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Social and Personal Notes
By Mollie Runcorn
THE annual campaign for the sale
of Red Cross stumps was begun in
earnest by the Snlem Woman's
club Saturday afternoon, Mrs. W. Mel
vln Plimpton being Hie first to donate
services to this most worthy . cause.
Seven dollars resulted' from her sale,
and was considered a liberal reward for
her two hours' work.
; The permanent- booth for the week
has been established in the Lndd 4c
Hush bank, Maids and matrons promi
nent iu society will interest themselves
in the sale this week, and each day
will .find several of them stationed in
the dawn-town section. Mrs. Louis
Lachmund and Miss Corn Talkington
were, assigned to sell today, and Miss
Aline Thompson has been asked to take
charge of sales tomorrow. She will so
licit the assistance of members of the
younger set. Mrs. Everett Anderson'
has charge of the lct?nl effoit and is
also insisting in making personal sales.
Owing to the early closing hour of the
bank, stamps have been left at the
Commercial and Patton Hroa. book
stores, where they may bo purchased
during the duv and until 6 o'clock jii
the evening.
One of the most spleudid efforts ever
undertaken for the prevention and cure
of the dreaded tuberculosis, piominent
people in all of the larger cities are
making a more systematic, effort this
year than ever beforo to make this
year's sales larger than those of any
previous season.
Last year, through the aid of funds
raised from the sale of seals, over itOO
open air schools for children were
maintained, scores of nurses were se
cured whose visits, numbering hundreds
of thousands, brought help and com
fort to numbers of patients. President
"Wilson is much interested in the fight
against tuberculosis and as an expres
sion of his interest in the Red Cross
seal and anti-tuberculosis campaign
recently wrote to the National Associa
tion for the Study and Prevention of
"May 1 not tnko this occasion to
express to yon my deep interest in the
work of the National Anti-Tuberculosis
association and my hope that its work
is growing in efficiency and extent
from year to yeurt May 1 not partic
ularly express my interest in the Hed
Cross Christmas .seal whose snlc has
been the means of rnising funds for the
work f It seems to nic thut this is a
particularly interesting and sensible
way of enabling t ho people of the coun
try to give this grout work t heir sup
port." Sales will continue tliruighout the
week, concluding on Saturday, ami it
is hoped that ull down-town shoppers
will remember this and lend their assistance.
Van Doren, by a number of her friends,
recently, in honor of her seventeenth
birthday, at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Williamson. The hours
were spent informally and were fol
lowed by dainty refreshments. Music
and various games were enjoyed by
the following: Xotna Van Doren, Dana
Straw, Daisy Hardy, Edda Howard, Ol
ive Hardy, Helen Hardy Orpha Me
Feron, Mable Knys, Fay Walliug, Rata
erino Chamley, Charles Kavanaugh,
Fred Pratt, Hen Lane, Kenneth Kava
naugh, Lea McKcrou and Osiuer Latham.
Legislator Expresses Opinion
About Speakership-MAn
Oregonian Frame Up"
Mis. Albert Kaufman ' entertained
Frid'iy evening for her sister, Stella
larnell, who celehrcted her natnl duv
Tho rooms were beautifully decorntcd
with flowers and greenery. Tho even
ing was most pleasantly spent in play
ing (tames, after which delicious re
freshments were served. Mrs. Win. Yor
nell and Mrs. Eniil Santo assisted Mrs.
Kaufman with the serving. Tho guests
departed for their homes at a lute hair,
all wishing Miss Yurncll many more
happy birthdays. Those hidden as
guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Suuto, Mr.
and Mrs. Varnell, Stella Yarnell, Hertha
Waldorf, Miss Finney, Lillio Wiegcl,
Kuth Waldespel Miss Fink, Ethel Fra-
zier, Harry Witto Mack McKinney,
Mike Fink, Louis Probst, Howard
Leach, Albert Kaufman, .lake Fuhr.
Tho bazaar and supper (riven by tho
membors of the Ladies' Aid society of
the First Methodist church Friday anil
Sutuiduy were among the moBt success
ful ot any given this year. Among
those who assisted at the booths were
Mrs. J. L. McAduius, Mrs. Ida ltroyles,
Mrs. Jtuchaol Woodard, Mrs. J. 11. Ma
ker, Airs. Charles Hrnsher, Mrs. V. C,
Young, Mrs. H. E. Voorhees, Mrs. Wil
liam Sorrel, Mrs. J. 0. Itice, Mrs. .1. W.
