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C0PtRi(wi. 19!, tr imf hw mix
Boxer Tells How Promoters
Worked the Public Finally
Killing the Sport
(By Hal Sheridan.)
New Vork, Dec. Hi. Two ( 'ulifi.riiiu
boxers urn in Now Vm-lt looking fur
work. They are Bub McAllister, n
hcavy-weighl unit l-'rankio .liiloiio, n
foulherweigl.l, both of Sun l-'rnnciNvii.
McAllister is well known here, huvitig
performed with succes until lie wiih
flattened by Mile tiihhons. 'I'll is is
Mnlniie'H first triii tu New Vm-lt hut li
looks Mile n scrnpper
from the ground
ii. Until tighter lire nioloi- (lie ninn-
nui-ii t of Al McAllister, Bob's
Al McAllister disciissci the fight '
sltimtinii in California iih follows:
"The promoters iu CnlU'nrniu killed
the boxing gnnie. Boxing wns vnteil
liiwii because they iliil so ninny queer
1 1 i 1 1 n k . It wns n eniiiinun thing for n
promoter to ent nut the preliminaries,
fie hint mlvert ised when lie found that
the attcnilume did nut re.-u li ni t' os-j
m ,-1 ii li . ii-. I ' 1 1 j 1 1 n t it IMdie flrnnoy
iliil tlnif olien Hilly Mniniy knocked
nut Sailor I'l l I'ctroskey on Thanksgiv
ing I ii v. There were un I'eiil ril tin '
ii'iirii-H, mill un Murray knocked out
I'elinskey in (lie second ioiiihI nil the'
spo. tutors got t'tn their money wiih a
I'tlle h-i.s tliini I w ii riimnls of real box
ing. It's true n short hunt was put on
In-lweeii two dubs, hut there nils not n
eul preliminary of class. I
"Sometimes the promoters niher-li-eil
men who hail not tccn ii;nei ui
nr e en Keen. It wiih a common ti'ii-lf to'
uet out. iiihortiHiui; for a match lie
tween well Known lioxem nil limit even
imliiiiK them it' they ivoolil fiuht or
lotiKiu them an utt'er. Then the loo
moter wnulil kii to each lioxer uinl of
ter him whatever he felt willing to
juiy ii ml threnteii to tell the pulilic he
iiuil 'run out" if he refuseil to tnhe
Ihe liout, Noliiuly liKcM to In ciilleil n
'liiiller. Soinel iuiei', of eoui-e, the
ti'iilv iliilu't work, uinl then the ieole
who liml 'li ill for Hi-iitH hml niune in
I'eriur Ihiiii workeil off on them.
' I tut the bad decisions euused most
of the trouble. There were so many
ml leu decisions that people begun to
think that ev erv tliini: was I rained up
For liotuiico Ihe Cluldiv -Mui my fight
wfts ciilhsl a draw but Murray did not
I loss with clubby' at nil. Clubby had
the best of 10 rounds in the ''n and yet
the referee called il a draw-,"
Murray Beat Nlckola.
Oakland, Oil., Dee. 111. Malinger
.lack Keuins nniionnced today that he
wool, I leave for New York with Billy
Murray soon after the Bed Vaton-i
F ldio M u v !I0 round contest In San
I'liiiicli Friday night. If Wiitum
wins decisively from Moy he will lie
loiiipaiiy Keaiiis nnd Miiirny on the
eastern I rip.'
K. mh 11- was jubilant uvei Murinv's
quick finish of Tim Mcl.olu here lat
i U lit ami declnreil lie stood ready to
post .f..',,il(l to go il 11 s'ulebel for n
iioitch wilh iliiuuiy I Inbliy.
Nickola was oiili-lasseil by Morriiv.
His seconds were iu the act of tossing
II towel into Ihe ring when ilefereiv ,lini
Ciilfln stopped the contest iu the fifth
round, awarding the decision lo
Mori ay.
