Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 22, 1914, Image 4

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, 1PM.
Kditnr ninl Mnniiger
1 B-ofA at i riA-B sini-rar I mi infill
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
.. . ItAliNKS,
Vice President
Ixil.'A C. AN1KJ-"KX.
Sef. mil 'l'r'-
Dnilv l,v Currier, it veur ".''" l'er month 'e.
J'liil'v bv mail. per year o.llll
Voe'dy.' by Mriii. per yiMir I-"'1
There is a demand from all parts of the United States !
for Belgians. Here is another case of the supply and de-'
mand both being large but unable to get together. No ;
doubt there are hundreds of thousands of Belgians who;
would like to come over and be of us but who have not the ;
price, and we under the law, cannot send it to them.
ia &xw Mi hi
j'er month . .
i months.
Tlio Capital Journal carrier boys are inntmctecl to put the papers on the
yorcli. If the carrier does not do this, misses you, or neglects getting the
;apcr to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, as this is the only
way w can determine whother or not the carriers arc following instructions.
5 "hone Main 82.
A false patriotism, which always has prevailed, is the
real basis of the present great war, as it has been of most
What we call patriotism, and which we are accustom
ed to idealize as one cf the noblest qualities, began in the
patriarchal family, extended to the tribe, and broadened
to the nation; and this is as far as it has gone.
The patriotism which is bounded by national border
lines, while often calling forth almost godlike devotion,
is in reality one of the narrowest and cruellest forces in
the world. It is the cause not only of most wars, but of
constant jealousies and enmities; and it is one of the
greatest obstacles to broader human progress.
' Patriotism, as fostered by governments, is a monster
that must now and then -be fed with human blood lest he
perish from lack of sustenance, and must be kept drunk
on hates lest he come to his senses.
The youngest, the bravest, the best, dying by countless
thousands for what? They do not know. They have
only the shibboleth, "Patriotism."
Such patriotism is worse than a failure. Civilization
is having a hard time these days trying to appear consis
tent and logical and to read (Sod's mind. Each nation
reads His mind and interprets His will in a different way,
according to the different nations' selfish desires and
Who knows whether Cod is laughing at the maddened
millions of insane murderers, or weeping with the wives
and children at home? In any event, He knows that such
patriotism is a mockery and a delusion and a snare.
This great war will not have been in vain, if it results
in broadening patriotism beyond national border lines
and making it stand for high principle instead of the self
ish interests of communities. Many believe that this will
lie the last great war. If so, it will be by reason of a tre
mendous change in the character of patriotism.
The department of agriculture says skunks are the foe I
of catrpillars. This indicates that the lowly caterpillar j
has the sense of smell somewhat developed. At the same 1
time it is hardly worth one's while to put up with the :
skunks in order to get rid of the crawlers, as the latter are
anyway and every way preferable.
The paymaster general of the navy has suggested to
j letter writers that they should never write letters unless
: they have something to say. Very good advice, but if f ol-:
owed generally there would be a tremendous falling off ,
' in the sale of fancy stationery and a big deficit in the pes-1
;al department.
When the war started there was talk of trying to lo-'-
calize it. Now it has spread to Asia, Africa and the
j oceans, and the only place where it is not going on, or
liable to at any time, is the western continent. Even here ;
it is only three miles off shore, and according to some re-
lorts, not that far.
In Mexico there are so many revolutions going on at
once that it is difficult to distinguish them. If there is
any real government there and some one would point it
out and identify it, it would be a boon not only to Presi-'
dent Wilson but to innumerable American editors.
In eliminating the expenses of congressmen and diplo
mats visiting the Panama canal at the formal opening the
difference of six cents is made in the allowance for the!
latter. Nobody has yet explained the why of the differ
ence, but someone suggests it is to pay for grape juice.
All of us are striving for happiness; but
happiness, comfort, even good work and
prosperity are alike impossible to those who
suffer from defective digestion or from constipation
and biliousness. But why should you so suffer when
experience has proved that Beecham's Pills correct un
healthy bodily conditions, relieving speedily, surely, safely.
If you will try a few doses you will know that this
famous family remedy so tones the stomach that with
good" digestion your food will nourish and sustain you so
stimulate your liver, and so gently regulate your kidneys
and' bowels that your system will be- cleared of the
impurities which cause biliousness. With- headaches gone
when free from lassitude, bad dreams, low spirits, stomach .
