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BEJOfeE. AND FTEK . .satis.
JmMiM nM'tW ii&six&m KB1! isiaM j lL:saff iKDTI
. gg2 ZMiJ CZH
1 '1 1
Christy Matkwson Says It Is
a Matter of Securing Two
REQUIRE $880,180
Industrial Accident Commission Files
Estimate of Amount Needed to Carry
on the Work for the Next Two Years.
(By Hal Sheridan.)
New York, pee. I. In a recent in
terview with lio.emnn Bulger, the Ni'w
Vork world's baseball expert, Christy
.Mntiiewtton, Nl:ir itf hor of the (limits,
denied reports tiiat tic wuh planning to
j tn i to the I'Vilcral league. When ask
oil about such a possibility, Mathcwsoii
"1 suppose ,vou know," lie said,
"that I Imvo a contract with McUruw,
mid It has yet two years to run. 1
liitvi never gone bock ou auy ngree
input to wliii'h I have boon a party and
J 'in getting loo old to start auy suck
tricks now."
Asked by Bulger regarding the
chances of the (limits to win the pen
mint uext year, Mnthewson ;iid:
" There 5 re a few weak spot that
Midruw would like tn strcugthcu ill the
defense, but in my opinion that is sec
ondary to the need of effoetiw pitch
ing. We've got a club thut can hit and
iiiike runs, and when a club can do
(lint It piiii usually win if the pitching
in anywhere near up to the murk,
"I want to be considered unperson
ii My in this, beeuiiso I know that I will
l(et no belter ns I grow older, but I
mil not figuring on my own cine. I
am speaking of the youngster. It
Mct.niw can develop even one good
iiinn out of the bunch that ee will take'
lo idiirlin the chances of the ('limit" .
will be 10 per cent briuhtc If hi'!
ecu pick up two will, we will win. I
"I did not have as good n Near n
I hil hoped fur Inst sensui ami neither
did Miinpiard. Tcsrcau was better than
(hit, but 11 was iui ossible for him tol
earn the whole thing ou his shoul-!
dors'." I
Figuring the amount of the fund to
be supplied bv the einplovers ami em
ployes at HM.IHO.HO, for the next two
years, and tho state's share of the fund,
bused upon one-seventh of the above,
ut 1L'(I,HH'J.P7, the industrial necident
commission hus filed its report with the
secretary of stato estimating the
amount of receipts for thp bluiinium,
IHI'i-IHKI, with which to carry ou the
work of the department will bo ap
proximately 4I,UI!,U0:I.77. Tho com
mission stutes that, Inasmuch as the
department has only been in operation
since July 1 of this year, it is inipoHtii-
nii to inline a uetuute estimate of the
probable amount it will require to sup
port tho department for tho two-year
The estimate upon expenditure em-1 warden would arrest n'
braces n monthly payroll of l!HSU for fined fifty dollars and costs. These
,i employes, a toini or w,l-u for tni pumtiutis so .-juicy are not always filled
IU ANY tHAnufc!Whe" the Children Cough, Rub Mus-
bQiuAo ou xuruats ana unests
By D. N. Mclnturff.
We are in the midst of a general cry
for a change in all city and stute uf
fairs and govi rnments. In the midst
of hard times and enormous taxes we
are liuble to welcome any and all ex
periments, hoping and praying for a re
lief from our burdens. In an hour like
this we are apt to thoughtlessly sanc
tion any change. Designing men, see
ing tbi", under the giise of helping,
foist upon us anything they may hutch
up and we take it. This is a time for
serious consideration. Our present
plan of city government is good mil
we would not better it if we voted the
new one upon us.
I urn opposed to the new plaa ol
commission form of city government
for the reason that the manager of the
city is to be paid out of the public,
funds. We pay out now nearly all we
can dig up to boards and stenouia
ilicrs, and stool pigeons and secretaries.
A'ld almost the whole thing is of little
use. We pay out for looking after our
g'.iiue over one hundred thousand an
nually fur tho benefit uf the gun-rod
fraternity, until every bird oa oik
fields has cost us thirtv dollars, mure
or less, and yet I have "not hud even a
tail feather for years, and if I did get
one 1 would bo afraid that some game
and have ni"
Another thing one does not under
iitiiu.l is why the busiest things In the
world are called "idle" rumors.
two years, mid $-1,000 for salaries of
the three commissioners for two years,
making a total of !,720 In salaries
alone for the bleniiium. The general
iiiaiutennncp for the two yeur period is
fixed at ;,i;ou making tho grand total
for maintenance anil salaries
It Is also estimated that benefits set
aside ns a guarautou of pcusiond during
the two vears will nmount to oUI,0-IS..
Ill, that Kll!,:ilH.HK will be paid oa ac
count of Injuries and for first aid in
disc of accidents, $Hv,HtiH.H-l.
