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Social and Personal Notes
By Mollie Runcorn
ONE of the most splendid local
movements to aid the (tour of the
city at Christmas time, and which
could be made a most noteworthy prece
dent in civic charities if taken up by
similar organizations, wns recently ori
inatod by tho Pareiit-T cachers' asso
ciation of the Grunt school. A commit
tee has been named to oversee elaborate
preparations for a Christmas entertain
ment to be given by the pupils of this
school, for which no regular admission
fee will be charged, but instead, each
attendant will be . requested to contrib
ute some article or articles of food,
clothing, toys, or anything that could
be used to bring happiness and Christ
fus cheer to those less fortunate. Heal
king that many families in the city
will be unablo to celebrate the ap
proaching holidny with any semblance
of the customary joyonsucss, , the
thoughtful members of this association
in deciding on this plan believe that
a response sufficiently generous will be
made, to enable them to supply a num
ber of needy families with necessary
articles as well as some of tho "unnec
essary" things that "go to make a
( hmtniaa merry." The committee
named will cooperate with tho social
service organization, wmch will give
valuable aid in directing the, distribu
tion of the gilts.
The plan wns autiounced and ilis-
Ksther Bailey, Messrs. Fred Norwood,
t'arl Beckett and Prank Burton.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Fitts, of West
Hulem, were ' most pleasantly sur
prised Saturday evening when a group
of friends, residing nearby called un
announced. Recovering from their
surprise they proved genial hosts. Tho
hours were spent with pastimes of a
pleasantly informal nature. The af
fair was planned in honor of Mrs. Fitts
who leaves shortly for Alabama,
where she will spend the winter with
friends and relatives. She was pre
sented a beautiful gift by the following
who were her guests: Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Blue, Mr. and . Mrs. Walter
Gerth, Mr. and Mrs. Wooley, Mr. and
Mrs. James Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. Enrl
Woods, MisseB Edith ' Tiddle Dobey
Khoades, Beth Bedford, Claudine Gertli,
Inez Fitts, Bessie and James Jacobs,
Jr., Uirtis Wooley and Clifford f itts.
At the annual meeting of the
Women's Relief Corps on Saturday
aftorhoon, Mrs. Laura McAdams was
elected president for the coming year.
Other officers elected -were: Mary E.
Watson, senior vice president; Nell As
seln, junior vice president: Alice Cald
well, treasurer; Ida Ross, chaplin; Bes
sie Martin, conductor; Myra Uotson,
guard. Sixteen delegates and alter
nates were chosen to atenil the De
partment convention to be held at Mo
Minnville.next June.
eussod at the parent-teachers' meeting
held in the school building last night,
and was promised the sumiort of tho
largo number in attendance. The Mrs. Lloyd Rumsden entertained
meeting was one of tho most pleasant j Saturday evening. Twenty guests
held this year, and waB featured by j were asked in for the evening, and
several interesting talks and entertain- after games and informal entertain
ment numbers. Kev. Ro'iert S. Hill dis-intent a buffet supper was served. Mrs.
cuBsed the hew social service move-! HuniMlen was assisted by Mrs. Htacey
Passes on Question of When 90,000 Votes Cast for Her--
Ticie Begins to Run-Ap-
peal Held in Time
feting upon the conclusion that a
day is mi indivisible point of time, the
act and the day on which the act is
done are co-extensive, and that the
day on which tho net is done will not
be. the first day to be excluded from
the court, the supremo court this morn
ing, in an opinion written by Justice
Enkin from which Justice Ramsey dis
sents, rescinded its action of about u
month ngo, when an appeal in the case
of the United States National Bank or
Snlem, et. ol., respondents, vs. F. J.
Eldridgo and Swastika Farms com
pany, appellants, was dismissed on the
ground that it lucked ono day of being
filed within the required fiO days time
allowed in enses of appeal. In this
ense, which wns an npiwnl from a inuV
ment awarded the bank upon a note for
;j,uuu ngoiift the defendants Eld
ridgo nnd tho Swastika Farms com
pany by Judge Galloway, of the cir
cuit court for Morion county, on April
110 nnd the notice of anneal was filed
on June 30, and the question uroso as
to whether time should bo computed
from the day on which tho judgment
was rendered or the follow! nc dav. and
the supreme court, in overruling tho
motion to dismiss tho nppenl today
ruled that "in the computation of tinio
within which an act shall be done the
statute provides that the first day shall
be included and the day on which tho
net is done shall be excluded from tho
ment; Mibb Virginia Mann, talked en
tortuiningly of her work as art instruct
or of the grade schools, and its relation
to parent, pupil aud, teacher. She il
lustrated her subject with many humor
ous mccdotes and happenings inciden
tal to her daily work.
