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jmiN'ouAFEMH. ,)
s."om. but "rue Bi oakkev V
mcSn't the Uil Dekreyf , v. y .
N v"a K V V v V
Superior Abilty in Basket
Throwing Gives Game to
Younger 1 earn
The superior training of the Salem
li.nji school basketball train enabled
llii'in to Ink" tin uliiiiiiii aggregation
into 'amji in tin high solum (vin lai
uinlit l.v n u uf in to H. Tin1
ii i ii ii i dhiiwi'il a hin.'.t of lipi'i'il in tlii'
miil'lli' of tin mi1' i i f i I hull', anil at out'
1 1 nit tin Hroiv .-too'l It t" Hi in lavo'
of tin' lii'jjli M'hool, but tin ttlil rail I"' " ''rt'iiiiu' as t lit' st'Osnn priiri's.si's.
iiiiilil not loriili tho lniBlu't ami tln'i Tin' ti'iinm wliii'li witi! Ii:iinlirnipi'tl
tiiyh srlionl fuiwarils lit'iiiin to net tht' liy tin' alisi'in'o of himiii' of tht'ir lit-st
ball in in j i 1 smi'twinn. Tho hit;li plnvt'i's tho last time promise to have
mi-IiomI wan off on liaket shooting alsir tlieir troiiest lineups on liaml for tlie
ami nee. Is some piin'tit'e in this line if enmiim I'ontests ami will play liartl and
tlit!- intend to fini-li the season ns fast (jiimes from the whistle". Tonight's
i-liiinipions of the alley this venr. jennies will show mine uf the true form
DitriiiK the spurt of I' Id Kinds. ! uf t. (emus mid tlieir rlinni'es for the
if tliey hud lueii aide to hit hasUets' peiumut . (Mijn,,,. , (vinlv
would have piled up a lead wliieh would muddied us the tenuis uppear to lie al
Invti luade the rei;iilais liestle to nvor : this emlv slate, all ,:ive an even
tiiine. However, the liie.li sihool In. I- ehutiee fur the piize. Tlie first L'ame
p!uv toeether well and any liij;li siliuiil will he fulled at S oVIork hy Alfred
t n in the valley must show iniisider- .Kehniin, who will uffieiut,. ns referee.
alilt elnss to win out over the red and , m
hXl:Zt i',i,M .i stms I ARRIVE FROM KANSAS
hint iiihl itli tliti i'xim'jiI inn ni j
N'liniiniu il' tlu nlmniii, wlnt il!io.l :t
h;iul ami l'n st itiiin', Imt liis ti'iuiiitKit" j
wi're short ut' u nm1 lit timi's, Tin1 hih
Hi'hotil tlcinoiitiMti'ti tlit'ii iiImIiiv
to nuns tin Cull well iiml In play til-
I tour .U-.Hi.it.- Hi,. .-Ins.. -uanlinn of tli.',,,, ),,.,. tu. ti;,
lliuh Siliool.
A III in ill.
S, liraiiiui :
' "''''l
.Mdls ;
I'' .
l.'ali'lil'lV ,
I. owe
Piflsidnnt of National Leumie Dics Nut
Coiisldfr Action As Anjtninx
Very l'littrtaut
Hani-biiru. I'll., .Ian. i. iueriiur .1. 1
K. 'rener, plt'sideut of llie Nat iiinal
league, refused here todav to lake sc
iiuisl, the lift ion filed vesleiilay availed !
til National ba-.el.all eominissi'in in i
I liltiiyo bv the federal leaiioe.
