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    THE SALEM CAPITAT. .TnriwwiT. Bt.tm fwrnnv SATURDAY, DECEMBF,?. oft. 1911.
The Secret
Samuel Hopkins Adams
I Wiinl.
i i ..n-i... i n...,.i it,.,. irftv trmiili.
I-MH"H-H'H' H Mil on some business that bo Kept to mm- j fl.om ihe ,..'
, self." -.Never mlud the process. Have you
"That also may meao something," j tlie orij,)n here?"
j remarked Kent thoughtfully. "Now, If j ..ye,,," sulil Llder Dennett; and, go
.you'll find out about that newspaper , t .i,,sU be ijruUKit buck
T j mutter I'll go oil over to Sedgwick's. , H(,;inre 0f heavy bluish paper, slightly
I you can get me there by telephone." j iiiscohned at tlie edge.
4 ! I- il... o(.i,ll., Tr..nt fniinil Staflirwlck ' .in., - . I. It nf ,l-,iu,l,iir '
- - . . - ( 111 1, V SL"U I.....V ......... -...-e, J Hill S II M'l,, UlL V.
1 nOCArilQ 1 ftCl T i "'.liking up uud down with bis hands K11j Soilgwick as he and Kent bent
LlmVuUiiJV vUlV $ ' b,'l,lml M lmol: H"J bt,ad ,or' ! over the paper.
"Hut unsigneu. sum uis comimu
"Now. Mr. !ennett. whom do you sup
pose this In be?"
"Why. the lady that stopped to talk
with Air. Sedgwick and was killed In
Lonesome Cove."
"Then why did you leave out this
earring In copying the picture?"
"A w-well," explained the other In
some confusion, "she didn't have no
earrings ou when 1 seen her, aud it
looks a lot more like without It."
"How liiucli money would you take
for this?"
"About $3, I guess." replied the oth
er In H bold expulsion of breath.
At this moment Sedgwick, who had
been studying the picture In the light,
made a slight signal with tils baud,
which did not escape Kent.
Tlve dollars Is a big price for n
rough pencil sketch," said the scien
tist. "I'd have to know more of the
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T Company
Loote Eniii.
10GKTHKU they went to the
medical ollicer's quarters. Dr.
Breed had come In tifteeu min
utes before. Without prelimi
nary Lawyer liaiu said-.
"1 want tii see that .(arm Doe certltl-
rale again."
"Area l ym afraid of weiii'in' out the
ink oh It. Adam?" reloiled the other,
with a furtive m in.
"And I," said Chester Kent In his
Buavest manlier, "venture to trouble
you to show me the certillcato lu the
case of Wilfrid lilalr."
Something like a spasm shook the
lineaments of Dr. Breed's meager face.
'Hair;" he repented. "How did you
know" He stopped short.
"How did I know that Wilfrid Blair
la dead?" Kent finished for him. "Why,
there has been time enough, hasn't
The physician's hinds flowed uerv
onsly at his straggling hair.
"Time enough V" lie murmured. "Time
enough? I'm only Just back from the
Itlair place myself."
"All," commented Kent negligently,
'"l'heu he died within two hours or
"This morning," retorted the other.
"It's nil In tlie certillcato."
"AH?" Inquired Kent, so significantly
that l.uwyer Bain give him a quick
"All that's your business or auy
body else's." said Breed, recovering
himself a bit.
"Doubtless. And I'm to bo permit
ted to see this document?"
Ilreeil pushed u paper across the ta
ble. "There It la. I Just finished mak
ing It out."
"I see," said Kent, giving the paper
a scant survey, "that the cause of
death Is set down as 'cardiac failure.'"
"Well, what's tho mutter Willi Hint?"
".Inst a trine noncommittal. Isn't It?
You see. we all din of cardiac, failure,
d the scientist. . . -"Some
one has been having a little
! fun with me." growled Sedgwick.
I "Apparently It was one sided.
I What's thU on the easel?"
"What would you take It to be?''
"Let's have a closer look."
Walking across the room Kent plant
ed himself In front of the drawing
board, upou w.'dch bad been fixed, by
means of thumb tacks, a square of
rather soft white paper, exhibiting
evidence of having heen crumpled up
and subsequently smoothed out. Ou
tlie paper was a three-quarter draw
ing of a woman's head, the delicate
face beneath waves of stiort curly
hull', turned a lltllo from the left
shoulder, which was barely indicated.
