Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 12, 1914, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Your System
an occasional corrective to insnr
good health and strength. Success
is almost impossible for the weak
and ailing. Enjoyment is not
for the sick. Impaired heulth
and Berious sicknesses usually "
begin in deranged condition's of the
stomach, liver, kidneys or bowels.
Pills M
are recognized all over the world
to bo the host corrective of troubles
of the digestive organs. They tone
thcHtomach, stimulate the liver, reg
ulate the bowels. They cleanse the
.system, purify the blood and
act in the best and safost way j
For Health
and Strength
,Vr(tt Sale of Any Medicma in the World,
verjrwher. In bosai, 10c., 25c,
r' .' jjl"'? ' j i . . '.jj. -3
f (Capital Junnial Npeninl Service.)
Dallas, On'.. lire. H.'. l-'nink Kcr
nliiko, of Portland, whs u bus. nuns vih
ifor in this rity the first uf the week.
Mr. and .Mis. W. ,1, Kenrth wore,
visitors in Suleiii, Wednesday al'ti'i nuoa
Hint i'veniny:.
M. V, duller returned Thursday morn
ing from it week '.s Imsim'Ms visit in
Nenttlo nnil Taconni. While in Seattlr
Washington, Dee. 12. Oriti-
linm in certain newnpnpeis of
Anie.tkaV iinprepiiredrieHN for
war was cliiuueteri.tHl today as
"claptrap and linailmtftfcrv "
by Keprem'titntive Padgett,
chairman of the house commit
sjc tee on aavnl affairs.
Jc "A pnrpaanda of mininfor-
j-Jc ination, alaiiii nnd jingoism is
)H ttsvei'ihijj ovei the- land," ho
sje declured.
- -Padgett nuid hi.s euniniittee
ie lias a record of the powdi'r. tor
si pedoes and munitions held in
rem-rvV by the navy, ami this.
$ ' ho asserted, disproved the tou
sle tention thnt the navy was short
, rfc of ammunition. 11
I nd icat ions today were that
J: the i Miiniiittee would favor tlie
Jt pii.iiim for two new Imttle-
ii ships ii nd eiht Hiilniiai hies.
ijt s,t c ijs sji !: i Jjt $ sit Jjc I
w ' ' X I is st
rr. :v, ;
1 i.l'i V t
...' .1. ."V 'J (ff't-dRi'.
pII.W.HI. ! 1111111,11
! "'l L: J
.AJ ', 2-
V. '.
Is one of our Ludwig or
ofier Standard Pianos.
Make you selection now
for Christmas delivery.
s Aiik-Iw, I ill.. Der. ll'. After
shi.olint: iiml iiMnntly Nilliii liis wife
hi ihi'ii' liiniie. .liiiin'H M. Fifieli! nwist
lint i-imliier in Ihe rity livense nillerlilrs
ol'r'n-e, i iliinl liei'ii tmlay liy. Iii own
h:iinl. The sh'KitiiiK HM-iirreil hist niyht
in the I'reM'iiro'iif the couple's I- year:
nil ilnujjlter, Helen. ,
Mis. I.enii Bl.l.-r -Mrs. Pifiehl's tie
ei'. iis shut tlnmili the riyht nrni
when she tiii"l 1 I'revulit the Inme.ly.
Aei-iinliiij.' tn neiuhleis. I'il'iehl linil
been ilriiiliinu reeeiitly, nnil hml iimv-
rele.l leiieiite.lh- with liis wife. Tlie
tittle nirl toll the. jmliec thnt her!
Nl'ntlier nun' liueie Inst nilit lifter she
' nml her mother lliel retire.! lliel that .
he shot Mrs. Kifield ill spite of her
iih.iis I'm. inerev.