"I 'nine no fear.'' 'I'ei.er said, "as
to tlie outfoiai' of tlit' lt'ial pni.'ei'diii
or dial the validity of the national
iireeineiit will be upheld by the eiiu't,
1 oiilv reeret that tin l-'etleral league
has it'll impelled to nndert'ike to an j
mil an nmocniont which tin nieinlien
of that league, us suppoiteis mid n.lv.
eaters of the Nalional name knew Cull '
Well has materially eouti ibuted to llie
liplil't and betteinit'iit of he faille. "
BY 0. A. C. 26 TO 9
AiJKles Experience No Dlfflcullios In
Taking Victory From Fast Indian
The I'heinawa Indian (ruining
baketball team stepped elf in
.1 1
t.nlny on their way ba.-k from Cnrval
lis, where the O. A. '. 'varsity tenin
iritumcii tliem ov Q score ol L'u to (i,
The Cheinawa boy said today that the
intiT-f onegiate rules perinitteit a game
which they were unable o lirenk up
and they were lest before the Aggies'
onslaught. The Indians have a light,
fust lentil this year that Is above the
rlass of the high school teams of the
valley, but hardly In the class of the
foiiteienoe colleges.
latter in the season they will play n
ieries ot practice games with picked
tenuis tr.un the Coinini.tfiiil league of
this city. The boys who niiide the trip
to t'omillis yesterday wore: lv
.Inn. captain: II, IWnio, If.d.crt Ser
vice, Arch McDowell, Frank t'liiiinbei'
l-iin, Kiissoll A tin ins nn.l Aureliiis Tab
Lot. They play their next game with
the Dalh... N.iti.., al (liiiir,i.i,.,i ,u Dal-
last next Satii'day.
(booul 5b y rci2 ME..J MoTH-D YWelows!! Suck yjh! hm.
Second Series of Commercial Basket-
ball League Will Take Place This
Tlit' second night 's series of tin
l IIIIIIJMTfllll liU.'IKCl lltlll C.'IgllO win 1)1'
: n I li-tt off tonight ut the Y. At. ('. A. ill
S o'clock, when tho teams will lie
paired off ns follows: llnuser Bros, vs.
I l'uiitnl National Bank; Watt Shipp vs.
Itolh droocry Ci.; Salem Woolen Mills
I vs. Ciiiitiil Business CoIIc-ki'. All of
' the tenuis have h i practicing hard
I for til games Him'' the opening set-its
J last uvi-k ami pniiniH1 innro tii'citnii-y in
al-'tin' nut 1 1 it of loniling tin liasl;ct. Tin'
ti'ains nil shnwi'il I :i -k of rin't i-t us
Inmki't shooti'r.s and iiImii hii'U of tinin-
inj; at tin oii'tiinn yanii's wliicli villi
If. '. Wiiuhl and family, of Kansas,
tin uveal in mills in mir tin. They
le the (hiliije ot loi'alloa ast .Mav
i w lien tit".' were fulled Inifk tu kunuiis
,v . , i t Ji of .Mr. Wrinlifs father
,,,,,1 .r. Wrinlit liein apiuiintetl fxet-u-
lor of his father's estme was iletaiaeil
j,, ti 1 1 sii m iiulil iiiite reeeutly.
..r. U'rieln iH the nut liar "f n Utile
liiiiiklel on the suhjeet of physieal eul-j
: I,,,, ,i,h I,,, fulls'" Hi", is'' The llusyj
I Man's I'liysii-al I'ulliire and whit li re
iiiiios only three niuiules time eiudi
'dav. The New York World nave liim a
l,'"'flliv "riteup on his liook and olherj
uit'ti epulilau pniers nave if a boost ill'
the interest of better liealtli and as a'
"'""'I Al,1'' )V,'il1' m'1,1 ""'"' ''"I''1'" ,0':
J1"' HiioiiKliiiit Un; country . He
H "" '' """'A' ll'tt'rs troin peo'le ot j
I'lomlllelire wl.o have btiliellt iho book
and many of tliem liiue kicii an uii-j
solif ited eudoiseiiieot of (lie work, lit'
hns plilred Home of tin books oil sale
at tin' fallen Hook Store. j
Mr. Wright is at pri'senl enuaned in
the fire insiiiaure 'business ut 'iTi
.lale sheet. j
cliiuiKn, Jan. Ii.-(iiaia exports ,le i
,.ar,., .ri. t,i,v lt -i.ut f iue
j,, ,, ' tl t t-.l .stales was ant an im-i
pen.ilitv if present I reiiieudeiis cv
pi. i ts emit iuue. I
It. N . Snow mi t'loplow' ot .laines A.
