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ppin Twn rrvTC ON trains and newb
riVlUi!i 1 Y t lJ!iJ 10 STANDS FIVE CENTS
II. i' 1 idfitd
Italy's Act Under Ordinary
Circumstances Would Be
Cause for War
Russia Reported to Have
Traded Sakhalin Island for
Heavy Cannon
Vienna, vin Berlin ami Loudon. Ho,..
2(1. "Fighting continued Christmas
day-' nimomu'e.l the Austria:! war of.
m i- whs arioraooa. "along must of our
'""'I' "out. I
"Our forces repulsed Russian attacks
near Magyng, in tho Latourcza region,
with heavy losses to tln oneiuv. Tin?
Slavs were driven toward Liski.
"Between Wisloli ami Itiala the Rus
sians nttnckod us Christmas eve anil
the following day tho fighting con
tinueil with the utmost violence.
"(la the Donn.jec river there has lieen
no change in the situation.''
Another thins; in wliii-li deep interest
was expressed was Austria 's probable
attitude toward the reported seizure by
Italy of the Albanian port of Avlona. '
Italian marines were landed nt Avlona
late in October but it was stated at
the time that this was done oalv to
Keep order. The latest occupation,
F'riday, had every appearance however,
of being permanent, it was stated.
Whether or nut the force first set
Ishnre was withdrawn later or if Fri
day 'h landing pnrty simuly strengthened
the first one, wus not known hem.
Might Oauso War.
Inasmuch as the Italian port of
Otranto and the Albanian town of
Avlona command the Otranto strait,
which serves ns Austria's outlet from',
the Adriatic sea into the Mediterranean
the seizure, on the face of it, would
constitute sufficient cause for war be
tween the Austrinna and Italians, it
has been reported repeatedly, however,
that Austria was prepared to (jive
Italy a free hand in Albania in return
for assurances that the Italians would
remain neutral in the present F.uropenn
Gritnsy reported the sinking of on
other trawler by a North sea mine
the Oenna with the loss of eight out
of its crew of nine.
Confirmation was lacking of the
Copenhagen story that Russia had ceded
its half of Snkhnlin island to Japan in
return for heavy cannon. The .Slavs
lost the southern half of the island
vihieh lies off the Siberian const mirth
of the Japanese archipelago, b'v the. appearance in the London Morning
treaty of Portsmouth, which ended the I'ost Thursday.
Matichurinn war. I Kfforts to secure from Berlin some
It was recognized liere that Russia 'b aort of confirmation of the assertion
lack of equipment was preventing the'"""'1' lVtrograd, whence the Post re
eznr from putting into tne field all hisj l'('ivo'' its dispatch, that the kaiser
available forces anil Japan, it wns not j favored his second son ns Hungarian
doubted, could help out ill this respect ' ru',,r proved unavailing up to to
il' it chose. f the story proved true, ;'"' Tl'i was not considered surprls
howevcr, It wns remarked, it seemed toi '"K. however, inasmuch ns it seeuied
lispose of reports that the Mikado in-
tended to send troops to Kurope, or he
,. ....1.1 ...... I -II I.! !.! v , ,
n-Mini ii..-i-'i mi ins IMUIIIIIUIIS lor 111 UWII
soldiers' use.
In Asia Minor, it was understood the
Hussion army of invasion had been com
pelled practically 0 suspend operations
merely holding the territory It had nl
ready occupied, pending bettor weather.
both of them, os ut present, a complete
Crow & Pierce report three sales of divorce would be more probable,
real estate which were consummated! The Dutch view was that the Hun
within the past week, Mr. Win. Miller,' carinas however, might prefer to select
lor eighteen years connected with thei their own-siib-ruler, mi l the prediction
post office deportment at Portland, and ' " made that, In such an event their
who has been prominently connected choice would be the eldest son of the
with tho political history of the state hite Archduke Frnncies Ferdinand,
for a number of years, has purchased1 whose assassination at Serajevo last
a tract of land In the Hall Acres nddi-1 summer was the immediate cause, of the
tion one-half mile south of Hubbard,
Mr. Miller will build a modern bunga
low early in the spring. He is a brother
of J. M. Miller, collector of Internal
revenue nt Portland and his wife is a
sister of Mrs. Chub Wear of Hubbard.