The iehl '' formerly lived t T.iol
i ut on. Mii-liinii.
l.ric U
An, eels. ('ill.. Dee. 12 - A hot
wnippeil in pnper and covered ,
Kliawl, pineen 111 o ;
i I.. , ,' i...i i.wit l n sou. wooin
no ueieieu u iiii-ciini: ui .-.in nu-is, uiiui, , , . , , i , i ur.,,.f
;. ..., ,.,,;,, r .1, ,s .,.v,..ilio. i" which her little doe; nl,'pt, htnrt-,
li..nVo..,,r..K.. . " fir" r"l
Inisiiicss visitor in "u " , ,
Kemper liilrhen, where the doc's liox ;
Isieed. was a trine cum nisi
nml Mis. Kemper prepared the
lu-ick for her pi t. She was aroused nr
dayliieuli liy the dotf's yelps, and res
cued him from the flumes after his tail
had lu'eii lindly sinned.
s VT ''",L V"fw? 'www ?;V( ioir tow? v sw"
' -s r ' I
I V,
l '
Remember your friends with
Victrola and Columbia
'"fTiT. 'S .fp
.....i ',..,. '. .' .1 1 1' .' ;:ii...' . '....' ; .
minium 1 1 miia hi mil mi t &wMHKttfr inm
J Ha, ii J ftuutj fcaaj baukiuJ ti i J. iuuaoil
The Wylic B. Allen Co.
R. f. PETERS, Wgr.
521 Court 5t. Mooss Building
I' red W est wus a
Alliilliv, Wellies, lliv.
(ieureo t'onltev, of Independence, was was
u luihiiiess visitor in this city Thursday, "ijiht
l''orest ('raven, of Uiclireail, tin n
ncted liusiiiess in jMillas 'J'hurs,hiy ul't
Mrs. ('. K. Staats, uf Airlie, was n
Jhill.is isitur this, week al the homfi
of liei son, I IV. V. C Slants, on (Jul. (lre!;on
A iiiiinlier of uieiiiliers of the Koyul
Arch MiimiiiIc I, line of this city at
tended a i linn ol the. Salem lodu'e
Wcil.iestinv eveninc;. Tiiosc
wire: (Incur llayter, W. V. l-'uller. -lar,l(
llnyter, .Wilson Kurtz, Hurry (luynor,
Curl Williiiiiis' .1. I., hwenoy, llenuaii
I'etre, W. ,1. Keailh. Andy Muir and
V niter Minr.
Senators nml repre.-eutnl'nes and those interested in linliotial legislation loldiyisls n I, 1'H'I and indif lerenl
arc lack in Washington tor the short senbn nf the Sixty-third coanress, wl.ieli ,eenn Monday. I lei end, er 7. Then'
has i, cen only a few weeks' rest from 'the loan nrind that lieyun on -March t, :ill:i, when I'reidesiit Wilson stint
ed his ndiuliiisl ration. The o,eniii) o mures is iihvnys marked ly crowds, eiitcriiiu tl apitol and I'loodiiiK the
..nil ries of tne house when tlio juin t se sion is nddrcsscl ly the iiesident.
'alcni Wc
A :1
Mii.s Kutheriiie Vim oorliees is vis
ilinn nt the home of her parents at
I'lie'ir d'Alcue. Idiiho,
li..s A hill, in n tniined nurse I'ru'ii
nltendiiin Snlen rived in the city the lore pari tiuout. lo week
of tHe week to take charge ol .Miss
Kstellu llloioii, who is iliiip'ioiisly ill
with typhoid l'eer,
.Mr. and Mrs. Ij. A. Ininaiiu, of Al-
I'.slm, have uirived in llalhis tor a visit
lli-eem (iilisou went to IVIInnd the at ilii homo of .Mrs. Iiiinun s parents,
first of Ihe week for a visit nt the Mr, and .Mrs. X. J'. Uiixk ssen.
1 u nf his sister, Mrs. T. II. Sturliiick. Mr, nnd Mrs. Tom Watson and laly,
II. I'.. Thayer, of I'orlluud. wiia in . who have Icen visitinn at the home it
1'nlhis. Wednesday, lookini; after luisi- iclntieK near Salem, have returned to
ncss interests. their home in this city.
Dr. ('. Illnoiii retui I to hrV home Mr, and Mrs, I). .1. (iruiit were Snlem
in I'oitluinl the first of the week, utter visitors Monday, t
H short, visit nt the Dr. V. M. IIIokii Ash IS. I'olinson, county clerk of
residence nn I'ulow nveniie. I'olk rninitv, went to I'ortlaud Wellies
day iitteriioon on a lusiiiess visit.
iiev, and Ms. Chillies l'oliue; have
returned ti their homo in JSixlu villi!
after n short visit, al the home of Mrs.
I'olinn's puri'iits, Mr. mid Mrs. II. .1.
