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Changed Bow and Stern
Lights and Dashed Through
Line of British Ships
(By William 0. Bhophord.)
Berlin, Oct. lo. '.By mail to New
ork.) They sre still chuckling in the
navy department here over the way in
which ths (iorman eruiscrii now the
Turkish cruisers (loobci. and Uroslnu
swapped their bow ami stern lights
when they wern trapped by tlie British
Mediterranean fleet and escaped from
right under the allies' guns.
1 learned the inside story of thin in
cident from the ailiuinilty itnelf and
from tn (Jprman viewpoint in undoubt
edly is very humorous. The Uoelien with
the MreeUu, a smaller war vessel, were
us. Wo arc bottled up."
With such odds in the Unions' favor,
the admiralty officials natnially ex
pected to hear next that both the Oil
man hliips had beeu destroyed. But t u
nc x t morning thero came another wire
losa: " Battleships 8 ill f uciiiK k."
It began to get on the udiniialty of
finals' nerves. Why did not the lirit-
.liimes ithye.ombc 's plurality ver
.F. ('. Smith for governor was 2-l,!l-lJ,
and (ieorge K. Chumherlain 's plurality
over K. A. Booth for United States sen
ator was 2;,.4HI, according to complete
ish ships blow tho two (lemma vessels i ctTUiul returns received by heeietnry
out of tho wator and end the suspense t of Htllt(. U,otr, l)r, Withyenrsbr ' to-
live oa.vs passed, i wo or mice nines ; tll vk, n11) mm ,,, Ur untitles
day on which nothiiiH ;
each day the Uoelien would announce
" Battleships still facing us."
It was like hearing voices from en
tombed men.
Then canio
was heard.
"The English hnve cut loose at lost,"
mourned tho unvy men in Berlin, del
irious wept for tho officers ami crews
of tho two craft as for the dead.
A Gorman Joke.
Hut two days later, from a point .MM I
miles awny from the place where (he
two tlerinan aea fighters had been
"fne 'd" by the Hritish squadron, this
cheerful wirolesa from the tloolicn:
" Wo escaped."
Tiie navy offices decorum went to
pieced for a fow minutes after this mos-
en go arrived. Htaid old men cheered
off the Algerian coast at tho time. (nejlp Hoho(d hnrvs,
morning there was received from I lie T,B j, how tho 0oeben and the Hies
former craft a wiriest something lik.iii,,,, ,, ,,..,-
At sun dciw n both ships stnrteil their
IM,!iH; Senator t'liamberluin 's war.
111,7411, and -Mr. Booth's, 88,2!I7.
W. H. t; 'Ken' received 1(1,411.1 in the
race for governor, V. J. Smith, social
ist ciindidi'te, running almost I .(II 10
ahead of him. William Hanley, pro
gressive candidate for I'nitcd Writes
senator, received 211,220 votes.
Frank .1. -Miller, rep., for railroad
commissioner, received tho largest vote
of miy candidate, his total being
!.'i5,')7U. His socialist opponent H, U.
i'eurnla, received iW.lKSi).
Julia II. Lew in, rep., who had no op
position for statu engineer, received
me sect iiu largest vote, Ins total tieing jt
I I !.'.!!.
0. I', Huff, rep,, for labor conimis- j jjt
sinner, oppoted by n progressive and a ' k
Tenino, Wash., Nov. 21. Oil
has been struck in tho Crescent
well at Tenino.- It was brought
to the surface shortly after noon
today in the presence, of 4,000
wildly enthusiastic people
When tho crowd gathered for
the heralded uncapping of the
Crescent well, a baiter was low
ered into tho well and then
brought to the surface. Its con
tents were emptied into a large
tub. A stream of water flowed
first from the baler and this
was followed by a jet of heavy
green oil. As the heavy liquid
poured from the bailer a great
shout went up from the people.