Miss Bonncy gavo a pleasingly ren
dered pinna solo. A business meeting
followed, and 15 new names were added
to the constitution.
Those in position to know slate that
this year's lucal sale of Red Cross
stamps will be larger than ever before.
The campaign for the sale has awak
ened the interest ot ninny well-known
women, who arc working systematically
to makp it a great success. Thirteen
dollars crowned the efforts of yester
day's sale, conducted by Mrs. l.ucli
inund and Miss Tiilkingtoii in the l.ndil
& Hush bank, Mis. Joseph Keiiiiiurt
and Mi's, Karl McMcchan being as
signed to tho Mime position for tomor
row. The booth at the bank will be
permanent lor the week, and stumps
may also be procured at the (oiiiiner
cial nnd I'littou brothers' bookstores
mill the Capita! drug store. The assist
ance of nil Christinas shoppeis is so
licit I , whether for huge amount or
Kvciv town of biiv size In the Tinted
Mill 's is in 1 11 1 11 ;r in tin; caiuiiiiign, am
Reeves, Miss Vera
Sntllo Heath.
Cooder and Miss
Tho gvmnasium of the liicli school.
gaily decked with the freshman colors.
purple nnd gold, and the orange and
black of tho sophomore class wns the
setting tor the Inrge sophomore-fresh-men
reception held Saturday evening.
large number of students and fiiendr
filled the room, and for their entertain
ment a most enjoyable program had
been arranged. The entcitninincn
committee consisted of Miss Mnrjnrie.
Kay, .Miss Beniicc Craig, Miss Evelyn
Dcl.oug. Miss Mamie Victor, Carrie
Fisher, ltryiin Goodnough, Rocky Bron
cushio, Tillman Pcrrizc, George Bed.
nnd Kenneth l.egg. iwiss Maude Mor
ton and Miss Orace McDonald served
punch, nnd Miss Grace Tmvnscad and
Miss Eula Kuylor passed the ices.
The senior-junior reception will lie
an event of next Saturday, and will In
line of the largest nf fairs of the sch
venr. It will be u mask affrir.
Other Opinions.
Opinions wero handed down by the
iHipii-i.-ie cuurt in otner cases this morn
in? as follows:
Clara S. Bird, oppennnt, vs. Lucretia
.uury .vnyo, ct. al., nppenled from Clat'
sop county, motion to strike respond
ent's brief from tho files overruled
per enricm.
State, ex. ml., Warren Construction
company, vs. mayor and council of
lillamook City, petition for a writ, of
mandamus to compel the officials to
levy a tax to cbtuin funds with which
to pny a demand owing by snid city
in ine reiaior, demurrer to writ sus
tained. OpiiiH n by Justice Ramsey,
l'acifie Livestock comiuinv nimnl
hint, vs. Gcoitfi! T. Coelirun,' appealed
from 1'iiion county, action to recover
nil irrigation fee, opinion by Chief Jus
tice .Ucliride, Circuit Judge Knowles
In the ni'itter of the anneal of Chns
I Sneedon. charged with insanity, appeal
rrom i nns county, opinion hy Justice
Only About 12,000 Votes
Between Leaders
Another very heavy vote was count-
Since brown or yellow, over-red or,
blotchy complexions are decidedly not
the fashion, 1 cannot undcrstnnd why
so many continue to wear them. Sure-;
ly every woman has heard of mercolized
wax. This 1 kuow from my own and!
others' experiences will positively
banish every nnsightly tint. Tho wax'
really takes off a bad complexion. It,
gradually, harmlessly, absorbs the thini
layer of Biirface skin, with all its de-
fects, as chaps, liver spots, pimples, i
freckles, blackheads. Just as gradually!
the discarded skin is replaced by the
clear, white, youthful skin underneath.
Mercolized w ax, procurable at any J
drugstore, is applied niirhtlv like cold!
ed today in the Capital Journal exposi- cream and erased mornings with warm!
tion contest. Ruth Fugato continued ! water. Ono ounce will produce the love-1
, ., !, i 41,. ,,. t ... ,;liest girlish complexion in less than a
with over 80,000 votes polled for her , I0, 1 UK" , ' .... , .
today, went 'into first Vtae, with !. " "K'- ti'lvi? ffe
grand total of vri.Vil. Mrs. Hibbler V " ;
is in second place and Pearl Zinn isi the famous saxol.te formula has become ;
third. For fourth place Violet Cory ! rbll, P"P"ty. One ounce of pow
displaees Margaret White who is now ! ?"x0 ,to "soved ' a half -pint
fifth in tho race. " witch hazel, makes a wash lotion that.
