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i -j 'j a in j n .1 i t. j. j pi.-: i
ssi 19
Only Four Counties Spent
More than Marion On
Roads and Bridges
: l.onilon, .Ian, J. From the
; Krcnch ami liusian wiir of-
j fives nit'fsiit's were irrmvc'l
I here toilav ilisputiny Cerinmi
He J'iniiiPs iOiit'i'niiiiK thi munlier
j sje uf liiillic ninl Slav war piisimtM-s
waiil to him lieen taken 1-y the
j Uaixcr's troops thus far.
Me The (I.Mimin statr-iiicat phi.-otl
the total at H,i:is ofiVers ainl
o77,n7i men.
; Of this ."Sd.itl.'t, nci'oi.lia to
i tin1 I'tiris ami iVi I'uyniil ju-
rouiHs, not more haii l.j per
cent are sohiirrs, the 1J(1:uh'C
lieing -iviltHiis seieil ninl im
prisoiiel in concent i a! ion fiimi3
Hiin-e the war lirolu' out.
t bill ;t
Accountants Might Be Paid on
This Basis Otherwise It
Is a Law Suit
One cent per word each inter,
Copy for advertisement un
der tliis Leading should be In by
2 p. m.
PRY fir moo. I fur wile. Phone 230''.
wish you
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year
wr- Li r '
According to u statement issued by
IiiHiirniK-e Commissioner ,T. V. 1'ergu- ije
Hon, compiled from reports to tlie do-;
' iinrtment nf nii,iiiitnni'- in his office 1
1 with till) exception of Multnomah conn-: iHir
' ty and a few of the counties which is-1 mm' limir riTno
Isued special bonds for the construction . (jyD JURY fcNDu
j borders, Marion county expended morel WftRIf WITH YFAR
: money for the building und improve-1 " UmV
I meat of public, highways during the i
! first nine months of the present year The grand jury which has been in
than any other county in the state. j session for the past week reported to
This statement shows tiiat u total of Judge Kelly at 4 o'clock yesterday
.$:i,:U0,788.78 was expended by all of ! afternoon bringing in four indictments.
the counties of the state for good
roads during the nine months period of the sheriff no report was made of
ending September III), 01 1, and nil ag-1 any other cases that were investigated,
gregate of $ for bridges,! Indictments were' returned against,
making a grand total for roads aiidi'l",ln Sdiultz charging him with us-
bridges of $:i,02!.400.58, which is a i s"m "lln '" committed "P
sinie uvcrage or !iu,i,::i ;..; 1 per mninn
or equivalent to an annual expenditure
of nearly $5,0110,000 per year. Aside
If Hie iueslioo of Ihe settlement of
the claim of Arthur Porridge i: com
pany, tjm expert nocoiintnnls of .Port
land for I ,.Tj:t. 1 1 for auditing the;
records and accounts of Marion countv!
Minder the super' jsion of the stale nc-;
I couulaiicy icpnrliucnt is again sub-
i initled to Insurance Conmiissiiuier h'er-
gusnn tor nrlotration that official:
will recommend that all of the bills
rendered to the five Willamette Val-j
ey counties Clackamas, Marion, Polk I
Washington and Yamhill in which
protests have been made lie cut directly
in half. ' I
The original bill rendered the countv
l-'I'IlXbSIUil) -t roiui modern uuiigalov
l'houe ul F-2. .
t'Ol! (S.M.K Fresh Jersey i-ow. 10
South I uuiinercial.
OOAT UK AT for sale; first-class only.
I'houo 2100 M.
WANTKP Apply at 'V.
night lunch.
an be found at 1 re
I-'PKMSIIKP inodiM-n
rent, l'houe .'l-F.'12.
bungalow f
WANTKP Kxpei icin ed girl for
oral house work. Phone W".
Annual January Clearance Sales -Special
Low Clearance Prices in every Department
All Around Town
ul fust. Un account of the large stoi
Dr. Mendolaohn. nueclnllst in fitting
glassoi correctly. U, 8. bank bldg. carried it was a difficult mutter to tell
0 whether or not articles were missing.
Four aloouers wore Riven o bed at tho
oity juil Inst night and were turned out , . y , ,, ,,h .
