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Social and Personal Notes
By Mollie Runcorn
year will be J-evicwed nod plans mnjo
NOW that sveryouo has secured, 0?
is- securing, their Christmas seals,
it will be of especial interest to
niany to know the postal restrictions
concerning tho placing ot same on their
holiday packages.
. lio I Cross stills should, ill aecordaiice
with order No. 5020 of the pctitoff ice j with relatives uml friends in Nnlem.
department, "be aimed to the reverse
side of domestic iniiil matter," and
not on the address side of any let
tiers or packages that are going
through the mail. They may be placed
feir the new year, with the possible
election of new board members.
Miss Mildred Baglcy, an instructor
in the Kugene high school, will arrive
shortly, to spend tho Christina.! holiday
(Students attending schools and col
leges throughout the state began ar
riving todny, and by Saturday alniciit
all i-Milem young people from the vnr
' Washington, Dec. 10. Secre
tary of War (iarrison today or
dered llcueral Scott, chief of
staff of the United States army,
to proceed to Naco, Ariz., and
take charge of the situation
there. General Scott will leave
Washington tonight and will
arrivo at Naco Saturday afternoon.
anywhere on matter going by express. I ious out-of-town Institution!! will be
. As many seals mny be used on the
back of a letter or package as may
be desired. Care should be exercised
in sanding merchandise thr'ce.igh the
liiaite not to place seals over the strings
with which the paekago is tied,' since
this seals the package against inspec
tion and subjects it to first class post
age rates. Users of Red Cross seals arc
cautioned against their iudiscriminating
home. Those nlroadv here arc: Miss
Constance Cartwright, Miss Mario
Chun-hill, Russell Fields, Carl Heck and
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Salem Commercial club and the Rod
eers Paper company, this morning op
j pned up what is to be known as "Tho
use on foreign mail. Red Cross seals in! managed by the Woman s Homo Mis
sionary society, or ine wregon conrer-
Bert Ford from the University of Ore-!M"' ,clu'', ttt 400 Fcrry st)rc.et
The Old People's home an South
Twelfth street, although not exactly a
charitable institution, having been in
corporated, anil being maintained and
normal times may It used on the re
verse side of mail matter sent to Aus
tria, Germany, lireat Britain and most
of the British colonies, except India
and Australia. Guatemala, Uruquay
and Portugal refuse to mini it mail hear
ing non-postage stamps. Certain Euro
pean countries will return to the
sender any mail bearing lied Cross
seals on the address .tide. Mail ad
dressed to anv of the belligerent
countries in Kurope should not hear sent in by friends an. relatives,
the Red Cross seal. Red ( loss seals
may be used on tho face of checks.
on bills, on legal documents and on any
which is in the new two-story brick
building recently erected on the site
of the old Fremont hotel. The club is
gander the direction of R. S. Clark, who
,will keep the men busy earning the
meals and lodging given them.
"This is not a charitable institu
tion," declared Mr. Rodgcrs this morn-
enee of the First Metliiidist F.nisi niml I juc as ho conducted a Journal reporter
church, awakens general interest in the lover tho premises, "and the men who
nenits of those charitably inclined at .get meals ami a place io sicep win pay
; Am 1 using Red Cross Christinas
Seals (" reiterated a good-natured old
cobbler as he looked up from tho shoe
T.i ni'ilui In liiwilr dirnptlv HO-ninKt Hie 0 repairing to me . priswi
establishment conducted by Chief of J " . .b' k' ''""J V, "V
Police Mhedeek, George Rodgers. of the le f'"? I? i tn j
rmm..r.inl clh nnd tie Rod- question origiunlly. "I don't knqw
of them. What are tney lorl" no
asked. . . ' -
When told that the little stickers
were being sold all over the United
States to raise money to prevent tu
berculosis, the cobbler became very
much interested, ;
"Now, 1 coll that a good cause,"
he drawle?!.. "1 can't afford many,
because 1 don't get' very muck work
away out here in this end of town, but
you can leave me 10 of them.
