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Q ocialandPersonal
Any news notes concerning Miss Lil- and diversions of various kinds oco
ian C'rossman, a favorite actress, whose !iied the attention at' the young people,
home has been for the greater part in
Portland, is received with interest by
her wnlo circle of friends. St. Louis
papers where she is now appearing, are
full of praiseful appreciation of the
ainging and acting ability of Miss Cros
. man, who is prima donna in musical
atock at the Park theatre. Miss (,'ros-
man first louped into tho favor of Kt.
I-euisnns when she took Ornco Van
until refreshments were served
The concert will ba given by both th"
choir and Kpworth league, arrangements
being in charge of Gmrst Hall.
The nil n ml I installation of officers of
tho Kastern Star circle will take place
in their rooms in the Masonic tempie
tonight, the evont to be featured by u;i
elaborate banquet, in charge (if a com-
Stnddiford's rolo in "The Golden But-lniittee composed of Mrs. Ktigenia Oil
terfly," with no rehearsals and sang i linghiim, chairman; Mrs. George bur
the score ao well that she was kept at I nett, Mrs. Milton Movers, Mrs. G. G.
the head of the Van Ktuddiford com
jiany until its prima donna was able to
continue on the tour.
Miss Crosman is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. A. B. Crosman. of Portland.
and much of her early voico study was
HroWn and Mrs. J. A. liernurdi. All
local and visiting embers will be wel
comed. Mrs. T. A. Livesloy and her children
have returned from Vanccriver, when1
made under locul teachers, fcihe has an ' they were entertained during the hoii-
nnusual soprano of brilliant quality. I "ays by Mrs. Livesloy s parents, the
la private life she is Mrs. Charles Kin
clair. Her husband is a producing man
ager under Henry rinvago.
Miss Crosman spent tho past sum
mer with her mother and during her
etay was entertained in Halem by the
William .(!. Knightons and the K. Ho
fors, both families long time friends of
tho famous actress.
Miss I.ydia Tnmbell is in ('orvallis,
tho guest of her cousin, .Mis. II. M.
Mrs. W. Carlton Smith lins as her
house guest an interesting Kugone girl,
Miss Kathleen Shumate, who will re
main fur the week.
Mrs. Alice ft uoy and daughter, Miss
Ivy, of Ilosiilic, Wash., are I lie house
guests of Mrs. Honey's sister, .Mis. ('.
A. II. Fisher.
The announcement of tin- engage
ment of Miss Hildur Stonstrom to MV
Hut... t ' J
" j"u"K imsiucss ninn or ruli m,
George Do Hecks.
Mrs. Jane A. Chadwick is entertain
ing her daughter, Mrs. W. G. Gray, of
Scuttle. Mrs. Gray arrived Wednesday
ti iu.il ween, unit Will rciuuill lllilil lie
latter part of this week.
Mrs. Ii. W. Wilks, of Fossil, has been
a holiday guest at Iho home of her sis
ter, Airs. jeBsie Steiwer.
Honoring hor guest, Mrs. F. It. Smith,
of I'ortlaml, formerly of Hnlom, Mrs.
H. I. Watson entertained with a wat'-h
party New year's eve, asking in a num
ber o" friends to meet Mrs. Smith in 1
pli-n.inntly informal way. Those who
enjoyed this affair were: Mrs. V. II.
Miller, Mrs. .1. W. Pratt, Mrs. William
son, .Mrs, A. M. .less, Mis. T. I,. Donu,
Mrs. W. White, Miss Jessie and Miss
Hylvia Miller.
Miss Carolyn Hurst, who lias been so
journing in the east for several mouths,
is expected to arrive home about the
last, of the week. Who has been the
eomcs as a pleasing bit of news top"1 ,nf '"'r ""'"'ft M- Harry K. Al
their many friends. As a prenuptiul '"'lt' '" -Minneapolis, and friends in
attention i',- the In ide-elcct, a surprise! r,rli ' ''-v' fl'"m w"''h I'Hu c sho is
miscellaneous shower was given her re- ll'"vi"t! for
jenny iiy Miss Alma Ashby mid Miss
Laura Vuntis at the residence of Mrs.
