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German Agents Said to Be
Behind Uprising Against
the French Government
The; Hague, Jun. 4. The French face
an exceedingly grave nitnation in Mo
rocco, according to advices received
here today from German sources. '
The natives, usually quiet, became
very unruly indeed when war broke out
in Europe, it was stilted, and the num
ber, boldness and activity of the rebels
baa increased rapidly ever since.
And the French, not being occupied
with their campaign against the Her
mans, it was agreed that they doubtless
would have suppressed the uprising long
before the present. At exactly tho
time, however, when strong forces were
needed to deal with the Moors, it was
said troops were being withdrawn
whol-wilo lYom northern Africa.
The weakened forces which remained
were declared to have suffered a series
of severe dcfeatH at tho rebels' hands,
with the result that the latter enined
swiftly in confidence and were able tt
add large numbers of recruits to their
At this timo, it was staled, the
French are steadily losing ground, and
are on the defensivo everywhere.
The prediction was made that unless
heavy drafts are made from their arm
ies in F.urope tho Gallic authorities will
soon loso control completely of this Af
rican possession. Their losses were re
ported to have been, in proportion of
their numbers, enormous already. Whe
ther or not German agents are stirring
up toe rebels, or, as has been rumored,
actually leading them in some cases,
was not stated in any of the dispatches
received from Germany, but iuasmunh
as the development- unquestionably is
of much value to the kaiser, such sto
ries wens thought likely enough.
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and one in her head aud the iitHo son
was found dead in another bed with u
bullet hole in his head. All of the shots
were lired from short range.
In-making his confession. .Siercks
told the story of his crime nnd all of
the circumstances leading up to it,
whica, thie conversant with the his
tory of tho case, say fits in to a letter
with tho facts.. Siercks also, in his con
fession, stutes that after shooting Mrs.
Wehnnan and her little son, he replac
ed the revolved which he had taken
from a trunk in the house, buck in the
trunk and hud buried the revolver with
whica he bad done the shootinir in the
yard, k appears now that this re
volver was dug up from the yard be
fore .Siercks' confession was made.
An effort was made to see Pender
nt the penitentiary this morning but he
refused to be interviewed by the news
paper men because ho stated that he
had been advised not to talk upon the
subject nnd hnd no statement to mako.
nneu lniormcd of the confession of
Siercks by the prison authorities this
morning ho Bcemed agreeably surprised
and hinted that, if tho confession prov
ett to be the truth, that he hoped to be
given his liberty very soon. . He has
been incarcerated in jail and the peni
tentiary for about three years.
Governor Calls It Vindication.
"If the confession of Blcrcks proves
to be the genuino article," said Gover
nor West this morning, in discussing
the case with the newspaper represen
tatives, "it means that one life of an
innocent man has been saved as the
result of the abolishment of capital
punishment in this state, and I have
boen fully vindicated in my tight for
the iight in my struggle for bringing
about this reform, even though 1 have
been abused most unmercifully by both
the press and public opinion in the
state. There seems no question ns to
the confession of Siercks being gen
uine, according to tho officials who
were rrsponsiblo far having secured it,
and it seems that he is sane enough to
J know what he is doing and what he is
(talking about. So far as granting PCn-
France and Belgium Floods
tie up military operations in
north; Frauce aviators destroy
German dirigible sheds and kill
several at Ktterbcek.
Germany French claim slow
steady gains, attended by des
perate fighting, in Alsace.
Russia Germans launch new
flanking movement from north
west against Warsaw; Turkish
successes claimed in Trans
caucasia. Austria Russian invnsion of
Hungary through Carpathians
temporadily checked.
England Stock exchange op
ens for first timo since war
Italy Vatican announced
flerpiany, Austria England,
Russia, Turkey and Servia havo
agreed to send hopelessly dis
abled war prisoners home and
Frauce and Montenegro are ex
pected to acquiesce also.
Turkey Attempted landing
of Russian marines at Jaffa repulsed.
