Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 17, 1914, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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We Are Strictly
This is also the clothing shop of the
and trim, well-fitting models. For good wear and
true style, you couldn't select a better place to pur
chase your snappy Christmas suit from. Our suits
look as though made expressly for the individual
wearer; they will hold up and make good because
back of their good appearance .are ALL-WOOL
FABRICS and thorough, conscientious tailoring.
Suits $1 0 to $30
Special for the holidays
20 per cent Less
Splendid Styles and
Quality .
20 per cent Less
Per Cent
This is for Saturday
only, and should be ta
ken advantage of. IT
TO YOU. All woolen
goods are increasing in
all of our beautiful 40c
and 45c
Flowered Ribbons
29c per Yard
Chemans Decide to Have
Christmas Tree at 6:30 I
Friday of Next Week j
for every nuiti iiml every measure.,
' ' 1! Fewer billa nml more time for
iinpoitniit IcgiKliition.
1 "il A saving of lit least ii'i per cent
I'm tlie cost of the legislative session,
. TT ,' without liny Buerifice in of fieioncv.
Kefuses to Permit Him to State His ,m;0 R00(1 ,.,.,,,.,..,,;,. i,
Side of Speakership Content in Its j of men. What wo need now in u good,
' Columns. ; practical met hod of procedure.
; "Such u program iihmuik 11 h 11 niri in
ftditor Juiirinil: I send you (Ids emu
niunicntioii in the hoi' Hint von will
publish it for thi' lii'ni'tit of your lcii.l
rii, Without uny remain whatever, I
have been excluded from tin column
of the Oregonian nnd huvo been pre
vented from answering tin' fulse claims
of Unit paper in regard to Mr, Moiling
nnd tin' fspoiikcrship. I believe thnl
the press throughout tin- Ntuto is will
ing to give each shh' n fair hearing.
A recent iss'ic of Iho Oregiiiiiuii con
tui noil tin1 following cditoriul in re
gard to my en nili.ltfi y for the Mpouk
ursliip: "A word i.r two ought perhaps to hi'
Mild iiln.ut Mr. Kiiton, of I.mio county,
mid hist Utile i' f fort to In- (speaker of
Iho House nt tin- next Legislature. Mr.
linton in sending letters to tho stnti'
press exploiting I''" X icvnnccs against
tho Orogcninti niiil oilier Portland pu
porn, which, ho says, have refused to
print his nidi' of tin' controversy. Tin'
Orogoniuii cntinut speak for other
newppnpors, hut for itself it appears
well enough to suy Unit it linn Hinted
the fuels nliout the .Speakership nun
I'liigu us they developed. Thut is nil.
Mr. Kutini was invited to umhe Ht nt
nient for publication in Iho Orognniun.
and ln sought to iilniso the privilege
by nuliiiiittin,'2 ti muss of fiilse, triviul
nnd irrelevant mutter which no solfr
flieeting ncwMiiiper could huve ileetiu
worthy to print. Tho Orcgntiiun will
bo patient with Mr. Knton, whose dis
nppoiiitnient inny lie niitiiriil, lint whose
resentment is not nt nil win rinitiihlc.
lie in lining no service to tin
hit represents by his silly course."
The only two iiiticlos tlnit 1 hnve of
fered to tile Orcgoniun nnd which the
Orcgoniuii refused to print and now
characterizes us false nnd trivial, inn
my platform nnd nil opi a letter to Mr.
Helling. Thn platform is ns follows:
, BKH (IF Till') 111 15 OHI'.HON
hiii .si-: ok iti:ri!KM;.N-
"rlouio time ago I promised to In -nome
a enndidntu for Hpi'iiUcr of the
1015 wsinu to whi' li you and I have
recently been I'lcited. Within n few
linyt I shall prepare n full t ntement
ottiiiR fort li nonio of the rnisotm why
I have entered the eontest. The fol
lowing statement covers Iniofly my po
It ion nnd I would lie Kind to Imve
metlioiis ol iirnuiu.iuion, in I lie milli
ner of hiring t'lerienl help nml in the
rules o,ovei ning the House. These
chniiu'i's I hopo you will lie interested
in, us I feel they are more important
tlimi any or nil the candidates for tin
Spen kership.