Ln Hiiro Mrs. McMillan, Mrs. K. B. Mil
lard, Mrs. F. li. Southwick, Mrs, John
A. Mills, Mrs. II. II. Vaudcvort, Mrs.
Uulph Jones, Mrs. W. S. Dotsuei, Mr.
V. H, Hoyor Mrs. diaries Chirk, Mrs.
F. N. Gilbert, Mrs. (', llulversen, Mrs.
V. A. Cuuiiniiii.'s, Mrs. ( hurles Faulk
ner, Mrs. F. lMinlnp, .Mrs, N. Savage,
Miss Emma lingers .Mm. II. L. Uriggs,
Mrs. Theodore Hustlnr, Miss Elliott,
Mrs. Vwlliuiu lute, -Mrs. John Vincent,
Mrs. W. H. Sumincrvillc, Mrs. E. (HI
Main, Mis. A. A. Underbill, Mrs. 1 (1,
Holt, Mrs. F. Robinson, Mrs. T. II
Cooksey, Mrs. Lucy Anna Loo Mrs,
(learga Lnburee Mis. E. H. .Men-ill, Mrs,
.1. K. Allison, Mrs. L, L. NicMiit, Mrs.
Preston Miller, Miss Alma I'niilc, Mrs,
.), (.'. Morelund.
Buren & Hamilton Have
Fine Up-to-Date Opening
"This Ben Selling boom for the
speakership is an Oregonioii frame-up
irom start to linisa," said a member ot
t He Minion county delegation, in dis
cussing tho speakership contest, which
has dwindled down to two candidates
Hen Selling of the Multnomah delega
tion and Allen 11. Km ton of Luuo coun
ty last evening, and tho attitude ol
the five members from this county.
"Thoro is nothing to it except tufet
the Oregonian is dictating, or trying
to dictate, the organization of both
branches of the legislature, as it did
tne .Multnomah county legislative tick
et. As a matter of course, the Telo
gram, as the echo of the morning no
por, would bo expected to stuud nat for
anything which its paternal parent says
or does, and as ft mutter of loyalty to
nomu iiinuiuiioiiH, tne Journal cannot
bo blamed for boosting Mr. Selling's
"As a matter of fact, I know Mr.
Raton is in tho race, and has every
thing in his favor to win, as 1 saw his
list of supporters in black and white,
and feci certain that what ho claims is
the truth. Furthermore, it is certain
that the Marion county delegation will
stnud behind him to a man, as they
havo all pledged themselves to do so,
and, so far, none has seen any reason
why he should bolt the organization
or delegation. No doubt the Oregonian
would like, to control both brunches of
tho legislature, and it is laughable to
note by the daily newspaper reports
Hint Mr. Selling is already at work
making up his list of committees, as
louugu no wero sure ot election, even
though the legislature does not meet
until January 11, over a month from
now, n lid there are lots of things that
coiiiii nuppen iietwoou now nnd the con
vening of the legislature."
At the time Mr, Eaton canio to Sn
leni to meet with the Mniion delega
tion I'ruliiy, November 27, the Mult-
iiouk li delegation whs hopelessly divid
cd with four candidates for the speak
crship anion? its membership, nnd Mr
nciniig coiiiii only my claim tti two or
Ihreo uf his uwn delegation. Mr. Katun
was at Unit time very optimistic of his
chances for election nnd ho claimed he
was ginning strength daily, Since th
.Miil'nnmiili delegation came together
last .Monday nnd agreed to support Mr,
Selling, tho Oregonian has been In id
in its chums of certainty of his elec
Hundreds of Salem people thronged of all. Here a charming wisteria gar-'
the handsome Buren & Hamilton store Jen idea was carried or.it, the center of.
Saturday afternoon and evening in re- traction being the new bungalow,
spouse lo mvitutious to ihou annum v . . . r ;
preh.liday opening, which was given ""j" twl,Rl' VH be 8
u celobratiuu of their twentieth year ' . The exterior, representing a
as a nusiness firm, ami as an expression &W,SJ chale is given a leubst.e ap-
,. ...:.-.... i..,i- ,..,,.,, ti. penrttnee with climbing rose vinos and
wm1,? of rtKbb.ry. The interior is arranged in
it. ;...I ().,. of the ,.t elaborately, tlm'u r00""' ledrooni, living-room and
1 nnmihii, were hikinu- l.lnce in 1 i"'pine,i uu 1
Salem: it was more like a large "at P"."""'"' ..,, ...u,..,. ,
liuin'j or iniblic ret'pption. crowd i . , . . . h. ,. , i
began arriving early and for their ; rttnKt'd together to dciuoustrute the hur-,
phmure a splendid musical progrum '0'19 I'oss.bmties of d.lterent styles :
was furnished tl.roughct the hours by o"'1 V"' '"s"! us furnish-,
Miss Joy Turner, violin; Miss Ueorgi:ije"v',n tn' 00 , i
Booth and Miss Bernice Souter, ,,iuno,l J , w n.nde, tho even being
ml Robert Suvage, clarinet. A large !a ''nal "opening" m ho strictest,
force of clerk, esco ted tho cullers over iff0 " thf w'jr''- !,,l"'tt,of '?'rl.'"H
.1. . .i i- i .. . .. ;itv and we como iirevuiled, the visitors,
the different tloors we,J?fV ltithrii.C in friendly little groups, en-1
deligh and apiiro a e o m nl pi e . M
cry s.ue, ecu BW 'V "'W .i,,, die merits of ihc display, milking
arrangeinent just a little more artistic .... ,.... . . ii
and beautiful. The window display was
particularly admirable, each section rep
resenting a complete ami naousoineiy
the event delightfully enjoyable to all.