Boyd Ashby, corner of Nineteenth mid
Ferry streets. Close friends of Miss
Btenslroin were lii.ldt ti t ,i 1(wt ,,.
joyuble affair and clever and interest-'
ing entertuiumcnt planned fr their
pleasure. Not the least pleasing fea
ture was the nuptial ceremony in 'which
aevornl of the Ku.,,ts .,,,.,, , iMlij.
pals. Following t,jM t. ,.s,lllmn.y
wedding banquet was served, a minia
ture Christmas tree ornamenting the
center of the board.. Hows (if red rib.
ban were arranged attractively
amongst tho service, nnd cunning cu
pill place nnrils marked each plate.
The pretty gifts Were distributed
from a festively ornamented Christmas
tree in the living room.
Miss Mtenstroin has been nu ardent
and successful worker In the Central
Congregational church and ; ppir
among a large number both outside and
in church circles. Her imirringe will
lie nn event of this month.
Ouests of Miss Ashby and Miss Y.an
t I besides the honor guest, were:' Miss
loarl F.yre, Miss Mary K.vre, Alius A.
Imi linker, Miss Maude cUoiistrom, Vio
let Coiey, Florence Corey, Gertrude
Ashby, Lorilla Bolter, l.idu Pug),, K,lt,
Van Patten, Mrs. Guv Newgcnt, Mrs
Kmil Donaldson, Mrs. Hoy M. Hudlm
Mrs. Charles Kyre, Mrs. Pearl Green,
Mrs. Anna Cosper, of Portland; Mrs.
Cuytor Vtin Putton. Mrs, lleyd Ashby
An enjoyable party given Saturday
livening was planned by Mrs. F. K
Robinson for her son, Kdwurd The
ening woa pnasisi with eanls und
Barnes, after which refreslinients were
Those Invited were; Mr. and Mrs.
V. M. Hooves, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hen
demon, Miss Alice Kinse, Kiln Bennett,
1-e.U Henderson, Orpha Klliot, Luis
UaiKin, Vera Heeves, Trubcrt Bender
on, Fred Uing, Hubert Bennett, Doug-
in ,"m,",,1 1Vr,'V "'""'Ml,- llaren.e
llliindell, Lloyd Henderson.
Thj H. 8. Kiuta are In Newport, where
they went to attend tho marriage of
Nam Mary La lino Kast to Dr. I).
1W of Kalem, which took plaee at
Ue homo of the bride's mother yester
day. u M'"' E- 'o and her children, of
neat lie, who bavu been passing the hull
Jlajrn with Mrs. Cox's sister, Mrs. llie
l anish Hinges, and her mi. her, .Mis
I arm, will return to their home tomorrow.
II. It, Fleming will open her
hanu to the miss
" v i mi
nim Conirrrirationiil church , l. :
day afternoon, Mrs. Alice II. l)dd t.
in enorge oi tiie proginin.
Th. .......I .i
"in oi ino women s
Kelier coips was held oil Saturday, Jnu.
tiary t, at Iho Mooso hall. After the
regular s.Mion and yearly reports of
..in mis. lyntnin Duiilnp, de-
HArlment iiriul. !.... i.. 1
, , vl,rv pi, ,ri,,SVt,
xinner lllsllllllMl f(,,,winK nffj,.,,,,
for tJio ensuing yenri I.nuin McAdams,
" minr nnison, senior vice
president; Nell Asseln, ju r ;,. ,,t(,,.
Went! Alice Caldwell, treasurer;
Boss, chaplain ; Bessie Martin, ruu.liK
lor; Myra Unison, gmirdj Mailoi, Hno
vr, nmusliint condiiitor; Jennie Pope
JisoisUnt giuird; Alia Schneider, music'
n; Klfie Cnriih, patii,,:,,. hislrHctnr:
Florence hhipp, sec.etni-y; Ali.la Acl,-
vrmn, pi css eoirenn ndent ; ic i ,
At the family reunion held in Pint
laud New V ear's, day, the followin..
were present: Mr. and Mrs. II. Wilcox
of Vinton, In.; Mr. and Mrs. Davis Wil
cox, Haines, (Ire Nelson Wilcox, Cor
nelius, Ore.; Mr. and .Mrs. D. T. Wil
cox, Portland; Mr. and Mrs. (I. A. Wil
cox, Cornelius Ore.; Mr. and Mrs. lien-
.in nil it (.. Harder, Portland; Mr. and
Mrs. I,. S. Arnold, Siilcui, Ore.; Mr.
and Mrs. C. It Mnrclnnd. Mrs. M. Will
Ion, U. M. Wilcox, Miss Marv Wilcox,
and liciliert Wilcox, all of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. John If. Alberts are
iiome from an extended sojourn
southern I 'alil'ornin, much of their tini"
being spout in San Francisco. Thov
were also entertained by friends in I. us
Angeles nail San Diegii, their absence
covering over n month
a liiskivimiAJ
L. G. Adams, on attorney of Silver
ton, Is in the city today on business.
