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Dec .1, IOIj.
Editor and Manager
1 rage of The Capital Journal"
See. anj Troas.
published every evenino except sunday, salem, oeegon, by a bill suggesting the disarmament of nations and the '
C nt-iif al Innrn 1 Pf er Cr Tnr i creaton of an international army, a navy, court and legis-,
Vapilal J OUrilal I lg VO., 1I1C t lature was introduced Saturday afternoon in congress by
j Representative Curry, oi Caluornia. The bill authorizes
1 the president to invite the nations to discuss these ideals
in conference and proposes that each nation maintain only
such army and naval forces as are necessary to police its
; own territory. The idea seems a good one, but Mexico
; will have to 'be excluded from its scope. It would require
such a large standing army to police Mexico properly that
Daily by carrier, per year
Daily liy miiil, per your
Weekly ly innil, per yi'iir
, . 3.00
. 1.00
Per month . .
lVr month . .
Six months.
Phone Main 81.
$1:55,000,000 A MONTH.
The Capital Journal carrier boys are Instructed to put the papers ou the it might be a menace to the other nations.
porcli. If the carrier does not do this, misses you, or neglects getting the
paper to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, as this is the only
way we can determine whether or not the carriers are loiiowing instructions. : j Dplgnt Uregon detective has Secured a COnteSSlOn
1 from a patient in the insane asylum that he committed.'
i the murder for which a man named Pender is under sen
i tence of death. Probably almost any old kind of a con-
With every government report on our exports and im-; fession might be obtained among the inmates of the big
ports the foreign balance of trade in our favor shoots j institution, and this particular detective may now pro-;
skyward. cee to solve all the criminal mysteries of the age and fur-
For the first two weeks of December there was an av- j nish a sworn confession with each guaranteed solution. :
orage of more than $4,800,000 a day to the credit of the:
country in balance of exports over imports. The Medford Mail Tribune issued one of the most
For the third week in December this average balance j comprehensive New Year's editions printed in the North
ran up to nearly $0,000,000 a day. west. It was handsomely illustrated and neatly printed.
This brings the balance in our favor for the three! The Astqrian also gave an excellent resume of the prog
weeks up to $9:5,000,000, which is an average for the whole j J'ess of Astoria and Clatsop county during the past year. ,
period of about $5,200,000 a day. '
For 2G business days in the month, a foreign trade! The Daily Capital Journal's circulation is one thing :
balance in our favor at an average of $5,200,000 a day that grows in every season and is not nipped by-the frosts
would round out December complete with more than! of winter. No Salem paper ever before had a real, bona
$1:15,000,000 in our favor. Tide circulation of 15541 copies and we are only getting
As was expected, the London Stock Exchange 'fairly started.
re-opened on the first Monday of the new year. It has!
been feared by some faint hearts over here that when I Reports from New England are that the cotton mills.
England has her own stock market again her holders oi are running 24 hours a day and six days in the week. Still
American securities will begin to sell them, and of course ; there are some who continue to mourn about hard times.: ,
we must be the ultimate market. jSome folks would growl, so the old miners say, "if they1
Well, suppose they do offer our securities for sale. I were going to be hanged." 1
We should worry. When we don't owe in hurope a penny
of current obligationsand now we dont; when we are
. J
As! Women Should linoy
as Thousands Do
Greater Strength
Better Health
Directions of
Special Value
to Women
with Entry Box
that they can obtain reliable relief in times of
unnatural suffering relief from headache, back-""
ache, lassitude, low spirits, extreme nervous
ness and irritability, as. well as help to restore
their vigor, good looks, and cheerfulness. The
experience of thousands of women, proves that
are always reliable, safe, sure and -speedy in
the relief of disordered conditions of the organs
of digestion constipation, biliousness. If you
will try a few doses and secure freedom
from the impurities which cau.e distress, you
will know you have found the best regulator of
bodily functions and the very help you need for
body, brain and nerves. Beecham's Pills, by toning
the stomach, stimulatinir the ' li Vfir. rprriilntinrr
the kidneys and bowels, prove they are Nature's best aid to greater
strength, better health, clearer complexions, and brighter spirits.
