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111!., 1 J i r i
nines mmn Losses Are
If 1 . r nrt a I
Heavy but aay ihey Are
Advancing Steadily
Germans Deny Allies Have
Made Any Gains and Said
Attacks "Light"
l Wis, Dec. 14. This mouth 'a most
desperate fighting in the western war
zone had developed today in the Vpres
region, through Armeiitieres and La
Posses. The struggle resulted from the strong
counter-offensive with which the Ger
minis met the allies' advance.
The conflict wns haud to hand and
extraordinarily bloody. The ullies were
advancing their lines, trench by trench
but their losses were heavy. They as
serted, however, that the Germans
casualties were thrice the number of
their own. In one charge along thol
inner- ii tf nun m-r oi
l.a llnsse cnnnl a Oerninn regiment was
said to have been practically wiped out
after taking a French trench. It wns
flunked by Gallic troops, n'ulod by
I'.iitish territorials.
. German roomie, t was
Germans Retiring,
I 'ui is, Doe. 14. A Herman retirement
,,lw"r',1 ," thf ocvre region nlong i
a diugontul route between the Meuse
line of for locations and Met was re -
ported in the omcinl communication rc-i
ceived here f i oiu the war office today. j
accelerating this movement by fierce
... ...... ...u ,,T.,.U wr-ni
The On 1 1 it- troops were declared to be
making continued advances, having
iiino, ouu yai.is or trenches Mitm-day.,
ine explanation was given .Mint tne
rencli were pressing the fighting In
clear the territory from ft. Mihiel to
. ..... .... ... I... v ... ...ui, iu ,
Met of Cermnns.
"On December 1.1,'" said the com-
iniinicatioii, "our defenses were vio-
Mitly cannonaded In the Hounnir region.)
we destroyed a number or the enemy's
trenches. In l.a Oniric woods our lines
were further ndvunced by the explosion
of mines.' '
The German Version.
Itcilin. by wireless via London Dec.
1 1. " Liulit French ntrncks on' onri
lines between the Meuse and the Vos-I In the tiiklng of furniture from
ges," announced the war office today, Chinese homes there are notices posted
"lime been easily repulsed. Our oper- In every village forbidding it except on
ntions iu northern Poland are Inking! the orders from nil officer of the .Tap
their noriunl course." I nncse army. In such cases all tin liven
Two denials were also forthcoming are being paid for the use of such
from tho government
" Itussinn reports of the capture of
Atistro-derninn troops south nnd east
of Cracow, issued from Petrogrnd
Decembe II," It wns Btated, 'nro nil
t run; we did not lose a single iniiii or
gun in this region.
"The offlcinl French report Decem
ber 12 of Iho capture of our batteries
m il trenches was an Invention.'
Norfolk Vn Dec. 14. An unidenti
fied steamship is pounding to pieces on
the rocks two miles south of Cape ilnt
terns Inlet, nccordiiig to advices re
ceived here today, Hevenue cutter
hive gone to the vessel's assistance. I
The lifesncing crew nt Cnpe llntterns,
was also ntteinpting to rench the
San Francisco
Min 1'iniii-iseo, Dec. 1 1. Arthur P.
'iit, brother of Police Judge Wiley
Crist, nml lloiton V. Pliipps, Arthur
...,.,. , . i4i
t rist s Inw nssorinte, np ieaicd todnv
. i . , , j . . i, . i
be ine Police Judge Densv to have set
a date for thcir preliminary henrlng
chun-e of cMorting (00 from
Sll.llll . I limn isiill. n II lev eider,
, ., ', .. , . . , ,
mi a promise that they could get Jui ge
,. , .', ,, ,'
( i st to dismiss n rhnrge Agninst her,
Tl... !...!....'.. 1.. .11.... ..... I ..I l il .
i ' . ii i i . ' demanded nn Imnicdinte hearing on Hie
ci.iridor until has ruse was called, but!,,,, i,.,, . , , ,
I'hipps, has ing fulled to secure bnndit,
rebbed elbows with the uunl Monday
norniug crmwl of drunkards nnd vng -
n,N in the dock.