Iu the pieliuiinaries Dl. l. II) land
1111. 1 Frnnkie Kdwards boved a Id iiuiiid
dinw: Willie Fit.Blinnioiis won a four
loiin.l decision over Vonng Dempsey
nnd Kid Kehey beat .liiinuy boss In
loin- rotiu.ls.
Bhaefof ttelensed.
Wiislilnglon, Dec, 111. Mnnniior link
Ciillitb of Ihe Washington Ainei icnn
liiiuoiiiiced loilay the uiicoudilional re
Icnse uf "(ieriuuny" Shael'er. cm lie. I.
for years by the club as a utility man.
Minefor nii'iie to Washingtoii from
Decision Over Smith. i
New Yoik, Dec. Ill.-.liin Coffey the
"Dublin iiuiut," linlds today a new-
MndiM.n Sonar.. Gar lea here Ins, night.
Hu.ilh's showluil w us n decided di-
iippiiliitniciit. He weighed Isn pounds
li. ..I Cuff ey B". Mad Coffey extended
himself he probably could have seined
a knockout.
ask I lejrofgg. L . 3ZMc 1 vll iu hot I
Am Vl "C ONIOWS INToJ lMtSfeLF,-THRte MO(2ETo HANO J WX60N fir' EooF "H ME, - T ,
Fmn l lam ie aio rni. u niMi
Ourinij l-'riiiny, .liiniiury 1, l!ll", t'oin
i.'iliv M, of the lint Ite't. Oregon Na
tional tiiiurit, will hol'l it- n n n un I
II inh, links. All former National
(iiiirilsnieii with honorable discharges
are conlmlly invited to meet with tU''(
iociii conipniiy anil pariii-ip-.iie in me
The folloiving program will be ad
hered to in the events of the clay, lifter
which file company gives li
Hall in the evening. No admission will
I hargeil spectntors who wish to wit -
H ililv., , hills, il simr
'-" i" .- ' "
contests, wall seining, e4111pme.11 luces .
In 11 1-0 tickets nre 00 cents fur gentle
men 31 tu I ."1 cents fur Indies.
I'Mill n. 111. Kirst call, assembly, reveille.
Company nt attention, with salute to
the ting by Hung siiia.i
U:' - W a. 111. Individual Shoot. Members
of Couii'iiuv M. t-t n'liuit 1111;. four
divisions will be made; "n" experts;
"b'' sharpshooters; "c" nmrks
lion: "d" first class men and un
der. Uules nre five shots apiece, I
luriii-Ls to be counted troiu centre,
1:00 11. tu. Dressing I ontest
11 iber ol the company must enier
tne coinesi. tne ins. live ,, , , ' ".
line 10 icrve on kiicih-ii oeiun uui-
ino noon lunch. !
I'JiliU- I.11111 h. Coffee, hill-dogs, buns,
pickles doughnuts, etc, !
1:110 p. 111.-- Kuuipinont nice. Shirts,
pnuts aii'l socks on, the remainder of
each man's eouipmeiit to be strewn1
b , t on where f 1, participant ,
each article must
lo take position of Ihe soldier lit . . " ... ' k 1 . 1 mlvnace in railroad rates is particular
s ui 1 .in ' l' ' .r"-V ." ""I W,,'",' "' B'""' ! ly important ami encourugiug. The
suiting poini. I prices for food Products, but ulsoi ,...,:.. !,...... .1
":i 11. in. 1 11 nor iinse-i'nn. 0-1 " 1
toon vs. "nd I'lntoou.
:i::iii p. 111. Willi scaling. All
sounds are tu participate the
soon, I over toitellier with any ionis
... . 1
ing to pariii ipule to net ns kitchen
il. -Inil lit dinner,
t : :;u p. in.-- Competitive drill.
.1: III p. 111.- First call.
