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Leased Wire
Says He Was Partly Forced
By Chaplain MacLaren
to Confess
Pender's Innocence Still Main
tained By Those Who
Secured Confession
John (I. II. .Niercks, tin- insane boy
hu confessed to the brutal murder of
Wis. Daisy Wflirmitn and her little
tliiccyeur-old son in Columbia county
on llii' night of J-M'pt-onibcr 4, I'.M, mill
mused such n ripple of sensation on ac
count of his confession, broke down lit
tin' insum- asylum this morning, when
rpicstioncd by n newspaper itina, uuu
repudiated tin1 whole story of tlir con
fession lis II "lit1 from start to finish."
Tin' repudiation wus made voluntar
ily ill the presence of witnesses nad
before the boy had seen his father or
Knew that his father was waiting to
H"c him, mill he shites positively tlint
'he whole fabric was maai.'.':.ctured
f,o, whole ei.ithnnd purely o,.t of i.is
knowledge of the facts surrounding the
commission of the crime, nnd the rend
ing of newspaper reports, for the pur
pose of securini: the liberty of John
Arthur render, 1io is serving a life
Hcntcnce upon conviction of the crime.
Arrangements hud all been made to
Hcnd the boy down to llillsboro in the
costody of Wnrdcu I.nwson, of the pen
itentiary, this morning, for the put
pose of going over every bit of the
ground which lie claimed he covered
in the commission of the c.iinie, hut
tiustnv II. Niercks, the father of the
boy, cnine to Halein overnight and ur
ranged for a conference with his son,
U ud this trip was delayed to allow the
conference. After the repudiation of
the confession, without qualification,
-ii'ii, nullum iiiiiiii I rill ion,
reunited 1,1 1 1,,. fti ,,
T 1 e',' I, ' t
i,. . . .. ..
er Ins admission ot its uii-l..
winch he
ollieru nft
truthfulness to the newspnper repre-1
,,tive, the trip , the Leeae of 'the I
cinue was considered useless and it
was called off by (lovcrnor West. The
mutter will now be passed up to the
incoming ndmimstriitiun for adjust
ment. "It is not true," said young Siercks
(his morning, when asked a direct ques
tion by the newspaper man. "The con
fession is a lie from start to finish.
nod I told It to save John l'ender from ,
fie penitentiary.
.... j ..u,.,.u ,g inline ioi -
foiilessioii! were you forced to it?" he ;
I I . 1 IV If 1,1 1-...I I, ,... i 1. . . I.
luiicn to I'omosg.
"A little, by Mr. Macl.uron," he re
plied. When asked about tho lockof hiiir
lished ill n Portland muming piiier, pense of the special election, he would seventh floor. The safety clutch, how
filing Siercks said there wus nothing do so, but left the matter to the do- ever, failed to arrest its downward
(Cotitinueil on I'ljfti Six.)
American General Will
Confer With General Villa
Policy of United States Toward Mexico Capitol, Snernniento, Cul., Jan. tt.
r?Jr!LIllfiUe"Cetl by RCSUlt 0f Thl,,That women re marry more often thru
vOllIOToncO. ' , ,
men who have once tasted married life
Washington, Jan. 0,-l!,lgidier fien.1'" "'" f",',t ,in "'" "'utistics
eral Hugh I,. Scott, chief f staff of ""'"'"" ''"'"7 I' Hi" Mate bureau
the I'niieil KI..I... .,..i. .in ....f... t vital suttistics in muking n r irt
wiin nenerui villa, leader of the Mex-
icon revolution, either today or toinor-i
row at F.I Paso. '
America's policy toward Mexico gov-i.
Irntunnl .iff!..!..!..' I.n. ....I. I ....!.... ...Ill
I.e irreatlv lnfl,.c,l l.v ll... r
this conference, It was stated that
Provisional President Outierre.'s note
ordering (icnernl Mnvtorena lo cense
firing iu ibe direetlon of Niico, Arlr..,:for the picture brides of Japan, 1.14
mul to withdraw his forces from the' per cent of the brides for the yeur be-
border, was a hopeful sign of the good in a of Japanese birth.
intentions of the Mexicans. I ,
a r-nl.- Tn- a r d i i
3an Francisco, J. (). Mayor Rol.li
received a letter today from the Puna
nta-California exposition officials noti
fying. Ii i in that June .10 had bceu desig
nated as San Francisco day nt the Sou
Uicgo fair, and asking participation to
mnke the day a big success.
