax pay-
is supposed tu have gone "dry" and
the Oregon brewing industries have
been legislated out of business. It is
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. '
Washington, Tel.. 5, A t ion
oil the (hip puichasq bill was
postponed by I lie senate tiiis
nflcrnonn until next Week. On
motion by Senator Clark, the
senate adjourned until Monday
Irrigation Bill Not Favored
By Ways and Means and
The. ways unci means committee
sprung a complete surprise uprm the
House tins morning ami tool! it liter-
ally off its feet when it returned a
..........t l.:n -inn
'ii. l a minority report, sinned by
Smith, of Klamath, ami Dr.
Ann. h, of Multnomah, favor
able to c, ami a mnjority re
port unfa. -, and recommending
that it do noi. pass. The minority re-
it is certain that it will be indefinitely
That those who were in fnvor of the
measure were basking serenely in the
belief that it was safe and there was
no ause for alarm regarding the bill's
passage, nnd the adverse repott of the
wavs and means committee took them
completely off their guard, was evi
dence I from the mauner in which Mr.
Ilinkle, the original sponsor of the bill, ',
fought to get bis breath and save the
Mm' tcm" Wohh ,J''U'"t i U 1
Postponement route. As it was, Speake
""Vf, " "c ,ol ,Ma" .'' ,
t" ',J'" l,0!,t,loel "" Mr. Davoy cu 1-;
'"l tlu' !,l",:,lu'r accent in overlook-.
! H... .1 1 11 ..in n
lll 1 IIV IH'lllUIIll 111 ,111. IIITIIlll- IVM 11
rolli'till, and the speaker finally yield-i
and allowed the measure to go to a,
:.i... i n. ..!. ..I
I lull'. .. US e . nil-ill, iiifni'it'i, in. li inv:
: etro.-ts ut its supporters to save me inn
I were, futile, and that it is destined to
defeat is certain. ;
The nction of the ways and means
ommittcc on house bill Ibid, the iuitital !
Minority Report On Bill Allow
ing Parent to Vole at School
ers to vote taxes on property owners
and demanding that the supporters
j show where the people or the stute lind
demanded this legislation. He dennum'-
ed the tendeney to include art music
laud other frills iu public school educa
tion at the expense of the tuxnavers
stating that where such things were
taught children ot poor parents at
, school it created a demand for these
priviledges in the home mid their par
:ents were not able to provide them
1 He stnted that this was a move on the
, part of the teachers to bring 11 bout con
Editions that would Increase the mini'
of extra frills and luxuries that are be
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Will Be Killed
bill asking for ,fl'j0,000 appropriation
for irrigation work iu Central lOastera
Oregjn, was taken yesterday afternoon,
and when the results of tiie conference
became known to those interests of
Portland who have been working so ar
dently and zealously for the success of
the gioup of irrigation development
bills, five or six in number, will sit up
on "their hind feet." and' set up bloul
curdHug wails to the moon. House bill
,'100 is designed to set aside nearly a
half million dollars to meet a like
amount which has been, or is said to
have been, appropriated by the secre
tary of the department of the interior
for irrigation work in Oregon during
tlw coming season, nnd if this bill is
defeated, which seems more than pmb
able in the light of the action of the
witys and menus committee, it is claim
ed that the stale will lose tho co-operation
of the government for all time to
come and irrigation development work
ill the statu will cease forthwith.
The other appropriation bill, house
bill -!MI, asking tnut an annual levy of
one-half mill be levied annuallv for ir
rigation purposes, is iu the hands of
the irrigation committee and may be
reported out at any time. When the
wnys and menus committee submits its
repo.'t on the big appropriation bill it
will come up upon its merits nnd be
threshed out on the floor of the house,
upon the question of substituting the
minority for the majority report, uml
a lively display of linguistic pyrotech
nis will be the result.
Another bill which has been acted up
on favorably and will be reported buck
by the ways and means committee with
recommendation that it do not pass is
house bill l-.T, by Jeffries, asking for
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Morris Hilquitt So Designates
the Great Private Founda
tions of America
By John Edwin Nevln.