No, 1 don't write any letters, and
Christinas time, who will no doubt do
nate generously to those who make
their home at this place. The happy
family residing there will partake of
for what they get. It is surprising
how willingly the men go at the work
assigned them, and I believe the ven
ture will prove to be an unqualified
a bountiful dinner on Christinas eve. ' iiuccess, though it will take some time
The house will be Biiilv decorated and: for it to eairr much headway.
the gifts distributed which have been "Men who come will bo roquirca to
snlit wood, to clean up tno place, unu
do nil work necessary, or pay for their
solid salts and sodium to be mined
from the beds of the lakes after the
water is exhausted and the mineral
contents extracted, that of the success
ful bidder, Mr. .Moore, and that of the
Oregon Soda & Potash Milling associa
tion, of which H. S. Wallace, of Port
land, is the head and principal pro
moter. Failed to Tender Check.
Because the latter coinpanv did not
tender the required check for $10,000
as a guarantee of good faith mane a
condition by the board for the award
of the contract of lease, anil did not
otherwise comply with the specifica
tions or terms of the advertisement for
bids, ami because the bid was submit
ted upon the assumption that the state
was not the owner of the lakes in ques
tion, the borird was forced to accept
the bid of Mr. Moore which complied
with the terms of tho lease and adver
tisement for bids in every respect. Mr.
Moore 's tender of a certified check for '
$10,000 will be held bv the board un
til the lease is finally consummated j
and a good and sufficient bond for;
$25,000 is furnished to be held as a
guarantee of the state's minimum share i
of the profits of the venture. The lease
is given by tne board and accepted by
Noteworthy Values
iX v
cF the
risv as.fi
Ai v'.'r?
. ,, , given by tne board and accepted by
I dont send any thnstinas packages. , ,morj f 1.,tilfi),ltion
There's just me and tne old woman
left. 1 can't use my seals that way,
but 1 'II tell you how 1 can use them.
1 will stick
shoe 1 tap!
or rejection by the next legislature.
One of the largest evening emigre
gntions ever noted at the Leslie Me-
commerciiil paper. These Christinas , thodist Episcopal church listened to the
seals are not good for postage. They special Christmas music by the choir
will not carry any mail matter, but! last Sunday evening. The gallery was
any kind of mail matter will carry partly filled nnd many chairs were
them. brought in. Following is the program:
" Voluntary.
A nuptinl ceremony of yesterday Hymn No. 107.
united in marriage Miss Margaret May Invocation.
Hinxmnn to Stephen Hurler! Kinney, I Chorus (a) While Shepherds
of Cashmere, Wash. Rev. F. T. Porter,! Watched Tht.ir Fiu(:ks (i,) The s,nr
of the First Christian church, read the 'of Bethlehem.
service in the presence of relatives and!' Scripture rending.
a few friends, at the home of the T,.nnr B(,i,,The Prince of Galilee
bride's parents, Jir. nnd Airs. u. B.Mr. Athil Irvine.
Morrison, on Waller street. The young
couple left for Portland shortly after
the ceremony, ami will remain there
several days, gesng from there to Cash
mere, where tiiev will make their home.
Monday Professor Wallace MeMur
ray entertained his lliscn scmiuur, at
mi informal evening gathering at his
home, I1VI3 State street. About thirty
Chorus Who Are These?
Hymn No. 112.
Offertory Holy Night Miss Nctti
Chorus (a) Peaeo on Earth, (b'l
The Joyful Mora.
Hymn No. 110.
Chorus In the Fields.
This earlier date was necessitated
liU'inir tn iminv mimilioi-u r.f 4l,.i ..I...:..
make up this class, composed for the nre NtmU;ntH b,,in ,. fr ',
greater pnit of university students. .Christinas hnliduy.