Tho brasn cannon at the armory w is
l'iad"d up about hull' full of powder
last night and equipped with a time
fuse to go oil' at midnight. It happens
that the old cannot was last used in
the Mexican war and none of its tV-
to humor the
After the
ruitiined huuo'
it was wadded with an armful of news
papers. The shooters lighted the fuse
and liicn hid behind the armory, and
'when the charge went off the old g'in j U(.(J01
t , uier handlers was present to
I 'whims of the u!d field piece,
lichaige of powder was- rum
from the vast sums expended for rouds
ami bridge purposes, four counties
Clalsop, Klamath, Malheur and I'ma
t ilia expended nil aggregate of $ If).
'JlH.ii5 for diking purposes.
It shows that Murint county paid
not for road building nnl improvement
during the nine months' period a total
of I7ll,:iri8.ll), or about l.5n per capita
for every man, woman and child in the
county figured upon the basis of pop
ulation of 4(1.000 souls. Kven some of
the counties which bonded themselves
for several hundred thousand dollars
for the construction of permanent high
ways spent comparatively little more
than did Mnrion county. Clackamas,
Clatsop and Columbia, all heavily bond
ed for road building purposes, only ex
pended approximately 7ll,IIIIO. iMH.OlM)
and .tOl.OIMI, respectively, more than
Marion did, and Jackson county, which
is bonded for 500,01111 for pcimunent
roads, only expended a little over $10(1,-
000 more than iWanon.
The statement of expenditures for
road building anil bridge building tor
Ihe several counties ol the state lor
Hie nine months prior to September I".
101 1, follows:
Howls and
Highways. Bridges,
. 2H.278..W .Ml.77l.il)
. r!i.H!i7.nii !i..riiii.ii:i
. 2 lo.ii 1 1. II I
. 22,H,!ljO.!)2 tl,7'.i4.l)5
. L'll.'l.oIIII.IIO 1,:(2.lls
. I2ii.iilll.71t 1,11211.78
. I22.1.SII.-I0 2M,ii 17.115
Itenton ...
Clatsop .,,
Columbia ,
Douglas .,,
(ti'lliain ,,,
Harney ..,
Hood Kivei
All of those indicted are in .the custody court for Marion county asked for lol I'M hut chicken tama es im uui wm
for board an 1 lodging at, the Marion lrom 1' red s uigni jumn.
hotel while the work was in progress,
fcii for railroad fare to and from Port
land, :.'" for typewriting the report
ami ifl.l-l for wages at $10 per da.v.j KN'' Modern five room lim
lusuiaiice Commissioner Kerguson, nn-; i'Uw in $12. Inquire 110 Mar-Oil
dor whose supervision all county and ,
stale audits are made recommended LOST Pair riuilesu glasses: i i
that the bill for sustenance lie oliinin-j Phone Sl-F-22.
:i ' entirely and that Ihe bill for in i 1-i ; ' 7. "
i .,.. .'.( .),... .,., f.,, I, PltKSIl Jersey cow, neiier calf, mill.-.
wav .loriiia the entire time the experts: 1)2 lbs. per day; cheap
on the person of Heorge C. Hrown
Noveiniier li, 1014. A joint indictment.
was relurned against Charles Wade and
I' red Peterson charging them with
burglary committed October 20. T.icse
were the men cnpluicd in the Sub
limity store and each has a long record
1H7 Market.
of crime. w'ere at. work' upon the books, but Ihe ,,,. . ,. ..i,,,,,,,,,. iq.nii,
John Hush was indirte.l for foreery chllrL'e .if IO ner day for actual time : 11"'L'1 t""-
1 111 it is charged that he gave a click i rendered is the customary charge for
in luriier using the iiitnie or I . r,. I expert accounting work.
rhouiason. Bush was released from the
coiinly jail after serving a sentence
for burglary and was out only two days
when he was returned on the forgery
charge. P. M. Peal was indicted on
a charge of injuring a railway. Peal
is the men who was aireste.l in Pallas
and brought, to this city where he con
fessed that he wrecked the S. P. train
about a mile sooth of this eitv June
NO, 1 l.AWl.iK sized s.
wood, ft per cord;
Phone 2241).
con. I growth
maple, ifl.
