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and Personal
THE Present cold period which met
with thft immediate condemnation
of the older folk bun been a source
of extreme delight to the younger, mak
ing potmible as it has, the unusual diver-'
si on of ice skutinjr. Yesterday, the
slough south, and the ininitiire' lakes
north of the city, supplied abuudnut
opportunity for lovers of the recreation
and they wero there numerously. The
sporting goods stores were kept busy
the punt week filling orders for the
little ice shoes, and dozens of pairs, in
the discard from the skating of several
jears ago, were again brought into use.
The pleasure subservient to Oregon's
vlimatic conditions will, however, prob
ably be of short duration, us it is ex
pected that the thermometer will reg
ister a warmer temperature within u Fifth street
tew days.
For a Greater Salem
ures nl'ter each concern denote number!
of people employed.)
Public Institutions.
Stato institutions $111,070,110
I Capitol and Supreme Court.. 30.(1:! 1 .l0
Mrs. Xellio White, Mrs. Jessie Crosson,
Miss Ureta Crossan Mrs. Matlock und
Mrs. Breiinnn. Mrs. Crossan served re
freshments. .Next meeting will be at the
home of Mrs. Sykes, January seventh.
Christinas time is here. The time of rounded on all sides by streams that ; County 'officers and help (3(1)
happiness and good cheer for all. As; wi" ''tt'1 ,he ''ity and furnish power j Postoffioc
ti ; . .,. f i.ifor all purposes. And it can be used , City offices
one of the l le.onmig ottieers of tbef . 1 1 . ., ,. . . ., .. . v, i i- i ,
, . , , .. : ns a means or building up the citv in I Public schools (100)
city will try and state briefly what the! ,,vorv ,vav. u we llavo ,,ow;r f0; High school (2S)
new k. (ministration hopes to accom-l offer manufacturers they will locate Willamette I'niversiiv (IS).,
plish. ! their factories here. We can in that '
It is the hope of the new officers to w-v tunusli pay rolls that will in-! Total
give a sauo unit satisfactory govern- crease me vniuo ui our properly, tower. Public Service Corporatlous.
ment for the coining year. To try and! U"". n"'1 keep our citizens employed j Portland Huiluay, Light and -treat
every one so that they will feel the year around at profitable labor. power Co (04) 4 1"
inui we nave ircareu inem rigut, piayeu . " i--y "J " Pacific Telephone, anil Teleg-
uuc.vsi uii uii in rsiiitt-iu oi T-.i,ii'0: graph Co (541
simply for citv lights alone, not count-: , ,, ' , ' ,'.
illir liuhts for all 7h honsis ',1 ., ;A,,1 0,l"'r ''Oipi-rntlOllS
state buildings and the amount that is
used for power purposes.
This is on an investment far more'
than it would cost t lie ruv to buv a
no favorites and given every one a
square deal.
There are no large projects ahead iu
the usual business of the city. The
city has been paved until there are
very few streets left to be paved that
are able t ostand the cost,
2,500.00 !
:i, loo.i ii)
2.250.00 '
2,000.00 1
Total ' ' 8'I!)L45
Larger Manufacturing Concerns.
T. Kav Woolen .Mills (125),. 0.000.00
v.. : n water right, miner site. install t ie rouem .M nr. l'o. .Hi 000.00
and trust to commence work as soon as! necessary plant and cany the power to Anderson Holier AVorks ( 2S) l,i.i5.00
possible after tho first of the year so! 'le'i'. , .(Ueason (.love lactory (.12). 1,000.00
as to i?ive umnlnvmcnt durinir thp win- ; The rilv ,-nti soil' Cjii- tunra limn
Total 0,275.00
canning Companies.
served bv the hostess assisted bv Mrs,
Hoy Clark and Mrs. Prince. .Next meet
ing at Mrs. W. W. Hills, Market and
. The regular open social night for the
Miss Verne DeWitt went to Portland) Maccabee lodge will be held Wednes
Saturday, where she will spend the' day evening, December 30, when the
Holidays with friends. Tomorrow shoi Mr Knights anil the Ladies will en
will he an attendant at the marriage of! tertain jointly, friends and lodge mem
Aliss Agnes Hall, of Sulom, to William! hers being welcome on this date.