" Kesiect fully yours,"
Is there iiiiytliini; in this plnlforni
thnl is triviul or irrelevnnt, or such
that an Hi'lf-respecting newspnper
would ileum worthy to print .' Thut is
tho nssertion of the Oregouiun. J suh
niit to you and your renders tlint the
sliiteiuent is not false or triviul, mid
Unit if the Oregoniiiu had lieen fnii
ami open in this business they would
certainly have printed il. The truth is
as plain ns duy that Mr. I'iper nml one
of two of liis political friends her" have
simply uMctnptcd to orauii' the l.e)j
irhiture for their own purposes, nml
have iitleiupteil to tiiiiiihiluto nil oppo
sition I iv printing only those articles
fiivoruhle' to Mr. SnJliii(; -articles
whi'-h they knew to lie false, and to
wliirli they would not permit tin mis
wer in their puper.
My open letter tn Mr, Scllim, which
was rejected by the ( reoouiiin. is ns
I'u'low f :
''I'eur Mr, .Selling: In the tlreyo-
iiuiu of lloceiuber -1 you were ipioted
(l ,-is sivioy mai you nail nioie i.inu
i ei oii'ih Mites to elect you us speaker.
i mil le a sliueinenl to tin'
Helps Belgians, Talks Sugar
Beets and Nominates Can
didates for Next Year
if an esuininiitioii of the case proves
thut I have knowingly misrepresented
the situation, I will at once retire from
tho contest. I eurnestly hope that tho
investigation will prove that the er
roneous statement was mi error of judg
ment. "It would lie pleiisunter to let this
mutter drop ,liut it is iiii lou:;er ji ijmif'r
lion of peisonul opinion, hut it pulilic
issue, whiih neither of us can uftord
to evade.
' ' Vours very truly. ' '
This wus u tair and decent state
ment of the dispute between .us, if I
iiiiilerstniiil the Knglish language 1 1 nil
1 think 1 do. If the people understand ,
i ne - it nation they win e unwilling io:.,
ii 1 1 1 1 w the legislature to be n-gnuixeil bv ! Fifteen burreln of ffmir lit if.'i per
Mr. I'iper and the I'ortlauil coterie of bnrril were nibseiibcd la-t night foi
I'olitu inns in their own interest, as -t relief of Hclginu nr sufferers, nt
has many linn s been run lieietofnre, I , tin) aiiauat meeting nf the oomolion
do not clnnu that it is important to department of the Salem Commercial
the slate that I should be elected eluli held at the .Million hotel from
speaker, but I do think that it is im until S:IH) o'clock. Tlnme subscribing
portant lor the peivrle to know the' the l!i bmrels nnd tints starting the
strenuous activity of the Oregoniiin in proposition to assist in,lilliug the cargo
behalf of Mr. Selling ,iiiul the means 'of the ship thut will represent Oregon
used by which l seeks to accomplish and Washington were; (i. I', Hishop.
his election. Let the people know th" Huron & lliimiltoii, (ieorge W. Johnson.
"'"Is. Henry Meyers, (ieorge ('. Will nnd the
Vouis truly, Rodgers l'nper eompnnv'; each of whom
AI.I.KN II. KATO.X. 'gave two barrels, nnd W. M. II ii in i If i ii
It was decided nt the meeting of thn
;'hoviiius Inst night in the auditorium
of tile eomiueicial club to illuminate :
their Christmas tree at d:.10 o'clock on i
the tveuiiig of Kriiiay, Deeeniber i". !
At t.iat hour the musical program mi-1
der l he direction of Dr. H. Kploy
will be given. Dr. Kpley reported last'
night that he expected to have churns i
ot lli voices to ring our Christmas inch j
I oily over the crisp evening air and ile-'
i light tho thou.-auds in tin, court house '
jsipiare. lie says he has also planned on !
la sol list. i
! On this night (he Cheriiuns will be1
out .n their white uniforms to distrib-
iiile iho i-aniiy nnd nuts that will be!
given to the children when tho exer-;
Iciscs are over. A huinu.oua account j
Iff I he trials nud tribulations of the'
reollectinj; en iiiint teu ill then- attempt
jto raise money to buy candy, etc., was
giw'ii iiy i uriia roan, it was an
nounced thut the nnniial banipiet would
be held January o, and that so far M
( lierrians had signified their intention
of intending. Tins banipiet is expected!
to etjiml that of last year, or exceed i
it in glcry, nml the Cheirinns have
seveiul coinittees working on the de
tails, j
Kil'g Iting at this meeting appointed
1.1. W. Kyre, S. I'. Klliott ami I'. li.
Waters a committee on new members,
and Thiodoio ifoth, .1. r. I'crry. John
Uow-lund, HiisKcll Calliii and .1. II. l,au
teriunii a committee on nominations.
