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ap iiiiiiMwliiil
. , . ' BTAHUa - HVB CENTI
nrnnnnrnm nmr.r . . . fcv 1 ATk . oUuliLOdtO Id
nr i n rn s m .r a iw uirec- , H n a RKWists w.j i r p i i nr mnro
Commissioner Ferguson Says
Do Away Wiih One of
County Officials
Nine Counties Have
Recorder at the Present
In lln1 opinion of Insurance Coiumis
(-ion -r Ferguson, the office of coun.y
recorder, which is maintained in unlv
nine of tiio .'14 counties of the Mine,
"appears to lie unnecessary hihI ii bur
lon to tlw taxpayers "u sort of vcri
form .ii(i-itiit x to the office of conntv
clerk, nil. I should he iih'islicd.
Commissioner Ferguson 's deduction
.'in' based ii'Oii the report of t lie !
i ouniaiicy department of his office,
both founded upon h monthly ri'iurtH
xi nt in to tl.i- department by the citinly
clerks of the several counties urn I the
I'-siilt of the experting of the books
iiiol records of the several dem rtmeutH
ol county government, in which it is
e'.aiinecl tlnil all of tin' work that is new
performed by the recorder's Hi'liec
could lie very well ami onvenioiitly pel
I'mnicd umler the jurisdiction of tin'
eoiiiity clerk 's office nmi at least th"
amount of the annual salary of the
pieseut county recorder, IriMlii pel
could thus be saveil to the taxpayers.
Mr. Ferguson ulsn points out th '
practice of county clerks, generally, ol
charging aiany items of expense to Lie
"current expense" account, which, he
states, is very unihiguous aa, covers
an unlimited latitude, and this prac
tice, ho recommend, should be aban
doned and nil items of expense should
be properly loented to certain s ific
1'i'iictinns of the county government. I:,
(peaking of tiie matter, Commissionc
I'V-ijIuson hii.vh :
" Uecordini! of instruments is ilo.ic
by 'oiinty clerk in all counties excep,'
Jieiit.in, Clackamas, Jackson, Linn, Mar
ion, Umatilla, Tnion, Washington and
Yamhill, In these countu'S there is a
rtqiaruto office known as eciintv re
eorder, which appears to be unneces
sary and a burden to the taxpayers of
these counties. Ju comparing the cost
( county clerk 's office for nine months
it should lie done by lidding the cost
' clerk's and recorder's offices which
hhows as follows:
"Itentoa, L,,(j..'in; Clackamas, .(',,
Jackson, 7,ri-i;i.tl!l; ,iiin,
i iti.oO ; Marion, $S,(JI)!i.(i2; I'matilla, il,
'.i0.r,4; Union, ri.;-); WashiiiKton,
c.,:;tS. , r ; Vamliill, :.7 1 S.47. Atten
tion should alsa be culled to the con
tinned practice of the county clerks
cnnrsintj to "current expense" items
that should be properly located to cer
tain specific functions of the conntv
Accordilllt to the statement itunn.l I,.
''ommissioner I''er(,'nsoii this inornini,'
i.ie loin, expense of conductinK the af
lairs of the. office of the ccr.iutv clerk
lor Marion conntv fur H.. ,...i...
I'i'riod prior to Hi'ptember M, l!l , was
.-..-,,..1;, uiiii mat or the office of conn
ty recorder :i,(l2lt.20, innkiiiK an amrre
Kate of S,tlim.(i fur the two depart
ments, which expense, if thev could be
cou.'olidHted, he thinks, could be verv
materially reduced. The cost of coii
iliictmjr tiiee ilepartments, aepnratelv,
Jiiiwever. Mr. IVrniiaim il,i,,Lu
very tavorably with the cost in other
eoimtiea of the state, and no criticism
i mane at the manner of their con-
loct with till' ercelllinn nf tk. ,.,....;....
ill chnrtiinif up the different items of
expense in the clerk's department, re
leired to above.
The total cost of conducting the of
fices of county clerk in the sever.il
mties of the Btnto for the nine
months' periul ending September MO,
I'.MI, which was prior to the IncurriiiR
nt the heavy expense incident to the
lioldinir of the general election in No
vember, win Hlii,,'ll7.fll, and for the
nine counties which mnintain recorders'
departments, L'l,U0.1.r, miikliiH Krnn,
total of $S2,J:M(. Thin total cost.
liKii.ed upon the basis ((f a population
of about 7O0,l)()D fur the stale, repr
ctits n per enpita cost of a littlo more
than 211 cents for everv man, woman
mid child in the state.