T!n Hiiren & Hamilton store is thor
oughly metropolitan, and is uno of
appointed roon snpe.b tapestries and , Kst .,-,,,, .,' :J
CT.jlCTIVn liflCK. . r, -
hangings forming an
ground. Tho entire lower floor wus
used to snow tno various kiihis ot iur
uitiirc. Splendid period pattern and art
raft pieces were grouped with tapestry
covc.-ed auu "Uruiey looKing oiu iv
. . . ... x lie niiiMHi;cnicni is urmciui lo caieiu
ory. Improvised white pillars aiiged sup,,rt given them and
about tho supporting posts, with tail . ' ... ... : .:
aoouc mo uppur,,,K pu-.n, I I for the interest and enthusiasm .lis
pedestals topped wi n pulnis and ,,.,, ... .,,,,1.. ;,, Tho ..oeura.
forming detail, ,argo haud paintc, scenes j under the supervision
forming detail, largo handainted scenes lf w Utt Wi, ,.,,,, 'in la(,c
until after the holidays.
As u happy culmination tn the event,1
HI:), L. C. Ciivanaugh, Mis. J, A.
P.ei iiuiili, Mrs. L. K. Puge und Mis.
F. 10. Sniifei- will be hostesses lit the
icgdlar social nfteinoon of the Eastern
Slur in their rooms tomorrow nt'ter-
ing members arc cordially invited,
' At a beautifully planned luncheon
and ten Saturday alternoun, given by
tion now occupied by tho Rostein &
(Ireenbauiu store, they tutor moved to"
the building where Hie Suloni hardware
storj now is, for the pnst several yours
lining located in their own building.
The management is grateful to Salem
ilcihiL' the effeit most nitractivc-'
ly. Numerous ivory-tinted buskets fill-
Just Arrived
The regular prices are $15
SPECIAL will close them, all out for
Our Proposition
is still on. You can save money by cutting out the
following coupon
$5 in Merchandise
This Certificate, when properly indorsed by Brick Brothers, will be
good for $5.00 in trade any time up to and including March 1, 1U15.
I'pon purcliusing n suit at our store during this week to the amount
of $10 or over, nnd presenting this Ceitificnte, properly signed nnd ad
dressed, the holder may select J6.00 in merchandise immediately cr niny
retain Certificate and at any time prior to March may select the mer
chandise, which consists of Hats, Shoes, Overalls, Caps, Boys' Cloth
ing, Mtu'kiuaws, Ruin Coats, Underwear, Hosiery, Neckwear, in fuel,
anything in our store.
e.l w.in greai i.uriy ciirysaoinemu.us, ; (ho floor wus beared for dancing
" '"k " llt0 in evening, emploves und many
p need about the balcony rail, nnd I - reti.ainiiK to participate,
globes of the electric nnd gus limits, h T
were concealed with ortiticial tulip nidi-: PRESIDENT OBJECTS.
soma and yellow shades. I
The mezzanine floor, where the or-; Washington, l)w. 7. President uil-l
hestra was stationed, also nttracted son told Representative Ourdner that!
much attention, whero huiulreds of ho opposed Uardner's plan to investi
hnudsomo furnishings wore ulso to bn pnte the preparedness of the United
seen, miniature bay trees being pleas- states for war, but that he wus not
ingly placed lit intervals. The tlnnl , opposed to "liny proper inquiry," uj
floor wus to many tho most beautiful a committeo of congress.
