Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 06, 1915, Page FIVE, Image 5

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    The Hnk vi Health
is every woman's right;
but many are troubled
with, sallow complexions,
headaches, backaches, Jow
spirits until they learn that
sure relief may be found in
Dlrectlou T SikcIiI Vilw u TrTmei with Ew; Bo.
Sld aftrywhtra U bout, 10c., 25c
"King of Tenderloin" to Answer the
Charge of Taking Money in Ex
change for Police Protection.
Scuttle, Wiifli.. .Tun. 0. Frlix ('niin
nogro uliMiiil(iM'icr, unit "liinc; of tlio
tenderloin, " lisi boon tirrontoil on n
warrant bused on nt't'iili.vits innilo 1 y
women of tile utuloi'-i' oi Id tillooiitp:
tliev pniil money to ('tune for pulu'i)
Held h wit iiosm'ii, un-lor liosivv hsiil,
ut tlie city jail ure (Unilv Bntus uml
'utuorine linliorti, F. .1. (jiiinn. nlisis
Hi'nnett, and (ionrp;i' ( Hie, nil
Tho irosecutinfr nttnnioy'.s office is
necretive eoncerniiifr tlie text of tlic
nffiduvits, lint it is admitted flint file
prosecution of ('rune will constitute u
thorough prolie into alleged police jrnil't
iind into the volutions existing be
tween the police and vice.
The nffiduvits were secured liy -Deputy
l'rosocutor Ciuwford White.
Justice Otis Rrinlior issued the wnr
rant, which ehurgeH ('nine with "re
reiving the ourningn nf one Gladys
Rates" on December 2(1.
The prosecution will endeavor tn
find out to whom Crime passed the
money he is alleged to huve taken from
women and who got it ultimately. The
women witnesses were held in bail of
I, 000 each and the men in $2,000,
("nine was released on $2,500 bail.
Prune is n fumiliar figure uround pn
lioo headquarters, appearing frequently
an bondsman for denizens of the under
world. He is a rlean cut. light brown
negro, who dresses quietly iind well.
JT is known for his generosity toward
men who are down and out.
At Saturday's nieelini; of the Aurora
Mutual Telephone company's directors,
the lust of the compnny's obligations
were paid off. fhniyli it stretched its
resources to the ut most to do so. A
Ki-eu' deal of repair and improvement
work is needed, for which funds nr."
The annual nicctine of the sloi khol I
ers will be held Mommy, .lauuury I, at
the I'vthian hall.
The T Northwestern l.an . Ibstanco
ipany ..as lei'ilied the Aurora com
pany that Ioiik distance calls from Don
ald to Portland Irne been increased
from 1.1 cents lo J."i cents for the til ,
tniunle. mid from o to In cents f,,r ea- n
ininute thcicul'ler.
'Hie l lid pie llffeclod will coll.-
plain tn the raiboiot ouiiiii-sioii no I
will oe bucked up in their complaint be
the locnl company. Aurora, lluttev ill,-,
Wilsonville all have l lie 1.1 cent rate.
When viewinu mnlion pictures of
the war in llolubiui it is rutlic!' dis
11 crliiiH lo see a New ,l.r.ey cor
set factory loom up in the !ineU':oiiinl.
Get One Today
You've struggled along with
an unsanitary, bark-brcaking,
cld-style mop for years. Get a
7 L
. Vl -')
1 itXt
Manufactured by Utility Sales Co., Portlanxl, Ore.
For sale by: Calef Bros., Farmer Hardware Co.,
Fletcher & Byrd, Josse & Moore, E. L. Stiff & Son,
Peetz Furniture Co., Spencer Hardware Co.
Date for Investigation
Set By the Commission
J Hearing of Case Against Pacific States !
' Telephone and Telegraph Company !
to Be January 18. I
The railroad commission this mom-'
ing fixed .Fnnunry IS, at one u Vloe It
p. ni., as the date and time for tlie!
runt miration of the hearing of the case
of the Pacific States Telephone and
Telegraph company, which is a general
investigation into the eompnnj' s nietli-
ods of transacting its business wfth the
public, the first heiirlng'of which waul
had about a month ago when several!
of the nun-t important features of tlie'
company's system of milking charges
were inquired into and mi indefinite
postponement was hud to give the com
pany time to compile some statistics
covering the dntn desired by the com
mission. '
The subjects upon which the hearing
for .lii unary IS will be based are the
deposit features, further details into
th" investigation of the contract fea
ture ,the advance payment feature ami
the moving charge feature of the con
tracts. The commission has nlso fixed
.fiinuury hi, nt Heppner. for the hear-!
ing of the complaint of the lleppm'r :
( 'iiiumi-ii'iiil club against the train ser
vice of (he O.-W. U. & X. company on
the Heppner branch.
