Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 17, 1914, Page TEN, Image 10

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SALEM'S BIG TOYLAND-on the Second Floor
mi hi i. mi i mn m , .1 1 (,
Meyers Merchan
dise Bonds
offer a most satisfactory
way to settle the perplex
ing question, "Wnat to
give?" We issue them in
any amount desired, and
they are redeemable at
any time.
Salem's Great Christmas Store Offers Hundreds
of Desirable Gift Suggestions
Christmas is rapidly approaching only a few more buying days re
main and the last of them will be of such tremendous activity that this
great organization will be taxed to its utmost capacity. We take this
opportunity to urge everyone to consider this condition and make full
use of the advantages the present week affords for satisfactory and
comfortable Christmas shopping.
Shop Mornings if Possible
Toys, Dolls, Games at
special reduced prices.
Slippers Make Most Desirable Christmas Gifts
Here are some offerings that should appeal to those
who would make their money go further. Desirable
footwear at special attractive prices.
Women's Felt Juli-
01 etts In brown,
grey and black, rib
bon or fur trim
med, all sizes. A
pair of these as a
gift would be ap
preciated. Extra
85 cents
Women's Felt Com
fy Slippers--In blue,
red, purple, grey
and taupe, fancy
ribbon trimmed,
values up to $2.00,
Great values, these.
Traveling Slippers-
Men's and Ladies'
Tan Leather Tra
veling Slippers with
case, all sizes, Reg
ular $:i.00 values at
A splendid gift suggestion.
Men's Tan and Blk.
Leather House Slip-
pers A splendid
assortment to select
S3.00 values $2.49
$2.50 values $2.09
$2.00 values$1.74
$1.50 values $1.1 9
House Slippers In
blue and red, vari
ous styles.
Sizes 4 to 11, values
up to $1.25... 73c
Sizes llVi to 2, vals.
up to $1.50... 83c
Boys' Tan Leather
House Slippers
Sizes 21 to 51--.
Regular $1.75 vals.
Children's Red Top
R u 1) 1) e r Boots
Sizes 5 to 10'i. Reg
ular $1.75 values at
Few Gift Sugges-
tions for Women
That Would
Fur Seta $ 8.80 and up
Suita , $10.00 and up
Waists $ .98 and up
Sweators 9 4.G0 and up
Hug-me-tites $ 1.25 and up
Fotticoats I 1.25 and up
dhawls 2.00 and up
Kimonas $ 1.25 and up
Coats $ 1.98 and up
Bath Robes t 2.98 and up
Party Gowns 512.00 and up
Street Drosson t 7.50 and up
Middy Blouses $ 1.20 and up
Silk Hose . 79 and up
Handkerchiefs $ 05 and up
Parisian Ivory Sots .9 2.75 and up
Fancy Hair Pins $ .50 and up
Manicure Bets $ 2.50 and up
Piii Cushions I ,35 and up
Toilet Sots 8 2.00 and up
Porfumes t ,10 and up
Hand Bags $ 1.00 and up
UmbrollaH $ .50 and up
Music Rolls $ ,50 and up
Table Ltnons t .00 and up
Napkins 9 2.50 and up
Gloves, Kid 9 1.25 and up
Coat Hangors 9 .6T and up
Silk Scarfs 9 1.25 and up
Boudoir Caps 9 .75 and up
Fans 9 .35 and up
Women's Shoos 9 2.50 and up
Party Slippers 9 3.00 and up
HoiiBo Slippers 9 1.00 and up
Cut Glenn, China, Brasswarn, Bas
kets Indian Robes, Traveling Bags,
Suit Cases, Dross Pattern", Waist
Fattorns, Ribbon Novelties,
Some Unusually Attractive Offerings in Our Men's Department
(This week.)
Here you will find scores of practical and desirable gifts for
men at a distinct saving. A visit to this, section will aid you in de
ciding "what to give."
Special Sale Men's Beautiful $1.50 Neck-
ties rre-Christmas Offering, 98c Each
A big iiHMortiiM'nt of high-grade Four-in hands, open
end idylo li no quality silks in brocaded iiml novelty
stripes newest culms and shades. These are the widely
advertised "Wearo-Tie" ro-in-sliti hod huld their
shape n ml weur lender thiin ordinary ties. Suhl every
where nt M.50.