Bert Powell, of Portland. .
I An enjoyable contribution to Iho
A pretty miscellaneous shower was affairs which their order has given
tho compliment paid Miss Hazel Mor-j recently will be the banquet, to be
ris, bride-elect of William F. Mosher, held by the members of the Knstcrn
by her sisters Miss Martha and Miss star circle, following the installation
l'ilvirn at their home, 331 North Four-0f officers Tuesday evening, January
teenth street, Wednesdiip eve.niug. Miss nth. Their first dancing parly lust
Thelnia and Miss Hernice Swayze were 'Monday and the large social gathering
asked to assist in serving. Scarlet int the Mrs. L. K. Page home, lust
hearts uud cupids cut; from paper ornn- Wednesday filled their calander for
mented the dining room, suggesting tin", lust week, and each week of tho win
approaching nuptials. M usic and games; ter will be marked by some pleasant
were played, following which the event,
honor guest opened her beautiful and.
useful gifts. The invited guests were: Closing exercises at the Sacret Heart
Misses Lillie Feller, Marie Meager,; Academy will be held Wednesday,
Orphu I'.lliot, Clara Feller. TholmiC when many of the students will go to
Swuyze Klvirn Morris, Jiianitii De Voe,! their homes to spend Christmas and
'Alary Burger, Winnifred Moir, liernico: New . Years. School will reopen on
Swayze, Martha Morris, l.ois Bason,! January fourth.
Mrs.' Franklin Lenou, Mrs. Kdwardj ' "
Swayze. Mrs, Homer Mcllonoiigli, Mrs. jr, nn, Mrs. H. I. St. Helen will lie
Oscar Morris, Mrs. Curtis .ininierman, (lie guests of the (ienrge llliinchards iu
Mrs. William Morris and Mrs. Martini Portland on Christmas day, ami will
.1. Morris of Turner. 1 remain for a week.
The FJite Embroidery Circle was en
tertained Thursday afternoon by Mrs.
Ilattic (liven, at her s)acious home on
North .Commercial street. Christmas
colors were used iu decorating, holly
being tastefully arranged with poinsct-
t,i lilnuu,iii Tlti, ult.ii', mm, ii-ua miii.ti
enjoved bv the guests who passed the ter lll0'ths to those that need it and! enough to pay operating expenses and
.;'..' ...!.,.' I. l l 1ivA thrill It cIlHIICP til Slllllllirt t lll'lll-! OIV II itumvtl I. lllllt U-hi.'ll M-ill tlru.lxullt-
iimu wiiii nrisiiuus wurn una social n , , . . . , ' . . : . . " i " ci r.. i , ni , j, n -.a a
conversution. A dainty luncheon wus c,v. ""' '"miiii's as mej uesire. pay lor us sen oy creating a sinning -'"" ' :'.' ;
j no luiria in nie vnj iiniu i-ii 11 ust,-ti j mini nun ui nil- nine Hie IIOIIIIS tire ...... . . ... ,.v i,
to the city officials all the work of duo et them and have a plant that Knlem Kruit Union (50-150). 2,000.00 1
laying sewers and building streets will help reduce taxation instend of Hunt Eros. (150-250) 3,500.00 1
bridges, etc., believing that tho city as at present taking IdiOO a year to1, '
can do the worn as cheaply and in a pay their street light bill aloiie. Its. Total . . 0,200.01)'
more satisfactory manner than under! time the city got busy and lustulled a Lumber Companies. I
the contract system. j plant us within a few years the desir-, Capitul Lumber Co. (10) , ,. S00.00 j
There is also, one strong benefit by, able power sights are going to be taken Falls Citv Lumber Co. '(171.. 1 Vn) nil
having the city do the work and that and the city will have to pay a high Spaulding Co. (175) 10,000.00
is that home lubor can be employed, ; price for what they can get now at n ' '
keeping: the money ut home and giving1 very low valuation. 1 trust that the Total 1205000
it to those that support, the city and proper steps w ill soon be taken so that " Flouring Mills.' "
make their homes here. I'ndei' tliCtliis work can be finished und we will Capital Citv (4) . ' li)00
-w " , ' '"i" n-Bn i iii.i, ...in ..ui Minn "Hi' t'herry Citv Mills ('II
ploys who he pleases and it makes no; installed our own plant and saved the iirv u,,j ,,, ell
ilit't'oi-elicn wlln nr wlult ttiev urn ns llinie villus u-n hnvii been iiiivintr nr'ivnl.i ' '
long as he can secure them at the low-! coiupunics. j .