Setting his useful monocle In his eye,
Kent examined tlio work carefully.
"I should lake It," lie pronounced at
length, "to be it sort of a second baud : you II ml 11.''
attempt at a portrait." 1 "In this book. 1 bought the book at
"You recognl.e It, though?" i Dlniiuock's rummage nuctlou." He
"It bears a resemblance to the face , produced a decrepit, loosely bound edi
of the corpse at Lonesome Cove. Where
did that precious work of art come
"No; nothing so imut and Innocuous."
i clergyman had begun life service Kent you remember? Ho told us that tW ,
l was Close CO me onsuu.ji.iui, iciiuo.
"Are you asking nie to run some He colM nenr tht. faiut, suieinn tuur
dauger? Is It to see her?" said Sedg- niur 0( the words. Then came the
wick eagerly. lowering of the casket. The onlooker
"Leave her out of It for the present, j n,.,, the black nnd sliver sumptu
There Is no question of seeing her ousm,slj of it nnd thought of the rough
now. There's an enterprise forward 1(,ulol.k tj0X that Inclosed the anony
whldi. If It fails, means the nttet . , . Aiiutilnkn churchyard.
damning of reputation. What do you
"What's the Inducement?"
"The probable clearing up of the
case we're on. When 1 come to tackle
It 1 may II nd that one man could do it
alone. But"
"Walt. You're going into It are
111 41?
"iluavcn knows! Chlng Lung found
the sketch lying on the doorstep with
a cobblestone holding it down."
"It Isn't u sketch."
'What would you call It, then?"
"A copy, If you had used your eyes
on It Instead of your temper, you
might have seen at once Hint It Is a
tracing. Look for yourself, now."
Taking the magnifying monocle that
Kent held out, the artist scrutinized
the lines of the picture.
"Ity Jove! You'ro right," siild he.
"It's been transferred through tracing
paper and touched up afterward.
Itnther roughly too. You can see where
tho copyist has borne down too hard
on tho lead."
"What's your opinion of the likeness
If It Is toe likeness which you sup
pose?" Inquired Kent.
"Why, as I remember the woman
this picture is a good deal idealized.
Tlie hair and tlie eyes are much the
same. Hut the lines of tho face In the
picture are liner. The chin and mouth
tiro more delicate, aud the whole ef
fect softer and of n higher typo."
"Do you soo anything strango about
the neck on tho left aide?"
"Itadly drawn; that's all."
"Just below the ear there Is a sort
of bhinknosM, kn't there?"
"Why, yes, it seems curiously un
finished Just there."
"If you were touching It up how
would ynu correct that?"
"With a slight shading Just there
where the neck muscle should be
thrown up a bit by the turn of the
"Or by Introducing a largo pendant
earring which tho copier has left out?"
"Kent, you'ro a wonderl That would
do It exactly. Hut why lu the name
of all that's marvelous should the trac
er of this drawing leave out the ear
ring:'" "Obviously to keep the picture as
near like us possible to the body on the
"Then you don't think It Is thu wo
man of tlie beach?'1
"No; I don't."
"Who else could It possibly be?"
"Perhaps we can best lluil that out
by discovering who left tho drawing
"That looks like something of a Job."
".Not Very formidable, I think. Sup
pee we run up to the village and ask
the local stationer who has bought any
truing paper there within a day or
A the demand for Inu-licf paper lu
irlludale t'eiiler was small, the sta
tioner upon being called on hud no illlll-
'ii 1 Iv In recalling Hint L'ldcr Dennett
except those of us who full from air- i , ,,,n M r I j t nl'leiiiooii aud made
i'hi'." i such a puivh.ise.
"That record's good enough for the I'ltcit he must have discovered
law," lie, lured the medical olllcer dog munching after 1 left him," said Kent
Kedly. ! to Scdgivlck, "for be never could have
"With or without me?"
"Why couldn't you have said so at
first and saved this discussion?" cried
his host. "Of course if you're In for
it, so am I. But what about your
"it's worth u good deal to me," con
fessed Hie scientist. "And I can't deny
I'm staking It all on my theory of this
.-use. If I'm wrong well. It's about
the linls of my career."
"See here. Cliet!" broke out his
Mend. "Do you think I'm going to
let you take that kind uf a chance
picture to pay that for It. Where did j for nie?''