The Millers expect to make Hubbard
their future home.
Mr. Carl ttruger of Butte, Montana,
lins pun hnscd a piece of laud In Coudy
Caniens and Intends to locate there
next summer. Mr. Kruger Is a close
friend of A. J. Huxton, who recently
bought I niece of (loudy (lindens. Mr.
Kruger will build n home hce early in
the summer of the coining year.
Miss Agness Lyons of' Worcester,
Mass. has tied up nice, piece of the
Mimlck Homestead tract nnd will pnyjnnd If the nntural line of succession
cash for it In January. This Is the sec-! should lie followed l'erdlminnd 's sou
ond piece of the Diniirk Homestead
tract that has been sold by this firm
recently, t row ft Pierce, ilo not tor a
moment let the prevailing belief in
"hard times" interfere with their welD
laid plans for success, but keep ever-j for peace in Kurope will be handed
lastingly nt it, and the results show, here soon to the ambassadors of bcllig
they are beginning to bring new people erent nntlmis. . It will be signed by Hon,,
into Hubbard seeking perninuent homes. IPOO Amerlejin school children.
f ' r. " 'if -V
Wrt, iCT Jn
Gcncinl voa Huolow
ommands one
hi' the German armies in France.
has offered stubborn resistance
the allies and has bpeu responsible fo
the stand that followed the retirement
at the Maine.
I'hoto bv American 1'ress Association.
Pctrograd, Dee. 20. The czar left
last night for the fighting front in IV
laud, it was announced here today.
His majesty left front Moscow, where
he has been spending several ilitys witli
the (zarina.
Samentlm Ann goes to church every
time she gets a new dress, s
Intimated Germany Will Ab-
sorb Austria No Matter
What Is Result of War
The Hague, Dee. 20. The suggestion
that Prince Kitel Frederick might be
come a candidate for the throne of
Hungary has been the subject of eon-
"'''''"'I'll' interested comment here since
V P.
i ; '
natural in the tlerninn government toldny. Since that time Coventor West
- hesitate at admitting the existence of
la ,ln !.:.. i. i-i..... ... ..... II I,
a plan which ienna nnturnllv
object to strongly.
Nevertheless, it Is known from ninnv
sources that the Berlin chancellory con
siders the war likely to end, even if the
Teutons win it, in the nmalgainutinu of
Aiistrlu-Ilangny with the Cerinnn em
pire, Assuming such an outcome, official
dom here held to the view that Austria
would come in ns one and Hungary n
another distinct slnle, and while' one
man might continue nt. the head of
With the death of Frnncls Joseph, the1 ""'"""V "? r")0
........ a Hi I..... :...... i ' 4 Tins nri-nnueu
present Austro-llungnrian ruler, Francis
rerilinand would have become emperor
of Austria find King of Hungary,
Ills children were by his mnrgnaiitlc
wife, the Countess Chnlek, who wns
slain with him and lis such they were
not recognized under Austrian law.
Hungary, on the other hand, regarded
them as legitimate nnd there were ninnv
forecasts of trouble between the twn
countries when Francis Ferdlnnnd died,
had he ever come to the throne, ns a
result of this difference In views.