After inii.-h parley with Ihe account
ants who did the work and who refused
to come down in their bill, and after a
meeting of the Marion county tax
pavers the county court made the ac
countants n flat offer of :l."0. which,
of .'nurse was declined and. unless an
amicable sellleineut can be arrived at
soon it is probable that the aeconnlnnts
will bring a suit for the collection of
,t un. i 'ci... ,i:.i ,i;vn i. i-.. n ,...,.,., Ti,;u ; .1...1. - ,l.,it
Ihe Marion countv court is inviting m I.OM at .Masonic nan. i-i.
i,. i.. i,.u .1,., ,-i;,iifv ,.f II... wt!.i. silk umbrella with carve
a untuu.'V law which.' thov believe, handle Phone ..PK2.
will m.l -laa.l Ihe lest and will ; ,.,.. , ,,, :1le. Pelive: d
ovenhrowa . ,uWn. ,qu,, j.;;,:.
"There is no iiuestion hi niv mind,' ! ' . 1
, , , , : .. : 1.' N .
sin. I USUI un. 'c i .inmicMiiiin i.ti.s
that the man could have wrecked the
train in tlx' manner he said he did but
Peal was iusistant in bis statement
that he wrecked the train throueh re
venge for laving I. ecu discharged from
a sc. 'tion gang.
I'llH T'liAPIv Salem resi.l .'tic
e.rtv for five or ten acres neai
Phone PUO. J. P. Coo.le.
POlT-S.M.K or trade. Plymouth i
cnckrcls, also covered wagon. Moi
gali, Itt. 4, Phono 11 PI 2.
. Ilo, blue
1 woedeii
reared up in the air, delivered its news-
in tho ruiu thin morning to "go south
after being questioned by Chid, of Po
lice Welsh.
Dr. W. II. Reynold, Rooms 102-3 -1,
Hubbard lll.lg. l.a.lv atteii.lanl. Phone
I.cc ladies,
from .T to
Chicken pic
S p. in.
An error in yoatorday's Capital Jour
nal made it appear thai J, A. and (I. K.
Iliiighniu hud taken charge i!' the Sa
lem Auto Parage. II appeals llicy are
to be employed at the garage, l oth be
iug skilled men, but it will rei'ialu un
dor the management of Mr. P. A.
papers ull along the street to Willani-i'... 1 .
ette university and then came iluwiijj , i
on the tailpiece, which promptly broke..' '
off, and alh.wed the muzzle to'tilt up-1 . ' '
o ward at the proper angle tor u modern '.
The bombardment which startlod the "erophine gun. It hcems that alter a j "" ' ' -
residents of Salem last night was from ''' ' H'l type ,s toiiclied ot I ,t .s '
the four inch brass caanoa w hich . ""''".'.v to si on it to keep it fn h,
seriously injuring soiih'oiio.
guards the armory during these days of 1
peace. The old field piece was iiuliiu- I
lieied at midnight for the purpose of I
booming in tho new yea r and several
shots were discharged in orde
State Bank Superintendent S. O. Snr.
that till mou.v inc. i ills si II 1 1 no 11 1 Sliuwillj.;
n,. . ... . ., .un- icft'ipis aim u sno sci ei is oi ins
ot ponder might greet the new , ,
.,' , i . I deparlinent during tne venr 111 ,1 and
year ns , was g eeted . some quarter , ,vljl. ,H ',. , ,
"l ,h" 1,1,1 wu,ld I. oprialion of .tlo.oon for the man.-
0 teunuco of the departinenl, $"i22l.O.T was
o Now rcfilKtoring. Pupils aro now reK tinned back into the general loud ol
A $1.2,1 can of Pelican moln'sOS for istcrlng for work nt the Capital llusi 'the slate treasury lor the year 1011 as
cents at I.. M. Hoggs 4; I o, grocery, ncss college. The principal will be in against $1111 lll.oil lor the year 1 1) I It, not
Phone Illl. his olfiec each allciuuin this week lo ; with;. landing the costs of printing fir
the depaitiuenl, which now comes out
i Multnomah
Sherman ..
Tillamook .
I'matilla .,
I'nion ....
Wallow a . ,
Wasco ....
Wheeler ..
(No report.)