"It isu't for you. declared Hie other
with Irritation. "It's for myself. Can't
you understand that this is my case?
Do you care to run over to the library?
No? Well, for the rest of the evening
I can be found-no; I cannot be fouud,
though I'll be Hiere-iu room 571."
"All right." said Sedgwick, "You
needn't fear nny further Intrusion.
Hut when is our venture?"
"Tomorrow night," replied Keut,
"Wilfrid Blair having officially died, as
tier specillcations, today."
Hon or the Massachusetts Agricultural
itepurts. "The picture was stuck lu
between the leaves."
"So name In tho book." said Kent.
"The flyleaf Is gone. But here's the
date of pnblicatiou-lSiiO."
"That would be Just about right,"
said Sedgwick, with lively Interest.
"Itlght for what?'' dumuuded Den
nett. Before there was time for reply Kent
had pressed u llvo dollar bill Into his
hand, with Ihe words:
"You've made a trade."
"Walt," protested the elder. But the
sketch was already In Sedgwick's pos
session, "It's on rillott," said that gentle
man. "I'm sine of It. I've seen his
sketches before, though they're very
rare, and there's an unmistakable
touch about Ills pencil work."
"lu that case," said Kent suavely,
"Mr. Dennett will he grntllied to know
that he has sold for an article worth
flrty times that.
.tM.-o-',:', Vl'J
"Thit lui-oi-d'i gjl enough for the j ' '
physician?" , ;
"W h i whs the unending
"I v. as."
"Indeed! And to what undertaker
Wii 4 the penult Issued','"
"It m,is 1 4 nod to the family. They
inn linn It over t what uii'lcrtakcr
(hoy pleiiM'."
" here li the bilciinent In !).''("
"S;i,v, I. inky here, Mi. M.ui!" cried
li.- i ii .i lull, hrcnlJug lulu the siul
d'-u v. hin'.ug fury of bird prcs-cd H
1 1 1 1 1 1 ' "Ale you try lim to leurn me
my t'li-liii' -s ? Veil can i;o In Hie devil:
That's v Ii.it on can do! '
"Willi your slgnut uie on my ciutlll
cu'eV" Inquired the si'lenlM, uuniov
,.,. " ,ui't trouble jou so far, In
tli ''.!. I lli'inli you."
n;l4hli. iii the slns'l, I.-iwyer It.iln
pt his secret If he'd hud It then."
"Hut what motive could he have?"
cried the artist.
",lus( inUehh'f probably. That's
enough motive fur his sort." Turning
to Hie slui'cliocpcr, Kent mldiil. "Do
yon happen In know how Mr. Dennett
spent thu early part of this iil'lenioou';''
"I surety do, lie was up to Him
The Aid of the Stars.
IIKY left tho elder groaning at
his door and went lo look up
Dlminock, liie rummage mini.
But be was wholly unable to
throw any light ou the former owner
of thu reports In which the drawing
had becu tucked away. There the In
vestigation seemed to be up ugalnst a
blank wall.
"Isn't It astounding!" said Sedgwick.
"Uere's a portrait antedating lS'.U of
a woman who lias Just died, young.
What was the woman 1 saw-u reve-
limit in the llesh?"
"If you ask inc." said Kent slowly.
"I should say, rather, an lnillallon."
Further he would not say, but In
sisted on returning to the Nook. As
they arrived the telephone bell was
ringing with tlie weary persistence of
the long unanswered. To Kent's query
i Lawyer' Bain's voice announced:
"I've been trying to. get you for an
"Sorry,'' sold Kent. "Is It about, the
"Yes." said Hie lawyer. "I've got
the Information." Anil be slated Hint
four newspapers went regularly to
Hedgerow house- the New York Star
anil .Messenger and the Boston Kagle
to Alexander Hlulr anil Hie Boston
l''-ee I'ress to Wilfrid Blair.
Sedgwh-k sot Ihe Klllott sketch be
side the copy and i-oinparcd them for
a time. Then he fell to wandering
dissolutely about the studio. Suddenly
he turned, walked over to his friend
and laid a hand on his shoulder.
"Kent, for the love of heaven, can't
ymi do soincilJug for me?"
"You mean about Ihe girl':"
Sedgwick nndilod. "I can't get my
mlud to slay on anyllnir; else. Kvcu
this Infernal puzle of the pictures
doesn't Interest me fm- uioie limn the
minute. The longing for her Is eating
tlie heart nut of me."
