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    . n r .rofPWAT Bum rmtinnw THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17,1014.
DECEMBER 17, 1914
Editorial Page of The Daily Capital Journal
The water situation yesterday was such as to make
well-meaning but thoughtless persons find some other
way of guarding against frost than letting the water run j
from their faucets all the time. Most of those so offend- j
ing did so hefedlessly and did not take into account the!
fact that the water company was put to big expense to
pump this extra supply of water, nor did they think they
were leaving their fellow citizens in some of the higher ;
parts of town without any water at all. That, however,'
was the result. !
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Some wise fellow said: "Despise not small things; the
smallest toe has the largest corn." It is trifles or compar
ative trifles that cause much of the trouble in the world.
History records that Bologna once went to war over an
old bucket about which two soldiers had first got into a
dispute. The assassination of two persons caused the
present wholesale war in Europe, beside which the first
assassination was a mere trifle. To still further prove the
importance of trifles, the case of a public school in Eau
Claire, Wisconsin, is in evidence. Two weeks ago the prin
cipal of the high school in that city criticised the curls of
a girl pupil with considerable acrimony. Thereupon the
boys of the school gallantly came to her rescue, and, cham
pioning the girl's curls and cause struck.
A short time ago the school board took the matter up,
not mentioning the curls, however, which were the first
cause of the trouble, and expelled twenty-five boy pupils.
This was simply the beginning of more trouble. The boys
who were not expelled took up the cause of the champions
of the curls and made a demonstration. The discreet prin
cipal, whose criticism started the row, locked himself in
is room and threw away the key, serving notice on the
school board that he was disarmed and interned until the
end of the war. The boys picketed the school house and
laid for the principal, inside the three-mile limit, ready to
pink him, or board him or anything else as the occasion
demanded, should he show up.
A policeman was sent to the scene and he was prompt
ly deprived of his club and revolver and deposited in the
gutter, and it was only when a whole squadron of police
bore down on the boys that they dispersed. Some of them
returned at ence to school and were so industriously
studying their lessons when the principal was led from
his retirement that even a Mexican court-martial could
not suspect them of doing anything to anybody. The re
mainder of the boys returned later, and in the meanwhile
the original starter of the row the little girl with the lit
tle curl had been so utterly forgotten that the wires told
nothing whatever as to what became of her or the curl.
Nation-wide efforts for the protection of bird life must
i. .-j. i . ii i j -1 . .i
nave a soinew nai practical oasis in order 10 imprest me
majority of Americans. The sentimental appeal is to corn
par lively few.
W. D. Hansen, state game warden of Tennessee, makes
an appeal which should be effective from a strictly prac
tical standpoint. He urges farmers to protect the birds
not only because they are beneficial to the farm in des
troying many pests but also because they are true allies
of man and beast in the scheme of creation. Disease-carrying
insects, as well as those which prey upon vegeta
tion, are the natural food of the birds.
Mr. Hansen presents many examples of work done by
the commoner varieties of birds, and of these his analysis
of a meal found in the stomach of a single quail is as' in
teresting as any. This one high liver had stowed awav
!i,:!2(' plant lice, 5(S mosquitoes, 10!) potato bugs, 100
chinch bugs, grasshoppers, 12 squash bugs, 12 cut
worms, 12 army worms and 8 white grubs. If this bird
had not been killed, but had been permitted to rear her
year's brood of young, the daily insectide value of her
progeny would have been almost incalculable.
Such figures-should convince the most stubborn that
a few cherries or a little grain stolen now and then are
a small price to pay for the services of the birds.
it is up to General Scott to explain his peculiar kind of ;
considered the next best card in his deck and tried to get
the committee to send for Teddy. The colonel, however,
refused to play Hobson's game, and so that gentleman
quit as gracefully as he could and will not hustle for the
center of the limelight again probably for several days.
Considering that the British government still conceals
the loss of the Audacious, though everyone knows she was
sunk weeks ago; the question arises: "How long will it
be before anything is heard of the naval battle said to
have been begun near the English coast Wednesday, if
any of the English ships should happen to be sunk?