The trip to the great exposition with , " V,"
its wealth of world wide wonders, will "eTcm.-uu.ig. "nr in nociai -uirror. (
be the event of a lifetime for the 1 1 i
fortunate wiwicr, and the Capital ifltiJ iiAvi; mti DArarLiiB. ,
Journal guarantees that no expense will I
be 6rcd in making a pleasant one. WishiiiL'ton. Dec. 8. Charges that!
First class railroad fare, the best of I two American euiierrna hud maniifac-
hotei accommodation, and facilities for red j,()00,000 rounds of "buckshot
sceng the great flUr at its best will be ' I Rrtridgcs," snid to be a new stvle of
provided free of - till charge by this i dumdums, for use by British troops,
paper. Jt will bo a prize well worth woro fi0( wjth the state department
working for. todnv by tho German embnssv. Accom-
Ihe plan adopted by this paper f" panying tho protest were numerous pho
tographs and samples of the cartridges.
giving the trip does not require the con
testant to sell anything. The only thing
necessary to .Becure votes being to pa-
.n!-,o antna nt Rnlnm 'a nmnt tn,.uln
stores. Tho advertisements of thesel r.al!Je McLaughlin 1000
K.i.is Crane, iniinter. sculntor. hiimnr-! 1,111 ",,ri ctrcnit Judge toke nftiiined
ist, niiilosopher, will be one of the lit- i " A- Hp"t V8- Duncan McDonald,
tiactidis on the local Lvceuin course. I uPl,l'llant, appealed from Union county
Hmvly have the elements of a great I "llit tn recover fir services in drilling
oiitivininor been so completely united!"- ."'''J' "pinion by Justice Kukin, Cir
in one personality, lie hus been called ('"it ' '(! Knowles affirmed,
by nic critic: '"' Hoss Crane, the ln- M,l.,0 vs- Lnlinn J. Sclby, iippellanl,
coniimrable." "What Leliind Powers nvieted of an assault with n daiuei-
I Is to the art of impersonation; what i u,m "cfipnn, nppenled from Wallowa
firms is run in each Friday's Capital
Journal. These firms havo agreed to
give a Bales check or receipt to every
purchaser for cash or for monthly bills
paid until January , 11)15. The Bales
checks or receipts from these firms may
be exchanged for votes at this office
one vote for every 5 cents of Jour pur
chase. The names and standing of the can
didates follow:
Ruth Fugote 812,1)41
Mrs. Grace Eoff Kibbler (1,10,22:1!
Tear! Zinn ;i,'il),j47
Violet Cory 80,405
Margaret Whito 70,.)"2
Renska Swnrt 44,475
Violet M. Barker (1,514
Mario Bolinger 5,702
Arlino Ohm 3,773
Genevieve Frasor 1,1)10
Lunnna Brown . 1,(173
Celia Wilson 1,047
Marguerite Ostrander 1,644
Beth Rvnn 1,500
Myrtle Herdlcin 1350
net is Davis 1310
Lola De Long 1000
Grace Craig 1080
Hcrnice Sauter 1075
Hazel Johnson 1075
Beatrice Crawford 1005
Mnble Brnssfield 1047
Mario Schwab 1010
Vera George 1000
lluzel Cooley ! 1000
Mildred Coopor 1000
Silicon, with its nearly twenty thousand l,r- 1 1' is to the Ic.-ture platform, j '''.'""j ,1'i,ni(,"I, h', 'h'",'S'' U'misey
upula(ioii, should be liberally repre
4 ' Hn It'll lo Bill" nnd the business uiVn
of Cody, Wyo., where he lives, have
ligived this year, us they did last, that
every piece cf ma i I which goes out of
the town duiing th-i month of Decem
ber should bear n lied Cross Christ
mas seal. Last yivir, led by Hiiffulo
Bill, they purchased 22,50(1 seals a
recni-.i which probably will go unbeaten
in this country for the greatest use of
seals per capita. Cody has a popula
tion of about 1200, and the seals pur
chased means that they Used nearly
"II p'r capita,
Ross ( rune is ninontf cartoonists." snvs ( ircuit
Professor Paul N. i'enrson. of Swnitli-1 W I
Judge Knowles nffinned.
lVtcrsou vs. Baker Grucerc
more college, the celebrated clinutauqua
manager ami teacher, Mr. Crane will
be at the Grand opera house tomorrow
Owing to unpleasant weather
tions, the attendance lit the
company, appellant, appealed from Ba
ker county, action for an accounting,
opiuien by Justice Moore, Circuit Judy
Anderson affirmed.