Chicago .Ian. (I. Dean Walter Taylor
Sumner, lout; prominent in social wel
fare work in ( li'uano and chairman of
the vice commission whose work at-,
traded national attention a few years
ayo, was today consecrated bishop of
I trefoil w ith impressive ceremonies, at
the Catholic of Saint 1'eter and Saint
I'aul. !
Many dinnitaries of the Kpiscopal
church assisted in te services, which
were in charge of the Hev. C, II. Young
of Chicago. The new bishop will leave
in a few weeks for Portland, Ore. ;
Anionit the out-of-town cliurhmcii par
ticjpatini; in the ceremonial were Ut.
Hev, Dr. W. A. Leonard bishop of
Ohio; Ut. Hev. Dr. ,1. II. White of
Michiunn City, lad.; Kt. Hev. Dr. T. X.I
Morrison, bishop nf Iowa; lit. Hev. Dr.
T. I. lieese bishop coadjutor nf south
eru Ohio; the Very Hev, T. M. Ilaiiisey,
Portland, Oregon.
Grandma's Recipe, of Sage Tea and
Sulphur Darkens So Naturally j
that Nobody Can Tell. !
Almost everyone knows that Sapo
and Sulphur, properly compounded,
brings bach the natural color and lustre
to the hair when faded, streaked or
pray; also ends dandruff, itching sculp
and stops fulling hair. Years ago the
only way to get this mixture was to
make it at home, which is massy und
troublesome. Mowuduys, by usking at
nuy drug store for "Wyeth's Sage
und Sulphur Compound, ' you will
get a lure bottle of this famous old
recipe for about 50 cents.
Don't stay gray Try it! No one
o n ii possibly tell that you darken
vuur huir, a.i it do s it so naturally and
evenly. loll dampen a sponge or noft
brush with it and draw through
your hair, taking one small strum! nt a
time; by morning the gray hair disap
pears, and nfter another triplication or
two, your hair becomes beautifully '
dark, thick and glossy. Local agent,
J. ('. Perrv. !
(Self -Wriiming)
today. It solves the
nioppliiii problem once
for all. It is simple,
durable mil economical,
TTli"nfT It will outlast ten old-
T-T-iTT--ir- stylo mops. And, be
sides, its wonderful
self - wringing device
makes it unnecessary
for you to Btoop over or
to plunge your hands
into hot or cold dirty
V X T i , '
LADt 5PtvlflG-RlC
I.aily Cecil Arthur Spiing-Kice whose
liiisbiind is Itritisli anibiissailor to the
Tinted States, is one of the distinguish
ed women in diplomatic circles in
Washington. She is the daughter of
Sir l-'rnnk Lascelles who for many
years was liritish ambassador at Ber
lin. Through her mother l.ady Spring
Ificp is cunuected with the widowed
Uidy Paunceforte and is a granddaugh
ter of Sir Joseph Oliffe physician to
Napoleon 111, She has been with her
husband in Stockholm, Tokyo and
other posts and is considered very
brilliant and witty. Sir Cecil Spring
nice was best man for Colonel Theo
dore Ifoosevelt when he was married in
Loudon in I.XKd.
l.ukeview EAununor: A rather uni
rpiie system lius been inaugurated at
the t"inidt'r tipera hmiM. On evening!
when tlie regular is jjiven the
eliairs on the west side nt' the limine aie
remuved at the end id' the first enter
tainment so that those wlm desire may
trip tlie light t'antastie iluiing the sec
ond serin; of retds.
(titintH 1'iish (.'mirier: The weather
ik now v;iim and liiilmy, tind the "nld-
timei's" are preclieting an early spring.
They s:iy that a spell uf co,l weatlier
in Dreenilier is always followed by
mild temperatures and an early spring
fnlluwing it. and it is predii-Ted that
the farmers will be busy with their
work next mouth.
Klamnlh Kall. .orU.weleni: Tak
ing 11 n iMiiiriileniI iioi i. ,f 1 in i f.1, r i t i 1 hi
utiil cm ig rat ion, hut ceiiidoei i ug mily
hirtli.s uml tilths tip' pipi:l;.iuiM nt'
Kl-.iiimt !i (Miuittv is doeideiliv tni tlie iu-
,rre;iMe. Tin1 r'i-i;-1 jenud or' I'irtlts
uml den t ha nf K la mat ii em: my. kept
by Dr. Win re 11 Hunt, fhuws that dur
ing the first 1 1 hi'-rH'M nf I'M t ol! in
funis ('tune intu tlie v-nt l, (luring
that same peiind m,K' uS deaths neriit
red. n
llugene liegister: (ll'fb-ial notifica
tion of the ilcath of Ksckiel l.iinll. who
was committed to the slate insane
nsylu'ii ut Salem from I. tine county 011
August I SHjl, and has luiu there
since, was r ived by the I .line county
court yesterday. Dcuth occuried on
January II. Utile is known here of
the unit.
