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Social and Personal Notes
By Mollie Runcorn
Between two and three hundred pat
rons and friends of the Highlund
school were present lust night when
the Parent-Teacher association met in
regulur session. More enthusiasm' wns
shown than at any previous meeting,
and the effort to make Highland the
'best school" was given added im
petus by the discussion of variaiiB
nays and means of accomplishing this
end. The meeting was opened by the
audience joining in singing "Amer
ica," "The Star Spangled Banner"
being sung as a closing number. Miss
Eva Fisher played the accompaniment.
Mrs. Josephine lfockett gave the in
vocation, and a general discussion of
school betterment wns participated in
by H. E. Pcmberton, Levi Rutliff, Mrs.
Louise. Wenigor and Max O. Burcn,
und E. T. Barnes representing the
school board. A pinno solo was fur
nished by Miss Dorothy Davidson.
Tho Parent-Teacher association lias
secured a largo reproduction from
Hoffman, which will be hung in the
room, which each month Ikis the larg
est representation at association meet
ings. Mrs. Clark's room was success
ful in securing tho picture for the com
ing month, the final ownership to bo
decided upon at tho end of the yenf.
Mrs. W. A. Irvine is in Eugene, the
guest of relatives, and will probably
remain until after the holidays.
Paris, Dec. 10. The seat of
the French government had been
fully re-established in Paris to
day. No official announcement to
this effect had been made, how
ever. Theoretically Bordeaux
was still the temporary capital,
but all the government officials
had returned from there.
This meant that, to all practi
cal intents, this was again the
center of the natioual admin
istration. .
Union of Fraternal. Religious, Civic,
Industrial and Other Organizations
nnd Citizens of Salem for Mutual Aid.
If you know of employment of any
kind please notify the Center, at once.
Phone 302.
German ,expert dairyman, wajita
work. Several other men want any
kind of einpoyment.
Next .Saturday, in the promotion do
paitraent of the Commercial club
moms, the Ladies' Industrial society
of the First Baptist church will serve
a chicken dinner from half pnst eleven
to half pust one o'clock. Mrs. Theo
dore Roth, Mrs. Fred !S. Hynou nnd
Mrs. 0. A. Davidson are tho committee
iu charge and are giving tho dinner for
the church benefit. Everybody will be
welcomed, a special invitation being
extended to the business men ami
MelLWAIX At the home of hcr(
daughter Mrs. Charles Vinton, 010 j
Kerby street, Portland, Or., Wcdnes-i
day, December 0, 11)14, Mrs. Sarah A.
Mcllwain aged "3 years. The body!
will arrive on the Southern Pacific;
train at 11 o'clock Friday morning'
and the funeral will be held that!
u . .i..i, ..i u:...in.. !
The Parentjeachcr meeting held.n.l 'Su'l '
tho Yew Park school inday evening j-t.eenHt.ti h,'i UPl, resident of I
wns largely attended, nnd the piny- , Ku,m fur twentvfivo venrs, coming!
ground movement hub discussed with ' , Oregon from Kokomo, Indiana. With i
much enthusiasm. Tho committee in Ml.r husband fl. O. Mcllwain, who pre-1
charge reported that somo of the fix-! ccdcd her to' the grave, and her fninil.v,
ttires hud already boon secured und s,0 settled on Howell Prairie. Follow-:
that there wiib at present 33 in the ; nff the death of her husband, Mrs. Me-'
treasury, Mrs. L. D. Fields wns unnn- Ilwain removed to Salem, residing with
imously elected president. The program i her daughter, Mrs. A. E. llaggcrty at'
was featured by the singing of n triu 17H0 South Liberty- street. She had
rum posed of Miss Amy Martin, Miss been in failing health for nlinost a
Abbio Davis and Miss Hutli Fugntc, year ami as her condition gradually be-'
Superintendent Elliott giving mi inter-! came weaker it was thought advisable
esting tnlk on school work. ! to have her removed to Portland. Her
Tho patrons of the school are great-! advanced age and extreme weakness
ly pleased to be able to secure .Mis. were against her, howevr, nnd she
Fields as president, folding that in ln-i- j ihksoi1 away about two weeks after her
they have one especially adapted ( removal to the metropolis,
fill il.. i, .;,;,, i.m.i n..i.t i ,t ,,.i,i Sarah llicknrd was Horn in In liana
lm v.,ai p,i rir nuu.,.,it:., ,. t .i, i and was mnrried to Mr. Mcllwain
most ni'tive nnd successful' in the city.