"My den:' l-'i'.in!.," said the olInT
quietly. "If there were anything I
could do. don't von lliliik I'd be doing
II '! It's a very dark tangle."
"If tin li' were only smoothing to
do!" ficiled Hie ai'lM. "Its this
uiisyil loaiilnu that I gelling my
Trout aru a tradition rather than a
prospect In Siiiiilayman's creek. Some,
indeed, consider them a myth. Hope
springs eternal in the humnn breast,
However, and a fisherman, duly equip
ped, might have been observed testing
the upper reaches of the stream on
the morning of July 10. Although his
rod and tackle were of the best, his
apparel was rough, not to say, scrub
by. An old slouch hut was drawn down
over his forehead uud staring blue
glasses sheltered his eyes against tho
sun, which was sufticienlly obscured
for most tastes by a blanket of gray
cloud, promising rain.
The rumble of a vehlclo distracted
his attention, and he looked up to ob
serve with curiosity a carriage full of
strangers pass across the bridge. The
strangers were all in black. The an
gler looked away again and turned to
' on 1 1 n uo his hopeful progress toward
the bend. Not until lie bad rounded
Ihe curve did ho taiuso for rest. He
was waiting for the funeral service of
Wilfrid Blair.
Notices In the Boston and New York
papers had formally designated tho
burial as "Private." Tlmt Invaluable
aid. Lawyer Adam Bain, wlio seemed
to have bis lingers mi the pulse of nil
the county's activities, had Informed
Kent that telegraphic summonses had
giiiio out to a few near relatives and
that tho relatives, together with a
clergyman, were expected that morning.
for a patient hour longer Kent's
questing Mies explored unresponsive
nooks and corners. At the end of (hat
time be sighted a tigure coming from
Hedgerow' house and dodgeil into n
covert, of sumac. The glass brought
out clearly the features of Alexander
Blair, set, stern and pale. Blulr walk
ed swiftly to Ihe wtllow thicket where
lay Cuptulu Hogg and his unnamed
victims, looked down Into tlie raw
fresh excavation and turned uway.
Another man, Issuing from the house.
Joined him. I'roin his gestures Alex
ander Blair seemed to lie explaining
and directing. Finally both returned
lo the bouse.
"Handling the whole business him
self," comiin'iited Kent. "I like his
courage anyway."
Half an hour afterward the little leouslderliiKlv.
,'s i-ainuiiige minion, an' he got nerve!"
soul. 'thing (horn Hull I Id, led lilm like a
feather. Hut he wouldn't let on what
It was."
"T'ne lu minal!" said Scdxw Id;.
"Whet docs Diuiuiock deal luf
"If Hint's all." I'l'lurncil Kmil slow
ly, "I'll give yon viouii'i hhig (n do.
And I faticy." be addeil grimly, "II
I I be siithi lelit'.v u' -orbing In lake
your lulu. I from 1 1 1 - troubles fur a
"All kinds uf odds nnd ends, lie j Hum at least.
..cranes the onunlrv for buul.rupt sales "Bring It ou
I an' has a big utiolliUi once a year.
!-; eryhuily goes. Ynu can Had any
luri.ed tn his ,-lleut. ' V mi (b in I IimI. j thing from a plow handle lo a s.s'ond
at (be .Line Doe paper u nil " 1 hand lual'i'lage cel l Ith-ale at his place."
Inb i c-ii.'il In that
"No I in not
us In I! tlior."
"Si -iooHiIiii; queer about this lilalr
el.-1 h': , u another uiimh'f I"
,. s.,1,.. uf Chester Ken's face
liinivd "V"," inld he positively,
"i ei lainly 0"l that."
"l inn,, in i I'iM'ii a l"t of acainlil
iihmit joiini: Hlulr, I'm told. IVrliaps
llo-v'r" liinjlim til lit lis quli'llj as pes
nible Ju 4t 10 keep out of Hie p.ip Ts "
"I shouldn't cniisldcl Id. ili.'lb.sl of
binla! likely in pinyo parHcului'ly
quid." leliniied K-'nl "Of course I
in iv be wrong, hut, I Hdiili nut. The
uirst private way to. get hurled Is lu
pub Ic "
"Well. If a dentil was
Kldor Deuucll,'
eloliig tip
"We now
sa'.d Kent.
