Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 15, 1914, Page FIVE, Image 5

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and tell him you want some
For Christmas. And tell him that he
left just the one you want, at
To please Santa, the following reduc
tions have been placed on our Furs:
$160.00 Sets '. ....$80.00
$100.00 Sets $50.00
$ 90.00 Sets $45.00
$ 75.00 Sets $37.50
All Single Piece Furs above $20.00
Those below $20.00 also greatly re
duced in price.
According to the plans of Colonel:
Martin, commanding the Third regi- se
meet O. N. u., 01 which il company,
Light as a feather, but warm as toast.
Table Linens
$2.25 values .... C.$1.87
$1.75 values $1.54'
$1.65 values $1.39
$1.50 values $1.29
$1.25 values . . .$1.09
C0c-65c values, now 49c
tho organization stationed in this city,
is a part, when the Third regiment goes
to San Francisco on .Inly 10, 1915 to
attend the Panama-Pacific exposition,
it will go on an army transport. It is
planned to have the regiment camp at
the fair for ten full days, which will
necessitate the boys hoing absent from
their home station for at least 15 days.
Colonel Martin said that companies
ivrtnM ))a limited to nil men ench nnd
that men w ho wish to take, , advantage I
of this opportunity must enlist ct
I once. M company has severat vacancies,
j On account of a recent order of Pres
I ident Wilson, the minimum strength of
' nationul guard companies has been
raised from 4S men to (i." men. n con
junction w ith this or lev of the pres
ident, tho guard organizations liave
been ordered to recruit up to minimum
There will be inspection of the equip
ment of M company Wednesday by Cap
tain H. Hoheuyos, regimental quarter
master. This inspection is preliminary
to the regular annual federal inspec
tion, which will be held about the mid
dle of Febuay. This coining govern
ment inspection will be the most
severe the guard companies will ever
have been subjected to and tho Oro
gon companies are already making
preparations to bring themselves np to
the best possible condition.
Sunday the signal squad was out in
the field with about 10 men under
Corporal Wygant. It is proposed to
take np the proposition of field wireless
as soon as possible. This work is under
Corporal Wygant, wh;i was an engineer
on the Panama canal and who is a mem
her of the American Society of Civil
Engineers. Field engineering and topo
graphical surveys will also oe tns.cn up
Paris, Dec. 15. Paiis was
heavy-eyed today, following a
uibt rendered sleepless for
'Many by fear Mt' a Zeppelin
Detailed reports were receiv
ed last evening that a OciRian
airship fleet was on its way to
attack the city. At midnight,
accordingly, by the authorities'
order, all street lights except il
lew small flicker of gas to
mr.rk street comers and a sin
gle t i tit lamp at the end of the
:?eine bridge
The night
without the
were extinguish-
passed, however,
appearance of a
P5r!S OTtf
' MAI-,'
A diamond ring, pin, broach or
pendant makes Uio most beautiful and
appreciated gift that money can buy,
provided, of coarse, that the stone is
right in quality. There noed bo no
question regarding quality if you buy
I I km IVI ntAr a I
unless it shall have a paid up uuimpair-
cd capital and surplus of at least $ 1 00,-;
000. ;
Would Prohibit Loans to Bank
Officials-Other Important
That section 4.'itH bo amended per-
milting banks lo invest U certain per
centage of their savings funds in prime
commercial paper of short maturities,
also in mortgages in mil estate located
I in the bordering states.
That the superintendent of banks be
empowered to appoint one of tint cxiim
iner as assistunt superintendent, who,
I ill the absence of disability of the. su
perintendent, idml have lull authority
;to affix the official seal of the depart
ment and perform any and all other
li.Ticinl duties ot the office.
1 That special provisions be made for
"No matter haw conscientious or ,),,, ,jB,ufl, oV UUIIK ,u.,nises which
fair-minded a man may bo, 1 do not be- ,UVl, ),, (li am 0 iUIIK,,r USP,
liove ho ean bo au unbiased judge aj1(ir banking purposes,
to his own credit, and a luw pioiiibil- T,,,lt M,,.tici;1 .1570 hl! tmeiilil com
ing loans to tho active of I icors of hank-1 1,1,,;.,. Ih(, ,in.,.tn,s ' .Inni.arv meeting
nig institutions would do more toward : wifh ,,ut ol ,il0 ulmu (V inK and
promoting suind and eonservntlve rending the cashier's report to be sub
banking in the stale of Oregon than mnu ,, llt (,vely tm,,,tjK.
uny other that lias been proposed for TnB, K-,-tioi. H,ri72 be amended de
ronsi lernlion, says State Hunk .Super-1 (fniuK tn ,,,,., ()f varn-m ami divi
mteudent S. (.. .Sargent in outlining i,,,,H mtii a(ter the annual meeting.