Mayor Kolph has not yet decided
whether he will be able to uttcud the
celebration on that day.
British Searching for Traitor
Among Prominent Officers
Undoii Dee. (fly mail to Now I man and it is said the nature of the
lout.) .0 other one thing in eon-! information which is believed to have
nect ion with the wur has given the , reached the (lermans has been such
Hritish government, so mueli worry as j that he could hnve been no obscure
the gruye 8iisiicion that there is a' clerk but was pluinlv a personage of
traitor in some important position in j consequence in a post' of much responsi
ble admiralty, according to a persist-. bility.
eat rumor current in Knglnnd. j Hoport )lns t tu Bc.arcelv that an
I he basis of this suspicion is said to admiralty official haH escaped the
be the fact that, again and again, the: closest scrutiny by government secret
(.ermnas have given almost ineontro-! agents, in the hope of finding the rul
vertible proof that, they knew the I prit, but. thnt nothing has ve-t been ac
iiuiiiitest details of naval plans con-1 coinplished. Aside from the damago
cerning which nobody outside the inl-i po.-sible from such revelations as are
nihility could have been familiar but: said t0 have been made the struin on
for a deliberate betrayal of confidence. ' the members of the admiralty staff of
Of the tolerably frequent leakage of, the knowledge that there apparently is
military secrets, both in F.nglnnd and a traitor among them and that perhaps
on the field of fighting, the authorities themselves nn. suspectea is under
liave mndi' so little secret that icy! stood to have become nearly iinbear
have even complimented the (li'Ymuns able.
on the perfection of their espionage 1 Displays by the Germans of advance
system. It is oiluiittod that this had 1 information relative to Hritish naval
been annoying, and that it bus some : intentions, it is whispered, have oe
tinies been responsible for the defeat eurred too often to admit of the hvpo
of important, movements by the allies. I thesis of coincidence and both "this
Where the work has been that ofSnnie frequency and the vital import
Herman spies, however, it has been ,.,. 0f the plans thev showed them
looked on as what was nnturally to be' selves ucouniiitcd with' left, no chance
expert! in wartime, and with what- to attribute the exposure to mere in-'
ever severity it has been necessary to discretion.
treat such hostile secret Hervice ngeuts i',P stories link verification, indeed,' The French claimed gains by the nl
there has been no disposition to regard but there is no question that certain of ",M today at various points in the Kii
thein as other than honorable enemies, the kaiser's naval exploits hnve been : ropenn western wnr zone, and mention-
From all that can be learned, on the timed with extraordinary aptness. Theji'il no losses,
other hnnd, the suppose. 1 admiralty , reports too, are surprisingly persistent! The (lermnns said the nllies had gain
leaks must be the work of an Kiiglish-i f,,,. ,mM.(, ,e gossip. - i ed nothing: but what thev lost aguin
iwiii tan special tieciion to
Select Senator From
Douglas County
(oieinor AVest this morning revoked
the aimif ntment of Miss Katlieivn
Clark, of (Jlendale, associate senator,
to succeed Senator (ieorge Neuncr, of
Uosebuig, who resigned his iegislntive
post to accept the appointment of dis-
met niioi uey, aim issuea a call tin
a special election to be held lii Douglas
".' ".' - pmpose ji '
eiecuug a senatur to nil tne vacancy. ,
(Jov.'inor West decided upon this action
alter receiving a number of replies
i .. , .... . Al I'll WIS 111 I I
: ' '"m the menibers ol the senate, whom ! . ,' "'""""i
'l-Hcd as , their attitude upon '
qiieslion ol his authority to make t i '1, ' ; rllnMtti '
: . . .1,. .' ; : , broken.
Km! 7''' iV'" f"" "'"'''T
, " - tZ,
under the provisions of the constitution
to give Miss Clark a seat in the senate.
Some time ago (lovcrnor West ap
pointed Judge Dexter Mice, of Ifoseburg,
to si ed former .Senator Neiiuer, but
Judge Hice declined the appointment
noil men tne
1 lark to fill
govenmr appointed Mis
the position, which, nc-'
cording to published interviews in the
newspapers, she decided to accept. Sec
tion 17 of article .1 of the constitution.
