Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 23, 1914, Page TEN, Image 10

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Attractive Special Sales At Salem's Big Store
These Sales End Wednesday Eve
A Sale of Satin Holly
Christmas Ribbon Spe
cial at 11 Cents Per Yard
Just the thing you'll need for hol
iday time pretty entin ribbon with
holly Bpray end berries in live
ChristmuB coloring. A splendid
quality about IVi inches wide. On
ly a limited amount of this is offer
ed, so an early purchase is sug
gested. lie a Yard
A Sale of Metal Picture
Frames Two Sizes
Special at 48 and 79c
T hese nro the nopulur oval shape,
made of sterling silver a metal
that is guaranteed not to tarnish.
They nro just the thing for the li
brary ti'.ble, mnntle or piano two
sizes, (1 Inch and S inch would make
useful and very acceptable, holiday
gifts. Velvet covered backs. Ex
tra special offering
6-in. Frames, 48c
8-in. Frames, 79c
Women's $1.50 Tan Kid
Gloves Special, 98c Pair
If you wear a G'i, 7, 714 or 7'a
glove, here is your chance to buy a
pair of excellent Glace Kid Gloves
at a bargain price. A broken line
of sizes is the reason for this sale.
The gloves are excellent qunlity
pique sewn, several shades of tan,
and only in the above mentioned
sizes, $1.50 grade.
98c a Pair
A Sale of $1.75 Silk Crepe
Poplins Extra Special at
the Price of $1.29 a Yard
Those who appreciate fine fabrics
and who nrc uble to judge a most
unusual silk value will readily see
an unusunl bargain in this offering
of beautiful Poplins 42 inches
wide, in blues, old foBO, brown, ma
hngnny, prey, pink and black, h
worthy vulue ut $1.7.r.
$1.29 a Yard
Kki wUa ruitC rA) Klllt rlpcf
: W TIV WJO VUI J WV www, j
: onop c&rjy in me aay.
A Sale of Moire Silks-
$1.50 Moire Silks 36-
inch Special $1.19 Yard
Fine quality, in brown,
blue, Russian green, grey,
black and purple. Seethe
display of these.
$1.25 Moire Silks 24-
inch Special 89c a Yard
An . unusually good
grade, in blue, Russian
green, purple, tango and
cream color.
These are staple silks,
and at the above prices
should interest dressmak
ers as well as the women
who make their own garments.
Women's $1.25 Wool Un
derwear Extra Special
it 8!) Cents Per Garment
A a underwear offering of unusual
worth. Those vests and pants am
well woven of good quality yarns -mndo
by one of the best underwear
manufacturers in America. A gar
ment that is worth every cent oJ
1.28 offered special,
89c a Garment
Women's $1.50 Merode
Wool Underwear Extra
Special, $1.19 a Garment
Here is the popular Morode brand
of wcol underwear a warm, serv
iceable garment that should please
the most exacting. Vest and pants
in all sizes white color. A very
,ood vulue at $l.!iO.
$1.19 a Garment
A Sale of Huck Towels
at the Price of 10c Each
Housekeepers will be interested in
this offering of desirable huck
towels at this low price. A good
towel in every way generous size.
It will pay you to supply for the
present and future at this price.
10c Each
An Offering of Neat Lin-
en Bureau Scarfs Extra
Special at 59 Cents Each
Hero are excellent bureau cover
ings nicely hemstitched, good
grade oyster-whito linen and a
splendid size 17vt4 inches.
Hotel keepers, housekeepers, gift
givers nil will be interested in this
One cent per word each inier- T
.- Copy for advertisement! un
der this heading should be In by
2 p. m.
HOT dogs at l'red's Night Lunch
GOAT M KAT for sale:
Phone 2100 M.
fiiat class only.
No cases were tried In Judge Oallo- : --
way s department jNO. 4 01 tne circuu
court today aad the time was given
over to the hearing of motions and de
murrers in a number of eases on docket.
The case of Guy L. Wallace & Co. If
against the railroad commission of Ore
gon comes up for argument of a mo-.
tion tomorrow. This is a controversy f
over a promissory nuie.
The board of governors of the Salem j T
. :. .1 ii. . x.i . u IT...1 ,
cuiuiiiurcmi cmo iiiul louuj nt uie iiuici
Marion and a number of routine .mat
ters were discussed. The board lis
tened to the report on the matter of
retaining the services of Luther ).
