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QUIT Storrett
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CUVUKf 11 J BV -tMfc NEW YjliK. tUlMIMC I NEW Vi.- Hfcill -O ) AuL. BltaMTS
Cleveland, Ohio, Will Permit
Boxing Matches in That City
Former Heavyweight Champion of the
Now York, Nov, 28, 114. lppoinl
to tlio Capital Journal.) It will plou.o
holing fnnB the country over to know
Hint the newly-appointed boxing coin
misHiuii of Cleveland, Ohio, hus voted
to allow decisims when professional
boxing is resumed in tlmt city T.iis is
certainly n step in the right direction
nt last and the eontinii-sinners are do
Herving ol' praif-e for their eftorts to
put the sport on a popular basis right
from the Htnrt.
However, instead of placing the pow
er of naming the winners anil Inters
with the referees tho commissioners
have ileeiileil to appoint two judges to
preside nt oneh show ami only in the
event of a disagreement between them
shall a referee lie culled on to voice
his opinion. While 1 feur that the se
lection of capable men to act in the
eapneity nf judges nt all contests may
prove a more difficult task than the
members of the commission figure on,
Htill t is a move, that should meet with
the nenrticst support of Cleveland fans,
ns It will assure a higher grade of sport
than wuuld be possible under the far
cical no-decision rule,
It is hoped t lift t some day in the
nut loo distant future the New York
commissioners will awake to certain
crying needs of the sport in this sec
tion among widen the decision matter
is not the least important nail urgent.
For until the ban has been removed
from the rendering of decisions by
competent officials there will always
remain inducements for huxors to stall
along and get the money as easily as
possible, decisions I'o.ce a boxer to
do his best ut ull times. The talk that
heir adoption would encourage gam
bling is absolutely silly. In New tork
There is just us much betting on con
tests under Hie aodecisiun rule as there
wool I be if otticial decisions were per
mitted. And in the bitter event a man
who wugers a few dollnig us u sporting
piopositioa will get n tuirer deul for
nu money than he is frequently hand
ed wider the so-culled "newspaper"
or " popular " decision plan.
I ty the way, the New York 'commis
sin i lias announced thut it will grunt
u license to the Brooklyn Sporting club
to hold open uir contests at l-bbuts
field the home of the Brooklyn ..u
tioiial league ball club during the
summer months. The successful appli
cation of the llrooklyu promoters will
probably result in the establishment ot
u number of outdoor clubs and, as in
l ie case of the indoor variety, it will
likely be overdone. With the number
of suitable parks in and about the city
used only. as a rule an Saturdays and
Mumlnys for baseball games, local fight
inns siiould have no cause for complaint
of a scarcity nf good bouts during the
warm mouths.
The polo grounds, the home of .Mill
.Mctlruw and his (limits, will be out of
the luuiiiug for llllft at least us the
Yaiviees will again alternate with their
National league rivals throughout the
entire summer, hut no doubt some en
terprising promoter will develop who
will seek tit olmnte this little diHV
cultv by introducing open air boxing
contests by electric, light.
I A wlniliu may, as Promoter "Snow
t,l.4 .U-.'--kl wvju-w-k l,..r.i 'l, ;n!J,.v..,,ifHiinM 111,1 i.M(lSipili I
ifcfl V
Wf To-Niffht at
i GrandTheatre
li This fascinating educa-
m tional production of the U
Maxwell Motor Co. has
lsed bv M
fi muuitauui) in many pans m
f) of the country, i
Secure tickets from us I
Ferry & High Sts. t
. mm
l MMilf.iHM.lf
ey" linker writes, be developing a great
niiiuiier of classy scrappers, but thu,t
country still remains u fertile field for
Ameiican boxers of meiliocre skill. Ap
parently it is only necessary for a Yuu
kee boxer to make the trip toi acquire
fame mid a fat bank roll, .lohuny
llriliitlis, the Ohio lightweight, is the
latest Aemiicnn to inuke good in the
Antipodes. (Irif filhs, not regarded
highly here, recently stopped ilugiiey
Mehigaii, Australia's lightweight chum
I i on, in eight ronmU.
Judging from the number of person1
claiming to have obtained Jack .liiliii
son's signuture to articles ut ugree
meat to fight Sam McVea, Sam l.uag
furd mid .less Willard, there sccirn tn
be little doubt that the cliuniiion is go
ing lo'iueet someone in the ring before
long. Which is gratityiug or iniliffer
ent news to American dans, depending
larg'iy tin their color.