. pains you, too, will regard Beecham's Pills as of incal
culable value and will be glad to have at your com-.
mand so reliable and so splendid a remedy for the
common ailments of life. Indeed, 'Beecham's Pills
Recent statistics show we bought $150,000,000 more,
stuff from Latin America last year than we sold it. This
ought to make our southern neighbors rather like us and
at the same time, so long as they cannot buy elsewhere,!
patronize us. ;
happiness and Comfort-
because they
;Vfv Preserve Health
At All Druggist! 10c., 25c.
The name of the Russian general Rennenkampf is
said to mean "running battle," and from the way he is
being treated the czar evidently did not like the direction
he was running.
1li Largatt Sale of Any Mtdicina
tu the World.
Direction of
Sptcial Valut to
Women with Every Box.
A small nugget of gold has been found in the crop of a
Maryland chicken, and by a person who does not know a
brass tack from the real placer gold. "Everything that
glUtons" is gold if it is in a chicken's crop.
An Englishman has invented an apparatus by which A Chicago woman is accused of habitually running
it is possible to see over the telephone. It is doubtless an down men with her automobile. She is a suffragette, and
excellent and wonderful contrivance, but wo hope it won't has adopted a quick method of getting rid of those "dis
ever come into use in Salem. reputable- men."
It's all very fine to see the person at the other end of
the wire; but just reflect that that person will also see . The time for celebrating the centennial of the treaty;
you. Suppose you're bawling out the exchange girl be- of Client is almost here, but the treaty has been so badly
cause you can't get your number. Do you want her to cut shot to pieces lately that there is not enough of it left to
in suddenly with the question, "Say, mister, are you really hold a celebration over,
as grouchy as you look?" Suppose you're explaining to
vour wife that you ve got so much work to do at the ol- Now that the railroads have permission to advance
t j i p i 1 J1..! l-.'i1. 1 n li .'i I... i.I i. , i i .
ii win uc imerusung to waccn developments
mem. . i
fiee, you can't come home for dinner; and friend wife cool-! freight rates, it wi
)y remarks, "Very well, dear; but you don't LOOK busy 'or the lack of th
voure face isn't at all convincing." And suppose you're '
a woman, and when the bell rings you rush to the phone
regardless of uncombed hair and negligee
" No, it won't do. One of the chief values of the tele
phone is that it enables us to talk to people without show
ing our faces. We're all good poker players over the
'phone. When wires have eyes, there will be too many
bluffs called.
Horse, vs. Auto
Perfume in fancy packages
Colgate's Toilet Sots
Fountain Pens Ouarantood
Fancy Mirrors,
Leather Card Cases
Leather Pocket Books
Leather Coin Purses
Cut Prices Prevail.
Frank S. Ward
Phone 2247 518 State St,
TlUpllVl'rs III V;IKlli)IJ1 Oil Cllllllty.l
H. II. Darby, 'who ilioihut his
M.V imoil III. I 1 1 list V llinn- 11111111..I llOIIIO ill til IH I'll V SnttlldllV IllUllt. WHS
after going over Iho count v hinigei ' -',"nc, wnun to my cart 1 tlmly liitt'h ! inirii in .incitsun county, .vnsaiirtri, Ail
with tin' commissioners nl u mooting j was lie 'or uocimoil of turning turtle ami K'i"t 7, 1HI0. Hi lutlior an. I uiuthor
(Iiiiuiiiik ienlt in i "''' hfli'ii in lu iv in tut ; movi-il I mm
Ull' num. nH H n .iliii'rf 111 ni'miii iiv, iiihi uiirr 10
I'lilli'.l lot Hint I'lirpw, have nski'il for)
llii' htriliinx iit nt i'x iti'iiiK
nnninntln til ("i.UOU,
Villa certainly keeps everybody guessing, as he de
velops some new trait of character, every day. Classed
a bandit he is also said to be a warm personal friend
of Major General Scott. Called illiterate, lie proposes to
educate all the orphans made by the Mexican war. Des
ignated as a scheming politician, he offers to eliminate
himself and stand aside for any president the Mexicans
may agree on. So far Villa seems to be the straightest
man prominent in Mexican affairs in some years. He has
been given a bad reputation by the Mexicans, but this, by !;(;;;;.,
the wuv. should sneak well for him to civilized folks. !