AT VI I IflTT DP ATDIC a mutter for the courts to decide as to
his complete exoneration before this of-
lice ran take formal knowledge of the
of the Elliot case."
Even though Pender was convicted
Mrs. Rogers Will Probably
RecoverLife s Story Is
Unearthed by Police
The regular mooting
Prairie grunge was held December 2(1,
The morning session was given over to of the crime, purely upon circumstantial
tho business of the grange. After i evidence, his friends and some of those
lunch excellent music was furnished by j well versed in criminology, among the
Graham's orchestra. Following this,, latter being George A. Thatcher, of
O. Voget, maqagor of the Hubbard , Portland, wero convinced of his inno
creamery, was introduced nnd nave an Pence ""d v been working hard
interesting talk, tie pointed out tboi f. 'r. . . ""--conviction to csrniinsn Arnnv known was learned to
necessity of his manufacturing a first-? ""tity of the murde.cr. 8iork,- gTlK
class finished product and invited the;""' moral iieg,;ueiuie . , -m Nw y0,.v
New, York, Jan. 4. -John Rogers
aired 2 years, son of Mrs. Ida Snitfen
Rogers ! who took bicholorido of mer
cury severnl days aoo and then fed
the poison to her twe children, died
early today nt Lebanon hospital. Tho
other cjiild died Christmas day.
Physicians declared today thut Mrs.
Rogers, has a chnnc.i to ineorvr, nnd
Assistant District. Attorney Martin an
nounced that he will take action against'
her soon. Mrs. Rogers has :dinitted
that Lorly Elton Rogers was tho lather
of her two children, but not her hus
band. She said she took the poison and
gave it' to her children because Rogers'
lesal wifo formerly Miss Caroline Oid-
dings, lister of Professor Biddings of
.Columbia university, refused to divorce
Rogers so she and Roger could legitim
ize their children.
The history of Mrs. Roger, as she
fn.ftrtnrfit inn nf thn fiirtiinfu in Imn.llinn 1 and an imbecile, has lonu
their cream in such a manner as to on- """PP'd of connection with the crime
sure the least possible waste or eliminn-1 a"J th"! "P"," w strengthened.
tinn nf it in ,-linrnin,, Tim ldi,.,,.w.., vaen 0DO"t year ago on.i about a
ro that the fnrmers of Elliot Prairie
nnd vicinity are going to take hold of
this proposition in such a manner that
tho management of the creamery will
be better able to pay top prices for
cream nnd to guarantee their product
ns first class in 'nil respects nnd the
equal of any on the murket. With a
J surjinuww' '
WliMAlJ3SWir55V i
lb l,Ji,NL
S Xtanfl 0101'
vas- ,
oinva fid
Unusual Value Giving
It's our time for clearance; the goods we bought for fall and winter
selling are now to be closed out.
We take our inventory January loth and we want to have as few
goods on hand as possible.. Our policy will be: Extra special reductions
to move the goods quickly. Here are the figures on some of the bargains
we are offering:
$25.00 VALUES, NOW. . .$19.83
SPECIAL $14.85
$20.00 VALUES, NOW. . .$16.95
SPECIAL $14.55
$15.00 VALUES, NOW. . .$12.65
SPECIAL $11.75
$1.25 VALUES, NOW 75c
NOW 35c
This combination map shows two
war areas of importance. At top is the
eastern theater where three distinct
campaigns are going on, namely, in!
East Prussia in Poland and in Galicia.!
The lower map shows the battle front
in Flanders where the allies aro at
tempting to push the Germans back.
She married Arthur Walters, pud they
livo.l in in anartmcnt here until the
eounlo met Rogers. A short time Inter
he woman disappeared. altera fin
ally left New York, remarried aud is
now living sonicwhere'in New Jersey,
Rogers maintained his policy of
silence today, and is doing everything
he can to conceal news of his relations
u-ltli the woman, lie also urged. his
Assistant . 'is-
year after the murder of Mrs. Wchr
ninn and her little son ho coinmittud
an iittemut to ravish his own nothor
nnd was adjudged Innnnc and com
mitted to the insane asylum.