Hev. H. K. Marshall, the Cherriau min
ister, extended an in itntion to (he
( hi-rriaiia tn alteiid services at the
Huptist church on the evening of He-'
ennber :;7, at which time the liaptist
ougregatiiin will give Christinas mu
sic. This invitation whs accepted by
the Chen-inns.
A coilllilliuii iitiuil was rend froin the.
! Hokim iiiiiH uskiug the Cherrians to send1
a ri :iresentutive on the big .junketing,
' trip to Sun I-'ranei-.o, I'nsadenu audi
sail Diego to luke part in the dedicat
ory exercises of the Oregon stale build-!
MiK. The excuri-kn will leave Port
'.and Itceeinb.'r :iO. Tin. inntler of send-
nig u representative was not decided
(Ieorge M. M v In ml , Oregon's coiniuis-i
sioner of exploitation, who has jusl ,
returned from Sun r'ruiicisco, whs proa- j
"lit nml made a short talk, outlining'
t lie events of interests for Oregoniiins. j 7mmmmmTm?T?TZZ!mmmmT.
iT ' T, Z ', ," r ' r--jr-.sa lease ."U00 acres ol' iiriguteil land con
valley, lrolessor llysh.p spoke briefly I .,,,,,, f(ir ,ivt, ,.,,,. , ,0 tMl,s
on the ailviiutngeK and disadvantiiges of , ,,,,,,, ,ru,0 n ,,, v01la !,
of the article us a crop lor farmers to ' .i.,;,i:i,,i 'ru ,!,,. ,.t ,.,., n,,
grow suecessfnlly. Lie cited th reer i.'i ,', m ,,.,., uf tram tw0 t0
ot the beet tnetory Ht l,a ((mail ul fj,.,. acres. Ile said the company us-1
.(.mi mitt Tin oniy reasim it Iiml to ills- iillv assisted 1ln. Cniniei- in finiiiicinir
What $1
will Buy
Beautiful Tie in box
Three Initial Linen Hdkfs.
Two pairs Silk Lisle Hose
Tie and Hose to match, box'd
Silk Muffler
Night Shirt
Scarf Pin in box
Set Cuff Links in box
Dress "Shirt Protector
Silk Finished Suspenders
Set Dress Studs
Stylish Cap
Collar Bag for traveling
Four pairs Cashmere Hose
Knitted Silk Four-in-Hand
Tie Holder
Suit Pajamas
8 Triangle or Silver Collars
Black or Gray Silk Hose
And many other equally
acceptable gifts for men.
We fit all pocketbooks
from 25o to $25 for Christ
mas gifts.
Leading Clothiers
107 Commercial Street
The "Tot
c. J, Nillot and D. A, White & Sons,
one barrel each. With this beginniii"
it is expected that when a cnnviis of
tho city is complete at least n cnrloinl
,1, of flour will have been secured to lend
to rortliiuil to 1 1 doru R Wilcox
who hus ehiirge of gutheriug the relief
In assisting the sturving Helgiau wn
men and children, though the home
need for help is keenly renlized, the
tact that the sulfering was brought on
MITH Al Willamette sniiilnriiini,
Wednesday, I lecember III, lull, at
1 1 :'M p. in., Mis. Kliznl.olh C. Smith,
wile of Andrew Smith, of cancer of
the stouiiii'h.