Ko.;elnirg Review: The innut h ly wt'ii
thor suiiiininy for i -.--tiil.i-1-, prcpuicd
by Win, Hell, of tin I', S. weather bu
reau stntion nt llosclung, shows u inenii
temperaturi' for til" iiimilli of :l? ile
grees. This is nearly tie decrees be
low the. 1101 inal. which is II. P. Only
once wus tin monthly mean t, inpern-
1 11 11' for lie iber below this lor the
past -7 ycais. That was in !!;. e. lieu
tlie iiM'i-uge iii. a frnciimi ,,f u J,..
g lower. The lowest r -1 1 -1 : 1 1 ll l -
for the month was 111. The rainfall
for the pnst month was only l.o:!
inches, this beinir ,.",!i liro the aer
age for l" yeais. lel nine during
that t i 111 was tiie UeiTiuli, r rainfall
less than for Inst month. Thi, wns
ill lPll.'l, when the t.itlll wus I. Pi. The
lieuvicst 111 i 1: f':i 1 1 was in ll'iii . with 1:
total of lu'.so inches.
Tne ttit 11 1 tii levy on prupeity with
in tlie town nt I'Vsil in -'i'j mill
iMinnty mid si ut i lii, selitml M, mid eity
'-j iwW'h, The tit'ul It'vy un city prnp
iMty in I'osil l,i-"t e;ir was tiiill.
The dei ren.-e cuuiht.' of I1.- uiilln for
((in 11 y uml td.'tte, lin-l I 1 j iimIIm (or eitv,
the i ImhiI le v liei t imk Ihi n;;eil,
When tlie bronchial tubes arc af
fected with that weakening, tickling
cough, tliey need immediate nnd sen
sible treatment. The breath seems
shorter because pf mucous obstruc
tions; usually fever is present mid
your head jars with every cough.
Your chest aihes and the inflamma
tion often spreads to the lungs.
The food-tonic that has proven its
worth for forty years is Scott's Emul
sion. It drives out the cold, whiih
is the root of the trouble, and checks
the cough by aiding the healing
process of the enfeebled membranes.
If you arc troubled with bronchitis
or know an afflicted friend, always re
mritilwr Unit Scutt'n Kmulniou liuililn
Mn nglli while ri'livvitiR thr troubli',
It-Hi .acolt fclkmnc, WugmlicW.N.J.
Tur wiABirrre
Tlu M-iisHtioiial uilvmirc tn the whent
! mark ft in having i t h ertVet on mt'ty
t li i nc in the Kii'iu line. On siu-ii ;t
iiiii'ly ailvumiug murki't fttnmMs ill
uver the euuntiy ure holding hm-k. The ,
ulvm-tt of 4 cent! a bushel on wheut
tin tlie 1'irtlnml imirketst yestenluy look?-
ilike .,.1."iU wheat is not far oft'.
I In the local market all riie it re !
very firm in all hi mis of yinin. Cattle
are in good ileimiml. The liojr niarl't
is showing signs of weakness.
I Local dealers say that Imtterl'sit at U
rents will remuin at that price for sev
eral weeks. The ey ami poultry nui:-
; ket remnins the same, althntigh there W
a Im supply on iiaml.
Local Wholesale Market.
Hay, timothy, per ton sl2
Clover, per ton
Oats uml vetch $( Id
Cheat fiSf.:i
Wheat, per bushel $1.0
Bran, per ton t-':l
Shorts, per ton .- 11
Outs, per bushel 4u'CMoi'
Eggs and Poultry.
Eg(;si cash, Xlc; trade Il'e
Hens, per pound 1 Ko -.-
Roosters, old, per pound
liutterf'at, per pound
Creamery butter, per pound
Pork, Veal and Mutton.
Cork, 011 foot
Pork, dressed
Veal, dressed
Spring lamb
' Steers
I Cows
! Wethers .'
J Ewes
I Fruits.
j Oranges, navel
Bananas, lb
I Lemons, per box
0:(o 7c
$11. iU
.V. 1
Pineapple, per lb
Grapes, -Malaga
Apples, bos
Crauberiies, barrel
I'lorida grape fruit
Dates, I'ersiun, lb
Dates, dromedary, ease
'igs, per pack
CocoQiiuts, per dozer.