est possible wages. This often works Our citv is ns prosperous as anveity i " u J'o"'i''' iil0.no
n great, hardship on our local men who in the Northwest todnv, new homes n re '. , "rav1- f1'8,1""1 Saml Companies.
need the employment and are entitled
to it.
There are a few things Saleui needs
and needs badly and that is its own
water and electric light systems.
If Salem hud bought the water works
here at the commencing of the agita
tion for city ownership a few years ago,
the profits Hint the company hnve made,
during that time would' have gone a
long way towards paying for its cost.
Siilem is never liable to secure the,
best of water and proper service until
the city does own and operate its own
Oregon bus the most natural power
sites of any state in the I'nion today
and the least developed. Saleui is sur-
,, . , ,'. ,, '. : i, flat, Dnrnnil, Catherine DeWitt
A new Clll. I IS lieilin uik.iiii.i h i"i i n lOIII'WIUg piiijiliuii iiiisK'-i " i..' f I ,. l,i, l,n Mnitlm
the wives of the ploys of the P. F,.' ,,npils of professor T. S. Huberts at the f J" '"K ' ' h,7"
& K., under the leu.lorsl.ip of Mrs. L.JSIind school Friday evening. , , ' '5; , , , " T,,beriz-
n..k. I M.- Fdwnid Shunk. ..Ii:,,,, linn,," I.ivesv. Hazel Oeoree; . KiiRelmaiin, 1'iai ces l iulierU,
,. . . I . I...I.I 4, unit . m. '. 1.. II IM U...,1,l.
i ne i.rs, ineeu.iK i ' ' , , ' 1 J . . .. ' t-,.. . V mi! ' i . ' ' I (i i lis ; Valse Dunseuse. Miles,, .lunnita
viiations will be ninde later. Waltzing", Brown, Alice Sperling and
Francos Sperling; Huet "The Pixies on
The Degree of Honor Sewing Society the Wnler1', llruwii, Helen Aspinwall
met ut the home of Mrs. Jessie Crosslin, and Huth Aspiuwull; Duel, "The Pixies
Thursday nf toriioon. The time was' Asleen ". ISrowu. Olive Moores und
.luuiiila Moores; " the Shepherd,' Wil
son. Ornce Tscliudi; "Over the Mills,"
Wilson, Lena Hall; " In Hull Costume,"
l.iinue.. -Ili..el Long; "Winniwawn."
.. i,..,i. ....: .ii. ii..:.... i;i,.. ' ; c
V 1 1 1 11 . nillll iiMinniui. .li-iii, , ,. ,
Kdilh Duiv.i (lesten, Kdna Aclien.inn; Walt, in K uruiiioe, muius i ".".
Hpent with needlework. Those present
were Mrs. Hcrtha SI ut sitimii, . Mr:,
(ihi'lys Stut-iiinn, Mis. Kiihiui Snool;,
Mrs. Klln Trnver, Mrs. lOizabeth Sykes.