,. . , , i.i ..I ii ,
It was slated that the pre in lull v
.. , ,, . , . . .;,
"Tl' . ," '"r "" iV"' ,W,ll
nut be he d until sf er the gniinl jury
1ms reported on tlielr rnnnectlen w ith
tlm si'iindnl In Judge Crist 's rourt. ns
nil priH'eedlngs in police court ill be
eliniiiiated If thev nre Indl.'ted.
1 V....I. r M I
" " ""'. ' ;.' . .
sememe,! to one uuv in ,iiu Mmirnuy
t..r ruiiiiiK I o ice .inilge ( rist a liar.!,,,,,,, ,,lllv, To accomplish this.
was disi-liargcd today by Superior , ,,!, ,, Initial, eral't had
Judite (nbnniss when n writ ..f luben.. dive ui, ler five rows of mines.
c,up.i was argued before turn. Mur- CMi..e,l safely.
London, Dec. 14. Germany
was expected here today to in
sist, on a prompt and satisfac
tory reply by Turkey to Italy's
demand for reparation for t lie
demonstration last week at Ho
dcika, where tho British consul
was dragged from the Italian
consulate, in which he had ta
ken refuge.
It wns reported that an Ital
ian cruiser was on its way to
Turkish waters to support the
Home government 's demand.
The Berlin regime, it was
deemed certnin, would consider
it imperative to avoid having
Italy dragged into hostilities
over the incident.
sC SC sf( sc 3C ifc 3C 3c 3f )(C 3C )( ij( 3C
Correspondent' Says Treat
ment of Chinese by Mika
do's Troops Is Very Best
(By Jefforson Jones.)
Japanese Headquarters, Shantung
ISov. 2. (By mail via Tokio to Snn
Francisco.) I havo now been with tho
Japanese troops in Shantung for more
than a week anil during that time I
have seen nothing as regards their con
duct toward the ( hiucso that would not
i- i- . ..-. -- ..
' i, t"1 . " n?tl0" .
'". -"K ' 4. no icea
pressed In certain papers in Shanghai
and l'ekin much grievance regarding
the treatment of Chinese citizens in
Kino ( liau by the Japanese troops, but
up to dnte 1 have seen absolutely noth
ing on which such reports could be
In fnct, from what I have seen so
fnr r n, ra,or of the opinion that the
lliaj0ritv 0f Chinese are highlv elated
over , OC(,Uption 0f tm, Japanese
trmiim in tho district
Tll(1 i biiiOHi- are making money n
i iinvpf i ii hernr.i. ' Knv nt-n finil.
ing n mm hot for their products right at
their doorsteps mid are being paid In
actual money immediately upon the snle
jnf tM(l O0l, T,v ar(, receiving fncv
,.koit f(lr t,oir poi,lrVi are .lml
, ,ll0r ,,, ,,, 01,inarv .!,,, aml ,
thcir garden products nro bringing high
from tlirt .1 ntin niiHf triimiu
JapB Pay for Everytliinj?
I hnve yet to see a Chinese village that
has been damaged bv this war. Though
,' v t ; Chinese house Hint has
they niny he in the firing zone 1 have
been dnmnged bv shell or fire. Many
hnvo been deserted for the time-being
but ther are being well cared for by
the .lapnnese, and tho owners will be
able to return to enjoy the privilege of
better roads and more extensive drain-
nge systems than they havo been ac
customed to heretofore.
At the close of the war, I understand,
n commission of Japanese and Chinese
government official! will be appointed
to go over the war ono and ascertain
just what dnninge tins been done to the
iinllves. All nro to be reimbursed for
nnv damage done.
It is my opinion that- the Japanese
soldier, the stuff officers and the tin -ncrinl
government deserve the highest
praise for the innnner iu which they
hnvo (rented the Chinese no brutalitlcH
and no plundering something that few
other nations in their wars can speak
(N"ute Jefferson Jones, representing
the Japanese Advertiser, of Tokio, was
the only American correspondent with
the Japanese troops on the Khnntnng
I peninsula.)