With the two separated, however, and
entering the Herman empire as scpnrnte
Slates, no audi ditllcultv would exist
onl I reign In Hunanry
Washington, Dec. 2M. A novel pica
Cruisers North Carolina and
Tennessee Prevent Mas
sacre of French
Requisitioned American Ship
and Loading Foreigners On
It Saved Them
Washington, Dec. 2fi. Inquiry con
cerning the truth of a report that they
threutoaed to shell the port of Tripoli,
Syria, to iuell u demonstration against
French citizens, being taken away on
an Amoricun steamship, was cabled to-
dny by Secretary of the Navy Daniels
to the commanders of the American
cruisers North Carolina and Tennessee,
at Beirut. It was the second time
within ten days that Secretary Daniels
oilind heard that the two cruisers had
"threatened bombardment" of Turk
ish towns in order to save aliens.
la the ubsence of confirmation from
Ambassador Morgetithnu or the com
manders of the cruisers. Secretary Dan
iels ignored the first report. Reitera
tion today, however, caused him to
seek the truth.
The latest report was that one of
the cruisers requisitioned tin American
steamship at Tripoli to transport the
British and French consuls and other
foreign citizens and that a mob tried
to prevent their embarkation. Several
members of the steamship's crew were
ri ruled injured In the fight wuich fol
lowed. The inee, was reportij to
have been quieted by it threat of bom
bardment ly one of the American
It. was nlso reported that nteriena
.Ambassador Morgcntliuu bad protest
ed to the Turkish government, but con
firmation from the diplomatic, repre
sentative was lacking.
As n condition precedent to the con
siiieration ot extending executive
''! ncy to W. II, t hniiin of the Chan
in llerlow Mortgage & Trust company,
oi rortiuuit, wiin was convicted of
larceny by bailee of the funds of nil-
otliei to his own use i it connection with
a real estate transaction, tlovemor
West this moi ning informed the peti
tioner for Mr. ( hapin's suspension of
penitentiary sentence that some means
be provided whereby the old couple,
William and Marion Clinic, who were
alleged defrauded of their savings, be
restored to their rightful means of sub
sistence during their declining years.
Mr. Chnpin was convicted 'in tho
Multnomah court of the crime stated in
the above pnrugraph and the convic
tion was affirt I by the supreme court
In an opinion handed down Inst Tues.
has I n presented with mi immense
petition signed by scores of Mr. Chap.
Hi s mends pleading lor cleineiiev in
his behalf. In discussing the subject to
the newspaper men this morning Hov
el nor West issued the following state
ment: "The trouble appears to have grown
out of a real estate transaction, through
which a man and his wife, well along in
yea is, lost their savings,
"I am more interested III seeing this
old couple provided for ill their declin
ing years than I nut in having Cliaplu
go to prison. I would likely see my
wnv clear therefore, to extend clem
ency should his friends como forward
with relief for the old couple,
'!( ho Is given his rclense a reason
able provision must be mnde for the
Immediate needs of the snld couple, find
a bond entered Into which will insure
future pnyniciil, to the extent of the
monev lost, ills triemls will be expect
ed to join in the bond to a limited
This nrrnngeincnl. will enable Chap
In to meet the situation without calling
upon his friends to advance the run
amount of nioncv nt this time, and will
Insure the full protection to those who
suffered the loss,''
Oakland, Cnl., Dee. 20. Mark Covell,
a lineman, living nt 212!) Mcllee street,
wns instantly killed by an electric cur
rent at 4 o'clock this morning while at
tempting to sever n live wire lending tu
tu the plant of the California Soap
works in Kniervvllle.
The Cnlifoinin Soup works was to
tally destroyed by lire, witli u damage
of tlO.UtlU, Four horses In the studies
at the woiks were burned to death.
The fire is believed to have been of
iuceudiarv oiigin.
During the Inst few days meo have
been going about ton n bundled up in
overrents, but you can't bluff the
" n ishbone giils. "
Temperature Below Zero Gen
erally- Below at Herk
imer, New York
Washington, Dee. 2ti. The east and
north were gripped today in the coldest
weather of the winter. The cold wave
extended as far south as northern Flor
ida. The following below zero temper
atures were reported:
Northfield, Vt.,1 32; Albany, N. Y.,
It) below; .Syracuse, 12; Peoria, 111., IS;
Boston, 2; St. Baul, Mian., 22; La
crosse, Wis., 24; Davenport, la., 14;
Kansas City, 2.