Kmery ('. Williamson, secretary-treasurer
of the C rescent
company mounted the derrick
following the display of oil and
addressed the crowd.
socialist, l'i t I lltl,(K!,l votes,
Churchill Runs Strong.
J. A. Churchill, rep., for superintend-1 Charles liiisehnell, of Heppucr, Is In
cut of public Instruction, despite pro-1 Rnleni on business.
gressive and socialist opposition, was C. K. Hiogue is in Salem todav from
"Twelve English warships are facing ciiKinon and made as if they intended ! the choice of 144,714 electors! and Seaside,
f '"H'lll" ! '!' ! Ml! M '-'I" I'
Restored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham'a Vegetable
Unionvllln, Mo. "I BuiTerod trom a
female trouble and I got to weak that I
I could hardly walk
across the floorvvitll
out holding on to
something. I had
nervous spells and
my finger would
cramp and my face
would draw, and I
could not speak, nor
sleep Uxlo any good,
had no apxtiu.,and
everyone thought I
would not live.
Rom j one advised me to take Lydia E.
rinkham's Vegetable Compound. I had
taken so much mutUcine and my doctor
aid he coukl do me no good so I told my
husband he might get me a bottle snd I
would try it Hy the time I hud Uike-.i
it I felt bettrr. I continued Its use, and
now I am well and strong.
"I have always recommended your
medicine ever since I was so wonder
fully benefitted by It and I how tills
letter will bo the means of saving some
othor poor woman from sinTerlng,"
Mrs. Martha Skavky, box 1144,
Unionvllln, Missouri.
The maker of Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound have thousands of
such letters as that alwve they tell
the truth, else they could not have been
obtained for love or money. This med
icine is no stranger - it has stood tho
Uml for years. '
If Here are any romdlctlons jns
4e BMtt (BSemtand write to l.rdls E.
I'lnaham Medicine Co. (ronllilentUl)
l.?aa,Nasa, Vonr letter will he opened.
ra4 aa4 answered by a woman ana
held la strict conlldeuce.
to move farthor Inshore. Their lights
were extinguished for a short time'nud
then relighted. In tile ini'iint inie, how
ever, the red and green lights had beenjtions,
exchanged for one another. To the
Hritish lookirits it must have appeared
that the cornered craft wcro still head
ed Inshore. Instead they were headed
for tho open sen.
Slowly they approached the Hritish
line, Hy midnight they were ready lor
the final dash. Tho Hritish, taken com
pletely by surprise, could not rectify
their error quickly enough. The (loeben
and the Hieslnn slimmed between two
widely separated ships of the enemy's
sipiadron and were gone without tin'
firin,; of a shot.
lhomas H. Kay, rep,, for stute trens-i A. II. I.arn. a prominent merchant, of
urer, aitiiougn n. j.oe riiget Unit tlleincnd, stopped off , in ttali'in yesterday
nun, 'i hi I,- nun in .in i i-niiir. noilllllll- . " a. uusiness inn
received 112,!!32 to Mr, l'aget 's Mrs. Hteele, of ladeneiidence, was
ift.iiftl, nniem visitor yesterday.
Ilcuiy J. llcan led all candidiitis bj ! N. ('. Mnris, industrial field worker
a large plurality in the race for sii- for the state department of education
premc court Justice, his total being : arrived last night.
I ,!)i I. llenry l 1 I'nsnn was the sec
oiul choice. " He received Hi.'l.llhV
Under tho motor vehicle license lav
all registrations of motor vehicles anil
motorcycles for tho year W14 expire
upon December ?1 of this year, and
new recistrutions must be miide on or
before tho first of January, li) 15, if
owners desire tn drive their cars (mi in
u ml after that date, and Secretary of
i State Olcott is mailing out registration
blanks for the convenience of motoi
j vehicle and motorcycle owners in unler
I to expedite rcgistri'tious for the yenr
I During 1014 mere tliiin 1(1:100 motor
vehicles, 3IMI0 motorcycles, ldl) dealers
and 1800 chauffeurs were registered
Kor the yenr lfll.'l there was a total of
14.000 motor vehicles and motorcycles
and 20 dealers and 1472 chauffeurs
registered, which shows a very niatf rial
increise over 1011), and the increase
for 1(115 i expected to bo correspond
ingly lurgc.