Tli.' Men's eluli, a' renitt for the mi
roilminUi mill wliieli Ineluili'S n '
eini'loyniont nueiiev, in niii.l In lie fill
ing ,1 long tell want in ninem. mi.
mi'iiN were served mi opening iin
mi. I i; lodgers were nn'tuntnodiiteil.
YY.ixrn enmity's eoininiscioni m have
ioiniM the tax redneeri", with M
of I I.J mills, a 'J,"."! ileerense. I'luoti
eon ill v l ii Uo t joy " re.lnetion nl
I.I, whim leines the ley nt II mill.
higher valuation ami n wwri
We have heard several reasons expressed as to why it
is so delightful to have lots of money, and as the opinions
came largely from newspaper men, it is fair to presume
they were only talking in a theoretical way. The greatest
and best use of money is said to be the ability it gives
Along her stntelv
I iiiliiily hits her eight-iuilo unit, ami
nothing tempts her into speediuu: she
Cnl'iiue (liou Is going after the always keeps her helid on straight.
repnl.ilion u f hoing one ol'.,tho pretAlong the road h doesn't thunder, f(I
til'M linil elOtineil eilio III mi- , ...... i.nh nmi n, i,,,-n nun iiii Him
diirini; MM"'. A the annual meeting sleu. li; as nothing breaks, I dim'! ernwl
"ie I lltllltiereiUI I'lOII ll mo- ...-s -. m ... mi nun ii iMMiiii-, Mirnrii
, i . n.nniiltee was appointed I take my nephews and my lileees
to have the wmk in ehnrge. I1 ensmit
Koielnng, the lion f the
,11. .K..f .,.1 I, i 1,., Tf I.. .,!.. ...... .V- i..i.ot mi aliuui.ame nl Hint
I'lll III I Vll.t ll.t'll II'L. ...Ill IIVIJ. IIIV .r,. AW.X.l...., ....
cd out from this why the fraternity should have plenty of!
.lb XL K I IV fy' I I IV llll'ill, Willi "MUIU IV VliUll 1 ' L 11
not going "to aid the poor."
same ii"
ways ironii (o do sunn, wliere they reared u I'uinily ol
my bidding, though 'ten ihildren, two of whnin tire slill liv
from a well filled ing, to witi Mrs, Miililila McKiiiney,
manger torn, ami J ul Turner, Oregon, and dohu Hardy, u!
have never seen her Kldormlo Spring, Missnuri.
nklildiug bevHUHe hen Mr, Hailiy's mother's ninidea name
tires were badly was Until Viers, whu was liorii un
worn. Hlie has a Washington's birllnlav lu 1.100.
dozen . daily uses,! M', Haibv crossed the plains in IWH
she s safe an. I sane i,iriin'g at William MeKinuev's
and eity biokei she ,,. the Willamette vnllev in the
doesu t. honk like 1 1 f He worked in MuMiinily
liughoiise gooses, or m alteiuleil sehool there until IHrtil.
fill the air withw., i,,, became a member of the firm
noxious smoke. , M,.Kim.v Whilnev (it, doing s
, ' P'oMeiiing, sin ,,,,M,,ril n.r,.ntile busi s lit Aiiius
vllle and Turner until IHTII. Tim ram
pauy hauled their goods from lui'tlnnd,
Ore., bv team. Hi s;:i in pun hnsed ll
in in the Waldo Hills, where he liv
ed until III years ago, when he moved
to Salem, Where he lind lived a retired
f()j lite unto his death, Hecetuber III, III! t.
"line III OIIHIIII'SS hi Alliosvilli', 111'
became aciualntcil with and mnriied
.leniima Moppiu, on September Ii, I Still.