Zero weather prevailed at Omaha,
Neb. Key West,Fla,, was the warm
est spot in the country, with the tem
perature 7G degrees above 2ero.
The temperature dropped here to 8
degrees above zero.
Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina
and West Virginia were visited by
lieavy snowstorms yesterday.
32 Below In New York.
, Little Falls, N. Y., Dee. 2C The
coldest weather of the winter prevailed
throughout this section of the state to
day. At Herkimer the thermometer
dropped to 32 degrees below zero.
Street thermometers here registered 25
degrees below.
Coldest of Season.
New York, Dec. 26. Residents of
Greater New York were shivering to
day in the coldest wave of the season.
Municipal lodging houses and charit
able organizations were swamped with
applications for rcliefi
Chicago 4 Below.
Chicago, Dec, 2li. The coldest wea
ther of the winter gripped Chicago to
day. The thermometer registered four
degrees below zero at ! o clock.
Patrick Hurley, found unconscious
on the street, Inter died from exposure.
It keeps a ma; guessing The he
meets a woman who has nothing to
Fearing Attack London Re
mains All Christmas Night
but Lights
London, Dec. 20. Following Thurs
day's bombardment of Dover by a (ler-
man aviator and Friday's appearance
ol a hostile Hying man over (Irnve
send, Sheraess and Southend-On-Sen,
elaborate precautions were being taken
Here today to guard against aerial at
Orders hud been Issued agalaat onv
lights except such us were absolutely
necessary and it was required that
even these be kept carefully under
Probably never before in historic
times was the city in such Kgyptian
darkness us lust night. Few people
ventured out, nnd these were forced to
grope their wny through pitch black
ness, What was the fato of the aviator
sighted Christmas day nobody knew,
lie escaped in the fog from the Kng
lish neroplaiiists who ascended to fight
liini, and when lust seen was making
for the North sea, but whether or not
he made n safe landing on the (lerman
side, London hud no menus of know
ing. Though the L'ngllshmcn who ntttick-
I him thought his neroplune wns hit
by their shots, it was certain that he
wns flying with undiminished speed nt
.1... l!.'.... I... .11 .....1 .... 4l... ......
IOC lilliU III uisii I " I" I"' www ou t
Injuries he or his machine suffered
must have been slight.
He dropped no bombs.
It tas expected a regular aeroplane
patrol of the coast would be maintain
ed henceforwnrd.
London. Dee. 20. Disabled III n
North sen gale, a Hull steamship was
nshure today nt the entrance to Peter-
head harbor, on the Scotch const. The1
crew hud been saved but five rescuers
were drowned ill accomplishing it.
i m
When vour odenl is nlu ttered, sove
the pieces.
The Weather
ll r e g o m
tin in
west port km
night and Sun
day: southeasterly
Wno JcitoOl
This, If True, Marks the Most
Spectacular Advance Yet
Made by Mies
French Claim Other Gains
Though None of Any Very
Great Importance
Paris, Dec. 2li. Tioports that the
French were bombarding Metz.'s outer
defenses caused tremendous enthusiasm
here today.
Sinco the Gallic forces' repulse in the
Mulhausen region early in tho war, it
marked the most spectacular advance
yet made by any of the ollied armies
into ticrmnn territory, although the
French troops have been operating on
the kaiser's side of the Lorraine frontier
for some time.
In their progress toward the Metz
defenses, it was said the French lines
were advanced beyond Arnuville and
through LnPrietre forest.
There was no cessation of fighting
Christmas along the front further to
the northward, it was stated. Tho
(lermniis continued their efforts to re
gain the ground they lost earlier in tho
week in Belgium, but failed uniformly.
Allied forces were said to have con
tinued their mining and artillery oper
ations along the coast throughout the
Official Statement.
