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Editorial Page of The Daily Capital Journal
DECEMBER 11, 1914
Bally, by Carrier, per year
JO&ily, ty Mail, per year ..
Weekly, oy Mail, per year
. 3.00
. 1.00
Per month 45e
Per month 35c
8ii months 50c
The Capital Journal carrier boys are Instructed to put the papers on the
Horch. If the carrier does not do tills, misses yon, or neglects getting the
gaper to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, as this la the only
way we can determine whether or not the carriers are following instructions.
Phone Main 82.
The attempt of the Oregonian to elect the speaker of
the house in advance of the meeting of the legislature doe?
not appeal strongly to the Portland Evening Telegram.
It sees little hope for a profitable session, as far as the
people are concerned, if Ben Selling's selection by the Ore
gonian is ratified by the legislators. It says:
A desperate effort will bo made this year us usual t control tlio legislative
pessioa from the outside. l:i pant yearn it liuu been easy to do it. Trades mid
dickers on tin' rpenl;orship were nil Mint were needed; everything else followed
UK n mutter of course. Willi tlie Speaker bound hand and foot, with his com
mittee appointments parceled out in udvance, the way was greased fur just the
iort of legislation that suited private nnd special interests. No matter how high
minded a member might be lie either threw up his hands in despair or yielded
to the machine in order to (ret through the very legislation to effect which lie
bad been elected and for which lie was pledged to his constituents. The control
wns in the hands of lawyers and they under the control of piivnte interests.
Jlcing lawveiM they could represent clients in the Legislature whilst other mem
bers, with "less fortunate professional iinehorago, were compelled to adhere to a
different standard of ethics.
The coming legislative body ranks high among the citizens of the state.
With a proper chance they will give a good return ia service for the honor that
lias been conferred upon theiii. Hut if the usual programme is carried oat and
they are left at the mercy of the machine they will find themselves quite as help
less' as other honest legislators have been in the past. It is this that should be
avoided. There are certain signs of n desperate fight ahead to gain the control
(if the Legislature for exploitation nad sinister purposes. If it succeeds the liver
nge member will be led like sheep to the shambles. On the other hand should
this movement fail we may look for a legislative session that will reflect credit
upon the whole body and in u measure restore public confidence in Legislatures,
which has been fast fading nway.
The war in Europe, throwing the two Americas on
their own resources, has also brought the nations of the
two continents in closer touch. Instead of relying on Eu
rope, they are driven to rely on each other. The Latin
nations have turned to us for practically all the things
they need, and which Europe heretofore furnished them.
It is up to the American manufacturer to grasp the op
portunity and establish trade relations on a firm basis.
Of course, when the war is over, much of this trade will
revert to old channels, for habit is strong, but the entering
wedge will have been driven and the United States can
depend on a steadily growing trade with the countries
south of us. We need this outlet, too, and will need it
wore if the war lasts, as Kitchener predicts, for three
years, for we have lost a trade worth more than $:WO,00(),
000 a year in being shut out of Germany.
The generous sympathy of all America at least, if not
of all the civilized world, goes out to that great man, Edi
son, whose fortune, certainly honestly acquired if ever
one was, went up in smoke Wednesday night. The world
owes him much, for he has made it a better, a happier and,
surely a much more comfortable world. The world, too.
admires his pluck, for while the fire was still burning that
left him poor, he smilingly said that though "past Go he
would have to begin over again." "The world loves a
good loser," and he has proved a plucky one. Of all the
splendid things he did for the world, there is none finer
than the example he set in facing what most would call
"overwhelming calamity." The world today places him
on a higher pedestal than ever.
It is costing the czar something to stick to his prohibi
tion principles. Returns from his internal revenue, de
partment show receipts for September from the czar's
liquor monopoly were $852,000, which is $:!8,2!)8,21o less
than for the same month in 191:5. With the American love
of money it is quite natural to wonder how many real
ardent prohibitionists in this country could resist the
temptation to fall off the water wagon at $1,250,000 a
day. There may be some, there may be many, that would
deliberately deprive themselves of that daily income, but
there are anyway some who would do a few hesitation
steps before doing it. The czar is certainly to be credit
ed with being unselfish in his desire to make Russia a
sober nation.
Now comes a scientist and not only asserts that steel
can be made many times stronger than it is, but does the
"show me" act to a big audience. If this claim proves
true, it will revolutionize building of all kinds as well as
guns, armament and fortifications. It may. be just as
well that the county court postponed the building of the
steel bridge, as there may be time in which to get the new
steel and at the same time a much stronger and lighter
bridge. One of the advantages claimed by the discoverer
is that skyscrapers can be run up to 100 stories or more.