Mrs. H. J. Leslie, Mrs. I a W ritiht
lrs. Jo'ie Clossson, Mr
Moores; "isabelle (Iriinde Yalse,"
liacln n, Olga Wickborg; Duct,
"Yalse,," llohin, Nell Huberts- and
Ituehili Huberts; " Lolienne Harp,"
Smith, Frances Coodenough; "Second
Muziirha," (lodard; Huth Jones;
"Craiiil Yalse de Concert," Miittoi,
Nora Sclilensner; (a) "The Butterfly,"
Liivulle -(b) "The Pluto's Revels,"
hinoil, Lucile DeWitt; Nursery Hliynio
Princess Plum Pudding,
Large, 50c; small .10c
Atman's Plum Pudding
Large, 55c; small 10c
Best Mincemeat, bulk... 15c lb.
Vorlbest Mliicomoat, 2 lb.
palls, per pail 25c
Cnlnnh Figs, per carton 25c
Alniunds, no, 1 Walnuts, Bra
zil, lb 25c
No. 3 Walnuts, Filberts and
Mixed, per lb 20c
Fnr.cy Mixed Candy, lb 20c
Choice Crisp Mixed Candy, ll).20c
Pineapple, can 20c, 15c, 10c
Bartlett Penrs, can 25c
Cling Ponchos, can 25c
Apricots, can 20c
Cherries, can 45c
Asparagus, can .. ..25c, 20c, 15
Oyatcrs, c.'.n -15c, 25c, 10c
Com, can 15c, 12' 2c, 10c
Beans, can 20c, 12', sc, 10c
Peas, can 25c, 15c, 8 l-3c
Tomntoos, can .12V2c, 10c, 8 l-3c
Grocery Telephone 830
Meat Telephone 840
The Christ inns program of the Y. W.
C. A. of the I'nivorsily on hist Tues
day aflcrnoou wus very delightful and
a large number of girls uud outside
visitors were iu attendance. For the
past week the eirls rest room lias been
iieautifullv deenrated with Christinas
greens hud bright red ribbon bows.
The -nf1 ernoou was informal, the pro.
eriini being iinniinnuncod an I the uirls
did sew ing while enjoying the iiiimboi'S.
The program was:
Christmas carol; I. layer, Miss Rey
nolds; solo, Pnnuic McKenuon; solo,
Carrie fooksey; solo, Florence Cook;
scripture reading, .Mildred Bartholo
mew; solo, Huth Winters; reading,
"The Other Wise Mini,'' F.nid F.lliot;
solo Leila McCuddnm.
At Iho F.uglownod school a Christinas
program was given Friday by the pri
innry grades which follows:
Mother (loose Party, room 1; The
First ( hiistnins, Louise. Wick; Christ
mas, room 2; (iernian Christmas, Walter
Hunt and Sam Diilryinple; The Fir
Tree, room 2; Father Christinas, room
II: drill, room 2; I rei.ch ( hristinas,
going up everywhere our school census ' , , ".."n ".i t i,ih,j."i
shows several' hundred new students Snlem lilo & Mere. Co. (32). 1,1)50.00
every vear and goes to prove that tho,'s"l('m Sewer Pipe Co. (14).. 1,520.00
city is forging ahead at nil times. : Salem Construction Co. (8).. .1 ..'KIO.OO
Saleui is going to have another large:
school house the coining year and it, Total $0,175.00
will only bo a very short time until! Bottlinjf Works.
the High School will need enlarging oi" Salem Brewery Ass. (20-:i0)iH 3,000..in
bv the addition of a Junior High (ii.leou Stolz Co. (,i) -I."!).!!)
School. ;
This nil shows a very healthy eonill-1 Total $ 3,4."i0.iiO
Hon in the business life of tho city and . Packers and Allied Products,
goes to prove (hat if we all work to- K, r. doss and Sou;. (15). ...ti I, IOU.no
getner umi nnost rnr Miiem and Milem steuloff Bros. (KM.:!) 1 200.00 I
resources, it will nrmg me results we. .
all desire. ; T.itnl 2,:iiio.n.i
Yours very truly, i Nurseries,
T1AKLKY O. WIIITH. (junker Co. (.'hl-IH) 1 .luO oil
All others (IO-.iO) 2,.HIH.i)il
lielievf that times are going to the bad
and that worse is yet to eomo,
iSaturally, such conditions iu the
'omiiierciitl life of a large country are
reflected in the more remote portions,
but the effect, is not so great nor the
depression iu business activity so badly
felt as ia the larger centers which nr.!
the cores nf this commercial life.