Louis Wnlford anil wife, of Silvciton,
are in the city today.
Ge.irgo W. Knight, a merchant of
lliibbnid, is in Hiileni today.
Virgil II. Massey, of Amity, is regis
tered at the llligh.
(.'. B. McConnell, of Bums, is regis
tered at the Bligh today.
J. A. Morrison, a pruiiineat hop buy
er of Scuttle, is in the city today on
I'. W. Potter, owner of the sash and
door factory t Silvciton, is in the city
J. H, O'Neill, prominent railroad imu
" Portland, is registered at the .Mar
ion. Governor Withycombe is in the city
today. Ho has taken apartments tit
the Marion hotel.
Mrs. Klla Kennedy, of C(.',tage Grove,
is la Hie city visiting her sisterMrs. W.
A. Itingo, I :i I n North Church street.
Judge l.awrenco T. Harris, who wns
recently elected to the state supreme
court, is in the city nnd hns taken
apartments lit tho Marion hotel.
Arthur J. Moulton, a prominent at
torney of Portland, is in the city at
tending the session of tho supreme
Fred M. Stump, of Stiver, secretary
of the Hop Growers' association, is in
the city today. Mr. Suver has lately
completed the building of n ifil,0O(i
Board Perfecting .Plans for! Have Raised Much Money
The gown illustrated is rutlier elab
orate, boasting of four narrow uccor
dion plaited ruffles mounted upon u
narrow i-ilk underskirt. A wide crush
ed belt extends well down over the
hips nnd is uniquely laced up the front
with a black silk cord and tassel. The
blouse is of velvet, with sleeves of
satin and a vest and collar of white
satin, buttoned with tiny jet buttons.
Building But Site Not
Yet Secured
.Consideration of specifications for
the proposed new grade school building
to be constructed in South Salem, to
relieve the emgested conditions in the
Lincoln and Park schools before anothet
year, and tho status of negotiations for
the purchase of the Vogct site for the
school, were among the principal sub
jects up for consideration before the
school board at last night's meeting.
As the negotiations for the purchase
of tho sito have been dragging along
for several weeks without any appre
ciable progress being made in tho com
pletion of the details for tho transfer
of the property, and as the time is
drawing near whea the board must
mako definite arrangements tor the con
struction of the building, it was the
sense of last night's meeting that if
Mr. Julius Voget does not have his pa
pers in proper shape for final consider
ation at Friday night's special meoting
oi nio Doam tno Doard will reopen ne
gotiations for the purchase of other
sites that have been offered and have
been temporarily laid aside for the con
sideration of the Voget plans.
Mr. Voget was Supposed to have ap
peared at the meeting last night with
all of tho details arranged for the trans
fer of tiie property in Salem Heights
addition to tho city for tho kmtion of
the new school, but he failed to put in
an npeparnnee, and the board was vis
ibly and outspokenly disappointed
his failure to show up, and instructed,
or rather authorized, Chairman Miles to
deliver tho board's ultimatum to Mr.
Vn.jet today. Kver since the board de
cided to purchase the Voget tract there
mis uccu some nitcn to toe closing of
the den, either in' the conditions at
tached to the deed of transfer of some
of the properties embraced in the tract,
or the dedication and laying out
street work, which operated as a hin
drance to the winding up of negotia
tions, and the board freely voiced its
growing impatience at, last night's
meeting in no uncertain terms.
Superintendent Klliott submitted dc
tuilcd specifications tW the propn'od
new school building, which met with
the approval of the board, and will
proiiaiuy ue inlopted in the
mii-iti Willi
Importance of Keeping Body Well j a minor ami iucoiu.eipieiit amend
Nourished. imcnis. n Igenerul, Mr. Klliott 'a plan
IH '"f the construction of a mnlerntelv
, , , . . ., Jl'la'w building, with no elaborate
In tune of wa the greatest e fort terior adornments w I, calls for the
is always made toward cutting ntl the, expenditure of the bulk ,( ,he ,,. .
miiv'm base of supplies. It is the i ,.,. ,i,, : ... , .. .. ';"""
' people who fight ,he '" , " - . ' V " "".""
iil i..,, ru, nuiiw.'tvs,
stairways and other modern adjustaiilc
eipnninent. Particular stresa is 'laid up
on theconstruction limK iirrnnuement of
Conflict In Alaaco Bttll Raging But Is
BoToroly Hampered by tba Intensely
Cold Winter.