This may or may not be an improvement, but it does look
as though there was room enough left on the earth and
nearer the ground for humans to live and do business on.
Courage and Hope
iini HWMHI.H hi ,nii hmw.m t-tm-'m'mM.l,mmivnui..4mwunmt ye,mm m,.ap bt siswiii I IS"'' "V"S
Bernard Shaw is in the limelight again, this time by j
boldly condemning his country for going to war. He
preaches this at all times and on all occasions. Governor I
Johnson had better keep a watchful eye on Bernard, for
with his advertising abilities and certain other character- '
istics he might be a lively rival for second place on the :
ticket in 1910. I
relief, and experience
has proved
The proverb says: "As the priest chants the sacristan
responds." The same thing happens in Massachusetts, or
rather in Washington city, with two bean-eaters in the
choir. When Father-in-law Lodge brays in the senate
the stridant voice of Son-in-law Gardner is soon after
heard "burroing" in the refrain.
If Teddy had not broken out around the mouth in that
attack on Wilson, and so uncovered his slumbering bel
ligerency, which he has managed to keep out of sight for
almost a year, he might have been awarded that Nobel
peace prize. With Teddy going a whole year between
eruptions he would certainly have had first as well as
second and third right to the prize.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1SGS
Capital $300,000.00
Transact a general banking business
Safety Deposit Boxes
The kaiser says he "will live to see France and Ger
many united by the ties of sincere friendship." It is hoped
this may prove true, but from the present starter toward
that end it is fair to presume that the kaiser expects to
reach the age of some of the more acutely adult patriarchs.
The timely employment of a remedy proved to be reliable and.
effective will go far to restore the weak and ailing to strength
and health. Most serious sicknesses are now known to
have their beginnings in disordered conditions
of the organs of digestion. The thing to
do is to use promptly the right
P- the best corrective
of such conditions the world
knows. Let this matchless family
remedy tone your stomach, stimulate your liver,
regulate your kidneys and bowels clear yourgystem of impur
ities and the sufferings of indigestion and biliousness will be driven
away. Headaches, stomach pains, lassitude, low spirits, baa breath and
bad dreams will disappear after you learn the value of Beecham's Pills, for they
Will Help You to Better Health
and Greater Strength
lot m.wyi
Direction! of special value to women are with every box
At All Dninikli. 10c, 25c.
"Tht Largft Salt of Any Medicint in Iht World"
mmimpwmmmmmmw ummmwimmi&mmm iss.siiw,miiiii.iip ihmmimW'i
Jftf Miff
T. C. .fcavngp lias disposed of his in-1
teroat in the Coquille Sentinel and will j
go to Florida, where he has already in- i
vested in rruit lauds, and will urow
oranges and pecans. '
Last Saturday nad Sunday nights a
tot u I of 2.1 Medford citizens were ar-!
rested for violation of the city ordi-j
nance relating to the lighting of nnto-1
mobiles, nad were fined a dollar npiece. ,
That lleppnor lie called the "Ohrys-i
iintheiiium City," nad thnt an nnniial
festival to lie called " Chiysunthiiium
Day" lie estaldished, are proposals ea
dorsed liy the Herald, which passes the
decision up to the women's clulis of tho vital importance of keeping tlio
.'1'""'. 'Moneys ncuve.
If Your Back is Aching or Bladder
. Bothers, Drink Lots of Water
and Eat Less Meat. i
When your kidneys hurt and your '
back feels soro, don't get scared and
proceed to load your stomach with a
lot of drugs that excito the kidneys
and irritate tho cntiro urinary tract.
Keep your kidneys clean like you keep
your bin, ids clean, by flushing thciu
with a mild, harmless salts, which re
moves tho body's urinous wasto nnd
stimulates them to their normal activ
ity. Tho function of the kidneys is
to filter the blood. In 24 hours they
strain from it 500 grains of acid and
waste, so wo can readily understand
Lupine Tiilermountaiii: Work oa the:
Silver I.nko-l.akovicw end of the l.a-;
pine and iSoulhera Telephone ami Tele
graph company's system is being push-'
ed now getting the line in readiness fori
winter. There is considerable talk ia
tho Silver Lake country of establishing
a. line to Klamiith Marsh, ,
Tho Ilillsboro Independent notes j
with warm approval the fact that a
majority of the rond districts in which,
meetings were held recently voted to
continue tho work of highway improve-'
ment. "Washington county has reason
to be proud of this type of good t-it i
zensliip nad full credit should be giv-(
en," says the Independent. j
I. n Orande Observer: That age is
no serious handicap ia the buttle
against nature in the attempt to win
a homestead ill custom Oregon is Il
lustrated in the rase of William M. 1
lleughan, of Stnrkey, who is 71 years
of age, yet has successfully mustered !