New York, Feb. "1. Private fouinlu
lions were characterized as "charitable
trusts'' here today by Morris ililquitt,
frequently referred to as a "parlor
socialist," tesUI'ving before the federal
industrial relations commission. He
attacked the motives of such institu
tions, declaring that huidly any of
their funds could be applied for tiie re
lief of Americans.
"riven domestic birds," said Mil
quitt, "are discriminated against by
the Rockefeller foundation, Uecently
the 'foundation purchased a tract of
land iu Louisiana ns a reservation for
international and migratory birds."
Ililquitt charged that instead of the
foundation being a philanthropic insti
tution, it sought to develop matter
proving benel'icial to the wealthy, i
"When institutions are created nnd!
supported by individuals with decided
class Interests and social bias," con
tinued Ililquitt, "the duiiger is that
this bins naturally will eoininiiiilcnte
itself to the teacher, who owes his liv
ing to the generosity of the founder.
"The problem of capital and labor
should be carefully studied. Industrial
corporations have established n sort of
Industrial feudalism. Now they are
milking a bold asxnult on the nation's
intellectual Independence. This is be
ing accomplished with endowments and
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Oregon Lawmakers
M ml m
1&:WJ Wack M W W A
' A i.-.ifcxPeRtMEKTAy ;
Is Down Coast Slight Ways
From Point Where Asama
Is Grounded
Japs Are Afraid To Give Wire
less Call For Help As War
ships Are Near
San Diego, Cnl., Feb. 5. In a no loss
critical position than the Japanese
cruiser Asama, which is aground near
Point llartolouie, but further down tho
coast and ashore in a somewhat less
rocky spot, the . American steamship
1 olon, formerly a .Mexican vessel, was
111 ininger iflciny ot complete destruction.
The Colon, which sailed from San
Francisco ilunuary 1 lit li with a cargo of
general merchandise for Saliua Cruz
and which earned a crew of 20 men,
left (iiiiiymns .laiiuary .10 ami was driv
en on the bar of Topolobamiio bay bv
the recent storm. Topolobninpo bay is
nooiit miiiwny iietwe.cn (iuiivinns and
Mazatlan, 0" the mainland, nearly 1,000
nines soiun or ruin I'lego,
I he Unite.! States cruiser Maryland,
which received the Colon's "S. ('). S. "
call, responded quickly nnd has since
been standing guard.' No ndditionn!
advices were received from the Mary
hind today.
Al last reports .waves were said to
be breaking over the Colon, r " ',
gunboat Annapolis, .which wu ' al (in...
mas, has gone to assist, the 'Maryland.
The Colon is owned by the American
Mexican Trading company. She is a
! steam schooner of l,,i:io Ions. Until
recently she was owned by the Com
pallia Naveriu Del I'acificn of South
America, and was known nn the
Ramon Corral, She lay at anchor in
San Diego harbor for severnl weeks
ri ut ly. The Colon carried no pas
sengers when she left San Francisco.
Tho Asama Wreck,
Sun Diego, Cnl., Feb. .1. As wireless
messages flew thick and fast
from the flagship San Diego ot
l'"''il'i'' t'1''''1 via San Diego to the navy
Icparl incut at Washington relative to
the wrecking of the .lapnnese cruiser
Asama, on the Lower California coast,
tho United Slntcs cruiser Hnleigh was
speeding south to the aid of thA
stranded crew and was expected to
reach the scene of the disaster some
time this afternooii,
.lust what steps the United Slates
government will ti.)e after Hie ar
rival of the Haleigh is not known.
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The Weather
Orcgon: Tonight
and Saturday ruin
west, ruin or snow
east portion ;
southerly winds.
I WonT
Go T5 I
Who Have Pronounced Hobbies This
put rue
nN ruF-
War Expert Discusses Plan
of Germans to Starve Foes
By Submarine Blockading
By J. W. T. Mason
(Former European manager
United Press.
of tho
New York, Feb. 5. Germany cannot 801ne confusion will prevail, but sub
maintain an effective blockade of the marines cannot do more than form a
Hritish isles. It is as Impossible for paper blockade, which all neutrals are
tho Teutonic submarine fleet to starve! entitled to ignore. There is always
Fngluiid into surrender as it is for serious danger of a crisis with neutral
Zeppelins to terrorize her into sub-: countries when a paper blockade is at
mission. tempted. This will be greatly increased
Tho German declaration against ; when it is coupled with warfare against
lintish merchant vessels docs not, 1111
fact, proclaim u blockade. Instead,
British waters are pronounced a "war
zone." which is nn ...definite term, not
excluding neutral shipping from bellig
erent ports, ns would a blockade.
