Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 23, 1914, Page FIVE, Image 5

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1 noted reiiniitietl at end v. I much better prii'tn tliHii Xovit Kent in n
KtHH'intB were f2U cuttle. J eulvcN. ! sltn1is liuve liitlirto rpHclird iu I.tw-
jjKltO li.ogn and 1M0 sbt'ep a total of dou duriug tho present scummi, as will
SS rum, be neon liv the iir'ue reported iver-
P ota to Crop Injured. Ituf. Biildwiim 14k tnl, Kiiijp, 15k,
dnmt fear is eximwd for a verv i Wulmmmr lfk (id nd Golden Kuswt
lure, u'rwiitup;e of tlie Into potato , 21h, will be nperinlly noted. (Wo think
i crop in Oreguu and Vhiut;riii, as a them? prices will be ninitituitied tor tin
Portland, Ore., Dee. '-. Ihe turkey nwit (lf tlll, tn,wnt rtly Ouintf ! stncU arriving in time for the I'hrist-
market wuh rather hIow in opening fur i trt t10 IoW 1ripM thnt hove ruled at i mns trade.
tlltt lUriHtniUl) truoe. lliuex nileU at I tl1( HtllPt f tl.e nmmhiiii nnd the nlmnst i "The minke
mibseiliwiitly the wmio irii'c us during I (jr-nnrul i,.u o( l,i,,,i,iK deimitiili'il ' iihmviiiK u Kruit Improvement, iiml we
tike lH8t fessliiy. iSiiU-H were rupurti'il
generally lit 2 k- for rxtri'im- tup qual
ity, anil nuit wtut'f wiih uld in iinijiiir
tioil. Ah u rule there wim much liettei
quality ufferini; un the street th;ui
- for the Thnlv!yi itij trade, mul thin in
itself wan eonsiileiitlile help to re
ceive. A few Ini'iU were reported rtidil vest-
erdav on nhiiiiiinir irili-r at fraction
ally higher viiIiich
An a more, effeetivn meaiiH of n'-'
luting the Iiumim'hh of io-i-lli'il 'Moan'
shurkii.'' those who niahe R liwiiiii'Mi
of lomiiiitr money anil 1'reilitn at a irreat-j
boxed npplea i ; ,.r rate of interest than the statutory!
limitation of 10 per eeut per annum,!
y A very large iiereeninge ot the tnr- f the ground.
keyB that arrived yesterday and this Coming as it die'
nioruiiig etunc lruni Idaho and eastern
Oregon points, but liberal shipments
are expected from the Willamette' val
ley later in the day and tomorrow.
von at this time it is impossible to
state definitely .what the bulk of the
birds will be sold at.
Heavy Run of Livestock.
Tremendous sales were made here
this forenoon, a new neord being es
tablished: Hundreds of head of nil
ol mid the jobbing priee lit)
wus ,., I Tie to ifl n cental gem
" qillllltv.
Foreign Apple Demand
been mlviinr
nenilly for good
tie, hogs and sheep were disposed of!
hefure 11 o clock and the demand
such that the ulhrutls looked tor
continuance of the heavy business d
iag the bulauce of the day.
lieccipts were also Heavy, s(M2 licnd the apple trade. At all lending world's
coming in over Sunday. While this ! centers prices urn not oulv firm, but
does not establish a high-water mark, re aclunllv advanced over last week,
it is not far from Ihe top. All sections This applies equally to the Pacific
of the Pacific Coast states, with the i Northwest and eastern trade, as well
exception of California, were rcprc- us to the foreign markets.
Hi'iiti'il. j lieganliug the i-iuropeaii situation.
Prices climbed noticeably in the cat- j V. Dennis & Son write from Covent
tie nnd sheep markets. Prime light Cniilcn market under date of Nnvom
stoers brought 7..r)l anil ewes jumped her :!7 as follows:
to $5.70. Hogs held steady at 7.511, but "Offerings this week consisted of
probably .would have brought e stocks carried over from last week ex
had it, not been for the very heavy re- ss. '.Minnetoaka' and Mligby,' there
ceipts. la all 5s;iil hogs were unload- being no boat arriving this 'week. In
cd here this morning. consequence of the scarcitv of steamer
Can sale of two steers was made al space available to London' supplies are
- -r. Ti.... , ........ . , .. ' '.
snort and prices are on tin' rise.
uiru, oniv u verv small ocreeaiaire oi expert ooou wrenon mMviowns wnn ....... u ...... o.. .