Chapin as county agriculturist, and it
was decided to endeavor to interest the
! daily papers of the city in the matter
of giving publicity to the Belgian re-
i lief fund.
I A representative to the Btate irriga
tion congress to be held in Portland
! January 7, 8 and 9, is wanted from this
'city, according to a letter received by
! Secretary Moores, of the commercial
I club, today, Mr. Moores apks that any
lone interested in this business report
to the club in order that a representa
tive may be selected.
Fred S. Bynon, of this city, chairman
erf the publicity committee of the Wil
Inmecte Valley Kxposition association,
spent the week-end in r.ugone confer
ring with other members of the com
mittee relative to the publication of n
booklet to be issued for distribution at
FOK KKNT 3-rouin furnished flat,
close in. Phone M.
cowsy lUtiO .South
FOK SALK Well-bred llolstein bull, 15
months. Phono 41-F-3.
WANTED To trade wood for a
cow. Phono Til-F-ll.
FURNISSIIKD rooms, near city hall, IWti
Noith High. I'iiune 4.
FOR SSAIdi Huggy and harness, or will
trade for cowl i'houe 2249.
FUR HATiK Dry second-growth
wood, $4 per cord. Phone 224S).
HEAVY team wanted for feed and
keep. Address T 44, care Journal.
the Panama fair at San Frnncisco. The FOR RENT 4-room n.odern houBe, 230
bttoklet is to be a credit to the valley, South Fourteenth Btreet.
snvs -Mr. ilvnoii, and will set forth th
reasons 'why no' investor can afford to!. , TL""'
ignore this country when seeking a lo-.
FOR SALE Two A-1 tresn
heifers. Phone Jti-F-U.
59c Each
tcspcciaiiy lo.cany snoppcrs
Prof. F. E. Carlton, assistant Btate
school superintendent, is about to per
form the seemingly impossible in milk
ing the trip from Salem to liend, in
Crook county, a total distance for the
round trip of 024 miles, transact ilis
busi.iess and lose only one day's time
from the office He will leave Salem
this evening, arrive at licud tomorrow
inrtuiug, leave there tomorrow evening
and get back in Siilem in time to go to
iwork Wednesday morning, if he has
good luck and is not detained too long!
in i-oriiiinii tomorrow evening, wnere no - --- .,hl,. rales 4."itl .Stale,
TO TRADE House and lot in Salem
for lots. L. C, cure Journal.
j MIDDLE-Ali ED woman wants woik,
I ran cook. Call ut 171 Court street.
FOR SALKj-l'landera roadster auto.
! Address O. P. tiiven, Turuei, Ore.
' FOR RENT Two well furnished rooms
I for housekeeping. Inquire at 401 N.
HUNT Furnished housekeeping
Meyers No. 718th Wednesday Surprise Sales
November 25th
No. 718th Wednesday Surprise Sales
A Sale of Women's Umbrellas Next
Wednesday for Only 97 Cents Each
Here's a good, serviceable umbrella, strongly mudo
and covered witll a serviceable fabric. TIioho who
need un umbrella or who would present nil inexpen
sive yet practical gilt article should attend this event,
A wide choice of hnndle styles, Tuko your pick of the
entire assortment next Wednesday
97c Each
No. 718th Wednesday Surprise Sales
A Sale of Women's Flannelette Gowns
Next Wednesday lor Only 89c Each
Just the garment for these cold nights such excel
lent values are these, in two styles one a button style,
the other a V neck model mtiy be had in plain white
or colored stripe effects. Those who want good, long
wearing, satisfactory fhinnolctti gowns should attend
this aule. Next Wednesday
89c Each
Sales start at 8:30; see Window Displays
No Phone or Mail Orders Taken
Men's $3.00 Woolen Union
Suits Ex. Spl.; $1.98 Suit
Here's an extra good union suit
In natural grey color- a garment
that will fit and wear to your com
plcle satisfaction. Closed crotch
style. Our rcgi'lnr $3.00 grade.
$1.98 a Suit
Men's 50c Cashmere Hose
Special, 3 Pairs for $1.00
Owing to the popularity of this
liose in n recent sale and on account
of having requests for a similar
event, t offer those, fine Mae
cashmere hose for three days, com
mencing Monday. Finely woven,
gray lied and toe a good 50c. grade.