: However, expressly provides that in tin
1 ,, rfl
even: or a vacancy 111 tne legislative"
assembly the governor shall issue n call
,,. a special election to fill the va
ancy but Governor Weit Ihooglit that
f Hill in tiitftwiti lit nt nfli,.t.t r,
it, under section 111 of nrticle 5 or,ll(or nnd was returning down. Il
the constitution, he could make the lip-
linintllli'tll llllil inil-n tlin enimlf 41... ,,v. '
ciniiih ot the members of the senate
whom he comniiiniciited with. I
' ""i rrnncisco
tl"'r) wt'rtf ni"l(i mnrringes last
the second, third or fourth niur-
rlllirilfl linillllir 1 1. n lt-l....i 'Hill ..... ..1.1
owed and 4-47 divorced, n. e,...,..,.,..,!
with 47D widowed brides nnd U01! di-
voreoes who took another chance.
Han Frnncisco Is the Oretna (Jrccn
Jfilwnukee, Wis., Jan. 0. n.ilh llillv
Mllrmv nf ,,, Francisco 8nd K.l.liV
Aleyoiirty of (ishkosh were repotted iu
greiif shnpe this afternoon for their
schedule. 1 10 round bout here Friday
night. Local bettors have Installed
Melloorly n 10 to 7 favorite over the
California middleweight.
Don't let your pretentions Inke a
fall out of your Intentions.
ftlass ot lanced Mee and'
Groaning Humanity Found
at Shaft's Bottom
San Francisco, dan. tl. Ten nersons
were injured this afteriioun, one prob-1
,y fatally, when nn elevator in the!.
Cnlifornia -I'licifie building lit Nuttiir j
nud Mont'oinerv streets fell seven!
(orics. linrold' Fitting, a civil engi-1
i,,,,,.. ,,f n... u m,,.,ri.l ,i,i,wr'
I,,, t,0 nu,bor 'hospital of concussion
Uf the brain
The others most seriously in lured
Allen Wisholt, (liikland, fractured
Mil il 11, both legs :
, , u .
Karl l'ressy, Sun Frnncisco, cuntu-lern
sions of the back nnd broken left foot.
tilled skull
II. Cohen
Sun Francisco, right leg j
nnd left nrm broken
W. 10. Aston, Santa Maria, both
.knees broken nnd left I111111I crushed,
F.'l'i" W. llownrd, Sun Francisco,
inn 11 legs nriiKen.
Chester Stuhr, San Francisco, both
legs broken.
Some luiliire 111 the niechnnism of the
..I 1 . - 1 I n . ,
' " vl'i"r wns responsinie lor the acci
ll,lt' The car is a mass of tangled
" "t ' 11 rum or tne slialt.
. The cur had been lo the eleventh
flour Ii lift Utm rutiirn n .l.,ti.. 1 1
stinted its plunge when Operator Paul
Me Doilllhl Met tin. lei-i.e l u.... ... ll...
The first persons to reach the scene
of tho wreckage saw u tangle of steel
binding a mass of groaning humanity.
Patrolmen. Iiosnitul nltachim mul
The elevator, car and shaft, were In-
"I'"'1''' lt Friday and proi need
1 ...,..
, tlm 1 Hn 1 IU11
Chicago, .Tun. (1. W, Fett T.Biiek, an
."P"! statistician, testified today at
,"' r,"r"1"1 wnK'' arbitration lieiulng
u""'tt " '''mincers
, ", f'r!'m,,'n !,f ""' rnilronds did not re-
. , ,"lr """" '" '"''"'""'" revenues
"vllf ! f",nn "f i,"'ron"'l P"?. He main
j tinned that while the produelivn effi-
Iciency of the emplnyes hud Increased
their pny remnliicil the same.
I "The earning power of the engineers
nun nremen declined, despite iiicrens
pr...luptlvUy .if their iubor,
ed productivity uf their lubor," suid
l.unck. "The Increase in their niilcnue
kept pnee with the Increase In
".rfic mileage. Although th. rate
r"' l"'r locomonve per nine increased,
the enrnings of the employes are com-
piirutively smaller, 1 a use it is Impus-
sible fur them to make mure mileage."
1 '
j I.ouk over vour odious during the
1 last year nnd you'll be nu ruri-e.l at
the number yon would gladly over
I look.
Weather So Bad That the
Movements of Armies Are
Very Slow
Berlin Dispatch Admits That
French Gain On Sennheim
sii hseqiiently.
The weather was bad all along the
line so bad in the extreme north that
much fighting there was impossible.
There was an immense umoiint of
sickness, duo to exposure, however.
j The (lermnns told of some udvnncos
in Poland, and said the situation wus
i favorable to them, but there wns no
thing spectacular in the situntion.
The Hnssiun- ! tilled that tjieir in-.
