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Social and Personal Notes
By Mollie Runcorn
THE first games on the new goll'
links of the lllahee Country club
were played yesterday, and scores
of enthusiastic city folk, making their
nay by tho electric trains, initiated the
erick, have resided in Salem nearly
three years, and nave greatly endeared
themselves to .their church people, as
well as the people of Suleui. During
their residence here they have taken an
splendid course, winch from now on active interest in vurious flairs that
will be daily patronized by local ile- tended to the city 's betterment, aud
votees of the game. Salem people are i have been successful in retaining the
beginning the pastime consistently, and most pleasant social atmosphere among
have secured the services of 0. H. Kddy, ' the members of the congregation,
a professional instructor, who conies Mi. Schrock's new pastorate will be
with flattering credentials from the in the First Congregational church of
.Raleigh, North Carolina, Country club,
and from other of the larger and better
known clubs, lie will be located per
manently near the course, and will be
on the grounds daily to give instruc
tions, The regular course includes 12
lessons, which are considered sufficient
to give one a practical knowledge of
the game, the matter of efficiency be
ing the result of continued practice.
A group of about 30 enthusiasts
went out Sunday morning including Mr.
and Mrs. Annuel Bush, Mr. and Mrs.
W. .1. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Plimp
ton, F. D. Thielsen.'F. W. Hteusloff,
Curtis B. Cross, Frank Spears, Ralph
Modrcs, Carl Uabrielson, Allan Hutclte-
on, Arthur Hutcheon, Chauncey Bishop,
it. M. rioter, Lawrence Holer, J. W.
Harbison and Karl II. Anderson. They
remained until about noon, o'ber play
ers occupying the course during the re
mainder of the day. Although as yet
there are no local experts at the game
almost all the players having practical
ly no previous experience, Mr. Eddy is
grently pleased with the interest shown,
and rredicts that the local greens which
he pronounces ideal and the best in the
state will undoubtedly be the scene of
tome unusually classy games later when
the participants become more pro
It is planned to erect a permanent,
up-to-date clubhouse early in the spring,
and tennis courts will also be built as
soon as the weather permits, further
- social activities to be undertaken when
the club's finances permit.
Although as a rule country clubs are
rather exclusive affairs, it is not the
intention of the committee in charge to
make Salem s bo exclusive and expen
sive that only a few can afford to be
long. Theentranco fee is to bo reason
able and any and all who are really
interested in the various activities of
fered are extended an invitation to
If tho interest displayed so far is
anything of an indicator, success is
sure to crown the efforts of those who
have tho matter in charge. Although
the membership to date is composed
principally of the masculine element,
the patronage of the feminine contin
gent will be solicited shortly, and that
they will be enthusiastic supporters is
generally understood.
Tho rainy days incidental to winter
cannot dampen the ardor of one tmcc
interested in the-came, ssy those who
know, and the beautiful days of spring
Sautn Ana, and is one of the most de
sirable of western appointments.
Several applications have been made
for ms placo here, but as yet no assign
ment has been made.
Mrs. Beuardi entertained in a most
hospitable manner "The Elite" Em-
Estrella Bonham. the nart rdaved bv
Miss Catherine Carson ia the big Moose
.pro taction of "Arizona." which will
be seen at the Grand opera house on
the evenings of November 30 and De
cember 1, is a character so striking in
its originality that it stands almost
alone in the class of dramatic roles
commonly called emotional. Although
the young wife of Colonel Bonham
(Hal V. Bolam) is the "emotional
lead" of the play, she is very far re
moved from the stereotyped weeping
fern ile, around which the plots of bo
i. ..i
inuny u. our pmys revuive.
Estrella, first of all, is a very real,
human being. She has real feminine
weaknesses, and these, played upon by
real traces in the play, produce a real
and logical result. The much-abused
term, "emotional," as applied to Ks
trelln, is genuine, and therefore con
vincing, ami when she does have oc
casion to weep the effect is so natural
that the audience usually ,oins her,
Washington, Nov. 23. The
agricultural department was con-
vinced today that foot and
mouth disease among cattle was
under control. It was admitted,
however, that the states of
Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania and
Indiana were stili seriously af-
fected. :
h... . !.,.. l..l, Tk,,..,l.v .(I m, Tl,. "IB I'll
decorations were beautifully suggestive ! l''""' """' ".--...,, .me
f Ti,..i,..:,.i .in,. ri v,.t;shcd a tear or two between laughs as
day being much in evidence. Mrs. Ber
nardi was assisted in serving a very de
licious luncheon in keeping with the oc
casion by Mrs. Mary Rodgers and Miss
Bock. Those present to enjoy this ck
casionwere: Mrs. Given, Mrs. Nellie
Knox, Mrs. Fred Prince, Mrs. Hoy
Clark, Mrs. A. M. Clough, Mrs. Alice
Pugh, Mrs. Fred Barker, Mrs. W. W.