Additional guests for the evening werej ', r -
I.oban Steeves and Warren Booth, h'I'ipmiiu fAMPITf
Miss Daisy Mulke.v assisted in enter- j UCtUll AN lulNollL,
mining. An impromptu vnuuoviiio per
formance was the leading feature,
snugs and music rounding out a most
eujnynblu evening,
Mr. Moore's bid provides for the pav-l
ii,n..t 4I.a iltA ..f r.n ,,,. '
I will stick a seal on the sole of every f,. .,.,.,. t e ..,! .,.,
l . vi.t iuii in 'i,,n nna ?-
iraeieii; hi cents per ton tor soinuni i
salts and 25 cents la'r ton l'nr nil other!
ilt'!' ! salts, while that of Mr. Wallace was!
Hi ner ton for iiutasiimn sails. 5 cents'.
I per ion for sodium suits and n0 cents!
'per Ion for all other salts extracted
Mr. Moore guarantees an annual in-;
In the case of the Salem Abstract : ;!w of J.i,uiiu to the state during the
company against F. A. Turner, nn ae-i !foof tlo l'c, paynhlo annually from
tiou in the circuit court for Marion!'1" tllc "'""K ot l,''-
conntv, tiie plaintiff this morning con-!!""1 Mr. Wallace oltered an estnuated
fessed a moticci of the defendnat for a;'"''0""; -,,",l0 !'cr von1' 11 to"'
bill of particulars and filed tho samo. linrl(l bllt ,l"t hitters bid was
The bill Bet forth the work done by the 1,1 110 w,s'', "ccured by certified check
abstract company for the defendant, ?r ' reiy lon.i, noiiviinstuiMii.ig tne
q i I'liiiu iiiti iiu iiiiT i uiiin iiuiin jimiii hi
.. .... , .... I Monday's meeting, ami the assurances
u . ,uw.m.B "" or Mj, Wallace timt his bid was in all
depa, nient was called to he house a 1 1 ,, , oufo,,llitv to 0
mm .voitl. ommerual st ect, owned '
by i nnilos 1 niiiienti'i, which wns burn-
ing en the roof. The department re-1 A lively Little Scrap.
Bpondcd promptly and put the fire out j The discussion which followed the
with the chemical extinguisher und lit-! opening ami i oiiipnrison of the bids de
lta damage was done. The family of T. 1 vcloped into n sharp ctVloquy between
Pnsbnick occupy th? house. Goviinor West and Mr. Wallace iiuil
o- jhis associates, among whom was 1). .
At 2 o'clock this afternoon the state Melnturff of this city, and in which
board of control will open bids for Attorney C. A. Shepherd, of I'oitlund,
the holidnv supply til' sweetmeats and ''""'l fr Mr. Moore, took a h I.
fruits fill, ill m.K.inl slllln i list itllt inns. Ml'SSlS. Wllllllce lllld Me 1 11 1 II II f lllllill-
which will nggregale about n ton of th,,t '"'.' Wl'11' ll(lt ''"' llllti
candies and nuts and six cases of or-!11 ,',,"',i deposit was required and state-.
nunc t i 'Jll iinninc tn t ie ,,,. . 'i vnar inry were niiornieii ny i oiinsei
There is nothing exactly perniu- Toinorrow afternoon bids will lie open- Wicplicnl lor Mr. Moore that it was
nent about this affair," explained Mr. e,i )V n, Mmn .,, the six-mouths' tll,',r intention to submit a check,
Rodgcrs, "as it is purely a voluntary supplies lur the several state institn- which statement wns refuted by Mr
arrangement between Mr. Chirk anil , tions. Shepherd, who then retaliated by stat
accommodations in money. Meals will
be furnished for five cents. It is plan
ned to print books of tickets that can
be sold for a dollar, so that people do
siring to help the institution muy get
them and give to homeless, workless
"Wc nre in need ut present of bed
ding of till kinds, blankets of any kind,
and churitubly inclined people of tho
capital city can help materially in
making the affair successful by donat
ing those articles to the club."
This morning men were busy clean
ing the windows und doing enrpenter
work necessary to establishing the club
as comfortably us possible. As soon as
possible the mime of tho club will be
lettered on the front window, und it is
expected it will be known far and wide
I in a short time.