"i:-(."i p. 111. Assembly,
fi:."!! p. in.- ltetreal. Firing squad lo
the color.
ll:(Mi p, 111.- Dinner. Turkey with dress
ing, cranberry sauce, celery, innshod
potatoes, olives, rve bread plum pud
ding pumpkin pies, coffee.
7::in p. iu.- lnugaioo court.
11:011 n. m. Military Ban
liccnll, to the Color, Tops.
Hoppe Boat tntnaji.
Aneeles, Cul., Dec.
HI.- The
count lielvveen .vieioouine ' mum"
Wi;Ue lloppe hi tnr lift lho.ii- l.os
Angeles billiard evhibitioiis are con
...il', in. 1 is even lodiiv. lloppe defeated
1 1.- 1 .....i
Ihe British champion Inst night at ls -
un 1 un in' puiy, oi.o i" 1... .11 ,
em Ills sirmii 1- iiiiuiiMs
of II His high run was I Id,
8- loin like Every City and Town In '.v vastly incieused. I'lutunntely, there stuff hns slumped from a top price to
' the Union Receives It. N"1' "" l'f 11 ,lml '''"" i Miis.M ceits to n general luice of '2V coins..
1' il with iiinev Ills want lo be respect. I'resideut Wilson has wisely The buviag price ill tile country is the
cu ed When one suffers the. torluro ! ''' ": ;f"' I'nrm same, :tl ami I'.O cents. ,
r .1 .,, i,., ,1, relief is oniierlv "' oipressioii. Henceforth the Two cars of oranges were unloaded,
soudit for There are iniinv remedies , V" "'V t ie Government Is to be help
to n that relieve, but do' not cure. to business nnd not detriment,, I
, ' , ,1 ... imiL i,.., i,,,.,,,,!,, inst.'.'t'1 ul"' nccoul the entire country will
lug resnlls to thousands. Here Is Salem
' " v . .
lore Is suieni
v f , t
m ,T,,, i , ' i ts q ,! Mvvot
I, i. lUMlwU . I
ol' in v lnh'U timl inv 1mi rk ncluM nt
ti' 1 ti 1 ......H.- ....u Itii.inil.l niul
, , l There was se,lln.et In the r"1'1 "''' ' ;f l"l"vi-;
, , .v secretions. Doau's Kidney . ",;","' M"
. I , ii . ...i i ....un ,u. ci itics -111111 ii giiiuent s now use ess.
Fills helped nnv gre. tl.v in. pul llcly ,
reconiuiende.l thiM.i n th lime. -,..,,,., , ,, km,tt
No hlng has oc ,, re, to c i . g w, , considerate policy t e
high opinion or i h Is r'': '." "'n,,,1.1M,,ilU.n lines: nnd ll.ere is rea
conflileuce ,n It is greate than ever fo, ' , h B, , 1lu. ,
I o., permaueut ,-ur.-. I m, fu,r i)iV i(, j
.,,ce ..He. nt nd deal,.,,. Pot ; 1.,,,,;IH i, w allowed the
, niplv- ,,.k lor n kidney remedy - get ,
I'oaa s iMiiuey ruis- .in sumc ..i.i. ...
1,'iiUevvav had. Foster Milburu Co.,
Flops., Buffalo, N. V,
Wa-iiinulon, Dec. 111. A cuntluna-:
,(l.,,,oo bv the uovcrunieni wealher
Both men no. I women are plagued,
with cinlosltv. But men nre unulde
lo keep theirs under cover.' j
ClMAMriAI rTTrn tren(;thening business confidence than
rlllAilllAL LCllLU the establishment of the new bonking
! system j the full fldvantaftes of which
I have not yet ben fairly tested or op
; New York, l)i-c. 12. TV Stock Kx- )j)rceintd.