Severe Storm Hit
Lower Georgia Today
AtlanU, Oa., Ja.n. 7. Dwith
and destruction wr left 111 the
wake of a violent storm which
hit lower Georgia and npper
Florida early today. A woman
and her ton were killed at
Abbeyvllle and one pernon was
killed at Quitman. Th damage
to property and livestock waa
estimated at 1500,000.
Development la Two Direc
tions Responsible for
By J. W. T. Masou,
1 Former London Correspondent for the
I'nited l'reas.)
New Vork, Jan. 7. Kussia 's cam
paign against Hungary apparently is
beinjj developed from two directions,
which probably accounts for its slow
progress thus far.
Instead cif crossing the Carpal hians
from the north alone, on their wav to
Budapest, the Slavs appear to have
undertaken a double advance from the
north and east.
The eastern movement is being de
veloped in Itukovinu, the llungarian
crown laud bordering on Huaiania. This
district is already held by the l(Us
sinus and they are reported to be con
centrating tu.vnrd tho nniviiice ,.r
Tiausylvaniu, which is in lindanes!
The presumption is that the delay in
the general Slav's offensive is .In'.. t
the strategic requirement that the move
ment trom the north await furthei
progress of tins eastern movement.
I'lie czar uniinestimiahlv has counted
on lliiniauiu to open uu eastern cam
paign against liudapest but tiie indica
tions lire that the Humanians are too
much afraid i.f Hulgarin to move their
own forces away from home.
K'linaiiia is reaping now tiie result
of its action in compelling Hulgarii,
during the period of its prostration fol
lowing the second llalkan war. to cede
lo the former a slice (if its Hindi sen
coast. Todav the .iiinaii'iaiis , r.
ions to side with the allies, lherebv
gaming I iiinsylvnnia but dare not do
t le.-t the Bulgarians neize the minor-
tunity for revenge.
I'jr this reason Russia finds itself
under the necessity of waging a double
Hungarian campaign.
It may be that the advance on Hilda
pest. In. in the east will become the mud
important part of this campaign, the
v it i ii.i t liiiin movement being relegated
to second place merely as protection for
the eastern army's exposed right flunk.
'Die road to the Hungarian capital
from the eastward, with the Russians
'loldiug Muliovinn, is an easier one than
the route from the north. It. is longer
though obstructed by no easily-defended'
niouulain chain.
I'lidoiibtedly the disposition of the
Austrian force., will settle the question
as to which shall be the more important
Of course it is possible' the Slavs will
"H d tn advance from both dire.'-
tions at once, hoping to catch the Aus
trians in a vice and crush them. There
are reports, however, that several Ger
man corps are now hurrying to Hun
gary, and with their arrivul such strat
egic traps as the Russians might set for
the purpose of enticing the Austrian to
destruction will have far less chance
of being sprung successfully.
Appearance of Scouting Zep
pelins Taken As Indicat
ing Attack
By Ed h. Keen.
London, Jan. 7. Precautions
military nulhorities wero takinir
day indicated a belief that tho (lor
minis were planning to attempt an
iiiMiiii lum on a large scnie soon.
Keialorcenients were being sent to
all the const guard stations. Aeroirun
i . . .. .
.lens noui oeing sirengincneit. The
police had orders to enforce rigidly ull
lighting regulations.
These steps followed the dlscoverv
that. Zeppelins hnvo been cruising over
the Dover strnlt, escorted by armed scribed by the feeble-minded youth in
neroplunes. ' his confession, to satisfy himself who,-
It wns believed they were Bent iipUher or not It could have been ncc.om
for Information concerning air currents Ijilished in the time stated in the con-
imiu uim-r ueiuua, preliminary to
general attack, presumably on London
I' rum uuniilrK Hie scouting Zep
pelins, with their attendant aeroplanes
were seen pininiy.
The dirigible kept out of range of'...i.... .... .i i. '
L '"I1 r b",t ,llB """'""'"ilng that he did not know for certain
nrJa- llC"!'!-! !!T Tn Warden Lnwson had gone, but
.. :,,e.''ii?.i! I U ' b,,tthut, If he hud, he wan Kind of it. as he
it got nway, nevertheless.