(I rant.
(Capital .loiiriuil Soeciul Service. )
Woiidliurii, dr.. Her. li.-Mrs. M.
Ilraillcy spent Wo lues, lay in Salem un
Mrs. .lane HodKe left Thursday for
I'orllaiol where she will visit friends for
Mr. and Mrs. l-'ruuk Hrow n mid little
sun ivere Salem visitors the first of
the week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. II. Phillips have re
lumed from un extended visit at the
home of their daughter near lleppner,
l''r. (I'l'unell went to I'oTtland
'I ImrMiny on lusiiiess.
Illicit llorst of Toi'tlmid, spent
Wednesday with friends in Woodlnirti.
Mrs. II. McKee spent the week-end
with her son liodney of .Monitor.
,1. .1. Siaayel 'transacted business in
Portland Saturdiiy.
Mrs. K. W. Sell leaiier eiiti'ilaiaed u
nuiiilcr of her friends ill her home
Wednesday iifternnon. The time was
pleasant ly spent in sewing, luncheon
was served ly Ihe hostess.
Mr, ami Mr.;. S, W. Mnnpin were the
week-end quests of Mr, I'll I Mi.i. I'lank
lllackci lv of i I x ! T . n .
Mrs. I,. M. l:i-cv v Nil.'d friends in
Portland last vcM ,
Mrs. Win. Wren left Tliiir..day for
Portland where flu- will vi.it with
Miss i IiiiIvh Warner who has I u
i k ;!(
iBy Karl H, Von WIc.tiukI.
liei-lin. lie,-. i::.--T;ie huiser
is convalescent sal islnctoi ily,
his pei-Minal physicinii infoiiiicl
me loduy. The doclor siiid his
ui.l.jesly vvoiill lie aide 1o re
fun In l lie front in a weel, u;
tell davs.
!j! : if $ $ & $ ;. ! jjc if
visiiinn her parents
returned to iter work
dav. - :;
Mrs. . Sevres returned lifter spend i
inn several days with ndat ives in Ore- !
noa City. i
(!uy Weaver oT lliilliard visitetl ;
friends in Wooillurii Tuesday.
.Mrs. Thus, Iteiliiu uf Mt. Aii!el was ;;.
slioppinn in town Moiuluy. .;;
.Mr. mid .Mrs. I., I Iteiiiinntou ol
Portland were the pui'sts of friends und
relatives in this city Wednesday
John lliiiwnodie mid diiunhleis liiilh
and Kster reliirued Wednesdnv l'roin
I'nitliuid where they v isitiul , tlie stock
mid pouli ry slow,
Mr. mid Mrs. II, llonuey uud clnulren
of I'niou were Ihe nuesls uf his nircots
Mr. nnd Mis. (!. II. llonuey TiicmIiiv.
Mr. uud Mrs. Carl llaverly of Port
laud, were the week-end nuesls of his Dodaron That C.illfornla Jury's Jndx
p.iicnls. Mr. uud Mrs A. II. llaverly. 1(,clt Wa) not Bl(ed on Evl(1,,mo ,
Joe r reslier ol riouune spent sevurni
dnvs lust week us the nuest of Mr. and
Mrs, Kil llascoe.
Mrs. T. I,. Copclaud of lloise Idaho,
is vi-itinn her sistei-iu-liiw, Mrs. A. II. . .'"'l"1'" "'
llnveilv - '" ''"' '" ''erlaiii real clulc
h c' 'veils ivlin l,s loi ,nille ill i'l this city vcsl"d in the iiaiiic of Mrs.
for 'ihe nusf two weeks, is aide lo It) ""ice H Pariies, Judne (lallowny
II Km li , 1 unillll
B.u'iics' Caso.
VVS JU1 I11H VU V. X. -
Piano or a Plaver Piano
The iiiiiiual Xinas.Tree of Ihe ,,riscil-
lu was liell at the hou f Mrs. Alice
Kennedy. The tne which sloiid in the
pallor was loaded with presents for all.