Mis. Fields is a woman of pleasing
I 1 )
Few people besides phvsieinns realize
"""" i the importance of keeping the food con-
; tents of tho stomach free from acid fer-
Wlanatl HnM Kian fliail It "ie"l'o- Healthy, normal digestion
Jdpdll I1U1U5 AldU VlldU II oaunot take place while the delicate lin
UHI 1I7.1. D.,,. f i ing of the stomach is being iuflamed
Will Weaken rOWer 01 I and distended by acid and wind-the
n , n "' , result of fermenting food in tho !
I reSeiU uOVernmeUl , stomach. To secure perfect digestion,
i fermentation must bo stopped or prc
. I vented and the acid neutralized. For
: this purpose, physicians recommend get-1
Shanghai, Dec. 10. 1 ekin official- j tig a little bisurated magnesia from
(lorn is mucn pertniueil, according to tne Druggist ami taking a teaspoonrul
dispatches received here today from i" "ttle hot or cold water immediate-1
, ,,, . ... i lv after eating. They recommend bis-
tlie Chinese capital, over the announce-' (aM bc(,8)S u j, plcasallt
ment by Japanese Foreign Minister to' take, has no disagreeable after
Kato that the mikado might not return effects and instantly stops fcrmcnta
Kiao Chau to China. i tio" neutrallzcii the acid and makes the
... , ; sour acid, bland, sweet and easily
V hat communications may have pass- (jKPSte, .
ed between the highest of Japanese and , The t'egar ll8e of bisurated mag
Chineso officials is not known, but ; .:ai,(1 ., v . , !,:., ,i
therj is no question that the majority', 0)1 kim o( nlnKnesja are of little
ui vuo uiikwi n """ value is an onsoliite guarantee ot
as tiie people generally, supposed the n(.aithy normal digestion, for it over
Tokio government wo pledged to re- comes and prevents thnt acid eonditiqn
turn the possession to its original own-; which alone is the cause of trouble.
era eventually, if it were wrested from! i i
! ...' I KMS
Store "J
nfi ike A
Shop m
Fuller, of Dallas, is here on
V. V.
(. E. McCrow, of McCoy, was in this I
city yesterday.
K. ('. Don as, of tiie firm of Dcreoxi
Just lis this would havo strengthened
the tiresent Pekin ndministiatiou hand,
so Kiao Chau's retention by Japanese J
will iucvitablv nrovo cxceediiiL'lv dam-1 T
agin to President Yuan Shi Kai's gov
eminent. The territory might have re
mained indefinitely in the (ierninns'
possession without particularly uugcr
ing the people but the subject having
been once stirred up and the impression
given that it waa about to become ( in-1 Rr0H., Imp buyers of Portland,
na, s again, tncre is a widespread ""- the city on business,
position to regard the country us hnv-i j, ,' putnnm, of Bend, recently ap
ing oeen robbed of it for a mctoihI ,0iiitl private secrctaiy to (loveinur
time. elect Withyconibe, is in the city.
So strong is this feeling that ninny. (Ucnv lluvter. a nroinincnt attorney1
(people believe President Yuan will be.1 0f )Hllns; Dr. Mark Hnvter, Conrad
j driven to a declaration of hostilities stafyen, ami John L. Sweeney, all of
against Japuu unless tho luttcr fulfills Dnii.m, nre Salem visitors today,
the pledge it was suppci cd to have giv- Tj0uj ,08Se n(i wif0 0f Siilem, ar
ea, as a means i.: suving himself from. rjVC(i thiH morning ami' will upend n
overthrow by his own countrymen. short time visiting at the Inter's par
It may be thnt the Chinese were i it-, onts, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. F. Barker. Kose
diiforciit once to their nation's affairs i,Urg News.
