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Berlin, via Amsterdam, Dec.
35. A German retreut in north
ern Poland was admitted in war
office statement issued hero this
afternoon. The knitter's troops,
it was said, were compelled to
fall back owing to tho ltus
fians' numerical superiority.
Dallas, Ore., Dee. Ifi. rarl Fenton,
formerly star footbeJl player of the
Oregon Htnt Univi rsity, nnd all
around athlete, is cri'icnlly ill at his
heme in this city with diphtheria. Fol
lowing an nttnek of In grippe, the dis
088 had progressed several days be
fore it was correctly diagnosed. This
morning his condition is reported more
favorable than it has been for several
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German Yessel Said to Be Bad
ly Battered and May Be
Forced to Intern
Buenos Ayrea, Dec. 15. Two British
cruisers were reported here today lurk
ing in Mngelian Strait, ready to pounce
on rlie German cruiser Dresden, if it
ventures from I'uma. Arenas.
Tkough the messago received here
frctu tho German consul at I'unta
Arenas said tho Dresden's captain had
told him the vessel was umlauingeil, it
was understood from other souices that
tho cruiser was badly battered while
escaping from Admiral Sturdec's Brit
ish tleet.
Assuming this to be so, it was point
ed out that the ship would bo entitled
to make necessary repairs at the Chil
ean port, after completing which, how
over, international law would require it
to intern fur tho rest of the war or
put to sea, presumably running at once
into the waiting British cruft.
Tho belief here was that the Ger
mans would decide to interne, since nn
an attempt to fight against such odds
would be suicidal.
According to som accounts, however,
however, the commanders of the Bri
tish cruisers had intimated that they
did not intend to respect Chilean neu
trality. They bad declared, it was said,
that the Dresden must come out at
once and fight or surrender.
Art German, Beports.
These reports, it is only fair to say,
rested miwtly on the authority of lo
cal German residents, who have been
Hying from tho first to make it appear
Hint the British were unmindful of the
rights of neutrals.
U news from tho Hiitish standpoint
there hns been little Bince the i'alklund
Islands cable was cut.
Nevertheless Chile was understood
to bo taking energetic action to defend
its neutrality, nnd it was declared its
protest would bo a vigorous one if the
Dresden should bo attached within i t h
,three mile limit.
From the Dresden's captain, through
tho linimr's I'unta Aresus consul, came
E5 eit Cimj
and Baby
Wt a
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I II an! beat of U the COLORS A KB ill
omi o&u.
MiwriiiuiMiM nir.
. , .
In a ldition to the numerous premiums
that he received at tho state fair for
his industrial exhibits in the different
classes, Perry Nathan Pickett, the in
dustrious little son of Mr. and Mrs. C.
H. Pickett and Salem's first premium
juvenile farmer, was appraised by Field
Workers N. ('. Maris and L. P. Harring
ton of the boya' and girls' industrial
department of the state school super
intendent's office, that he has been
awarded first prize ($2 in cash) for
the best article written and published
upon his experiences and impressions of
the last state fair as a member of the
boys school eamp. Master Pickett's
article was published in the Capital
Journal in October and the announce
ment of the award of the prize was
made this morning. Floyd Thornton, of
Union county, was awarded second prize
for bis article of impressions published
in a La Grando paper.
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charges to Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, N. Y. and enclose this notice
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charges prepaid, this valuable book.
tho statement that the British fleet un
der Admiral Hturdee included two bot
tle cruisers of the Invincible type and
the defense cruisers Carnarvon, Corn
wall, Kssex, Bristol, Defense and Glas
gow. In connection with the Glasgow, the
German consul was charging today a
violation of Brazilian as well ns at'
Chilean neutrality, the vessel having,
according to his version, left Hio Jan
eiro, after undergoing extensive repairs
nt tnat port, to join the British squa
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Mord Effect of Beating by Lit
tle Servia Worse Then If
Done by Russia
Hungarians Bitter Against
Germans-Think They Are
Badly Treated
(By J. W. T. Mason, former London
Correspondent for United Press.)
New York, Doc. 15. The Servians'
roeapture of Belgrade from the Aus
trian, reported in a Jiish dispatch ta
London Monday night, constitutes a
climax to a recent accumulation of
mysteries in connection with Austria
Hungary's military record since the
outbreak of the present European war.
Among the belligerents, however,
there must be someone ta show first
signs of exhaustion and there are in
dications that Austria-Hungary is that
It is natural to assume that the in
explicable collapse of .the Austrians'
offeusivo in Servia must produce a de
gree of despair throughout the llnps
burg empire in proportion to the su
preme delight which was manifested a
fortnight ago, when it was supposed the
Servians had been completely crushed.
Tho moral effect of the blow in
flicted by little Servia 's success will
assuredly bo far greater, too, than
would a defeat bv" the eznr' mirrhtv
army, even though tho latter were
- - - ft-
iri'ro nt
Austria s territorial expense.
a miDStlon of Terms Only.
, Prom many different nnd imlonan.
lent sources conies evidence thnt Aus
tria-Hungary is almost prepared to cry
jipiits on any rousonuldo terms.
J jo pru'jaiiilitics lira that nothing
I but a victory over the Russians or
1 1 esu successes in Servia will servo to
.stop tlie growth tnrouehnut An.tio.
;iuiH;ary of the present dissatisfaction
I witn tnn war.
If it can ilo so by any nicniis which
do not involve actual disaster in Gal
icia, the Vienna general staff undonbt
iOdly will attempt another concentra
ting against tho ijeivinns,
Siiould it find itself unable to do
this and in caso the Slavs should cap
ture I'rzeinysl and C'rucow, there are
many indications that a formidable
movement would manifest itself at
I throughout the empire in favor of the
i ro-estublisiiineiit.of a separate peace,
i Kveu a lesser disaster miilit lirino
about such a situation.