The looms were leiiutifnl in Iheir decor
minus of holly poinseltes. and lllisl
inns liell". A delirious lunch was served
liv Ihe hostess ussisteil ly Mrs. I., IT
Shorcy. 'I'ln' Inlle wa. decoraled hi us lln
hollv nnd ll iiiinialiire Sautii t'liins i t i.
wus the center uttrnrlinii. The Indies, ,
declined this the most lutereslinn lueel
illll that has ever I ll held.
oci ii'-iuii to comment on tlie tispecis ol
Hie him' as liaiidl'il ill the I alilorllia
courts, where A. II. Spcic-er secured a
jndni I of if, il.ooii nWnins I,, N.
Hai'ics, the hii'laiid ut Mrs, (inice H.
Piniies, Spencer attempted lo levy on
the piopeity in this city leloii lo Mrs.
Pllincs, uud tne ciise ill Judne (lallo-
wnv's couil resulieil with Mis. Iliirues
ilaiuliff in the suit to ipnet
San Francisco's New Year
Ccl'lirulion is .insll.v fiinuuis on the Pacific Coast, ami mi'
account of Hie opcniiin of th" lin Imposition six weeks
Ititer new n'oiics will lie added.
Smim:i l.iniiled, Calil'orniii Kxprej iitol Sua Kraneisru Kx-
presN t roa roi l land itnity oner ine im-t iuih inosi eoia
foititlde mode of travel, the m ;t
red luiiij; yna diin-t to tlie
enir tiip in the Went
lie will be sure to buy it here, because he knows that we carry the largest
stock, the greatest variety and the leading makes. Don't let this Christinas
go by without a Piano in your hoiiK We will allow you easy terms so that
you can have no excuse for doing without one any longer.
. And how about that Talking Machine you have been w anting so long? Have
you decided whether you want a Victrola, a Grafanola or an Edison Diamond
Disc? We sell all of them in many sizes and at prices to suit everyone. Come
in. We will gladly demonstrate them for you, explain their different features
and help you make a selection. Remember, we arc phonograph experts, and
you can get the benefit of our many years of experience without cost to you.
We carry an unsurpassed list of records for all machines. Our stock of
Sheet Music is the largest in the state.
432 Slate Street
II 7 I
A aioet'nut "I 'I"' diie. tin1 (if tin' Vil
lein ;-o.'i;il hetvire Valrr, thn lueal of
Uiuii.al ion I'ornied fur the relief nf he
need u nd nut' lei inn ol I ie city and
.inn; ol i-niploum nt tor the miem
plnv. il. will 1-e h"i.i in Ihe cminly
i mi : t loiii'i til tlir t iniil house nt
ii Yin K Ilii" even, ny, whi'Il it i expert
r. that oine iiiliv-l iiiy epui tn mJI he
ie-'ried I i ci if i the 'tint'linii relief, In
d o't i ml ii to) et''ii!un ruiiiinil t ri'N,
whih hae len iniirv at Mli dor
ihU ine put ri l ui 11 dayw,
Mix, V. ll. Aiideisuii, in i luiiyr ol
llo' tiiihiuiltoe on ui;jiiiiinli,ii nf the
eity into ditiit'H, uith a Mundinw
roi Meniiuii ia eioh, will htie a re-
pint to iniiUe, and it i" esperte.i tutu
rlo will reixier a fpleildid aeioniittiie
of het- w ui k.
The Nuiiil renter III!" lil"nl I"U in peur
Irrition uf the I'll I i I nt ulu jtir
I in I ( In HiiWii i hu riielri i.rd iih a
' 1 liiiil atan llifh" uf 'imp jiidiiuf nt,
The judiie letnlled fume nf Ihe tetl
ay in tlie eiiwe hi wlmli pnn er te-
lifiel on the stnnd 'h:it lie un lereiv-
ill Itoin tu pel leoiltll Mini
liail no tnuiiey iu inr-l, thul lie put In
no ,iie mi tne I nl( while I In men uhh
nupliiU'd .y the ll:ii i i'niiii iiiIum-hIh
at ;l '' per inontli, and that he pent
1'our it ill Ihe r I I 01 1 to e I lie pinp
rrly. Al'ler Ihe loiuinn d' til
put Ihionu'll Sprii.'i-i '-lied lor 1'iiif ol
'he ;n ut ll li Ini "i'i -ii I'd the jim -j inent
I ur ; he a'oo e a no .nt. peiiei r 11 1, to
ml in1 1 led thnl hr hint not Inn tu 1'i-r
nnd tlml liiiuii', it i'iinuii;( nil n tin
i v .piiiiiliility a ml I lie rink.