Now the Englishmen know how it feels to have some
irresponsible persons firing across the border. Over on
this side the Atlantic we have the same thing, only the fel
lows firing across our border are so small we dare do no
thing more than spank them, and we don't like to do even
But a short time ago Villa was classed as a renegade
nnrl fiifr.-tri mat-, illif-prnfp nnri fl.lt.nirpt.bpr had. Tnpsrlfiv
v , , . t j" -i I n ,,i un expression of his interest ill!
the dispatches announcing the sending of General Scott the i,ea cross seni uui anti-tuber-!
from Washington to assume command at Naco stated i,'"lusi8 "pi'K. irei.ieiit wiison,
. 1 ci ii 11 l ! i e i i-' recent lv Wrote to The .National Asso-!
that General Scott was an old and intimate mend of ,iK for the nt,iv m,i Prevention
Both of these statements may be true, but if so, !of r"'icr,'liloai!,:
.- . . -. ' . i i liiv I init tti .u tints rti'i-nuiri'i tn
exm-euB to von inv tcip interest in
the work of the National Anti-Tuher-cuiosi.s
HSMX'iatioii ami niv hone that
its work is growing in efficiency until
Ilobson is in his element just now, and having failed :ext0:,fc Uou yHr t0 '0Hr? .Ma.v I ? !
to trot out the yellow peril satisfactorily, he tried what heil"!T! lllTZil1
sale lias been the means of laisiny
funds for the work? It seems to me
that this is a particularly interesting
and sensible way of t,ni.l,'iitf the peo-'
pie of the country to (jive this great,
work their support."
Contending that the (mention oom-j
puny hns not completed its contract
with the state and the settlers, which!
provides for an ndequnto supply of wri
ter to reelniin. till of the hinds under
tbo central Oregon eannl for nn ordi
nary crop, it is understood that P. II.
Dcncer, one of the directors of the Cen
tral Oregon Irrigation Water I'sors'
association, of Crook county, is expect-1
ed to arrive in Salem this afternoon to ;
enter a vigorous protest against the
action of the desert land hoard yester
day afternoon in voting to release the
settlers' notes to the company, amount
ing to a little over $211,000, upon the
condition that tho company cancel the
sale of all lands under the project ex
cept those under patent and certified
to patent, nnd if the verbal protest is
of no avail, it is snid that he intends
to institute injunction proceedings in
tho courts to restrain tho board from
surrendering the notes to tho company.
This is but another of the' long train
of difficulties which have arisen in
connection with the reclamation of .'17,
1.14 ncres of arid lands along the Des
chutes river in Crook county, by the
Central Oregon Irrigation company,
which come up before the desert land
board for nn airing quite frequently.
Statement of expenses for and
against the prohibition amendment In
tho Oregon cnnstiiitinn in the recent
election by organizations outside of the
state were tiled with Secretary of
State Olcott this morning, one being
from tho Anti-Saloon lengue of Ameri
ca and the other by the Taxpayers' and
Wage Kilmers' league. The former
stated that it expended a total of
020.1. in support of the prohibition
amendment, of which $L',!M !'.':! was
paid out for salaries; $2,044.44 for
printing and publishing the New Re
public prohibition newspaper, and
V'00.27 for the services nnd expenses
of a publicity representative in Ore
gon. The Taxpayers' and Wage Karn
ers' league, which opposed the amend
incut, expended n total of $1 (,10,'i.l 7.
of which amount iH.2i..ri was spent
for printing, .in.20 for subscriptions to
newspapers, if 1 2,77'I.PO for advertising,
anil .t-1I for picture shows.
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A young woman in Chicago recently tried to embrace
Secretary Bryan, and on top of this the authorities arc
going to examine the woman as to her sanity. This is the
worst slam yet for the great Nebraskan.
An eminent German professor says "war is holy."
That may be his way of looking at it, but this side the pond
folks are inclined to accept the Sherman version, which
classes war as "helly" rather than holy.
The Oregonian says the poet Cowper "will always be
liked by sensible people." Perhaps this is true, but if so.
how few really sensible people America can boast.
240-246 Commercial Street
The I'nii.hii postol'I'ico has estali-!
lisheil a new record in postal monov .
onleis, issuing II in a single day.