chnnye hns made another important I Our forei(n trade promises to have n
step toward complete resumption. Deal-.l'ul1 e.i'teet "I'on the monetary situn-
iii(!s are openlv restored on stocks, with l
I these restrictions: No Miles below mill- Tom" r ""K" slnpnients of food
iniuin juices of .Inly :10th, dividend td-1 t'l' ""J tton n weU ns foreign
justmeiit included; and open tradinj; l'"r,!llll!"'9 o( '' material, nre Riving
only in the list of stocks specifically i."-'1 n ,v-"'"'l)lo trade bnlnuce and tend
nnn'ii d. Dealings will be permitted iu 1 .' " K ' restrain gold exports without pr
nearlv ::U0 out of the Dli'i shares listed i?1' interferon!!.'. Foreign countries
the iew York Stock Kxcliango. .,vonlJ Kllld,y Jrnw upon our plentiful
This nctimi murks t'.,- ,i sr .stock of gold, mid the intprnatinnnl
liation of
a wnr basis.
Ainc'icuu fi
t'ur financial
nances on
'itivi lit lust si ecessfi.illv
emerged from perliups the most eriti
cul period iu history; and, thanks to
the sound mid firm policv of the Stock
i:xcliange, the country has escaped anv
n' tn.ltr. iiiiiiK tin (1111.11.-1. llll'll. IS III!
"''. ,'"'"gc, m panic, aim me
lutiire ot prices must now be governed
i , . , .. - I
, "' - ' ' J""1:"""' . ' j
niiiins llio pniamouut consideration, but 1
11 .,rt....t. ...... .. .... .. ..
discounted. Indirectly its course must 1
have u dci-ideil influence upon vulues;
vet, until peace prospects become much
more definite, discrimination will huve
to be exercised in the uttitude toward
securities. There is u vnst muss of
American investments which are prac
tically beyond war influences. These
have weathered the storm sal'elv, anil
be inning the
late depression.
Hist to recover
(Inr neutrality
.,,0 , , ,,,,, e ,,o, ,,e co.nic are:
Hies! nil. ible advantages that should not '
.iw loigutien.
1 using me wnr nt its lair vniue,
uoi.u- 1111 iiiences must no regnmeu
leost important measure ot lulrin-
si-; '.aloes. The whole country, nnd es
pecially the West, is now feeling the
;,d"anlii"e of 11 good Inmost. This is
puriicuiuriy true 01 tne great wlieat
lieu, wneie the lurniers lire reaping
,V.i , 'it'.'.'1.!!" 'L' J.'!. ''
:, , ... .
I """ - . .... Mi... mi' .mating luiiueuce nt nnv time. Micli a
four1 plies in which the l-.nst has u very uoa-1 colossal waste of life nnd wetilth Is in
liitt "iileruble share. The South has been ! 0 itnl.lv a world wide setback, but it Is
hurt by the war more than any other
section owing to the low price of cot -
ton and the temporary stoppage of ex-
ports. These ditious, however, are
tieing gt-a.lui.ny reetitied; the South it
less dependent upon n single crop tliini
ever before, and the problem of h 11 11 tic -j
iug the huge lti.Ollll.iilill bale crop is be
ing surely solved, nnd there is every in-1
dicutiou that before long consumption ;
will begiu to recover the losses ot the!
lust four uioatlis. There will be n big I
surplus left over for next season, which !
will necessitate a reduction of acreage'
in tne coming crop
nevertheless from
the agricultural point of view the conn-
try as ti whole Is sound and prosper -
011s. ;uny. interest in uuying which center-
As to the Industrial situation, that Is I ed ia the livestock show lust week re
still somewhat confused. Much of the I turned tu routine buying today, llog.1
current depression is due to lack of In-j are 10 vents higher, with the top nt
Itintive 011 pint of our cuptiiins of in-
' - 'ni,tl.v
Their confidence has been se- at i.'J) tor prime light steers, 1.11 ad
shaken bv the flood of nntiig ! vanee of 25 cents over Friday.
ionistic legislation which swept the, F.&gn Are Weaker.