Special price this week
98c each
See window display (Court street),
greys, blue, tun, brown
Your choice of nil our largo showing f liniulMimo lluuso Couts
nnil silk brocaded emits in plnid and self fabric trimming.
nerc lire ine prices lor Hie week
Men's 95.00 House Coats, speclal$4 .OO Men'i $7.50 $8.00 House Coats, $5.85
Mon's Sfl.OO S0.50 House Coats, $5.00 Men's $10.00 House Coats, spocii$7.50
Men's $12.00 House Coat, Bpocial $9.50
Be sine to seo this assortment and get an early selection.
MEN'S Oregon City-made BATH ROBES
Regular $10.00 Garments, special at...$ 7.50
Regular $12.00 Garments, special at...$ 9.00
Regular $15.00 Garments, special at.. .$12.85
The House of Quality
MY 19H
1 ilOOOIiOOODS t&r
Practical and
for Men
Ann Bands .' 9 ,05 and up
Auto GIovbb $ 1.00 and up
Bath Robes $ 4.00 and up
Bridge Sets $2.50 and up
Caps 9 .25 and up
Card Cases 9 1.00 and up
Coat Hangors 9 .10 and up
Collar Bags 9 1.50 and up
Cuff Links $ .50 and up
Driving Gloves $ 1.00 and up
Dress Scarfs 9 .50 and up
Gloves 9 .25 and up
Hand'-erchlofs 9 .10 and up
Hats 9 3.00 and up
Hat Brushes 9 100 and up
House Coats $ 4.00 and up
Hose Supporters 9 .25 and up
Lounging Robes 9 6.00 and up
Mufflors 9 .50 and up
Neckties 9 .25 and up
Night Shirts 9 .85 and up
Poker Sots 9 2.50 and up
Purses 9 .10 and up
Shirts $ .50 and up
Sox 9 .10 and up
SuspoudorB ....$ .25 and up
Sweater 9 3.00 and up
Tie Folds 9 2.00 and up
Toilet Sow $12.00 and up
Writing Sets $3.50 to $1.00
Houso Slippers $ 1.50 and up
Men's Shoes 9 3.50 and up
Smoking Sots $ 2.00 and np
Suit Canes, Hand Bags, Indian
Robes, Trunks, Automobile Kits, An.
tomobllo Lamps, Auto Horns,
toiuobilo belonging to the Stundard
cleaning Works struck n bump on the
high bridge crossing Mill creek, turned
over and came dangerously near ilung-
. ing orf the bridge into the creek, a
distance of about 10 feet, which might
have been very serious. The auto came
up against the bridge railing, which
,it smashed up pietty badly, tore the
top off the machine, broke the wind
.shield and otherwise more or less badly
'damaged. The driver escnped without
j serin. is injury.
i On account of the cold weather dur-
I ing the past week the Willamette
river lias been falling steadily .3 of a
'foot every '.'4 hours until today it
reached feet above low water
! murk. Last night, according' to the
i weather recording instruments at the
; government bureau nt the foot of
'Trade street, the temperature here was
j L'3 degrees above zero lust night. On
nil average Salem has been two degrees
i eobler than Portland since the cold
i snap began.
I As a result of the cold weather ice
, lias lorniod on the slougn west ot tne
j city so that it extends from bank to
! bniili. Ice has also formed on the lit
'tie slough directly west, of the Spauld-
ing saw mill and on practically all
! still waters in the neighborhood. Jt
i is not thick enough, however, for
I skating but it is expected to be in
I condition soon if the low temperature
! continues.
j Ice skates. Hauscr Bros.
George M. Hyland, of Portland, man-
' ngo.r of the publicity depart it of the
'Oregon Panama-Pacific exposition com
mission was yesterday nfternion com
missioned by Coventor West an "In
spector of Lonesome Towns" to serve
"as long ns he is out "f jail or until
the office is abolished or consolidated."
Mr. II viand said that he needed this
1 commission so that in case he was dial
I lenged he would be nble to show his
credentials, and he stated that he nan
been every place else in the slate ex
cept Copporfield and he was afraid to
go there alone, (lovernor West, how
ever, assured him that there was no
cause for fear nud if there was he
would afford him nil necessary pro-
Ice skates. Hausor Bros.