,,or tlamry viny
Ifaving advanced about fifty miles
across the c.ar's southeastern frontier,
the Turks seemed to be effectively
Wur Minister Lord Kitchener told
the ttritiuli Iimiiua ,C 1. 41. ..i l.n
f ......... lllllt llll-
ouNiii s iiniiiury resources were in-
, K'
nil(,(''' recruiting wns sntis-
"'"""'''''""K u"w '"'"''i
conipliiined abou! it in the past,
"'l1? "". "Pr1uii t ndiniNsion.
"mue, uiougii uoiiotiess u
enough for the pnrticiiinnta. the
day's war developments were not very
Rains Check Fighting.
Faris, Jan, (I. Torrential rains were
lirevenlinir the flnrninnu C,.,.,
ii.,, ,,f f.i..,. (,l . .!. '.,
in"rth f Hie fighting line in the west-
war zone
Their troop'dispositlnns left no doubt
I Hide thill thev In., I i.ti., 1 1..
off jvi. operations. Tuesday the wen.
ther was soiiiewhnt Improved nnd indi
cations were fur fresh fighting on nn
extensive scale.
The downpour begun once more over
night, however, and today's conditions
ill the trenches were frightful. I'neii
monin victims were arriving ut Hun
kirk by the trainluad. Most of them
were Hritish,
Where the country was not netimllv
under water, it was almost bottomless
mud. Kven 'infant r maneuvering wus
. .1 j"i 1, 1 .... ' '
uiiiMiiii uuu nriuiery inovcnients were
out of the question.
Further to the southward, the French
were trying to wrest Saint Mihiel from
the (lermnns,
French Onin Admitted.
Perliu, by wireless to London, Jan.
(!.- French charges were made today bv
the wnr office here (hut the French
nre wantonly destroying (leriunn vil
lages behind the kaiser's lines. These
places, It was asserted, are being sys
ti'iniiticiilly wreck ml bv heavy bom
burdineiits which do no harm whatever
to the Teutonic troops. 1
The capture of several trenches,
.1 : i-l!....!, I , n r
(Continued on Page Four.)
. Washington, Jan, d. Cnrranrlstns
and npntistns have been engaged in
U battle near Vorn Orns, according tn
a dispatch received nt the state depart
ment this afternoon. The message said
that 11 carloads of wounded men reach
ed Vera Cruz, yesterday, ami that tw
more rarloads arrived them today.
The Weather
Oregont Tonight
uud Thuisduy oc
eiislonal lain win!
pnrtlou; south
easterly winds.
' i;itv (won
I Itikeo our nig -
Position of Ottoman Troops
Revealed in Russian Dispatch
By J. W. T. Mason.
(Former London Correspondent for the
United Press.)
New York, Jan. 6. l'etrograd's an
nciJiieeuient of tho enpture of au Otto
man army corps in Transcaucasia, ae
compunied by a revelation of the po
sitions held by German-led Turkish
troops, permits an understanding of tan
iiiMiiiiry suunuon on tne czars sout I-1
eastern .frontier
; ,, 'tn .i I 1.
,,rn , v "S"",S haVB 5"' ,ut '
practically no news cacerning tho ,
Traiiieniicasiaii campaign, Presumably
th 'P,.rla I....1 ...I .
... nun I'l-iiriiiuieu so iar I1HO
Hussiii that concealment was deemed
aoviH ii e in iirnvme , n.,uf ..
. : . """" iiiissinii iroutier, whence there is n mil
.ess. Now that the invaders' successes! roa,I to Tillis. This sou l err? ,mV
SH 'S a
the lurks nave abandoned their first I bodies' advance has been cheeked
?T:rr:'rK n
... ..,,, ., u,,,, il: aiming uppar '
Ilatiun is l.r) miles from the Turkish
frontier, while Tifli, is loll. It is also,
hi the inountninoiiM interior.
rt.i . . , ,
ihe former city, however, is much
more strongly depended. The caiilore -if
Tiflis, too, would lie of irrenter i.n.ie.
