Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 09, 1914, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Turkey a Powder Magazine j
That May Explode Any Time
I I'oronce in their uf fiilra.
; In embassy is open 24 hums n day
tne uiiiniiHiiulor mil Ins stnlt
1)0 them persunnlly uccumpaaics every i
pi'.rty t departing refugees to the rail
roiul station.
! He Stands Alone.
linen tlie iui-ks' tirt tnrv ugainsl
broke, Alorgeuthuu uKine
"stood between foreigners nnd Ottoman
violence. I'ol'ure he cuiild net, nil l-.u-
of lO.OOO.rtDO were trn unformed into
hospitals, Inirruelca ur Turkish schools.
The KnbertB itnd Constantinople tut,
lege". Amorie'in institntious,' alone en
caned. The wireless plant oOii tit the
Kohcrtu college n-ns destroyed. As I
was l'-n vi iifi the sulttin's capital the
government was taking possession o-'
all .jireign-ow ie'd public utilises.
Among' tlieni were tlie British naviil
construct inn yards, valued at $5.000.
000; the French waterworks and the
.John It. William's booh "The
Ounrdinns of the Columbia'' has been
added to the Public Library thin week.
It is n very attractive book of tlie
West, treating of -Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams
& Mt. ISt. Helens. There is one part on
By Henry Wood
(L'nited Tress staff correspondent I
... i . :.. i i.... n.... i i..
-a oi.iis .. . ......uu... .... .am, rue oniimssnuor ami ,i,s statt ur- ' ' ' ' ,,, ,, ',. ' . " ' ' ' ,. V ., " ' , the river ( oluiubia), one on the moan.
juyeo.; n re is r.u r ii ,iKaim. woruing nay aim input, feme one or " - l """ tains and one on the fore.ls. The,
A spaiK or inniiin ism is wisely in in
struck at anv nioinent, causing an ex
plosion which will shatter all elcmeula
of Kuropeanisui in the country.
Foreigner? are in cnistnat danger.
1 ...I , .. ..Uf. ...... .1 1
Willy su 'i-i n uuimi iLiiriin un mm p
iiinht. Inis 1'niteil States Ambassador ' J''"r".l'p""H
Alorgenthau succeeded in preventing
an international crisis thus tar,
I arrived here todnv from Cunstnnli-' " ". "," , '.'"'"'"";
nople, which is practically . isolated, i""1 ""'" " h."(1 "'- '..''.
Communication witli the outside world "'over. he is succeeded in preventing
i -I'lintiiiiiiMi hv mwins ur Imr ti mtn i ' . . 1,1
riiridly censored telt'ttrniih line. Turk-
transortution. lurhnr it ml other inmlk
Utilitii'H were )jeing taken over Iw tlie
govenim"iit. it v:tn Mtr.ted, for tlie rea
son that their foreign owners had r'Iril
the-country or been expelled, leaving
itoV.oily to mnr:itt? them.
Am I'xetitton was made, however iu
l'uv-y nf the telephone system, the of
fiend mlmissiun heln made that it
Kpeeiul feature of the book is the illus
trations, as there ore ft great mimy
viftwa of the rivers, the mountains with
their ejneiers, ete. There are also some
three eolor hnlf-toiiea which add to the
beauty of tlie hook. The liook is ready
for eiii-ulation at the library and
Hltiary patrons will he interested in it.
Another Hook ndded during the week
ish frontier patrols confiscate every
letter and paper it is sought to send
either into -the country or out of it.
Foreigner are tleeing. ' The froniii r
towns are filled with .anxious men who
dare not enter tin' empire to rescue
Christian women there.
Fugitives are allowed to take only
.itVjl.' gold out of Turkey with them. M
they carry more, tlie nutnontics eon
I M'.ires or tunes the .Moslems hav."
broken their promises tc him. The gov
ernment lus promised repeatedly not
to interfere with the departure of train
bunts of Europeans, yet each time a
train has beeu ready to leave the police
have held it up. Invariably Ambassa
dor Morgenthnu has responded by hur
-:u..a if ffil-iii.r ill n v,. Iill n fro VnP !t ,t. ! l I'OlOgll
preciated CMtoman paper money..