unless it concerned directly the various Supreme Court Judge-fleet L. T. liar
sniull communities they themselves liv-iis, of Lane county, Is in the city look
ed. A strong national feeling has been jug over the town with Mrs. Harris,
dev j'.oping among them in the few pnst i preparatory to taking up their resi
years, especially since the revolution, ,ence here,
und it is also u fact that, in tile cities J
at le.ist, they are tiiU'inlilv well int'oiin
cd concerning news of importance to
jthe conntury as a whole.
I At any rate, it is ceitain that even
the loolies in such places as Pekin,
Black velvet is lovelier than ever i Shanghai, Canton, Hankow and the big
this scaon and is worn extravagantly. ' interior towns have been asking one an
The sheen is so wonderful that it looks ;"'''. ever since the Japanese first
, hi,., ,;,. ti, . i ti,.i 11 I landed on the Shantung peninsula, if it
lustration is loim. with 'a sutin l.lt. I 'eiv going to l.e necessary t.. fight th
71 xMtHi
This Is Going To Be
The Best Christmas Ever
, Here you will find a large assortment of good,
sensible Christmas gifts. Notwithstanding the
trouble abroad where many of the Christmas things
are made, we have received the largest assemblage
of holiday goods we have ever shown all grouped on
our mam iloor, easy of access.
Visit Our Toy Section
You will find here the choicest gifts for boys and
Doll Land
Where Dolly and her things reign supreme. You
will find furniture, dishes, wardrobes, trunks,
everything for dollie to be found.
Popular prices prevail on all lines.
One can't always judge a man's im l?r iivi)v
irtnnce by the angle at which he "Av
1 wears his hat
pi. , ' Mikado 's subjects.
testations, loo, or
which makes it biok like n frock.
ulfii'f lina II Ifimr tunic, nnd the nIi'I'VI'M
nnd collar of the coat ore odired with 1 w"''. "I1'".1
'lucre were niiini-
ni (i ii" or less of a
personality and splendid executive
ability. Ueceiving an excellent edu
cation ill the colleges of the South, hev
personal educiitiouul work wns in the
larger high schools und colleges, among
them being the high schools of Port
land. Her venrs of association with
educiitiiinal woik and people makes her
a paiiicularly happy choice, nnd tin
parents nnd touchers of the Park school
nre expecting great things to be accom
plished under her sunervisiun.
H ft
The liighlnml Motheis' club will
meet Tuesdny afternoon at the High
land school ut :i;30 o'clock. This is
the second meeting of the club, nnd n
full attendance is desired,
Mrs. A. J. Long, Mrs. (I. C. Lnw
and Mrs. VY. Tyler Smith, of San Fran
cisco, who came tu Sulein to attend the
miiniugo of taoir lister, Miss Stella
Savagctto Boyd J. Bridges, which took
place last night at the tleotge (). Sav
age residence on South Cottage street,
will remain over the holidays. All are
well linii.vn nnd have many friends
here, who will be delighted to have
them with them again.
The country fair given by the I'niled
Artisun lodge ill Moose hall last night
attracted a largo number. Tne affnii
wns given on the regular open meeting
night, and was one of the most suc
cessful of any entertainments given
on these occasions, An Intricate drill,
given by the member of the drill team,
wearing their new uniforms, was one of
the lcntures of the evening. Musical
sele'tlnns were furnished by the high
school baud. Ices, confections ami use
ful articles were on snle at several at
tractively decorated booths, In charge
of Mis. Ailolph (luel'frov, Miss Mabel
Hrii'd icld, Miss I, cull Watson,
Olive t'nsto, Miss Tenny llciilev and
Mrs. Fnye Collins, ami Miss bonnn
Hull, in costume, presided at the for-
I Ml I. She was the mother of five ehil-i
dren: Curtis, of Howell Prairie; Wil-1
liniu, who resides in Salem on Shii
piug street; Mrs. T. A. Baltimore, of
Oregon City; Mrs. Charles Vinton, of
OKI Kerby' sti t, Portland, and Mrs.