There wns n kitchen range at the
jbni'k with n fire going, n coffee boil
'or nciir the center of the reur, three ta
bles with white oil cloth, and a table
with magazines. On the second floor,
which is lurge, roomy nnd bare at pres
ent, the men will sleep,
In Every Department
Holiday Goods
.. .
Women's Black Silk Hose, $1.50 and $1.25, special 95c
Women's Black Lisle Hose, 50c, special. . . . . . . . ,35c
Children's Fast Black Cotton Hose, 17c, special. . 11c
Women's Union Suits, reg. $2.00 and $1.75, spl., 98c
Women's Union Suits, reg. $1.50 and $1.25, spl., 79c
Women's Silk Waists, black and coloi-s, special $3.98
Women's Lingerie Waists. .One-fourth Less
Children's Fur Sets, good assortment One-half Price
Xmas Suggestions
Pocket Beokn
Card Cases
Hand Bags
Novelty Jewelry
Parisian Ivory
Hurd's Stationery
Dennison's Novelties
Kid Gloves
Silk Gloves
Novelty Neckwear
Hair Bows
Silk Scarfs
Richardson's Linens
Wool Blankets
Bed Spreads
Maish Comforts
Linen Handkerchiefs
Silk Petticoats
Bath Robes
Infants' Wear
Hundreds of Gift Ideas
Throughout the Store
awr- LIUL.rtll JlflLLi ftt-'
, myself, but it is hoped a large amount ,
ing that Mr. Wallace and his rcprcscu
lativ"s had been lifter Mr. Moore for
of help can bo given the homeless, 1111
Snn Friini-liii'n Dun 1. T.i.lni'iil a,i. ; iimnlnveil men. nevertheless. "
Tiiose present were the Misses Helen I thoritioK announced hern tn.lnv ilmtl Anv nnn desirinn to trive eniiilovment
JVarce, Mildred McHvidc, Keith Van. they had unearthed evidence in eon- to men mnv rinir un niinilier 450. which I i....:i ,.i: i... ; ,.,.i
Winklo, Daisy Mulkey, Mildred Hai- ur-.-tion with the provisioning of tint will reach tho employment bureau of 1 ....,,,11.1.... ,,f ., 0viiniit l.eeisla- l,'l"','li,-v '" ""' "'"'"'r, and asked for
thoroinew, Auonu Kunner, i-.unice .Mil- steamship Olson and Mulioney for (icr-'this club, nnd secure the help needed. ' ,.. ...,1 B1,iltnl.,.(. ,..' , ,,-diiillv in- """' m winch to supl.v the nee
1PI, 1 II....I .ant tni.lnl.t
4.1117 41AWI1 o wmim 1.1111V iiicuiD VU1115111, 1 . . 1 .
at the riiitiniiiu ehnndi to discuss " , ' 1 " 'V
measures to be preit-il to the next ' ."" ' . "K'. ''"
.' liV M ! 11 In ell u' in tun 1 11 1 11 1 iiiii I 11 in
creek in Luke county, will gravitate 1 ing , outiniied indefinitely. Mr. Moon
clear to the Columbia river and tlie ! states tlmt all siirvevs nud preliminary
niauul'iicturing plant lit the miniiiiinn iiriiiiigeiiicuts luive been completed nnd
of cost. iall 'lint is necessary is tn put a bill
'gang of men to work upon the u")
lor, Avis Ogdeu, Stella (Irnhain, Urncemnii warships, which, they said, proved This service is for the benefit of the vl1t,,' t(, ))0 mmi t (hi, meeting to
Thompson, Kate Harton, rrnnces 1 (lit-, conclusively that Union Von Schnck, the, men and is entirely free of charge. j ,ii.llsl ,1,:' ,i,i ,.,ti These
Pipe to Cost $l,.r)0,000.