Mr. Thatcher, with thn aid nf Super-
i..i u,.i., n it... u..i.....
,., , ' 1 , ' ... ' . . frioiuls to keen silent
ami i nu iiiun niiici.aieii 01 tie pen- . . . ' w i,. ,r imi.l
tentinrv. h,. been labotins hnr.l with " Attorney Mart n however sl id
creamery equipped in a most up-to-date ; Sierk in trying to clear up the mvstery V'0!,c i 1 i . rrvoiil
manner nnd a wide-awake manager at j but he has always, while at times a,,, phoned him nnd prom iHO.t to rc
the helm, every producer of butter fnt parently on the verge of making dean something heretofore unknown ion
in this section, in behnlf of his own breast of the crime, maintained that he ! l'ornl"K 11,0 'n"(',
interests, should patronize our home was innocent. Last night however, at
creamery. Let the grangers especially ' a specially arranged interview, hi) wns
'prove the value of their organisation taken to the office of Dr. Steiner in
by working in unity for a cause that tho presenco of Dr. Hteiner, ( linplnin
will surely be a benefit to nil. j MacLaron nnd Assistant Superintend-
Lecturer K. T. O. ' ent L. F. Griffith, of tho nsyluw, but
he declined to make n-ntatement until
DRINKS QUART OF ALCOHOL. ' Drs. .steiner nnd Griffith left, he and
Rev. MacLnrcn alone, when 8ierl( tin-
Los Angeles, ( nl., Jan. ). Mrs. J. K. ' ally consented nfter tho fear rf pun
Howard, 50, drank a quart ot wood nl-lisliment by hanging hud been removed,
eohol today and died nt tho reeelviuir I to mnke a full confession of tho crime
l,nu;i.,l ll,v-ui.,:n..u tl,.-n un i wl,tol, )wi .1 .t tn Rnv. fncT.uren. and nicinn of vaiil'nucv
n.l,l;..i.l .!.,,. .,) l,u,l i,nnn later in the nresence of tho others and I visited him in iail and begged the .jail
despondent because she had beiu unable! before a stenographer ers to permit her to remain with him
J.os Angeles, Cnl., Jan. 4 Mrs. Her
eon! Mnsais is dead today of a broken
heart, doctors at the receiving hospital
said, becnuso her husband hnd been sent
to inll. Mnsnis wus arrested on sus-
yesteruay ins wne
to diM-ontinuo their i.se.
You cannot afford to miss
reading the Journal Want
Ads every day.
Sierk. a vnunir miin nf hut S years in his cell. When she was sent away
of age is a confirmed imbecile but, isjshe stood in the corridor as tiie. steel
caPabln of oood reisoning powers andldmrs cliinaed behind her, and then
understood what it mean: to iuko tno dropped dead.
oatn, ann ne signed ine cumessiun
without hesitation aftor ho had un
burdened his mind nnd fonscieive of
tho recital of Hie details ufhis move- j jors
nient up to, including and niter me
commission of the de'd. Bierk's con-,ne
fesaion covers every uetnu or mo com- jn
(f'apital Journal Biiecial Service.
Woodburn Or., Jan. 5. Miss Gladys
Warner who has been spending the
holidays with her parents will return
to her work in Snlem today.
Fr. OTnrrell spent today in Portland
with friends.
Miss Lois Clemens of Portland is the
guest of Miss Carrie Wnterbury.
John Becker of Portluud has boen the
guest of his parents during the holi
days. Mrs. J. Sr. I'oormnn returned nfter
spending severnl days with her mother
Mrs. Kllis who lives near Salem
R. P. Moore, who has been visiting
his father, returned to his homo in
San Francisco the fore part of the
Mrs. If. I. Price of Dallas tins been
tho guest of her parents for the pust
two weeks.
Mrs. F, Knpper and son of Port-
laud who have been visiting nt the
home of her uncle aud mult, Mr. ami
Mrs. K. Hoscoe, returned home Satur
day. Mrs. A. J. Da ml nd son of Seattle,
are visiting her sister, Mrs. J. W.