This may not be true, but the devel
opment of anti tierman feeling in Hun
gary is a Bcrioiu mutter whether its
busis is sound or not,
Such sentiment is naturally accen
tuated by tho Heilin war office's ad
vene criticism of Austria's military op
erations referred to in this column Mou
day. Huns Are Bitter.
Certainly there is much discontent
among the empire's non-Herman sub
jects, wiio constitute "5 per cent of
its population. Ja their ranks, it 1b
evident the belief is spreading that the
Austro-Hungarian forces are not being
used to defend tneir own land but have
; I'een requisitioned by Germany to prc
Vent a Slav invasion of that country.
J The lluiigiirians, in particular, arc un
questionably very bitter against the
With Gnlicia largely in Russian
I hands mid the Slavs operating, too, in
northern Hungary, this resentment is
I easy to undcrstnud. .Matters have not
been improved by a report in circula
tion at lludiipest to the effect that ef
J forts to Induce tho Ocrnmn ruler to puy
I more uttenticn to he defense of Austro
: Hungarian eirritory have been severely
rebuked by him.
Kven the Austiinn disaster in Ser
.via is being attributed to the Ucrman
general staff, the Hungarians declar
ing that so many Amtrollunguiiuu
troops were withdrawn from there in
Gotuiany's Intereet as to enable the
Servians to defeat those who remaiued.
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Supreme Court So Holds
Company Liable for Negli
gence Other Cases
On the ground thnt tho felling of
timber and its subsequent transporta
tion, whether upon the land of another
or elsewhere, if accompanied by larcen
ous intent and not alono wilfully, is
within the pole of tho staiute defining
larceny the supreme court, in an opin
ion written by Justice McNary, upheld
the validity of tho indictment under
which J. M. Donahue is accused of tho
theft of 500,000 feet of saw-logs from
tne premises of Airs. Elizabeth Free
man, in Washington county. The ap
peal was taken from tho decree of con
viction upon tho chargo of larceny of
tho saw-logs upon the ground that the
action should have been properly
brought under thu trespass stttute, but
tnc apellato court held thnt the of
fense came directly under the provi
sions of the larceny statute and upheld
tne decree ot Judge Campbell of the
trial court.
Holding that, under the provisions of
the federal employers' liability act, a
railroad company is liable for an injury
to an employe resulting from a defect
or insufficiency duo to its negligence
in its cars, engine and appliances, the
supreme court this morning, in an opin
ion written by Justice Benn, affirmed
tno decree Of tho circuit court f
Union county, in which H. M. Pfeit'f.
an engineer for the O.-AV. R. k Jf. C
was awarded damages for injuries re
ceived as n result of another engine
backing into his engine while he wns
working upon a, "hot box." The cu-j
cHme up on nppeni upon me qucstinti
of the trial court's instructions to the
jury, which were held in all rrspeeM
fair end impartial.
Other opinions rendered by the su-
nrenie court this morning were as fol
II. D. Sehroeder, appellant, vs. J. H.
fillninn, appealed from Multnomah
county, actioa to recover money, ojiin
ion by Justice Monro, imlgmi'iit for
Circuit Judge Gntens modified.
W. II. Mortin vs. P. II. Thomas el.
al., nppellnuta, nn appeal from I.nnc
county, suit to set aside certain con
veyances, opinion by Justice Rumsey,
Circuit Judge Harris reversed.
Mary I). Decker .ot. nl., appellants,
vs. John C. l'glow et. al.. appealed from
1'olk county, suit to declare a trust in
certain real estate, opinion by Justice
Kakin, Circuit Judge Holmes affirm
ed. H.inunh It. Orr vs. Stnte of Oregon,
appellant, involving the validity of a
divorce decree, appealed from Clacka
mas county, opinion by Justice Rur
uett, motion to dismiss appeal allowed.
Petitions for rehearing in the follow
ing were denied: Mute vs. Leo-mud,
Pacific, Lime & Gypsum eonipuiiy vs.
Cameron, f'oleinnu vs. LnGraude, Mo
line vs. Portland Hrewing company,
Pacific Title nod Trust Sargent,
Reynolds vs. Vint, Templeton vs. Hcok
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lie held Thursday evening in the asso
ciation rooms, mis work; will he un
der the supervision nf K,rltirv fnittn.
r - - j i'
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proiessionni enters into the contests
pulled off under the association direc
tion. The actual work of instruction
will be given hy Messrs. Dutfey mid
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dennrtinent. who is a clever fm,i,.r .,.!
boxer, and who is a member nf hov
erul amateur athletic clubs, nill have
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Fninske, of the Humes Cash Htore, will
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ity of getting first-class training, it is
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A. will become n popular feature of
association work this winter.
When Secretary Compton took
charge of the association here three
years ngo, he found tho young men
conducting prize fights in vacant
barns, etc. Since then lie has endea
vored tO Pet the hnv n-nrbior nl,..,
better lines. He found the boys would
do almost anything in order to get. to
box. He said this morning the asso
ciation did not particularly encourage,
boxing, but, ns the young inen took to
it with aidity, he sought to control
It. Accordingly, those who wish to
wield the mitts may do so under the
proper supervision,
No professionals nro eligible for
membership to this club, which is lim
ited to association men. It is nut the
plan to develop "bruisers." hut to
give healthful nnd profitable exercise.
Last night the firt game of th,'.
series between the teams captained hv
Paul Wr.ltnee and .1. P. Reed was plav
cd In the association gymnasium with
the result thnt fnptalu Wallace's
team won lit both volley and bil'f ball.
These contests will be continued until
tniiunry 8. The games Inst night were
fought with fury nnd strcntiniily nnd
kept every man nn the floor bnni'ltu'
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