(Aurora Observer.)
Rev. II. Man, for several years pas
tor oi the German Lutheran 'church nt
Schobel, Clackamas county, who enlist
ed in Ihe Germiiu army while visiting
in the fatherland, writes to Oregcm
City friends as I'olluws:
"Gerninnv soon expects to take
Calais, Trance, The Americans should
not believe the shameful rumors from
Kit)-in inl. The war is favorable for
Germany, everything seems peaceful,
hardships are mil Iwimwii and one would
not. think that there was war. We be
lieve that peace will sunn reigu. W"
soon t'Sicct to be in l.iiiidon. I wish
to In: remeinbereil tu all friends and
my present successor."
Sewing Machines
In Large Variety for Chrlstaui.
Geo. C. Will
iK Stato Street,
For Christmas-Special
We will forward for you a fancy 10-pound box of
extra fancy
Perfection Prunes
Charges paid to almost any point in the U. S. A.,
for $1.50.
On equally good terms.
uy conscientious or able men. Thei
ure many times filled by men who liav.
been must conspicuous failures else
where and are only good feeders at the
common uritv, It is so eusy to get Into
these conditions, but dreadfully hard
to get out. This city manager would
be almost certain to be a miia with a
pull and with an awful longing for the
opportunity uf serving his fellew-inen
by allowing them to carrv anil feed
him. At first he Would be so "hid li,
get anything that he would work fo.
a small snlnry. but it is wonderfully
"iisy to get more when vow once get in
a little. When the key to the crib is in
hand it is easy to get all there is in
the snid crib.
I know of a lot of little fellows nov.
in office who would never have a pota
to if they had to soil their hands ft
dig it. 1 know a lot of other little fel
lows who would like to get in if they
could, nut because they euro for tin
people but because they love the sal
ary. If we vote this new charter,
will have another oppnrt inity to dn.
iii mt less than ten thousand dnllars
u year for this new horde of hangers
on. fur this now combine of warts on
the body politic,
Of all the men nil earth who are dis
tasted! to the average men, the nun
who cannot live wit hunt the people
feetlii.g him Is the worst. I hope that
the next man that proposes some grcnl
change for the good of us nil, especial
ly the one who wants the office. wii
be hissed by every man and woman he
j meets, l ot things nlonc until we reach
the tturiual again or you will starve us
nil. There are man) other reasons why
, tltin thing should be voted -low n, bill
enough just How.
The building permits Issued bv City
Kngi'iccr Mkeltoa for the month of No
vcinber, which ended yesterday, total
, -7-1 Ui. This Is ii m tu it II total, but the
mouth of Nov ember scldun shows a
,larie total III building periniu This
mouth's total Is a decrease over No
vemlter of hist year, when the building
permits totaled $;i;,;i0O.
i The following permits were issued:
j Moth M, I'ost, two-story frnnie real
deuce, Thiiteeiilh and State streets,
I so I.
K. .1. Kennedy, one story ftaine resi
lience, Madison nail Capitnl streets,
I.. M. I'rlnrel, la story frame resi
lience between High ami Church streets,
AtCiiir Tucker, one story frniae dwel
ling, North rouilh and Hood streets,
O.'oige K, Hudgors, onestoiv frame
dwelling, llinei uad Fourteenth streets,
I lit HI.
W. V. I.aak, one story finnio dwel
ling, Liberty nnd l.afelle streets, (unou.
I I' Ileloa, Oic lie,., I, The Ore
gon Woolgrowers' nssoclution will meet
III Pendleton fur Its i ii I-mil convention
next Thursday and Fridav, Pecemher
.'I and 4, K. N. Htunfiold, of this
place, ireldent of the association, de
elares It will be the most lniiortnl
: meeting the orgnuirntiou has ever held.
No telling how soon tho symptoms
may develop into croup, or worse. And
then 'h w hen you 're glad you have a ,jar
of MUHTKRILE at hand to give
prompt, sure relief. It does not blister.
As first aid and a certain remedy
there's i nothing like MUSTEltOLE.
Thousands of mothers know it. You
should keep a jar in the house.
It is the remedy for adults, ton. Ii
lieves 8or0 Throat. Bronchitis, Tonsil
itis, Croup, .Stiff Nock, Asthma, Neural
gia, Headache, Congestion, Pleurisy,
Hheuinatism,' Lumbago, Paias and Aches
or iiacu or Joints. Sprains, core Mus
cles, Chilblains, Frosted Feet aud Colds
of the t heat (it often prevents Pnou
nioaia). At your druggist's, in 2.ic and 60c
jni-H, and a special largo hospital sir.o
for 2.!50.
Ite sure Vojt get tho genuine MUS
TKKILK. Itefuse Imitations get what
you ask for. The Mustcrolo Company,
Cleveland, Ohio.