.. i i. . .. . , i V , r , . ,-iie i.uinv on 11-1 iiivcinicui -;i i i i
the crop was dug. It is estminted by some color would make up to Us re.-.iii.,-n.l that the act of the logis
competent interests that fully 0 per j box for the best counts. ( abtornian j aye assembly of UM.'I which prn-j
cent of the crop is still in the ground. New towns are also a much lii'tti-r ! vi.loH all annual license fee of o0 and!
That a large portion of this will be! trade, for which we can now miike 7s ! tlt, filing of ' surety bond with the!
nipped by the cold weather is now per box for both 4 ami 4'i tier fruit. state jji the sum of $1,000 fur faithful!
generally conceded by the trade here.jThese prices we expect will be innin-: couqdTiiuce with the law, allowing 0
S int advices received by The Jour- tained unless supplies come in much minimum charge of 1 for ench loan as
mil from various portions of the Pa-1 larger qiuiutit.ies than, we anticipate i u means of encouraging the milking of
cific Northwest indicate that the most during the next few weeks." small, short time loans, which, hi);
severe damage in vears has been done 1 states, nre icallv the ones most needed!
TIT! t Yiorri mn m i . t trntinn n .....
xjoiaia ian.iioi una. ,y deserving borrowers. !
j Mr. Sargent will also recommend that!
Warranty Deeds mi amendment be made to the "loan
ining, as it del. much earlier than K liaxtcr et ux to () O Opsahl. II "arn- act rrquiriiig hii sou ur uim-i
usual, the cold weather found the po-1 acres ill sec ! T 7 S H 1 W.1,N00. 1 proceeiling. Inoiiglit to collect n dent
tuto men unprepared, but until the! . Amort et ux 1o Klin Amort, llH in which it api'ears thnt, either directly
slock is dug from the ground it will i (I to l!ll Waldo Hills Frail Parais No.! or indireclly, more than 10 per cent, por
be impossible to state, definitely what ! 4. 1. 1 '!'"" " "''' cliargeo, piainmi must:
Ihe damage will amount to. ' Ulla Amort, to Jim. Amort, lots ! shll' lllll't ' I1.11' I'lcadiiig nnd;
Naturally this condition has caused to Waldo Hills Fruit Farms No. 4. ' 've " l"t of his case, that tin
a stronger tone to rule generally iu 1.H0. ' made ....der a license issue,
the ootnto trade here. Be se of. the I A llielser et ux lo .1 I' idlers et : ' "'K lu '""
fact thnt shiiunents lo marki-t hnve "X. 100 ai'ies ill sec 12 T ! S It 1 !
been stopped hv the cxtraordinai , ,. ,
old Front st, t sn, ,;, s, 'tl " " l'" 't 11 X tl)
tiitui the generiH;to the potato crop, owing to the fact
that so small a portion of it was out :
street supplies are si-ant
record of the loan at the time of its
inakiiiL' was dulv entered iu the reg-
T, Wrioht et hv i i'cr required by law, ami that no
lot II II 10 Cnpital Park A, hi 10.
li II Hughes to Oregon 1,'eullv Co..
lio acres in sec 2:1 T :i S If 1 W. I0
Noi l hern Trust Co to Ore F.lec Ky:
i'.. in :.. i..f .in li ; TnA.
rhere is a stronger tone throughout I ..in' i " '
t- n i.,.i:., ,...i.i.imI : Z' .... ... . .
I I) .Montgomery et ux to II Nivicli,
l(i7 Commercial Street
tic res in sei
'20 T.H S U 1 K. III.
a. These were extra fancy stuff
n ml cominauilcil a premium. 1 he price
was 2.i cents over the market top. In
addition 20 head of cows were sold at
$li.OO. These were also extra fancy
stuff and brought 00 cents over Ihe
market. All lines other tliiin those
Keiffer pears seem to be nbout
finished, nnd any stocks of pears which
can be shipped, to this miirket 'from
now on will realize very sat isfactnry
"The apples ex. ss. 'Oighy,' made
I-) llogert et ux to .1 A Siddall iq ux.
lots i:i to IS Siinnvside V V No. 12
$10. P W fleiser to M Woolen, lot 1 II
0 P W fieisers Add lo Silvcrton.
Quit Claim Deeds.