Cabbage, por lb
Tomatoes, California
I'elery, per dozen
Oniuns, per 100 pounds
Potatoes (Oregon), bushel
Sweet l'otatoes, crato
Cauliflower .....
Brussels Sprouts
Retail Price,
Creamery butter
Flour, hard wheat
Flour, valley !
I)ggs, per dozen
Kggs, storage, per dozen ...
Sugar, per ewt
-l()(ii S.1e
..ifl.-lfH l..",0.
;.'....:ic 1
...$l..'iiifn l.titi
..$.aii. 10
New Voi lt, Ju u. ti. The market open- j
jt'd u shii.le lower.
Seattio Markets. !
Seattle, Wasu.. dun. d. Todiiy'n mar-i
' lul Kyyh Sele. t rum li, II.V; eii;-tei ii j
'. Aprils, ;iHe.
I tuitei--. Native Washington eiejuti
, fry, luii-ks, v d t Mlid pack, 'Mu ;
(a-ti'in, luirks, 'J!i.
'hee-e i in-null triplets, Hie; limleit'-j
j'.er, iSr; iloinetie wheel, 'S.W N'oui.iij
Atn.'ih.'i, In ; l(nal letimery. he; i-
eiuisiii eieumery, Ie; du lriilet, -
' Washington twin?, lii'-.
I'oiatoes-Wln'te Iti er, . 1 H-o I .i ; linr
liauli, ?r-ilff; per tun; Ya Kim lis, I s
fri ! ( ; a M iio nia Mve-'ts. .i --,'2(n J.-mi pet-
iiio n s ; H In r ii i :t , 1 1 t(a I 1 per
pnun l ; ( liejito), I :!i .
San Francisic Markets.
S;in Krain i.-i o, .litn. ii. K--Kxt ra
;i"te; pullets, :!e; i-Ionte extniH,
sturue, pulh'ts, Je,
llutter llxti.is, -'"i'-j'-: prime fiit?'.
firsts, - I ' c ; secnndN -te.
I 'lieese- 'alii u una tit ucy, IJ ' o ;
firsts, IJe; seciHi.ls, llle.
Wheat (per --ll.) lull I 7 1 -jUi J.'i;
Idiie-tem, -J.itoni -.'!; Tnrliey red,
(rl,'2'r, red Itisiaii. -r'J.l V' J, 1 7 ; 1ir
ty-1'nld, L'.l.'i'o L',.'iii.
liarley pe ttl.'l Kee-I, ff I ,'-' ..if.-
Liu1; 'Itippih'r mill iievil:f, 1 .in I-.ui'
I. I V
I'liladies t per 'tl.i - ''reims, I .'J.'ic
1 .?; Niliuu-. s, ;u;t I.Jii; hellu l! ir
liaiil.:i, .1l.i:.'i(. I.lo.
Huioiis (per i tl.) Velluw, !Hli Oi '1.
Portland Market.
I'.ni land. Ure.. Jan. U,- V'lieat
t'luh. Idu-slem. Wall-.
Walla. fl.U.
Hatu - Nil, 1 white Iced, s;!J; jiav,
Mii i !' Mrewiutf. '-v; f''''d. .f-7..Vi.
HmK Hi si li... jf , in 7. 1
I'rime steeis, 7'',: fnney enws,
0i 7; liest ealves, Sinv; fpiin lumli:;,
t7fn 7. Till,
Mutter--City civaujeiy,
Kj.'K- Nid-e'ted In. :i i-:trn.. ll0i ;Sc.
liens, liie; lirnilei Me; y.e-ie. I'le.
S;mi I' ni in-Nrii, Jan. Ii. - llliiiileil li ;in
umlireila f-he uu-. i:in.n, Mi-, Mu ,a
'. I.i.mp sleppi d in front if an in. I i
irtiiliile driven hv . ' ', Mauler unl
ttits Lilled
New Yntk, .Inn. l!H.".