That vor;h,v was ulinut
liup hen they entered
"Don't youi In mp work right
Profess.. r Kent?" he Inquired.
"I'el'fi" tl ," responded the scientist.
"We have come to see you on another
matter, Mr. Sedgwick and I."
"I'lrit let me thank ynu," said Smlg
wick, "for Ihe curious work of art yon
left at my place."
"Iluy ee?" Inquired the elder, Willi B
rising llllbs tlnn
"Don't take Hie trouble, to lie nlsiut
It," put In Kent ".Hal show us (he
original of tho drawing which you
wived I'd ' traced so handily,"
want no better iiiuu than III I lo help 1 I ho town gossip nirio imeusiij
r.v,.r II. Hv the way, (In, hl.eiill lias from foot to foot. "Ilow'd you know
, ,.,. sin,-., vnsterduv Hl'teriioou I "i- Picturor lie Kiggns.
I'm ready."
I "All In good time Mcniifiiini I am
, ui-rl.'usly thinking, my ileal' young
. friend." said Kent solemnly, "nl eon
Hulling an iMMl".r:' '
! "You're eiazy!" ret muni Se-l;wli-k.
"I wish I were for a few hours,"
! an lil Keut. with etil ie serlo, isiiesa. "It
i might help "
yet, i "W ell. Hint's when- I'll be If you
; dnli't liud iiomelhlng for nie In do
snub. Sn mire uu and lin.lori.iM.'e tills
promised a. tit li.v."
"If you I cont'd a trip lo Hie Mailln
dale Public library as luthlly 1 can
furnish that much ei Itcnienl."
"What are you go'nu in do there?"
"Consult the tiles of the newspapers
and pick out a likely hU:li class as
trolngcr from (he udverll'eiiienls,"
"That has a mild nutty llavor, but It
iliH'-ni'i excite any profound emotion lu
Die oxivpt concern for your simlly."
"You've ald that before," relortist
Kent "However. I'm not sum I shill
u with tne anyway."
funeral piocisslon moved from tho
house. There was no hearse. Six
men carried Ihe cotUti. They were all
And as bis lly met the water he smil
ed a little, grim, wry smile.
It was over soon. The black clad
group drifted away. One member
paused to glance with curiosity at the
roughly clad angler making bis way
up stream, for Kent Judged It wise to
absent himself now, foreseeing the ad-
Tnfit ot one keener "eyed tTian the
mourners, whose scrutiny ho did not
desire to tempt. Shortly Gansett Jim
came to the grave. Hastily and care
lessly ho pitched In the earth, tramp
ed it down nnd returned. Carriages
rolled to the door of Hedgerow houBe
nnd rolled nway again, carrying the
mourners to their train. Not until
then did Keut snug up his tackle nnd
take the road.
No sooner had he reached the hotel
aud changed Into dry clothes than he
made haste to the Nook and thus ad
dressed Sedgwick. "Now I'm your man
for that tennis match."
Kent played as be worked, with con
centration uud tenacity, backing up
technical skill. Agnlnst his dogged at
tack Sedgwick's characteristically more
brilliant game was unavailing, though
the contest was not so uneven but that
both were sweating hard as at the
conclusion of (he third set they sought
a breathing space ou the terraced bank
buck of tho court.
That's certainly a good nerve seda
tive," said the artist, breathing hard.
"nnd not such rotteu tennis for two
aged relics of better days like ourselves."
"Not so bad by any means," agreed
his opponent cheerfully. "It you Uud
stuck to lobblug I think you'd have
hud nie In tlie second set. Wonder
how our spectator enjoyed It?" ho add
ed, lowering his voice. "Don't be
abrupt about It. but Just take u look
at that lilac copse ou Ihe crest of the
"Can't see any one there," said
"No more can I. Look at the bird on
that young willow. You can see for
yourself it's trying to Impart some Information."
"I see a grasshopper sparrow lu a
state of some nervousness. But grass
hopper sparrows nro always fidgety."
"This particular one has reason to
be. She has u nest in that lilac patch.
A few minutes ago she went toward
It with a worm in her beak, hastily
dropped the worm nnd came out In a
great state of mind; hence I judge
there is some Intruder near her home.
"Any guess who it Is?"