Court Scandal
' phy was iliHi'liargcd on n technical fault
I which Judge Cabannss held rendered
Ol's ruininitincnt void.
i Murphy stated that on next Salnr-
1 t.... i. . . n i - ., ,
j dnv he w II renew his mnt o fur a
I ,' . , . . .. , .,
' 'T "f "ln" h' J"? 0 V r"'
lmn "mV b",ur"
., .,, , n -. I .
I When Attorney Arthur P. Ci st
,. , , . . , ..
. .Morton r, PI pps n p poured be ore
,, . , i, , , ..
in....- i..,i... n n. i ... i
" ' 'ii'il'- 'ri ixiiiii llieir IIIUirilCM,
Densv set the licniiug for tomorrow.
i-hiuhim ,lll-,ll. .Mini;-
i , " V ,. V. ' if r "t i V
I ' " '"'"'f ,"f 1 . fl'l" f"r
idiietinn of bnl , Judge Densv prnmp y
,i ,i i -, ,..,. . ,rr i i. .i i . '
denied it, snv ig "I don t think this
i'nn I'hlpps' would s.av In town ten
, 1 , ,
I -
u-i A 11... i 11.. ..i 1.
London, Dec. It. Itritish snlminrlnc
n.t i i .1 , ....I. .... i i u..i. .1... .i.i.i.
... i n a ihim. me ium.i-ii
1 bnltlclnp .Mesudiyeh In the Dnr.lanel-
,,, Hun.lny (he admiralty here an-
Berlin War Office Intimates It
Does Not Believe Austria's
Stories of Success
Qorin'ono fLonrtA i
uvi iiuiio VliaiigC 1ClCal IV
if i If" I
I 1MUI U1U UlVe AUSinanS
0 1 n I I
a isecona urunninp
By J. W. T. Mason
(Former correspondent for l.'iiited Press)
New York, Dec. 14. Differences of
opinion apparently have arisen between
(lerniany and Austriu concerning the
progress of the latter s campaign in
enstern theatre of the European war.
This is the only Interpretation which
posHiiiiy enn be placed on the public
rebuke administered to the Austrian? in
the Merlin war office's week end of
ficial report.
The Austrinn forces In the Oarpath
urns were referred to hi this statement
ns "too small to clear Hungary of the
enemy at once but they must attack
u ml repulse one' column after another."
A still more stinging rebuke was con
tained iu the comment that "the Aus
trians report 10,0(M Riissinns captured,
but fail to say -within what period.
making me report meaningless. '
Such declarations ns these are iu
dicatlve of (lerniany 's disgust at the
futility of Austrlun operations,
The immediate cause of the outburst
at lierliu probably was the collapse of
Austria s oi tensive lu nervut.
There has been much "mvsterr con
cerning the Servians' counter-offensive,
which is now successfully developing.
Less than a fortnight ago' the Kervinu
forces had been routed and demoralized
so completely that their country seemed
..uii. nr.. ,i-i- ... j 1 n, ,tim in.rnni in.
New York, show thnt even the Itritish
Loudon newspnpors, just received in
thought Servin had been decisively
benten and were wondering whether or
not the result would be a break be
tween (lerniany nnd Austria, with the
negotiation of a separute peace between
the Austrinus nnd the vanquished
Servin ns,
Austriaiis Whipped.
Instead of this, the Servians appear
to hnve turned the tables In a wnv to
bring (lerninnv's growing impatience
(Coutlnued on Page Three.)