Ill SHU'S HO Illl'-IIUIn . t ie .1 use. te e inn l,v .,..! .. : .
evening pa-, ,.ves two ilnuiihteis. t,-s y.,i I .... :.i
pes ,.f ,h:i same duy ami lurnis 1 u nnd l-etu; her mot Mrs. M,v lli.vd. no niirr ,,f .1,.. ,,.,. , I 'I
opy to the Oiegiiniun ol the next day f Saleiir, three sisters. Mr..' Il,.,.,e l. I I.. ,.i.... : .. ,
knew that y, i, nutiK nml Mrs. Mm. Mils .' .V... , "w',n"
s. It. A. -I..v ..riH .7". "7 "'' ' jigeiMs
,y posilnn, bv suluni.ling ' ,! one brother, W. il.'lluwd, ,s f t tZ' T Z Zlu " Xi
teu uppoinieil ny inn ore-, Sluiw. She nml been a sulTi'ici- for 'll :. mi. . . ... '
I"e laels ill Hie ease. j rxum-. soimi lime, beinn cuied for ul Willani. ''.1.1.7 I i -.., ' ' ..
ihiili'iu proved that mv stnl cut wns'ett,. sniiii,ioiii t. il. .. n " ' "i;inu one null .
' r.,-.,. itooiaio
... 1w,.u uip lonil. ( luiirmiin lioiigers inailc
'' I'lO'lli nnneil lo t IC Ills ma men r..
in the Waldo Hills, she ' oinns nml I...II... s,.i i...
" """ inioii iin-ie, Hiii'm sue purl
' veil her eiliical inn, nml iniinied i,, ,
iiivnw that I
. ........ .,..-,..,.., ...,..,. umi ..i
ii ' eii to pill
to ii i oiiiiuitleu appointed by tin! Oro
continue was that the fiinners did not;
grow enough beets to keep the pluut 1
running,- though the quality grown was
Ill the Willuniete vnlhy, he said, the
transportation fueilities were good, the,
soil rich enough to ruise u good ipiul
ity. nud the climnte sul'fieientlv moist
and wnnn to insure quick growth nml
sunlight sufficient to develop u high
rate of luigniv When the crop is sue--'
'rssliil, it is a good one for the fanner1
because it, more than iiiiv other now
ruiseil, is u eiuili producer. Resides, it
fits in well lor rolfilion, for the daiii
funnel' nud for Iniihotiing up ioil, !
However, he said it involved n great -deul
of hand luh.n'. Oteou f'uiiucis'
have grow n crops on extensive ti ml not
intensive scnles for so long, the close
care ami attention of 1 ts tends In
disciiiirnge. Ciiltivnlioa must lie ibnie
in the right way nml at the right
Alex Nibley. repleieutillg the flic-'
tnry side, spoke biiefly, nnd suid lln'
interesls which he repri'seiiled was set-iou-ly
iu enrm'st in deviiiug lo esluli
li'li a plant here, lie said as a remit I
of investigations that the sugar I t
'an be grown successfully in the Wil '
linnelle Milley. His people reipiiied ill
the growing crop and guvo lnni.two
pay Iii'h per year. The beets can lie
hiiul"d ."il milea prufitulily and Halein
eoiihl IhuH ilinw on I'ortlauil, Kugcno
umi the entire siirrnuiuliiig country,
where soil siiitublo for Itieir growth
eotilil be foiiinl,
Kmpliiynicnt, during the liiirx'est sea
ou u:' between Hl and ."nil lunula
would ho given, This season would
not in'orhip wild the hop harvest but
come soniewhi't later and would provide
iinothcr nppoi t unity to earn iiuiucy.
After seveiai ipiestlons had been iimi
eii iiml aasweied the nieeling ii'ljouru-ed.
Walter .1. Klik, -on nt Mr. and Mrs.
. 1 1 ill ii Kiik, of this city, inul a slinlenl
:it I', of O., lenves this e'ening for
N'a.-h illc, Teiiii., where he repiesents
Cuiiiuia I'll! chiipter.' in' Oregon in Iho
Alpha. Tim, Omegii eonvenl ion. Ho
ones by way nf Spokane uiul Chicngo
and ictuins )V wuv of 'ew Orlemis
ami tho noiitlieni route. Ho will bo
away about a month,
llr. inul .Mm, lli-over ( llellinger, of
the Tiiliereiilnsin snniiloriuni, wem in
I'liKlnml yeslei'diiyi They ruluruod to
this city Into lust evening,
Say Only Actual Success
Against Russia Recently
Has Been Her Work
Itci'lin, by wii'i'le-s via Sayville, Die,
IT. "The fiisl actual suecoses the
Teiiloiiic alius huve nccomplHii'il
ugaiusi the Jlusi-iaiis in the past few
lays," ; ii 1 1 u 1 1 n . -. I the war office heiu
loilny, " apparently have been uehievd
by the Austrian!) in western (indicia.