I'atteii, tin inilliutiaire tiaia spet iilatoi ,
mi ill:
" At the beijiiiiiiui; of the war tlie
I'uilc.l Suites had about Kl.iiiiii.iiiiu
bushels of wheal to evporl. We have
nbeadv shipl'c.l IW.ii' o oou bushels, and
ill (in i hum n hi i "'i"oo I'nini-
einiiiniiig between 7 .m itt.i uu I and SO
ut. 0,1100 bushels have been sold and ine
awiiiliiig shipment."
Oilier experts said Ihere was a pos
sibility of Aini'i iciiiis having to sab
stiiute rye hailcv and peilnip'. point. i
bread for wheat iirea.l.
v i iim
rOl'lIiUitl irCUICtS WllCat
Will Reach $1.50 Mark
r.rtliiiiil, On, .1 ti ii . W. 1 Uti r ami n
tiiill' iniu iiitii'(ii"illv in mi it ) t t hi I ti v
.,, ( ,i0 0f io,0o0 lnishels of Mav
,i(,ilr,,rv ,,iestem wns made at l.4s
nor lius'licl. Other sales on the Portland
Meivlmnts l-xchnnge todav were: r..-
,) bushels r'ehrutirv blio'slem, l.ll;
;u ,i0 ,,,is Mnr.-li l.lnestein l.t:i'ij:
xm bushels March bluestein, l.bl:
- m,H,f Kebriinrv Ito.l Kite, 1,10,
,i n,(i.u bushels l-'eliruurv elnb, 1..'1S
,,r Imshol.
A , ,., 1h , i,tifi,., ;
.,l,ii,g ,, eve opener btvuuse he is
blindlv In love.
Acquisition of Lobert Gives
New York Manager All-
Star Infield
(By Hal Sheridan.)
New Ymk ,.lan. tl. John .1. MctJriiw,
maiiat;cr of the (liants, is out with the
prediction today tiiat his club will fin
ish in front of the oilier National leasee
clubs at the close of the coming season.
His prediction is bave.l largely uu his
acquisition of Haas Lobert from 1'hil
adclphla tu fill the ap at third has"
i iiused by the ilesert'.on of Tillie Shafer.
M.'llraw also said that the liost.iu
llraves, world's chaiii.iuus, will not
run on, two, three this year.
(Icoi'He Stallions, lender of the
llraves, merely smiled at Mftlraw's
"Time will give Mcdraw his an
swer," said the Mirai'le .Man, "but 1
can give it to iiim III mouths in ad'
vmice if he desires. What Mctlraw
needs is some good pitchers. He ha
twit good in ii in Matty and Tesreaa,
but Mutty is getting along. His other
pitfhers are erratic.
"My train Inst year was made up of
discards, yet they won the world's
c hainpionship from the Athletics. Thev
will have more t-oiifiileiifo liiaii ever
now, and for that reason 1 expect them
to repeat.
"lust take n slant at the peisoan"!
of my i-lub. boilulph and Howdy weie
tried out by Aledniw and released he
i-ausi' they did nut measure up to waal
he considered big league standards.
S. -hmi.lt, my first l.nsemau, had a
ihainc with the Highlanders hut he
was ci.iisideit'.l a joke. Kers was
bought from t'liicago at a huge price.