Raymond dlatt attended n dancing
party at the Irvington club in Portland
Wednesday evening given by tho
DelU Tnii Delta Alumni.
Miss Hazel llitney spent the week
with friends nnd relatives in Aurora,
(', F. Rundel of Portland spent the
forepart of the week in Woodburn on,,. f0 ,,; , i(.h Wi,
ii i vr. i v ic i , , li Reynolds Clarence Kruno, Chnncey
Mr. and Mrs. L. Franklin and infant ; ,-.n .. U'.n.. (i.:.,..i
I ran out and washed my hands
a basin on the porch. The towel
Tuesday In Woodburn visiting friends.
Misses Mui-y nnd Madge and Stephen
Scollard entertained a number of their
friends aj a five-hundred party Tues
day evening. The rooms were beauti
fully decorated in Oregon grape, mistle
toe anil red paper bells. Kight tables
of the game was played. Miss Avon
McKitniey and Wayne Hill won high
score nnd 'ceeived the prizes. A de-
,,..., :. ,.i i, v; M,...n.. PikcI, Switzerland, Jan. I. A
i isli. rnoso eninying tno eveiniigi .i"K"i" i.miu i.imii
were: Misses Delia nnd Nora Deck,! m,lv ' persons wliom the government i 'ai.t
mini 1 ivviii vvuilllll i
Exodus of Germans and Austrians to
Switzerland May Cause Trouble iu
That Country. !
fault with their manner of pri'wrvln.r
their neutrality.
Conscipiciitly it was deoincd likely
that (he exils would ulsn bo invited to
quit Switzerland too, unless they bo
huveil with the utinust disnetion.
Humors were current (hat tho pres
ent semi-voluntary exodus from Italy
would lie followed by the forcible ,-
pulsion of certain persons who failed to
buskl'"'' "" ,t"' ov'iiniients' hint that they
nu iuiik' r nuiiit'ii in mil evil ill IV.
secret was ninde of tho
Hint the " uiidcsiiablc
Sadie Richmd, Avon M. Kuiney, Kthel noiiric.i suppose.u.v on account r I huhimx-t I of spving. The Italian secret
ii ..Li.... reuse! si iiris nir iro n i e t i1 hiiiiii him. . ., i , , ,.. .
..ii. , . - - ; ; iiiince nave lieen
Gwendolyn Warner,
Nettie Brnyles,!
and Mildred Green and .Margaret Fish, majority were lustrinns, wnn i.erni'ins ,t,-j,.t siirveillnnce.
of Port.lnnil and .Messrs. Willurd ol lul
bert Cole, llav McKiniiev, Al Heck,
Glenn Pnrr Ra'vmond (llnt't, J. C. Scol-
friends and relatives in
Union of Fraternal, Ilollgloua, Civic,
Industrial and Other Orgnnlratlons
and Citizens ot Salem for Mutual Aid.
Refer all enlls for relief or aid to the
Canter. It is mndo up of all other re
lief auencies of the city and hence it
is equally yours, Ily using it you rcn-lbeen drinking with some men on the
tier all separnto relief boards and sgen-lfnmi nf J. L. Smith, about five miles
eie unnecessary and thereby save cost, from llillsboro, and went to bed about
trouble snd wiiBte in duplicated effort . 7 o'clock; tnen got up about ":'M and
and expense. 'walked over to Vallo Vista, a station on
j the United Railways, and took the
Any one having or knowing of work electric car for Uuilington. There I
for either women or men should cull got off and stole s speeder from the
up phone number IBIS, tho V. W. 0. A,, I llurlington enrshop section boss nnd
for the former, and the Men's Club, wont down to Scnppooso on tho
listed abovo for tho latter. I Northern Pacific lino, there crossed
lover and went on the electric tram,
Relief for local families, women and 'which crossed over tn this woman's
children. Food, clothing, fuel, medical place crossed at Parsons statio.i.