Tho muter vehicle plates for the year
1015 will be made with a yellow buck
ground and black letters and numerals
The plates for this year aro of a dark
blue background with white letters and
numerals. Assignments of number
plates for the year HII3 will be miulc.
consecutively in the order of the re
ceipt of the applications. Fees from
registrations less administration ex
penses, are annually apportioned to the
counties lor the benefit of the road
fund iu proportion 'is the registrations
aro made from each comity.
Heillu, by wireless to London, Nov.
24. "Hritich warships boinlmrdcd oui
troops at l.ombnertryde and Zeobrnggc
Monday," announced the (let-man war
ot lien today, "but the damnge thev
Thomas A. McHrido beat Lawrence T
Harris by seven votes, the former's
totnl being Jlll.l'S and Judge Harris
11.1,171. (Ieorge I, Hrown rcpiblicau
nominee for nttorncy geneiiil, received
more than twice ns many votes as his
dcmoiriitic opponent. John A. Jeffrey
the totals being 127,(SI and IU,7(II, re
s tlvely.
Hnwley's Opponent Far Behind
Kor representative In congress in the
second congressional district, N. 1. Mn
nott, rep., received 24.170; (leoige L,
''leaver, prohititlon luniinee, I fi.tis5.
and Stun L'vnns, dem.. ll,0:t. For rep
resentiitive iu the tint congressional
distriit, W. C lluley, rep., made a
ruamviii race of It, receiving M JO.'i,
and Krederiek llollister, dem., ;i.(l.'llt.
Hut a man Isn't neeesnrily wurth
; less because his wife If worth mere
than he Is.
Corns Comes Off as
Easy as You Please
"Oets-It" Being Used by Millions!
It Is the first time that a real, sure
as fate corn cure has ever been dircov
ered. "OETS-IT" Is tho new corn
lames I'. Chltinock. rep., who had no
did was slight, though n number of '.'I'l'osrtion fur superintendent of water
Hclgiiui villagers wero killed and in I"14,"""" ' iv M.s2 voti,
jni-od. ,,ll"l tleorge I'. t'uclirnn, rep., for super-
"til Knat rrussia our furces are , ot wn'er division No. 2, re
holding their own. ,ieived 'M,M2. He also was without op
"Klcrco fighting eontlnues In the I"1"'1'""'
north of llussino l'olaad. still nithont; . ,
definite result.
"la southern Poland the buttle Ik
at a standstill in the t'r.eustochono re
gion. .
"Our attack is progressing on the'
Russians' southern wing noithcnst of
"Heports that, the Hussians have1
captured llenerala l.lebert and Triune
wits are pi re invent iota."
t'ive firms engaged In piepnilim cof
Ices, teas and spices iu this state, with
FM (b.Udr Wh Uin Iho Wld'l CrnlM.
tocn-tur.. "UElS-lr."
i , s ulue, at . 1 .,0, gave employ- Ld u j , , ,
rent to a total ot l.,2 people ast year. 'u la dmerent formula,
ace .-d.ng to reports receive, by Labor lnevvt twnmtMj mitnWi. t mn,,
, " ,ll,,.,r' I'""1, "". " '""' "hrtvel and then vanish. Two
vvaitcs aa, sa lanes an aggregate ot M,- Ljrop. Jo the work. You don't bundle
I he total volume of bus.uess trans- p yuur I1V mor0 with nHt,yy ,
l'i, r n ".'"'T" H,r,"",,,,Ll "a Platers tiiat Fes, down on tie
to .J1.44H.U. h.x trunk and trunk pnnr ',. ,,' f,.,,h.cti R vet
ei.,1,1.,,,, u . . : i,nt ,,,,n 1 '.r :.." nu murn
Wnsliingtun, Nov. 21. A
airship dropped n bomb which e.v'ilo.1
e.1 in front of the American cousuliitt
In Warsaw, breaking the glass In the
office windows and killing and in.,ui
lug several persons in the street, lie
cording to an official report received
at the state department this afternoon.