,,M,-,'-,""n jy "twine cuiiserMiig their own re-
Portland, Ore., Dec. 15.
! "Our .uy s. Nuah'a Ark,"
' This is the title of a suit
1 in file here today in the dis-
1 i-iit- court. "Our Navy" is a
' San Fitui'isi-0 murine maga-
.inc. "Noah's Ark" is the
' mime of a J'nitiaiid corporation
' formed to piomote a gigantic
; - in 1 1 i e to huise a circus ou an
! ocean-going vessel especially
built for show purposes,
The plaintiff asks for if 100
alleged to be due on an adver
1 tising bill.
Thcie was nothing doing in the Port
land wheat market yesterday for the
reaaau that sellers were holding prices
above what buyers were willing to pay.
Weakening of ocean freights coupled
with sharp advances in Liverpool caus
ed tiie stiffening of prices. At the
same time prices in Chicago shaded off
on account of soiueme discovering sud
denly that there was a larger wheat
surplus in the country than had beeu
reported. Another alleged cause of
shrinkage was the leport that the kai
ser would have to undergo a slight sur
gical 'operation. At Kan Francisco bar-
ley took a lump because Bomecaie there
ihad discovered the reports of the
amount of barley on hand had been
greatly exaggerated. Millfeed is np a
dollar a ton, and barley 50 cents in
Hop trading ill California was heavy
ami in Portland though 12 cents was
offered no sales were reputed. At
Vakima 275 bales changed hands but
the piicc was not .made public.
The- supply of tohkeys is believed to
be sufficient for tho holiday trade
though arrivals are not brisk. Deal-
!crs juv there will be plenty of the
birds with prices about as tiiey were
A liiipment of KUDO cases of Chinese
I eggs has reached Taeonia, but these
will not a Meet the puce.
Tii a stock market is good with htijs
20 cents above Saturday's quotations,
sales being made at $7.30.
Hairy products are unchanged and
the vegetable market is nominal, all
seasonable vegetable being ill good
Marion county's total taxable valu-
atmi of property asscswd by the stnto
tax commission amounts to i."i.0(i.'l.-
7iiS,5S. This sum is the valuation ot
railroad lines, telephone and telegraph
line, lank and reiiigerator lines, ex
press companies, and electric and pow
er coinpauies that own property in this
The corporation having the largest
hiMliiigs is the Oregon & California, or
the Southern Pacific. Its cast sido di
vision, consisting of SIUI miles, valued
at ;ii,"i;iti per mile, nus u total valu
ation of $2,2:i(1.0KI.7ii. In addition to
this the Southern Pacific has several
biHii.h lines, with a total valuation ot
over $700,000.
in tho city of Salem, tho gas plant
is valued at $.VS,li.')0, the P. li., L,. & 1'.
lino which is rated at aWUM.lit
Co. has 15.11 miles in the city railway
nus company tins o.ii.ua wire miles in
."'"" """" Hi 9i.il,-
55J.UJ. Tho Salem Water. Light iL 1
Puwer company 'a system is valued at! OPEN FORUM
-SU,fttl. incro arc also II- telephone la,
,'onipanies, mostly mutual, operation in i ,t -i a,
- - - . t7 -i- -r- -i- -i- -I- -i- -r t T -r -i- t -r -i- T
the countv.