"Here they attacked Hie siiv sini-ulliinioii.-ly
on their rii;ht, east ot
Ctiicow nnd on their front,
"It is repniti-d that lln. Anslii o
forces are following up the Wussiaiis.
thereby ciowding tliein upon thcic
troop in Western Poland.
"Tho fuel thai the AusliiaiiK wine
compi'llnl o iwiicuule llelgriiile, after
having rcliied before thn Serv iaan to
the south of luil city at Vuljevo, wiih
inlei prctcil here lis pointing to thn
n I mi in-i noil liw ii id of mi iiiieTpectedly
st mug I 'ervlnn fmee. ' '
If you can 'I I, ilk of an thing but
your troubles, nhut up.
not corii-i t, I agreed to make n public
uiinoi' ,ci iiieut of the finding in nil the
papois of the city and iiuuicilitcly n-lev-e
till lac. iiit'ii'bi'rs who were sup-poil-ng
me fur the speakership,
"No iilieiition huh been given lo my
Horn Julv
hoiini at Nhaw,
on Scplemlu-r IL', IMIII. Shutlv
the Hel
hi lln its
this grout Ii ii iii ii ii, movement
uiiHnrriiiiti d Mifferine. r. S
slut, "icnt and wo me both now in an, with her hu.-bnud, she went to Voting,
iitit',,1 1 it Mfi I tx (tnairion n fur iih I lie niiiii. I ! ........ ...I .1. ... , .
niil'inluuate position as tar us the opin
ion nt the public is cnnccrncl. Thi)
uuittei might nut be so serious if it
were not for the fact that we tire each
ii'-kiug tn be placed in a position ul
publii responsibility, whole Judgment
inul iiiiui'sly nre important i i.nsi.leru
1 i ii ii.-.
"I do not wish In ipii'sliou ynur hiui
ely umi I do nut believe thut you have
in the past ipiestiuneil mine. I would
w Here
In I
they resided
going lo Alhiniv, where
iHiimilton, of Jluieu i lliimiltoii Kurni -
turn i'i 1111 1 01 11 v . 11,1,1 , 11 :i. j
seveinl ,, i.r.,,nil' I-..I1,,.... i'i.,,,, . ,,,' ,
inpiiny, sccomled the sentiiiicuts of
they made their Home up to ali'out two m" "U '
r!I',ri'V::' ' "V'"' It a. mim.,1 by lln
a new nome suiilli ut Mnlem.
A member of one nf Uieuon's hct
known enilier fiimilirs, slie leaves many
I l ien, Is throughout I he stnte to lenrii
with liucere vnrrow of her ilealh. A
ber of the Christian church, she
win an cxciiiphirv Cliristinn. nml n
Tour oniiilon on it.
1 inn ii ,,i.i. , . ,, ,.,. .. ,.,,,,,,. ,, ,,, innin ,,, iniiginent pntient lienier or the proliiuiic.l
cnuio I thftn) t mil ipinlilied tnr the ,y whn nr0 lt,i i-ti'.l in t,ie unit- fcriug p,i,' lo her d Ii.