treatment, otc., Mrs. W. K. Anderson,! There I ditched It and went nnd stole
chairman relief ccsnmlttce, 14PI Court 'a revolver out of a trunk In Hanson
street, phono 23H4-M, V to 12 a. m. He 'and Wiley's cabin, broko It open with
prepired to give name, nddress, etc., In clawhammer ' llunson ami Riley r
What most married men would re
oico to sec is n wnr tax on oia imcnr
days with
Miss Cora Gilbert who attends school
In Sntam arinnt thn hnliilnvs H-itli lnr
mission of tho crime and fits in per- w hanging by the door nnd I wil'"! i parents here.
fectlv with the stories no luiu to 'l"-my hands on it, 1 took the key una 1ex KHnjn n0 has been visiting
MacUren and Drs. Stniaor nud Grif- threw it away. his ton Royal returned to Oakland,
run nerore ine coniesarjn itn-n Then I tooK ine gun dock to miry , fft. Katurdny.
(o wriiing. Governor West gave out!,,,,,) Hansen's anil put it In the trunk. Mrs. (.'has. Dean returned after spend
tho following statement cunecriing
Sierk 's confession nod the ststus of the
fender case, this morning:
The Confossion.
The complete confession of Rierks is:
"J, John (I. II. Sierks, sny that on
Labor dnv. September 4, HIM, I had
son of Wendling are spending the holi- ... N ,'. ,,... ,. Snt,v :'
lionncy, Nell ami Gladys Hmklcy , ' -s" unsiug u ine war siiiiiiiki:i, police have been sliudowinir such
Helen Scollard Mario and Othella '"ut their presence on Jtnlrin sou was tscln-elv since the war bomm
Alctha Hitney, Liln Jerinnn, 110 "'"fcr desired. ,, fr,,iMlll,rNi ,,v,,n ,)f neutral nn-
iii'-so muni! n i, nns sum u . ,,ns lumi iiii,I,.i- i,.r.. n 1,
nest in number and the luilnnce iniidel
up of a miscellaneous scattering of
Hv no means nil the Austrian? find
Germans were returning to tln-ir own
countries. A large prnpoilinn of them
were crossing the Swi,s fionli"r, ap
parently wishing to remain ns close (i
Italy as possible, presumably wi'h a
view to watching developments I here
at the closest range permitted t hem.
This was anything hu yn'.isfiielniy (O
the Swiss authorities, who are nuxioiiH
i above everything to avoid coinpiica-
itions whu h might embroil 111 'in nl (he
Portland with friends.
correctly, and be sure tho need is gen
ulno. More rumors often give busy
workers unnecessary trouble,
Anneals far food, nlins or Imluinir hv
transients at your doors should bo re s lantern
fcrred tm Center t hendquarters for
mon (Men's club), 4iW Ferry street. If
you wish to givo them food in return
for sorvlces a book of ten menl tickets,
costing tl will 'nve Its rot many times
over. A menl ticket will give them
food tnd food only,
nliin, This clawhammer hnd only
ono iluw. 1 took tne cluwliamtnor and
threw It In Pcuder's tent, then went
up to this woman's cabin. I found Mrs.
Wchrmnn coming from the cabin with
This was about i" o eiocn.
I saw her go in tho house
Vou don't havo to worry If you in
sure your property iu a company Hint
is lill years old.
The London paid $7,000,000 (gross)
losses arising from tho San Fraucisco
disaster. This in n. much rrrcuter
Dnllas. Or., Jan. 4. The Dallas Fire it- .....rii... : , ...... ..,.:.i i n
rrl. 1 .,J, Mr. Wl.hrn.lin 1 I..- ..-I . .k- k- f l,.'l -lll I...1.I ll. .i.i.m.l Ic.,.. ' '" ". "' 7' .'"', " " ..". vum
in,, iim ............ - i bo. cm in... s .uu uu.uv- ,,..,, ................... . .... ine tieiiigrrents un iipMiitiiuity to nn.i
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
buried in tho edge of the garden. Then
cut. down where my car was, put it
on the track and rode to Burlington.