Wnile white sports would be tickled
to learn tlmt a bout had been arranged
between Johnson and a white heavy
weight who had shown enough to wur
rant the match, there is nothing in t'.v
announcement of a Johnsoii-Willnn)
meeting nt this time to causo them t(
enthuse over the pnt.pect of the pari)
dethronement of the negro. And ns for
mutches between the titleliolder and
Laugl'onl and MeVen, the situutioi.
woiibi practically remain unchanged, ni
matter what the results of the fights
Tom Jones, who looks after WillurdV
affairs, recently stated that the big
fellow would engnge in severnl mntclw
with the leading () white heavies to
prove his right to a match with the
champion. Hut Jones will learn that
a lew victories over third-raters will
not bring about any great change in
the public attitude towards the pro
posed mutch with Johnson. What Am
eriean fans want to see is Willard, oi
some other white heavyweight there
is no particular preference la the mat
tor earn the right hi fight for the title
by meeting uud beating tho best ineu in
the division regardless of color oi
creed, If Willard can prove his su
periority over the whites there will
still be plenty of time for him to tucklc
one of the oilier foimiduble blucLs be
lore going after J'diusnu. A decisivi
victory over either I.nngl'ord, MeVea
or Jcuuucttc would establish his rights
us ri challenger for the chnnipiunship,
and until he' accomplishes that much
there will be no inclination to regard
tile proposed affair with Johnson ser
iirisly. Heating a couple of third rutc
"hopes" will not enhance the big fel
low's reputation.
' T llt'V " niiv the uiui V i.tl.iu l.-in.
ed boxing in t'aliforuin. I wonder why
no one ever thinks nf uivimr tli.i In.ii.i
a chance to vote their approval or dis
approval oi m:ne ol tile other rough
forms nt' Hiiiirt. Sni-li dm f.uol.nll in
erose, or hockey, fur instance. Anyone
wno uus seen players in tnese games
go through their stunts must uduiit that
in .'ouiparisou boxing is u veiv lame
Want is tint rcnwmi t'.ir tli.i ...ll
uous discrimination ugninst boxingf
I am told that I liuiley White, the
t'hic.igb lightweight, who has been
coming so fust of late, "ran out" ol
an engagement wilii Johnny Killiane
alter giving his word that he would
box the featherweight cliiimpiiiri. Then
is no doubt that White is one of the
best youngsters in the IXI pound di
vision, his showing against liitchie, and
more recently vvitu Welsh, putting him
in nn enviable position among tile light
weights. Hut if he is nt all jealous ot
his nevvly iuade reputation lie should
endeavor in to get himself in bad with
lite luus so early in the game. Kilbane
has 'he credit of a decision over White
in a Hi round bout at t'leveland two
yours ago and one would imagine
(hurley would jump nt the clinnce to
even up the honors. It lias been claimed
for White that the decision was nu
unjust one and thut the wurst he was
entitled to was a draw. If tlmt it the
case White should nut delay the op
portunity to try to prove that the
t'leveland verdict was a tuistnke.
Then there Is a fellow townsman ot
White's Jack Hritton who is exceed
ingly anxious to box him, Hritton slip
ped White In IS rounds last winter, and
believes he could lepent the trick If
given the chance. Hut t barley hus
ignored Hritton ' deti Indicating that
he entertains a wholesome respect for
the rkill of the veteran.
Young White lias come along pretty
fast since meeting Hritton, though, and
It might be that he could reverse the
doelsim if Hiey were to meet agniu.
Many experts regard him as Aio most
dangerous aspirant ffr Welsh's honors,
and while this view of the t'hiengonn
may be somewhat exaggerated there is
no denying that the youngster looks
I the most promising material that hns
been sprung ou th fans iu a long while.
However, it would appear that White
can ill afdwd to overlook Hritton : if
t hurley had the tight sporting spirit
Expert Says This Is
Wills Would Be If He Had
the Head and Heart
What Have Played IS GamesNavy
Winning 9 and Army 8
with One Tie
(By Hat Sheridan.)
New York, Nov. 1!8. Harry Wills,
the giant. New Orleans uegro, is in the
pugilistic discard toduy, lie was put
there by Samuel Langford of Boston,
blnck as the ace of spades and frequent
ly referred to as "tho boue crusher."