Probable Warship Will Be
Sent to Panama Canal Zone
to Uphold the Law
Wnshlugtuii, Dec. 14. Secretary of
Ntnto ttiynti, Secretory of War Garrison,
and Secretary of the Navy Daniels will
decide nl n conference here today
whether to send wnrslilps to Panama
to n id in enforcing neutrality in the
ennui zone, i no mooting follows a re
ipiest from Colonel George Goethols,
governor uf the cnnnl zone, for two
twll't torpedo bont destroyers to be
stiitliiued nt the I'niiiiiiin canal, one at
each end, ns n result of the recent
activity of belligerent wnrsliins and
colliers lu the vicinity of tho Isthmian
Colonel Goelhals advised Secietiuv
Gnrrlson thnt he was forced to nsk the
government to tnke decisive measures
to preserve the neutrality of Dm canal
ns n result nf the action of tho Aus
t nil in n collier Miilliun, which left Hal
htm without clenianee papers, and the
fact that this and oilier colliers hnvo
shown a dispniilion to disregard the
cnnnl r.one shipping lows,
llefure going Into conference today
with Secretaries llivnn and Daniels,
(Ini'i-ison said Hint until Colonel
Goelhals morn fully explains his request
ror ileal rovers, he will not a.li the nnvyi
ilepnrtineiit to comply with the reiiicsi.
He ndnilltcd, howeer, Hint the e.tah
lishnient nf n mi mi I put ml u eufone
shipping n ml tieutrnlity laws hnd long
been rnntcniplntrd ns a result of thi'l
cuminratlve isulatiou of the isthmus
nnd the nctlvlty of Kuiiiponu belligei
cnt voxels lu nd iiieent waters.
It n generally beliecd here thnt
the net ion l ecniniuended by Colonel
(inelhiil. evintunlly will be taken. Of
ficials here belleM1 the principal danger
nf violation of nciil rnlltv laws lie, In
the f urni-diing of cual to belligerent
It I An attache f the llilli.h embassy
to 1 1,,.,-e -aid he :. confident that no
Il,llitish vessel, hnd Molatcl the iicu
trnlitv laws of the canal .,,
Even Southern Califonia Feels
It and Is Visited by Real
Portland, Ore., 14 Today dawn
ed the coldest since l'.H)9. A tempera
ture of 25 degrees above zero was reg
istered. It was predicted that the ther
mometer would go still lower. The7
forecast for today was "fair and. con
tinu"d coid. "
The cold snap was general all over
tho northwest.
Cold In California.
Pomona, Cnl., Dec. 14. Orange grow-
ers in the most exposed sections lighted
a part of their orchard smudgers early
totJay. rto damage to tne iruit is re
" ''K" V'',K' preventing a dan
gerons urop in inn icmperuiure.
hoi Angeles, Cnl., Dec. 14. Warning
of a possible killing frost early tomor
row was issued hero today.
No damage from the frost of this
morning was reported here. Jn tne low
er citrus regions smudging was resorted
to nnd tho frost checkmated.
The lowest temperature in Los An
geles Cor tho Inst 24 hours was HI!. Po
mona reported 27, lCedinnds 2!l, Pasa
dena SO, Han Diego 42, Kivcrtide 33
and Kan llarnnrdino -H,
Seattle Reports 26.
hcuttle, Wash., Dec. 14. ham or
snow, mere probnblv snow, was fore
ensted by the local weather bureau for
todnv: warmer weather for tomorrow.
The thermometer registered 20 above
zero this morning.
Sunday the mercury dropped to 24.4
degrees above zero, breaking tho rec
ord for tho nid'ith of December iu Sc
tSnmll boys and iu some instances
growusups sought out ponds frozen
over yesterday and today skated to
llieir ncurt s coute-n.
Cold in Middle West
Chicago, Dec. 14. All the territory
between the Hockies mid the Allcgheu
ies was shivering today iu the culdest
weather of the winter. Two deaths
from the cold were reported in Kansas
Miles (,'itv, Mont., with 10 below zero,
wus the coldest place in the United
Motes, lluluth, .Mian., Huron 8. I),
and Moorheiid, Minn., also reported be
low r.ero weather.
Jn Chicago the tiiermieneter hovered
nbo'i" the zero mark.
Wnsliiiigton, Dec, 14. An nppruprl
nt ion of $0(10,000 for n government pro
jectile plnnt ns recommended to the
house naval committee today by Sec
retary of the Navy Daniels. He told
tho committee thnt only federnl own
ership of such n plant would prevent
eiihorbltnnt prices from being paid by
the government.