The following is the list of corpora- Sfilcm, Ore., Dec. 14, 1PM.
lions anil their assessed valuation: Tn (he editor:
P. Ii., L. & 1". Co., Silver- Your late, rather caustic ciiticiMiis
ton $ HI.215.U0i of the recently defeated charter, bo
P. II., L. & P. Co.. uns cause of its renuiring a two-thirds In
plant, Salem .VS. 050. 00 1 stead of n simple majority of votes to
P. H., L. i P. ('. wire ! nuthori.c the purchase of public utili-
miles 1.17..i5:i.ii:i ! ties, (and the lesultinc issuance of
P. It., L. ii P, Co., Sultiu bonds) seems to me us about its only
ity line Sti3,;i4,'l,ill ! redeeming feature. For it is self evi-
Ban's superb stock of reliable
Christmas gift jewelry at prices to fit
all purses offers you the quickest, best
and motrt satisfactory method of solv
ing your Xmas gift selection problems
State and Liberty Streets
present state banking laws to the nex
Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 15. Kccausc
he lost his position, Jtiliii II. Hobertson,
.lit l,.,.,i L.,,.,..... t.,lii..ui.i i,;..iiii;.i..
eoui 'cs inxl getting them in as liipiid .,.,.urv fta.rt li-.t two hours later.
wnii im ii tt iiiKx ( I lit uniiKM mil i s I'll i iv , .i . .
Under tho present laws any officer. .. ' . ... :.. .... .. ....... J i..f! .i. V. i -''coMinig to tne story toin touay t,y
tnrecior ar employe oi a Mine uhiik
may borrow 20 per cent of the bunk's
funds, providing he make his applica
tion In writing subject to the approval
of the majority of the board of direc
tors, tho same privilege as is extended
to any individual, making it possible
for five alficers of an institution to
borrow nil of its funds, capital and
surplus. '1 he active officers, .Mr. Sar
il,,, ,.,,1,.,., uh it e,.,, M.J IJ..I,
git.mnte lines ot credit ot their cm-j ,.,.,, K,rtw,u wnked into the kit
tonieis, says State Hank Superintcn- ,.hl.n of hik wmf lurt j wutl.h m
dent Sargent, in his annual repot t to lini(i ,, wli,,. " ,ou 't think I want
Hie eg.siature, tun uuvaucB i-opies oi ,,,. .iinnr ,,.U1.. iluur 1 Blva.
nun ii
were mane punne nisi evening. . l,:..!.!,.. ;.i.. ,.c ,..,.r..i. n.1.1 ,.ll
1 lie also reports that, while there lis ,,, ,,.,.. : .i,,, ,.,'... ,e
been a general alirinknge in iiearly ev , ,m , ,(m iy olj to,v.
ery item ot the bank statement since n,,!,,,,.,,,,,,, ,', n .,ovlrt man,
the last report, October ,11, hanking 1 , . ,.,.. f.,,,,,1,1 ,1,., ,i,,..inu . l... ,
" ,.,,1.' lili.. 1. .i.ili.lr,illv ll.ri.llf.linnt lli.l . ' ' . . .. ...
11. y nilu n,,. Din .iniiiiiiiitiiiir '." "-n , ""to 'HVH Ins lite, u IP I it was iieicswiry
fi..,,.. 1,.;,: i 1 ; tn s,ii,'.."i' vi,ur "". tw i,.,.icuff him and hoi.i
- , , lutopiion or sate anu conservuuve metii
borrow the limit, not only tor them- V(? ,,,, t,ot i.-onlle.
iMdves but lor the eoiporntions 111 which ,,(,omlt or tl0 po.-tUiiir eondl
they are interest ei . ,,, hlml)M umlt ,y ,;, Kuioneciii '
LbiUt to "Paper"; Iucrease Besoms. ,, .,, ,,.,,. .,.,, . .... ,,' .
;"'l 1 y reductions In the bou'i -rM u,,,., ir,.--Kiiit hnudied men
; value of securities, the market values .,.,.,, ,.,,l0,t(,, ,,(1 f(),nv t0 bf j,,,,,,.
of ivnich have been materially nffeet-d , (( )n llHM,t , B " plimio 11, in a
as a result of these conditions, but have ,,,.,.1 ,;., , .'iIk n.-, ,,!,. nn.ih
operating table while
him an an
they worked over
, 8.50
.... 7c,
bonded or other form of indebtedness,
and tho result would be that thousands
of people such us we want would come
thousands of miles to get a "look in"
on a city which had no bonded indebt
edness, and when they come they would
day. 1 do not anticipate the endorse
ment of the modern booster when I
suggest to municipalities as well as in
dividuals to get out of debt and then
stay out, as the best policy, but I trust
it lias the saving; grace of common
sense. W. A; CUSICK.