the hardships encountered in holding
down a claim and is today the owner
of n good farm. ' j
Drink Mb of water -you can't drink
too much; nlso get from any pharma
cist about four ounces of Jud Salts;
take a talilespoonful in a glass of wa
ter beforo breakfast each morning for
a few days and your kidneys will act
line. This famous suits is made from
tho acid of grapes and lemon juice,
combined with lithin, nnd has been
used for generations to clenu und stim
ulate clogged kidneys; also to neutral
ize the acids in urine so it is no longer
u source of irritation, thus ending blad
der weakness,
lad Salts is inexpensive; cannot in
jure; makes a delightful effervescent
lit hiawatcr drink which everyone
should tnke now and then to keep their
kidneys clean nnd nctive. Try this, and
no doubt you will wonder what beenmo
of your kidney trouble nnd backachb.
also keep up tho water drinking, and
Wesiern Weather
The great mid west gets into print, in
letters of a crimson tint, whene'er n
cyclone journeys thence and tears the
pickets from a fence, The riugtnilcilj
twisters of the nir
cause nothing but
a in it s e m eat there; I
they chase n farmer,'
now and then nn
lift n porker from its
pea, but seldom do
they cause a wail, or1
lenve much wreck-1
age ia their trail.'
And when a winter'
bli.ard comes, nad '
o 'er t h e western '
prairie limns, and I
causes more or less ,
distress, it gets ten'
columns in the nrnss. i
Hut raging blizzards seldom blow:
there was one thirty years ngo; but1
bitbes have grown to man's estate nor.
yet behold one. which it straight. And!
every little breeze thnt blows Into a
eyclonn promptly grows; a gust of:
snow, with icy breath, becomes a lit i z ,
rnrd, charged with dentil, to hungry,
writers on their bents, pursuing news
for outside sheets. Hut who will your,
attention call to western weather in.
tho fallf Who can describe the golden
days, the smiling skies, the pin pie hare,
the gentle winds that softly fan thej
forehead of the dreaming ninuf lf
there's a Intnl. Inspired enough, what I
editor woiiiit print tlie stall t
nwilrtt. It1ti,
'-' - M
La ttX&J''
Los Angeles, ( al., Dec. 1 1. Doctors
wero fighting today for the life ol
lohii W. Iteid, once a wealthy nil op
oral.)'1, who tiled to commit suicide by
iuliuliiig gas in udcr that his life in
siirauce might ninko partial restitution
to his wife of her private fortune.
whiii letter ho wrote said he had lost
in investments.
Ileid ' was found iiiieomcious last
iiiglu in his apartments, where he had
gone to die after buying n cemetery
plot to receive his body nnd n coffin,
hi .lis letters he had made complete
inst uctlisis lor the disposition of his
limlv. "
Though his condition was serious, he
had n lighting chain e to live, the doe
tors said.
New York, Dee. II. Samuel (lordon.
mis or nun ineir iwo uiiugaters were i
fatally burned nad scores of others
llltrrowlv iscnited dentil iwrlv t.tdnv In'
n fire which swept a building on It 4th
street. The fire was believed to have
been of incendiary origin.
(Mher folk's failures will never save
New York, Dec. 11. The condition
of Johnny Kvers, second baseman and
cuptnln of the Boston National league
world's champion bnsebnll club, was re
ported uachnnged here today, So fnr,
physicians said, only one lung is af
fected. Kvers Is suffering from a
threatened attnek of pneumonia,
Keep Your Lungs Strong
This advice Is doubly Important with
Ilia knowledge that every three minutes
some one iu the United flutes succumbs
to consumption and many reiusa to
riMillui tbey are aillkted until it Is too lute.
It is after colds or sickness, from over
work, coufining duties or when general
weakness txists thai tuliercular germs
thrive becnust the resistive powers ol
the body ar weakened.
Only with (resit air, sunshine and
abundant rich blood can on hope to
arrest their progress, nnd tin conccii-trnti-d
fats In Scott's limulsion furnish
furl (or rich hlnnd. and its rmr tinurUlt.
tnrnt helps strcnetheu the lungs while
it builds up the threes.
II you work Indoors, tire lly, (eel
languid or run-down Scott's Emulsion is
tin most strengthening food-inedicin
known and Is li re from alcohol or stupe
fying drugs. Avoid substitutes.
I4-1 IcoUfcatmat, UuwaBtld, H.J.
Perfume In fancy packages
Colgate's Toilet Seta
Fountain Pons Guaranteed
Fancy Mirrors,
Leather Card Cases
Leather Pocket Books
Leather Coin Purses
Cut Prices Prevail.