Paris. Dec. 2(1. Fog was so thick to
day in the fighting zone between the
North seu ami the Hlver Lys that little
cannonading wns being done today, it
was stated in the war office statement
posted here this afternoon.
Between the Lys and the Oise, It wns
declared, a series of desperate (lerman
attacks had been repulsed by the allies.
Mention wns made of one entrenched
line nt Lihons, which the French cap
tured from the (iernians, the Germans
recaptured from the French ami then
the French wrested again from the tier
muns. Besides Lihons, it was slated, the
kaiser's troops suffered repulses at
Nnulettes, Boiszllo and east of Albert.
Further progress by the French was
reported in upper Alsace.
"A night attack in the 1'erthes
region," said the statement "wns re
pulsed, the French artillery silencing
the liermnns tire. The attack was re
siinied Friday and wns again repulsed.'
"Between the sen nnd the Lvs," said
the statement's text, "cnuiionailing is
feeble, n heavy fog intcrferring with
"We have repulsed numerous counter
attacks by the (iernians between the Lys
and tho Oise, ut Nnulettes, Boisselie,
Lihons and east of Albert, At Lihons
the enemy's trenches were taken, lost
and retaken,
"We have made further progress In
upper Alsace, maintaining our new
positions on the hills west of Ceruay
despite the enemy s counter attacks.
"Our troops have occupied the out
skirts of lower Aspacli and the heights
west of Carpatch."
Iteferring to the struggle in Poland,
the communication declared the Rus
sians had repulsed the Germans who
succeeded in crossing the llzura river,
south of Sochnczew, inflicting heavy
losses on them. "
The ticrmaiis were also said In have
been repulsed nt Bollnnw.
Farther southward and alonf the
Pilien river hard fighting wns reported
still in progress.
The striii'iMo soulli or the islulii anil
, .., , , , , ,
nlong the Nldn was iWlare.l l be turn-
Ing in favor of the Iiiisiaiis.
The Ooramn Version.
Berlin bv wireless to London, Dec
auack. in the western war ?.ouc was!
claimed ill the official staten t Issued
2H. The repulse of French inn! British
todav by the war office here,
it was said that ut. Festhubeit the
allies left .'Hal (lend on the field and lost
in officers flint xm men iiiucu planners.
In the same fighting It wns stated that
the Germans raptured It machine guns
and twelve mum throwers.
I III the eastern war theatre It wns dc-
I elnred the nitunlinii was iinclinnged.
New York, Dec. 2l. District Attor
ney Whitninn was swoin In iinlny ns1
governor or -ew lorn ny rrcsining
Judge Ingrain of the appellate court.
His inauguration will take place Janu
ary 1,
Saratoga, N. V., Dee, 27.--A report
received here today from Lake De-oila-timi
snld Die thermometer there drop
ped to fi." degrees below r.ero curly In I
tne day. i tie mercury loucncu in ne
Ion in rtf.
General von Vcscler, tho aero of Ant
werp, is now believed to bo prominent
in the attempt of the Germans to drivo
to tho ctust. Alter ho captured Ant
werp, which wns the greatest feat of
the war up to that point, ho joined
most of his forces with tho Clorninn
right wing in France, and then tho at
tack on the Belgian and Knglish and
Fren'h began, .witji Calais and Dun
kirk ns the objective and vital points.
Photo by American Press Association.
Lloyds Charge 5 Per Cent to
Insure Against War Be
tween the Countries
Christianiu, Norway, Dec. 2fl. Con
siderable surprise nad some uneasiness
is being expressed here nt news that.