Chas Howell to Peoples Bunk, 10
acres iu I'. ' 'ox I) li I ' $1.
V K Purdy et. ux to .1 1) Miintgoin
erv, 10 .acres in sec 20 T S S H I iv-tl'.OO.
garnishment or attachment shall issue
upon any complain) iu which the above.1
is not pleaded. Such a provision, in
the opinion of Mr. Sargent, would
actually bar access to Ihe courts ill ,
any case which has not complied with:
the statute and would. In a large mens-,
me do nway Willi any tendency lo
evii'le the law.
In his biennial report lo the state1
banking board Mr. Sargent says that
during the year seven different con
cerns qualified under the provisions of
the "loan shnrli'" n't and were issued
licenses; that the department has
found it a no easy task lo supervise.
these companies and to enforce strict
House Coats Reduced
Every coat must be sold before Christmas ! Your choice
of our entire stock of $8.00 and $10.00 coats for
Five Dollars!
No gift more acceptable to a man.
Hammond - Bishop Company
"The Toggery"
New Yiirk, Dec. 2:'.. Colonel flcorge
W. lioethuls, governor of Ihe Panauin
canal zone, arrived here todav on the
slcaahip Paiuima. lie will leave for
Waihiugtoii tonight tor a conference
with govei anient officials.
compliance with t no law, owing to tao K
fact that violations can only be de-
tecled through the complaints of dis- $
satisfied customers. Nevertheless, he s
stales, the worst offenders have been
eliminated from the biiiness, ami ninny $
a deserving borrower placed in n posi- :j(
tion whereby he ca:i eventually liqui-
date his debt. Several arrests were g
made during the years, three licenses
revoked, seivorlll convictjous' secuucn
nnd other cases are pending
iu the
ITAL. Sun Antonio, Texas, Dec. 211.
That. Provisiciial President
Ciitierrez and a lew loyal Hoops
had left Mexico City after a
ilbngreeinont with (icnerala An
i;cles and Palatox was Ihe in
f'liuiatioii receheit here today
from Ncuvo bincdu by the
Mexican consul. The dispatch
said that u commir.sion of VH
ibtns and Zapatistas will rule
the capital, pending the selec
tion of a new piovisioual presi
dent, ut t'ne peace cnuvcutiuu to
be held January 10.
Object Is Not Known.
Just what for the combination is con-
templated only these very much on the
inside know us yet. The general snr
J, nun which would meet strongly w ith
f the I'lnns' approval.
uiisi is that a genuine federation is Washington, Dec. 2u Prohibition
.planned, with the countries included iu lei dcrs were not discouraged today
f 1 it reluming tneir own integrities hi the
same sense that their integrities lire re-
tained by the various Cterinan stales,
but with the ruler of one of them at
the head of the group as the kaiser is
at the head of the tlermnn empire,
The presumption is that the kilo? of
!! Sweden is the likeliest caiididiite for
such a position, but this is merely a
over the defeat ill Iho lloliso last night:
of the Hudson natioiiul prohibition res
olution. They pointed jubilantly to ihu
fact thnt 107 members voted for Hut
resolution and lrP nguiast it. Ail af
firmative vote id' two-thirds was re
quired to adopt the measure.
"The fight for prohibition will go
on," declared Hcpreseiitative llobson
trio of countries combined would "'' Alnbuniu. "It is .not lost by the lie-
Just a little effort on your part may win the $200.00 First Prize
. List of 10 highest Contestants below:
Bungalow Church . . .10373
Loyal Order of Moose 10275
Woodmen of the World 6775
Mr. B. H. Presnall . . . 5145
Salvation Army 3493
Royal Neigbors 2385
American Yocman ... 1506
Mrs. H. Nash 1430
Mr. Richard Rylcy... 1400
Mr. Ronald Gould . . . 1320
Double Votes for All Next Week
This Would Give the Combin
ation a Population of More
Than 12 Millions
have a population of close to I2,00o,iino
or neatly ns inniiv us Ibilunrin. Kn
(; !t ,IM, ,x,.vin combined: one Ihiid as
many as Italy, and about twice us
iiiuny us Holland n force to be ser
iously reckoned with, especially in
vi"iv of Ihe pie's high physical and
niciital type, in Kurupcau politics of
the future.