At AH Druggists, (),-., ije.
"The Largest Sale of Any Medicine in the World"
By William r. Kirk.
r T,i n fi ., rt .. i ' .. . . J l'"' tcnehcr nsked me to write
uovernor rsiease, oi jsoutn Carolina, nas just pardoned ,,iy niut tin- initio t Nature, i ed
Xo. !)(!. I.
Tin' Cnitcd States National Hunk, lit Salem, in the State of Oregon, lit the close
or miaiiK-KH, Decern Hit a I, r.ll:
. o-- . - , i . n . . ., ; " ,,. , ... i. i.... r. r .i . i . ijoiinrs.
runnine u a trade credit abroad or more tnan si:;u,uuu,-!"ie more convicts irom me penitentiary, inis leaves , ; , : ' r,:. , . ' : : $ 47:i,t:t.oi
000 a month; when there are smaller deductions of inter-! only 140 remaining out of some 1400 in the penal institu-'i kw. j i'. h. ii'iiu'ia Ti'e!osiii"i'ui l"eur "eiri'u'iii'tion' i !.'.'!!!!.'.'!!!!!!!!!".'
fst r v f iMid ocean ire eht and bke charires to be made uon ai tne oeginning oi nis term. : ',, " uu r"!. "'vv"' "'"'" m-iother eeUviti,H to e,ir ireuiutiun
from it than in years belore; when we are selling huropei
jl. it. .5 - l.-i :.. c. u.. i, .4. p.,, ...... J
10 so prodigious a ouiuncu in our iuvur, wuy, iki nuiui;
' ' ' " " "HI "1 I I f Ullll II (I V- I IT II' r nillll U III .H,.l, l,ut,l Wn.. in.ru n ..r-..
thi ,..,..H., I... I .. . .. ! lf!,.0U.IIU
ml ... , , ,v niniio .iii.Miniijji in. huh. .-eeiinties, etc.. (other t Im n Stoeks
The republican senators may be gallant enough to ,ut, 1 ' "ot' , ""' I'0,1''ni1 1,,",'rv" Bi,nk
W,.i J i , . 1 lll,!lllt "' will J'"U, ileer, ud i'.n iikiiitr llnn.se Furiiitiim nml Viinr.
Mu. Oilier 1,'enl l!tiit,. u n,.,l
ixever-me-iesM it in tne tiulli, ned I'u. Due from Stut
it mwuvM eiinu nntunil to me to rite
i. newer enreu wneniei' L Knew nhiiut )ue from iimu-oveil liem.rve .r,.nt i !:.:., n:u,i
or not wen I Mill, lilinitl It I ,.il I, -;.: .., ...'?... ... ' ' 'T " " '
. .w.w vu ... , I,,,,,-, iti-ni-ive I.U t. ;Mji..nu. ,1
The American farmer, manufacturer and merchant j schedule, surt bathing is likely to become even more pop-Willi." thut ....Xiu .-.'r Z-Va or : .xe,l,,".,: ;: ! 'uTl;
pay us some of it in our own securities if she wants to. j Governor West's appointee, from Douglas county to say:
It's the best way in the world. There are no better secur-i'Ti'ay be seated" but we doubt it.
ities on the world's markets than American securities.
And no people is better able to buy them than we are
If that high tide of prosperity comes in according to u "l,juck :
l,,i, : a., i 3 i thut i
nml I'livnte Hunks nnd HunkeiH. T I'llMt ( !iitn mi iiinv
nml Snviii(,'H
Due from iiiiuroveil lie
are selling Europe our products at a rate almost fabulous,
What better chance could they want than to exchange
those wares at high prices into choice American securi
ties at low prices?
The possession of these American securities abroad is
no lonirer a menace to us but is a blessing. It insures
ular than ever.