M 'it hers havo about reached tho con
clusion that there is ill the internal
economy of a growing boy a conijircss
or for flupjucks.
(Continued from pngo ono.)
incessant nnd huge In volume. Tho
Austrinn batteries fire one gun ut a
time. The Russians are firing salvos.
"One, two, three, four, five, six,'' go
the Austrian liovvit.tTs.
" ll-r-i'-r-i ! " go the Hiismiiii pieces,
nil firing at one tiioo.
- Milos of Fighting Mon.
Ilefore us are hills covering miles
of territory; from hill top to hill top
anil friiu vallev to valley the battle is
"How can a man paint a battle like
this',"1 asks Ailnnis, who has just fin
ished a picture of the emperor of Aus
tria-Hungary in seven sittings and who
usually isn't stalled on liniiortnnt as
ll):.'l."i a m. Manv wounded have
iass.'d in wagons. "I'll never paint
war pictures again of men going into
battle singing and waving their
swords," said Adams "That man
with the green twisted lace oa that
wagon, suffering frifii cholera, is u
mure tremendous detur of war than
all the exploding caniioi. I can paint."
la the midst of all the life ami nc
tivitv the man was dying before uur
eyes. There was no one to care for
him, ll(s wagon was held III the end
less stream and must continue.
10' 15 a. in. Thiee small deer rail
across the road ahead erf us, There
Hie thousands of soldiers here, nil with
rifles, ami good meat is Hot any too
couieioii,; but the laws against poaching
are linbiod In the peasantry of Europe
and these deer ou the battlefield arc
prohabl.y the safest uf nil living things.
Hut I It's have raged on I Ins ground for
weeks ai'ul thousands of men and horses
have been killed, the hungry Russians
have oiile held this ground, but here
are the three baby deef sale ami
;Tho River of Death.
II a, ni. We come to a wide, shallow
mc'li. hi tenia on a hillock beside the
load is the corps ctnimnmler ami his
staff, A. network of field tclogrnih
wires, the nerves ol the army, stretch
out I'ioiii the hillock and run olf among
the tree to in the distant hills.
Two (eniiorarv bridges cross the
stream, ' This Is nil Infinitely busy
sjuit, oVer these two bridges pass all
lllie men, foul ami ammunition that
teed thcthtittlc in the hills. This little
ei eek Is I the Iliver of Death for Hums
W ' ' . .i -.. . o . m-a L. ....'
.liWiif.l' J
' uoei
Not Rub
Off, Uitt
4 Timet i
tn Otktra,
Sn( Wsrlu
Get a Can Today
anils. A regiment of fresh soldiers,
spick ami span, is just marching across.
At tho siime time, across the other
bridge, wounded ami sick men are be
ing brought from the battlefield. The
'contrast defies description. Days ago
In some city these fresh men marched
Ul..A....l. :.. ,t. ...
buiuttfu mo Din-itis siuKiuj. in iieir en
thusiasm. The jfi.iriiey to this bridge
on the sdge of the battlefield has been
long and slow. Hut it's almost ended.
A short march will brine them where
death is plying all about. They don't
sing now. Their faces are grave. A
group of other soldiers aro cheering
oear by. Their captain has just made
a little speech tolling them they are
to go into battle soua ami that ho ex
pects them to do their best.
Hills Gray With Soldiers.
On a hillside a mile' away arc thou-
sauits ot men in gray. They form a
gray carpet over the great slope. I
can sec a white horso among them as 1
look through my glasses. The carpet
moves unil farms itself into patterns of
straight lines on a green background,
These thousands of men aro to be tukeu
to the front after dark tonight. They
are waiting, and to keep them from
growing nervous, their officers put
them through drills now and then. It
is lli.'IO now, but in this northern land
at this time cf the year, it will be
pitch dark at 4:45 this afternoon, so
they have not many hours to swarm
idlv on the knfe hillside.
lt.lj a., in. We desert the wagon
to go the rest of the way oa foot. J
see my fiist Biirnimel burst. Jt makes
a tiny, lazily floating cloud of white
smoke over the hills. Through my
glasses I Bee an Austrinn aeroplane
near the white cloud. Another cloud
and another and nnother break into
view. Tho Russians aro trying for the
aeroplane. The aviator kiiows it, too.
There's nu use of his trying to climb
above the danger, for the shrapnel has
an .inward rnncc of over two miles, so
the machine turns tnil and starts back
towaid the Austrian lines. 1'uft! Puff!
1'uifl more white clou. Is break out
around it. These nre deadly cubic
miles of uir ii there and if the aviator
happens into one of them there will
be a burst of splintered wind ami tat
tered canvas and his work will be done.