qucuce than llatum's, since it is not
only the administrative seat of th-
ays She' Feared Rogers
Would Return to His
Legal Wife
New Vork .Tun. fl. From her bed hi
i,,wl,iii 1, . , 1 xr , , ,. . I . ' - " iiiii'iii- leivius, n'wereu iiioiiers uuu ngnis ana
a hospital He.e today, Mrs. Tdt. hnif-idon of the capture of Pueblii rnpitnl lluiiK.'.l into the depths to the rescue,
fen Wallers told Assistant District At-! of th,. slate of l'uebla yesterday byi For two hours Fire Chief Kenlon nnj
torney Martin that she gave poison to IIO.OOO Carranzistus, cominandci h'v!1''" W"rk(Ml '" ri''"'V"
her two children and swallowed some! General Alvarn Obrcgon was In nro ' " 1 ""T "'7. wcr0 on-
herself because she feared Lorly Flton 1 Kess here todav. It In'ga'n w I, rec lid t'i'T lwh"lt br,,IIKl,t to lh1 ""T'
i)..r. 11... c .1... 1 . ., . . . I of ni.un fr,.. p..i.i.. ..." ... ..'Ii i"" siilcwiilks were covered with in-
...h..n, miner ... ner cniiiueil
not her huslmud. was abou! to return
.,.,, wi e ik, of he woman s;
..1.1.. ' .V.i " ... ' ' "" ln I""'
''The eves of affection are keen
Mrs. Walters t.il.l Marti " wliei one
has been long love began " f"el
iht I ... i,,.i 1,1, 11 t . ...?.i.
his wife was going to'chicago and ha ,
he was going with her
"1 bclimed that, ifiigers and his
legal wife had fallen in love and that
he was leaving me with the children
who did not know thev were dif fereiit '
from other children or why. 1 decided
we must die. I.ori.ln was'l'vlng on the
bed. Jack was on the floor placing:
with his tovs. I uroun.l tin .iiini.
mercury tablets and dissolved them In
water. I gave it to Lnrida to drink.
She didn't like its taste, but I forced
her to swallow it. I gave Jack a tablet
to chew nil mul In. wu'ii lli.u'n.l II II, i
said he liked the tablets nnd called for
nnother, I went to the kitchen and
took three tablets myself. When I re
turned the children were In ngony.
Jack said bis Mummy' hurt awful, I
couldn't lienr to see lilm suffer, and
asked the liiihlln.lv to call n doctor,''
Car Driven By Joseph Rein
hart Turns Turtle On
Court Street
While turning the cm ner nt Whil-T
and 'on it streets Inst night nt about
11 o'clock, an aitlu driven by Joseph
Helnliart skidded and lolled over twice
and the five occupants of the car mira
culously escuped Willi only minor
bruises, Mr, lleiuhart wns driving down
Winter street nud forgot thut the street
was not open thrrngh Wlllsou park
until he iiad nearly crusted the street,
and then when he tried to turn west
on ' nil r t street Ihe auto turned two
complete revolutions,
llc-l.le. Mr, ll.'liihiirt, Mr. nud Mrs.
Paul Htege, Mrs. F. A, Kiicwin and Mis.
Joseph Kcinhurt were In the machine,
Mr. Ilcinhnrt wns no( down to the shoe
storn thii tinming, but said thut he ex
peeled to be on! in n few days as none
of his injuiies were serious. All of
Ihe ,arty agieed thai their escape frn n
serious Injury or dentil was nothing,
short of marvelous.
Caucasus but is tho. province's most
modem city.
Should it fall Into the Turks' hands,
too incident would be comparable, on a
minor scale, to tho cupturo of Paris by
tho Germans.
Tho Ottoman forces seemingly have
been advaucing toward Tiflis in two
columns, 50 miles apart.
The northern columu has reachod
annnan, no miles toward tho invaders
il,.ti,,,.tioM i...
ul aiiiiiuhu, uccoriling
to the Hussian account, it is now nearly
'" ''xl"i. This col ., ', r,,te l as
he.ii thrnl, ,n,..i., .1 ., .' . , V.
ficnlt highways, far from any railroad.
The second column has as its immedi
ate objective Kars, no miles within the
1.. rt '.
The sitmiti" seems
cation on a small scnlo of the cam.
Tim t-i. ...! 1 .1..
paign in franco.
In, at he ,ov ..7' : ' T.
OonimiiH ontcrnl Franco, with l'uris us
(.!. nrj Liiii'it'ii r 1 jiin'li, ff
their dijective. In the one
" i"" "in, rune iih in
the other, the drive was halted and the
mum me now ai n sTniiiistill, occupy
ing about as much Hnssinu territory as
the (lermnns honl in Franco.
Panic Amon? Peace Delegates
at Mexico City Follows
News of Victory
Vera Cruz. XIW .Inn n -t.i...