I country fin and wide for several yours. The egg tuurliet is weaker than It
I Capital has most assuredly been driven was last weeii, the opening prices be
I into hiding; enterprise is checked, and ; ing si) cents for fresh Oregon much
I Ihe number of unemployed consequent-! stuck, candled, 011 the street. Stnrnue
,...L- I-..,..,..,.. ..,,,..,,.1.' .. II.., I .. I .. 1 1 ....... I
ol this promise.
""""') ... ,, ,;
?"i linn I'liMiiif.
!" A V,M V I't''-t"" f'tor in thU .ruli -
1.,.. it.l.., ....vi.finii.mt In tMiwiti.txn "
js the forthcoming decision of the In .
terstnte Coiniuerce CoiiimiHsion. It
I A very Important aid to business re -
i covery Is the imtl.iok for cheap money
nud n resulting Improvement in the
credit situation. Bull business Is part
II.. ...... ......!. i.. ... u i... ..t i.ii.. I
I. ...Oil II I I. I'll II" I ..I.' i.ii.i.is ,'l I. Ill'
I, funds though the innss of eniergene)
currency still In circulation is inigelv
f "f "", ''"If'"-'!, ' - ' U'h at
one time exceeded .:si,iion,inui, has
I n withdrawn without injury, owing
to the operations of the new Federal
reserve system which released a large
porttou of the reserves and peraiittel
rsinjjle ovent bn done more toward
tin immense expansion of credit. No
"""'""cu iiiciensiiiK e.xporis,
U-nde eonditions which tend to keep
'.the precious metal here nre naturally
l,iewed with much coiuplncency. Brief
ly then, the situation is this:
We have amply discounted nil bad
conditions, especially the wnr, for the
time being at lenst.
The country's finances nre now safe-
,ly adjusted to the new basis.
The stock miirket has reopened with
reasonable restrictions und without the
difficulties once feured
of good eritps. nnd the West
Legislative attacks upon big business
promise to lie sensibly moderuteil.
Industry seems to be on the turning
point from extreme depression.
The Federal reserve system hns af
forded a new basis of confidence.
The Interstate t'oiumerce Commis
sion is expected to moke some conces
sions to the .'nilroilils! the latest rioiin-t
:,,; ,, , fu cpnt niu bl)
I ,,. ..,.,. .,,,,.1 '
A . mov mlirkl,t 8,inil ()J
,',; ,,,
Our exports nre heavy
Thri ,.,, ,, in,k. ,, f ,,. .,,
j dreaded flood of foreign securities, 11 ud j
Ihe impression grows Hint the war I
will not be lis long us many have ex-
1 pectcd. I
llius, in spite ot business depression:
llm ;,.,,(, tln ..,, abundant and'
' f, inJnl.h, i, I,.
! "f "'" f",,lr"- Tl'" "'l""""
: ".. ..j,..." ..u,,- .
j qit possible to over-estimate its do-1
; t ri m.-nt ill effects upon Americnn nt- f
j firs. Happily our e.otintrv is largely j
, free from the disturbing event of Inter-
utitioiuil politics, I.onir may it so re-1
' main.
Cuioii Stockyards, Dec, 1,1. After i
two days of rest, trading was resumed
here this morning with rather a brisk!
! demand. Iteeeipts were fair for Mon-:
''- Cattle are strong, with the top
- this morning. I'tioes were not chnng
'c.l by the laeiease n supply.
1 '
., .. ..
1 architect of Ins own
VanV n ... n n
........ n ... .. . .. ... ...re
lA'tiiiini im 11 m mi u iiiiiimr i"'tnv
, ro-ru- l.imtl tu'tho miMinn ol
llil I'.lst lt.
urv atuMus aggravated during
damp, changeable weather
and ordinary ttwdments art
often useless.
Such condition! need the oil-food
In Scorc'f Cmuiion to reduce the
Injurlom adds end etrcngthen the
orgitni to etpcl them.