T ii' i nil 1 1 h lutve li i ii Hi: u de. jih'd
thnt a nuin nun ir Mip'iit In lii-
U'ilY .Hid .llld;!U lilllniMI held UlHI H
Ml'. Htll'lM'X IW I'l 1)1 tlllll-liT 'll
ii. .1.1' renl elnte o Ii.- uile th.it it
a pi i tile mill It i n loan n Ihe 1 1 ansTei
lM antdiiiu u the 'iiw tllli Ilii'
one ,'ipi npt ml tu lo'. Arrut dinyl v, I .ie
jll l;.e held Unit Mi, I .J rue uwue, llf
piop it ii nd thnt it mi no) 1 1 1 1 1 1 to
ludineiit, I he Mini iiiv ol'
Panama Pacific International Exposition
nt San i'ruudsco.
nilh liln'llll kI,iiiivi'' will ll ;t I ! yuu In sro lln1 ll'lillt
I'nl nintMi'li'iH I'lilifiirnlii iiiililnur linnl iinln I'm., Ocl
Mllllll', I'limi llllllll'K, llllllll I'lll lllllll, I .IIH A lll'll'H, l.iniK
Hi'iicli, r-ii ii t it Miinirii, t'nliiliiiii IdIhihI, Ml. I.uwi", tlio
Unillll' lli'ovi'H iiml liiiinli'i'ils nl' ntlii'i iiiti'ii'HiiiK iiuliiiR
pi "h in Ilii' (lnlili'ii Muli' nml yuu tu M H'i In Hiii
Panama California Exposition
nt Sun DIcko. t
- ; i, ;;li i.i ml to Huodul
(JhiiHlniiiH I'm en mill il.iuy faros to Ciil
ilornln cun bo ohtnlncd with dencrlp
11 vo lltnriiturn on California uud tin
Tni'0 tUuii, from ni-.'c. t Aftont
.ImIiii ,l. Scut I , (ii'iii'i-iil I'mmi'iiKiT Al.
I'liilliiinl, lli'i'Kiii.
tt39 liiponiliun l.iiui
1II1D ,
tin, iii'ii'iny I'm lln' ln'iii'l'it ii n. I n'lii'l
ui' Hu' ui'i'iiv, Inn i,'s.iiii,lnl ulu ii.lv In
Nl,, mt 'Jii rii-i", ii1' ili iM'inli'M'-y llml Iiiim'
I n ii-(nirl,', inlii II"' lli'll'l'l'llll''l
llll, I .ri'tiii''l i'lli,liiMlii'lll ill II lllllnlirr
of t,."! I, ,lil 1 1ll ymiil WOlll ol' lln'
IllUllllilllillll Wllirll l rllllil'il llll ,llil'llv
1111,1 Mttlllllll tiitl'llllltilill ii lllll'll'l' lllllk'
nix g -.1 f i'"li in lln' I'ity.
ed m su lii i ut', however, ihul Ihe i iim
Mill i'C rti 1 1 led t ii the flip i erne i ton t .
ii ruidinu In the "Iriteineul of Altniurt
M. K. I'lifi"'. wlni ii hiiiidliiiu Mi.
Npeiii ii 'n f-idi' ol ' il ,
l'tirlllt netinj I In, ei , nr J i v llnwer
inn ii, ol' the I i i in of I'n I luu u I linver
uiiui, repiiMeut-4 th'1 Mill nen1 luleirrttH
the liali l lipped luiiiii'diiilely iiu I the
hair ilelf lieiriii tu uutw in tin riimr'in
1 uiiinllei'. In tiii t, he v n ( f ' hnt it htm
nlreiidy ytuvvii nenilv hii'liei In n
lillle oer tu noMilh. Muienri', her
t'iin n innv I'fiuhter, uhi-iei' nml mure
luxuiintit thnii imi'I' nn I i- nlill UinuJnU
1 "-In roldii'd Ihe 1 nn je tutu the roott
'(wire li -Iiiv fur the tii-l liner tteid.-,
Mini now ni'plii'H it only uue n dav. It
In t-f-peeinhv inleri"! hi if lu imle fioin
.thin and other report llml llti home
minle linn uiuvm'I- ant only mnl.