Nunicrnr.is other recommendations are
made for umendii'cuts to the present
Inws In which he seeks tn further safe
guard the interests of the depositor mid
the stockholder in the conduct of banks
in the state, two ot the very important
, but he has to supply his own rcputution.
accepted generally the market values 0f Nagasaki
n t,ini. n-i.,.1 ii,. 1, in. .1,, if . ...r ' ..... . .. .. .
. V.1,", hostilities. "We believe," he soys, nture uives oveiv man a character
a limit 111.011 the amount which an in 1 1 ,..n.. ; . : 1 .. ' . t','" evei.r muii a niuiuiier,
, ' . , mill wn iiu.u uvru lliiij juniuii'l in
dividual, firm, ronpiuiy or corporation j ,,,,,,, ,hi8 1(,li(.v ,, limt 0,,r
may become indebted to a bank be fs- wo1.j ,iave wotini ,, mm;,,,ruty
Uinded to Include tho .inoiint of coin-, lnl.,,-hi, lll0n tne b,,k at this time."
mercial business piiier that may be le-, ,, , i,,,,,,,,, , t )hllt ,,.,,
-.,....., .... ,.r ....... )NB jmnpfni uistfositiou or wil
eleaily the terms eominercliil and itl((1H.. ou tho .mn ot ,10 ,mnK, ,
"business" paper an. reiiuiniiR t list j .,.,,. ,, 1 B0 in ,llite of , ,H,t ,,,,
such paper be endorsed without limita-1 , ,,, bp(,n , r0iisidertible loss in!
tion by the patty negotiating the same; :,l i(H iuJ m , , n0V(,.
k.1. llin 1,, nt. u, 1 n ni,r,.,'in Olive . 1 . . ..... I
,..o, . ..... .v -"iliepn 1, llceil 111 u Hiltist ilctnrv ciiml linn
closely with tho new federal reserve
system, the reserve requirements for ll
state banks under supervision of the
department he placed nt l.i per cent
for demand deposits and 5 per cent for
time and savings deposits.
Would Codify All Statutes
Tells IIow To Open Clogged Nos
trils and Knd Head-Colds.
Hay, timothy
Clover, per ton
Oats and vetch
Wheat, per bushel
Uran, per ton
Shorts, per ton
Oats, per bushel
Chittiin bark, per lb
Potatoes, per cwt
Butter and Eggs,
Cuttcrfat, per lb
Creamery butter, per lb
tililt ;
Hens, per lb
I Howlers, old, per lb
i Fryers
I Livestock.
Steers 6c
I Cows, per cvrt 4fii.5e.
Stock hogs, per lb. (tops) li'ae
Hogs, per lb fl'iic
Kwus, per lb ' 8!jC
Spring lambs, per lb 5c
V'enl, first class 10c
Dry, per lb Re
Sailed eountiy pelts, each fttHotl.ie
ll.innh ln.lts. elii h 2.IC
I 'o
Ihroiliil the elimination (if the bad mid
doubtful ileum. Hunkinir conditions colli III head or catarrh will be gone.
have also been greutlv strengthened 1 Vour clogged nostrils will open. The air
during the venr through consolidations,! passages of your heml will clear and
reorganisations nnd transfer or busl-1 ' l' I'reatlto freely. No more dull
n0ta ii ness hendiiclie; no hliwliing, snutfliug,
The report shows that, nt the date of! ""'" 'iisciiiirges or i ryness; no sirug
San Francisco Markets,
San Fiaiicisco, Ifee. 15. Wheat (spot
per etl,) California club, 2m 2.115 ;
Itussian red, .iM'(inMT-y, forty-fold
and Turkey red, 2.05(i 2.10; bluestem,
Harlev (per ell.)- Feed. I.C0('I.21:
Vou feel fine in a few moments. Your 1 0ff urades lower; shipping tod brew
ing, :,.l.2U'(('l-al'.'i.
y il ess
fl.i neenimt nl ie uiunv ehaiiuea llmt il.. ., . .. ;..: ..,.11 i,.,,.,l.. ii n.... glmg for breath at night,
lmv.1 been made, In the ' biinkiiiir lim . i m ,ii, ;.';. ,i'r ii,.,! Tell your diuggist you want
of the stnto since the adoption of the pe-vlsion of the department with to-1 '""I1 "f .Klv' 1IV
original act, In 1W7, which makes the j tll ,c..ources aggregating iil,H22,t)00.ll2,
statutes more comdicated and difficult being gain of six in the number of
of consultation, Mr. Sargent reeoin- j hanks and a loss of H,lii:i,(l70.7O in to
mends the codification of the entire set in resources. Total deposits In state
of laws embracing the proposed amend-1 bnnln at dntn of the last call, exelus-
-Kxlrns, 41c; pullets, ,'illc; stol
Seattle Markets,
Seattle, Wash., De 15 Kggs Fresh
iniicli, 4l(ii 15c; fresh eastern, 42c; Or
ientals, 2Ke.