Hill, Mrs. Maud Lucas, Mrs. P. L.
Frazier, Mrs. O, Shclmirg, Mrs. Godfrey,
Mrs. Mary Dodgers, Mrs. E. V. Ryder,
Mrs. E. E. Fisher, and Mrs. Bernnrdi.
The dub's next meeting will be at the
ho'ue of Mrs. Roy Clark on North Front
Mrs. II. M. Perry entertained the
Loyal Daughters of the Christian
church at her home, Friday evening.
The hours were spent with informal
entertainment, and dainty refreshments
were served. Those present were the
Misses Ethel Jones, Bertha KdWards,
Birdien and Vcnita McKinuey, Nnnna
and Mary D. Putnam, Mnry and hlsie
Lemmon, Eugena and Wilda Siegmiimi,
Lena Shelley, Edvth Fairchilds, Ttuth
Van Tassel, Zoa Olmsted, Clara Fuller,
Kuth Johansen, Olive Casto, Jessie
Hunt, Graco Baker, Esther Gremmels,
Marjorie Kay, Martha Gillett, Dorothy
Taylor, Gladys Harff, Golda Wheeler',
Kuth Porringer, Tennle Bewley and
Ruth llollistcr.'
Rev. and Mrs. Carl F. Elliott are
made happy by the arrival of a small
daughter, born Friday, November 20,
I': ;.j
Expert Tells Why Animals Af
flicted with Foot and Mouth
Disease Must Die
East Ltnsing, .dich., Nov. 23. The
present epidemic of foot and mouth dis
ease has already cost the federal ami
state governments mere than $2,000,000,
according to Bacteriologist Ward Gilt-
ner, of the Michigan Agricultural col
lege. And this sum, he says, does not
begin to cover tile entire losses suffered
as a combined result of the destruction
of diseased animals, interference with
commerce and the disturbance of feed
ers' plans for tho winter.
"It is frequently asked," Dr. Gilt
ner snid today, "why, Binco recovery is
tho rule, valuable animals are not per
mitted to live under conditions that
would guarantee against the disenso's
spread, or why, at any rate, there can
be no salvage of pelts, hoofs, ho.ns,
soap grease or fertilizer.
"Tho answer is based upon the fact
that the future export trade in Amen
can livestock to countries not infected
with the disease depends upon tho im
mediate eradication of this plague, so
matter at wnat expense.
They carry Infection.
An expert in the diseases of livestock '
from the U. 8. department of ngricul-;
ture will be in Salem for the week be-'
ginning November 30 and will give dem-,
onstmtions in treatments for hog chol-'
era and other ailments of livestock. He
will make his headquarters at the of-1
fiee of Luther J. Chapin, and any stock-!
raisers who desire may have their herds
examined free by leaving word nt the
office of Mr. Chnpin in the post office
building ami stating the time they wish
the visit to be niado.
Mr. and Mrs. L. N. White, Mrs. N.
K. Simpson, Mrs. W. F. Drager and Mr.
Harley Moon join with me in taking
this means of expressing our deep grat
itude for the earnest sympathy shown
us in our recent bereavement, the death
of my beloved wife, their daughter and
sister, by our many friends from Sa
lem, Hubburd and Brooks, by my col
leagues at the state, penitentiary and
by ;ny brothers (if tho Modem Woodmen.
It is truly said: Blessed are thev that
it. o it in , for they shall be comforted.