Third Hasi'Niaii Smith was disrarded hy
UrooUyn. heal had a major league
tryuut but did not uiuke good bel'ore
joining liietou. tlolfieliler Hevore was
cut hi.se by the I in nt is, i'hillit's ami
lieds. Whitled ami l allier, both out
fielders, were rcfived in a trade wiili
the ( aidinals. 1,'ight Fielder .Moran wa
sold al the waiver price by CiiieiunaM.
lafiflder Maraiiville, Dutfiehier (on
nolly, t'uti-her Whaling and I'itfhe-s
.lame and Tyler are virtually Huston
developments, but I'itehers liavis and
Hess, two ot the best second string box
men in the game, wore released by the
I'iiates and the llighlaudei s, respective
" I expert to see my team of discards
repeat in lli."i. "
iVtn-nniil, .fan, ('.- Tlio linsniiiMM'
lulvanrt1 tlnnuli tlie ('tiii'iitliinns into,
lliiunaiy a.s lu in I'tm'tii'iillv im.ti
iusei y tln A n1 1'iutis totiuv, Tln'n' I
witi' Hi'iiim- ttiitiiral tlit t'ifiiltii'S, linw ,
rtM fi'i' tin' iiivmli'i'H to overt'oMit1. Tin
immiiftnn I'livsi'M ui'i'i' ilocp in miiou ami j
it wm only with tlit rintiMl tlmilili'!
that tlnv witi' til'le tit niiiM' thir mum 1
Wichita, K .in.. Jan. II.- Infiel.ler
' I I -' Wines, fornu'ily a iiieu.b.'r of the
Oiikl.ind Coast league club, bat nu.v
with the SI. Louis llrowns, will be
maa.iLci- ol the Withita eb.ib in tlie
Wi'stein lengne this '.easoii, it was mi
noun, o.l here today. Wichita Ins i.-i
odion for the purclias,' ol Waio at
Tells Judge He Cannot
Keep From Stealing Eggs
l'moide mi, fill., Jan. (I.-- I'rnnli ,1.
Hrooks. iiiTcstod here .this inorning for
stealing eggs from n grocery store, lis
cured Police Judge McDonald that he
could never resist the temptation lo
steal eggs, hut that Hie iiiaui i did not
affect him with respect to nny other
form of property. The judge pustpmi
ed Hrook s hearing until V'ri.luv to
give time for investigating the prison
er's peculiar malady. Hrooks gave his
occupation lis steiieguipher. At pres
ent he Is unemployed.
fweei are me ues ol iiilvcrsily pro
, vl.led. of course, some other fellow Is
enjoying them.
.TpunvAT., rl"" Oy1 "
New Officers Selected, Candi-
dates Initiated and Big
Banquet Enjoyed
There was " something doing" every
minute at the tinriuul "high jinks" of
the Snlem t'herrinns which was pulled
off ut the Hotel .Marion last night,
from the time the guests assembled ut
the tables, 7 o'clock, until "taps"
were sounded when the evening was
old. Tin' t'herrinns were out en masse
with nil of their "fuss and feu tliem"
nnd the entire evening was spent in
fun und frolic of such a character us
only nn organization of this nature can
get away with successfully.
A complete list of officers was elect
ed to serve during tlie ensuing year
and a number of new recruits were in
itiated into the mysteries of the organ
ization, llie ot I leers elected were! i
Thus. II. Kay, King Hing; J. II. I.nuter
man, Lord (lovernor Wood: A. If. Wil-J
sun, chancellor of tho rolls; 1). W. j
Kyre, keeper of the orchard; John I), j
Turner, king's jester nnd counsel of
the nobles; S. A. Kozor, duke of Lain-1
bert; Pritz Slade, Queen Anne's con-'
sort; F. (I. Deckebach, duke of liick-!
reall; liussell ('ntlin, marquis of Muni-1
s.ihino; Frank Spears, carl of Waldo.
The new members elected were: .1. P.
lingers mi. I li. I. Howard, lioiiornrv;
('. S. Hamilton. If. F. Peters, P. 'ly i
(Irabo. (lonige II. liiehos, P. !:. Fuller-
ton, t'has. II. Fisher, Watt Shipp, Y. Il.l
Darby, (inrdoii .Metiilchrist und F, S.