A iM-w em lieuun in HIM. Knr yeai i
the Kiufipeau iitoin-plirre had Ik-.-h'
oe:fioiiu"t with iiit use ptliti iil, rum-j
men-iii! uml social out e-t( MH intern i .
tion:il mot dnmestii-. (hi July ;tiih 1 1 . ' ,
1 tor in looke w itii n v iu'enec and sn.l-1
'li'iuiiris tolnlly uuexj ted, sine liy the1
-elect tew; mid fur llie lust five iiinntht
,it han eompletelv duiiuated euinutef
Iciul ii I in ii- nt hti and iiltroml. The
tirsl efteels of thr h t have I n
Hfev passfl, tiihl the world 'n cum !
ilireiee Iiiih finally nd. lusted it-elf to ti
'wnr Uh with tnurveious rnpidtty. l!n'
tlie worst efferts of the ntropnh' hi' hy
.mi menriM tn er, uml fur vriirn tu eonn
the woilil will have to dent with the
enneipie in es ui t h'm iinpu lente-l
stiii;li. inttlih 'lie jjm ei iimeiit r,r
neai'ly liootHti.Htiu in' joijiohit mu nii'l no,
f 1 .
Kiny; I'eter o Sim-via who wiih sev
enty yeurH olil on June lill Inst, led the
Servian forces in person in the recent
battle which resulted in victory for the
Servians. King IVter received his mil
itary ethu-alion at St. Cyr, the French
inilitnry iicndeniy ami is regarded ns
(ino of the hesl slrategisls in Kurope.
Ilo wus not aide to be ut. the fnmt nt
the stnrt of the war because of illness.
With his appearance ut tlie head of his
army Austrian repulses have heen re
ported. international trade of about 1.0(H),
niHi.omi. Yoar of Extraordinary Difficulties.
At iioine it has been a year of steady
recession und liunieru's J il l iciilt re-.
Ibiriug the first i months Imsiuess im
(erects were harasseil by tlie Mexican
prnli!i'ju ami hostile political activities.
The aril i t i ust and uuti-railroal cum
paiji'is were parlicolarly virulent pre
vious to the election; while the iuvei
tiga'ion injuria, which hud mure than
unyt'iiug else to lo w ith in in y in on
unite business depressinu, was pushed
to extremes. The pndonjjed utiwilliii':
ness il t he interstate commerce coin-
uiis."ini to L'lnut any further t'ouceHsious
to llie uiiIioimIs nlso i-out ribuU'd verv
uijtter.ally lo impair eon fidem-e. So,
too, oid tiie constant intrusion uf the
Mule into business affair; c-pe.-inll,
the trend t owned .eminent owner
diip, which has remlcred private ent 'i
prise pnititiiluily timid in tlne direc
tions, Toward mrtlsuunrer, however, a
change for the better begun In de
elop in home at fairs. Tlie Mexican
pinldem grew less I Ureutcui ny. I'olilii
opiniou began to show ils tli-api-roval
of un necessary piditicnl niitagouism in
legitimate busines"; ami the mop om
looii became i M-eedingly eucoinaging,
I 'ut by jar th inn-: impoitaiit lad or
in jli reti inl ion of cunl idi in-e u the
pu?s.ige of the edci;, reserve bnnhing
art. Th a- u mpiesi iimaldy 1 1t'1
ciiMV'iilig e.ent toe t.il in I 'n'-o il'ltl
Vioii's admiuisl ratioa ,ainl one no
which he could en-dlv ii") conlent wilii
well 'loing, The new bill w pinbiiblv .i:''
near being snt isfart ni y a" 'in Ii n pie'"'
nf legislation could be al the start.
Tho Outloo'.r. EriiilitPH.Uig.
.Nething i lo be gained tiom dwed
i ng iiirnece---a i i ly uptri dep re-si ng fuc
tors, ami t or t n unf elv lime a re inn u"
: ii-lici.t iom ot u pniti"ly emoai ngi ug
jiatuie, which it i beher and wis.-r to
' oiit."iiplate. Among l!iese are a goo I
iiur"-t, u new buiiUiig system .iomi
tion oi' iililiciil at);. civs on lnwiin-s, u
1':r. mabi" iiiI'i ibci -'. h. a genci all v
sniMhl cit ulitioii of bii-iine-.i und medit,
' In';),! money, also a growing impiesiim.
n mi led by piool , t mi t 1 Im I'nit r
stalls being the len-t nflected mm t inn
by tin- war, will lead in t te -oper,,-1
ion u Ii ii-h tun' t I'nlbit, . Alii adv t Itc 1
ai e igi.s uf a t ni u in I lie lid I'm t l,e
li-ll.i, lh.- .c:il t it i ii aniv ing wlicii Hi
I'm ,'igu ei Im iige it uat ion lea h d i o
l.-tooer. The wen. t lia . e, lailil been
thfi mghly ili'U',,iinti'd, bailing tinev
t"d developments in v.ar. Tlie we t
cn nl i lines pen Meal i licp-'t nl. lev an
it lia:- been ren-iv iiru gotnl prices lor
whir it piodu'-es The ea-t nil ad
rei n . vi i ng 1 1 inn 1 1 c 1 1 ii ''ii g I-1 it e u I ; a u 1
the -oulo, lliuHgh eondy hurt by tin
low ii'- ttt I'.itlnn, .ei- ils aalinn
in a gn aler divetsily nf e i-ms. The
WiM'-l uf Ihe CllltiOl ili-P-, lots Im eu pan'-
ed. 'uiu-e money is foi I h (lining tn " any
the 'nrpliiH, nnd oil" foicigu tiule m
i u pi 1 1) recti v in i 1 1 y 1 1 o in he diM opt in a
wlnc'i lullotU'd the opening ( hufil
Tho War and It Eifodn.