At Dedeaghatch there are 2.0011 Ku
ropean refugees who are unable, for
financial reasons, to get farther.
No Men Can Leave.
The Jay 1 left Constantinople the
government was perinitling the depart
lire only of foreign women' and child
ren. The men,, who, it was explained
might bear arms against the Turks if
permitted to return to their native
lauds, were being detained. Their im
prisonment in concentration camps was
thruateutd. Ambassador Jlorgcnthau
was fighting this proposition.
-The few ' thousand Kuropeans who
still remain m
lack the money
tion is .deplorable.
Ambassador .Morgenthnu new repre
Fonts not only the t'nited Mutes, but
llreat Britain. Franco, Belgium, ter in,
Switzerland. Denmark nnd Argentina
rvmg to tne foreign ministry ami sue-, repmts and ti roll of American linns j
ceeded in securing safe conducts for ; d.d,.; business in the near Knst. i
tlie travelers. The government has t .n.
I regularly f r these delays, 1 train or steamship schedules out o.'
each apologv the : f 'mi ht 11 lit! ii mile.
same thing has happened again. -Tlie The people are without news of unv
only explanation which lias ever been I kind except of the highly colored olli
forthcoming has been that the Turku (j,,! statements, given olit bv the gov
"forgot their promises.'' 'eminent.
During one of the-e incidents, which j s,,, i0g aii Ambassador Morgenthan
I witnessed personally, a high govern- , remains able to assist foreigners as oi'
meat official fi whom the An ericun i i,.i,.,it!v he hna done thus fur. nil
will be well, but a time will come when
could not be ran without Kuropeau ; is Augustus Thomas' play "As a Man
llllllKS. ' ' -
Now Books for the Children.
. Tlie following children's books were
used in the exhibit held at the library
Inst week and have now been added
regularly to the juvenile slie'ves:
Altshelor (ions of Hull Kun.
Altsheler (liihs of Shiloh.
Cave The boy's camp book.
Chambei'laiii Sooth America,
Crozior Children 's parties.
Crozier Tudoor games for children.
Fitzhugh Along the Mohawk trail,
llornthrook A scout of today.
T.ucia I'eter and Polly in winter.
Moran KwhIiii, the Hope Indian boy.
Miller Kitecraft and kite tourna
ments. Knnk in Castaways of Pete's Patch.
Seton Animal heroes,
Tiirkiidi controllers were installed at
the foreign bnnks anil given charge of
tlielid ninisti-ation of the public debt.
Secretary Wylie Brown, of the Amer
ican chamber of commerce in Constaa
tiiiople, was forced to hand over has
iuess letters he had received from Am-bassa-b.r
Morgenthan and the local con
si, I general together with i list of mer
chandise orders, n bunch of consular
longer any regular
Tied Cross Seals should, in accordance
with Order No. o,0L'(l of the I'ost-office
Depart inenfj "be affixed to the reverse
side of doiui'stic mail matter," mid not
on the nddress side of any letters or
packnges that are going through the
innil. Thev mnv be placed nnvwhere on
- matter going by express. As many seals
may be used on the back of a letter or
; package as may be desired. Care should
I lie exercised in sending merchandise
j through the mails not to place seals
I over tlie strings with which the pnek
j age is tied, sinco this seals the pnek
! age ngniust inspection nnd subjects it
j to first-class postage rtite.i. I'sers of
j We'd Cross Seals are cautioned against
their indiseriintninaling use on foreign
mail, ned Cross Seals in normal times
may be used oa the reverse side of mail
matter sent to Austria, (lermany, (Ireat
Britain and most of tho British -colonies,
except India and Austrnlit.
Guatemala, rrugnnv and Portugal re
fuse to admit mail bearing non-postage
ambassador had protested replied:
Hanged No One Yet.
"We can't understand your solici
tude; we haven't hanged or shot any
one yet."
Wholesale arrests of foreigners by
the Young Turks was the first step in
the anti-Fun pean enmpaign. Their : peanism
Turkev are those who homes were all searched tliorooghlv for;
to leave. Their Condi- suspicious papers or for pricate wire
less i'lstMllalions.