Samuel also convinced those who wit
nessed the bout that be is game through
and through.
Wills showed that he has oodles of
fighting ability. But he also showed
that he is lacking in two necessary
quulities heart and head. And with
out these he. never will shine among the
championship possibilities.
Hud Wills had the heart and head he
would have knocked out 8am in the
first of secoad round. In the first ses
sion Wills sent Ham to the mat twice,
tho Boston negro taking advantage of
the full count on each occasion. Sum
wns hurt, too, nad so bewildered that he
could hardly find his wnv to his own
comer. Wills looked a winner all over
and his siipportnrg were offering 8 to 1
that I.Rngford would be put to sleen.
But they failed to reckon with the
Langford heart. Wills again pot Lang
ford down for the full count In the
second round and the United Press
representative in Los Angeles Bnid that
one well directed wnllop to the jaw
would have ended tho bnttle right
there. But Wills was unable to put it
Wills showed his umisunl strcnirtli
when ho lifted Langford from his feet
and threw him to tho floor. He did
this severnl limes. Ho quit his rouih
work, however, when Referee Blake
threatened him with disqualification.
After tho second round, Sam kept
close to his man, awaiting nn oppor
tunity to put over the crusher. When
it came Sam was right on the job. A
left hook to the jaw, traveling about
six Inches, did the work and with it
went Wills' championship aspirations.
he, and not Hritton, would be doing the
Jimmy (llubiy is another youngster
with exaggerated ideas of his value to
a boxing promoter, .lames would hnve
been mulched with Mike (libbons for
a 10-round bunt nt Madison Square
Harden befure this but for his extreme
ly high opinion of the worth of his
services. According to Matchmaker
.Intuition, of the tlarden, Clabhy's ex
horbitnut deumnd blocked the match.
At thut one can hardly blame tllnli
by, especially when the skill and punch
ing powers of his proposed opponent
is taken into consideration. Jimmy is
ruled ns wise 'un and is sensible
enough to realize that Uibbnns is the
most dangerous foe he must meet In
the middleweight division. Therefore,
to stake whatever reputation he may
have earned ns u result of victories
over Mctioorty and Chip the Hammond
boxer deinaiids a sum t tint will help to
soothe him in case of defeat.
However, while Jimmy is rather shy
about taking on (libbons, he is not so
modest about expressing nn opinion con
cerning Hie fighting ability nf men
who were performing in 4 ho ring before
he was bom, mid who hnd retired be
fore Jimmy hud been lutrudiiced to a
boxing glove.
While Jimmy tuny have a fairly good
line on present day boxers, lie kiiievs
absolutely nothing about the fighters
of I decade or two ngo, and it strikes
me as miner presumptions ou his part
to Hltempt to draw coinpnriMins be
tween the old timers and the young
sters, luslead of letting Imsc a lot
of chatter nbout the rating of fighters
lie never even saw in the ring, Jimmy
would please the public a great deal
more il he would show a little more
enthusiasm for n mutch with (libbons.
Clubby is no doubt a corking good
mint ns they are tnted nowndiiys, but
I shudder to think m' what a fighter of
Tommy Ryan's or Kid McCoy's skill
would do to ti t in. Hut where are such
men to be found these iluvsf
J AS. J. cdliHKTT.
Portland, Or., Nov, 2S. Believing
that municipal employes grown old in
tho service should b cared for, City
Commissioner Puly is today considering
tho drafting of an ordinance that will
provide a relief system and pensions
for them.
(By Hal Sheridan.)
Philadelphia, Nov. 28. The Army,
and Navy football squads will clash
here this afternoon on Franklin field.
Thirty thousand perBOiiB were expected
to witness the game.
The Army and Navy teams have
played IB games, exclusive of tho one
to be staged here this afternoon. The
Navy has won nine games and the
Army eight. The other game was a tie.
Both squads were reported int iptop
shape but the Army was a topheavy
favorite in the betting. The averago
Navy weight was 170 pounds nnd the
averago Army 173.
Secretary of the Navy Daniels and
Secretary of War Garrison and many
government officials and diplomats
were expected to witness the game.