Fame Travels
Jnh .In vviirl h enine to Punkville'n
prompt and gilt-edged payment, for a while at least, cm ; ZVZm XZTJZ Z'
saiit "I've Mettleil here (o stay. A
rlierk I lonkeil for imi't liere, but it
overilue; no I must uk
of Von, J fear some
ereilit for 1 week or
two." 01 1 ' inker
Hi'i'iitelieil kin snowy
hi'inl, 11 11. 1 took a
niier from n honk;
" I hiivo n letfr
here, he snitl, ' ' in
fu rin i hi; me t h n t
yon 'in n e r o o it.
Tliin I'omeH fro in
M ii il t ow n-on the -
i where you have
liveil a year or two;
it says you neve'
pay n hill while
three 'h a rhaneo to
VillU'. S, l l .In.rtwnrlli
trueJiut it certainly is true that laws are never perfected, Z! i
but eternally require amending and tinkering, or some, ""T,"1 NOak' .v,,ur hi'1"1 '
,i i ,i ? i e i j. nr nr t while on I sue. ' There wan a time
one thinks they do, and comes forward, just as Mr. Wat-! ,vi,.... i.et eU.,i,i go from tow,, to to
koii does, with suggestions as to how they can be madel"";1 ,,HV ""'ir """ i'rehaiii
, .. ; . . . . .i . i onlii t "''"I to know the wav to clr-
better. A case in point is the tax laws. Since man emerg-1 g,uvent ne Hl,ie. iiut iiow'ti.e man
cd from savagery there have been tax laws, and yet at!"1'",";" ""' Ky known nn.i ti,u-
. " y ., i . i - i ii i. i Hleiieil everywhere; he I'ttunot move ho
the opening session of the legislafure, as at all past ses- ir uav u rrimmtion won't u iiieio.
Kions, the tax laws are to be amended. He is indeed an '.'ii"!.r ?tL laf'Zi
optimist who can imagine the time when the revenue pro-. uTin the iiuiuinu biu.tii of Nhame, when
iui inn erouftt'ii rumi. no
day anil
the immense and increasing balance of trade in our fa
Corporation Commissioner Watson has written a very'
comprehensive report ot the work ol his department and;
makes some valuable suggestions. However, there is one;
statement he makes, as many others have done, that is not
Ivrti.iKk iif Kir Ua f ii.f a T In cntra Tliu mncf no i 'fur r lo vc 1
MU1I1C OUV LUC lllVli 111 Killyo. A HI. iiiiMi, MUiH j i
rf fnil'iir mu tliiM;i tlmf Vim'ii litirm liinnllixl linliuboil nnd'
perfected by long years of administration, enforcement! .
and construction." ! L'iiL-J
It would be nerhuns too much to sav the contrary is '"'K'!
Notes of other Ntttimiui Hnnkn
I'l'iii'tiiuuil l'nier Curreney, NiekelM nml 'entn
Lawful Money Keserve in Hank, viz; Spe ie !.'.!!!!!
Ueilemiilion fuiul with I'. H. Trensurer (5 ner cent of eiieiiln'tion) '. '.
I will I'ouie il
r i
'j 1 II
I Ma. Doant iret Dulihie 'h lie.l turn
oil with yure fooliHli Niiei'i'he.i. Ynu
know- he runt rite uliiiut the liutien of
Mature uiilens he has Heen them.
Tliey are nil n tiout him, ueil l'n. Thai
in why I tuik liim liuuliMH' H, fixliiiix
witu mo mi niiieh. 1 will start his es- j
say for him, 6i then he euu finnish ii j Ciipitnl stoek pniil in
w .1.- ii.-.n.-iii n-ii in,, leiii'iur rnai i.miiiuk funil ,.
helped him if he doesn't want to. Then Cndivideil I'rufits, lesi l'Jxpenses'and'Taxi's' paid
la went into the lihiuy & this is Inn iNatinnal Hnak Notes oiitstnnilinL'
he le.'Kiiii my essay: ,. , ot,.r Xntional Hanks
I no Uuties ot nutiire nre vary bull illnn tu Statu nml Privntn Hnnl. u.,i,...