Paris, Jan. 5. The weather hnviiig
improved somewhat, flesh fighting was
developing today in northern Finnic
nnd llilgium. Conditions were not yet
fnvoruble for operations on n very
large scale but It was evident that n'u
unnecessary time would be lost lu re
suming the work of slaughter,
, Indications were that the Germans
were preparing a new offensive south
east of Ypres nnd I n Hiismo. Thev were
water Ali,.rt Ii..: i i " ,,n cc'icins llliu am
rn p-ut t, eare,'' V"V'"-V ""''"" "'.' """Wrt,
I u, .er mains. n , lll0 ,ni01, ,lt ,1H , hl,
The Fim.nii. I... ., . i Hooded area fror.o solidly, they would
Leslie j begin their advance,
AlemoiIiMt I. i.iu i ..i
nnulnr noiVill - 1 ""' '"'"' '" Alsace still raged,
2 a .1 ' . "T:"".J,r,.,n !'"'''' "-.'"."iny ham," I l.vhe
I II II 11 II list i.liil' I ' .11 a- I li. , i
vmiino .ill. ..I - ' "uviw (Mini. AnHIHU rH'lII INK It. I'llMI
less tculiHi was full' iiflnt'eiest nil"' T '"''' '" "''
..er .he direct,,,,, f , pr,.I,,,ca ; y"l,lrJ,'1 ' " w'w nltfm
noiiiig tj,e la ter pint of this nioiitl, inrl T , . . ' , , ' '
Ihe benefit of the ,., ,., ", ' " ""'try was doing much of the
f Iho church. Following tl,i, Ku,cs K .
wellnourished iieople who fight tl
strongest nnd live the longest and con
tribute most to human progress. Is
your stomach doing its duty does it
convert food into good blood and tis
sue Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ery has been so successful in the treat
ment of indigestion, that thousands
of former sufferers owe their good
health of today to its wonderful pow
er and testimonials prove it.
It arouses the little muscular fibres
into actiVity and causes the gastric
juices to thoroughly mix with the food
you eat, simply because it supplies the
stomach with pure, icli blood, It's
weak, impure blood that causes stom
ach weakness. Get good blood through
the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery und you will have no more
It is the world's pnovcl blood puri
fier. It's not a secret remedy for its
ingredients are printed on the wrap
per. Start to take it today and before
nnother day has passed, the impuri
ties of the blood will begin to leave
your body through the liver, kidneys,
bowels nnd skin nnd in a few days
you will know by your steadier nerves,
firmer step, keener mind, brighter eyes
and clearer skin that the bad blood
is passing out. and new, rich pure
blood is filling your veins nnd arteries.
The same good blood will cause pira
cies, acne, eczema and alt shin eruii-
to Assist in Buying Naval
By Henry Wood
Constantinople Dec. 10. (Mailed
from Salonika to New York to escape
Turkish censor.) All Turkish women;
strongly favor the war and for a reason
of their own. For the time being at
least they hate Kngland with an energy;
equalled only in Germany. j
fwo years ago the Ottoman govern-1
ment called for public subscriptions to
a fund to buy two drcadnnughts. They
wre to give Turkey naval supremacy
over all tho Balkan nations. Tho
Turkish women saw their opportunity
then for emancipation. During two
previous Balkan wars they had made
great strides forward. One woman had
flown in an aeroplane over St. Sophia.
Others had accepted dangerous diplo
matic missions. In ninny ways they
had shown that given opportunity they
could prove themselves possessed of
courage, character and intelligence
equal to that of any male Turk.
The Yonug Turks had recognized this
fact. They had brought influence on
tho Sheik Cl-lslani, or spiritual head
of the Mohammedan church, to amel
iorate their condition. And when the
government called for subscriptions for
warships the women of Turkey saw
another chance to win emancipation.