!,,,, . ' . " "iiu
! ,,, ,,, ',' ' "l"' '0I"
, ,, , " f " ' '-" '
1 lliere. had been nx,.,.iil,.,l
,, ", ,w'l", "I""""1 h"ro t'" of n""""1;1 H"H,,"H' At t nHlevu. then,
1 ",,'U" !' '""K " W,'l ' ""i,'"'
,'l'l"'?"'',.to the pea,,, convenlion In1"' '" " ,'r,t"'"1 """ V'T
''' it.v. It was stated that tn-'w'''r" flv" K",v" ,,", "' "f a n'
'., 'V " "''wi0", ,f ,l,n "'nvenliun was1 '('""' vi'lt. he West Side Y. M. C. A.
turbulent ever wilnessed li.:,'"r'''1 ' ' victims.
1 ' lc"ivi'" fvolvers were " It was a cliaiubcr of horrors down
''l!.'."'" ' wn" H,li'1 """vention there,'' suid Fire Chief Kenlon. "I
, ,"''"'" ll "''''''ssurv to order an "ever belnre witnessed such scenes,
'"' ""r"""'Ml l"''v"nl l'''li"l. I were 7011 people in the slall-
. wa" "'H0 ,'l'll,ll,l',l that Genernl ed trains. Men and wouiea silt stark
'igeles, lloque Garcia and K11011I in their seats, with their eyes gla.eil
M"'!'' had lefl the capital Imcnuse of and their faces upturned in uncon-
mown ny .iipatislas. ( ar-
ran.isins here predicted complete
estningeineiit of the two factions.
Ihe fall of l'uebla came afler six
liours of what was described lis having
been tho most furious bombardment
Whl''" "IIV M''xldiii eity ever suffered
Kven the angels in heaven will not
I v belter than Ihe nveriige man
lliinl.s he will be during Iho
If you have resolves tu resolve, nro-
pare to resolve them now. I
The Capital Journal has just received a new shipment
of the "World at War" atlases. They are of a later and
revised edition, compared with those we have heen giving
away to our subscribers. Instead of 1G pages, they con
sist of 21 large, highly-illustrated pages, printed on heavy
enameled book.
The atlas contains splendid colored maps of all the
; wurniiK countries, wun routes or travel and railroad
lines; many tables of army and navy and general statis
I tics in fact, the work is a complete ready-reference li-
ui ury iur siuucnis ox me great war. It is a book which
would ordinarily sell for .$1.00 or $1.50, but we are having
them made up in large lots and buy them at a price which
allows us to give them away to subscribers on very easy
All who pay three months subscription, old or new.
back subscription or in advance, in case their paper is do
hvered by carrier, will receive one of these atlases free.
All mail subscribers, old or new, who pay a year's sub
scription ($.100), either back subscription or in advance
will also be entitled to receive an atlas without extra
This is the most liberal offer the Capital Journal has
' ever made.
Today's News
Printed Today
Hundreds Are Overcome
When Big Tube Fills
With Smoke
One Dead, Thirteen In Serious
Condition As Result of
New York, Jan. fi. One woman lost
, . '
1 '"'r .. ,'1 I",r"n ttro in a snriouf
condition, 700 are suffering from shock
and the inhalation of smoke and thous
ands were so badly unnerved that they
required medical attention ail a result
of the subway fire and tieup horo to
duy. A "blowout" put the entire subway
system, from the upper Hroni to Brook
lyn, out of commission nt 8 a, m.
An hour and 45 minutes later a fira
broko out between Fiftieth and 6Uth
streels, directly under the 55th struct
north bound express and southbound
local, which had been stullcd. thero by
the ncc.lde.ut.
The cniH were jammed with passen
gers. Trapped In the darkness, tliesa
fought freimedly to escape until they
fell 1111. 'hum ions from the smoke.
T Ii 11 1 more than one hundred escaped
death wns due to the prompt arrival
of firemen, who tore up tho gratings
i.;. i. ,,;, .,....., ti... ...1. ...... 1...
- - v.. ...
. luli,nate forms,
'I he niosi. serious cases were sent to
I " ' '" he I olyclinic, six were pro.
"Others worn crawling ubout tho
I floors, knocking down tho unciinscioui
ones and trnmpling nn others. Mnny
,ist. their senses mul fell while trying
t reach tho windows. Still more hail
dropped during the mud, groping rush
,Muml ""' !"'"n'M We found
""''.' Iir"l'l"'1' "'""" tl' subway walls
., .I,..,. I),.. ....lill...-u t I.1..I. .1....
' n ' ' " 1 in'
had crawled for air. Others lay with
i their faces on or between the tracks."
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