say, tliey nre luvely I Dividi'iuls unimiil
took the pearl to a jeweler to find its I i'i' V f J ' i " "K ininviiiiinl deposits sulijeet to cheek
value and was if"rmeVht. had a ie , 1 ' !. 11,0 .I'"""""' Urntn of deposit
iuiiik nine, me uenii'l 'iilm inii) I'm it i-nt.iu ..r . .in... t l.l :a:.. 'i
Marshfield Herord: Philip Arhos. of
in.- i.ii-.u . nie, iiiiiini a inrn penri last ful. That is to
infill wane opeiiinu oysters. Mr. Arhos to tho eve whie
which, on lieinri pplishi-d minht be of ,t'
riiiisiiu-i nine iiiiiinsii; worm.
sets on yonder nrunrose mnk H
blinks at the sun, the trout thut darts
(lold Hill Xcws: Toinniv Anderson ' , "l,r"n,m K"1''" ,"" ""I"1 ""
suffered a relapse of the' p.ospectiuir " TW 1,1 ,llllt
fexer last week and is now in the Mer- atri'tcl",'l 'ta israeefiil limbs in the .h
lin district pniinini Rravel for thp:,l1ir' a" of t"vm l,utl''l, "nture are
seductive "colors." Toinniv lius a l,1,l'l'""8 tu Immnu eye & the soul
partner, whom he desiuantes as "a,"1 thiiiki-r lilto mn.
man from Montana," and whose naiuei What a awkward way to begin u
essay, sen iin, to say llio Duties of
is iiiininterlul to the business of t.reiis
tire ti 1 1 ti 1 1 11 ut. anyhow,
claim to have Imuted
promises well.
... Pilot Hock Itccord; An unusual ae
I'ident ns a result of the recent sleet,
happened llf Kselmorse when seven
head of cattle bcloniziiiff to W. X.
soil Ma, to say Tho huties
-Tho partners are very liutilul. It in like
a propect that y'nB "i ''"if n n Jo is vary hairy.
; . Douat interrupt me till I have fin
1 nished, seil Pn, this is how I end mv
part of Ilobbio's essay;
From tho beginning of all time ninn
has luokcd up to & udured the buties
of Nature. Tim leeves on tho trees nre
rinni sun niiwii a canyon, l ive or Kreen in the Hummer Si so is the irrass
Ihe.nuniber were killed. Mr. Wright is on the crounil. Thev nr.. n ,n.. .i,i
artist hut ewer mnteliml. What
ou tne oi.i joe Kithlin place about a
quarter of a mile abovo tho postofficp.
The buidinus are in the ercek bottom,
but "ii' lunch takes in the ennyon on
each side of the creek H was in one
of these that the slide of ileal Ii occurred.
III dnvs
Time deposits pnynble after 30 dnys or after notice of :i() dnvs
Certified cln-eks
Cashier's checks outstanding
. 100,000.00
. 100,000.00
. l,015,Hh'4.:iR
Postal Havings ilepunits 103DM0
T"l $1.4(1
Stnte of Oregon, County of Marion, il.
t, K. W. Ilu.nrd, ( nsliier of the nbovc-nameil bilnk, do snlcmnly nwear that
the above statement is true to t lie host of mv knowledge nnd belief.
, ' K. W. HAZARD, Cashier.
H-ibscribed and sworn to before mu this 5th day of .Tiiuuarv. l!l.").
,. JKXlMK BUST, "Xoturv Public.
OURKCT Attest;
I). W. KYRK,
1'. H. PAOK,
Xo. 07,
I.Hdd i Hush, Bankers, nt Hnlem, in the Htnto of Oregon, at the close, of businest
December 31, 1014:
KKSOl'KCKS. Dollara.
I.nnna m nil discounts ti 7.1.1 rjc u
A.it.inn. 1.11.. r.11 iLtmt miniiiiiininif llin fi rv'i t' f l-n f ! . t-ntu fa ' I"' l",! '
uuuij; mvui uiu.u-uim.uiiinf, hh nfiiomniuu ui "! stiuiglit, be honest as the
Hosebiirg Review: Count v
will be perfected and allowed to remain unchanged long i never d'udge. a bin that's due- '.vo.ru 01" evening T b"n
enough for the average citizen to get acquainted with
them to the point of familiarity.