Both Zeppelins and aeroplanes car
ried light machine guns.
in t lie event or a raid on London or
some British naval base, which also:,Bi""l"t ,hp tlnirity of Governor
was deemed a possibility, the Bri tish j " l'"'' " understood,
military authorities planned to under-! A" a "'"" of H"' conference last
tnke a retaliatory expedition against night it was given out that young
Cuxhaven, and an Knglish nerinl sound-i Merck denied that any force or other
1 ron, nriued with machine guns and
bombs was held In readiness for the
Penrose Inventlgatlou. Delayed.
Washington. Jan. 7. The senate etec-
lion committee stated today that maintains that his confession was tit
further Investigation of the rharire that' terlv false nnd was manufactured for
Boies Penrose, recently re elected sen- the 'purpose of saving the life of ,f. A.
tor from Pennsylvania. pent 100,- p,.j,.r, who stands convicted of the
uou in nis primary campaign, would
not be ninde until Penrose recovers)
from his present slight Illness,
, i'n
1 -i' A
The upper picture shows a flurman nrmy aeroplane being drawn by
The lower one shows type of German trenches nt Huwnlki, Poland,
Governor West Announces
Matter Will Receive No
Official Attention
Insofar as he is personally and offi-1
cially concerned, the complete and un
qualified repudiation of the confession
of John (1, II. Niercks to the murder
of Mrs. Daisy Welirninn and little son,
Harold, in Columbia county, .Septem
ber 4, llill, which was made yesterday,
Governor West states that the investi-l .
gution into the facts surrounding the j
confession has ended, and unless Home-!
Tiling Tllllgline can lie preseiiieu vo mm
he will let the matter drop,
At a conference held at the Insane
asylum last night, however, between
Kuseoe P. Hurst, of Portland, attor
ney for young Hiercks: Warden B. K.
I.iiwsou, of the penitentiary; Rev. Mac
Luren, who was instrumental in pro
curing the imbecile's confession, nnd
District Attorney Dillnrd, of Columbia
county, who prosecuted the case against
Pender for the crime, (lustnv Siercks,
father of the bov, and Superintendent
Stelner, who was present and took i
part In the conference in his official!
caiincitv onlv as custodinn of the in-!
sane youth, it was decided that tho In -
vestigntion will be carried on semi -
officially in order to establish whether
or not It could have been possible for
young niercKH to nnvo covered tnc
Rrmiml nnd committed the crime in the
i ............. i. a ....: i i.A ,i:.l i i.i- ....ir
manner lie claimed he did In his self-
repudiated confession.
Col. I.awson, warden of the peniten-
tinry, intends to go over the ground
himself, covering the. same route do
aires on. lint n tl nir n in will net In
his privnte capacity only. He stated
this morning that lie would leave nn
the crrnnd as soon ns he could get away
trom Ins duties ami will probably go
I would like to have the mntter cleared
up. The investigation, however, if
made, will lie entirely independent and
nieoas of coercion had been used in so-
ji'uring his confession to the crime. He
admits that he blamed Rev, MncLnrcn
for exercising his Influence upon him
in securing the confession, but he says'
he whs not forced to do so. He still I
Gnce a coward, always a, lair.
, v 'Hita. r v x i nil i I 4i v
".-"f'v. law... m
:1 STJUl
a motor
Kngltind. German aerial raid
foreseen and precautionary
measures taken; American
steamship Denver, stopped by
British cruiser and diverted to
Orkneys, released before Wash
ington lias time to file protest.
France and Belgium. Two
mile gain claimed for allies in
Yscr region; Paris reports tell
of progress elsewhere along the
line; Germans attaching in Ar
dennes. Aussia. Hlav assume offensive
in Mluwa district; Poland cam
paign elsewhere hampered by
weather; Turks leported fleeing
in Trutn-euiicasia.
Austria. Russians' Hungar
ian campaign lags in Carpath
ians, pending development of
similar movement from directly
Germany. Continued lien vy
fighting in Alsnep,
Nuevo Laredo, Mex., Jan. 7. That
Mexico's plight is more serious now
than it lias bceu lit any time since the
i.late President Francisco I. Mndero
! started his revolution ugainst Porfirio
! Diuz was the declaration here today of
: General Martin Kspinozu, who has just
, readied Ntievo l.ureiio trom .Mexico
City. Kspinoza presided over the Zu-puta-Outicrie.
convention for one day.