So far as tho men were concerned
the reference to the movement ns a
"popular sulujcription " was a niis-j
nomer. " Unpopular extortion'' would
have been appropriate. Tho officials
ia charge simply fixed the sum each
man must contribute a sum ranging
from a week's to a month's pay and
if ho failed to pay voluntarily, the
local authorities collected forcibly.
lint so far ns the women, were eon-'
corned, t'lis was unnecessary. They
gave benefits, teas and ba.aars at a
time when their participation in such
functions was considered as radical in
Turkey as the appearance of New
York's women on Broadway in F.vc's
garb would tie deemed in the western
world. Their fall in Turkish mule esti
mation was just, ns pronounced nsj
would be that of the New York women
who nppcarcd in the Lady Godiva act.'
Yet they never hesitated.
In addition to this, they pinched and
scrimped in every imaginable way to
make their iilisiriptinus as large as
possible. They j-ut down
expenses ' thev ate less
Shipley's January
Clearance Sale
A Money Saving Event
This is our time for clearance. What Is left of
the merchandise we bought for the fall and winter
season must be sold regardless of any former prices.
Suits, Gowns, Coats, Dresses, Waists, Neckwear,
Gloves, Hosiery, Knitted Underwear, Muslin Un
derwear, Negligees, Petticoats, Kimonas, Misses',
Children's and Infants' Wear, Leather Goods, Sta
tionery, Notions, Bedding, Blankets, Linens, Ribbons
and Handkerchiefs. "Every item in white" included.
Reductions From 10 Per Cent to
60 Per Cent
Ex-Police Matron Gives Sum
mary of Work During Her
Tenure of Office
loing during that time."
.Mrs. Lynch culleo attention to tin:
decrease in the mini irr of nf rests for
;the number of case- handled to dis
I count the report, tln.t wns prevalent
i that the chief duty if Iho puliee ma
tron was to arrest women nnd girls,
i According to the rcpi "t of Mrs. T.yneh,
; in lHI.'l there were :;07 cases hnudlcil
by the department nnd during this time
' lit women nnd girls were placed in the
! city jail. In Ifll-I, ISO cases were lian
i died and only 111 were placed in jail.
The report for the year 10I-1 follows:
. . HI
. . lii
. . " I
. . :t
. . Ill
trie easement and tiie heating and von
uniting system, which ntp, in nil re
spects, thoroughly modern and upon
lines to provide the greatest efficiency,
- mm appuriionn. t ot space. He
recuinieiiils that instead of three or I
our playrooms there should bo but one!
large playroom with ceiling high enough
to permit of the playing of basketball,
handball, indoor baseball and other
common gymnasium games, with special
heating nrarngoents so that the base
ment cirild be heated without heating
the building proper.
" It should serve as a community ecu-
-r, suvs (superintendent Klliott. "In
one en, there miuht be n staire or nlm.
form where
community programs, le
turos and entertainments mielifc l,ii (riv
en. rarent eachers' meetings, elections
nnd social gatheiings of various kinds
might be held, indeed, the modern
school should, in a general way, be
available tor every asHvity in which
all of tne people of tho community are
interested. If this use is to be 'made
of the basement the floor should he
kept as near the surface of the ground
as possible. The floors for tho room
sliuild not be more thnn three feet be
low the surface. In order to get the
height to the gyinnnmium, it mnv be
(lirls and women in jail
iliirls .pnrnlid
i ('and for in matron's rooms
"I shall continue my rescue w m k , r'ound employment for
dung the same lines as formerly, "; Young girls found in hotel room
household said Mrs. I.ela l.vnch, ex-police matron. I sent to home in Montana
thev dressed this morning, "and my office and i Sent to indiist rn.l school.
more economically, thev sold their rooms w ill still be open to any girls , Orphan children placed
jewelry ami soinn even sold their hair Becking advice or help. I inn glad ! homes
to raise money fur those dreadnoughts, that it is possible for the girls to look , Habies adopted into honi
. In nil a to' h I of .fr lo.nnti.ouo was to me ns a protector instead of an oi'ti-; (i'nls advised in office..
raised and the women contributed more . cor, I have been connected with the Ibdimpiont girls
than half of it. police department for two veins and I'laced in rescue home..
The two vessels were being rushed ,.. m.r, I0W ,( KS. ),,.
to completion in British shipyards ,pist i Total rtises bundled . . .
when Turkey most needed them, alter
(Ircece bad bought two cruisers from
the I'niteil States.
The Inst installment was paid and the
crews nnd officers had been chosen.