3 Pairs for $1.00
has some business to lort't nt'ler. Mr.
Carleton evidently thinks life is too
short to spend much time in 0110 place. ',
FO't SALE Cheap, large combination
safe. Poole's Drug Store, I LI North
,11 W
To those who paid admission to
the Bligh Theatre last night,
lunl could not gain admittance
will bo given tho best sent in the
house tonight only, on the same
already paid admission,
Over 1700
Witnessed tho greatest picture
ever in our city uad pronounced
it surpassing any ever shown in
Everybody come, you will enjoy
it, sure it will, long live in your
1 land, four
Owner, 1-1'
-Five ucres good rich
niles south of Salem.
Sci'.ith Commercial.
MOUKH.N 5-rooni house for rent; range,
com led Imlh, electric lights. In
quire .")04 Nileiu Dunk of Commerce.
WANTED Needlework f tin y kind by
. day, by competent and reliable wo
I man. l'linne I Wil.
MAN wants work of any kind in la
ical, or wood cutting. W. II. Spencer,
670 Union.
Ft.) It HUNT- Fnrunco healed rooms,
with or without beard, at rcasonablo
prices. Court stieet.
, WE 11AVK grnin and vetch iuiy for
sale nt the ranch or delivered where
rcpiirod. Oeorgo Swegle,. dunlin
tilt KAT HACKIFICK 11 acres, well
improved, highly cultivated, Ha east
Salem i HUH) cash, balance long
terms. Owner, Houte It, llox III,
All Around Town
Hip Van Winkle, at the I out good audiences.
f rum
from tho school authori-
Mr. S. E. Howard left a Jar of Cali
fornia honey at this office out of the
1',00'pouud lot Ins son, Kurnest How
lird, of Dovlo, California, sent him.
Mr, JiovMinl keeps U0 stands of bees
and secured 17 tons of honey from the
middle of June until November of this
year, Ho has been selling this honey
in (lermany in the tust, but now will
seek market elsewhere.
Dr. Momlolsohn, specialist In fitting
glasses correctly. U. S. bank bldg.
The county tax budget has not been
fixed yet by the county court for next
raiiuni ol in. up
Thanksgiving day special, lit Moose
hall, given by Siilcm lhinciiig Academy,
(lentlemeu 7'c; ladies, unaccompanied,
li")c, I'eeiless orchestra,
gre.it success
0 1 Thanksgiving turkey at tho
A parent toachorg axsociatlon has Market. An abundance direct
been orimiiized at Ceulial Howell with priil'icer to the consumer.
inn enthusiastic membership which pro-i 0 -
poses to work for the uplifting of thej Ail old shed containing paper boxes 1
district mid a belter cooperation of ; and other waste materials at the rear 1
parents, leaciiors 11 ml pntrons of the of the lied Cross I'hnnnncy on ( 0111 The football team of the mute school
Imtrlct. .M. 1'. Hums was elected niercinl street ennuht fire at about ! tiininuli,,,! nver the Yen- l'nrlc kcIhihI
lll::ii) Saturday night and for a short ' totiiu Saturdiiv afternoon by n score
time the drug store" was threatened. f :I7 to 7. the game was played (in
The fire department responded to the t, ,mltl, ,.uli grounds mid w'us unci
alnrm and the stream of water soon ! , f ,i.(, .l,.,,st. linrdest fouL'ht Euuics!
wet down the blaze though tho rear1,. ,1,,, !:, ,, r ,i. ..itv thin
1 veer. Kvery plover was in the tr-mic !
from stnrt to finish ni:d the unr-sided
score does not indicate the true
The Show that Plcanes the People
10c-no HIoheB-10c
Foil SAI.K A bargain, good cash bus
iness, pays well. Will sell lousciniihlo.
Owner wishes to go away. H. cine
FOUND Two Airedale pups. Owner
can have them by describing and pay-
ing expenses incurred by finder.
lJhone M ill.