lluggerty of this city, She also leaves!
seventeen grandchildren nnd five great'
grandchildren. A brother A. liickurd,;
is also a resident of Howell Prairie, j
Three brothers and one sfctor, 11. F.
liickurd, II. W, Hicltutd, J. W. Ilickard,
ami Mis. A. II. liieo, all of Kokomo,
Iml., also survive her. Mrs. Mcllwain'
was a woman of fine character. Of the
old-fashioned type of mother with a
largo family dependent upon her train
ing, she pnssed away satisfied taut, sue
American womanhood. She leaves a
host, of friends to mourn her pnssing as
well ns many kiufolk.
(Continued from page one.')
The opinion wns also freely expressed
that if Japan kept Kiao I'haii, it would
not be satistied with that posscssina'
alone, but, unlike the (lerniuus, would
cpiedily be nttcniuting to spread its
sphere of influence' throughout t lie rest
of Shantung pio iuce.
Among Toreignei's in Shunuliui there
were many "I told you so's" uttered
at the news of official Japanese de
nials inly assurance that mikado's oc
cupation of .luliiit island was only t -
pin in y or of an AmiloJiipniiese agree
ment com ei'iiing the .Marshall ami Car
oline groups.
Indeed, it. is tine Hint Europeans and
Ain.'iii'.'ins priiliftcil whin tne .Japa
nese siizi'd these (ierinnii possession
that thev would never relimpiish them
Girl and Baby In Our
and Vicinity, , .,
The most stupendous and remarkably liberal olTer ever made
to its readers by any newspaper.
For Every Boy,
secondary fighting ships.
Had Better Ships. ;
This Ilritish squadron umlnuhtidly
has as its nucleus one or more dread-
., , ,. , , , ii i ll gni cruiscis oi u'i s oi spec i no
given tnem a sp emu, exa ue r i tll0,lHll(r inch guns. Von Spec's
heaviest artillery was of N.2 ilcll calibre , -. j
,an. his fastest, which were also his'Tho Way a Nnllon Troats ita Womon.
I smiillcst ships, could not nuiko better
than 21.5 knots. 1
j As his cnminniiilcr, Fisher chose his A county's civilization or barbarism
1 own right hand man. Admiral Slnrdee, can be tobi by the way It treats women,'
' recently promoted to tho position of i This is the test of its standing among
chief of the naval stuff. The vast im- the nations of the world. Husbands
portnne which wns attached to the ex- should treat their wives with the grout'
Cli'lSS -At the family residence, 22fifl .
l.Vso avenue, Thursday, December J
1(,, P'i-I, Willurd II. Cross, aged t!5 :
ycnis. one month and 111 days. ,
V, nernl, under the auspices of the
Wiiidmen. will be held from the resi-1
donee Saturdny nfternoon at 2 o'clock,!
interment in City View cemetery, His'
wife survives him, and while no child
ren were born to them, five step-children
sincerely mourn his departure.
They arc; il. O. Watson, Mis. K. A.
Kaiser and Mrs. (I. V. Thompson, all
of this city; Mrs. A. V. Forbes, of
Mount Vernon, Wash., and Mrs, ('has,
Cochrane, of Clover, Idaho.
pedition is evident from this selection, est consideration for the wife is often
Sturdee's real business being that of a weighted down by a crushing burden of
strategist, nt home. i weakness, dizziness of dispuir. I
Von Spee won his Chilean victory j Thousnnds upon thousands of mothers,
November 1 but details of it were not. wives an, daughters ill every section
known until several days Inler, It! of this great, country, who havo ra
would seem, therefore, us if Sturdee! gained health, vigor and cheerful dis
could nut havo left Kuglnnd more than J position lifter months of misery und
about a month ago. even despair, are the ones who truly
I His departure evidently wns tuken in appreciate tho marvelous restorative
! such secrecy that despite Mormany'a power of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
! elaborate espionage system not a word scr'nition.