Hut it's nil in the day's work for the
man in the sky. He has been sent up
to draw a Russian fire so that the
whereabouts of a certain Russian bat
tery may bo disclosed. Ho has suc
ceeded, too, for soon you hear the Aus
trian shrapnel bcreiyhing through the
air iiivvnnl the spots ia the heavens
where the smoke flies, The Austrian
are feeling over the forests, hills and
valleys for the Russian batteries. They
want the Russians to shoot and the
aeroplane tins turned the trick. Amid
all these exciting scenes we see hungiy
soldiers, with their backs bent earth
ward, digging with sticks in a field for
potatoes. Their stomachs arc crying
louder than the shrapnel.
Costly Little Grips.
1:1:10 p. m, We pass piles of am
munition beside the nnd. There are
white pine boxes, the size of a travel
ing mun's grip. Each of them con
tains a shell about four Inches In diam
eter, weighing about 115 pounds and
costing $l.-il, Each shot of this vast
tattoo we ure hearing means one of
these shells has gone tot pot. Then
there are other boxes painted black,
the sumo size. They contain four 2
inch shells, costing about I0 each.
We re not hearing these, for the RiiS'
muds' nnd Aiistriaas ' artillery Hues are
ahnut five miles uiurt nnd the smaller
shells do little damage at that dis
tance. I-:'J0 p. in. Adams, who has spent
nearly all his life in Austria, though
he was born In lloston, and who has
been In the Austrian army, explains
what is giing on. It is true the ar
tillery lines are five mi Ira apart, but
way up ahead of the artillery with
their own shells coining up from be
hind them and over their heads am
regiments of Austrinn Infantry hiding
in valleys, trenches or toresls waiting
for the order to advance.
I -:-) p. in. We leave the road ami
take to a grove, In a clearing we see
a big house. (II fleers come nnd go, In
resimiso to" our questions ns to the
nearest battery they pointed out a
luithwt.y in t up garden. We follow It.
In every battle I've 'ever rend or heard
about there was an apple orchard, ami
this was no exception. At the edge
of the orchard we came Uion a vast
piec of plowed filial laud sloping
away from us and a quailoj of a mile
belu-e, In the field, we counted six
cotper-eoloieil howitzers with their
uofcs tilted high. We struggled along
over the plowing and reach the battery.
Howitzer In Action.
, The comiiinnilaut looks at the press
brassards we wear and welcomes us.
"Maybe we'll be ordered to fire
soon," he says. He leads us tn a hole
in the ground. Looking through the
entrance we see that the cave is straw
lined. Inside sits a man wearing a
telephone headpiece. He Is talking in
to the phone, lie yells a series of num
bers lo the commandant who stands be-
' , . IIIUllllII1IIIII!Iilll!llllI3l!115
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Winston -Salem, N. C.
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H. Steinbock Junk CoJ
CIS Bute Btrnet. Balem, Oregon. Vkon Mali 114
aro ,'ltuuted the six howitzers. We're
utaadinit beside the battery firo con
trol wuieh Is the handle if this death
dcaliiiK fan. The coiniiinndaiit .veils the
numbers to tho men nt gun number ono.
With bl(f poles tho men move the can
non on its wheels into a new direction.
Then other men with Instruments for
mcusuriiiK elevation tilt the hnwiUcr
to the proper nnle. Suddenly all the
men rilh away from the hide 'in which
the i;u u ntnads. Cue man picks up a
rope from the urouiidi It's the trluor
rope, lie stands 20 feet behind the
piece n til waits. . Every man Stan. In
with his hands over his enrs.
"hour!" orders the crtinrnsndunt.
Above the tremendous explosion there
is a screed! thnt pierces your ear
drums. This fndes awar Into a tre
mendous swlfh which echoes nnd re
peats itself mute and more faintly for
about 20 seconds. The sound comes
troin a mile in the air. Th .l. .........
nil.-.. ..III. .1 ., .. ' . "'"
.iii if I't'iiitpK nr
ill ... . " ,nl um
' t ec what happened.
nnllltlU-llni-i n it... kilt- 1 1
iimewiiere In the hills, five or six
nines away, tne shell struck home. Did
Ir hit n fiirnihitit.n ii. -...I. t .
; i cAj.ntiiu Rinonir
a renlment, killing scores of men! Or
did it hit In some split where no llvlua
linliti. k... I it . . .
it . . "uw we ft
didn t hit n Red ('loss eiitnpi
we nre really trvln( to hit Is
Rluil hntl.... t . .
; ',' K"in line oiirn, It w
I n urop saeu niter shell on that hat
! tery, we can drive its men . f ,.
It and silence It, ami then our' Infan
try from some place nearby can sd
vnnc.i on It mi. I :. ... . ,.
. ...r ii, aim n will
.mean another six miles gained lu tin
(Tins story will be concluded tomct-row.)
know It
a II ns-
If wo