With the argument of the case of
McKinney vs. Watson, tomorrow morn
ing which involves the question ot the
: coii-titiitionnlit.y of the Oregon "blue
sky" law, the supreme court culcnilar
for the year 11114 will have been com
pleted and no more cases will be heard
'until after the first of the year. The
balance of the year will be tuken up by
the court in writing opinions m cases
i already submitted so as to get every-
thing 'cleaned up and out of the way
before the newly elected members,
.Inlge II. 1'. Benson, of Klamath Falls,
' n ml .lodge I.. T. Harris of Kugeiie, don
their judicial robes, take the oath and
I their seats on the supreme bench. Chief
I Justice McHride. re-elected, will retire
from the head of the court and .lust ice
' Frank A. Moore, as the senior member
will become chief justice on tlio first
' Monday in January.
Public library lecture. "Tho Devel
opment of the .short Story in Ai irn"
is the subject of (he public library lec
ture Friday evening. Miss Mary II.
Perkins, of the I'niversity of Oiegun,
will deliver the lecture in tin library
auditorium (entrance on Winter street)
'Friday, December IS, at s o'clock. .Miss
.Perkins is in the Hnglish department
of the I'niversity ot Oregon ami spoil Us
with .minority on this subject. Anyou.!
' interested in literature or in story
'reading will be glad to hear this lei
iture. Mrs. F. A. Flliott, piesident of
'the Salem Women's i bib, will iutmliu-e
the speaker.
ROOF cleaning. 1'hone 1!.
FOK SAliK Fresh cow. 1417 .Market.
LI-SAVE orders for mistletoe. Phono
207-U, or 740.
(JOAT WHAT for sale; first-class only.
Phono 2100 M.
Woodcutters. J'honu
(HOICK goat meat for sale. -t!i North
I'.MIi street. J'iiouo 15711 V.
HACK, does it; cleans chimneys, fur
naces and stoves. Phono HI. .
LOST A small fox terrier with browu.
spots tin bead. Phone -041 -M.
LOST On Commercial street, puppy
pillow top. Phono -M't. Reward.
Saturday and
The Garrison Sisters
A novelty posing net known as
the uost pcrfe-l formed girls in
the v. nrlil, hning posed for all
the great artists in I'niled
States nud Kniopc.
A elected Vitllgl'npli pioijlltlll of
pi 'lures wilt be shown milking
this bill llic biggest and best bill
-hew n in Suleiii on these .lays for
PI'IIK-BHKD White Wyandotte eocli
erels for sale. 155 North -1st st.
GOAT meat for sale. Capital Soup
Works, 1230 Ferry street. Phone 083.
STAR WOOD CO. All kinds of thy
wood; prompt delivery. Phone -l-U.
100 ACHK8 of Idaho land under irri
gation that 1 will trade for Sal tin.
property. Phone SO-F-14.
FOR SALK- Loose oat. hay and Iboi
ouglibrcil pullets ami yearling heni.
lnuiire owner, route 0, box 13, Salem.
FOR HUNT Modern flat, business cen
ter, cheap to desirable tenant. Phone.
71 during business hours, or i-l-
FOR HUNT 5-room niotlerii bungalow,
co.'iier North Cottage and llcliuo.it
street. Plume l.'iJL'-W.
Foil SAM'S Cheap, huge combination
safe. 1'oolu'ti Drug Store, 113 North
Libel IV street.
FOR SAM'SV (lood cow, giving rict
milk. Am leaving town; will iw
chenp. -i'l5 N. Commercial.
FOR SAM'S 01! KFNT-Oood bouse 1111.1
barn on paved street and car liii'i.
See U. W. johnsou.
HILLY Kxpcrt window cleaner. Fho"
A FFW cords of oak and old growih
fir woiil. ;ierfccll,y d'-y, ." per cm l.
I'h.ine I-IW.
CHRISTMAS ets for tbo children
piiiebred (iolilen Sealtright a" '
brown Icghoin bantams. Pheii"
FOR S A LK White leghorn .'hickeiis, J
red pullets am! I burred roik: goo. I
utility sin k. "i'i.", South Filleenlli
street, Saturday al'teii'iiini.
DON'T I'oi'get big alo household goo.':
Tmviday, Decimbei 1 :3ii . 10., rl.
corner Capilol and l.'uiou sis. I'i.
Diieignn, owner.
time lo buy a sewing inacliiiie. 0
an' giving Nmns sales, liood sewing
machines $3 up; dmp iiead niacliini si
as good ns new, !i;l2."itl. Singer o.'
l'i"C, 04H Stale st n et.