I.m.kImii, I , I'..'. 'I'll,, ii'lniiinlly In--
ilny Hillllil lll'itlliT rii'ililm mil ilrltv
I', nn, Aili'' ll Hilili nl liH 'I'lHi'
, I ii ' Imlili' nil' III,, I'n II. I ii m I lii ml''
li.-lw. ,il. niriil Si.,,,,,.'k IIiiIi-Ii iiimI
A.IiiiiiiiI Von Hhm''k lii'iiiuiii ,'iiii-,-r
"iiin 1 1 hum, ii'iiiliinu in Hi,' ,l,"-l i ml in"
l III,' l.illri'.
lll'VlllKl I I Illil'il'lll -Illli'llM'lll tlml
nn Iliilili lni Mil-- -,,-i inn 'iinitii,:,'!,
it !l III lllitllilll'. III MIV li'lllliw' In lie
i'i'iut tlml lliii-li M"Mi'K ri,' xinil..
ll . i- iili'iil in In Ilii' "liny Ihilt ll
Iiii.,ii,m M,iil'inill lnlii', Siinlri', ll
i inli , t,i , ciil inn I In' n ' uiint linil I If
ll Iiu, li-, ivi'll li- Ini' Siliiii uiiui -I,
I'liV ,'linil, l,,'i"i,' 1,11,1 Nlillilirlj wir'
ill" I HU I'll. ll (Mllllll Mill I4i'll xll.V li''
lll' l- HI' llll il MH lllll' lllllt lln' "f, ftll'l
i I iiihi r ,iiu,li,iii, ,l,'lii,'lii',l I nun I ll'
liniii'1 Hr, 'I. inn with Hliiiih'i'.
AImiiiI nil Unit nml, I In' h iii in', I "ii
w li ii I nii',1 t,i hi' ri'liiil'li' niilh, iiiiy.
mnl Ilii. imii ii,, nllii'iiil, huh tlml
Mliii.li'i' Iiml .'II M'i-I'Ik innli'l Iiiiii.
Farmers' Cider and
Vinegar Works
w AUG by run rnorr.u
Lvoiy K'lil'in "f our vlnrniir
Ii, h iitiiml fur two ynum nml In
nil li oly ti er liniii un nclil,
Wo lil'.i) lli.ikc Aiilni'ik, Lu
' 'niuiln'riy t'hlnr, Bollnl Cltlrr,
(.'Imvi-y Nortiir, Hwrct C'liiiiiiinitinl
Clibr, Oiiuirh L'I'lor nml Aiilo
Mwr-i't C'lilor tl,e your iiruuinl,
'J.ri iTiitn It Hiillon, ilrllvornl.
"Our piflilunts nio Himxcollcil."
'. K. IH'IINTM'.'I T, l'r.ii.
WO A HI root
riuilia 2(107
IliniiiK I In lift I'i'W fi'tirn iniiiiiiiii'r
llll'lill lllO'l' Hirtlll'i II, i-HHititlllllv It'll
in Imw In iiiiiIii' n i-t'iillv ntitl liuir
dinii' Unit niiuhl iii'tiiiill.v ninlii' III" Inur
Uiiui, Iiml il ulvi'n nn uit-iil i'li'ii"iiii In
li'iirn tlml kii iiiiiiiv won luivi' lui'il II hnlr uiiui iiiti.l nun M'luiHv hut il ulr
ll II V 14 lll.lllllll'll l, ll 1-l'llllllKllllll' ll'H'11". I ,,. mt s Hu' , ll llll l'll lllll I.IU'I
linn linly writ i' llint iiiinii'iliiili'ly nlli'i' ih,, luii, iiii nml n,-uli in n -.t-1 1
i-,'ii,liiij tin t'lii-iniilii hIw wi'iil In lii'i- j h"iltliv nii'l iiiii-iniil ,'1,111)111111.
Iiiiliuit mi'l Ii ii ' I liini inl up iir,"'l,"l 1 i m i
J nuin nr i,iiviinii ,i' ,,iii "ii'i', 1 .,
, limn Mi' iitli,, I ' I v lllllll-, mi'l H urn h nf
I Inv 1,'iiiu. Hln limk lil Voi'ii nii.l,
Hlllln'luh bur
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