In his few casual remarks about the Philippines a
couple of days ago Former President Taft stated that he
Relieved he voiced the views of Colonel Roosevelt although
he was "not in the confidence" of that gentleman. And
a good manv persons used to accuse Mr. Taft of a lack of
the sense of humor.
find where'er von chance lo stray, that
sort ot la.iie will travel, too,
ritt. 11.4 ht
where he spent the past few dava at- 1 '"" I"i "'' l''t Bobbin rite
tending the minimi convention of school ,I1H uwn ltt ossny, and Ala. The
siipeiiiitenilents. While he was there ''''"T will think the poor child is
the school superintendents organized a,v,,ry ''"ml) if he stnrls off his essuy
state associntloii. O. C. Brown, of "lit-
n , , . . linsebnrg, wns cliosen president of the la that sof scd Pn. I dnnnt think
Ur. USltT OR llIDCrCUlOSlS oruauintin. Meetings will be held , von am much of a critic, sed Pa. You
niinuiilly. according to present plans, newer rote anything yurself & certnin
and the work of the schools will be Jia-'ly if you cant rite vou emit eritieise.
grim- pniiiier, except my brother, ev-
ver painted a tlnniing forest in the
Autumn, all crimson & gnnld. The
mines oi .mature cannot tie did oavi-r
ny man, out e.ernni mm sulilimely Im-1 'verurntis, securivi nnii unsecured 8,522.81
i nun iney snnu outny Mituro until """" wnrrnnts 30 100.00
Selinol thL' ,P,au,,- li ru.ublcil nwny to iluxt storks and securities '.' , None.
- H'limii .--ma imiiii now or innyue n miusn , 75000.58
billion k n quarter years. ' IPuraiture and fixtures w '
, That so frequently used remark of the legislators, "the
pentleman from Douglas county," or "the gentleman from
Jackson," will have to be employed with more care in the
coming session. It would hardly be proper to refer to
the lion. Katie Clarke or the Hon. Mariain Towne in that
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18G3
Transact a general banking businesi
Safety rtepoait Boxes
Sir Wlllluiu Osier, one ot Ike fur
mwst tr lUluv meilli-nl mt-n, for
merly of .lnh ll.-iklus, lliilllmnrr,
ml aim lleuliis l-ruri-smir ir MnlU
vine l Oilitnl, skis In Ma "l-racticr
wf llrilleln..'- iiniui. ,,n imKe UlUi
'Thr. henllim ill iuliitniinr luher
t'NliMlM la hIiiihi elliih-ally tiy the
ri-eiiier)' ul iiallriita In nhusr Muuta
rlnslle IU-iiiv anil hnellll have lirrn
IuiihiI. In hr aruunlntliins
liruiliicla nml nHsoelalcil iinriiiuiinla
a scar tlssnr la Ciirainl, nhlla Ihr
auialler easeuua arraa mi-i-iiuip Im
arrannlril Willi llinr aalta. 'I n aui h
riimlllliiua nlniie ahoiihl the trrat
healliiu he apitllnl."
Mnli i.lii I lit. ri t lui-illcal aullini-ltles
hiiin .csliiicil tu Hie elllcncy ot lime
Mills in Hie tlcalillciit nf tllli-icu-liisis,
iiinl Hie success nt I'lckluitu'M
AllcnillM- In this nml allied I In , ml
Hll-I til'nllr.ilnl utTiiUnlls limy lie line
limlly In I he Inel thut II ciilltiilus
a lllne sill sn cniiililiii-d will, nlhi-r
Villunlili- llimidliiln ns to In- easily
iih-Hin cud use of tills retn-'ilv In
liuiiii-l'nlis ciscs of til.icrculnslM
liiiiny ul whli Ii npiirur to Imve ylnlil
I'd cinniilelely In I. - JiimIIIIi s our lie
licl lli.it I. Is wni'.li n tiiiil, unless
aiiinii mher Ii I'Ulineiil iilremlv Is
siici 1I11114. It cumulus no tiplates,
luilciillin or liillill-liiiliilitit driikS,
U e innlie lie ii ninlsis eiiln ei ulna It
any lii-ue Unit l-'lMit iMn pip si. -Inns
Kin- prniulses Willi th.-lr iiriniiip.
linns, lull we kiuiw nf nuiliy-iasca
lii which IT II VH lli:i.l-.;ii.