Join, in this regard, may count itself
extremely fortunate for its situ,. ,
for its varied interests, for its wide
contributing territory, which places it
practically independent of how things
may go iu other less favored p luces.
It is true, if the question is faced
squarely, that buying and selling in the
city has fallen off considerably during
the past fall, but this condition is be
lieved to show but slight effect of tile
general poor outlook elsewhere. Christ
mas shopping, iu tho niuin-
buying ol useless but pretty trinkets,
of jewelry, of extra clothing is much
less t Ii 1 1 n heretofore. But this fact
cannot bo taken as tho real criterion
of business conditions. It shows thut.
people nre not inclined to part with
their money for useless gifts Hint only
cuny toe i. ii i isi mil s niessno nl good
cheer without proving of some intrin
sic value. )n continst to this fulling
off, the regular buying of drygoods,
for example, is'ubout 'tiveiago lind the
people are not slighting the nocessuijes
of u coinfortublc existence.
Outlook Is Promising.
Business men, therefore, are not at
tributing the present dullness to any
thing being seriously at fault with the
economic, conditions of the country. It
is a recognized fact that commercial
opportunities are good hern and else
whore anil that the restraining influ
ence is mainly lack of coiitidence. And,
'IV a I $ :i,.iiii).iih
Brio.V, Companies.
.1. C. Hoi, I, ins (12) riO.1,.10
III. 'nnsmoe
l . Lra.r. v
Inexpensive Gifts
Reliable Values
This season our store is filled to overflowing
with gifts which are both charming and inexpen
sive. Our specializing in goods suitable for presents
of genuine worth but of medium- price will prove an
important aid in selecting a gift. We call attention
to a few of the many articles for your selection-
Reduced Prices on Reduced Prices on
Women's Neckwear Box Stationery
Novelty Ribbons Women's Umbrellas
Richardson's Linens Bath Robes
Leather Bags Fleeced Kimonas '
Leather Purses Knitted Goods
Mesh Bags Knit Underwear
Lingerie Waists Character Dolls
Silk Waists ' Parker's Games
Silk Petticoats Women's Handk'ch'fs
Women's Sweaters Bedding and Blankets
Hundreds of Gift Suggestions
j. ,
Creamory Companies.
Capital City Cr, Co. (5) $
Townsend Cr. Co. (5)
Marion Cr. & Produce Co. (.'i
lion. Capital t it v l.auinlrv ( I"
Salem Sti am Liirtndi v (:i:
4,Vi.wil Total
) . 11 1.1 ..1
'I ol nl l,l.M.M
Publishing and Printing,
.lob printing offices (2i :io).$ l.luO.uO
stnle.niiin (7:i 5..".i!I,iI0
Capital .louniiil (2(1) 1,7-Iii.mi)
I Total
Toli.l 4, s,7iH.oi), General Industries.
Candy MamtfacUiriug Co. !.'. M. L'ppley Man. ( n (0)
pn (.). $ .iOO.ll-l l.eWI-, ,v Jones (illlll. Ls (5)
Cigar Factories,
'ignr I'li.-tory (II)
Boat Fnctoricd.
Sul. -in Hunt Factory C!)...
.... 1,550.00
.... 2,1110.00
.....ii 7011.00
White d Sons (Il-I)...
Burkus i Son (J-l)...
Cu. (5)
Ceo. Cniuevou Bos Fuc. (J)....
Koilcrs Paper Co. (12)
Angora ling Co. (I)
Ilmvii Planing .Mill (20)
Iloav 'i' Stuff Paint Co. (il)....
Price llnv. Bie-k Oil Co. (2)
I'll. lei scher i. Fuller (il)
A. M. Hansen (.'.'. MO)
(iroi-Bello '(Oi
that is, the inn's (.l
Cherry City Candy Co.