O. Van Patten, a well .bnown con
tractor of this city, has the lowest bid
on the construction of the proposed;
75,000 armory at Eugene. Mr. Van'
Patten's bid of $37,300 is $2.i0 lower i
than his nenrcst competitor, but no con- j
tracts have been signed as yet. The ;
bid was for the construction af the;
building only and does not include any
heating, wiring, plumbing or furnishing j
of tiie building. This building is to be
built from an appropriation of $2o,000 j
mode by the lust legislature and like;
stuns put up by tho city of Eugene audi
by Lano county. j
Judge Thos. P. Ryan, chief deputy in ,
the stato treasury department, this:
morning received, by parcel post, a I
pair of Bui-bank "spuds," which were
raised upon his home ranch, near Glad
stone, in Clackamas county, which, to
say the least, aro beauties, and are
prizewinners of tho first water. Each
What is imperatively necessary is potato is over 9 inches in length, per-
completely to exterminate the living
virus or germ of the complaint, and this
oemaiius tiie iiiimediato slaughter of CV'
fcetlv smooth and symmetrical, and
one weighs 2 pounds 9 and 5-ltl ounces,
and the other 2 pounds 2-8 ounces.
lodge Kvan says that ho has AH acres
honor of Mrs. N. S. Stewart, who is
leaving Snlem to ma..e her home in
Washington. A delightful afternoon
was enjoyed by the ladies of this in
teresting eluh in wishing Mrs. Stewart
are sure to bring out the golfers in ; great pleasure and happiness in her new
force, and the little white balls dotting home and with new friends. A splen-
who will be named Grace Marie. Mr.
Elliott is pastor of the First Presby
tcrian church.
Mrs. Fred Barker opened her homo
at corner of Broadway and Market
ashamed of themselves.
Mabel Burt's splendid portrayal oflerv affected or cxiiosed animal, since
Estrella in the original production of ! they may carry the infection for months in pc.tntoos of" the same varioty this
Axivnlio " iu tt!ll tulL.i.l ihf,.il in .Un. ...... L I .-., 1 . . ......... ' ...
.a ...... ,.uuuv ... juiie, Hjqiurt'iii, recuvury uuu pnii'licnuy
they watch a play, and they can do: every auimal exposed to it will be
this with Kstrellu witiiw.it feeling stricken,
niatic circles, and tho role has always "Except in tho rarest instnnees, too,
been considered a model for realistic any effort to utilize a diseased animal
emotional character drawing. would entail dangers that nhist out-
it wouiti dc iiiriicuit to imagine a, weigh any possible salvage.
"There is always a loss in affected
cattlo amounting to from 2t to I0
in dairy animals aud to fit) to 1S in
player moro admirably fitted for this
difficult role than MisB Carson. She
plays Estrulla with a Bareness of touch
that stamps her at once as an artist; beef animals. ThcBo losses are duo. in
I of the first rank- Mr. .James W. Mott, the case of dairv cattle, to n siimirea-
streits to tho Indies of the Elite Km-the director of "Arizona," declared j sion of the milk flow, from which there
broidery club, who gave a reception in .that ho uns made several sensational may not be complete recovery during
irumanc discoveries among 1110 mem- mint period of lactation, wlnlo in beef
i,.. .... i .1 ...t.:..k ...ill . ... . . . . , . ...
the landscape will, with the puzzling so
lection of the brassy, deck, niashie,
nibleck and putter, undoubtedly oc
did luncheon was served, which was
provided by the ladies of tho club, and
a very pretty little cut glass nappcr was
ciipy foremcut placo in the time und , presented Mrs. Stewart as a token of
attention of fair society maid and ma
tron, and social interest changing from
indoor affairs will revolve around the
wide verandahs and cool tea rooms of
the club house.
a .
Mr. and Mrs. Lilburn M. Boggs re
turned todny from their fortnight's
wedding trip to Portlaml. Seattle and I " Lll"J m V'i J "iV ' .1 .
hlrWo MnM'r 1 1."eHsing wliich ha've Vome to Z oZ
homo, 125 Owen, street They will re-1 ior b , ,. ,
ceive thoir friends aftor December1!,, . u. i,l(:!t ,.,;.i . i,,. hi
hers of the local cust which will pro
duco f'Arizona" here on November 30
and December 1, and that one of the
most notnblo of these is the pojmlnr
young Salem woman who will play
Estrella. Miss Carson's emotion has a
surprisingly lurge range, and her ex
cellent technique enables her to bring
out every phase of it in a thoroughly
convincing manner. Her performance
of tn e colonel's wife on the lust even
ing of this moil til is going to be one of
the genuine hits of the play.