Frail Humanity
The Wheeler coninterciul i-hil
moved into new it 1 1 . 1 finely furnished,
quiiileis. The membership numbers!
alum HI, with substantial increases In
Admits is now in the en iiiviiionf nl'
a public library, u munch ol'the I'uia -';
til In county library. While the books, j
IllMes lllhl sin-lie. wont liniiiir nr.
ranged, 12 pen;de came in, registered
iiinl diew out boohs,
Kino progress is being made with
eoniinuiiilv In i ,t iii.-h tree plans at;
llei'ininslon. The llerabl savs: "Asa
whole the exercises this year will at'
lonl an opportunity for all to join in
n spreading of the real ( hiistmus.
spirit such ns we have never had be
fore. ' '
Cotpiille Sentinel: It was ordered
i last week by the i rmity court that
i Treasurer Ibmniick lake credit for and
refund the money for all penalties
paitl on tiie fil-t half ol' taxes for
the year 111 These penalties were
collected before the courts decided
flTat hall' payiunts could still be le
gally mail uiitler the new tax law.
r- v
It v 1
t - r
I l ' 'T " !
When the war is over in Europe the building trades
should be able to keep busy without looking too closely for
union cards, or starting any strikes. It looks as though
there would be work enough in rebuilding to last every-,
body a generation or two, nnd if the present rate of de
struction is kept up, still longer.
From all accounts, fireplaces will be about as scarce
the coming Christmas in Belgium as stockings to hang at.
them or things to put in the stockings.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1868
Capital 5500,000.00
Transact a general banking: business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Cincinnati, Ohio, Dee, 17- I'll t nil in n n !
I'M a I'd Knaul was shot and probably
fatally injured this afternoon In n re
volver dm? with a bandit who, earlier
In the day, hit. I held up and robbed two
Cincinnati banks. The robber himself
nlso was futally Injured In the duel
with Knaul.
The bandit held up nnd robbed the
branch office of the Provident Savings
Hank and Trust eompaav of jOIH)l,
holding Muiiagcr l-Mw. Hughes at bay
with a revolver. An hour later he en
tered the l.ibeity flunking and Savings
company Institution and escaped with
A satchel wns recovered from the
wounded bnadlt, but It contained no
1'ntrulniun Knaul accosted the man
, in front of n rooming house as he was
'about to enter an automobile. They
fired simultaneously and both fell to
the ground, mortnlly wounded. Papers
found on tho Injured nnn Indicated
; that his name was Fred Walker.
; Pollsvill.., i lvc. 17. An entire
Idocl, of buildings In the husinci see
lion nl' Poltsvl'le wn dottoycil by fire
. earlv lodnv. The loss was estimated lit
Alas, we lire but sorry critters, we
human beings, one and all; we do our
nest, we are not
quitters, but our re
sells seem beastly
small. Vim know
how earnestly we
swatted, all through
the stilling summer
dnvs, and tunny a
peck of flies we
potted, and reveleil
in your well ennied
praise. With pa
tient .cal anil iiiir-
Kt$$y' y4v l l l'"ri' ""I't'r we eai lieil
un our emiiess
ipiest, fioin early
June until Oc tuber
we slew the flies kud took no rest.
With hit i dly time to eat our dinner, we
soaked the Hies fiinn sou to sun; but
were their legions any thinner for nil
the ..watting we had done? Perhaps
some highbrow statistician might prove
there was a million less than when,
with high and pure ainbltiou we Mnrtoil
out but that's n guess. Worn nit bv
weary months of slaughter, we rest at
last, our muscles lame; and I lien Dame
Nature takes her swatier, mid shows
us how to play the name. She semis
some weather cold and foggv, or
springs a frost that paints thiugs'white,
and lol tho flies nr rendered gioggv
n iiuiiilied billion in n night! When
Nature does her wnolesnle killing, niiiii
looks helpless as a doll; he does his
best, his heart is willing, but his re
sults nre olicnp ninl small.
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chilblain,, frosted feet, colds of the
chest (it often prevents pneumonia).
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For Safety
-f;f YOUR
Salem, Or.. Dc. 17, 1(114.