Hubert Frew, for yours lvctof of the
Kpiscopal church in Constantinople,
was' one such victim. Fvery scrap of
paper in his home was seized, including
at tho sultan's capital. He alone has all the sermons he hud preached in lie
saved their citizens from the hard- course of the past 11 years,
ships of concenttation camps, for the All foreign schools were seized also.
Turks are ablaze with the determina- Tn Cons'iintiiiople 75 such institution!,
tion to put un end to Fiiropean inter- representing an ystimated investment ni
bis ilemands no longer will be respect
ed. If there should be the outburst of
fanaticism which is threatened, the
world will be shocked at the manner
in which tho Turks seem likely to
throw off their thin veneer of Kuro-
ui.iii:.. .'cl. t. ....,.l..a
Skinner-UttUu dramas for primary! r;rtn T,'peaii "ntries
rva1e ' i return to the sender any mad near-
Toiii'liiison-Wnshingtoirs voong iwls. 1 V!1''''! ''""'""''' ' 011 '"f, ""''V
Wallace Wilderness eastawavs. I M'"l "ddiessed to any of the be bgerent
' countries in Kurope should not bear the
. nnn 1 tin T 1 17 r l'Os" "eal. Red Cross Seals mnv
tAl LtjS AND 1 AKfc ,,e iif"''1 on "io fi"'1' of ''ho,k8-011 ,,in"'
, 011 legal docninents nnd on nnv eominer-
M IN M1K IV llreKYN 'itl paper. These Christmas Seals are
! not good for postage. Thev will not
I carrv anv mail matter, but nny kind
Take a glass of Salts befor DreaKfast of matter will enrrv them
if your Back hurts or Bladder
bothers you.
Our Christmas
Stock .
is at the highest point of completeness now. Buy
early and avail yourself of a large selection.
We have a beautiful assortment of
Bath Robes
Smoking Jackets
and can supply men with all the needed Furnishings
from head to foot.
Note Henry Wood, the l'nited Press
Urnie representative, was the first Am
erican newspaperman to reach ( i-.nstan- The American men and women must
tinople nnd to gather first hand intoi'-; guard constantly against . Kidney j
ination concerning conditions there j trouble because "we eat too much and
since Turkey has been involved in tin (all oor food is rich. Our blood is filled;
war. Owing to the strictness of the i with uric acid which tho kidneys strive 1
censorship, he wis compelled to go to: to filter out, thev weaken from over-j
Salonika, which has been n Creek city work, become sluggish; the eliiiiinntive i I
since the Balkan war to send his tissues clog and tho result is kidney Whitney and was so taken with the
! trouble, bladder weakness and a general i prospects of this part of the Willani-
(Ifiibbnid Enterprise.)
A year ago last May Dr. I.ohb
lought a piece of laud from (ieo. V.
! decline in health.
i etle Vnllev that he sold out his home at
I When your kidneys feel like lumps of tiieul Falls, Montana and came to Port-
E3 (fj P
For Every Boy, Girl and Baby In Our
City and Vicinity
The most stupendous and remarkably liberal offer ever made
- to its readers by any newspaper.
ii f i -j---in p-i4riim niriif-'t-iriii iiinuiiiiiuuni niir- -r-irn l ! If
lead; vonr back hurls or tile urine
cloudy, full of sediment or you are
obliged to seek relief two or three times
during the night; if yon suffer with
sick hendiiclie or dizzy, nervous spoils,
- nciil stomach, or you have rheiitnal ism
i when tlie wcalher is bad, get from your
pharmacist about four ounces of .lad
Salts; lake n tahlcspnoufiil in a glass
of water before breakfast for a few
days and your kidneys will then act
: fine. This famous raits is made from
.the lici'l of grapes ami lemon juice,
combined wilh lithla, and has been
used for gcnem funis to flush and stimu
late clogged -k'niueys; to neutralize the
ncids in the mine so it no lunger is n
source of irritation, thus ending nlad
dcr disorders,
dud Suit h is inexpensive; cannot in
jure, makes a delightful effervescent
lilhia-wiiler beverage, and belongs in
every home, because nobody can make
a mistake by having a good kidney
flushing liny time.