1 00,112.11,1 40..'l"j!l.0(i
II, 0,18.04
III, 5(111.28
284,5:17.27 1,205.21
21.liJX.74 1 1,134.41
1 17,400.41
1 7ii.ri.iH.m
.ISO, 214.01
02,(1 10.04
I! 1,1 10,55
50 ,48 1.70
Yamhill 5(1,8011.74 25,2.17.88
John Sanmicr, a prominent rainier
who residoi between Scio and Slaytoa,
in this coualy, was opcruled fpon lit
the Salem hospital this luoiniuu for ap
pendicitis b Pr. II. Pcauch.u.qi, of
rslavlon, a--isle.l by Pi. W. II. Morse,
of this citv. The operation was er.v
sin .wssl'ul and the patient was testing (Icurgc
eiis' this nltcruoou.
talk to uoy who ate intctcstcd, Coiner
High and periy streets. Pay and night
A letter was received this morning
from Mrs. C. llyvieis, uf (Hobo. Ariz.,
seeking iul'oi ninl ion relative to the
whereabouts of tieorgc A. Keeuey, alias
Ityvicrs, the missing iniiti is
of the department funds instead of the
stale piinling fund, as formerly, was
$.170. Pis slaleuteiit shows un increase
in the salaries of l.ie superintendent
and examiners have increased $2000,
due lo the In. I that I lie third examine
the !,est of his alolily and in a con
scientious milliner, but they would be
eilfoi'eoil regardless of consequences 01
persons. At present he sni.l he eonsid
ered that he was only filling out the
term of Mr. Shed.lcck and un I'haiiges
would be niii.le until after Juniinry 4.
The remains of Mrs. Ida Fielder, for-
Icily Miss Ida Miller, who died as pie
result of an operation for app '.elicit is
at Newport, Wash., December Il'i, 1014.
igc.l II years, will anlve in Srlein on
ihe 1 1 :2,"i Oregon Kh .-trie train tonight.
Policial sorvi-es will be combo ted at
Ihi1 l.ehiiiiili (Toogh coiupaii.' itu.lei-.
Inking ptnlors, at IH:J0 tomorrow 111 1 1 11 -iug.
by Hev, Klliott, of Hie pi: ; Pre
P.vt I'l'ia 11 church, ainl interment will be
had in City View cemetery Mrs
Kiel.br, nee Ida Miller, was a tea. her
in the Stileiu public schools for several
veins up to about five veins ami, hav
ing laugid in the North Sulci. 1 (now
(liaiiH and the Knst Salem schools.
When she was taken ill of un allack of
appendicitis she was engaged in teach
ing in the Newport, Wash., school, Be
sides her husband, I. osier Kiel. lor. she is
survived by 11 brother, W. K. .Viler, of 1
I 127 North Sixlh sheet, of this city,!
and Mrs. Margaret Wells of I, a (liuiulc,
(lie., who was u t lor in III" Salem 1
1 11 1 ui 11 tunning school lor more t.iau
II yea is.
that all of the bills were too hlgl I ,,.0i. ( KM' Two well furnished room 1
I would r ininend that ihcv be. ciil.in jimis' lcping. Inquire 101 Noith
half. It was a big job, this expelling Cottage.
of Ihe books of every county in IheJ ' .-
state in a vcrv lunilcl time na.l we ivantKH for cash, one horse, wag
ciiiploved all of the expert accountant
iu the tate in the work in order lo get
it done wiihin the time required by law.;
The charge of $l'l per .lav for actual ; -'o
lime expended upon Ihe, bonks is all
rielil and the standard per uiem cum
l.eiisatiou chaigcd bv al expert
cninitniils. I am couvii I. however.
that much unnecessary time was put in
on the work in some of the counties
and the same end could have been ac
complished in a more direct way ami
in inn--It less time than it was bote.''
(4. O. Ilo yc
1700 H.
nn. I hames
High. .
;.;T'. Stven renin house, ir.i
North Liberty. Imp. ire v J 011111.1,
mi;', .North Liberty.
iroll S.M.K Household 1 innitnie. p
i j,,,,,; would prefer otm one who wi 1. 1
I. 1 , 1 y, v oininerciai an-
"Ai.lorn." the ioo-t wondeilul and
1 in in t story ever wiilleu f.ir the mo
tion picture screen, was shown for the
veins i
Elizabeth Phinncy, for two
sislanl bookkeeper and steno-
, .;.., '.I.l..-lt.v iil'te. .... on nt the
PI'ilIi theater, and niot the instant lindll'1'!-
colh.isiiistic approval of Salem devotees
of the luring movies. The scries has
be en greeted e cry w 'cere by piaise from
intelligent and experienced critics, and
Ihe verdict has now been sustained by
the local opinion.