Formerly Oscar Johnson's Plymouth
Journal Want Ads Bring Results
lion, iiiui the Incul papers even go so
uir as tn immune, or even nsrert. that
the open meeting uiveu bv the Wood- 1111 '"at i-euiiiins to lie done is the niiiil
men of the World and Ladies of the: ing ol his Committees uml sitting back
Woodcratt hi their rooms Friday even-j wuit the hour of culling tne house
ing was uttended by nearly two hun-! tn order. Air, Selling claims to control
lied. A splendid program' was given, ,n votes for his election; tho reipiired
including musical numbers and rend-1 mimi'er is 111.
ingt. Dun l' Langcnbiirg, the well-j Hie other hand, Mr, Faton claims
known vocal instructor, delighted with:1" 'iav'' pledged and signed up "(I votes,
..,.r I I l.... i. 1... i. unvu lli,il I, I". I.
, Tire r"n 1 M local 'Inld'vi "i it 1 ah" "I'l1""' lwo "los and ' I one member doubtlul, leuv-
been preiaied, und i II ocul a id .sit-, . T,lU ,.,,iug only IS ,.t ,, m,tsi,., ,,', ,
her first nppeiiraiiee in Salem public-! Celling, nnd ho offers to publish hi
ly. She has a superb voice, with re- j "t of supporters if Mr. Selling will
iiiurknble diction, and it is Imped by11'" "'' mme, but tins prurioscd "show
... i . .. .. ... !. !..-.. l U..III i ... i :
,, , ii. V.H ,1,,. i.i,.,, li, i ,,ii""se wnu ncarii i er nil I i lev win " h ihtiiiich hi ineei,
Idered by Miss Phyllys Kellogg, Miss!"1, ""' time since the day he was cer-
l.oretta Phillips finn ing with iulin 1 1l" 111 re-election to the legislator!1
Miss .Miiigncrite Flower woin""11 "as i.-itcu ne.iiiy every newly-
lioiinrs us a soloist ami Mrs. L. t, M'lec'cd m her of the house in person
( li it i m gave mucii pleasure by her read-
to John Withyi'ombe, a nephew of tlov
ernor-elect Withycoinbe, of Corvnllis,
r ii.. .i rr.. ...,., .,nl
ITU. HHIIIUII. HHIIUlllll III, lll'I'l"! ,
.i.. -.. . i ...,u solor
LIIU IIUIUIU Ul I" "I, llillinii'Mn
: .l ..I..nu M..u mol
Anderson M. Cannon, of Portland, house
guest of the M. L. Jones. Luncheon '"'
guests numbering eighteen were served'
at. four small tubles in the living room, ' A jiumber of young people gave n
which was beautified with musses of surprise Friday evening at 415 North
Oregon grape foliage and baskets filled Cottage for Miss (Inl.lic Wit.el. The
with yellnw chrysanthemums. Two j evening was spent In the various do
small candles, yellow-shaded, with hold-' lighttul u'd-timo giiincs, which were fill
ers suiilax entwined nnd centering each lowed by a dnlnty repast,
table, added a pretty and horinonizing Those' en hiving the evening were:
color note. .Muskets containing eorsarge , ('ora (lllbcrt, Clara Page, Madge
boinpiets of violets, with tiny yclluw 1 ilookins, Mudge Miller, (Ireta Wisner.
hearts attuchcil, bearing the iiiuncs of I Vtol.'t Hunt, Klsio Itaddunt, Louise
Miss Jones and Ms, Withycoinbe, were , Dornberger, Jennie Dm nberger, tlrelu
imssed just before tho cniiclnding ! Witwl, (lertie Witnel, (loldie Witzel,
course. Similnr favors, distributed by! Means. Will. Lochiniin, Uulph Cole,
little Prudence (liny, announced the en-i Charles Oueffroy, Hussell Cooley, Hen
gngcruent to ten guests. Following the I Itnmseve, Dave iiainso.ve, Fred Coulsiri,
luncheon, tables wero elenred for . furl Mnson, Milo Austutz, Waldo Aus-
bridge, Mis, Hollin K. Pugo securing tutz, Karl Austutz, Arnold Kreiiger.
tne prize,
T'hc innrriiige will be quietly soleiu-
iwzrd ut the Jones home, .Inniiniy it).
If you are n lonely girl or happen to
be a striincer iu the city, vou lire cor-
.urns i.ucine ..hi -.uneuiu ,.e, e , ()illv Invited to the cosy apartments
assistants for the at einoon ami Mis,(i, (h(, Ynu Women 's Christina
carl It. Jones .rt Portland, was an out-, , ,N,(ti(ini N(,rh ,llH,rlv .,,
of town guest. tonight at right o'clock.' All young
1 women members w-lll be welcomed, and
Ho- rnine Is more Hum a great cur- ,ir, nl,ju Poniniittee will do nil pus
tooiilst, he is mi Impersonator, a nlp n ninVo tho iil'fiilr ilensntitlv mic-
.tur, :i inusician, A lecturer. His enter-' cimful,
tniiiments utlord variety uupnruiieien,
and in every department lie Is an ack
, nowledged master. He knows his era ft,
and nis absolute mastery of his work
sets his audiences Instantly at ease.