Then came the Kuropoan war and
Kni.'land seized both crafts.
Prominent Turks tell me that the
bitterness und resentment this action
create! is mainly responsible for their
country's entrance into the war.
"Perhaps,'' I was told by Mine,
Sulieninn, wife of Siilienian Hey, a
Turkish cnvaliv officer, "the world at
supposed to unfit women .for a life of' , In ' 1 i i n t li . r . , it for the last
nMMf.ilu Tl.i.i ft, .( ii. i 11-ill s,x HitiniiiH in i:'i. snows:
realize that our whole life our future, " !"J" six mnnths J
was bound up in these vessels. ..Women nnd girls in city jm 10
" With the ictories thev would hnve "'1'1" landed
won, Turkish women would have been ('ared for in private homes II
able to sccuro from the government 1 I'""1"'1' t,,r ll.V ropiest of parents H
concessions for development and einaji- Arrests 5
cipatioa that it will now take a whole V'ound employment for ;tll
century to pain. Itiirls placed ill industrial school... h
"What Kngland did has retarded our i
lives. Total passing through dept 107
"So von en n hurdlv wonder that we! During the above period, through th.:
Innrn will uiv'we me on reasonable ill . are doinc everything possible now to eftorts ot the police matron s depnrt-
our fight against Kngland. that we are aid our troops in the field ugains such ment, irliill has been collected in fine
displaying those very traits that arc1 an enemy." for the city and I-'II0 for the county.
Husband of Murdered Woman Does
Not Think Insane I'aUent'i Confes
sion Ia Conclusive.
lions to dry up and disappear, nr. , wise to extend the basement deeper
Pierce s Uoldrn Medical Discovery ia than thri f.i ' i
the helpful remedy that nearly every-1 .. i A " .. u,,,.. , . .
one needs It contain, no alcohol or j ns ttco !
narcotic, of any kind. j ,, of tw , v ,
l " ""niuc.in lor ine eitenor of
the high school building trt take the!
I place of the present inside flues which,'
""i oi uicir inuity construction.:
are not considered safo agninst fire!
hazard, nnd these were adopted and the!
secretary was authorised to invite hids'
for the construction of mme. At Kri-1
day night's meeting the plnns for tiie;
new school will be gone into more thor-1
oughly, and It is possible that some!
Portland, Ore., Jan. 5." It all de "l,l may be taken toward the employ-1
pcuds on whether or rot this man nt , ''" of nn architect for the drafting !
the asylum can make good on his con-i"' the plans and construction of the
fession, was the statement of Frank ''"nuing.
Wehrmnii, widower of the murdered
woman, in discussing the alleged new
development today. "In the mean
time I propose to do nothing, save lia
hildy confer with my attorney, llert
Tongue. 1 would not say tho confes
sion is a frnmeup to secure the final . Common Bens Advlca by a Distirj
acquittal of Pender and 1 would not gulshftd Specialist.
say it was the bonnfide confession nfj
a guilty man." ''Acid" stomach, are dangerous he-
Mr. Wehrmun Insists that if Mrs. i cause acid Irritates ami in lis inc. (he
Wchrmnn's revolver can be found delicate lining of the stomach thus'
Sic ks says he buried it lu the garden ' hindering nml preventing tho proper i
would be proof that the confession is 'action of the stomach, und leading to
the final and true statement of Ihe i lr",,nbly nine-tenths of the cases of
situation. I stomach trouble fioin which people
The bierks' family lived about n mile i Mlff,'r' Ordinary medicines nnd mc, li
nn d a half fiem the W. Iirnuuis, uuil , ' treatments are useless in such
Pender lived about a mile distant.' Mr.1""'?''"1' ""'J' l,'"v'' the source of the'
Wchiiuaa said he had known Hiei ks ' V'0' '' "'""""'h. "
slightly, but nt no time had the evi-' oangerous ns ever. The acid must be
deuce pointed to him n a possible cul-1 ,"1M"r"l' ',''1' J""1 "," f''fnlion prevent ;
lo-it. though from the first Pender wns . . ' '!"," f"r ,hl" l""T""'
thrown under suspicion because of cir- ' " 'T1'1 f" "' Idsmated inaguesia.l
cuimtunees 1 """I'1"' antned, taken In n little warm'
"If I cioild have bevn there when ! Zwt, 1", 'vl T ."''i' "",
the confession was made and assured I i, ' , I "w
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