The pipe line along will cost ftliOO,
Hurt. Anii'her large power plant will
e.Mrih'tiug plant. Kimugli water has
discuss this vital question. These
'open loriim
meetings are' open to 'uasniuch ns
, who are interested ; I";' ectly
i.-sniv check deposit, lint this proposi- been lipprnpriated by Mr. Moore from
1 iiiii was not
iiiisidered fair to Mr, Anna creek to develop all of the elec
all 01' tile coiuli- trie energy that is necessary to pump
undeistnitl bv all, the water out of the hikes and the hill-
line, the power stations and the nianii-
ructiiring plant.
1" lix, Ariz.. Pec. 13. A suit seek-
T.oiiH, niury 1. oiii', auh ihi-b unu 4-.1U1111 1 itcrnmn consul nt huh porr, ni'ion1! tnoi .
t Un.ilwU IT Triilnfl ' f..- . - I fl'l. 1.. ll I A ......1.1 ... I.,.- 1.... f, ...!,,..
Jiunn, unu imr.. nnn-ii, Kt 1 t iuv, nn jurn JUi lilt' 1 imi. 1 lllM, uirjr; n mini "u " ',,,i' llli.l nil Iiiki
Lvons. nud Steeves. i law of nations. 1 i 11 puniu wi mm .
- ' - ir 1117 irienii. ... . .
w Local government representatives , i A l 1 I ! p . . - , f. the luKes nre pumped almost dry ot i wide pmlnbition was filed in the ten-
Miss Lottio Penn, who is nriucipal of ; said thev were in coiiniiuiiieutioii with 1 1 Lj l I I . , ! ... ,, p . inao,,lnlJ9- their liquid euiitents when the wnter ernl court Intii today by attorneys for
the Lebanrin high school, will spend her , Washington, nnd hnd been Informed i A- I . . I 1 I Co"ll,y 8cho)I Buperlntendeut Walter , Mr. al has si itted nuiiieious ,-,., Aul1 ,.,.,,,,1, wi, he, nl.m, iM , ,,,., of ,-,.t i I druggists. Similar'
Christmas vacation with her inothcr, that Cerinany will he asked to recall' YmJ JL M. J J M W A. M. Hniith was busy this morning open-, "'"'" Si'crelury Ulcott pomled out . ,stlv the mineral solids in the beds suits me cxi ted to bo filed by thro
... . - iii til i I i ( l .1, f il,n i...Iii,u i ..v . lllin tiliil'il Unu null' iilin llilnii litl1 I Mil . 1
Mrs. Fannie M. Penn. .Miss renn is a! naroii von ncnacK, , . .,.- MTn '"M '"V "' ...... .... .. ... j .. .... ... ...-,, , Ulkt,H ,, ,hl, .,,,, (1r pump- other interests.
graduate of both the Salem high school j
and Willamette university. iikJlcilcikJkileileikflileslcileiltile
Iti Oil hlllld tllld 11 ' n,cil Hl"l lie nail pii'lliy or nine lll(i'lii'" m iuc nun in ine crei-iv will in- nig hi cii.iihu inn iqii-iiii,iiui il ii luu-
1 ' jilo so If he had wanted to.' lutilb.cd fur irrigation purposes until stitutioual auicniliiieiit, effecting state.-
Tho Thursday afternoon club of the
Young Woman 's Christian iissocintiim '
will meet in the rest rooms tomorrow Athens, Dec. It!. An ontbrenk
evening. A social time will bo enjoyed,: of Turkish troops at Aivnli,
partaking of tho nature of the nearby; Asia Minor, against the flrcck
holidnv. No special Christmas enter- l'opululioii was announced here
tuin.nent His been planned for the ,(1"-v' " fm,r
members, the regular sndnl sessions' Oreeks were li.lled; that mnay
substituting for any larger affair. ZJZ'T'o
Ihs qiuirterly meeting o the asso;i ,
nation, which should hale taken plac, , , , nl
this month, hns been postponed until T
innuary owing io tne iieiiiauu upon inc. ,.1
members' time In preparing for Christ- , , X
nias. Matters ot a strictly business na- .The man who has a jolt coming toi-f
SOCIAL SERVICE CENTER 'liiiiinatioiis that will be held in Ihe bolinl to do anil that wns to recognize!