nf (he liiml e'le-t id' Ihe uar.A I
is y.- too eaily to lonti any fixed
npinintis; altimogh (..real political, o
I'iul and ecoiuouic change nin inei-
ii lily f til low, I'olitirully, lairope i
about touudeigo very ioipi taut nvmi
Mrui-toHi, In all pitdmliilily the map
of Kuiupe will eie Iiuhj be diawu iipua
untie natural lines, end the boumlunc
id' lite siuallei uutiuus will lie made
nitre in ln'cord with ia ial sympalhi-s,
One gin nd result of t he war will im
Ihe belter adjustment of manv tenitoi
ial prohlcmv in the iniuor Malts, wlu- ii
lept. Kuropt in a sluto of ferment tor
geiieial ioit, Uine piejudie and pride
will be conciliated, nnd great ('.hunta ;.'
niiut come I'mui the climiiuitioii ('
nmnv causes of iuteruattoiial dixpnl.,
SiM-iiillv ninl pti'iticallv the tiend to
wnrd ilemnciticy will .indoobtedlv be,
highly stimulated after the war, Pow
er will pHH uioie und more from despot
tn people, Sivri't 1ieatits will be I
frciptcnt, ami war miMt d'jeml nine
nnd iron iiou the will of Die peop
rather tonu mt the ditnlion f an im
n nt. It would b td'ln. In, (. t, to
il h"- expect or iieeept ton curly ll
''i1"1 r
j V ; 1
ieles Doctor Is T
; Charged Jtt NcsBgence
Claimed That Caused Child's Death by
Carelessness in diving
I.os Angeles, I'al.. Jan. II. Churned
wit!i yioss neulieuce in connection
with I he death on an operating table of
Hebecca Hillehay, 11'. Drs. .lames W.
beeves and Clark I,. McClish and the
(abl'oiuia Hospital company are in
trial here today.
The child's father. I. W. Dillehay, a
dentist, asks !f."iii,(hni, allciinii that an
aiiuestlictie had been administered iier
without the condition of her heart and
stomach first being ascertaineil, ami
that she choked to death because of
lood substances thrown from her stom
ach because of the ether.
Allies' Resources Are
Increasing Says Kitchener
l.iimlon. .1 ii n. ll. Wnr llinistcr l.nnl
hiti-hi'iii'i' tulil tlin limiM' uf lunlM tliis
iilti'i'iiiinn t li si t tin' nllii's' wiiT I'l'sniiri-i's
in tniiiin uml siiiilii' viti In. tli in
cri'iiHln. Hi' jruvi mi I'iuiii-i's lint mi'iil lvi'ruit-
IIIIT WIIH Wlltist'llrttiiv.
A tlnlist' tn Inilisc rllliviiss, lii.s lull
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Jl.s.ltllll llll'll fur Kl'i vifl' s Il1'tl.''l'.' Wlillt-1
I'll. Illlt till' miVI'lllllli'llt AMIS Mnf yi-t
roiiily for tlii'in.
lu-iu-.'. Tin' issui's in Hun i-niiti'st nro .
tun itnl to miinit nl nuy iiiti-liviii-K.
I Ih'.v must hi' I'liiiiilit In ;i linish, wliii-h ;
uiiiv iiii'iin i'liiiiiHtion ut' uni' sii' in
llu' 'illii'r. Ami wlii'ii" lu'in-i' i iittiiini'il, j
il lon' ii'riinl of l-tv oust riu-1 i on will .'!
sin', in wliirli Kiiiiiii' nif y luivi- tu lii-.. I
priil'HiKi'il ili)iliiiiuitii' I'untnivi'i'sy iin.l
iulitiriil iiiul mu iti 1 iiincsi, until ir,is-u'i-ttv
iiKiiin ii'-uiih's its HontliiiiK swiiv.