. i of it reached Von Spee. 1 Kvery woman who lias renson to be-
I he Ucrniiius made the mistake of hevo that backache, headiiche, iinnat
How often 1 exclaimed lis I beheld my ; underestimating Lord Fisher. Had they uriil pains, low spirits, sleepless nights,
gly cunplexion in the minor, "If I not done so, it is Inconceivable th'tt. Irregularities or a catarrhal condition
is caused by n derangement
of the.
only could tear off this old skin! ' And, 1 they would have remained In South
do you know, 1 ve learned how to do 1 American waters. If they had sup- womanly functions, owes it to herself
I that very thing! Not to actually if- posed that the chief of the llrltish and dear ones (o speedily overcome the
move the entire skin all of a sudden ; naval staff was on his way In attack trouble before a general breakdown
; that would be too heroic a method and them they would surely linvo mii.lii nt 1 causes permanent prostration.
' t.tilttC.il Itwi t InutiMiiiv Tim ivnMi.niil ,..11 i.j,,1 Ctr tin,,.,, nllinr nnrl rif Inn ll. HI 'u 1,' ll. I ....... 1. . 1.
MisS I I., '...,,,,.,' ,,ff 1 Bitidi litiv midli'lcw I u-dil.l li.ti.lliwr Stiir.ln.t ll 1 ti n 1 n 1 1 -I I n u ' n ,1 ..111....
and so gradually reipiii ing ahout ten ' chase. i safely take benu-c it Is prepared
, dnvs to complete the transformation--! Ran Into a Trap. i from' roots and herbs, routiiining Ionic
If finnan 't. hurt B til. I In V IV , ,1 V lltfl, lii.lnll.l Vim Nintit Ml n . l-lin,il ntn
tlino tellers' bnotll. A Cafeteria Slipper . vni:l unmolixlnn liniln'rncillli cn'Ot'S , In. Krili.h ,.t,,i,n,l,tr im... I,v
wns served, Miss Unrenen Snntn, Miss fortn, Mnrvelousl No mntler how steaming from the Pacific Into the
Mnni) llnvedebo, Miss Andra llieksi ,mu,v rough, blotchy or aged your, Atlantic.
and Miss Ruby linker assisting. There ( complexion, von can surelv discard It. The completeness of Rliirdee's vie
were marringo license bureaus, divorce, ,v Hi lit ! process. Just get an' torv nrnves. even wilhout the list of (lis
I linlisli slni.s, now iiilcilor llic lierinuil
m m m
of the most pionoiinceil
courts, policemen to enforce liuileniuo i niineo of ordinary mercollzed wnx ut
laws, lawyers to sentence law break-; your druggist 's, apply nightly like cold
ers, and all the other attributes thnt j erenni washing It off mornings,
are generally associated with a success-1 My wrinkles I got rid of by an equally
I'ul r.irnl fuir. I simple method, lly dissolving an ounce
I of powdered snxolite In a half pint
Last Sunday afternoon the Dangh
ters ( f Isabella called in a body on j
the faculty of Sacred Heart academy i
nnd were received In Hie large purine. I
Dueing the call refreshments were serv-j
cd and entertainment furnish,', I la the
form of music and singing. Lvcryone,
both guests and hostesses, spent a most;
enjnyuble afternoon.
Yestenluy nfternonn the members of
the United Circle, together with the
.,;!, ,1, unit ...ti.i.,1. i,ri,,l,,t, i,l lltn miiil.i
1 ... .. M..- . ..... .. . .. . .
emy, nssembled to hear the rending of T
the school journal, the " I'. C. ('limn- i T
lele." All the enutriliutors deserve 'T
credit for their work, but particularly
witch hnzol and bnlhlng my fnen in the n death trap
solution, every line completely dis
appeared. First the finer lines, finally
even the deep crow 's feet, vanished en
tirely. Monn Morrow in Town Tattler,
It Is not fl secret remedy because Its
Ingredients are printed on wrapper,
(let lr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion today either ill liipiid or tablet
form, nt linv dealer In medicines, if
crnlls were tu tliem III rnnge, ! yiin want to better your physical eon-
The conflict's lesson I, cms out thn I it ion surely and speedily. Kvery In
tonchlng of all naval engagements since, uredient iu '"Favorite Prescription'1 Is
the present wur began thst n warship printed along with the directions. Ifj
Iu bnttlo Is cither absolutely safe or is' you want a specialist In women's dis-
DAW! OfiU.