Don't forget that the prices for "Ari
zona'' aro Sll and 7.) cents no higher,!
on tan get tickets now from any mem
ber of tho Mooie. The sent sule will
open Saturday inorniiig at 9 o'clock,
year and hopes that all of them will
nc as line as the two specimens senti
linn, which, however, he does not ex
pect, but suys that his farm manager
has dug somo that weigh as much as
four pounds, but they are not as smooth
as those he is exhibiting.
To The Public I
and many of you could not get to us this past week,
and as we do not want to disappoint any friends, we
have decided to allow this liberal discount offer to
stand for another week. We repeat it once more.
Buy Now
With every Suit or Overcoat bought
this week we will give positively
in merchandise. You will need that THANKSGIV
This Certificate, when properly indorsed by Brick Bros., will be
good for $5.00 in trade any time up to and including March 1, 11115.
l:pon purchasing a suit at our store during the week of November
23 to and including November .10, to tho amount of $10 or over, and
presenting this Certificate properly signed and uddresscd, tho holder
muy select $5.00 in merchandise immediately or mny retain Certificate
and nt :iny time prior to March may select tiie Merchandise, which con
sists of Hats, Shoes, Overalls, Cnps, Boys' Clothing, Muckinnws, Rain
coats, Underwear, Hosiery, Neckwear, in fact anything in our store.
Formerly Oscar Johnson's Plymouth
Corner State and Liberty Streets, Salem
God, in His infinite wisdom, has bli ss
cd us with Ills hand of good fortune,
and thrown Ilis mantle of protection
around us. For. while bevnnd thn sen..
of Portland, is eiti0. am fields are beimr laid wnste
and death, closely followed by pesti
lenc.e and famine is knocking from
door to door, peace and security are
ours. Bountiful harvests have blessed
the land, and disease hus stayed its
hand. We have wenthercd tho st'irm
which, for a momci.t, threatened inn
industries through the closing of our
markets by the foreign war, and nr.!
now facing whnt is bound to be jii
first. They have been delightfully on
tcrtaiued by friends while away.
Miss Lena Goodin,
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. B,
Ooodin, on Court street, and will re
main until after Thanksgiving. Mr.
and Mrs. Ooodin will also entertain its
Thanksgiving dny guests their daugh
ter, Mrs. A. H. Ooodinillcr, her husband,
and sun, Hilly, of Seattle.
Mis. Claude Knight, of The Dulles,
is being entertnincd at the Henry V.
tawk residence on Nob mil. Mrs. era ot prosperity.
Knight nccompnnieil her sister, Miss It is fitting, therefore, thut we cense
Aline i'awk, homo, who hod been spend-1 for a brief time, our daily Activities
ing several weeks with her. She will land return our thimks to Almighty God
remain until Friday. tor His mercy mid His sustaining
1 hand.
Mins Edna Josse was hostess for her Now, therefore, in nccorilince with
club, "The Lb louder," Thursday aft-ithe timc-lionorcd custom, I, Osv nld
crnoon, asking Mrs. Clarence Albert, of West, Governor of tho Stnto of Oregon,
Portland, and Miss Kitu stelner nd-iby virtue of the authority In me vest
ditionally. Sho was assisted by Mrs. led, do hereby pforlnim Thursday, No.
Louis dosso and Miss Mary Kckerlcn. vemlier tho twenty-sixth, ns Thniikngiv.
ing Dny, nnd cull upon the people ot
Mrs. Jnmea R. Linn is home from a this State to pause in their labors on
nucith's sojourn in Santo llarbnia, Oil., that dny nnd lift to tho Throne or
where sho was entertained by friends. Mercy their voices rn ttinnk fulness for
'the blessings und bounties upon thorn
Mrs. H. H. Hill, assisted by Mrs. bestowed.
Cristauce, Mrs. M. D. Piikenton ! In testimony whereof, I have here,
and .Miss Mabel Cristsnre, enter-junto set my hand und caused the seal
tnined a group of small folk Sotur-'of the State of Oregon to be hereunto
dnv afternoon for her son Robert affixed this 2.1rd day of November,
.laines, who was celebrating his sixth HIU4. OSWALD WlT,
birth lav. Quantities of yellow cliry-' Attest i Governor.
santhemums were used in funning a BKN . OI.COTT,
floral setting for toe youthful guests,
who enjoyed the juvenile entertain
ment furnished them until serving time,
when they gathered around the lovely
birthday cnlio, lighted by tiny tapers.