. ., , , I First Christian church the remainder the only bona fide bid submitted, that I S
tic i of I lie week. Over 7-i teachers and oi Air. Aiuore, nun award tne lease
ijc Union of Fraternal, Religious, Civic, , would-be teachers are iieie for the ex- subject to I he appiovul of the legis
ic Industrial nnd Other Organizations lamination fur state leilificates. Dur-1 lature, and upon Mr. .Moore's agree
'I' i kind pleuso notify tlie Center nt once.
, Phono .'102.
; -
ture will come up for consideration nt him seldom realix.es It until he strikes
this meeting. Business of the past i nut.
Edison's Latest and Best Invention
If Taken
Will Be Finished
in Time for
IJarnes Cash Store
ijt i nnd Citizens Of Sulem for Mutual Aid. j ing the inoiniiig hours the applicants nient tit the conditions the hoard so,
iji will lie qui,.ed in writing, f, S, history 1 acted and the meeting adjourned. i
i If von know of employment of nnv and physiology: in the nfternoou im Mr. Walacel has submitted numerous1
physical geography, rending, cmiposi-; propositions io ine noiiru in tne pusi :
t ion. uielhiiils of reading and methods but I hey were all of such a vague uml
of .iiithmetic. intangible nature that the board could,
. , o hot do business with him, and the nil
In the action for daniagos brought by ; turn ami conditions of iiis bid sub
the Theo Hcrgniiiii Shoe company i mitt,'d yesterday was such that the.
'against . Hi Price, as tho Price Shoe hoard declared it was sat'stied that all
leompuny, for alleged !nle representa- i M r. Wallace desired was to tie up and
lions eiiiicerning the sidling of shoes delay matters until his a.isit'ilition
! which the plaintiff claims were not could file upon the lake beds under
, RcrRuinn shoes, The plaintiff company the mining laws of the government.
,nsks that the defendant be enjoined lloveruiir West pointed out that Mr.
'from sidling llergiuun shoes unless they I Wallace's offer of M per ton for the
lure in Tt n lit y the llcrgmaii product, potassium salts products of the lakes
I They also ask $Hluil as damages for, was a matter of no consequence be-
lalse representation, etc, cnuse mere was ouiy enough potnsii
, ,,, o in the lakes to show n truce in the
Two marriage Houses were issued nhnlysis and Hint this bid might just
this morning. Charles II. Hiimt was ' well have been .H) per t u far
given a permit to iiiurrv Mabel ,,ne t"e state s Interests lire com erncd. ,
llliiilck, both residents '(if Woodbin n. 1 Mr. Moore uniiiiniiced after the ft-,
Tli.il. r M,,;i.l l.v rnm.lv .Iml.rii lllg tllllt It WHS his illtlrtlt illll til get til
I'llnsiiey this morning' In his office In, work lliiinediaely upiu Hie development I
the court houe, with (Iniiit Hover, dep-I"1' inineini resources ui nut nines,
lit v count v clerk, as II witness. 'IMe "' ctablished upon tho lower ties-'
second license was to linn. IMuiond ' ''hntes river for the operation of the
Martin. The bilde wns Mrs. Anna ""'I that he would begin construction,
Hughes, of this eitv, but at 12 o'clock will immediately .upon the signing of
sharp nt, the I'nltnriuii church she bo- 'he base. 1 he waters uf the lakes will,
jcniuc Mis. Martin. ! pipi'd for a dista i uf over 1!U0
q miles, from the lakes to the Columbia
Sheriff Each hs the office force "'"; ""' ,;x,r."",i"tt1 ll""t wi":
busy scraping the Mimi-li from the lung , conMructed and where the c in.v
'counter over which he takes the dcliii- w)l "l" ':" " ''.mipet, ive rail
lie said this morn- """ '"' '. . "" !