Cepiini. ,H, ,n(1 vnlll of ..,,,',,'
Moiifonl s nhool census enuineriitiir
reports a vast redoetiiii of the number
of vacant dwelling houses, as com
pared with the status at this time last
lug at corns with knives or rnr.ors, lie
mure bleeding or danger of blood pel
on. No more limping around for days
with sore corns, no more corn pains.
"IIETS-IT" is now the biggest sell
ii.g corn cure In the world. l.'se it on
sny hard or soft corn, callus or bunion.
Tonight ' the night.
"UKTS1T" Is sold by druggists
everywhere, 25 cents a bottle, or sent
direct by E. Lawrence Co., Chicago.
No. 46. Cupid and the Bank
"Hy proper self-denial in expen
ditures, any man with a moderate
income, can find himself at 00
possessed of sufficient menus to
live without work if he wants tn
do so." -K. ('. Thompson.
Tho heroine of this tale is to bo mar
ried this month, and she will make a
good wife, there's no doubt about it.
When hrioe and giooiu move into
their cor.y flat, they will have a hand
semi outfit of bedroom furniture all
paid for by savings made by the youag
couple during that usually expensive
peri id between the engagement and the
And this is the way it canio about:
l-'or a while the ynung mail's desire
to lo everything he could to entertain
his fiancee in the ci.sto.uary stylo was
uncurbed. There were autii riiics, the
ater suppers, flowers ami candies given
- just tne kind .i' lavish attentions that
would unite turn the head of tho aver
age girl.
Hut. this was an unusually sensible
girl. So very soon she took her fiance
as. do and said to him:
"(Ieorge, I've had enough of this
extravagance. Hereafter I'm going to
take the will for the deed almost every
time you propose some expensive
'M'm're to give me the money you
were planning to spend and I II put iu
into this little nictnl bunk and oil the
first -of eve.y month we'll talie it to
the bank and deposit It in our fund In
buy tn.uitnrc with when we start keep
ing house. "
Of t'ooree, tleorge fell in readily with
the plan and they really got as' much
pleasure from saving la t.iis way and
anticipating the purchase of things to
add lo the comfort and attractiveness
nf their future home as they formerly
had in wasting money on a temporary
"good time."
And the substantial result is that
they have about 100 mn.e In the hank
ihim they otherwise would have had oa
launching their bark upon (he matri
monial sea and they did not give up all
Seed times either, bv any means.
T. i. MacllUIHiOl!.
Fred Rvnnn, of Salem, a member op i
the committee of the Willamette Valley I
Fair association uppninted to prepare a I
hooklet for distribution in San Frun-j
cisco nest year, vvns in Kugene yester
day afternoon conferring with 'if. ,T.
Duryen regarding the plans for the:
hook. It is proposed to have tho al- J
ley described nailer twenty-three heads
in article;) from .100 to 1000 words.
written as follows: "The Willamette
Valley," If. J. Duryen; "(ienornl
Fnrmi.ic," Professor French, of O. A.
('.; "Fruit Crowing." writer not se
lected; "Truck Hardening." some (
A. O. authority; "Hop (Irmvina," by
some prominent hop grower; "Dairy
ing," by Luther Chopin, Marion coun
ty agriculturalist: "Stock liaising"!
and "Poultry," hv sonic O. A. C, an-1
thority; "Nuts, "'by J. C. Cooper, of i
the state experiment farm nt llcMinn
ville; "Bee." author unselec.ted; "i'li-
mete.'' Edward Heals, of Portland;!