OIF, KI'NDsi 1 1 A FT der Dentsclii
Leute wird gafaelligst geweiisclit.
Wir sprerheti Oeutseh. San Frnnei'
co Life Insurance Co., II. L. Willsor,
district milliliter. A. llaldemau, l'
cnl agent, 1 11 North High street.
I10KSK blankets at cost. Fvery man
slrrild blanket bis horses, I'specinllv
during Ihe cold weather. Y tin wiU
find a large stock of high gradn
blankets nt cost, nriees at Siile'ii
lloise Fxcbauge Darn, 554 Ferry si.
Clearwater Jtros, Props.
SALK.M AND V K'l N IT V 1 1' you 1110
t'i'eil nud vexed of gitling unex I-
ed assessments 011 your puid up fire
insnraiico policies end want to cluing"
companies, piioue or call on W, A.
I.i-ton, ISI Court street, lie hns 1
surpiise for vou.
Special New Korean t
City Restaurant A
Spanish Chicken, Hot Tamalos, Chili j
Con Came, Chop 6uey Noodlet j
420 Ferry Street
Entire change of Act
Pictures Sunday
! All Around Town
- ""T"" "'"""tTtlfWMMMWm4 I
walnuts were piiiciiied at IS cents per
and slick candv at III cents. Kurdish
': poliud, 11 1 ilium I si '.'L' cents II nil peniiiits
al. s coins per pouu I. Popcorn was bid
I in at ."1 cents per pound.
There a fascination In table cookery
and it keeps you ml of llic kitiheii.
Salem F.lecliic Co., Masonic Temple.
1 none t.iin.
Dr. Mendelsohn, speclsllst in fitting
(Issues correctly, U. S. bank bldg. j
A pedal meet Ing of the Marlon
Comity Potato CiowcfC Asm iaiuu
I'm been called for Siitunlnv, December
tUtli, lit the Comiuercitil Club rooms in
Salem, at 2:00 p. 111. Prof. II. It, Mil-'
ler I Wiin of the School of Commerce,!
uf the State I'niversity, has been se-
cured to adiliens (he meeting on
"Mnrkc-la, Cost of Proiliiclioii, etc.";
Fvenbody Invited lo intend. Luther
J. Chiiiin, secrelmy.
Dr. BUmo's (jtllblaln icrnedy 25c,
Nuver too cold to do business at
l'onieroy'a Jewelry store.
Upon the recommendation cf tlio
Bewly appoinled comniisslouers' court
Slid eouuly judge of the newly ennted'
coniily of .lelfeison, foriuerly a part of
Cioolt county, (loveiuor West Inst
evening iiniioiiuceil the appoiiituieiit of
W. P. Myers, of Culver, distilct nt
toiney for the new county lind lie will
assume the duties of his office as soon
as his commission reaches him and lie
subsci ilics o Hi,, oath of officii,
Try Bcott's 15 cent meals.
Ponieroy's Jewelry store is the place
lo ;iunhiise that Chi i-dinns present,
The Olle Mercantile Company of
Salem was yesterday afternoon nwiinl-l
ed the eontiiiet. for I'm nishiiig the hell
day supplies of candles uuts, etc,, for
the several state Institution In and
near Salem approximating In ipiniiiily
neat ly 11 Ion of candies and mils nl the
nggregale piice of ls.".3'J, Plain
mixed cnmly was bid at H S. Ill cents
per pound, 1 ibboned candy nt III cents
Dr. Stone's Itch Ointment cures the
T. H. (loyno, of Tillamook City, yes
teiilay afternoon filed his petition for
the nomination ns a candidate for
prosecuting attorney for Tillamook
county nt tile election lo be held in
Tillamook to decide the ipiestion of the
recall of M. ,1, (leronl the present In
cumbent, December .', 1IH I, The oilier
candidate fur the office is .1. Victor A.
Fniiidl, of Wheeler, Tilliiuiook county
whose petition was filed eaily in the
Scries No. lo of the Mutual Savings
& I.e.ill nssociniioii will be opened Jau
ntily IIM.V Subscriptions lor shines
in 1 lie nssociniioii me now being re
ceived al the nlfice of the secretnrv al
'J7.1 Suite street. Plume III, A. A. I.ee,
' president.