Scotf Emultion, with direful dli-t
for one month, often relievee the
lame mum-Id end atlliened
Joints end suIhIii the eharp,
unbrarable paim when other
reraediee have failed,
ABLE TO DESTROY!neird.beforu t"0 K,,,li9" ast
(Continued from pajro one.)
ut tins season.
The raiders, therefore, u re not likely
to have had much difficulty in tunning
the British blockade of their own coast!
and reaching the open sea. With lights
extinguished, t lev
evidently steamed
Ihrnnirh the nioli't. 111111110 'themselves
so ns to arrive off the Kaglisii coast
at HMiirisP.
British After Them.
The bombardment of Scarborough be
gan at 7:. HI a. in. The almanac gives
8:01 ns today's hour for sunrise in
that latitude. '
This reinui'kable punctuality on the
Germans ' part was followed bv the
shelling of Scarborough nnd then a on the raid the swiftest vessels they, on the British eoniniuudei-'s part should
voyage along the coast to the north- i nnd in such a case, the ltritish light I result in the little squadron's nnuihil
wuitl, the bombardment proceeding as j craft might have been expected to have ntion.
the vessels plowed through the waves, j expei ienced difficulty iu forcing the I Otherwise the balance of naval prea
The attack oil llnrtlepool appears to enemy to fight in the event he prefer-1 tige will swing once more to Germany.
For Every Boy, Girl and Baby In Our
City and Vicinity
The most stupendous and remarkably liberal offer ever made
to its readers by any newspaper.
My NAnc is
,1 A li srrsJ M0R CAP
m m m
A Dandy Drum Major's Cap for the boy and a Belt for the neighbor's boy.
A. beautiful, life-like doll, (about 18 inches tall) as large as a baby, for the little girL
A harmless and brilliantly colored ball for Baby Bunting.
Something for each member of the family all on one sheet of muslin ready
t to cut out and stuff.
The Daily CapitalJournal is goirg to give away several hundred of
these Anna Belle dolls, as follows:
All who pay three months subscription, old or new, back subscription or
in advance, in case their paper is delivered by carrier, will receive one of
these dolls free. All mail subscribers, old or new, who pay six months'
subscription, $1.50. will also be entitled to a doll without extra charge.
have, been an independent incident, the
German squadron having probably sep-
The British admiiultv must have
been notified ns soon as the enemy
craft were Bigfited from shore, for it is
plain that wireless orders were flushed
iniinilintely to the fleet in the North
Tiie first niinouncenient was to the
fi't'tecl that the British flotilla was
1 engaged at several points.
I T'lis suggests that destroyers or
I'dM cruisei-R were rushed from Hull,
at) niles south ot Scnrhorough, to at
tuck the (lerinuiis, since the word "flo
tilla" would hurilly have been employ
ed if heavy British ships had been do
ing the fighting.
Position Is Desperate.
The Germans presumably despatched
rs' -y. . ...ss :
red retirement.
Nevertheless, only tho most dextrour
seamanship and extraordinary luck caii
save the (Icrninns it' British destroyers
reallv are in touch with thorn.
This is an opportunity tor which tha
British have long been waiting. It
they act quickly they will almost cer
tainly be able to cut the raiders off
from their own const and keep them
iu the open sea until an overwhelming
ly superior force can be brought to
bear against them.
They are Will miles from the shelter
of Heligoland, und must tritBt to luck
until darkness fnlls, when they will
iintuiallv attempt tu steal back to Baf
ety. Tim sun will set on them at 3:W p.
111. They so timed their raid as to have
a day of almost minimum sunlight tor
tneir escape, an this fart is, indeed,
1 in their favor. Nevertheless, high skill
-4 ,
He wAnl every (rood girl, boy And baby
to bare F01IB-IX.0JE. They'll aever Ure
ef it ado best ef all the COLORS ABE AB
v " ' i t tn