American mniiufacturers, the secre
tary said, wore crowded with orders
from uhroud for shells. This situation,
he mild, perhaps, nffected the attitude
or the mutiufucturers townrd the gov
ernment 's orders.
Thus far, Daniels snid, the govern
ment hnd been uunble to mnlntain
competitive bidding. The committee
wns Informed thnt projectiles now cost
$120 each, but thnt the prlre was much
lower under competitive bidding. The
proper figure, N'crotury Daniels said,
was about $.150,
Secretary Daniels wns expected lo
conclude his testimony lute todny,
Los. Angeles, Cnl., Dec. M. Plans
were cnniideted todnv for one of (he
most exhaustive nrm.v neroplnnn tests In
the history of the service, The flight
In which aviators from the army schools
at San llicgo will pintle I pate, will be
made next i'lldav. Six neroplnnes will
leave I. in Angeles to search for a de
tachment of troops from the Sun Diego
banncks, nhiih will be hidden souie
nlicrc In Han Diego,
Six inilltury neropluues, 12 nvlnlors,
observers nod other attaches will be
' shipped from Sun Diego to I.os Angeles
We lues. lav. A temporary camp will be
C'lnlilishc,) here.
When a man doe. anything he is
the lenst bit nsiii 'd of he nttilbutes
; it In the liuiuaii iintiire In his ninlicnp.
The Weather
(begun: Goner
nlly fair tonight
uinl Tnesdnyi not
so cold; Hoiith
enslerly winds,
"ysfouT 1
Say Reverse In Lowicz Region
Is Such Lines Will Have to
Be Re-formed
Russians Mined Trenches
which Were Blown Up
when Germans Arrived
Petrogrnd, Dec. 14. The German
forces under General Mackcnzen, the
commander whom tho kaiser sent to
help General Von Hindenburg in Rus
sian Poland have suffered so severe a
reverse in the Lowicz region, it was an
nounced here today, that thoir line will
have to be completely re-forced before
it will be possible for them to take
another general offensive. It was
stat td that the Germans had been
checked along their entiro 30 miles
front. Fighting was said to be still in
Though Germans' attacks continued
day and night, however, It wns stated,
that the force of their assault was
The war offico declared that 500,000
of the kaiser's troops were massed
along the Lowicz front which had bo
come the main part of the attempted
Teutonic advance.
Most of tho fighting wns described
as at very short range. The Germans
were said to bo using every available
man, even the cavalrymen being dis
mounted for Infantry service.
It was claimed that- the Slavs had
inflicted tremendous losses upon the
enemy by jhe trick of evacuating their
trenches and then blowing up when the
Germans occupied them.
In the north It wns officially report
ed that tho German advance from
Mlnwa had been repulsed. The explana
tion was furnished that the Invaders at
tempted a detour through Przasnysk, on
their way toward Warsaw but wore bad
ly defeated and today wero in retreat.
Numerous villages in the Prr.asiiTsk'
Mlnwa region were said to have been
Referring to the Slavs' operations
agninst Turkey, the wnr offico stated;
"Throughout December 11 Ihcro wns
fighting before tho villages of Pyrouslt,
Asnier and Doulnku. Tho enemy was
repulsed everywhere and driven beyond
the Euphrates with severe losses."
Each Side Tells a Diifeent
Story and the Reader Can
Believe Either or Neither
Milan, Dec, I I. If Vienna accounts
am to bo accepted ns true, the Aus
triaiis scorned lo be operating with con
siderable success today in western
Gullcin nlong a lino extending roughly
in nil easterly and westerly direction,
parallel with and about 20 miles to tho
hni'lhwniil of the nrpiitniun range
Messages from Petrogiad, received
throuuli Itritish ami I'reuch sources,
were to the effect that the Russians
wero holding the ( uipatliiun passes and
preventing the Austrian from gelling
mihforccuicntH from Hungary into
Tho Vienna sintenient, however was.