Then I took ho midnight ear from
llniiington to AHnvutcher station. I
got home about 4 o'clock in (he morn
ing". I went to bed. I got up about !
o clock mat morning nnu wci iu
work shocking grnin. My motiier mid
I talked this over, but I refused to snv
anything. She believed that I did it.'1
After making the confession Sieiks
puffed vigorously upon a cignr and
declared ho fell better than ho hnd
for a long time.
The records at. Hie asylum show that
the man was adjudged of unsound
mind nt HI. Helens September 23, 11112,
nnd was received at (he asylum the
next day, a little more than n year
after the crime wns committed.
Hiiiioriiitondcnt Steiner snvs the
man Is possessed of homicidnl mntiin,
nnd had thienteiied to kill his mother
and father, lie has been kept iu the
homicidal ward at the asylum. He
cause of his mental condition, there Is
little likelihood that he will be re
moved from the asylum.
Employment for Men.- Center's free
employment bureau at the Men's club,
460 Ferry street, phono 1M7. Free to
employer and employe. Through it the
entire city helps to' find work for the
Donations of foodstuffs such as
meats, beans, flour, sugar, potatoes,
fruit, etc., would be very helpful. Brine
same to 400 Ferry street, or phone 12Bi
She objected and spoke to me harshly.
"8he went into the house and got a
gun and shot at me. The bullet went
into the cabin at the right. As I went
in I pulled my revolver from my hip
prrket and fired three shots nt her.
I fired ono shot at her at a distance
and she fell and then I placed tho gun
close to her forehead and fired j I then
placed it on her chest and fired again.
The boy was lying In bed with hi
clothes on. I thought he would woke
up uinl 'squeal' on me, so I fired nt
him. I placed the gun choc to his
lies. I and lired two shots.
"I found hatchet In the wnnlboi
and chopped and split her skull. . . .
I was sfinid some one would catch
W k lh I
-f I
The Important of
rirve strsngth and pur
blood si Ihll M UIHl M
wm MtliitW swi Natwr' mum
HiUoMtls Store's Emmttltn
IbhHi thai rtrMiMlh tfcat Mricfcoa
Iks Uod, strM.tiiMi lb sal
siviserstas lbs wools iriltM.
PkyltUna tomrywktrt yreWs 11.
It im frmm ram A Uakmi mm Omimlam
t....-Trrnrw-t.i'.i.'isji nMiin-mimm.
father in Portland. I quet lit tho New Scott hotel next T:icv
Fr. Brungel nf Greslinm wns visiting day evening following a meeting of trio i
Fr. O'Fnrrell Tuesday. I company at headquarters. hoy
Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Hoffnrd and Mrs. A. .1. Rhodes, of Seattle Wash-
Mrs. K. Kilen spent Wednesday in ington, is in tne city ror a snort visit
Portland. j with relatives.
I-. n. i.ivesuiv wus in i nruuilii ..ion- .11 rs. "line. ..niiunin nn.i ..un. i ci w-s h iiirtnn. niter nil i-vIimi, im visit nt
and Tnesdav on business. Show were Portland visitors this weel. .( p i.;,.,,,,,,,, Hiivter home on North Main
puny, operating under a single miiini,
in this or any other conflagration, and
now residing at- Corvnllis wns i "t"'lwthont n piirull.,1 .,, (lie liislmy
itv this ,vc,.k visiting friends. I "C ""'""' to have fire protwtli.n
Mr. and Mrs, II. It. Pinter,,,,, Jr., hns' ,ru ",r l"l'c"y m m pru
returncd to their home nt Greys llivor.' ''T"'' lU 1'u,"lou A'"'' -rl'"-
Mr. G. W. Wnterbury went to Leb-i
onon Monday en business. '
t hester ueer and ;
Gene livers of Salem was in Dallas
Mr. and Mrs,
dauirhter returned to their home iu wero iu the city Thursday attending tho
Waldo Hills Saturday after spending funeral of Mr. Down's father Jnines
tho holidays with Mrs. K. Castle. Howe who died ut his homo iu Port-
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Settlemier spent land, Tuesday.
tho week end with friends in Portlnnd. ( hns. Vick, of Falls City was a luisi
Sam Hidss of Portland spent, two! ness visitor in this city Wednesday.
dnvs this week ns tho guest of Mr. and Mrs, Jnmcs Nesinith of Port land, wns
Mrs. F. M. Drake. I In the city this week the guest of Mr.