This urrali'st opportunity, fur tbts
ti'iirhi'i- tu ilircrt tin li.'il.ilw of Ihu boy
iiiul t'iil i pvi'ii lliionh diioctiiiK tho
play of children o tlm rouinln mil iu
the HrhiHilrniiiii,' hiivn Htritn Hi-honl
Mupt'miti-iiili-iit .1, A.' Clittrt'liill in hit
himuiiil roport to the leisluturo. 41 In
play i'tiiti('H rhildrou funu the liattilH
uf lioiicHly ur cliontin, of fuir ur foul
pliiy, of H'MltrttMit.v w Hi'lfUlint'HH, of
politont'HN ur mhIciiohk, uf itetiMinitiu-
t io n or rowiirilii't'. Ihrouuh proper
1 liui Ijuu'u in pluyrnuiiil ii'lminivliution.
In iiit. lit iiniiii'iliatolv went about tl)
illlproVHIlKMlt Of 'H WhitlH'V lillhl,
pliintiii it tn lonnborrii's (his lu-l
lriiitf. He rinployt'il H, tSprinur , to
ilo th work !' iMiitiviition uixltr tlif
uhlo ilii'iTiinn of W. I.. I'.t'ntly who i
'oni't'iliNl (o bn out' nf thn foii'innst
hurtiriilliirisls in 1 he stulo. M r.
SprintT pnivi'il mi apt f-hnlar. iiiul it
wua not loitj,' bi't'iiro tlie i'vch of a jioml
ly iortioa uf Marion roiuity's wiilt1
awakes were tium' in tho iiin'tinn of
tin' Whitney um'H. Tho Hploiiili-I piive
of cultivation proved the l':nt nl'len re
pcutetl by .Mr. Menlley: " .-nit t vale your
ImiiI nnd it ibm't malte any difft'icin'e
if it I'niiiH or not ilmiuj; tin' summer
SPHMHI.' Ill Mpitf Of the filet IllUt WO
yere uithout ruin for 7 days theee
louaaborry plantH t-et out in April uiew
IU feet, in length nnd muiMure was with
in one iihli of (he suifaee at tlie end
of the "( dii.VH, When the cultivating
period ended two month1 ayo Or. Ktddi
employed Mr. Hprinuer to build U
wire feni-e arouud the plantation nnd
him post upon whirl) to wire up Ihel
vine. It- tunic 1NI0 posts to complete
the job all of which are of the best j
elar Oregon affords. As it stands 1o
there is no finer pice ol worK in
the state an I is worth iioing miles to
see a monument of siu-h entei pi ie.
Headed with the niillnidi fur his first
iiivestineut, Dr. I.nbb now nvails liiin
self uf the opportunity of luk'nitf over
two tracts of (he DimicK llouiesteail
which ho intends tu uil into a hiuh
tate of cultivatinii the coming season.
While Dr. 1-ohh has puivhno'd a resi
deiii-o iu one of Portland's choicest
section it is believed by his friends
that he will eventually build n country
home at. Hubbard. The Kntei prise
voices sentiment of all irood citl.eus in
bidding Dr. Lubb welcome to our midst,
Capital Monumental Works
We manufacture mon
uments from American
and foreign granites.
We have installed a'
complete monument
manufacturing plant !
and make everything in
our line right here in .
Salem. You are invit
ed to call and inspect!
our stock and plant.
Office and Factory
2210 South Commercial
Phone 689
the traiiMictiun are tu bp
uiiou liaviiitf induced a
l.ohb'n ealibei'
man of Dr.
to come to lliilioiird.