To this ii ii i mi were bom twn i'uvs
j Buy Your Christmas Goods at
Rostein & Greenbaum's
Lots of Holiday Goods on display at Low Prices
' i
)C )t)c 4
jc t
(t RED sK RUD c ifc sc
)fj! )(C
sfc sjc 4 4 i
Ladies' Silk Boot Hose .50c
Nice Bleached Table Cloth 50c and 39c a yard
25c Kerchiefs 20c DOLL SPECIALS
15c Kerchiefs 12c $1.00 Kid Bodv Doll 75c
10c Kerchiefs.. ..... 9c 75c Kid Body Doll. .50c
i i' ves. when ilav in o et: we
nil conic hiime, but not lu pieces, our
fiugmi'iils piled upon a ilnor. And then
my good old nag iidures me, lind when
LADD & BUSH, Bankers'
Established 18G3
Capital ..... $300,000.00
Transact a general banking business
Safety Deposit Boxes
I' ii linn. I ha .''Til snlooiis, but this
number will probnbl.v be reduced next
Thui-.hiv ul o p. in. All siileons Hint
do iinl Iiiim tli.'ir application and mn-i
ev in by Hint lime will flose luilunmli-
tli ll v .hi mm iv I.
M.s. Anna l.uvloii, a pioneer ol'
1st; iiii.l 7A veins ol. I, ille.l lit ner nemo
in riiilumiith
1 t ll i n U I'll I mi v a car, niv busv con-j 'nil r. Hiirli.v, of yueeti s (reek,
science up iiii.I scores me and gi'ie mo Ansiinii, lind .lohn Hiirby, who runs the
ipille u savage jar. home fiuni in the Will. In Hills. April
.'Jt, I M7H, this unit ner passed away, and
wsrHitii, nil tw 7 1 . f7T 'on October U, 1,'.', lie was married to
210-216 Commercial Street
A.Ik.ii. Srrflrs
Heccinbei' 111.
Kiev en divorces wen giante.l In
I'ortlnnd Sntiir.lny. The plaintiff In
eucli case wn the wile.
In n suit in I'ln-Hnml can'cd 1y tin
auto truck running Into and killing n
bull, the jury dividcl Hint no dinnages
coul. I lie receive! oil because "Hie bull
displayed no lights."
The Catholic Order of I'urest ers of
Sublimity held their annual election nt
their hull in that place last Thursday
night ami elected the following offi
cers: '
Chief Hunger, V. A. Xiiiimermnn; awnv
l.ydiii M, Hen. I, of Tinner, to which
union was Imtu six childien M is.
I Mln S. Clinic, deceased! Mrs. I.uts
M. Class, ig' Vaucuiivei', W'asii.; II, I,.
I'nrhy, of (lleiulule, Oregon; Mrs, Her
tlill .'d. l,ogsu, of l.s tliaude, Oregon;
Hr, Vv. II. Harby, of Salem, mid Mis.
Hello I,. Sturm, of 'I'oppenish, Wash.
Oil duly L'rl, IMSI, tins mother passed
and on Mnv lit, t M'. he wus
This coupon may be exchanged for votes in the con
test for a trip to San Francisco in 1915, at the Capital
Journal office. Not good after December 26, B14.
Vice Chief 1'iiuger, Milse Kim; He- limine. I to Minv Knnkiii, of Shaw,
cording Sec, Henry Sleiuksinp; Tiens. Oregon, to which union there were no
uier, I'. .1." Itiesterei ; Spenker, Hnniel chil.lieu born,
K in t .; r'innticia! Sec, .lohn Xol'i'r;' Mr, Dm l.v hnd an eveellent mid re
Trustee, 1'hilip Meier; IVd'Hile lo the leutive mind. He lived a very active
Stole Convention, I 'lias. Hottinger; Al nml nueful life, and w-ns at all times
tetiinli. V. A. Hell; Hsnticr Carrier, considerate of nis linnily ami of Ins
John lleubeiger; Altei nnte, Mic. Kiel ( friends.
Ilciiedict. Kuuer.il services were held vestoi.hiv
from llig.lon i- b'ichnrilson's under-. Mrs. Thouuis H. tiulloway sang " Rock
iinuiig piiriirs nt l o clock; Interment of Ages," "What a Friend Wo llnvf
In ( it y View cemelerv. Services at the
ginve were rondiicti'.l by thn Masonic
t'liiteinity, llev. Carl II. KIIiott, of the
I'irst I'reslivterian, and Uev. Mr. Mor
ton, of the IliingKlow, church, having
chargi if the services at the parlors.
in desin, favorito livmns of the de-
Those selecled as pallbearers were;
M. K, l'oogue, Lot L Hcareo, Grant
Hover, .lohn Craig, ,lohu Hmita of
Aiimsville, and Knbert Howoing,