FOH SAI.K, or will let oil shares, 4 or
1 cows, one fresh now, the ii'liers will
freshen by March. Sniiih .1. .lur.v,
lit. It, Unit. 17.1, Salem, Oregon.
nri'Hideut, Mr, Snninons vice-president,;
Miss Mutton sccrelnry, and Air. c
Torklrt wns chosen siirgeaut at arnir. A
short program was rendered after v. nidi
luncheon was served,
Rip Van Winkle, the groat classic,
nt the tllobe tonight and Tuesday, piny
ed by the fiimnus actor, Thomas .lef-;
wall of the store was somewhat dam
aged. The shed was old and contained 1
110 valuable materials ami it is thought 1
the loss will not exceed I'd).
No part of the entiro human anato
my is more delicate or easily disordered
Hum tho oyns. You may burden
jour muscular structure, and it will
respond with nu increased growth.
Hut overtax your eves and a weakness; venr nu account of the
will result which run bo remedied onlyjnf the outside school districts lo send
uy glasses properly fitted. 1 Hiring u tlit-ir special levies for school pur
omrn than 111 years I havo apedalWod ,m,H. Judge- Hushev said this morn-
In fitting glaasoa correctly. i ,i, county levy wnuld not U in-
Weak eyes, poor sight, painful or In-1 puled until shortly licfure the end 0,"
flamed eyes, cloudiness of vision, 11,1, m t 11 1 li .
cross eves, flonting spots, feeling lilioj '
T'A.? VMr"l"! ""j""K...uIi Home Wot-Wash Lamidry-Undor
jicii liiu m t'si u 1111 mil 11 1 uuiri no .11 1 , 1 1
troubles can he, relieve, bv wearifnr "ew manageinent ( all work gnarnn eed I
glasses correctly fitted. wl'"' lay, Monday., Tuesdays, Wed-
let me give von the value of niv ,11 """days and Iriday.. l'liouo 21,1,
ycitrs' exporienco In filling glasses for ''"""'y washing, 50 cents.
ryestralu in nil Its forms, T . .
You are Invited to come whom ab- Governor West ha. accepted the
tolute accuracy In correcting eve do- yesignalimi of ( ounty Judge J. A.
fects Is plnced above every other coa-i 1 'reneh. ot Wallowa couiily, who lias
siderntloii. No extra charge for ex- resigned. Ilis accounts are being gone
aminatlon. j vi'r 1,v experts.
Mv prices are lower thnn elsewhere. 0
for the service and iniitoiial you get' Th. great American actor, Thomaa
of mo, and 1 can refer you to tliousnnds'.li'I'I'erson, at the (iliibo tonight and
of prominent eilUons of Marion and Tnes.lay In Hip Vim Winkle. 10 rents.
I'olit counties that 1 havo fitted siacel . .
I'omlnir here.
Tho entire problem lies in these'
words-Rightly Ftttod Lonsea, Tlttcd
l y the Right Man.
AU broken louse, replaced while you1
wait Office hours, H.ilil n. in. to 111 in.i
1 to 8 p, ni, Kvenings by appointment.
TV- in. ninuu nf rfi....i At last! Haicm uonee uniu, with i
n.mits and Jeuierils of the proposed 1 ,""" "I';'" t Is.l State
inunag.uiiil coiiiiiik-ion form of govern-! ","',', Ilow ll" ,vo" l,lu' 0"r
incut, for Salem, as proposed In the newi , , , ,,
charter, in,,etings will be held in dif ' Cliulcs 0111, an Indian, who win
feront parts of the citv from time to 1 P'1'1"'1' P I"' " city police lust night
lime. Tonight, at the Highland church, 1 '" w" "l'ectcd of being a run
at 7::i0 o'clock 11 meeting will be hell ":i,v from Clieniawn. was relensed this
and tnnionow night, another at the morning upon receiving wold from the
Uichininiil school, when speakers for. school that he was nut connected with
Imlh sides of the ipieslion will ho'tliiit Institution. He had 11 number u
heard. Interest Is grow ing In the sub-; letters addressed to Chomuwn in his
.led as the election approaches and It! pockets and spent the night In the city
is expected those meetings will bring : j-il while (he officers were ii'A iiitinf,
I strength of the tennis. Trie miitis
! made most of their points' on touch-
down;i from end runs and forward
passes, tine drop kick attempted by
Tii'sing, of the mutes, fell short by 11
, FOIt SAI.F. tO.j acres improved,
Fairview avenue, nil or a part of it
.1. W. Carson, Ht. 3, Hox ,"."i, Salem
Or .'gnu.
nerrow margin.