Over 'JOiiil people attended Ihe mati
nee nn. I evening production of "Zu
dora" at I lie Pligh Wednesday and
Thursday, and they were loud iu their
grapher al the state insane iisvlinn but i praise ""' '"'"' ""
more rc ally head stenographer in the1 Kadi episode of "u.loia" 's a coin
office of clerk of tho stale board oflplete -Imv iu itself, and will be shown
control, has been appointed bonk-j Wedm s.lnv and Thirs.lay of every
keeper ami stenographer al the feeble- weel lor 20 weeks at Manage: Pligh's
t.'l. .TOO, 788.78 $2.10,01 7.80 ! miii led institute lo fill the vacancy ' popular aaiuseuient house.
' j caused by Ihe dismissal uf Karl Knee.1 The story of each episode will al-o
The total precipitation for the month j former bookkeeper of Ihe institution, appear ea. h Saturday evening in the
of December, just closed, accoiding to She asuine.l her new duties on Deem- Daily Capital Journal. Pe sure to read
(he records of the weather station al her 22 of IIP I and receive a salary tins icinarkul.lo series and to sec them
Foil TIIAPK-Salem resilience ioe:'
tv tor live or ten acres .: land lie
Salem. Phone P'.l'l. J. K. Cuede.
rob KKNT More building pi I-'
North Liberty street. Inquire
lio.h (iroccry Co., 410 State street.
I am iu (he market for all kinds of
second hand goods. J. X, ,Shantz I'.
and Market streets. Phone ol!H- .
UK NT--More building at
North Liberty stict. Inquire
Ituth Crocery Co., -110 Mate sire
UK PI N KD vining business woman
siies room und board in pn al.
family, close to business section
Address NV., Journal office.
WK will allow you the highest pn."
vour u-o 1 fu'i nit uro in exchange
new. Calef lli'os., home fuinisl
Phone "lOT.
SKK Mrs. Prcslou Miller, 1WJ CI
ekela. abi.it stiiiting with the
ia wnler colors. Meets Thursday
Snlin.lay alTeriiuoiis,
the O. ('. T. docks iu this city, was 2.00
inches, as compared to J.TO inches for
December of last year and 4.04 inches
I bv law, was appointed during ' in 1012, The rainfall for last night and
101 I, but it enabled the su-1 this morning, up to 8 o'clock, when the
Dollar wntchos at Stone' drug storo.
is a cook bv profession ami a mciiil
of the Cooks' ami Waiters' Pnion. It
was stated in the letter thai his (laugh-
Prank O, Johnson and Isabel Slnim tor minted to locate him in eider that
each lonk a new year's resolution be she might pay him a sum due him from
lorn Judge llusiiey ul 2 o'clock Ihi llicsclllein.nl of nil estate,
afternoon to love, lionur and obey Ihe 0
other, Both vooug people are Well
known in I Ins vicinity ami have, the
best wishes of their iiumci lis i'lieu.ls.
Mr. Juhiisou Is the road supervisor iu
Pislib't No, Illl and accepted the
jodtpCH oidei with becoming grace.
I...... lit, Mi. out I,, l,..,.t ,. ,...,- , r
lie ' ; i "i 1 " - "
,the oflice and cut diovu the expenses
(Herein lo die extent ol foou in the sal
arics of office dorks. The lotal receipts
from fees for the year PUT was $0,000.
78, as compare. I to $12,s."m.."i, showing
an increase for the year of $2s.Vi.Im.
ot $i.i per month board, lodging nud at the Bligh
luoiidiy, us compared lo $i per niouta
as stenographer for the board of con
I nil. Mrs. Phiniiey's place as steno
grapher to the board of control has
been given lo Miss France Calletly,
formerly of Corvullis, but more recent
ly euipioyc.l in the bunrj of tin o
building iu Portland, who assumed her
new duties this morning, Miss Ibilletly
comes highly recommended as .in e-
WANTKP Five or .ox room "nn
house, wholly or partly flit nisi
tlnee adults;' east of 'lite.' str
I'Pe months or more. Phono 210.