Hilt, it is till' I'CMIMHIlil' t'l'iltlll'l'S .il ;
tlii' win- with which this ri' iinv is i-hii-l'
ly ront'i'iiu''!. it ri's without, siivino
Unit u stiupuh' whiih kii'is '.'ii, nun, nun
ut' 'li"ll tliuli'v nrllis ji-oli's nn..'H'iitinis
i-iHMnjiii'iu-i's. 'I'liu ii'i-rifii- loss ut! mil
linns iif livrs, uf liilliuns nt' niiu'itv,
tin I'tlmi'lis to iihii-iiIs, si-ii'iu-i', art, ii.-!
illlstiy, Sllrilll wi'lt'llli', i'ti, ili't'y rill
I'llllitinn. Ki'simnsilih. iiutluii-itii's hkii'c
tluit. tho rirt of tlio win- has ) it rini-j
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ii ilay In tlio lii'lliirori'iits nliiiu', iifnl tinit I
slinuhl tho win- hist I'm- a your tho oust !
wi'iihl run up tu nliuiit i.'i, uml. mill. imi'i
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Thoso liyiuos nf riiurso ilii nut iiirliulo
tho vast ilosti not inn uf pi-nioi ty, mu-
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pinipiolivo oii1oiiiisi s. Suoli inssos nro
im iili-ulnlilo, vot thov will troinoii.liiiisiy
iiii-iviisH tho i-iwt nl' tho war, tho liiilh
nf ivliii-h must lio paiil liy fiituro uonor
ati'ius. 'I'h.' furoiyn ruuiiiiorro anil not riiu
luiH" nf tiio i i 1 1 i ) : 1 1 hoirujoionts hiv
tei ns Inllnivs liy .mo of ho stniularl
I 'oiiiniori'O. Tiiniin i', not.
.iron' Britain. if7.Hi-'ii,(ilKi.niiil l.niiii.iin i
(loi'inany .",."iil.inlll,illlll il.t.'id.llilll
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(ii'iiiuiny wont inlu this war with
niurli loi-s uf a lult tlinii any ntli.m
I'uw.'i'. mi-1 will ho In ttor nlilo In rosit
than was nt first suipnoil. As far as
Kiiins ninl lussos an' omu oi noil, Knliiiul
liriilnilily slmnls In win must, il tho nl
lios luu-i-ooil. In that event hoi' juo.i
tine ninl piiwor will ho moiillv oiilnuir
ml. Mio will Ii,' lioo tn I . in i'h. i- ,.ios
;4I0S In y;iti'Yiu; tlio ' I.IIhih .', iill i,.
still -is uf tho lin o, Inn nl.ii h bit '
ri-sliiiiiii'il liy tin I- uf ilostnii-iiM. riMil
cy uu, I luo iniio-viiy ,,f hoojiiriy a
i-nlu-sil nsiiy. Tho iliitMi ouiiiso i
:ilro;i.y liio oiinuiili, in I its ' .. I ,o n
up no 'nl will tax hor -uios fur yoai-
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I'l'it.il Statos, win. Ii has ion. hi , n
periii.l iif ilo olo.inoii (hut ivill tiii i -lis,
whotlior wo iliiro it ni- nut, inlu tin'
' inlonl ii lll .uivi'ls, Wo luo III) limn
er i 'If i nutniiioil, liiit hiiv e I unio in
lonl,. pen, lout with l;nruie, Asia, Mouth
Allli'iiu uml At'iiea. Muienvor, lisese
ti'llltiniis llie l.i.ll ml lu Im'iiiiiii' eloser
S'l'il Iom'I'. W'.th lit. 1 - LSl'uwino inpllla
I in i nii'l a rniilly iin'tensiii piiului'
linn uf inw iieitoiinls siml tusiiiulni-tuiei
I'M"'11' "'"I III llt llSHO Illloi'JII ll I ; 1 1 -Nets.
h' I hi' ni l. pi su e I-, tu lie iermill,'ii',
ninl if Sll'liisinioiits uro tu lie l,o.l .luwii.
II n,".v I'lositis I n o.iul.iii un ihe lias!-,
of ' ' ll o ninl lot 1 i vi ' ' niii-t lie iliv out
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f-ltllt'S uf Klll'Vn'. II I'lli lilillieul uf'tir
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final nppi nl wit h pmvei to , nlm , ,. ,' ,
oerri is, s 1 1 this is nut ..-.-i I , I ... I Ii,. 11
sit le.i I sumo umoi-ini-iit -linnl.l ho jms
' ihi lor re, In, oil tiiiiuiiiioiils niol th.
eomluii,., ,ri nil i,,ii i,f war uulil nihil
ililinu has fail, s, lli-luy shows thai
iii'liuil.ilils ivoie lirst ilismi .y
'"I ". H Illlo'S, then eitios, Hun i . I I.I
oipnlitios iiii'l tlu n tiili ., Why slmul'l
tint mil iniuil I'm, o ho i nnt rulli.,1 hy in
I I'fll.lt itlllll I I'llVI's.'