The scheme of decorations for the
oeensioii was snmelhing very elaborate!
anil urtistic, the central figure of which !
was an immense pergola ill the center'
ol the renin draped with climbing roses'
ami brilliantly lighted, I'luler this per-,
gola the special program nf dancing i
ami vocal solos was curried out und .
the orcheslra was stationed. This per-i
gola also provided the nrenn in which
the initiatory stunts, which were of u
highly amusing nn.l ridiculous cliurac
ter, were conducted. This wns one of
the most entertaining features of the
evening's sport nil. I the "ceremonies"!
were nrraimod ami executed by a spe
cial c: in in i 1 1 t'f composed of Fred S. .
Hynnii, Hill l.eroheii anil l K. (inbriel
sou, who covered themselves with
glory. Much of the success of the nf-
fair was due to John 1). Turner, chnii-.
man of the huniiict committee, whose j
efforts in making the entire evening's;
on : i' it :i i ii ine i I a pronounced success
wort1 tireless. '
The toasts, which were given by vnr-1
ions nieinhers and members-elect pres
ent, were one of the enlivening font arcs j
of the program at the conclusion of the
big feast. Those responding were:
Muyor II. O. White. "Anecdotes of the
t'ainpaigu, or the Allies' Strutegy;"1
T. It. Ti.wnseii.i, "The HtiMcstnnn 's
Delight, or Whv llovs Lenve Home;"!
Win. .Mctiilehi-i'st. jr., "The llob tail
Flush, or the Husiuess Man's Advertis
ing;" Carle Alliums, " Conservntion, or;
Why t herrians (lo Broke;" Chns, II.
Fisher, "Two to One on the White, or
the Pinal Plunge;" H. Webb, " For
maldehyde, or the Preservation of the
Chorrians. ' '
The evening's festivities were grout
ly enhanced and given tl pleasing touch
of variety by the currying out of an
excellent musical prngrnm niiiong the
loading members, of which were some
artistically executed vocal solos by
Miss Vernn Condor. Mis. T. 11. tlulbi.
way and Miss Inez Dcnnis'ii. Miss P.
Fleming executed n dainty Spanish
Itiinboiimie dunce very chnriningly,
uu. I the t ii ni L.'l I sister's, of Portland,
imported ospecinlly for tin oci'iisinn,
gave some snugs nnd fancy dances to
Ihe delight of the spectators. The
Peerless oivhestra furnished the music
I'm- the b:iuiiet.
From start lo finish the whole nffair
was t'lie of tin' gnmdost ami must en
tertaining that has even been pulled
off, nnd the Chcriians feel that they
have "g.'t off mi the right font" for
the year's work ahead of them.
, Washington, Jim, ft, The senate nil
vtil eoiumittoc voted uu nppi-opriitioii
of .vjoil.ouii this afternoon for the con
struction of marine barracks at Mare
Island, Cal. Lstimates submitted to
the full naval committee by the sub
committee were . 1 ' 1 1 4,l"Ti, exclusive
of the building program, ns against
IO't,;7'.',i"i'i lust year.
To the man whu says "I will' the
chniiis of destine ure lucre cobwebs,
- wTt -
1 J -that eaMiNoS 1 1 i at' s S '
Ma & ' '
County Clerk Prepares State
ment Showng Money Ex
pended by Departments
The expenses for .Marion cinntv for
the year 11114 totaled IDJii.illil.H'i, ac
cording to the figures compiled by Comi
ty v'lerk .Mux tlehliiiir today. Owing
to the change in the bookkeeping and
accoentiug systems inaugurated by la-1
siirance Commissioner Ferguson as sta'e'
accountant the nausints cannot be coin-'
pined with last year ,as they were
charged to separate funds. I'mler the
new system each ol fice is a separate
unit and under the old system general
expenses were nil kept together in a
single fund linn wore not segregated
and hinged to the different offices.