Burger Coiil'ectionerv 1
."iinl.o.l . V ill.l I.H't 1 1'
'J-.'l.'i') Sa'.-in I'ci
o. (I)
T it 11 1
11 11 i t i 1 i it 111 III).,
Works (J)
I Sllletll b e 1-0. ( I I
.".i..i'l I P. F. S.dinlVr Harm
ii'ail J.'pscn 1 2 :i)
1 1 'i.iuti.i-r.-ia I 1 ider WI-
lll' ti.nes ,
; Co. CI)
2(10.00 w. II. Cilson Box Fuc. (2)
L'.'iO.iuij This is the
Llo.OII ' oi ervhody iu
200.no ' III Willi, ' I'll Ii
.and total
1 ."11.01)
20(1. 111)
:i 10.111)
1 ,11110.111)
...if S,5!IU.O0
a son ol' tho year when
tho house is preparing
Christmas Specials
- 1 1 irlli rlirirlivirlll." man
f USTE Jim
Only Three Buying
Days Left
Hcliablc Goods at Reliable Prices
Mirrors, 65c to $7.50 Perfumes, 25c lo $3.00
Combs, Iirushes, Hand IJags, Manicure Sets
Dan J. F?y
310 North Commercial St.
Kvelvn llcbel room .1; Christinas flouts,' """""K". "' "''oiiik like trailinir lu the
room' 2 lines and sulfoniiKs of other human be-
Tlie'cliristinns floats forniod nn In-' '"B"' "ur conditions in Kuropo cun
terestiiiK feature of this part of Hit-: not linlp but have u tendency to enliv
prourniu. The little ones were slowly 'n Amenciin coniinerciul activities roii
draivn across the stntfe in Kiiyly decor- j erully, and so briiiK homo to Siilem a
nlnd toy oxnress wiil'Oiib roiireHontinif l'"rt of tlie prosperity thut must even-
Christmas bells, Cbristinns stockinijs, tually result. With the destruction of j
Chiitnins toys niiii the last float iu the European manufacturing interests com '
procession carried a ulitterinir tree. merce will sock a home on this side of j
A liirue number of parous and friends tho liatcr, uud this trniisplantinir of
nttonde.l the exorcises. ninny kinds of indiiHtiial activities ,
The upper jinnies of Kimleivood cannot help but bo reflected in every '
school jjnve the folloivinjf iinnibcrs: town and county in the United Stales, 1
flonj!, Merry Christinas Dolls, room ; And ill this niviikoniiiK to lamer com- ;
('hristinas Messnjie, MiMinetli 1'ior; ex-, m,.reinl liie Salem will undoiibtodlv 1
tract from Birds Christinas Carol, B,llr(,, ;
Arthur It brauiihi It 'ame I'pon the 0V(,r 2() jnstitu(iN (,
Mi,liiljiht Clear Dorothy V,. t; soiiK.I t(lvo a Ita,(lt li 1- payroll of over iH.OOO
Christmas is I ore room -U Alio her, ,,, ,, ,. , .
ljLtLSt I ! 1 . in 'a,'"" !'! "ve payrolls of from,
-'.I : , i. oi t.i K.iii (loo .. n,,..,ii. ,. :ii. ii... ;
I-......I C.li-ln .hi nil i 1 ' 1 ' I"' I "'I'' ""
( 'Ii i-i mI mi ns
j ,liuuio.uo, Mrs. St. .Nicholas, room 4;
soul, Silent Nivlit, room 8; Honjf for
; Christum 01j;n Hunt; The Little Feb
: Ion 's Stnckiim, Mildred Alexnnd
avernjie ruiiniiiL' I'r ttio to five thou
sand for the liujrer ones. There are 17
distinctive eonimercinl interests oper-
aiinjr wiiiiiii tlie enrporato limits uf
Teleplionc 223
o I.'iillo T.m-n of Bcthlcheui. room UI,,M' 'tn l ruin tlireo to eijrlit coin
! 4- The t hristiniis Tree. Henrietta Vunr- luinies or business houses leju nled
hois; C)nilnis Limit Ann, Huth llns.-h; under ouch.