Mrs. J. F. Plank Is visiting hnrjand Mrs. John rr.
ilnnghter Mrs. H. R I'tter of Tneonin, J. linglcy and daughter, of Mon
Miss Margaret Fish spent Tuesday, mouth were business visitors In this
and Wednesday as a guet of Misses , itv Wednesday.
Mndge and Mary Scollard. I Mr. and Mrs. Oscar lln.yter are In
Mr. nnd Mrs." Harry Bouncy and Portlnnd on a short business visit,
ilnnghter Helen of Vancouver spent Mrs. Dean Collins, of Portland, Is
(ho week end with his Parents, Mr. and, vihlllng ni the J. U. Collins' residence
Mrs. G. H. Boiinev. Ion Court street while her hushnnd
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard of ! arniinglon
this week for n short visit with friends. wj(,r M,.,0e, of Falls CKy, wns a
Incorporated, A. D. 1720.
.Mr. nn.i Mrs. nay Howe, or i i rtini 'i, j Dii llnei visitor several dnvs this week. I
... .. II IV " HI... IIU IIIIIDW lllll tnn, . . . . . . . . .
.Mrs. ii. r. rnttcr'nn ami ilauglitcrs,'
Alice in ni Dorothy arrived in Hie city D I i 1 O D...--Iyv
today from Mills.lx.ro where they huYc,DeCl.tG. & DaUmgar tnCl
been visiting l-elal ives for the past I
week, Phone 402 347 STATE STREET
Wash, are spending the week at their
home of Mrs, Leonard's sister, Mrs.
A. K. Reed,
Adolph Glatt. returned to Pnitlnnd
Snturdny nfter spending the holidays
with his parents,
Mrs. Climd Dunn of Dallas spent
severnl days this week visiting her
mother Mrs. Bradley of Woodburn.
Will S'ibler attended the dance, nt
Aurora Thursday.
Miss Minrodu and F.lla Fahev of
Snlem, are visiting friends In Wood-burn.
Miss Florence Brown of Medford is
oinpnnied the Rosniinns on their dip
(,i California.
Mr. and Mrs. Wllliiun Reed of Cur
vnllls, were Dnllns visitors nt the Inline
of Mr. and Mrs, . C Humsdell,
Wednesday. '
C. W. lieckett cnunly cninmisslnner
elect of Kola, was a Dallas visitor
Miss Myrtle Wlthrnw, of Airlie. Is
visiting at (he O. C. Riimsdell home in
this ritv this week.
II. K. Williams, of Portlnnd was In
the city Wednesday ami Thursday on
Walter Ballnntvne Is In Iinvtnn tins
visiting her sister Mrs. Walter John-j week visitini? nt the home of his sister
son. I Mrs. lonis Hadley.
Miss Mildred Green nf Portland Is; C. S. Graves of Bnllston, formerly
visiting Miss Helen Scollard of West assessor of Polk county, was in Hie
Woodburn, citv (his week on business.
Chnuncey Voder of Ilubl.ord spent Clinton lleistniid, a former Dallas
Expert Testimony
The man who is responsible for the publicity work
of the largest corset factory in the world, a corset
the name of which has been made a household word
in nearly every home in civilization, says:
" Kxperieuee lias convinced me that
the surest, quickest and most economi
cal way to reniii women who do nine
tenths of the buying is through duily
nenspnpers of high class nnd wide cir
culation, "The pluce to advertise goods is
the place where they are to be Hold,
Newspaper advertising is n fotco that
enn be lu pt under daily rout ml and
made intensive. It is on-the-spot publicity."