When liosa Cinne is mi the platform
there is never a dry or uninteresting
Washington, Dec, 7, rieiresiMitntlvo
Vare, of Pennsylvania, introduced b'lls
In the house todny proposing he pur-
-linso or rive dlrlulhle lalloons, no
inoinent. Hear him when he comes to armored automobiles, Oil field artillery
ithn loi ill Lyceum course next Weilnes- pieces nnd lid slego guns for the Culled
'day evening. States nrmyi 2"i neroplnnes, hydro-
, " neroplnnes, fi'C dirigibles and ten sub-
, A pleasant surprise was given Minnie marines for the navy,
espe-iully III wertem Oregon, ami lie
lias listed every member ns either
pledged," "unpledged'' or "ibsibt
fill, ' und the pledged ones he says he
lias the signutuies of,
Hoi ii Mr. Selling and Mr. Katun fa
vor a strictly business session of the
legislature with every element of poli
tics absolutely eliminated, and both
itiind for economy und retrenchment ii
every department iuid feature of mut
ters legislative nnd for the settlement
of ull qucstiicis peitiilping to oignni.n
tion before the legislator!! convenes so
that it can get down to business right
from Hie start.
Mr, Knt ii n has been a candidate for
spcnuor upon two previous sessions of
the legislature, uml I our veins niio came
within one or two votes of landing the
chair. Ho makes his campaign upon
principles ot reloriu and Hie three lun
liimentiil plunks in his platform ol
reformation in his present ciiuu'iiigu, ns
contained in the literature scut out to
Hie 'nembers ot the Imnse In solicitation
of llielr support, are: Fair and cipiul
coiislilcrutlim for every man and every
measure fewer lulls und more time lot
tin cn ii ut b'ni-liiiiiiii, ami a saving ol
at least ll.l per cent in the rnt of the
legislative session, without any sacri
fice of efficiency.
The Marlon county delegation reiter
ates its united support of Mr. Katun's
I'liiuliiliicy, ami so lung ns ho can sub
Inn t in li' his claims and can "show
wicm taut lie una the goods II lid con
deliver them they see no reason for
dose, ting him upon the mere pretext of
iiinl.i'jmins nnd iiiisuporleil clniin. of
Mr. Silling ami the Poitlund papers,
mm " . mm - mmm ' " rTjTrgTTJT.i
hss All This Week
Imported Goods
0 illun enns ...'1.2n luurt enns, . . , . . , .fuic
Half gnllon c:ins 1.75 Pint cans .Kn-
A genuine imported French Oil of tho highest ipialitj, We want you
to try it,
French Mushrooms, -a -ion rul cans '.'be
Hnmell French l ens, 1 pound inns 2jc
Munisrhinn Cherries 2"e and Se bottles
Hrnnilt A l Snuce Mo 0 ludlle
tlen. Worcestershire Snuce,,., '.We. nnd Sfie a buttle
Jferwny Snrdinei tn Oil.... 3 for 2.V
"Nurunv Sardines III Hmiillnn Hie
Hu nib ii Pate do Foles (Irns ' "Tic a pi'-
Knorr Soup", all flavors pic
Oroeitry Telephona 8H0
Meat Telephont 140
eshlngton, Dec i. Tiie Cnited
States supreme couit refused todnv to
review the case of Leo M. Finnli,
vlcti'd In (leorgiii of the murder ol
Mary Pliagaii, As ti i-esnll, l-'ruiik 's only
ho)" for life now i fur Hie go-ciiiii
of ii'iiigiu to couiii-ute his death sen
let iv.
tho extreme wenknesi often results In
Impaired bearing, wenkened eyesight,
bronchitis and other troubles, but If
Scoff's Emultlon It Klven promptly,
It carries itrength to the orgam
and creates rich blood
up the depleted forces.
Chlklrm thrbt on Scott's Fmublon.
I n ii u rr nnm nvrmi
given promptly,
i Fmublon. ill
U-otio M
Packed by
Special Process
InAirHhl- Tins
16 Preserve
s Flavor
Mon ey.'Sa vind r Prices
This Wee&Ofil?
1-Ib. Tins 55
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