I'nited StntcB National Bank of Villi
vs. Charles h. llerron, appellant, np
penled from Malheur, suit to foreclose
was Imped, but tho e who were present
made the most of the opportunity offer
ed for a pleasantly Informal social time
ami enjoyed numerous diversions, one
of the merirest of which was the con
structing of hats. Each guest was fur-
i i lushed collared tissue paper and pins
Mr. and Mrs. Karl llarrit recently ! wit It which to work, Much originality
entertained about 25 guests In honor wns ileoiniistrnled, the results of the
of the second birthday of their soil; young women 's efforts being both pret
Delbert Byron. Tho evening was spent tly , interesting. Miss Graco Smith
in singing and playing gfiines. A illvo .Hightful solo numbers, iiccoin
dainty lunch was served at half past . .,;,, lt , .li1110 ll(,r ;, Miis
lioin? given by the V. W. C. A. Inst I a mortgage, opinion by Justice Rum
night was not so largely attended as j sey, Circuit Judge Biggs reversed.
iniiuim mr lencaiing wero Denied
eleven, Miss Ethel Bnilev assisting
Thoso present were Mr. and Mrs. M. C.
I'etleys, Mr, and Mrs, Chnfle and lit
tle daughter Lola, Mr, and Mrs, Fred
Bunn and fnmilv, Mr. and Mrs. Hvron
llurritt, Miss Mary Schindler, Miss
in Nelson vs. Dnwigullo, Clark vs. Unod
River company, Ham vs. Mchiuney.
Graves Reinstated.
I pon the appearance nt H. O
Graves, the Alarshfield attorney who
was suspended trom prnctico in the
state courts of (IreL-on by the supreme
court two weeks ago, for the part, lie
took in the lorcililo deportation of
three members of the I. W. W. from
Mnrsiifield and Coos county enrly in
it'll nnd ottering an apology for his
Vivian nargrovo . 1000
Grace Taylor 1000
Magdalena Tuffli 907
Mary Guyer . 800
Alma Hall 750
Vera Martin . 750
Lotta Penn 750
Silvia Miller 750
Gladys Gray . V50
Marie Evans 750
The following is a list of the firms
whose sales checks or receipts may be
exchanged for votes at the Capital Jour
nal office:
Tho Toggery
Salem Electric Co.
Salem Cigar Factory
Imperial Fumituro Company.
Salem Laundry Co.
Wiley IS. Allen Co.
Tho Globo Theatre. j
Tho Roynl Bakery (bread wrappers)
A. C. Dcvoe Shoes
The Spa
Mauser Bros.
Trover & Weigel, Photographcra
Yokohama Crockery & Tea Co.
Vick Bros. Oarngo
Salem Fish nnd l'oultrv Market
Foisnl and Shaw Grocery
C. M. Epploy Grocery.
The Highland Grocery
Reildnwny's Cash Grocery
J. L, Buslck & Son Oroccrv
Dr. Mark Skiff Dental Office
J. E. llookett, Piuuo Tuner
Snlem Tee Co.
Clearingaway Sale of Women's, Misses and
Children's Ready to Wear Garments
Our motto is not to carry a garment over
into next season, and what garments we now
have left are priced in many cases at less thau
the cost of materials.
. Every Suit Reduced
: Every Coat Reduced
Every Dress Reduced .'
; Every Dress Skirt Reduced
Every Silk Petticoat Reduced
Every Silk Waist Reduced
Every Child's Coat Reduced
Every Child's Dress Reduced
Every Bath Robe Reduced
Every Woman's Kimona Reduced
Hero is a true story showing how n'
visiting tuberculosis nurse supported
from the wile of Red Cross Christ.nns
Seals carried the cheer of these lioli
day stickers to a stricken family in
Tuberculosis had made heavy tie
mnnds upon the family, and the income
had entirely stopped for several
months. Jt was inevitiible tliut the.;
should run into debt for the grocery
bills as well as the rent. With such
worry, anxiety nnd depression it is not
I always easy to find n silver lining ir
i the clouds.