The house electtlcal Is typical of Am
eiiitin advancement, Stmt yours this
Chiistmas tune, Salem Flcctric Co.,
Mii'onic Temple. Plione PJlMI,
Cluudo Gat ill hns sent tbo Liuld St
Hiisli liunk a couple of sample notes of
the new reserve bank Issue. One, a
Till bill, has the vignette of Andrew
.liico isou, nud the .f.'i bill has that of
Lincoln. I'ach bus on both the tup
and bottom tuuigins the wurds "federal
reset ve note." This currency is only
issued for ic ili-count; nud as only
about .t'J.'i.oiin has so fur been ro-ilis-cnuutcd
the notes tne somewhat of a
Orest bargains In needlework and
lulling lit capital N II shop, first
door west of V, M. ( , A,
Ellverwsre and cut glass, Gardner it
At A meeting which Ins been called
for this evening at "i ii'clock in deparl
incut No, I of the circuit court, in Ihe
county court house, it Is expected thai
perminient iiiuiiiiiut'iui of the Taxpsy
eis' league will be Immght about, A
riiiniinttcc appointed lietetotore tudiavv
up a constitution nud plans of organ
iiition, composed ot J. Frank Hughes,
Itollin K. 1'ai.e, Dan J. Fry, I!. P.
lloise and Clarence Hamilton, is ready
ami evpected lo make its lepurt, urn!
it is piesuiued that definite a lion will
be taken upon it.
- -o
Wo grind Ice skates. Hauser Bros.
Iiupeet our lino of Jewelry before
buying elsewhere. Onrdiier A Keeiu .
Johnnie, the little six year old son
of W. P. Ceoiiie. one of the propt ictm s
of the White House re-.t(ininut, is dnu
geiously ill at his home. bVi Fouiteenlh
street, uf pneuiuniiia, nud his pnieiils
arc deeply concerned leynidiug bis eon
ilitioti, whirli is regarded as set ions. He
has li.nl a cold lor several days, ,ut
nothing uioie serious developed until
niglil bef 01 e last and yesterday moiin
ing, when ins icver nme up, .and it
increased front I to I " 1 j ,velenlay
innl lust night.
The Woman's Auxlllavy of St. raul's
paiislt will meet with Mrs. Kunscl
Catliii, Thirleentli nud Chemcketa, to
inoi imv al let noon, nt '.MHI,
We grind Ice skates, Hattser Bros,
While routing down the hill on South
High street yesterday, Ihe deliveiy an
Pan! ages Vaudeville
2bio- acts 2
tin al Hnglish Comedienne in an
entire new ad.
A riot from start to finish
Real iimiclnn and cnteitainen.
Owing to Hie high cost In secur
ing thee big acts we have ar
ranged to charge
Children Adults
5c 10c
10c AND 20c
"Home of Good Shows"
Il ! Sj! !f )c )c
Now Open and Bendy to do All
Kinds of
Hv -
City Steam & Dry Cleaning Plant
1105 Stato St. rhone 1711
! i! ! i ',; :' ii ij )i :
I All action for the collection of
I money on two 'i omissni-y notes will
begun tins morniog in the elrcnil couil
for Marion county whe.11 Saiah A. Cono
filed 11 ruiiiin!ul nguliist. Ilnriiel I!,
I.abadie 11 in I Fiami., I.nbndle. Tb"
conipliiin't stales the value of the nod -i
as being !f:i7.'i mil . 1 : 1 7 1 respective- ,
ly. Judgment Is asked of the court. H'
Ernost V. Jcnren, decorator In agi'l
i' ill I ii 10 and miniature work, of Poll
laud, clinic up to Sulein this m in 11 i 11
and broukh vviih biiu a niiuiatine run
stroctiou of 11 moilel rurnl school house
which be has built In form a pail 01'
the educational exhibit of (begun al
the Pniiinna-Piiclf ic oxposii ion, It Is
an exact repli. 11 of u model rural school
in Oregon throughout eonsiruclloii nud
Interior arrnnv;enient of the boililinu'
ami the ample pluy gunnels surround
ing the siime which is fully eipiippi' '
with 11 1 li let ic uppHiulus,' IiiisiIiii'I
ground, etc., and a beautiful flower
Dindon forms a very pleasing soiling
for (be building. It Is truly n wink m'
ait and will doubtless attract consider
ilde atleiiiliui among those lnteiese,
In iiltii ationiil mutters who visit 111'
Idg fair.
Politeness is nil light to a ccrta'-i
sti nl, bat some people oveidn it.