Yum- dt'ini-ii;.! Inis It iii- van koi
II, nc sou enn semi iltri-cl.
lOckmaa l.alMiralnrr. I'hllnilrlulila.
Other real estute owned
One from banks (not reserve banks)
Due from approved reservu banks 218 7U9.4S
Checki nnd other cash items '.' None.
I'.xcnnnges ror clearing house
Cash on lisnd
Kx pen scs
Oilier resource"
cussed thoroughly.
a i-ritie, one must lie a riler,
Insists On the Passage
of ShipPurchase Bill
. President Saya H9 Will Call Extra
I Session If BIU la Not Paused at
Present On
Washington .Tun. .1. President Wi'.
! sun innde it plain today that the gov
, eminent ship pun-ham bill must b,- en-
ncted. He said he wns confident It
j would succeed but Indicated he would
call mi extra session of emigre's unless
i the bill was ennctcd durln? the Present
session. Cullers were told by the nresl
: dent tlint more shipplpng fncililies were
I imperii. ivp,
To be
Well 1 .Ma, if that is the ense, you
an-nt much of u critic ecther. Bobbie,
wiiuldnt you rather -rite your own n
say f
No, I sed, I think that is a ginnd
slart l'n has rote.
When Ma wnssent looking Pn galv
me fifty cents & of course I took It
but 1 am going to rile my own essay
linywuy.-Cnpyiiulit, 101 1, Brooks t'eii-tun-
4 l,SIM.0S
Cnpitnl stiK'k paid In 500 000.00
Ne-iltle, Wndi., .Inn. .1. After lying
Idle since September III, when sho reach
ed this port from the far oust with a
cargo valued at tlO.ooo.OHO, the Hill
liner Miucsntn, the largest steamship
i,.i,i.i wit .i 1..11....1 I',.""K " inciiic ocenn, is to sienni
ik. : """' ' ."" from Seattle Keliruarv
. ii in- i in m-iiirr in iiiuinu
Surplus fund
I'niiivided profits, less expenses and tuxes paid.
Dividends unpaid
Due to banks yml bankers
l'ostnl savings bank deposits -
Individiml deposits subject to clui-k ',
Den.nnd cerlilicntcs of deposit
Certified checks
('nsliier cheeks outstanding
Time and savings deposits
Notes nnd bills reiliscoiintcd
Bills payable for money borrowed
Reserved for txes . .' .'
I.inbijitics other thiin those nbove stated
apolis Iriday will be the opening gun
or ine nemocrntli- canipaign for l'Mfl,
He left the I in press ion tlint It will bn
nf a decided political nntnre mid lint
he also would attempt to nnwei' the
allacks on his administration.
on. Seattle Keliruarv 0 with a ureal
eiirii of foodstuffs, lumber Hon nn-l
ninchiiiery consigned to Chinn, Japan!
and the Itiillppuies. '
Hlule of Oregon, Coiintv of Marion, ss.
I. William S. Walton, Assistant Cnshier of the above-nnmed bunk, do solemn-
y swear tuat in ntiove statement it true to the hest of mv knowledga anil bo-
W.I. H. WALTOX. Assi-tunt Cashier.
a poor mirror that will not cu
ll nun to see his best friend.
I It's well to know how to do oni
thing', nnd better to know how not
to lo others.
Pnoenix, Arii-.., dan. 4. Vice-President
nud Mrs. Thomas It, Mnrshull
will leave phoenix tonight foi Wash
ington, They will return to their win
ter homo hem when iiiifgress adjourns.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this .1th Hay of January, 1015.
COHHKCT Attest: !" l' ALDK"'U-
A. N. nrsir,
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