One item of heavy expense in tint.
Illll iifooiint is $1 7,n:i-.77, which is
charged (o the court house account.
This includes the lemodeliiig of the
cifirt house at a cost of $'.ii'il7.iiii, and
the installation of the heating phnit. ai
li co.-t of $'J72l).L'.'i. Outside of these
two items the expenses for junitors'
sahi'-it-s ami other running expenses are
no higher tlinn in former years. The
fees liom the county clerk's of I "ie ' j
ninount to .SI7(). which leaves n hub;
anon in favtiv of this ollice as the total
oosl of conducting the office including
clcik hire, registration und stationery,
was out $7 1 1 7.II.1. i
Oakland, Cnl Jan. H.---Tlie charge of
adultery preferred here against the1
Ifev. If. A. M. Ilrowno following tl ver
dict over the body of the hit' Mrs.
Mil tide Hendricks of Stockton, was dis
missed tinlnv by Police Judge Smith,
nnd Browne was given his freedom.
This move was supported by Assistant
District Attorney Doooto, who tle-i
elnred there was no ease against the
minister. Doooto lidded that if there
was nay felony coiumilted if had boon
committed in San Frum-isoo and not In
Alameda county.
Capture of Boriimow
Great Aid to Germans
Berlin, via The Hague, .Tin. (I. That
the capture by the (termini forces in
Polanld of the town of Horjiinnw of
fers them nn opportunity to drive a ;
wedge into the Russians' center, com
pelling the Slnvs to retire to their sec
ondary line of defenses or to meet n(
flank attack, wns tlu opinion of mili
tury experts here todny.
First line Herman troops were rein
forcing the Austriuns nt Cracow.
Oa the whole, the situation in Poland
wns deemed very favorable, from the
kaiser's standpoint. 1
It hnd been plmmcd that tin' New
Kleetrie would huvo reuched Mt. An
gel, its terminus, before Thanksgiving
day. However, rails and tics have just
been luid at the tcnuiunl und it is to'
be hoped thut the depot buildings nnd
other sheils will be proceeded without
further delay. It is stilted that trains
will be running to this town by the
first week in February. The Mt. An
gel Com me re in I club will have a wor
thy club celebration of the coining of
the electric curs. Mt. Angel Times.
A few words in n, Journal
Wunt Ad will buy or sell for
"Selling hogs at foil that had cost
to feed and raise nut to exceed imi, is
n pretty fair profit for a person living
within n mile of town. This, however,"
jsuys tin' lfoseburg lievicw, "is the fee
,ord of H. W. Maddox, u Southern I'll
'eific conductor, who has u small farm
about a mil' oust of this city. Mr.
- Maddux sold through the local mar
kets." j It costs but one cent a
word to tell your story each
' day in the Journal New To
I day column.
ciirr sterrett
20 to 50 per cent
Reduction on all
Men's Suits and
All 25c Four-in-Hand Ties,
3 for 50c
141 N. Commercial St
.lodge Dexter Rice, of lfoseburg, who
recently declined the appointment of
stuto senator from Dnuglas county, is
in the city oa business.
Alfred Hccker, of Ilwnon, Wash., who
has boon u guest at the F. L. I'lirvine
Inline, loft yesterday for his huine.
W. T. drear, of Falls City, vice-tires-
blent of the Falls City Lumber Co., is
in the city todny, cnroiite to Portland.
Mr. drear is representative from Polk
ie.xter Ifice, of lfoseburg, is u Sitletu
visitor todny.
L, L. Bontloy, former operator here
for the Western L'nion, who hns been
on u vucution in Aiknnsiis for the pnst
few months, resumed his duties ut the
local office this morning. K. A. Wen
bony, who wits here during Mr. Bent
ley's uhsenoc, leaves for Salem, where
he will be employed during the session
of tlie legislature, lfoseburg Review.