Frank S. Ward
Phone 2217 648 State St,
(By William F. Kirk.)
I'll took Ma n. e to call on sum
frien.ls of his last rite. The naiin ol
his "leads was At inter & Missus Itliuk.
I- lined Mister lllink wen I first saw
him but I dident. like his wile, hei
face was so sharp & thin & she dident
uotis me at nil,
.Mister lllink was a nice looking
man, his face was ns round Si red ns
ii appel, & every time he looked nt
ino he wild smile, that Is why 1 liked
him. 1 dount see why men with nice
round faces iniirry winiuien with faces
like the clgi of a nife.
Well, deer, sod Missus lllink to Ma
wen we was all setting down, 1 am
charmed to seo thnt the grand cause
of 1'roliishun is nuiikiiig such gi-gan-tie
strides, I'os-terity will have us
wimmen to thank for putting dnwn
rum, she sed, 1 suppose you, too, are
deeply interested in I'robishum, she
sed to l'a.
Why, yes, sed Pn, 1 nm Interested
iu I'robishiiJi the saiiu us tleiierul
Custer was interested iu the noabel
red men that surrounded him, 1 urn
watching its progress the mime as
Mister Custer watched them red men
approach lug, sed I'u, with a flutter
ing pulse & a gone feeling in tho pit
of my stuniiuick. bumtiiues, sed l'a,
I have a dredt'ul nitemaro In the ulte
Si dreein that I'robishun hut swept
this whu'e fair land of ours, Then
my wife hears me moaning & wakes
mo up, sed l'a. It is a terribul,
haunting thing, a uitemare like that,
sed l'a.
1 lump 1 do nut misunderstand you,
sed Missus lllink, You surely are not
aggense I'robishun, You surely haveut
got the saim heelhenish views that my
hasbiiad has,
W.dl, sed I'n, you may think my
idecs are hnctheniidi, but I dosnl
mind telling you that 1 like ll littel
cold tea onst In a while or nffener.
That is how I have gone all my life,
ed I'n, dropping Into a nice place
now ii then to ad mire myself In the
mirror & wrap myself around a littel
nectar. 1 have newer overdone it
much, sed I'n, but 1 have taken
much pli'SHiir in making a bizness
deel with a barbov anv time any time
1 felt thirsty.
Hut why shud yon men go into a
barf sed Missus lllink. Why doaut
you go to sum nice hotel 1- have sum
muffins t tea about four o'clock (
That Is whnt 1 always sny to my litis
band. 1 tried that once, sed I'n. I went to
a hotel tea with my preshus littel help
mate here, & thnre was three fellers
at the tiihel dressed rite to the mlniiit.
Thay seemed tit know enuff to talk
to the ladies they had with them, l'a
sed, but wen they tried to talk to
me ,hny cuddent git my sijjm, or j
Do Your Christmas Shopping at
Rostein & Greenbauins
We have on display staple Dry Goods that are
useful for Christmas gifts. Nice Table Linens and
Napkins,. Hosiery, Blankets, Handkerchiefs, Etc-
Come in. Look around. You will find it interesting.
240-216 Commercial Street
Capital Monumental Works
We manufacture mon
uments from American
'and foreign granites.
We have installed a
complete monument
manufacturing plant
and make everything in
our line right here in
Salem. You are invit-.
ed to call and inspect
our stock and plant.
Office and Factory
2210 South Commercial
Phone 689
I It '. '.'.J--r;-ij
suthiug whs the matter, I asked
them what they thought about Oeorge
Slallings now, & they dident kuow
who he was. Then i nslie,! than, If
wo erud ever git a white man to wipe!
i.nni(ioM .urn using oil tlio map s
they dident know what to sny. One
nf them did nmnnge to ask me it' 1
ewer heard I'nrmo sing, l'a sed,
wen 1 sed Yes, lie sed siimthing about
t'ariiko having a nice tenor voice.
Then I quit, sed I'll. Those boys may
be .ill right, hut thare ways niu't
mine. .
I donn't think men meet the best
sed Mister Blink.
Indeed, sed Ma, my husband has a
rignr. to go ware he plecana. Then
Ma & MISSUS Hlillk Imil nnnrl. T
guess that Is why it ia hard to got
(I'rvyrlght, 1!MI, Ilrooks l eatura Syn
hind of associates in
Missus lllink,
Tint is whnre 1 met my friend here,
sed Mister lllink.
lie had no biucs beeing thare,
San Frnncisfo, Dec. 11 The new
:t5l,0t)0 Morkton street tunnel, which
has the distinction of being tk widost
tunnel in the world, was nrfirisllv
a cafe, sed: copied today by the boaid of pnblit
I works.
The rncl.llng politician seldom gets