"Soil," writer nnselccted; " Triinspor-1
tatlon." D. O, Freeman; "Pcenerv,''j
H. K. Marshall, of Salem; "Sport nnd'
Onme." William Finley; "Citizen-1
ship," Heverend Charles Dunsmore, oTj
Independence j "Manufacturing," B.
'V. Iluvmond: "Educntion," President!
Campbell; "Land Values." Fred S
Bynon. The names of the authors nri i
only tentative so far. Eugene (liianij
Portland, Ore, Nov. 24. A number'
of shots were exchanged in n revolver
battle in the rear room of Jarl's gen
eral merchandise store nt Kelso, enrly
Monday between Charles Jarl, the pro
prietor, und two robbers who fled, leav-j
inc b-'hind an outfit of nitro-ijlycerinc
an I dynamite with vhiih they iuul in
tended to blow the snfe. !
''lie fusillade of bullets began when!
Jar', nvviikened from sleep In an ad-1
joining r ioiii, armed with two revol-1
vers, rushed Into the robbers' presence.
(Kugene Register.) I
Hops arc down as low ss seven and n
hnlf cents a pound In Eugene. That
price was paid by Hud Knmpp, repre
senting A. J. Mishler, of Aurora, yes
terday for 2I bales of the King crop,
grown near Coburg.
This is the lowest price yet paid for
this year's crops around here and Is'
the lowest for several years. This will'
not pay the expene of growing audi
na vesting tne crop.
Choice hops ,own the state are bring
ing a higher price according to ad
vices from Portland. A few dnvs ago
McKinley Mitchell sold to T. A. Lives,
ly Jt Co.. 24(1 bales at II cents snd the
Seavey Hop company has bought tho
I'ndson crop of il bales lit Airlie, Polk
county and the Klsnnr crop of Mt bales
at Aurora, both nt. nine and a half
11. L. Hint purchased ,"2 bales from
R. Jncobsnn, of McMlnnville, at oiuht
and a half cents and 24 bales from Me
Council nt oicht. and a quarter cents.
Other sales iu this state include the
Portervillln crop of Kit bales at indepen
dence nt II cents, I.1S bales by W. E.
Williams, Jr., of Airlie. at nine cents,
and HHI bales by Mrs. Knapp, of Aurora.
12th and Chemeketa
Phone 2186
methods are employed
in our bakery. Our
flour is first sifted,
then mixed by machin
ery (not by hand). It
is then baked under the
most careful and sani
tary conditions, wrap
ped in waxed paper and
delivered in a sanitary
auto. Our salesman
who handles Tennant
Bread does not handle
horses. Surely you
could not buy cleaner
Insist on getting Pen
nant Bread from your
grocer. If he can't sup
ply you, phone 2486 and
we'll deliver.
Yours for quality,
Salem Bakery
C. A. ERTLE, Propr.
llerlin. bv wireless via Payvllle, Nov.
SI. " rii itish reports of the destruction
of a (loimnn submarine." asserted the
admiralty here today, "arc untrue; no
'itloea.inc Is missing."
Thrilling Moving Pictures of Maxwell
Motor Company to Ba Shown, on 8at
unlay, Novembor 8.
Iters Cli.ili 1,,,-nl rvll ,1.
have secured the wonderful motion pic-
...re cjninit wnicn lias created such
Mii,M,ii..-, ; .1,., n. .......... i... - 1. 1 wi
ovhilni i-miimUu .,f .;., ......... ..r ..;......
ivhi. li in e explained by a tcciiuii-al man
in such language that the performance
cannot fail to Interest everyone. II
you own a motor car, or if you are con
tcinplating the purchase of one, do not
miss this show. Von will regret It when
it Is too Into. The lctu.es are the last,
word In motion picture Hit and an
thrilling from stint to finish. They
have held audiences spellbound all nv.-r
the count i y. from California to Maim-.
tsee bees Elgin, coiner Ferry a
High streets, Imodintcly, for free tl
Crumbs of comfort never come fnon
eating e. ackers in bed.