Contentment clones' to these who do
ic little and are satistied with less.
ChloVion plo dinner today at, Jason
I.ee chinch served 5 to 8. Kveivbody
A milt over the possession of a cow
was filed In the justice court rustenliiy
by D. I), (lorslluc against W. J. Preen
field. II is alleged Iu the complaint
that the defendant Is iu possession of
Why pay standard insurance rates to
muliial companies when it costs no more
tn place same in a coiupauy that has
maiiy millions of asset to gnainutcc
tiio payment of its losses.' It will pay
you to see Homer II, Smith, the insur
ance mull, 5 M.Coina.-k building. Phone
o -----Ab
Minton, formerly of till city hut
now located in Albany, staled yester
day that iu addition lo hi III hamlbnll
chinnpiou of Albany which he would
tiling to thi city for a t.miniuuent
January 8 Hint he would tiring along
Many an Error
in Business
eading is made for the 24 hour pre
vioits, was .10 of an inch, The stage
iof the river ul 8 this morning was ;i.,1
I feet above low water mark, a fall of ,1
'foot dining Ihe last 21 hour, and the
" . ' ' " - J I perl i" her profession and give prom-
I""""1 " '"" ' fl'"m '' "f." 'so of giving incut sutisfacti'm iu
nun to si, icei, or an uvcrage oi .n .j
1 feet above low water for the month,
! while the range of river stage for tho
'month of Pi mber in 10P1 was 2 feet
to 7.1 and S.Il feet, and that for De
cember, 10 1 2, was from 2.8 to 12.11 feet.
is causeil by poor eyesight;
many an error could be S
avoided by tho wearing of
proper glasses.
Ikfl cow of which the plaintiff claims some rooters as well to show the Salem i
theiownoiship. The animal is said lo people thai Albany hint the proper,
have been taken fiom (he plaintiff on spirit. The tool ninucnt will be singed I
December 2.1 and the plaintiff do at the Salem Y, M. C. A. court and'
iiiand possession of Ihe cow or tl In Hie Albany crowd will be the guests
elish. of the Suleni players while in this city.
Now Yoar'ii dinner today beginning
fit .1 p. in,', ill cent, Jason Lee church,
John E, McOanlcl wan Krunted
divorce yesterday In Judge Hallowny'
court from Satn lloinlii McDaniel, n
.lapaneso woman whom he married
while in the service of the 1'. H. navy
nnd nn stalione.l nt Yokohama Japan.
There were 472 niniibifies In Marlon
coiinly during the year 1011, nn in
crease of 7il over 1 ! I it when 110(1 mar
riage were recorded by the county
clerk, There were 400 marriage re
corded nnd three licenc were iucd
yesterday, making tho total of 472 for
the year 101 1. (Miring the same time
Th.. plaintiff muled that hi. oriental'-"" """n .v cvere ,ne mm., o,
n-lfe Inst her sunnv disposition and matrimony for 88 coup e, granting do
.ailed him vile name and thai he'r,,, "f ,l'Vlm'"1 "I"'.-4' "voree .
could no loitRcr live with her. n,,w "n ,IP 1l'"'k,', M '"'ay
1 " " o - it'Wvn act In the capacity of cupid's
After looking over their Mack, the legal agent and when warring couple
Balem Woolen Mill store found that tell their trouble under oath before
mi heavy niaeklnaw coal, one inineoat the judge their difference seem les
nnd a pair nf the liet grade logging than when told in the ear of u sympa
rhorn hud been Inken by Ihe burglar 1 thiring neighbor, nnd n nunitier of con
who entered their store Wcloesda. pie hsve left the divorce court to try
night. Also some smaller article iiiny.it again with n better understanding
have been taken which were not missed than existed before,
J. 8. Diinlavy, a prosperou farmer
and hopgrowcr of Brooks, Oiegon, is
having u residence built which, when,
completed, will be one of the most I
modern ill the Willnnictle valley ami
would do credit to some of the most
fasJiionable residential district of the
latge cities. The house will contuin 21
room nud every room i plumbed for
You may be a Salesman, w !'"' W,,,,r tnroughout,
v and there will be three large vernnda.