L'o.Vl J.
close in,
jjocioa or optich.
Bm 210-211, V, 8. Nut'l Ilk. Illdg.
The caae of O. W. Ntst versa. Mr..
M, C. lhulge which has been under wnv
In Judge tlalloway'. court, wn. tnken
miller ndvlsement by the judge nnd the
decision will bo rendered later. Thl.
was a suit to foreclose a mechanic ' lieu
for the sum of '.ll'i.-IO, The case was
submitted to the judge without argu
ment by the attorney. Saturday after
Takt your boy and girl to ice the
great actor, Thomaa JeflVrsou, play his
Every Boy Every Girl
Every Man Every Woman
In Salem
should make a special effort to see America's sterl
ing actor
in his great success
At the Globe Tonight nnd Tuesday
cheap lent, riiouc
Some good scores were made fcy tho
pistol expeits of Conipiiny M of thiii
city nt their itaiget range nt Finzer
vestcnbiy. The contestants shot on
the .15 yinil. LTi yard and BO-ynrd
rnng.'s. "On the li- and M ytud ranges
thev tired live shots in 15 seconds, nnd
on the flil-j aril runge they were given
:10 seconds, ulso one score on the 25- j
yard runge nt '10 seconds was counted.!
the following nrc the totul scores
Captain tlchlhiir, expert, .1.17 Corporal I
Itlunk, expert, ."MO; Sergennt Hill, first
chiss, :ini: Sergeant Mitchell, first
class, ",02; Xorgcimt .Muyimrd, fiist
Corpornl Alloid, second
Sergeant iluntn, second
All scores were for a pes-
clnss, .'toil;
class, 200 ;
cbvs, 2.r7.
sible 400.
are the only kind worth hav
ing. Right eyeglasses mean
improved sight nnd benefit
ted eyes. We furnish the
RIGHT Eyeglasses for
YOUR particular needs.
FOH SALK Complete garage repair
shop equipment belonging to late
Itobert Matzko, State street, hetween
Commercial and Front. All mnchines
tools, etc., new and latest design.
Address F,. V. Itiown, Independence.
FOR TRADK A good brick hnsine.
block In Fugene, Ore.! good income
property. Will trade for good farm
lii.ul in' the Willnnmlto valley. Will
pay you to look this up. Address
P. O. Hox 201, Kugeue, Ore.
t.ONKI,V young widow, age 21, weight
lH.I, owns nice comfortable home, ll'J'l
acres finest wheat hind, near I'aeifie
eu'ist, worth JOJiou. Income :1000
yearly ; also large bank accuiuti good
ilinpnsition, easy to get along with.
Will marry pour 11 1111 If bright, hon
orable, ambitious and capable uf uniu
aging property successfully. Morn
particulars for nny 111(1 11 nnswei ing
piick, enclosing some postage. Ad
dress "Sincere, ' 11. 4:1,1, Farming
dale, Sn Duk, (Ueueral deliveries
not answered), This notice Is genuine,
Miss A. McCulloch
Bpeclnl meeting of Salem
1 n.ti. Viv 4 A. V. & A. M.
this evening. Work In tho 208-209 Hubbard Bldg. Phone 109
r C. degree-. Visiting broth-1
ren welcome.
S Ten tuiltod with the 8alem Mission
Inst night. Mow Mclnturtf gave a
great sermon at .1 p. m. Hcv. Ham
jllettes spoke III great power and elo
iiueiice with the alt!r full of seekers.
! I'renching every night this week except
Special New Korean
City Restaurant
Bpanlsh Chicken, Hot Tamnloa, OhlU
Con Came, Chop Buoy Noodle
420 Ferry Street
Federal reserve banks may lestorn a
mon'oro of cd'ifidence, but the landlord
will still want bis rent on Hie day it I
When In BALF.M, OltKaON, itop at
Btrlotly Modorn
Tree and Private Baths,
KATES 7,1c, 11.00, ll.SO FA DAT.
The only hotel In the business district,
Noarest to all Depota, Theatres and
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away from Horn.
T. O. BUC1H, Prop,
Both Phonei Troa Auto Bui,
99 Nov. 30, Dec. 1, See Page
3, Today's Journal
Miss Cat
herine Carso
n in Arizona