A principle, therefore, is affirmed in
international law quito without modern
precedent. Germany, in effect, an
nounces that it will treat 811 Hritish
ships in Hritish waters as blockade
runners, although no blockade can be!
established. A warship may sink a (weight of England turns the balance,
blockado runner without consideration j Hence tho bitter hatred of England in
for tho lives of its passengers or crew. 1 Germany nnd the final effort to inflict
Under international law, merchantmen. j tho utmost harm to Englishmen, regard
of an enemy which nro not blockade; less of law and tho former rules of
runners cannot bo sunk unless provision'
is mado for saving life
This is a humane precedent which
Germany proclaims herself free to
break. That England litis declared food
imports into Germany contraband is
not a sufficient rejoinder. The ques
tion does not concern contraband lists,
but is n declaration of war against 1
The modern conception of war dif-1
tors ,i, this essential iron, tne ...1 nunc
conception Modem wars are only
tweea officially recognized armed
forceB, not between sohliers and civil-1
inns. Otherwise Gennany co,d,, nms
sue re uie IllllllH ipui luMlnn n'n "i. mv
French territory now in Gemini) pos-;iug
Warns Neutral Countries That
Kaiser Will Attack Britain's
Sea Control
Herlin, by wireless to Sayville, h. I.,
Feb. fi. Germany announced today
todavj'hut she is poising to strike another
mow at i'.nglanii's control or 1110 seas.
countries, declaring the iatenti if j
Gerinnnv to attack Hritish transports,
A ., 1. , ,i u'liriiimr .11 tinn.i-li
bearing troops uml munitions to Frunce,
wns issued by the government. It de
clares these vessels will bo attacked
"with all the means of warfare at our
"England i on the eve of shipping
large numbers of troops and quantities
of war materia! to France," says the
announcement. "We shall proceed
against these transports wilh all the
means of warfare at our disposal.
"Peaceful shipping is earnestly cau
tioned against approaching the north
ern and western coasts of 1' rnace, as
! it is threatened with Bcrious danger of
being confounded with ships lor war-
lie l.urposes. The route nroiinu ncot
Innil in recommended as the best truck
through the North sea." force it, Germany might wreak havoc
Fresh evidence of approval of the; on American vessels in isolated in
German public to the order issued yes-, stances.
etrdiiv extending the "war zone" wnsj .
given today. The newspnpers annoiiiico Must Bo Made "Air-Tight.'
that this action constitutes practically j Washington, Feb. If Germany In
a blockade of the French const. They tl,,l(H , ,. r "war zone" urouml England
nlso announc that both the English amis,,, ,n.kadc, she must make it "air
French blockades are advance steps j t i u'l t ' or else tiie United Stales will
the nolicv of submarine warfare sag- vecounize it.
gested by Vice Admiral Von Tirpll in
his interview in December with Karl 11.
Von Wiegnml of the United Stales.
r i r"' '-- rk 1 ,-wv-,., s .r
mtA BReiweRie. I'md fe .' t work
-T0-fAMy mL ANNUAL v
session and thus provide moro food for
it8 nv-
A number of Englund's merchant
shins iimloiilitetl I v will ha nnL ami
The Germans, of courso, know the
risk. Their unprecedented move must,
therefore, have a meaning. The most
probable interpretation is that Herlin
believes Germany cannot win in the
war and that she has adopted tho de
liberate policy of doing all the damage
possihlc to hiigland betoro tno inevit
able happens.
Against the other belligerents the
Gorman fleet could succeed, but the
The state department's copy of the
Germau order differs from tho published
German official statement. The gov-
eminent, s copy ruin, o.uy .ik
on the north and west coasts of France, j tw0 mMe ,0,mo,ln8 (, Ar0.mi x
whereas tho German vrntcmciit innkra'. . :.. ... j,',,.,,,,,, d: ,:i., ;' .... lk
the order much more inclusive.