Shinuinc; Clerk, Bookkeep- "' '"''K' w:,,,,r '"'' nn
" water supply will be pumped by n gas
cr, Manager or Proprietor motor. There nm aio be n img house.
machine shop, bam nnd other outbuild-,
no matter which, start 1915 'ik. ' "in require the larger
.share of 100,00(1 feet of lumber to be
Wltll .1 NEW IblON See 'ne.l in the build. i.g. At li rough estl
. jinnle, K. 1., Hill, n contractor of this
Cleai'Iy, have rested nerVeS, city, who designed the residence and
. li. i i other building in connection nnd is
fewer headaches and no er-, doing the wmk of construction, place
, , . .the cost of this fine country home at
rors by wearing glasses pre-approximately n..ioo.
scribed, made and fitted by; j. t. Welsh appeared behind the desk
this luoruing in police station essoining
his office of chief of police. The pre
i nt force will remain in rhnrg. of the
safety of the city mil II the meeting of
the ciinicil Monday night. M, WVI-h
saiil this tnorui.i that II th ' police
committee of the council had not been
appointed ihnt he would have ao policy
lo announce or no coauges of system
until the new force had been chosen.
He n.l.lcil that he would endeii' w lo
enforce Ihe oidioance of the city to
her new position. Secretary Coo.lin, of
the board of emilrol, did not like to
pint with the service of Mr. ITiionev,
which were of the first das but lev
husband is employe I as eotooiissat at
the feebleminded insliiule and her now
position give Ihcm a chance lo be to
When in SALEM, OREGON, stop at
Strictly Modern
Free and Private Bnths. .
RATES 7.1c, $1.00, $1.50 PER DAT.
The only hotel In the bunlneu district.
Nearest to all Depots, Theatres and
Capitol Butldlug.
A Home Away from Home.
T. O. BLIQII, Prop.
Both Phones free Auto Bus.
poll I! KNT .Modern 4 loom new hi.
furnished complete, one block 1
Kpplcy 's store. hi. ken house, .'
and bcriics, full bus. nt. Pi
1.1 10-.I.
I 1IAVK seveinl houses and lots in
leni lor ale or tiade; will cell
oiisv ,ei ins or will t tade for sto.d
any description.
I 21t.
J. Yooog,
;io s.
Plllt SALK To acre 4 mile from
lent, Ore.; good tor raising grub
dairying or fruit ranch. 1 ' i an n
For further information inquire
the Pail.v capital Journal.
Miss A. McCulloch
208-209 Hubbard Illdjr.
Phone 109
Happy New Year To All
On this, the first day of the New Year, 1915, we
wish to express to you our sincere appreciation of
your valued patronage in the past and to ask a con
tinuance of it during the next twelve months.
We expect to make 1915 the banner year in our
business, and with that object in view we promise
a continuance of. the same high grade of stock, low
prices and helpful, courteous and dependable service
that has won the approval of all our customers.
344 State Street
Fill! SALK TO acres 4 mile from S,,
loin, Ore.; good for raising grniu
dairying or fruit much, $l'd an a.
pur further iiif.innation in.p'.'re
the Daily 1'npitnl Journal.
FnTTpnuoipnl of Ihe i apital Pusln
College will In lo hi office c"
uflcrnoon lh; week to talk to
w'no ate ililete-led iu hegiliuili,
course to xt week. Day and lo.
session. New locatim- ll'r.'h
Forrv t reels.
-Hol'TTNii match, to be held at. II
er's shooting grounds, mar ,
rchool, Sunday, .Tnnnnry 3rd; gc
duck, chicken. Shell for sale
ground", everybody Invited,
traliee 15c and 2"e, Conducted
.lack lletrcn and W, Tl. Pulryinpli
Special New Korean
City Restaurant
Spanish Chicken. Hot Tamales, Chi)
Con Came, Chop Suey Noodlet
420 Ferry Ktreet
S ,1 Hofmnn vt nx to F Itutheif'
et x. a.'ie in Suleni. -PM.
.1 L Smith to Juv Hnweriuau et
20I..T0 note- in claim 00 T 0 N K '--$24,170,
Pall city Lumber Co to 1, c Pa
er. Ian I in Southwest Add to Sulci