W want lTM7 tU xy '"' ""T
to bate rOflt-lJi-ONK. Thoj'll neier tlr
Of It and bent nf nil tlm C0L01W ARE All
the teacher may dovelop Hie cluiiucter 1M1, (,.. & 1'iene who
of the future citizen, ion n 1 1 iiomh ot
lieiHon and k ion ii Im ore deteriiiiued,
iioliteneKH and lovaltv lire ol'I'octively
ttiiight, "H'liinre deal" In enforced Mitil
it I hoick a habit, mid law ami obedi.
nine become installed into Ihe child'n
' .1 1 1 i i I through the iiini'cncH and tail-
'iiesn uf idaying gniiicH. To ironiole Ml
iiniortant ii work, 1 m 11 ii-tli ) II I'un li-
cl Hecicition .Manuel tor HeimoiH Don,t at(iy 0f , 8,a Toil ld
: which ban coal i ibuted nnn h tow.-u l ,, ,ri,. Tt,,i. nn nj.in.mii
organizing the davn of the childieii.
flnni-diiug irogriiiiin for fcslivalH mil
holidiiyi iiiul eiicouiaging athletic cou
leulK, 'I'lirough Ihe Influence of the
niiiiiunl, the ma joilty of our echools,
'hold in i ill and city, lime iliiygroiii.d
ii iti i n l ii - ii m a 'ii ft. of their
eiiiiiiuelit, 1 '
phur DnrkeiiH Hair ho Naturally
that Nobody Cllll Tell,
in.iiu.imiimmi iiiiiuuiu 1. 1. 1 1. 1 ii ii ui..
A Dandy Drum Major's Cap (or tho boy and a Belt for the neighbor's boy.
A. beautiful, life-like doll, (about 18 inches" tall) as large as a baby, for the little girl
A harmless and brilliantly colored ball (or Baby Bunting.
Something for each member o( the family all on one sheet of muslin ready
to cut out and stud.
The Daily Capital Journal is going to give away several hundred of
these Anna Belle dolls, as follows:
All who. pay three months subscription, old or new, back subscription or
in advance, in case their paper is delivered by carrier, will receive one of
these dolls free. All mail subscribers, old or new, who pay six months' , fohw n,e .r..r.,i wnt ,,
... . . ...i . . , , ... , , ilnllv, too, mid vim f nnconft in
subscription, $1.50, will also be entitled to receive a cion wnnout extra ....to.i.
charge. . i!!
J- '
j (loveillor Weil i tediiV tlillilli; llt
the ti . i 1 1 r if the 'jnvei nnicnl ti -) . i I -1
't.tlnn ol MTi.tiim in i oiiiicctiou villi
tin Tiimnlo Ifiigiifinii proi-ct ivi 1 li cei
ret n l y I. line nf'tlie deplll I incut of the
Intcricr In order to pei ure hin perm. mil
Mid ot'liiilil .Iimm llpill Ihe ipn-itiini
tlinl him I "'n ngitiiting the milidi id'
the t'legoii public uf lute, (invernor
Vel fi'i'l" eeltnln thl.t the dl'pll It lili'llt
1 will Kile that the Mute Ii entitled tu
the benelit of the expend in re of the
government lipproni Iullnii, liemiinii h m
i the i lute In fulfilled Itn pint nf the
conlini;ctic v In iippiopiiiiting nnd cv
linj; n like m:m In the develo) 'ill
of the 1'nnnilo project, but Ik of the
npininii that the reclamation hit. 'Ice,
whl'li l holding the ninlter up on a
l tei-linli nlity, ii i.n relv a little bit peri
od I nine the procei dingi irM not pain
tlirieuh the re;;ul',r "nd lupe" biuinil
elniiini'li ami that Hi'eretnry lnc nlll-
illl le In tic ti li I f of the ntnte'11
right! In i'eiiilii( the beiiilit uf the
Yon can turn gruy, I'inlcil hair beau
tifully dark and lnntroiiH alinoit over
night if you'll get a .111 rent bottle of
"Wyoth'H Huge nnd Sulphur Hair liein
edy lit nny drug tore, Millionn of but
IIc'm of th'iri old, fiiinoun rnge Tea
licecipo nro mi ilil it n it tut I ly , nays n well
known driiggiit here, hociiuxo It durk
eua tlm Im ir no nut orally nnd evenly
that no one can tell it linn boon lip
died. Those ttliime hulr In laming g'rny, be
eoniiiiK faded, 'dry, Hcrnggly and thin
have a mirpriioi aniiiting them, Ih'ciiuhi
nfter one or two npplii-iitiinii the giuy
hnlr vntiii-hep nnd your loclm becinne
I i x it ri n ti t ly dark nnd bciintlful -nil
iliiiulniff goen, ncnlp itching and fulling
hair ntnpH.