The probable lineup:
Army Position Navy
Neyland h B Oversea
Butler L T McCoach
Mecham L 0 Mills
MeEwan C Perry
Ohura B (J B. H. Jones
Wevland B T Deroode
Mcrrilat B E .... T. W. Harrison
Prichnrd Q Mitchell
Hodgson li H Iilodgett
Van Fleet B H Failing
Coffin F Bates
T ... A l 1 XT-., no A
uus nngeies, v.ui.f iiuv. -o. mi errurj
by the checkers hus deprived Pilot!
O'Connell dt second place in the Coronal
road race of Thanksgiving Day. The
position, it became known today, was!
awarded to Burney Oldfiold, and O'Don-l
nell was set back. O'Donnell did not'
compete the race, it was alleged, the
checkers having flngged him down!
when he had another lap to drive. Tho
corrected time average of Pullcu the
winner wns announced as 87.70 miles
ou hour.
Three Hundred Miles of Moving Pictures
between Spokane, Portland,
Astoria and the Pacific ocean,
on a water-level grade, along
the wonderful Columbia Riv
er, traverses one of the scenic
regions of America and of the world.
If you're going to tour the West Coast
and see the Expositions at San Diego and
San Francisco, you will know America bet
ter, and love it more, for having seen the
Pacific Northwest.
Two Fine Trains
North Bank Limited
. and
Inland Empire Express
Leave Portland 7:25 p. m. and 9:55 a. m.
Leave Spokane 8:25 a. m. and 9:20 p. m.
Central Oregon "Owl" leaves Portland
7:25 p. m.
Oregon Electric agents sell Through Tick
ets, Arrange Reservations, Check Baggage
and Plan Itineraries. .
Portland City Ticket Office
Fifth and Stark Sts.
Spokane City Ticket Office
Davenport Hotel.
J. W. Ritchie, Agent.
New Orleans," Nov. 2S. Harry Wills,
and Sam McVey, negro heavy weights, '
will meet in a 20 round mutch here on!
December 20, it was announced today
by Promoter Tortorich.
Independence, Ore., Nov. 28. George
A. Wells, one of the county commis
sioners of Polk count), residing five
miles south of Independence, fell fron
a barn 30 teet high on Wednesday ev
ening, und suffered serious injuries,
and it is feared they mny prove Intnl.
Mr. Wells is a prosperous farmer.
Woodburn. Ore., Nov, 27. The
Woodburn Athletic club eleven defeat
ed the Mount Angel college team here
yesterday by the score of II' to 0, j
And many n man's dishonesty is due
tn the ease with which a fool nnd his
money are separated,
and other indoor games will now replace the outdoor
sports, and again we are Johnny-on-the-spot with a
complete stock of basketball goods, handball equip
ment and a complete line of gymnasium supplies.
We have just received a new line of GOLF AC
CESSORIES and can supply all the golf players' de-,
mands. ,
We carry Guns and Ammunition.
IWW,W'ISr'!l'l,l,'lT'l'llTrl: "
I r
nrt tvuntH aiiMB
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ASSOCIATION, Trade and High UtreoU. H. 8. Oile, Manager.
London, Nov. 21 II rent Ilritnln's
heavy losses at seu were the subject of
widespread and extremely uneasy com
ment today.
In clubs and In "near government''
circles the admiralty wns wifparingly
criticized. There wns no disposition to
find fault with the personnel of the
navy itself. In the prowess and abil
ity of tho country 'u actual sea lighters
the public plainly had as much confi
dence as ever. Hut it wns plain that
the admirnltv department heads had
line statement by First Lord of the
Admiralty Winston t hurchill, in his
speech to the house of commons Fri
day, was regarded an especially signifi
cant. "This war," he said, "Is so serious
and so formidable that If improvement
can bo affected, present commundinB
officers ought to give place to othon
better able tn discharge their duties.
The same principle Is applicable to
heads of departments, The premier
ought not to allow any mnsideiation of
party or personal friendship to stand
lu his wny for a single moment In nink.
ing necessary changes."
The British were still plainly uncon
vinced that the battleship itulwarh,
sunk Thursday off Hhecrness, was de
stroyed by an Internal explosion. Ku
ni(iri continued that the work wae that
of O'ermun spies or submarines,
Washington, Nov. 28. President Wil
son returned to Washington at :40 .
m. today from' Wlllinmstown, Mass.,
where he spent Thanksgiving with bit
duughter, Mrs, Francis B, yaye.