Should Finland be added In Hie sug
gested federation, there would be un
addition of nearly ll.ooil.oiio more,
The iut iriiut ion has already I u
throw a' out here that (iermauy. if de
feated, would be compelled' t de
Schleswig llolstela back to Dcniuurk.
which would still further strengthen
the group.
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IjhhI'Hi, Dec. II : I I f n ;-ci iminnit
Sea milt Nil ili II II II it'll tint's lint H nvt1 1
lie tin' nutrtmtt1 nf lust wi'i-li'ti iiH'ctinfj
lit Milium lii'twi-en tin liinn tit' Nwi1
iIimi, Nnnniy :uij I'rnniiiik, nil'icinliinii;
Iiimi! will lie jui M iscil, it whs mlnti In1
tnilny I iv n it i ii i l Inli in tlu' Itiilitt
ililllillHIlth' Ht'lVii'l'.
That n tVw I'iu'iiilly I ndi viihmls lit
MtriiniH Kumjii'Mii t'lipitnls mipltt U n .
Miimi't h i iiJ4 ilffinili' ftinrt i niiin On' nut
ftniii' of tlu- royiil rttiilfitMhi- wh.s
lliuuj;lit liki'ly nnmnii. It wnn tiyr 1,
liuucvt'i', tluit ttiiTr wci'i' twn n-nsnim
why tlu' liin ul' iiiiiiiinflij uiiilniihtnl ly
wmilil cniitiiiih' i'iy rrtiii'iit 1'nr ln
liii'scril. In tin- t'iist hui, Wiry I'i'tliiiiily
wo'ihi w tt nt td fiiiiMilt llii'ir nun
t'Hitnt nt ami 1'itily IcadriN Itrhne it i
iMMiticinfr uiiy jilnii ul' Ihrir imn, it watt
cniti, as a iin'ims ni iihuiiiiny t In'iuf-cl vt-w
lliat tlii'in " pi'l,l'' wmili t'lulniHt' i
uiiimi. In th' H'Tinul .lat'i', it was .oijf
pMt'fi that they ininht Hi,M'lial
n urn 1 .1 i n riMH-ci ni ui' I 1m hi. i n n it in
which a I'lMiiliiaatiiMi wnahl lir i-t-intl
hy tin Hiwi'ts.
As t( till' Si Uil'laillivilia f t u'iiimI
JihIi-h i'ii,,'.ii'i llir njiiiiuii that llif
ininsal t'nr u titiina wnitt-l 1m' m
fi'Ut'il. As ln'lwri-a Nunh'ti ati'l
way, tin iiilaiiiiii w, ani'li' thnl iini-t'ii-ii
t it i n n a m iiMint.ly v uul-l hi i
litM'ii inMilnrly n ji i 1 I ntily a
in nil I !i." ii 1 1 tint "'t inn i in la null's tn
Wllicll tilt' MM) t iilllll lie:- llllt lii't'li v-
ionril liy tin- war wit ''i- tn liav
iintii' I mil al! ji-iihniirx ami I i 1" J" i u
Wrtwi'i'ii tliciii.
Donmnrk in Mont Dnnjjor,
Cniiijiuii tl with tin1 I'l'iil I'ltiiinilt
t'aci'l naif rtill t . l'i'WriT, if wn
Hiintrl mil, I lit f-w filrt' aiil Nniwr
yniHs iirtidi wt'if nitii n, aim n srta
i'il tn In I lie riMisc tinis ul' n-i ainit
a mi i it n I i ih 'Hint lirn i hut t In' v. Imlr
ntitinM Mnihl In- uiitti'illy 1'nr any .n)ii v
Whirh ntini?i'il n yti'iitrr iliter nf
a'ty rinin (ii'iinim nuirsr'inii.