HliMi'V cl.KWS.
Vim iluti't Iiiimi to worry If you in--uro
i nur uoieiiy in n rniiiuiiiv that
is I It I y s ,,,,
Tim I.iiiiiIoii pniil (l7,(ilin,IHI0 (xiufs)
I'lH.SI'K HlisillK fllim tllll fsilll l''llllll'isol)
'lisimtor. Thin U a nun Ii uroiilur
am, unit than pniil hy tiny otlior corn
puny, upoialiiin umlor u slii(;li) iiiiinh,
in llii ur nay oilier . riuuitit ion, uml
stiimls without ii ut in 1 1 I in tho history
of lusiiraiieo. To hnvti firo pKiliietiiiu
insiirii your piopoity in nun Hint, pm
toets, Thi) I. ninl, in Assiiraneii I'uipur
tit inn,
Incorporated, A. D. 1720.
Bechtel & Baumgartner
Phone i.r.2
SPECIAL- Two Pounds
Extra Large size Wal
nuts 35c
Two Pounds Extra Large
Brazil Nuts 35c
In addition to tlio oxtromoly low
prices I givo a beautiful premium
for each $5.00 worth rvf tickets.
STANDARD no cheap goods
and my prices are right.
Best Hams, lb iac
Nic Breakfast Bacon, lb 20c
Pick Nick Hams, lb 17C
Seasoning Bacon, lb nc
No. S Lard 7gc
No. 10 Lard $1.45
Medium Cottolene 6o0
No. 10 Compound $1.25
6 bars Crystal White Soap ... 2!)C
B bars Sunny Monday Soap.... 20c
0 bars Morris' Best 20c
10 bars good Soap 25e
B gal, Korosono (bring your
can) ..65c
Large Cottoloue $1,60
No, 5 Compound 05c
0 pkgs. Corn Starch 25o
1 gal. size Choico Peaches....3Se
1 gal. size Choice Pears 35c
1 gal. size Choice Pumpkin....2.l3c
1 gal size Choico Squash 2Dc
3 pkgs. Seeded Raisins 25c
3 cans Milt 20c
1 doz, cans Milk 00c
3 cam Extra Corn 25c
1 Uoz. caiiB Corn 05c
3 cans Extra Qual, Tomatoos 25c
1 (loz, cans Tomatoes 9.rc
2 cans Bauer Kr.utt 25c
2 cans Choice Peas 25c
3 cans String Boans 20c
2 pkgs. Arm li Hammer Soda 15c
1 Mn Nleo Minced Clams luc
3 (atts E.tr.'. C'hoito Oystors 25c
i cairn l'rule of Columbia
Uiver Halmou 25c
I ''or. raw, VilOn cf Columbia
Kr.'cr Halnion $l,iu
Alaska Tink Eaimon, can 10c
'a gallon Syrup ouc
1 gallon Syrup oon
Vi gallon Karo Whito Syrup 35c
1 gallon Karo White Syrup....U5c
5-lb. box Macront Hue
10 lb. slzo Corn Meal
3 pkgs, Pot Toasttes 2Dc
I Kriuklo Corn Flnltcn r,c
Extra Choico Col'lco, lb 30c
2 lbs. Brick Coilllsh 25 3
I.arso boitlo Vinegar loc
Extra fine Uncoloicd Japin
'Joi'. lb 10c
0 cans Clcirhi'ook Fcnchos... 50c
2 cans Clearbroolc Apricots . 25c
No. S Kck Pli klcs 85c
0 llm. Beat Cream Rolled
Oats iffic
1 lliB. Brokon Rioo 25c
3 lbs. Head Kit' 25c
3 llm, Choko Dried reaches 25c
4 lbs. ri.ncy Whito Beans 25c
15 lbs. PI 11k Beans 25c
Bct Tillamook Croain
Cliooso, 11) 20c
1 gal. Best Cider Vinegar 20c
15 lbs. Onions o,5c
luo lbs. Onions jU.5u
rotaloon, por bushel UOc
Remember each 85.00 worth of
tickets gets a boautirul premium.
Parcel Post Orders
A Specialty
l'rce Delivery Anywhera lu 8a
lnu - anil reanonablo diHtanco in
PHONE 1107
Comer Morris Ave. and Fair
grounds Road