Thin in the nge of youth. (Iriiy hiilred
nnntlriictive folio aren't wanted
arouiul, ko get huny with WyelhV Huge
nnd Sulphur tonight and you'll bo de
lighted with your dark, hnndiionie hair
and your youthful iippiwiriiin'o within n
few iIiivb.- Local agent, ,1, (!, Terry,
Do Your Christmas Shopping at
Rosieiii & Greenbaimi's
We have, on display staple Dry Goods that are
useful for Christmas gifts. Niee Table Linens and
Napkins, Hosiery, Blankets, Handkerchiefs, Etc-
Mciiiiiliin, Pa., lice. I). -Ten mlnon
met Itliliilit dentil tmlliv while ilen-end-lug
Into the trip ihnfl of Ihe l.nck
iittiiitini t'onl coiiipniiy 'n mine near here.
One of the niiiiei" dropped n ipiniilllv of
ilyiiuuiite III Ihe bottoiii of the i-iiue. II
exploded and denlioved the cage, the
in ciipnnti dropping to the bottom of the
ift t)c )ft l(( l(t
T.oiidnii.-The Weil mlnliter (Inetle
nnniiitnceil Ihnt l.adv Heelen foiinerlv
Minn Vivien llonld of New Voik, who
hni been doing lied I'l'iim work lit Hull
Mill, lli iceclltlv ilightlv oieili.lcd bv
n tiertiinn in ialoi'' Imndi,
Come in. Look around. You will find it interesting.
210-2 1( Commercial Street
At the city hull, Toewlny night, the
Mt, Angel Coinineiciiil club held their
un n mi 1 meeting and elietion ot olli-
k, There Mint n very g I nlteinl
unco ol He meiiilieri, nr. ,1, I,, nnm,
tho proiddcnt, iiuide n repoit on Hie
piugrem of the club. The nccn-tniy.
I'. fi, l-'inhi", rend the nilniitei of the
previous meeting, which oio mlupteii
ii m reiul. Ur, K, V, lliiinuni, Ike tieim
urer, tn ii 1 1 the fiiiiiuciiil lepoil, wliiih
iliiiwH Hint the Mt, 'Angel Con n-inl
club In iu good condition. Tlie com
mittee Hint miiiuigcil the poultry exhi
bition made a lengthy report of the
financial condition of the poultry nm
Nuelntioii, uhich hud a biilunee nil liniid
of ifi.l.1.1. Voted Hint the liuhiine ol
the poultry aiioi intinn fniul be pi iced
to I lie credit of the Cuiiiiiieii inl club
io ll ncpnrnte nccniiol.
The tluinkH of tl bib in due In the
bulien mid gentlemen nhu contributed
to tlie ntii m uf the cnhihit,
I'diclinn uf nlflceirt reiiilted 11.1 lol
Linn Ilr. J. i:. Webb, preildenti N. I).
Tr'ivlin, ice prciidi-nt ; I'. H. l-'m li0,
.'circlary, and l)r, li. . Ilaiiiuiii, tieni.
I. nor. The bucnl nl din eturi inc. A. A.
Si hut ''or. I co .seller, I itlo 1 1 miild, ,lm
nil Milehtold and I'. V. Kent, 'Ike
loi feil ) cm li i llieer ul'rt iilililliiuoin
iiiul piin in nny mi ine nni onieniin
uric le el-'i ted. - Tllin-1,
iiri iuu viivri
Jontdwith drugs
whea their blood is
rculy starved. They need tlmt
blood .trotiRtli winch comr-M
Irom mcdicinitl nourislunonl.
No (lni( enn ninke blood.
Ht'O'l l'H KMUI.SION In highly
coiicenlrntcd blood-food mid every
both body and breln.
If Jou nro fmll, ImiKuiit, d
dclimte nr nervnua. tike
Seoll ' BmuUian nfter fneiU
for unit month. Au Atcohal.