powiion nun uccinini- j i-iuini 1 1I11111 t lin o some ol tliein lieucv i', ' I'lincriil services will tic
uoiiniur 11 mi unpin 1u.11 1 ." .'" it m tiiev iiiulnuiiteiiiv no now, inat emier lml , j..v u, rcM,enre 1(7"
organiiiBtion nml prweilnro of the l)f , ,tl, of us, have misr ..present- Knst Htnte slreet, tomorrow mniuiiiii
TIn..aA T ul.,,11 nub i,i- ml ..lei't.i.n 111-'.. I .1. . in 1 .:.....! . -
"uunr' r...... ' I'M I III! 1IHCF. IL 111 ICSIIL',111 Hill pilMI'S'HI OelOCli, (CV. -', f, (irte'
t clear majority or me iiii-uincis mo. Uint W(, w,,r0 ll)ln ,,, ,!,, I(( tlt. 4 i rl t chin
1 will not try tu ninu uny nieiiiocis m Hiisjiidgiiient of the situiitiiiii, neither
pit iiipport thriuiBh n party caucus. I f ,', nnh miffer lunch, but if i'miiii
hall make 110 pnuniiea nf committer : nuilleii shows tliat either 11V us have
ppointmi'iilR and 1 shall have no cam- knowingly made a lulse slnlcineiit, il
paign malinger to mukn iirriingeinents would dis(iinlify us for tin. positiun
for me. 1 would rather bo free on the w iii. h we now seek,
floor than tied In the 8ienker'i) clinir. j " consider the nmtler of giavo iiu
The only way Hint 1 can afnrd to be-1 piirtame, and I pn'siuno that ou have
enmn Hpcnker la through the mippurtlnnt answered mv i1iiillengo because
of a clear majority of the members vou, like myself, have been
who believe that I will make a fair busy, Hut, every hour (hut pas-es In ! day with rnla which the local weather " A. ('., ami Alex, Nibley, who
and efficient presiding officer, nnillereii.es the grnvily of the situation, 1 Inn 0:1 11 said was wortn millions of dol- represents large sugar beet Interests
who felt a eoiifl.loncp in and the liu liind I now ask yon to give the mutter Ims to innciiets. I'p to I m'clock tins ' the Cniteil Hlnles, In wishing the
I Piitlon Umi ii, :
boni'.l of governors of tl lull 111 1, lie n
siiiti'.bb' ilonation. After some discus !
sinn, the nmtler wus left lit the disere
lion of the boiiril.
In regard tn tln year now closing.'
Chiiirinun fiodgeiH Btnte.l the has '
been prosperoim in spite uf the bail I
tinies and Hint coiuinirisoii with li,l
conducted 'v,,'"r'" wnrl wn gratifying in nctivi-l
'"s hi. iiiicrsuip, lie stnteil Unit
the Hillary list hud been cut otieluili
and Hint the officers of II M, hnv,,
given good service,
Ihe nominiitlng I'oiiinilllce appointed ft j
lo inline emiiliilnlea for tl . boiinl'il
San I'raiii'iseiT lice. 17. Ccntial nil tonslmiisfer nf the eveninir. and he nre :
ruther iiui thern l iililoi uin wern .Irenclied to-! "tpil In turn Pro
ell. Ilssl'tc. bv
Kev. K. 1 Morion, nf the llniiualiiw
'hrislinn church, run. hiding the mr
vices. 1 11 1 i'i 1111-1. 1 will take placo in
(lie Twin Oiiki) ccmelery nf Turner,
nr goveinois repoited the iiiimea of W.
Ilainilton, It. C. Itishnp, Willium Will
ton, Curtis Cross, Then, linth nnd I). W.
Kyre, These men were chosen tiniini
niously. Carle Abnnns wus inlrodiiceil ns Ihe
iiortaace of the leuislntive imliey which your intention. If it is cl
l responsible for my rnn.li.liicy. livery nic.lintel.v, neither 'on nor
man who atipports mi win tin so ne
cauae he placoa the Interest of Oregon
above any perannal or local interest
and if the majority of tho members
hold for this I promise among the re
ulti: ,
'1 Fair oiul equal consideration
I up i in - 11 1 1 r ; 11 1 111 mine than I.H inches of ruin aew board of governors success, for 1T11
I, nor the had fallen, briiiuinu the total rninfnll earning venr. Mr. Abrnms said that tin
legislature, of which we are members, up to dute one inch iiImivo normal. The expe tutions of the nominating com
will sulfcr, lint if it is not cleared 1111, ! normal riiilil'nll to (his dntit is .1.4.1 mittee nf last year had been mure than I tl
both nut judgment and honesty of pur-, inches, The rain, the weather bureau borne nut by the work of the I1111111I I hi
pose will be itiestlnnoi by many pen here suid, was e in 1 1 v valuable nt this year. '11
pie 1111. 1 a stigma will lie placed upon, thin time, and it wmiid enable the In'iliscussing the proposition of thejl
the noiise uf representative. ranclien to get all their planting done advisability of making a start in Ihe an n in
"1 wish dinner, nunv, to ;ny Hint , enrlv. llimr 1.,,,. i,,,!,,,,. i ,1,,, Will n,iWLimmtmiimmttoM.t'm
Will be OPENED 9 a. m.
SATURDAY, December 19, 1914
Rcinhart Service
Rcinhart Management
Reinhart Values
Entire Stock win be Closed Out