I The condition was recognied, how
ever, by the visiting muse, and the
sickness wns cured for. relief was ob
tained, and now both rent bills anil
gn ry bills mo being grndunlly les-
Ucucd cm h week. Eiich nu nilicr of the
I family has had liaising care for """i" , miseralilc
uilment or other. I 1
Every lied Cross Seal sold helps to, Many a preacher exhausts Ins con
better conditions like this. Srigation bu'ore he docs his subject.
now To Get Relief When need
, and Nose arc Stuffed Up.
Count fifty I Your cold in head oe
cnturrh disappears. Your clogged mw
trils will open, the air passages of your
head will cleur and you can brcatho
freely. No more snuffing, huwkimr,
mucous discharge, dryness or headache;
no struggling for breath at night.
Oct n small bottlo of Kly's Creaia
Balm from your druggist and apply a
little of this fragrant antiseptic cream
in your nostrils. It penetrates through
! every nir pussiige of the head, soothing;
and healing the swollen or inflamed
mucous membrane, giving you Instant
i relief. Head colds and catarrh yield
like magic. Hon't stay still fed-up and
Relief is sure.
tlllllllli k I tut."
Tlie first Monday of each mouth has 1 "nnsgiession or ino law, nio supreme
been reserved bv tiie nssociatii.i for In- ,'""r! Uli" m"""K remitted tho balance
Itormal sociul gatherings lor the mem- "r ",e nre' montlis' sctitcnco of sus-
bers and es iully for voung women I" ""; '"' rcsiuien .wr, wrnves n
I strangers in the . it v. Tiie test room , l'raciice. uovcrnor cst Dtso recom-
is locntcit at i:,w North i-ttiertv street. ."". nicuu i-uiem.-i.
upi'ii Aiiorncy urnves.
Mrs. Richard Hi ml v (I.eona Illrsch)
arrived In I'ortlnnd Inst week from the
east to pass tho holidays with her
I mother, Mrs. Kdwnrd Ilirseh, at the lat-
trulh, and their earliest knowledge was ',', ' ,17 V . i
.1... .i.,iu ikn i,t ,,.ii, ,i 1 Ibiidy has hints of I'ortland
Japanese Warnings.
The Japanese early sought for the
the principle that their strength de
peaded on a healthy stomach, Thev
eat very little and practice ".liii-.IItsu' '
muscular exercise from youth up,
The stomach Is the center of the body
from which radiates our vitality,
Htrcnuoslty, our fighting strength, K
healthy stomach turns the fond wo eat
into nourishment for the blood stream
and the nerves. Dr. Tierce's (ioldeii
Medical Discovery refreshes Bud tones
up the stomach walls. Removes the
poisonous gases from the system.
The first dav you start tit tnko this
rcllnbln medicine, lint ure germs nnd
accumulations begin to sepnrate in the
blond and re then expelled llirougn
the Idver, Dowels and Kidneys.
In nliicK of tho impurities, the ar
teries and veins grndunlly get fresh
vitallred blond and the action of this
unod blood on the skin means Hint
friends, who have already planned n
number of Interesting social iil'lnirs in
her honor,
Mis, llrndy fnrnicily resided In Nil
Inn, where her father, the Into Kdwaid
Ilirseh, was for many years postmaster.
Her marriage several yen is ngo mis n
biilliiinf social event, taking place nt
the Willamette hotel, located on the
coiner where the Hotel .Marion now
stands, and where the family had apart
ments, A novel nnd appreciated pre nuptial
attention lor Miss Agnes Hull, n popu
lar bride-elect, was a canned fruit
"shower," given by Mis. C. K. Iloweti,
assisted by .Miss Marie Thouinsnii, Kri
day evening. The guests, nil close
friends of the honor guest, contributed
many hirs of fruit and jellies In the
tuple, wnore
wns mm veil.
three course collation
pimples, bolls, carbuncles, eczema, ,mllPr,iim gifts of her pre nuptial col
rnh, acne nnd all skin blemishes will , ,,,.t ioit. Pink nud white carnations mid
ilisa mien r. Then you inut remember ,.;., i. .. tvnt-ft lin-Mllv u rn nt ij dil fur
that when Ihe blood Is right, the liver, I ,,,m.at iu thl, rurnnt lnn making nn
stomach, bowels and kidneys become I n,tl1(,tiv() ,(,,, piece lor the luncheon
nelllinv, active nun iii"nni! nu
will have no more (rouble, with Indi
gestion, backache, headache and con
stipation. (let Dr. Tierce's (lohlen Medical Dis
covery to-day nt any medicine dealers;
It Is a powerful blood purifier, so pen
etrating that It even gets nt the Im
pure deposits in the joints and carries
them out of the system.