II. Chnrles Diinsinorc, of Independ
ence, is in the city today In attend
the I'teeting of the ciinuuiltee appointed
to tirrnngo the nintcrial for the booklet
that is to be issued for distrihuion at
the San Frum-isoo exposition.
j. A. Westacott is on the sick list
this week nail is staying home for sev
eral tin.Vs its it resu't ut' tl severe cold
contracted Inst week.
K. C. Ifoberts of Lebanon is ill the
city today. Mr. lioi-'.rts is one of Linn
cou'itv 's most progressive orohanlisls.
Las year iie gave secial attention to
gnisebeiiv growing, nail ilciuonst rated
thut an acre of this berry properly at
Ion. let! to would produce n crop value I
at -t ion.
M. .1. Dnryoa, secrctury of the Kit
gene Conniierciiil club, is in the city to
day. Mr. Darycii is on the committee
appointed to arrange the material for
Ihe booklet to be published telling of
the nilvniitages of the Willnmette val
ley, of which 00.0011 will be distributed
ut the Sim Frnnoisi'o exposition.
(1. P. Putnam, of Bead, is registered
at the Marion. Mr. Putnam is private
secretary to doveraor Withyconibe.
A. H. Cornell, of dnints Pass, is reg
istered at the Marion,
Jas. .1. Richardson, of Portland, is
in the city todny, Mr. Richardson is
well known in this city us u busel.iill
Herbert J. Flagg, of McMinnvillc, is
in the city today.
! J. W. deer, of Silverton, is registered
ill the I High
F-niih Hartley, of Dallas, was in th"
eitv yesterdav.
.1. W. Hughes, uf Forest Grove, was
in the city today an. I vesterdav.
Cleveland, Ohio, .Tnn. (1. Knstern
Ohio eonl nperatnrs have decided to re-
, ot.en n mainrity nf their mines nnd in-
'vite L'l.ilUtl striking miners to return
to work under the Pittsburg wngc
Isciile, which is less thnn that ileinniul-
j el by the unions,
' Tin' operators said they were not in
cliiii.'d to employ non union labor.
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? ' t j
t- V- 'IT"'
The federal coiniais-ioa oa industrial
relations of which Finn It 1'. Walsh ot
Kansas City is chnii man. hns ileter
niinoil upon n sweeping investigution
of the grent. Iienevolent orgaai.atiolia
known as ftitnulatioas. The investigu
tion will open in New Vork city on
Jan. II, I (l I "r. Th uninission will in-
ipiiie into the n flails of the Russell
Sage fuunilatiiin the Haion tie Hirsch
fuinl, all Hit Carnegie benevolences,
the Clevelninl foumlatioa mi l seek tho
reason for the Ifookofeller contribu
lious to chaiitalile phihiuthiopic and
educational, jiistitulions, wliieh now
ninount to s."i,oiHl,oiiil, in n,l,ition to
the fund contriliuted to the Rockefeller
foundation. It wn nuiioiinced by
Chairnian Wnlsh that these orgunizB-
l tions would be invest igatod to nsenr
tnin if they were n nienaoe to the ro-
; public's future. More tliun a scorn of
the grentost f iiinnciers educators nnd
economists of the country, it w-Rs as-
I ''i-teil would be cnlle I ns witnesses.
i In the list nre Andrew I nrnegie, thu
i two Rockefellers, .1. P. Morgnn K. T.
I Sttitesbiirv, Francis I.. Hine piesident
i of the New York Clearing llousp as
sociation: Jneoli II. Schiff. K. 11. Oarv
I T. P. Hhonts. Theodore N. Vail Dr.
'Chnrles W. Kliot. Dr. Arthur T. Hnd
ley nf Ynle Setli Low and otheri
, eiiiallv well known.
i When you climb nbonrd the water
wagon in the morning don't ask for
a transfer.