Lloyds, of London, Is charging fivo
per cent to insure against war between
Great Britaia and Norway within a
The rate is low as compared with the
charge for insurance that such coun
tries ns Italy, the neutral Balkan
states, Hollund, Denninrk or even
Spaia will not be drawn into the con
flict but the supposition here had pre
viously been that such a thing us an
migin-iiiirni-Kn u in.-.. " n - ifroops at the intermit loinil border re
in'! H'ility t int a f ruction of oncj, ( (i B j(jml o(t of
per t would bo ample to "'"" j ,,,, tliM t.iwn. It was believed that
against it. before night the entire Villa forcn
The real basis for worry ia Norway I under General Mayloreiia would be nt
was, of course, Fnglund's recent re-ljt, (w pimt.
quest, which the Christinnla govern-1
inent refused, for a Norwegian port as on Anglo Norwegian risks wns token
a naval base. jus suggesting that englishmen consld-
That Lloyds should have deemed , ered trouble as n result of the incident
even a fivo per cent rutu necessary at least u bare possibility.
The Capital Journal has just received a new shipment
of the "World at War" atlases. They are of a later and
revised edition, compared with those we have heen giving
awav to our subscribers. Instead of 1.0 paces, they con-
sjst 0f 24 large, highl v-illustratcd pages, printed on heavy
t i i, "i
CllUllltlCU nuur...
The at as contains si)
warring countries, with routes of travel and railroad
lines; many tables of army and navy and general statis
ticsin fact, the work is a complete ready-reference li
brary for students of the great war. It is a book which
would ordinarily.sell for $1.00 or $1.50, but we are having
them made up in large lots and buy them at a price which
allows ua to give them away to subscribers on very easy
All who pay three months subscription, old or new,
back subscription or in advance, in case their papisr is de
livered by carrier, will receive one of these atlases free.
All mail subscribers, old or new, who pay a year's sub
scription ($:t.00), either back subscription or in advance,
will also be entitled to receive an atlas without extra
This is the most liberal
ever made.
Warsaw's Russian Defenders
Holding Their Lines Against
the Germans
Say Nothing Can Save Von
Hindenburg from Being
Forced to Retreat
Pctrograd, Dec. 20. Resisting con
stant day and night attacks aloag tho
front between tho Vistula river and
Opoczno, Warsaw's Russiun defenders
were holding their lines against tho Ger
mans today.
The kaiser's forces lauuehed assault
after assault against, them in massed
fiLinntinn but each time they were beat
en back. The banks of the Bzura and
Huwa. rivers were covered with their
corpses. Only nt ono point, tho war of
fice stated, had the Teutons succeeded
in -rossing tho Bzura.
They were directing their main at
tack against n spot midway between
Sochaczew and Hkiorniewicz.
The Slavs wero not entirely on toe
defjnsive. Along tho Pilien river they
were trying to penetrate the Gorman
Tho fighting in Poland was believed
hero to be approaching a crisis.
General Fraiica's, commander of tho
Gorman force which recently attempted
an iidvnnco on Warsaw from the north
ward mid wns beaten luck the way it
emtio, was endeavoring to resume It i it
march to the southward from Mlawa.
It was conceded that ho had managed
partially to regain the offensive.
Mxpcrts said that nothing hut success
by Francois or the defeat of the Slav
I line before Warsaw could save Marsha!
Vim lliiidenbiirg from being compelled
to retreat ngaln. The war office wua
confident that neither of these two
things would happen and that Vou Hin
denburg would havo to retire.
The battle west of Warsaw hud reach
ed enormous proportions,
In southern Poland and Galirin, tno
Itiissiaus wero regaining the advnntugs
over biith Germans and Austrians.
It was expected tho siego of Crucow
would be resumed soon.
Monday afternoon occurred tho burial
nf Mrs. J. F. Hughes, of Aurora, in
the Hiibbaril cemetery. Mrs. Hughes
died Saturday night, death following a
stroke of paralysis. Funeral services
were conducted Monday morning nt Au
rora by Hev. Kennedy of tne Presby
terian church. Mrs. Hughes wns form
erly n resident or Hubbard and wu
past till years of age.
K ni.ii .! Dec nilThn Villiutn
enuid colored maps oi an me
offer the Capital Journal has