Mutter Local cubes, ,'IMe; bricks ,14u;
Oregon cubes, H2ui.i!.'le.
Cheese l.lmbuiger, Hie; Wisconsin,
lHc Swiss (donieslic), 24c; Washiiigtun
17'. ..(fi)l He.
of n not her Onions (Ireen. SOfn 25e per doz.:
Short gAi've of a little over III ner cent. To- hunk, tin nMinnnnces the luw n most piistern' Wnshiuufon. tfirl'n1 per lb.:
itepart iiul .lenoslts compared with correspond-1 excellent one nml states that, had it ! California. P.,c.
Mient; powers and duties of the super- j statement ot October III, IIICI, how i been In effect at aa earlier dnte, the Potatoes-(liaded No. 1, ltl((20 per
.l.:..!. l. ....I. m..A tall In !. n . . , ,. i .
""""" """" " " '."l'v" l'"'nl "vings ueposns, ainuuni-,.,.. . ... ,.-. .,. ,tllf f,,i.t,
little of this fragrant, antiseptic cream
in your uostiils, let is penetrate through
every air passage of the heml; soothe
ami henl the swollen, inflamed mucous
iiieiiibiune nml relief comes instantly.
It is just what every cold and catarrh
it.,,, .i.u ..f r.i..i
nml misnislile.
age, extras, 21" ';C.
Ilnlter Fxtins, 2llc; prime
2Hc; firsts, 2(lc; seconds, 21c.
rk.s'HC, ( iilif oraia fancy,
lints, 12c; seconds, 10c,
III lie;
be rewritten nnd repassed as a new 0,i t ,.-,0,252,15.;i0, while tne tiital
law tin wniilil iltviiln the lirnlldNPlI ! ....-1. ,....1 l...ln...,. l.n..L.
code Into five or niori' chapters to, was -I5,7;i7,7ili, giving an average re-1 Justify the nrgaiii.ntioii
eover mo roiiowing eun'cis:
titles and definitions; bank
Oregon Klcctiic l!v. to
Oregju Klvedie, main line
Oregon Kleclrie, Wood-
burn branch
Salem, Falls Cily ii West-
o i ii, mam lino
Ore.ion 4. California, east
side division
Oregon & California, Hit-
Iciii-Ceer line
Oregon k California.
Npiingfield line
Coiv.iilis k I'.tisteiu Hy. Co
fulliiinn Co
Aiimsille Mutual Tel Co.
Aurora Aliitusl Tel. Co
Patilc Crook Mnt. Tel. Co.
Cliemawa .Mutmil Tel. Co.
Citius Mutual Tel. Co
Fnvoiite Tel. Co
Iiiteuiban Tel Co
.lor.lnn Stayton Tel, Co
Kingston Tel. Co
I.ewi.-bnrg .Mutual Tel. Ca
Lone flak Tel Co
Marion Tel. Co
Muutor Mut. Tel. o
Mt. Angel Tel. Co
N. W. Long Distance Tel.
P. If., I.. Jfc P. Co.
Peoples' Tel. Co
Proipect Hill Tel. Co
Itivcrsple Tel. Co
Ialem Cooperative
I 'o
Snlem-Fiiii field Tel.
Htuvtonl'erii ltidge
Co :
Stavtui Mutual Ted.
.Stayton Mutual Switch
Hoard Association
St. Paul Tel. Co.
Sublimity Tel. Co...-
Sublimity-W lute Tel. Co.,
Nos. 17 and IS
Siiniiyside Mutual Tel. Co.
Turii'r Tel. Co
United Telephone Co.
Waldo Hills Tel. Co v
Western Hrnm li Tel, Co. ...