"Why, It might be (iunsett Jim," re
plied Kent in a louder voice. "Though
It's rather stupid of him to pick out u
bird Inhabited bush as a hiding place."
The Iliac bush shook a little, and
Gansett Jim came forth.
"He went to Carr's Junction," said
the half breed curtly.
"You found his trail?" asked Kent.
The other nodded. "This muming,"
he Ha lil.
"Kind anything else?"
"No. 1 kill him If I get him!" He
turned nnd vanished over the rise of
ground buck of the court.
"Now what does that mean?" de
manded Sedgwick lu amazement.
"That Is Gansett Jim's apology for
suspecting you," explained Kent. "He
la our ally now, and this is his (list In
formation. What a marvelous thing
Hie bulldog strain In u race Is! No
body tint an Indian would have kept
to an almost hopeless trail as he has
"The trail of the real murderer?"
cried Sedgwh.-k.
Kenl phoolt his head. "You're Ml III
obsessed with dubious evidence," he
remarked. "Let me see your time
Having studied the schedules that
the artist produced for him, hi) nodded
Boston It Is. then, he
ii llm
,':! . nit ;
Isald. "As I thought. Sedgwick. I ill
off for two or three days of (ravel -If
1 we get through this night without dls
! aster."
I .
'GUT canio on lu murk nnd
mist. As thu clouds gathered
thicker. Cheater' Kent's faco
took on a more nnd more
i satisfied expression.
Ihe contrary, gloomed sorely at the
i suspense. Kroin tluiii to time Kent
thru.it n hand out of the window.
Shortly after midnight there was u
splutter of rain ou the roof,
j "The Hue) has come for action." said
i Kent. "Be thankful. Get on your
1 coat."
1 Sedgwick brightened at once. "Bight
! NT I'.i -A., sal'
f 'Mi" u " '
' i 4V. ' .'-1 ' Sll
be said. "Get your lamps ll(,hled .
, and I'll bo with you." j
"No lights. (Mil's Is II deep, dark,
' desperate, devilish, diini' novel design.
tint a spade and a pick? If you '.
haven't a pick, two spade will do. In i
fm t. they'll be bctler."
i Sedgwick's heart frore. lie vlsloned i
the wet soli of Annaluka burying;
ground, heaped above a Inose hasped '
' pine box. 1
"Good liud! Is It that?" ho mut- '
terod. lie went out Into the dark. 1
presently reluming with the touts.
Kent look them out ami dlsposi'd them
lu the car.
! "Gel In." lie directed
house neit floor is occupied by an olo
sleepless asthmatic, who spends half
her nights. In her window overlooking
the graves."
The car shot forward again. "Is
that all?" asked Kent.
"Isn't It enough?"
"Hardly. We're not going within
miles of Annaluka."
"Then our night's work is uot"
Kent could feel his companion's revolt
nt the unutlered word and supplied it
for him.
"Grave robbery? It Is."
Tn a private burying ground "on i the
Blairs' estate."
"Wilfrid Blair's grave? When was
tho funeral?"
"This morning. I was nnioug those
present, though I don't think my namo
will be mentioned lu the papers."
"Why should you have been there?"
"Oh, set it down to vulgar curiosity,"
said Kent.
"Probably you'd sny the same If 1
asked you the motive for this present
expedition. I suppose you fully appre
ciate tho chance we are taking?"
"Didn't I tell you (iiat it was rather
more than a life and (lentil risk?"
Something cold touched Sedgwick's
hand In the darkness. His Hugers
closed around a dusk. "No; no Dutch
courugu for inc. Where is this place?"
"On Simdaymnn's creek, some four-
teen miles from Hie Nook as the mo
torcar dies."
"Pourteen miles," repeated Sedgwick
musingly, following a train of thought
that suddenly glowed, u beacon light
of hope. "And these Blairs have some
connection with the dead woman of
the Cove, (he woman who wore her
Jewels." His fingers gripped and sank
Into Kent's haul libered arm. "Chef,
for the love of heaven tell me! Is she
one of (liese Blairs?"
"No, nonsense, Sedgwick," returned
the other sternly. "You're to act yen,
and till iik -under orders till the night's
Job Is done."
There was hileiice for nearly half an
hour, while the car slipped, ghostlike,
along the wet roadway. Presently It
turned aside and stopped.
'Tnotwork now," said Kent. "Take
I he spades and follow."