Capital .lonriial; I soe by un edi
torial in the Oregonian of tho 14th a
laim made that Secretary Howard was
a slave holder. This is very surprising
tn me, although it tuny havo been true.
But I am calling your attention to an
editorial in this morning's, the loth,
headed "The end of .Sherinnn 's March"
in which they say that. Atlanta was
commanded bv (ieneral Harilee. This
you know it not correct. Hood com
manded Atlanta uad lianlee ronimnml
cil Savannah, (leorgin.
Will you please state if it Is true
that Seward wns n slave holder.
Von'rs t nil v,
(Tn Lothrop's lifo of Sewnnl, the
only reference to the mutter upon which
our correspondent wishes lo be in
formed, is as follows:
' Before going to college, Seward at'
home had taken his share of household:
duties and labors. His father had three j
domestic servants (slaves, some of
whom lived tn good old uge and were I
Howard's pensioners to the end of their I
days); but William Henry drove tlie
cows to pasture,'' etc. 1
(In Seward's youth, bo was horn in
IStll, slave holding was not uncommon
even in the North, ami it is probable
that he was only technically n slave
owner, pnibablv having, as his bioi;-
nipher snys, n number left on his lauds
u.y ins muter, no iiri it iivou in uie
sooth except for six mouths that he
taught school in (leorgia. Karly in his
political earner Seward became aa op
ponent of slavery, and n leader in the
cntiso, although he was never an nbolu
tionist, believing rather in gradual
emancipation, nnd rceonipeiiso to own
ors, n policy which many students of
history believe might have averted tho
civil win'.--Kditor.i
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llunios Ayrcs, Dee. 17. The Argun
tine cruiser Pttevircdoii was reported
here todav to have implored the der
mal! aimed ft i nnisliip Patagonin, alter
a long chase, begun, it was assorted,
becni.se the Patagonia hml been vio
luliiu Argentine iiei.trnlity.
4-4sMsl44s.4sMsiA4KMfcb B
An Old, Family Cough
Remedy, Uome-Made
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MKIr, liul Is Prompt, Kur
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prompt nml positive remedy in every way, 1 1 I rtllllrtl II CSCriDllQIl
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chest colds In H4 hours relieves even
w hooping cough quickly nnd Is excellent,
i r oroneoius. orotic na nim.
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with Pinex, Keep perfectly and tastes
good. I
Y.ltl nn. f.w.1 11. 1. 1 .1.- I ll .
........ I.. ins,, tin,,, n, B eoiigu :
or cold In a way that menu, business. It,
,....r--nn rVi nnnrM, or pa In, ,
Jul eoiigh nml heals the inlliinicl meiii-1
uancs. It nlso hits a remarkable elleet
n overcoming the persistent loose eouiih i
llV afol.o .. II. t .:. ..t ..I t . 1
the throat ami bronchial tuls-s. I
The effect of pine on the niembrniies Is
known liv almost every one. Pinex la a
must valuable concent rated compound of
genuine Norwav pine extract combined
with guuincol ami uther natural licitlitm
pine elements. " j
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thing else.
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r money promptly refunded, goes with
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N llie-teiltlla nt nil nn.... . -. .'
. 1 " Vt nttlllllll-R
troiiblo nowadays are caused by too
mucii aclil, ,i the beginning tlm
stomach Itself Is not diseased but If
this acid condition l nllnwod to con
tinue, the m-lil is very likely to eat
Into the stomach walls and produca
stoiuiich ulcers which n,nv rnnilor a
radical surgical operntlon necessnrv
oven tir prolong life. Therefore, an
acid stomnch" is really a dangerous
condition nnd should be treated ser
iously, D is utterly useless to take
pepsin and ordinary stomach tnblets,
I ho excess m id or stomnch hyper
acidity must be neutinli7od by thn
administration of an efficient antacid,
For this purpose the best remedy is
blsnrntcil magnesia taken In leaspoon
ful doses In a fourth of a glass of
water after each meal. Larger quanti
ties may be used f necessary as It Is
absolutely hnrmless. He sure, to ask
your driigui.l for the bUurnteil mag
nesia ns other forms of magnesia make
effective mouth wnshes but Um'T have.
"ii- snuie nriion oil me stnmaoD at
the blsnraled.