Wt want erery irood nH bof and tahy
to bar i'01U-IN-0NK. Thej'll nuer lira
of It and bost ol all the COLORS ARK All
lUllllllllllllllUS lllllll
.11.1 llll Ill 1
worthy of mention nre the editorials
and school notes.
Washington, . J Dee, III. A bill
providing lilO.Oon for an immigrant
station at Tncoma, Wash., wns Intro
duced in the house tndny by Represen
tative Johnson.
Salonika, via London, Dec.
In. Thnt the Servians hud de
feated the Anstrinn right wing,
comprising the Fifteenth nnd
Sixteenth nrtnv corps, wns as
serted here tulny In an official
report received from Nlh.
It was said that 1VI0 Aus
trian were killed or wounded.
The battle occurred on Serv
ian soil, .
lependiiig on the rnnge ,.oscs to dinumise vor case, consult Dr
of its gnus. i pici-,.,1 by letter, enrrespondence private
This, coupled with weight of lnetiil and confidential, address Doctor Pierce
and speed, that nn engagement mnv be Invalids' Hotel, Kiil'fnlo, N, V,
compelled nt will, is the Important m
tor ill iiuvnl wnrfarc, nolwitlistiimliug
the nccnidoiinl spcctucular" exploils of
submarines. ,os Angeles, t'nl., I Ice. 10. The
Naval stinti'gy consists III niitrnnglng t,inri t eutinlia, disable, I off Point
the enemy. I Aruuello, was eu unite fioin l.os An
I he llrltish admiralty, under Lord ,,1,,, t sn I'luncis with passengers
Fisher's direction has demonntrntel its l1Ia.r..i, ,, , ,.
ability to do this 11 1 1 1 1 to do It with re
nuirldihlc rapidity nnd efficiency.
Not only the encounter off tho Fil'i-
land Islands, but nlso the st
If you have nothing to worry about
nk your wife; she can always supply
vou with A because,
; which preceded It. restore Its good name f , ,.v ,,,, ,
. to fireat Ilritnln's sea power.
i A ' I tu i i ll I Sturdee's dingonnl voyage
ineross the Atlantic and bis dcstiuctlnii
i of Von Spee s snundron nre accnui
I pllshtnents In keeping w ith the bright
est of Ilritish nnvnl traditions.
Th wisi young iiiiin keeps nn Lie
light side of his rich old uncle who l
deaf in his left ear.
A Dandy Drum Major's Cup for tho boy and a Belt for the neighbor's boy.
beautiful, life-like doll, (about 18 inches tall) as largo as a baby, for the little girl.
A harmless and brilliantly colored ball for Baby Bunting.
Something for each member of tho family all on one sheet of muslin ready
to cut out and stuff.
The Daily Capital Journal is going to give away several hundred of
ii pnsscngeis these Anna. Belle dolls, as follows:
All who pay three months subscription, old or new, back subscription or
n lit one Day , , . . . ,. , ... -i, l-
Tii be I.AXATIVK llltnMO riNIMvlll UUVilnUc, 111 UiXot; LIlClX JuJJcl IS UCHVUIrJLl Ijy UUlllCI, Will 1CUC1VC UilD Ul
,iu"loe tTX'Z dolls free. All mail subscribers, old or new, who pay. six months'
is on e, h box. sr.,.. I subscription, $1.50, will also be entitled to a doll without extra charge.
M 'iiure ilispntchcs froin I'olnt Ar
goello expressed the belief llilli ll bmle
on Ihe I'll 1 1 1 1 1 H cuiilodcd while tie
hIi in wns fiuhling gale. Itumoes that
ed were not. confirmed
The CentrnliH ennied
and a crew of Ml.