He himself, leading the way. carried
a coil of rope on his shoulders. Lor
what Sedgwick reckoned to be half
a mile they wallowed across soaked
meadows, until thu whisper of rain
upon water canie to his ears.
"Keep close.," directed his gidde nnd
preceded l;lm down a steep bunk.
The sti-cum was soon forded. Kmerg
Ing on the farther side they scrambled
ill) the other bank Into a thicker dark
ness, where Sc.lgwlok. colliding with
a gnarled tree trunk, stood lost and
waiting. A tiny bar of light appeared
It came to a rest upon a fresh garish
ridge of earth, all pasty and yellow In
(he rain, and abruptly db-il.
"Tuo dangerous to use the lantern,"
murmured Kent. "Take iho near end
and dig."
Both men. fortunately, were lu hard
training. The heavy soil Hew steadily
and fast. Soon they were waist deep.
Kent in a low voice bade Ills fellow
(oiler stop.
".Mustn't wear ousclves out at the
atart," he said, "Take live minutes'
At the end of three minutes Sedg
wick was groping for his spade. "I've
l.ot to go on. ('hot," he gasped. "The
silence and idleness are too much for
"It's Just as well," assented ills com
mander. "The clouds are breaking,
worse luck. And some one might pos
sibly be up ami about In the house.
Go to It!"
This time (here was no respite until,
with a lliuil whl'-li ran up his urm to
his heart. Kent's Iron struck upon
wood. Both men stood frozen Into
attitudes of attention. No sound canie
i from (he house.
"Kasy now," warned Kent, after lie
judged It safe (u continue. "I thought
that Jim dug deeper than Unit. Spade
It out gently. Ami feci for the han
dles." "I've got one." whispered Sedgwick.
"I'lliiib out, then, and pass me down
the rope."
As Sedgwick gained tlie earth's level
Iho moon, sailing from behind a cloud,
I ion red a Hood of riidlance between the
live trunks. Kent's face, as he raised
It from the grave, slretclilng out his i "
hand for the cord, was ghastly, but his
lips smiled cucoiirageuicnt.
"All right! due minute, now. nnd
Sedgwick, on .,,,. mtv."
"Safe:" repealed tlie other. "With
thai opened gravel I shall never feel
safe again."
l''ruin between Hie earthen Willie
Kent's voice canie, inntlleil, "Safu as n
i cliui'i h." he averred, "from the mill
i ule that we have the entlln. Take this
, end of the rnpe. Gut ll? Now this
one. It's fust lure and aft. Here i
chuckle sounded again. "
"That's enough," said a heavy Told
with a suggestion of mirthful appreci
ation. Sheriff ten Schlagor stepped from
behind a tree. ' He held a revolver on
Kent. Sedgwick made a swift motion
and the muzzle swung accurately on
"Steady. Krnnk," warned Kent anx
iously. "I'm steudy enough." returned the
other. "What a fool 1 was not to bring
a gun!"
"Oh, uo," contradicted the scientist.
The Turn of the Game.
TnrGKEN with aiiiuxumc.it ni
the hatred In the tone, (Sedg
wick stood staring. But Keui,
stepped before the advancing!
man. "Tills won't do," he said llrmly
"We can't any of us afford killing."
"I can." contradicted Mr. Blair.
"You would gain nothing by it. If
ouo of us Is killed the other will finish
the task. You know what 1 am here
for. Mr. Blair. 1 purpose to opeu that
coffin und then go."
"No," snid the master of Hedgerow!
house. And It was twenty years ago
since his "no" had been overborne.
"Yes," returned Chester Kent quietly.
Mr. Blair's arm rose, steady and
slow, with the inevitable motion of
"If you shoot," pointed out Kent,
"you will rouse the house, is there uo:
one there from whom you wish to con
ceal that collin?"
The arm rose higher until tlio mux
xle of the pistol glared like a baleful,
liistcrluss eye into Kent's face. In-
"Open your eyeel Lookl Look!" cried
Willi a l"iii be clambered nut of Hie
excavation, lie tud; one end of the
rope from Snlgvdck's Iniinl. "All ready
In IiiiiiI?" he Inquired III mutter of fact
"Walt. What are we going to do
W illi (his-(his I hlui!?" demanded his
cnlalinrer. "Wo cull never get It to
Hie cur "
stead of making any counter motion
with tho sheriff's revolver tlie scien
tist turned on his heel, walked to
Sedgwick and handed ill in the weapon.