It is lint a secret remedy for its In
gredients are printed on wrapper.
For free advice, or free booklet on
blood, write Dr. V, M. I'ierce, Huffnlo,
N. V., ,
Kree. Vr. Tierce's Common Scne
Medical Adviser l sent free on receipt
of 31 one cent stamps to pay expense
ot wrapping aud mailing only
1IUVK.V At their linine on the Silver-
Ion rond, Sunday, December fl, 1014,
to Mr. and Mrs, Otto A, lloveii, n
I'J-poiiud son, Duniiie Kenneth,
A Real
. OF
A High-Class
f - 0 -AT...
The second reception of the series lo
be given by the faculty of Willamette
uiuvcrsltv wns held lat mglit in I. no
snnne hall nnd was attended by a I mot
two hundred.
Stockholm, Dec, M Hitting n mine
off the Finnish const, the Swcdi'h
stenni'hlp Norn Sverlge has been sunk,
It was learned here today, with the loss
of Its whole crew of 2d men.
Mnnv a man fulls becuue he would
rather make money quickly than honestly.
How to Fight Tuberculosis
In puprr renit nt r lirfnr
(hf llrnr ( annly Mrillml KiM'ly
nil tiiibllKhrd In purl In h( I.uiiIm
vlllr Mfrtlml rrur," lr. J, W.
( nrhnrl. of Hun Antonio, Trtft.
phyMloliin h hnm ilrvntnl ntiH'h
lm lo lltr ttlMdy of iiltrr'lni((
nn hi i "Mlnre II hip hhUh (onnllliilr
tKrr-fiuriliii nt oil th mlnrrnl h
tnttPPN til Dip hum nit ltmlr ihrf
miiMf In (iitillr. In I lie fml or
niitiilrmnlril In mlnrrnl prtnrM
fiiniN. or nnlurnl Mnrvntlon rnMiii'A
ft UN luhrrrillnfilM unt'hikrtl. 'I
nlilrniirrnil unit imrhn kul HirvnH of
iihrMiliMln onil olhrr irrwnlnltlp ,
rilnrfKirii In iliir lnrrlr In In Ur
rnli'ltlrH (Hnm Ini'ttlitiO (imlltliMtN of
mnllltuiIrN lliriiiiHlioiit thr rUllln4
Thun from nnolhi,r mithorllntlvN
tiiftlli ill mmrrrt rotticH juittftrii(l'in
for itn uf r lhii in tho tM'itdnvnt
OT ttlt'l-KMllMnlH.
Hlni r (Uln Ik n nf iMKto'H'
rn(i of liirkmnn' Alrot-ntlvo, nnnh
nf Hit miiTfM ntlKtirllim tlie whl
ftprffi'l "f tlitu rpmf'ly iIuuMI'-m
In tlun tn thi rnmliinntlun of thin
unit tn pilch n wny hp to n'mlir It
pnnlly ftfHlmlliil'l". It cnunrn no
HluiMiirtl (llftut hlillt', nnd fllirn It
mill ii (nn ni'MliT iiplntfn, tmrrntlrn
nor hahlt-foiinltiK rtr'iK", It In ntt
l"l-kMMin'B AMirntlvr lin pffpotptl
remni knhln rtnlin In nuniprtnm
rnnen nf tuiliminiuv tiibnrrtilfipln
Irnhminiptlmil nml hMIp1 (hr-nlr nf
ftM tioMP of thront ninl litnnrhlnl
nnpipiiiir''". In mnnv lii(iiuri mirh
romlltlohfi, Hpiiiii-rnily, have ylrlilrj
compli'tfly to It.
In ii-f"? Tiir ilniKUint In nut nr
It. nnU him lo onlr, or pim1 lirrrt
to UP.
KrkMH I.toormorti I'hllndeloMn
Therefore, "when we ad-
The finest stock, the largest variety, the newest styles, and, above all,
Quality! Quality!
We Have No Old Stock to Get Rid Of
We do not buy up old junk. We would not have them in our store. Our business has been $
I built on the solid basis of honest goods at nonest prices, we cannot auuiu w
of worthless shoes go out of our store. Our reputation is at stake,
vertise a sale
It means the buyers will get what they want, at positively bona fide cost-saving prices, W
!l and that they can depend on every statement we make.
The Sale Is On Come Now
Just received by express-shipment of Fawn Top. and Grey Top Boots-the latest in foot
wear. They are beauties.
Quality Shoes"
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