without any iunlilmlinii, that Austrian
ti-oons had taken Nuw.v Siindoe, Gry-
boy, Gorlice and .mlgioil. It wus iiIno
nsserled that the Kussiaiis' left wing
has been benten lit liluanovn,
The Hnssian nnd Austrian stories
were su fur from agreeing that. Italian
in 11 1 1 ii ry men did not try to loi-iu nuy
definite judgment Us to actual condi
tions, A mils from Nish and Cettlnje sug-
geiited that the Servians nnd Monte
negrins had recovered iu n reniai liable
manlier lu tho reverses with which they
recently met Ut the Austrian forces'
The Servian claim that Kiiinenltn
had been occupied by Servian troops
Indicated steady progress against I lie
Anstrinns In northwestern Servin and
nil hough the reference to fighting In
Hie vicinity of MiliiuovitU seemed to
lenve nn doubt thnt the Auslilnns were
far within the Servian frontier In the
ttost, (he assertion that Hie engagement
had resulted In the checking of the In
vaders' advance was encouraging, from
the Servian viewpoint.
The Moiiteneurius' storv of Ihclr oc
cupation of Vislicgrnd meant, If line,
that King Mclnihis' forces (vein nun In
operating on Austrian soil nnd even
threatening Sernjevo the cnpilnl of the
pro luce of llosuiu.
Washington Dee. 14. Carry
ing :(8,744,7:i3, the legislative,
exocutivc and judicial appropria
tion bill was rcoortcd to the
house today by the appropria-'
tions committee. This is a re
duction of $1,982,000 from the
original estimates, but more
than a million dollaiB more than
the appropriations recommended
last year.
Tho committee rejected ap
propriations for automobiles for
the speaker of the house and
for the vice-president. The
agricultural census appropriation
totals $2,286,100. The 20 cent
mileage perquisite for congress
men was cut to five cents per
If Allies Beat Turks Sultan
Will Be Deposed and Red
Handed Anarchy Reign
Athens, Dec. 1-1. If the Turks aro
beaten by tho allies the life of every
foreigner and of every nativo Christian
throughout tho Ottoman empire will
hang by a thread, according to arrivals
horo today from Turkish porte.
Tho only exceptions they would make
wero in fuvor of tho epoplo who may
find themselves, iu tho event of tho
Moslems' defeat at coast cities ana un
der the shcltor of foreign wurships'
Klsewhere It was declared, conditions
would bo, much more thnn merely
dangerous, nor did the pessimistic t.hiuk
tho Turkish masses would be likely to
distinguish between Amoricans or even
their German allies, and tho subjects of
the European powers wrtll which they
nrn M war.
Turkish sentiment was described as
being already gcnernlly anti-foreign
mi her than mere v anu-iirmsn, r reuco,
Itussinn, Korvlna, and Montenegrin. Jn
addition to tins it waii uociurou iu uu
bitterly anti-Christian.
u ... iiirnnl that the minor clnss
Turks, including highor officialdom,
drew distinctions and uintouoieuiy
,i .1.. 1L..1. l.l In tioAlrtiit nniitrulH
WOUK1 II" llicii ui-bv -,
especially Hermans and Anstrinns, with
whnin tnev are ni icu nnu rtinci n-iuin,
...... I A 1
on account of tho United Htates' good
offices ill representing tho sultaa
dliilnmiitienllv at the capitals of conn
tries ugainst which his forces are In
n rum.
The bulk 0f the people however,
wero said to see no particular differ
ence between foreigners or netween
rnntlirn nnd nut vo hnstliiiis nut ro
class all alike as "giaours," who ought
to havo been exterminated long ago.
The greatest danger was uocinreii 10
bo tho establishment of a reign nf com
plete anarchy following a victory by
the allies.
For tho present Turkish government
to survive an hour after tho people
renllzo that they havo been defeated
wns pronounced on Impossibility, and
there certainly would be nn Interval,
said tho prophets of evil, of chaos bo
fnm the nowors could restore order, ex
cept perhaps nt, a few Important 1'orts
where It is fair to assume that their
warships will bo concentrated.