"I'm going lo open the collin, Frank,"
ho announced, "That pistol of Mr.
Blair's is a target arm. It has only
one shot"
"True," put In Its owner, "but I can
score 1-D with It at a hundred yards."
"If he should lire, Frank, wing him.
And then, whatever happens, get that
casket open. That is the one thing
you must do for uie nnd yourself,"
Sedgwick stepped to within two
paces of Blair. "Blair," he said, wl(h
a snarl, "yuu so much ns think with
that trigger linger and you're dead!" i
"No; no killing, Prank," counter-
uiundcd Kent. "In his place you'd ,
perhaps do us he is doing."
Ho worked tho blade of u spade
craftily under tho lid nnd began to
pry. The cover gave slightly. Mr,
Blair's pistol sank to his side. "I ,
should have shot before warning you,"
he said bitterly. "Violating graves is,
I suppose, your Idea of a lawful and
orderly proceeding."
Tho rending crackle of tlio hard,
heavy wood was his answer. Kent
stooped and struggled up, bearing a
shapeless heavy object lu his anna.
The object seemed to bo swathed In
Backing. Kent let It fnll to tho
ground, where It lopped and lay. "All
right." said he, with a strong exhala
tion of relief, "1 knew It must be,
And yet well, imu never is absolute
In certainly. And If I'd been wrong I
think, Prank, we could profitably have
used that gun on ourselves. Yon can
drop It now. Come over here."
Courageous though Sedgwick was.
Ills nerves were of a highly sensitive
order. He shuddered hack. "1 don't
believe I can do It. Choi."
"Yuu must. As a witness. Come,
brace up!"
Selling Him bullseye laiileni down.
Kent produced u pnokci knife. Sedg
...i..i. .i...... .. i .1 t ....ii.
HI- 14 UM-. II 1.111,4 10'inill. II 11,1, Willi J
lug over, cmndj'it. i"eliui! IiIh nerves!
ngaliisl Hie reveliitlnu Hint should eoni"
when the coul-i should be ellt and the
swathing reveal their contents. "If
I keel over, dmi'l let mo tumble Inl
A low chuckle sounded from (hej n,,. grave." he said simply and clinked
I shrubbery back of (hem. The rcnir
rccllniilsls shied. "Il'leken.
I "An owl," whispered Sedgwick lit
. length.
"No." replied Kent In the same lone.
He Could Hr he Fint Murmur of
the Wordl.
"if we had to do this. Kent, saiil : "'en nm wv nun vino nvio in
Sislgwlok, shuddering lu his sent, "why '. "Haul!"
haven't we done It before';'' j ' I' ' the- heavy casket, humping
The other turned ou the power. ' ami grating, h'ven through the rope
Ynii'i-i. on the wrong track, im usual." ! Sedgwick fell with li.ai'or the turn
striiugers lo Kent, and their clothes I he remarked. "It couldn't be dmie be- . 'u the helpless sodden i budy will,
gave obvious testimony of city origin, i foro." ; ' ' r" ""''
Hull' dozen other men and thro,, wo- i "Well, It can't be done now." cried his end up on the nnund I he lantern
men heavily vell.il followed. Kent '. the artM In sudden sharp excitement. ;'"' ' U" u.ea.u Sedgwhk saw
(hrus( Iik glass Into his pocket and "A.iui.l.iHa burying gmm.id Is watched. ! Kent striving tn force his spade edge
lined hU rod again. Bv the time the ; Lawyer Bain -aid us urn h. Don't ! "'' " -'"! N ' l"' It loose. Ihe
Ihe In Mt word olT Iroin becoming n cry
nf horror as he behehl his friend drive
the knife IiI.mIi to the hilt lu the body
1111.1 I III,, I IVlltl,, ll ll.l.kuM III,.) iliiMAinv-i: !-. I
wltli n long ripping draw under whichjj
the harsh el. oh sang lilileniisly,
"Open your eyes! Look, look!" cried
Kent heartily.
A strong trti kle of sand (lowed out
of (he rent lu (he sink and spread upon
the ground.
"That Is all," said Kent.
Heller clamored within Sedgwick for
expression. He began to laugh In
short choking spasms.
(('initialled Next Saturday.)
didn't find Itjuysolf (III i got luck