A Letter to Santa Clans, Helen Siivukc;; Salem's Fine Payroll,
' so ii v. Christians Hells, room 7; I'lulcr, Siilem 's hiontlily payroll amounts, as
the llullv Boiiuh, Untold Millard; sonji, fur ns can bo as tiiined, lo a grand
I Vii. lor the Mistletoe rooms 7 and total of $I5I,IK.S5.
I Hilda's Christians Altlien Porks', An-; The work of nsecrtalniiijr the iiniuber
I nio's and Willie's Prayer, Jessie of emplovc-i ami the aiiioiiut of mijros
itlrundy; Nazareth Alice (llacser. pai'l hy the follow inj; Siilem ctiiccins
I was done by Ivan McDaniel, iissislant
Clil'l'iinl Spnuldiuji, of the Orejrun .,,cretiirv of the promotion department
! Agricultural Collene, Is luune to spend 0 t10 SuK ni Commercinl club, and lie
itlic 'Holidays with his parents, " , nnlv enmpleteil it Inst eveninif fur tho
i hiiries 11. npniii'iiuiis, "no "'",' CliiiHtiniis edition of the .louniiil.
brute Christinas with a jionernl family I lt wU hl, ,,,,, i( Um t1( t(,
renninn. stnto und federnl institutions brinjt in
c .". r,,,n niieiMrcc ,0 r"1, m "n av,'n'" "f '-'.Nii-io h
oALblV) O KilMNtjS ' cve,y m"k- A,,,""kr mnnufiic
IITH IMniTCTDICC ""'"H iiuliislr'ies the liimboiiuj; brlnjts
ANU INUuOlKltj Ki-culost umiiiint, while the cniiiiinn !
. n ; coiiipiinles come n close second, The
nuilnesil conditions llirouj:linnt ho ,Hi.050 that is pnid en. h Inontli by tlie
eoiinttv durinu the past year have been lumber concerns Is tlie most sternly of
L.,.1 nn,l rulrenrliment in iri ncial "'em all while the eemiiujr enmpanios,
lexponscs by liirjre numbers of comincr- thoimh liriiij;iiiH in 0,200 each month
!ciul houses III rccponse to the pressure of work, lire only seasonal,
from outside sources has thrlnvn lnrae Jlunkinjt next In I m port a lice Is the
I numbers of men nut nf employment rrintinjj Industry, which distiibnlos
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French Mixed
Ribbon Mixed
Honey Comb
Peanut Butter Kisses
Maple Flavored Cubes
Peanut Brittle
Lion Mixture
Baby Mixed
Popcorn. 3 lbs. for
Plain Mixed
Grocers' Mixed
Broken Mixed
Mixed (no peanuts), per
lb 20c
Mixed (with peanuts) 2
lbs 35c
Fresh Country Meat
Sausage (pure pork) lb 15c
Backbone and Sparcribp, lb 12! ic
Tenderloin, lb 22c
Live Chickens, lb Tv 13c
Plenty of Good Country Butter, lb. 30c
New Buckwheat Flour (pure), sack fi5c
Home Made Kraut, quart 10c
Apples, Bananas, Jap Oranges, Lem
ons, Cranberries, Oranges.
Cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrots, Celery,
Onions, Parsnips, Sweet Potatos,
Pumpkins, Squash.
The prices below are offered as a special inducement for you to call at our
store on one of the following days: 21, 22, 2:!, 21. In order to obtain these prices
you must call at the store to order them. These prices do not apply on phone
orders, or orders given our solicitors.
resh Ranch Erks, dozen 10c
Potatoes, sack lots, bushel 35c
Sultana Raisins (seedless), '.) lbs.. . ,25c
Jones' Picnic Hams, lb 12c
Jones' Breakfast Bacon, lean streaked,
lb 25c
Jones' Sweet Pickled Back Bacon, per
lb 20c
Jones' Cured Meals tasle differ
ent. They are the best we can buy, no
matter what the price.
Open to 8:30 p. m. Wednesday evening
PHONE 191.
Ward K. Richardson
-v-;.., . '