If such an Interval should pass with
out wholesale slaughter of Christians,
native and foreign, it was anscrten unit
it Wl)l,, . little short of a miracle,
Hun I'i'.lrn. Dec. 1 -I, Clearing for Son
Francisco lit 10:1". o'clock, tho steamer
Congress crowded on extra speed
iliiiuiirh tho Inner mid outer harbor to-
re,',, ted' In distress off Santa Mantle
1 '. I.. 1 I ...III. n
Tho engross is cipiipi'i-,, tt..
wireless apparatus.
The Capital Journal has just received a new shipment
of the "World at War" atlases. They arc of a later and
revised edition, compared with those we have been giving
awav to our subscribers. Instead of 1G paces, they con
sist of 24 large, highly-illustrated pages, printed on heavy
1 .1 V 1.
cnumelCU bOOK.
imeieu uouri.
The atlas contains splendid colored maps of all thq
warring countries, with routes of travel and railroad
lines; many tables of army and navy and general statis
ticsin fact, the work is a complete ready-reference li
brary for students of the great war. It is a book which
would ordinarily sell for $1.00 or $1.50, but we are having
them made up in largo lots and buy them at a price which!
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All who pay three months subscription, old or new.
back subscription or in advance, in case their paper is de
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This is the most liberal offer the Capital Journal has
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The Villa Forces Withdraw
but Bullets Continue to Fall
This Side of Border
Three Americans Hurt Yester
day by Bursting Shell, One
of Them Seriously
Washington, Dec. 14. The state de
part men t was advised this afternoon
by the American consular agent at
Cananoa, Mexico, of the killing of two
Americans by Mexicans several 'days
ago at ft point between Aguas Priotoa
and Nncoznri. A rigid investigation
was ordored by Secretary of 8tat
Tho situotioo at Naco, Arir.., was
said to bo "extremely serious" todny.
Despite the withdrawal of the Aguaa
Cnlientes peace convention's forces to
a point several miles south of Nuco,
Honorn, bullets continued falling today
north of the boundary, bach faction
hlnmcs tho other for this condition of
Geueral Tasker H. Bliss, at Naco,
Ariz., was ordered today to report on
tho exact, conditions at the border, es
pecially tho location and armament of
the belligerents.
But Little Firing.
Douglus, Ari)!,, Deo. 14. Quiet pre
vailed at Naco, Honor, today, accord
ing to a telephone message from Naco,
Aril. There wns occasional firing dur
ing the night, but there had been no
disunities oa the American side of the
border since lute yesterday, when three
persons were wounded by a bursting
American cavalrymen were patrol
ling the border to a point east of Nuco,
where American artillery wus held iu
readiness in enso of emergency. Citi
zens of tho Ari.ona town were In
structed to keep to their houses after
firing la resumed across the line.
During a flurry of firing just befor
noon, several bullets fell on the Ameri
can side of the boundary. No one was
hit. Two additional troops of the
ninth United States cnvnlry were scot
to Nnco from Douglns todny.
Reports from Nac.or.arl, Honorn, were
to the effect that a body of Vlllistiu
clashed yesterday near 1'ronterns with
a Cnrrunza detnehment, and that the
latter were rout ml, Captain Samiini
ego, of the Carran.lstas, wos wounded,
lie is being brought to Douglus in an
'Woman Bully Hurt
Nnco, Ari.., Dec, 14. Mrs. Jose Mar
tine?, was reported today to he in a ser
ious condition ns the result of a wound
slui received when struck by a portion
of n shell fired by the Mexican bellig
erents nt Nuco, Honorn. Hho was In
the kitchen of her homo. Two other
persons lu the room were ellghtly
General 'Mavtorena, commanding tlm
Vlllistns tit Naco, denied nguin today
that he hud been ordered by Villa to
! Pease his operations unless they can b
. fiitniliii.tiiil u-Ulimit illinirer to Amcrh.
cans nt Nnco, Arlmia.