Tlio convention wns a farce, Kspin
oza declared, being controlled by Za-
jpnta with ormed guards, while Genernl
illu, General Angeles unci even Provi
sional President Gutierrez himself were
under constant survelllnueo when they
attended tlio gathering.
Life in the capital hud become un
bearable, L'spinoza said, and the city
was practically depopulated as n re
sult of Carranzistu withdrawing in
fear of a Villlstu attack.
Mix hundred refugees are here from
Copenhagen, Jan, 7. Japan baa
agreed to send a diplomatic represen
tative to the Vatican, it was stated in
Berlin advices received hero today,
The Weather
Oregou: Ruin to
day and Friday;
sunt heastcrly
- ill
in the Belgian-Franco territory.
Supporters of Yuan Shi Kai
Lay Trouble to Nippon
Hhanghai, Jan. 7. .Supporters here
of President Yuan Hhi Kai aro openly,
-i though not officially, licensing the
I Japanese of being behind much of the
native dissatistuction with the present
renin regime.
, Yuan, they say, l.i disliked at Tokio
; because he seems likely to establish too
fr i strong a government for the Mikado to
1 dominate They point out that such
! men as Dr. Hun Vat Hen, when driven
into exile for conspiring against the
i v i
'-H ' president thev have invarinblv been
welcomed in Japan despite the fact
i that their views are such as the Jap
anese authorities will not tolerate, if
i they know of them, among tho Jap
' aneso themselves.
Not only this, it is asserted, but they
have been allowed to continue their
plotting in safe refuges in Tokio,
Kobe, Nagasaki and elsewhere, nil pro
tests from Pekin that Japan is being
used by agitators against the Chiiuisu
government for the development of
their plnns meeting with nothing but
bland disregard,
Aside from protection nnd moral
support Tokio officialdom is declared
in all probability to be lending finan
cial assistance to the revolutionists
nhere It. seems necessary.
If outside conditions don't render
such action undesirable, Yuan 'a friends
)ti i I Ii t ii I ii that Japan will be extremely
likely to attempt securing a further
grip nn China by actual Intervention
in the event of another revolutionary
struggle. Should it appear that oilier
powers would not countenance this, It
Is predicted thut the Japanese govern
ment will do its utmost to substitute
for President Vuau's strong rule n
regimn thev themselves will be able
to mil n age.
Han Krnnclsco, .Inn. 7. Three vic
tim of yesterday's elevator accident
in the Cnlifoinia Pacifie building hero
were at the point of death today. 1 hey
were Karl Pressv of Berkeley, Harold
II. Kitting of Alameda and Chester
Htnhr of Han Francisco.
As a result, of yesterday's accident
Chief of Police White ordered an In-
vestigntion of the elevator at the Haii
of Justice, lie found that the prison!
elevator which has been in constant
use hours a day for more than three
years, had not been inspected since it
wns installed.
ne careful how you drop remarks;
they may hit tlio wring chap,
Reservists Warned to Be
Prepared For a Call to
Colors Soon
Bucharest, Itumiinin. via Petroirmd.
Ian 7. Rumanian reservists ImviiiLi
beon warned to prepare for a call tu
the colors, tho feeling was one of un
cortainty throughout the country today
that tho nation win soon bo actively en
gaged in the European war.
Tiicro is no question that the develop
ment will be popular. Even at the ryal
palace, it is snid thero is no such op
position to joining tho allies as existed
before the death of tho Into Kim;
Charles, who was thoroughly Gorman in
sympathy. Officialdom, aside from roy
alty, is as strongly for participation in
uio conflict, on tlio allies' side as are
tiie masses of the people.
It cannot honestly bo said that any
vory bitter hatred is felt for tho Teu
tonic combination as is felt between
Gormnny and Kngland, for instance.
iiatner, Humanians think their country
1ms an opportunity to achieve an im
portant place in Kuropo and it is am
bition which is rosnoiisiblo for their
losiro ta tuko a hand in tho nendiiiL'
It was taken everywhere as a fore
gone conclusion today that it wis
against Austria that Riimunia would be
pitted and tho expectation was that
there would bo nn immediate invasion
of tiio former country following a dec
laration of hostilities.
