Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 21, 1914, Home and Farm Magazine Section, Page 12, Image 26

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THE INCREASED price of sugar
haa caused an increased use of
substitutes for the customarily
lined cane sugar, particularly in the
Manufacture of candies and other
Iweet products. Saccharin and glu
cose are cheaper, but are not bo
Wholesome, nor so good a food.
There is also a large difference in
the sweetness of the two.
Saccharin is about 300 times as
Sweet aa can sugar or beet sugar,
and requires 230 parta of water
tor ita dissolution, while cane sugar
.ill dissolve in one-half its bulk
of water. At the same time saccha
rin has no food value, while cane
ugar is a most important food, and
next to oil and fat is the greatest
upplier of tissue and energy known
among foods.
Some people, however, cannot
easily assimilate cane sugar, and
for these honey will prove an ex
cellent substitute. It is composed
of various sugars grape sugar, glu
cose, fructose, etc., and la more
Teadily digested than any other
form of sugar. It la also loss easily
adulterated and can be used in the'
tea and coffee aa well as in other
ways in which sugar is ordinarily
used. Glucose is worth about half
a much as can sugar.
Some time ago the United States
Department of Agriculture had a
serios of tests made of the value of
saccharin, and at the conclusion for
bade its use In food in interstate
trade. Ita continuous use will lead
to inflammation of the kidneys,
though people afflicted with dia
betes will find it a temporary buo
utitute for cane sugar, which 1 ta
boo in that disease.
first essential for a perfect
When the mind wearlos, the body
Uust doea more harm than fric
tion. What most people need for a
vacation la a iww duty.
TURKEYS, ducka and geese aa a
profitable poultry aide line for
the farmer have been neglected
just aa the farmer la neglecting hia
possibilities with sheep. That they
are profitable cannot be denied, yet
the majority of farmers nibke no
effort to keep them on their farms.
Two hundred turkeys were shipped
from one county in Texaa to the
New Tork market and sold for an
average price of 20 to 25 cents per
pound delivered. This looka profit
able. Peking ducks make the boat
market ducka and are good general
purpose ducka, as they are good lay
ers. Some claim, however, that the
Indian Runner hi the best layer.
Costa 5 More Than Other Ropes, but It Gives You
Dont you call this economy! If you want to prove this, let
us send you a small piece to test out for yourself. In full cotla
our price is IS cents per pound base. Short lengths 1 cent ad
ditional. Two hundred thousand pounds in stock.
We also have the largest stock of Blocks and Sheaves on the
Pacific Coast.
Catalogue sent upon receipt of 10 cents to cover postage.
The Beebe Company
Dept. C.
182-6 Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon.
That the "road to a man's heart la
Tia his stomach." No woman can
roperly prepare food, thoroughly
ook It, and make it wholesome for
Id and young, and Invalids, unloss
he haa a cook Btove that will do the
Work demanded of It The men folk
mo great care in selecting the ma
chine to better serve their purpose,
but thoro are far to many homos
Where "any old Btove" is good
tnongh for the overworked house
wife to prepare the family meals
n. Ladles! Just a moment,
pleaso, sit right down and drop a
ard to the F. 3. Lang Mrg. Co. of
Soattlo for Booklet No. 8, tolling
fou how you can get the best stove
error made. They'll be glad to do It,
and you'll be glad you wrote them.
Their "ad" In another column of
OUs magazine tells you more about
Write them and mention this
Itltheal Price Always Try TJ.
PATTEB80 a no.
64 From strut. Portland, Oregon.
Bofeiwece: Northwest National Uenk.
f- $533 52 wfcj
A lit I limial unnocesnery ll
building i Moon home; everything
U tut to fit; anarllled labor in de
the work; w furatck rry pie ol
wood material that um Into a home
windows, doon and trim, U nella.
piaster board or lath and plealor, Via
here house seating from lilCDO to
ualCO; alio baroa and garage.
On plana and Inatructlona ara ao oom
pleu dial It la Impoaalble U id l
plana of malarial In lha wrong place.
Writ for fna llhialreled catalogue.
j. bryson Moona
"Ideal Home Uulldfr"
1020A Horthweetern Bank BuUilnj,
This company vu fana
poratad September t, Ilia.
A factory location era aa.
cured and Modal Ha. 1 at
completed to sell at t?6vM
la BMW.
Application fax apmrfaa
and buyars of cart coin to
u dally. Tbaaa earl moat
mo Duurafajotorad fn fuaav
title te fill the demand. Aa
exnepttonel opportunity Is
offarad you to aoar ta that
Han yon I la. 04, $3Y4t)
or 1 00. to monthly ta ta
VT Tramemdoas
an ta ba aaraad la
aotot CM linlnstry,
Bonry Ford mid fifty,
ntn minion doUan to data.
Th demand rot Bluer! ears
I (raata than Is
for th Ford out
thery wan pal
Orders for aaxa w betaf
takaa anbjaat to daUrery ta
December, To Blboit
Motor Oar win ba ana of
th tnanufactartnf prldat ad
Th Elbert Molar Car Company wa Ineorporalad la Baattl aa Baptambar Sfk, tU ya.