It Hii.t ii"t ili-uuiHi'il lint tlmt I n
In ml wnnl'l In' ny Invnnililt' tn n
nitiiMI (' thi' tiller ritaiitliis til' rlnsi'l
till' lii'ttlT - Ull'i Wnnlil tin in II h
I'nwrr tn 'i"iiiMtt' it,
ticnnany's itWf wrrr ant mil' li ttr
WU 1 11 1 f Ili'i'niHlt ill l.nmlnli, Tliust'
w lin Vi'iitiilfil an niai'iii jmliiiml n
think the li 'liner uniiM tint niir what
Swrili'ii ami Nniwiiy 1 , I Int inhally
w un hi la1 ii'insi il Id I )i' nin n i k ' cat
rillM'C IIMm the rnilll'illllliiia, llnWi'Vi'l',
tlit-y wimi' hnpcttil that Un tunny wmihl
not hv In u Mi:titinti tn int'ileje with
tlin 1 1 1 ti .
Uncsin, li n vine? tilwavn liri'ii lilleil
with iiiftliitv'art tdr lia nalli't nmii tip'
lipi'll fell lllnliy I Ih' N" ill W I'uillll cnahl.
was tii'tnlit likrlv tn he uttini'W hnl in1
fiti'tnlly, HnucM-r, il wtm nii;:j;t'Mttil
(lint tht1 win IiihI luniiylit rtich t Imiiyr,
ami nmay (iiii-niliilil iri I'nr Mnv c
n,u-iiia in tl he i' il iter I ions (but t In1
v.nr nnilitilily it 11 lm vnii tver. I'rnli-
nhly h'Mnt (pttiiaitic th' lt'lieviH he
Miiht I'M iciini!iii'il ( let r'ialiiatl jnia
itin roup, HUeh nn tu'iiineiiicici ln'in ,
Only One "BriuMU QUININE"
'liciici-r ymi M it cold cnniiiitr nn
''ink nf hc Cull name, iA'ATI V K
ItiiitM.) (jriMXK. T(o..k fnr ,iKnn
tan' nf K. W, i:,ni' nn Imx, U"n',
'V'mw is in v wl yin, urn nsl,i
py tl.'iH fnr ii'pairini' a
linn nf thr limisi1 vi'strnlny. I'rtihihi-
(inn nmst win event nit lly. The fart
that a majority nf t he house. I'avnreil
the resnlnl inn wuh reiilly U vit'lniy.
This iiuipuity faltilleit ntir t'. t a-
tiling, as we liml mt Imped fur u tuu
Ihirtls nte at tins lime."
If vim iin hulking fur mi up-lu-ilulM
ri'iilini; uui'iirv, iliii-o your pruin'rly in
Ihu hiiii'ln ul' llt'vlilui &, llyiiiiii, ' :il7
Mliilc Klrui'l.
IIouhos for Rout
Flro liiHiirauce wrlttou In linst old
llin comiianlen. Got our rntes
Farm BarKalns
Hoiihus mid Lots Sold -
On Eny Payments
To Imy, i'll, ri'iit. ur uxrluinu yuiir
prnn'ilv Milisliirlurily, lint yuiir imii
n t v itli
The Good Things
For the Feast Are Now Ready
Cresca Malaga Raisins, in packages; also in tins.
( Cresca Pulled Figs, Laver Figs,' Candied Figs.
Cresca Glace Fruits, Marrons, in tins and bottles.
Cresca Stem and Canton Crystallized Ginger.
Johnson's Malted Milk, Extraordinary Quintettes,
That Package.
Assorted Nuts in Cream; Chocolate, Almonds,
Fruits in Cream.
Mixed Nuts 2"c pound
Rrazil, Filberts and Pecans 20c pound
Oregon No. 1 Soft Shell Nuts..., 25c pound
Manchurian Walnuts ' 20c pound
No. 1 Soft Shell Almonds 2.1r pound
No. 1 Grocer's Mixed Candies 2 muiuls 25c
Broken Mixed 15c pound
French Mixed 25c pound
Chocolate Creams 25c pound
Our line of Ripe, Stuffed and Queen Olives ranks
with the Finest Stores in America.
Size 200 Oranges 25c dozen
Size 12(5 Oranges .'J5c dozen
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Roth Grocery Co.