There was much Hiieciilatiua concern
ing Bulgaria's attitude but the general
judgment was that some agreement had
been reached between the Bucharest and
Sofia governments by which the Bul
garians would keep their hands off,
perh-ips in return for tho territory they
wero compelled to surrender to Rumania
at the end of the Balkan war n sacri
fice tho Rumanians can well afford 'o
make if they gain what they hope from
Many rumors wero also current of n
i-uaipi' itli Iti'y by which thy coun
try will become Rumania's ally.
Report of Commission Shows
That Officers Permitted
Havre, Jan. 7. That almrut unbe
lievablo crimes have been proven is
asserted in the report of the commission
hended by George I'nyelle, first presi
dent of the court of accounts, which
bus been investigating charges of Ger
man atrocities in Belgium, it was stat
ed here today.
Tlio complete report, it was added,
wouid bo published tomornnv. H .s
about 2U,()UU words nnd usserts that, the
investigators saw positive proof of the
horrible things related.
Outrages against women were admit
ted to have been perpetrated mostly by
privato individuals, but "this wns not.
tho case," adds the report, "in connec
tion with the recc.nl of pillage, burn
ings and executions presented to us.
"The latter occurred in neaiiy every
instance in the presence of responsible
officers, wiio not inf reipinntly assisted
in the work,
"The pillaging of buildings was or
ganized and methodical. L'verything
was taken, even
to women's
and babies' toys.
The Capital Journal has just received a new shipment
of the "World at War" atlases. They arc of a later and
revised edition, compared with those we have been giving
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sist of 24 large, highly-illustrated pages, printed on heavy
enameled book.
Tho atlas contains splendid colored maps of all the
warring countries, with routes of travel and railroad
lines; many tables of army and navy and general statis
tics in fact, the work is a complete ready-reference li
brary for students of the great war. It is a book which
would ordinarily.sell for $1.00 or $1.50, but we are having
them made up in large lots and buy them at a price which
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conditions. , ,
All who pay three months subscription, old or new,
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UVerCU Dy Carrier, Will IfUUlVC unc ui uiuiv; imuow " vv.
An maji subscribers, old or new, who pay a year s sub-
. .. nj nn .ta.. Ub nhnn!ni:nn n. In on'viinea
will also be entitled to receive an atlas without extra
This is the most liberal offer the Capital Journal haa
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German Attack 0a Allies'
Ammunition Bases Easily
French Are Making Steady
Progress In Face of Enemy
at Alsace
Taris Jan. 7. Uninterrupted suc
cesses by the allies everywhere thev
were in contact with the kaiser's force
were claimed today by both official
and unofficial advices received from
the western war zone.
Among other claims wns the repulse
of a German aerial attack on Dunkirk
and the alliiw' ammunition supply buset
in its vicinity. The hostile ttvintorn
were said to have bcea driven away
by the nccurate fire from the French
Hero guns.
Between the North sea and the
River Lys, it was deelnrcd the French
artillery had silenced a number of tho
Germans main batteries. Thera had
been no Infantry engagements in this
district, it was stated, on account of
the continued ruins and floods.
Desperate fighting was said to havo
occurred Wednesday night and to bo
still in progress today in the vicinity
Lille. The Germans, attacking under
cover of mine thrower and artillery,
drove the French from one of their
trenches, it wns admitted, hut later it
was dwlnred the Gallic troops were
reinforced and recaptured tho position.
The German advance cast of Rheims
was reported checked, as were a
Riiults at Watwiller, Kolschlag and in
the Woevre region.
The French it was asserted, wero
holding the woods threo miles west of
Altkirch and making steady progress
in tho rest of the fighting in Alaace,
Decisive Battle to Be
Fought Near Vera Cruz
Washington, Jan. 7. Villistn and
Cnrriinzistas were preparing today for
a decisive battle to be fought between
Vera Cruz nnd Mexico City, according
to ndvices received at the state de
partment. Tho dispatches Indicated
that the battle may he the final reckon
ing between the two faction
Hevernl additional carload of wound
ed soldiers reached Vera Cruz today
from Puebla recently captured by Cur
rnazistaa from the Villistn garrison.
It was also reported that black small
pox was spreading rapidly in Vera
London, Jan. 7. From Berlin
a wireless message was received
today denying Wednesday ' re
port that 4 'n vl i mil Mercier had
been arrested by the Germans
in Belgium for telling the Bel
gians that they were not morally
bound to respect Herman or
deis, &