Thine who participated in this merry
fathering were: Virginia Dorcas, Lou
isa Merreu, Alberta Hansen, Josephine Mnltilln, Ore., Nov. 21. It has hern
.laskoskl, Lilllsin Lyman, Lornne Ache- nnnouncril by officials of the Wilkin
son, Caroline ( hristnnce, Dorothy Zlm-'cttn Valley Southern railway, which Is
merman, Ainlrv (iilis, Charles Cainep'the P, R., L. k P. extension from Ore-
cuttle there is a loss in weight and a
rniiiue to maim gains. -- .
"And tho contagiousness of the dis
ease is so great that in the absence ot
measures to control it, it would spread
in a few years through tho whole coun
try. Disease Comes Baols.
"More than this, recovered animals
arc not permanently immune but muy
suffer a recurrence of tho complaint in
two or more months.
"1'rrcn all these reasons, it can be
plainly seen that foot and month dis
ease is a grave menace and must be
stamped out without fail if cnorinmisly
greater losses are to be avoided than
aro involved in the complete destruc
tion of afflicted animals.
"To exterminate it, we know to bo a
posiliiility at any expenditure not pru
1A1 A IP 11 rl imiP 11 ' 1 iiisense noes not exist
Id 1i).D4 MILLo '" tlliH """'try normally. It must be
iiruiigut uere irum some outer cnumrv.
It hus already been demonstrated five
times that we can eradicate it.
"Heavy losers at this time should
not cherish tho hope, however, thut
something may yet be learned by ex
periment by which affected or expired
aiiiiuals may be safely spared. What
we want is not to learn something about
the dirensn but tti get rid of it; not to
study but to eradicate it. Let foreign
countries already Involved do the studying."
Tho city tux levy for 1(114 tuxes has
been fixed by the city officials at 13.04
mills. This is a decrease of L.'iO mills
lrciu Inst year's levy of 15.2 mills. The
levy of L1.II4 mills will probably be re
duced to l.'l.t) mills, as tho levy was
worked out upuu a basis of a $12,000,.
000 property valuation, and when tV
repo:t of the rnilroud commission is
handed to the assessor fixing toe prop
erty valuation of the public utilities
the property valuation of the city will
bo approximately 11112,300,1100, which
will permit the reduction ot the city
levy to about LI.O mills.
Tho city levy was. made up as fol
lows: For general purposes 7.M4 mills
Por roods and streets 1.5 mills
1'or special sewer tux 4.5 mills
Mndiid, Nov. 2.1. Ileturniiig to Knr
ifn from an expedition against North
Al'rloon rebel tribesmen, a Preach col
umn under Colonel Laverdiire has been
practically wiped (tit, according to a
Tangier dispatch to 1.1 Impurciul here
Total Ll.iil mills! The Kr li were said to have been
The property valuation of tho city ! ambushed and to have lost officers
Secretary of State.
this year, exclusive of corporations, has
been assessed at (II, ill 3 by County As
sessor West. Last year the valuo put
on the corporations within the city was
i '1,1 l."i,0MO, and this umoiint will bo ap
proximately the sumo this year. Last
year tho corporations wore assessed by
the county assessor but this year the
state railio.'iil roiumirslon fixes tlio.cur-
nnd til in n t tioo men.
Tli j rebellion was reported
growing very serious.
to be
The largest turkey shoot ever pulled :
oft' in this city wns held by the Cp-
itnl City Rod & Ulin' club at their Sev
enteenth street grounds yesterday. Itj
is estimated that at least 500 shmttrsi
were present and all of the traps were
going steadily from U n. m. until 4:. '1(1
in tiie afternoon. Over 100 turkeys will i
grnco tho Thursday tables of the best 1
shooters who came from far and near I
to compete in tho shoot. Itifles, pistols'
and : hotguns wore used and the evenly-'
mutihed groups made the crrnpetitinn
keen. Tho silver trophy cup which was
to be shot for as a special event wns
won bv Mark Siddall, who broke 22
out of 25 birds shot at. All of the
scores III this ovent were low, and Salem
shooters have frequently broken 24 out
of 2 i, nnd even a perfect score for tins
number of birds is not rare. A lunch
wns served at noon to the visiting
Friends will be glad to know that
Mis llnrrison Doe, who wns operated
upon iicently for cancer of the stom
ach, is ecoveriiig nicely at the Sam
fiiiinu, ami will soon be removed to
her he ii"?.