A factory location we aaeuad aad work haa boon under way erar cine. A bowl two week
ago Modal No. 1, of which th ebor ml la a plctun, waa finished. Tola lltU oar haa treated
a furore of eioitcmeni, not only la Seattle, but to many ol th anTmandtnf town wban It ha
vUtted, About on hnndrad milaa a day I lb rftcord of th Bttl oar erery day atnaa It wa takaa
ml of th ahop. II 1 good looking, oaay to rid In. aaay to opanto. c aayhai that a Mf
antomokUa win r and many plana that thay won't go. Tola ear aa boon boUl to aaO at th
vary law pric of taai.00. W honoaUy bar) thta 1 tk gnaaasl motor oar TabM ta th
world today. Mlad row, tkla la tonr-oyUndas, waiar-eoold motor that ran m awaaily and
Doiaateaaly a aoy ftmryJliuleT motor yon arr rod bahtnd. ITu ear la hght and naanhanlnalrj
parfaat, tborefbr tl 1 cheap I opera! aad aaa to roa at Wk aipaiaaa at om aaot par mil, Tkla
I Indeed Tary maa'o oar.
Application tor agonei and proapeottr bnyar ad ear aontlna to fin out efflea daSy.
W can mannfaetnn tkea can la Baattl la Inrg qnanlitla and mak tremendooa profit fa
our atoekholdon. The motor ear manufacturer of America an making minion anil ntrfWM.
of dollar annually, which money I being dlatrlbnlad to th fortune! atoekholdars. Became el
the feat that the Bberl Motor Oar Company haa deal tried th elorareit, eafeat, eeaieet riding,
moat p radical and dependable ear ef It kind, than ta aa nnpreeedented demand for it. Bet
ear haa th! ear lha moat merit of any ear la It elea. tot It I aeld at the loweet prkn.
We ned additional money with whieh to tor the eaa est fa large ejnantloa, thanfer a
amell blok f tok b) now affared at a rldlenlonaiy low flrnr. Aa opportunity La offered
to to eoca fat aa th grocmal floor of en of the moat pxomlalnf Industrie of th at. Tk
management of fh oaapaaiy I veated fat a board ei fir directors, wh an darotin)! their en
tire time and narcy to th bnaln.
Owing to th present tight financial condition, eanaed by th Karopeaa war, money I
net obtain! through the regular channel a, and therefbn w hsr gon direet to th pnbtl
with oetr propoeltioa, oftating every maa aa eqnal uppeitunlty to an are ta lha snoeeaa ol
thla eompany, anoardfnf to the unonat of money that he ha to mnai If Too. her a few
hajadred doUer hi tdra money, or If yon eaa only rpar 910.0O, $30.04 or $50.00 monthly, ceil
at omr offle today and let na trrnlak yo with fall detail ol this prepeeitioa. II yea be re
net lnTeaUgeted th motor aar bualnea roe will to Mtonnded at th tnmendooa profit oaraed,
renreral oompanle peymf dlridend eojnel nnnlly to thatr anthr capital rtoek.
Henry ford was learned at a few years ago beoan to made a cheap automobile. Up
to a ahorl time are Mr. ford admit baring mad fifty-nine million dollar t da, aad Ferd
an n selling hi larger number than ever before. We beliar that the Blbert ear today fin
a demand greater fhaa th demand that dieted for the ford out at the time ther were pot act
W belter that w tor th organisation and th qnlpment and lha knowledge necessary to
manufacture and sail the aa at a profit. W boiler thai the money yea Inreet ta this
nterprta today will qodekly double treble and quadruple ta Tatna, Th onUeok I a promising
that V dtalik to make any propheey for fear that w will b mlremderatood or considered orer
athnalaatl. Call si oar offle today and ate th ear that w bar tamed out. Meet our
officer and director, talk with our chief r.giner and tnvestlgat this pnpositloa aa folly
aa yea Ilk. If yea aet tmmodlalely to win to able to obtain come ol th rtoek at tk praam!
low priee befon th ad ranee. Our office It open dally tram R:I0 a, at. ta aJO p, aa. If II I
not eonranlen! for yea to eaU, fin on! th voupon below and maO It today. D at delay or
yea wul to rerlatlngly to let. Shrewd mechasleal men, editor ef motor ear m-arlna,
merchants, engineers, and, la fact, araryon wh ha seoa onr car r etndled th apeetficaUona
a free with na that the only thing w need to do la turn th cars on! ta Quantity to sell them.
Application lor agencies an now being rer aired and win to acted wpen fat atrial nutans.
Order far ean snbjoel to delivery ta December will now to accepted. Do not overtook the feet,
howrrer, the! hen ll offered you an opportunity to tnreal year Idle fund U aa anUrprla that ta
deatined to mak money for yon and fill t long fell weal and boeome on of th manufacturing
prides ol teattl. Cell or write today,
sat EMpnta btoldiko bbattlb, wasitinoton
laeoto I partna ll the
ground Ooor offer before
Uw prte adraans. rui ta
th oonpoa aad mall today.
(M Kmiiire OnlMIng,
Uealala, Waabuigloa,
Pteaae send ma si one, and wlthnnl obligation on my part, full nertlenlan rrnrdlee
aa InrMtmanl in th Ilbarl Motor Car Co. rrgaraiog
Blrt. ... ,-, ,4 ,. , ,-rr, , ... ,T, , -,.,Tt r, lTr,.n , , t
AiJreM iirrn . .v. i . ,, , ,T n , ,
jraruaua, urcgoa.