WITICIU.S IICM, IH'l.l-.U iu ,,.., in n-,,
I Tiorlin statement is correct and they
expect to receive a similar notice, soon.
1 1 ne cannier net loo .y, .. .1 . , m--
be-jun,ed that Ins development, was no
j principal topic of discussion. Secretary
Hrynn was out of the city and Counsel-
( i. in ui-i n-, i-.i m in. . . r.
the matter.
Proclamation Extending War
Zone Is Being Examined
at Washington
Washington, Feb.
examination of the German proclnnin-
tion extending the European zone to
all the waters iu the vicinity of Eng-
land and France, officials of the ad-
ministration were inclined today to be-
lievo that
there was ground for
While he did not actually
that a protest would be made
bv the
I nitcd states, one nign aoiiiinis.n.i..M pr ,,vi.,.v is, the date on which the,
official volunteered today lie ''guess 0,,rlm1 ',,,,. intu ea
thai it would be. Ho said tho situation "
was likely to bring developments im
portant to the United States. 1 German Troops On Move,
Meantime Counsellor Lansing of the IVtrogiad, Feb. !. One hundred
stnte department is examining the Ger- thousand German troops are being hur
tuna order and consulting the interna- ,,, h,,idlong against the Russian posi
tional law cm ruing it to discover i ti(ms w,,Ht of Warsaw. Ono of th
precedents governing the ensn. 'greatest battle of the European war is
The order is generally characterized rai,v developing iu that renion.
here ns "a naiicr
er mocKuiie, u.uiuogi.
administration otticiais nro iiuucrmwon
in believe that, in endeavoring to en
Tins' was broadly intimated by of fi
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Ml W
IT ,
I '
3 A. PULk
r-i 1
Two Ger ji Monoplanes
Drop 1 plosives At
England Mounces She Will
Accept 'Jiallange Made
(By Henry Wood.)
Paris, Feb. 5. Squadrons of German,
airmen are 'boniluirilimr ihn Dn;n
1 trenches f rill.) inn 11,1 rf tn r.ni..t un.,U
j of Ypres.
Tiie official war official statement
1 1H.,uo, this alternton announced that
!iillos of tho wIIiph. ' Simultaneously Ger-
...... , , ...ll,,. I.;,r,. V' r.,
damage wiw done, it was declared!
Several Tanbes were seen to pass
. v:...,,.... nmil,.l,lilv .., , ,V,.
,nrUlu,lmthn bombard-
, n(i ,u
,, .' ..,.,.,. ,,.
Aigoiine forced tho French to evacuate,
more thuii 100 yards of trenches, but
the statement adds that a brilliant
counter attack at night succeeded in
regaining the positions for the French.
Not content with this achievement, it
is declared, the French continued tho
pursuit of the enemy and took 100 yard
of (iei'nian trenches,
Gorman artillery ser.ith of Arras hna
been silenced iu a spirited duel. Can
nonading continues northwest of Albert
and iu the regions of Noyon and Pe
(By Ed. L. Koen.)
London, Feb. 8. England has accept
ed the challenge sent forth by tjei'tiuiny
After a brief"" ri'""lt of L'nglnnd's efforts to)
' .,,;, , ,. 1 1-r in i 11 11 1 iu 11 ' of the kaiser to)
extend the war zone to British ami
French waters will be met by British,
warships. It is authoritatively stnted
that, an order will be issued for part
of the destroyer flotilla to detach from
Hie British North sea fleet and assume)
the task of sweeping the sea free of
hostile submarines and net as convoys
to allied and neutral merchuiitniciit aft-
Tlis ,.,,
ut was iniido in nn
!'ficial statement issued today by tha
war office here. Seven complete divis
ions of the kaiser's army are muking a,
series of frontal attacks between the.
Bziirn mid Itawlui rivers ia Poland.
Hundreds of German batteries arc shell
ing the Slav trenches.
Captured 6000 Russians,
lleiiin, bv wireless to Sayville, L. I.,
Feb. .1. It was officially unuoiinced to
day that General Von Muckensen's
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POT in
7 W Xm