Clifford Unison, of Ileedsfoiit, Ore-!
gun, is III the city, registereit at tnc
Marijn. I
....Geo. M. Drown, attorney general-1
Goo. M. Brown, attorney general-
city. They are. looking for a residence
M. M. Kriger, of Dayton, is the guest
of his sister, Mrs. P. T. Porter. Mr.
Kriger recently came here from the east
and Is greatly pleased with Oregon.
Mrs. liny Itlodgett is on u trip to
Wasco, Oregon.
Mrs. Mary B. Gill'ert left recently for
I!. Mi.uer nnd family, who recently
came hern from Detroit, mulling tho
trip In a Ford car, have returned by
rail to Chicago, going by way of New
Oi leans.
M. Wilson, of Cleveland, Oiiio, has
returned to his home, after being here
on un inspecting tour.
Holiday Suggestions
here. Have you ordered? It will be worth your
while to investigate the quality of these birds.
Premier Plum Pudding
10c, 33c and 05c rach. The high
est grndo sold.
Cluster Raisins
4 Crown Clusters, per lb 20c
fl Crown Dihe.sha Clusters,
per lb 25c
5 Crown .Mulngu Clusters,
per lb 10c
(1 Crown Malaga Clusters,
per II). 50c
t) Crown Cresca Clusters,
per lb 75c
gnn City through Mulallii to Mount An
gel, that the mud will be completed by
Thanksgiving dny with the exception
of stringing the trolley wires. Hteel
has been laid to within six miles of
Mount Angel.
Trolley wires have been strung to n
point nront hull w:iy between Oregon
on, Frank Mill.
Mrs, L. V. Josse, Sr., received the
members of tho Samedl club, Soturday
afternoon, at her Church street home.
Hov, ami Mrs. Perry Frederick
Schroek, who leave next week for San
ta Ana, t ill., will be honored guests City and Mnlnlln, nnd it is expected
lit a farewell reception given tomorrow the road w ill begin electric service bv
evening In the parlors of the First Con-1 the en! of the yenr. The rolling idnek
gregntional church. A committee coin-( Is on hnnii. The Hock Creek bridge
posed of Mrs. (leorge O. Brown, chain H50 feet long, between Molnlla and
mnnj Mrs. H. H. Hell, Mrs. W. O. As- j Mount Angel, Is the longest bridge on
selen, Mrs, H. H. Polsal and Mis. Fred-j the road. There arc two small bridge
erick Stewart, are planning the affair, , yet to be decked,
and cordially Invite all members of the With the opening of regular service
congregation and friends to be present, ; there will be a formal celebration In
Tha Schrocks, who have one son, Fred Mnlnlln.
Mr. Hey Austin llroyles. son of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Wm. Hroyles, of this city,
porute tax on the public utility cur- and Miss Helen Hngcmiw, of (Icrvuis,
porations, such as tho water company,! worn married In St.' Luke's Catholic
light and power coinpmiy, telephone ami , church In U'tnidliurn Tuesday. The cor
telegraph coinpuiiles, ami tho railways. ! cinony was performed by Hov, .1. M.
Tim special schunl taxes this year O'Purrell at 0 a. m. In the presence n,
will be based upon a greater property i friends and relatives, after which a
Valuation than the citv tax ns the r wetblliur breakfast wns served. The
boundaries of district Nii. 4 extend, bo- happy couple will make their homo in tev tl U I,, thThmn , L , ,?r, Sal,' m'
yond the city limits. Last yekr tho ! Woi'dhnrn, where Mr. llroyles is Pln. 1 hoy .dl It In thn home papers. Salon.
vii no uf tliH tiroiii'rtv wit i ti tlin n lmnl . moved in Inn ftiflicr'n input mitrkct. i ') . .
litrn't fi;i.:,iHt,il4iit winlc thut of They linvo mrny fni'iuln in tlim rn'i-hon
30.000 VOICES
And Many Are The Voices of Balora
Thirty thoiisnnd voices What n grand
chorus! And that's tlm number of
Anieiicnn men mid women, who nre
publicly praising' Doan 's Kidney Pills
for relief from lincKncho, kidney mid
bladder ills. They say it to friends
Sliced Pineapple Special
APPI.K 10.:
Special, per dozen tt.10
This is a funcy Hnwuiiun Pine
for Sic
Per dozen . 1.30
NO. 2j TIN Di:i. MONTH
Per dozen i(2.5'l
Cresca Figs
1014 puck. Klegnnt quality.