I'moii Tank Line on O. &
C. b'y. Co., mm n line
Santa J'e llefi igernlor
Dispatch Co., over O, &
C, main line
Pacific Fruit
over I), & C.
li i ,l i il line
Western I'nlon T
Postal Tel. I i
Wells Fuigo Kxpress,
Si C, main litie
Woodbuiu Southern Paci
fic braneii
& K. Ilv. Co.
Iroiit Northern F.xp, Co..
main line
Vnmhill Klcctiic ( u., SI.
Trail, mission line, Ciw-
foid Sttii lo St. Paul
Turner Kloolrie Liglit k
1'o.ver Co
St ji vtnii Klectlie Lighe &
Power Co
Sliivton Hydio Electricity
Power Plant
Molalla i:ii:crie Co.. ills.
Iriluitioii system Hull.
Mnlillii Klcctiic Co., dis.
tlililltioil system, llolllild
Mol.illn Kleclrie ' o., nis-
tribution system, Ainoiii
Miillnlla Ti'liusinissiou line
Sulem Water, Light t
Power Co. System Salem
Duii.ild Water Co
Nl I.2SI.0O I dently easier to "put it over" it sine
,n 0,0, Kl.OO pie, tlinii a two-thirds majority b,.'
some, v hoso sole deniro seems to lie to
.'1:1,107.70 pile up a public indibtedness, Vou
mention sonio instances of the success
11,017.02 ful conduct of mi'.iiicipnlly owned utili
ties but fail to mention the much great
2,2110,0 Kt.70 j er numbers where it has failed to give
satisfactory results. And I submit tliu'
107,o70.IIO our prist experience dors not encourage
la trial of the experiment tho average
5117,4:14,110 j couiicilinaii, however well meaning, is
.iun,oU.su not conversant with the details of man
-'V'o'.iJ j ugomcnt ot these utilities, and tliiug.
707.07 are apt to go ut loose ends. Then, the
'"''.'.'"'f"1 I'tesent day mtniia to sell bonds h iuld
.iIII.HO i be discouraged. Jt simply meiimi to
I, 02 1,6.5 I saddle en nlinost iinbea ruble incubus of
Sti.01 indebtedness nil ourselves for all time.
2,1.12.01 : in tin, uuy ,,( progressively increasing
II, :il!l.50 1 uf fixes to merely pay interest. Oh,
but we are told posterity will reap port
ld.0luf the benefit, let us pass it ou to them.
.i27.S5ii it just possible nml re isuiiiible, tun,
,';"'" i that the said posterity (with their own
"!'', affaiis to care for) will rise up and
curse us lor our chuckle-headed solid
1,1-1-50 1 1,,,!,, in tH why, Mr. Kdilor,
,.. .. jtvlicn our nlreiidy usHumed obligulioiis
, I "l",t l,v,' "'' ll'lt' Tell me
I 'I''k" ' 11 '" "'" States
. ' , (worth menlloningi which is not louil-
Til "'0 ''' ""' Kllirl it'i " foreign bond
" (ed indeblediiess. The mere figures lop
,.(. ..: resenting Interest )iiiymeutH would
.'..',', I slugger humiiii understanding, A nil all
' '' '" I this money goes directly out of the
Musterole Works Euirjer, Quicker and
Without tho Blister
There's no sense in mixing up a moss
of niuslaid, flour and water when you
can so easily relieve pain, soreness or
stiffness with a littlo clean, white
MUSTKHOI.F is made of puro oil ot
mustard and other .helpful ingredients,
combined in the Torni of a pleasant
while ointment. It takes tbo place of
the out-uf date mustard plaster, and w ill
lint blister!
M PS'i'KUOKK gives prompt relief
from Sore Throat, lironchitis, Toasilitis,
Croup, Stiff Neck, Asthma, Neuralgia,
Headache, Congestion, Pleurisy lihou
inittisin, I, nml, ago, Pains and Aches of
the Hack or Joints, Sprains, Sore, Mus
cles, Hruises, Chilbliiius, Frosted Feet,
Colds of tho Chest (It often rcvents
At your druggist's, in 25c and 50c.
jars, urn! a special large hospital size
for f2.ao.
He sure you get the genuine, MU8
TKIIOIili. Ilefuse iniitat ions get
what you ask for. The Musterole Com
pany, Cleveland, Ohio.