, i ui- I 1 1 s .ii iiinen lie nnicr niil nine
!... I I .1,,.;.,.. till ,-,,. ,n 1" "V "M.l .. .I, ,111,11 ! ui-in-iiiii ,i ,
I'recelved (he tax moiiev from the little.".' '"'"" ' "' " "I""' "
'bits that were kno.lied from the did-
liars lis thi'V lulled over the counter. I "
j . ji -.1 1 With the inmcv reenvered froin this
dust, he said he expected to buy more
uncut tax money.
ing he was looking l'nr gold dust that
Bury the Darning
If you will STAND ON
of every pair we put out. A guarantee covering
ix months goes with every box of six pairs.
G, W. Johnson & Co.
Ml North Commercial Street
Geo. C. Will's Music
432 State Street
Tlll'l HIlHill.t'TI'. liAl HIOLOHH have
decided tn break their resolutions line
vnriilsli tn brighten up the office and
probably get a new suit of clothes.
There will ha no no pries fighting
evening In every year, This will be'ln Marion cniintv," wa the answer
Hnliirilny, December lllth, on which sheriff William r!"'b gave to an in
their flist big Annual Unnce will bej,Urv nf I iiief of Police Vatc of Hi I
glicli at the Armory Hall, The enin verl'on leunidiiig the iiilvisnbillt.v uf
mlllee In charge have pliHged them-; ,,,ug niter and regiilalliig II boning
solves ta have nothing undone to imihn . im,t-li that is .chcdnled to come olf In
this the iiinHt. en lovable night of all
nights dining 1D14.
"( nine ami bu a bachelor' nn mat
ter whether young, old, single,' married,
lady nr gentleman but come and spend
the innt plcasniii evening of the year.
tlmt city on thiislniss eve. "Keep
your eve on the event," said the sher
iff, "nnd If there Is a prize light, 1
will be over nt once nnd nrrot every
one having anything to do with it, from
manager In sponge Itinn or ticket seller.
I have untiling ngiiint n glove contet
as siu h," said Sheriff Ksi h this illum
ing, "but untiling like slugging goes
1 Advance tickets nre now being sold 1,1 '1',""!,,iv'1 lf ' ',an ,l'"
, , , . , , . ., , ., 'proposed mill l tn be between a Hil
by the bachelors! also at the lte,l I ros , ;.,,, , ,, , Hllillt frl ,,)rt.
i I'harmncy, Hemeuiber this only eomes land, nnd II l expected to be ipilte a
j once year nnd It's Hatitrdny Dee. lllth. 'drnwing card for tlmt city,
You are invited to come in and look over our stock of Xmas Suggestions
IN LEATHER Wallets for gentlo- BOOKS -Late Books of TlcUon
nun In nil gradesLadles' Hand
Bans, In tlie latost styles Music
Rolls Ontns Sets- Memorandum
Books Shopping Lists Dnta
BooksAddress Books Calling
Lists Photo BooksLap Tab
lets. IN BRABS-Completii Writing Desk
Sets Envelops Opene.rs Stamp
Cases rapor Knives -Shears
Candlestick!: Smoker Bets Jew
el Boxes.
Reprints of Late Books Books rao AND TOY Paint Books
of ramous Authors in sota- Books-Story Book.-
Poenn nnd Essays, In Taney and '
riain Binrilniis-Now Series of Ohatterbox-A. B. O. Books.
People' Library-Books for tho rjoLLS-Flne Dressed Dolls at 85c.
Boys, Including Motor Berles, , , . ,
Rover Boys, Buddie Boys, Base- OAMES-Includlng tho famous Car
ball Stories, Racer Boys, Aero- rum Ardtnrc lift Boards, Checkers,
plane Boys, etc.-Books for the chess, Dominoes, Cnrd Onmes,
(llrls, Including Alcott's Betty u
Wales, Motor Girls, Dorothy Dale ' '