FI IS 25c
FANCY LAYER FIOS. .25fn:)0c "
buskct aO(ti'.'l5
i'ANDIEl) FHiS, per pound, 25c
SITFFLD DATES, boxes. . .3."ic
CKKSCA FIGS, fancy jars,
at lOgHGo
two for 2!ic
Canned Goods
Mission Asparagus, two for 25e
TIl'S, each l!5c
Del Monte Collosul Asparagus,
each Iflc
P.-S. Asparagus, each .'10c
Del Monte Peas, best, euch, 15c
Beauty Pe.is, two for 25c
Lilly of the Vullcy Peus 25
the city was 12,i:il,4l5.
Speaking of angels lu disguise but
what business hus an nngel to wear a
disguise 1
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who ioin tho Independent in extending
felicitations, Wnodburn Independent.
Order one and get the best.
DON'T SPOIL a good dinner with poor coffee.
GQLDEN GATE, Imperial or Alhambra will give
you the pleasure of a, good cup of coffee that one
enjoys with a good meal.
Roth Grocery Co.
Phone 1885-1886 410-416 State Street
ideas of books of all prices to give
children for Christinas. Ask tho librnr-
at public library; ir':z:nr!T,
Mrs. M. K. I.1UI111111, II l!rt 8. Twi'lflh
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This is the week to see the exhibit 1 The bunks will be on exhibition ull tins
O. L. (Children's,
The war seems to be tho venter of
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Onry, T,l., Nov. M.-A Ion of nitre i from kidney complaint. My back Be He, ,,, , , , hni, , ; " ' " - " ,, " . '""
i.l. ia.n ..i.l,..L,l in.liiu a tlm i,l..i.l A nri u t ii 1 1 V n.1,1 1 l.it.l fl .lull, ll m IMF f II if .. .... J.. . .. -IIMIVO iK'f'll WDUl'll i. "Ill (' Til I II 1? , lilt1
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Ind. Them were no casualties. Tho j .loop with comfort or lift thn lenst T111W, nro , lM,kB (ll ,lr v,lry ),, ''".'"' V . " :(,.,.,, .... . v.t
forcn of tlin Miilns on was so ureat that lhln 1 wn. nervous on, rest ess nnd ..... i i:.i. ' ... .1 ''rnuiirili iieriuany linn Ilic .Next
force of thn etplnslon was so great that
hundreds of plutno glass windows here
were shnttercd, : ilKSI
Tho iiiplosion occurred In the separ
ator Iiousb of the plant. Workmen
smnlled fumes escaping from thn nilro
glvcerlno sn, blew the danger whistle.
Two hundred employe fled to points of
safety two minutes befora the explosion
N'ow they're trying to pxcuso the
mannish typo of modern young lady
by saying, "Oh, well, girls will be
boyi. ' '
thlnir. wns nervous anil restless nnd, . ..... iu .......,: ...J ...
often got up In tho morning, feeling ajtnlliv; w11(i. line Illustrations. 5T"r How (icrn.auy Wake,
tired ns when I went to bed. Jinan's This collection lins been supplemented yVur
Kidney 1'llls gavo mn great relief nnd,y Inhibit Library from the Htntc er'.lmb-(lcrni,iv and Kngln.ul.
I kept on Inking thorn until 1 had a,i,nrv fr tl,e neenslon. In addition Jnrdiin Win 's Alternuitli.
coinpieto cure, i was neneiiieu in to these bountiful editions with their I . Munsterberc The War und Anieri
every way by Dunn's Kidney l'ills. 1
advisn all kidney sufferers to try
Price file, at all dealers, Don't sim
ply nsk for a kidney remedy get
Unan's Kidney l'ills the snnin that
Mrs. Latham had. FostcrMilhurn Co..
I'mps,, liuffalo, N. Y,
niiiiiisMiii.i uiusi ri.i inns are n'lin. u.m. (I)a
bonks lor children In more modest eo- xiiono books are ready for circulation
tiimcs and well within the means of , nnj ,vii h(, I0 jui fi,t inipilr-
every Christinas giver. Come and look ,,rSi
nt them all, the expensive nucs with1 , .
the Maxfi. ld l'arrish and Jessie Wll-j If a woniuu 's credit is goitl at a dry
cox Hmith Illustrations and the good goods stoic she never argues about
but cheaper ones and git pliictlciil tho pilce.