... I'nited States, into foreign coffers. As
,n ' l i. i i ...I....
euu iii-,-,,i,n-n n-sn u li'l less pioillli -
live mm iis till the money must come
,,,, pnmui ily from the soil, how long
intesdeni and general provisions; com- decrease of ttl.UIH.SO '.liS. nbnut SOOO. nrumilntiiiii nf several Institutions
menial banks; savings banks, and trust f which is accounted for In the ccm- which have not only proven tinprofit
romiuiiiics. The more important of the ; ,0ld.ition of the Security Savings able to studiholderi but a source of
other recommeudatioiis which he offers 'Trust company ami the First National I much "annoyance and wony to the de
sire the following: I Hank of Portland. I pnrtment, would have been prevented.
Qualifications for Reserve Aneuts. He calls attention to the fact that! The national authorities, he says, are
Thit some special qualifications be. six upplicatious for the organirjition j co operntiiig with the department in
required of the banks acting as re-1 of new banks In the state have been re-, this mutter nml he thinks the banking
r agents for Oregon state bauksj fusKil during the post year hm-aiise the sitiMtlon has been slreimtlumed
and that no bank shall be approved ns'tleld was either nlready sufficiently I through s roper exercise, nf this nn
auch, bv the siiperinteinleiit ot banks,! served or tne business to) limited to thority,
Portland Markets,
Pri Hand, Or., Dee, 15. Wheat Club
l.lH'.j; bluestem, 1. 20 Mi.
(hits No. 1 white feed, (r28.5U! gray
11111.20 .
02 1. HI
l'y. t.'o.
el, Co
1 we curry the load and live?
In this connection will vou please
, tell me of u single municipality big
enough lo be worth milking which is
not carrying; n bonded Indebtedness,
and a coiiespondiiigly increased tiuti-
tion pretty iienr the b gnl limit ami nl
, in or. t greater than its taxpayers run
Hon' long -ii ii our former magnifl-
cut but
. . . . . ago,
icessary to meet these Inciilculiiiiln ile ., i ,
CIHH I i mn mis must, originally, come from I ho (,,, H, Allorncy Preston is-
; earth., niirl, as above indicated, Ibal ,,.,! uiiiiiniM'ur the ariest of Martin
!B"U"'11 ' 1 MlMiiisteil. Is lt),,,.;i,r s, charging him with viola-
(IpHlll.O.S wonderful that farmers leave their , lim) , ,, jHlm ,.(,
L'l.OSI.i I : fauns and Inundate the cities J Willi i i m
0,070.20 !!"'"' ""' ir,V "f " Uaeii to the Fnim" Flunk Meredith, seeietury of the
j is no longer h cunt iiiciug uigiiiiicui. 'suite inir oouiu, weui iu joiiiyno yca-
llie nitioiiiil booster should bend cf- ,teidiiy to attend the poultry show, Mrs,
I S:in Franciscii Dee. 15. For luck of
, i iilviici', I'nited States Commissioner
Km, I today lelinseil Dr. ,1. W, (I. Mm
lin on cliaiges of tntiisporting his con
tract wife, Dixie Fuy (loidon, who was
ut decliiiing'ivsourees stand Uiis ru, f l(,i'lniK , ,,0,t time
nle depletion, Kvery dollar lie-: , Hlnl Kran-Im.-,i frc.n Ml. Louis
fott to clear Sulem of every vestige of Meredith going down this illuming.
Hurley lire whiff, t2il; feed, t25.
llogs-Itcst live, 7.:in.
Prime steers, 7.Sr,rti 7.50; ftiiicy sows
:i0; best rnlves, 7CnS; spiing lambs,
Washington, Dec, 15. Secretary ut
the Navy Daniels announced loduy llmt
the Cctinnn cruiser armoiiiii, Willi Its
supply of coal, provisions and water
exhausted, was given the alternative
nf interning III a Hnsm port or leaving
before 10 a, m, today, Ouuui time.
tTfu 7.50.
Hotter City eieamery, IH'je,
Kggs Selected Ineul extras, 10c,
Hens, ll(7nl2c; biuilcis, ll('il2c;
geese, Hie,
A gentleman is a human bein'
of the male persuasion,
with all the qualities of a
shore enough man,
only them qualities is
gentled a little to
smooth out the rough
ness. VELVET is a
"gentleman" tobacco.
VELVET, Trie Smoothest Smollnir Tobacco, Jim 11
the pipe qualiliei of Kentucky Z)ur Luxe "gc
tlod by ucetnf . ,
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