Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 17, 1914, Page TWO, Image 2

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ta addition to tin extremely low
price I give beautiful premium
tor tach 15.00 worth of ticket.
STANDARD no cheap goods
and nr price arc right.
Bert Hum, lb ioc
Nice Breakfast Bacon, lb. . 20c
Pick Kick Hani, lb. '. 17c
Beaaoninf Bacon, lb. 17c
No. B Lard ...75c
No. 10 Lard ...11.45
Medium Cottolen . 65c
Largs Cottolene ;:..$1.60
No. S Oompopnd 65o
No. 10 Compound .11.23
10 bar good Soap 20c
5 pkg. Corn Starch .25c
1 gal. lize Choice Peache....85
1 gat dca Choice Pears ....33c
1 gaL iz Choice Pumpklna....2Sc
1 gaL size Choice Bquanh .2Sc
4 pkg, Seeded Eaislnl 25c
5 flaw MUS 25c
3 came Extra Corn .. 25c
3 cans Extra Qttal. Tomatoes 25c
2 cans Sauer Kraut 25c
2 cans Choice Peas 25c
3 cans String Beans 25c
2 pkgs. Arm & Hammer Soda 15c
25c K. C. Baking Powder 20c
1 can Nice Minced Clams 10c
3 cans Extr Choice Oystors 25c
2 cans Pride of Columbia
Etver Salmon .". 25c
Alaska Pink Salmon, can..!..... 10c
Extra Choice Coffee, lb 30c
2 lbs. Brick Codfish 25c
y, gallon Syrup 25c
1 gallon Syrup 50c
a gallon Karo White Syrup. .35c
1 gallon Karo White Syrup... ,65c
Mb, box Macaroni 30c
10-lb, size Corn Meal 36c
Large site Golden Bod Oat..30c
Large size Golden Bod Wheat 30c
3 pkgs. Post Toaatlos 20c
4 Kriukle Corn Flakes 20o
Large bottle Vinegar lOo
5 gaL Kerosene (bring your
can) 65c
Extra fine Uncolored Japan
Tea, lb 40c
8 cans Clearbrook Peaches....60o
2 cans Clearbrook Apricots....26o
No. B Keg Pickles 83c
No. B Best Cream Boiled
Oat '. 2Bo
4 lbs. Broken Rice 25a
3 lbs. Head Klce ' 25c
8 lbs. Choice Dried Peaches....26o
4 lb. Fancy White Beans 25c
0 lbs, Pluk Beans - 25c
Pride of Waldo Hills Flour,
sack l,35
The Dalles Patent, sack... .11. 70
Young America Cheese, lb 20o
Beat Tillamook Cream
Cheese, lb 20c
1 gaL Best Cider Vinegar 25c
18 lbs, Ouious 25o
100 lbs. Onion 11.20
Potatoes, per bushel 80o
Potatoes, per bushel 70c
Beuesiber each 15.00 worth of
ticket get a beautiful premium,
Parcel Post Order
A Specialty
Fre Delivery Anywhere In Sa
lem and reasonable dlatance In
FUONB 1467
Comer Morris At, and Fair
grounds load
Expect Naval Battle
' London, Nov. 7. That the
German Baltic squadron wan'
about to engage the Russian
fleet was asserted unofficially
in a message received here to-
day from Copenhagen. The
czar's ships were described as
steaming to the southeastward
from Helaingfors to meet tbe
State School Superintendent J. A.
Churchill is sending out instructions to
toe county school superintendents or
tbe several eounties of the state to gov
ern tbe examinations for state teachers'
certificates, which wil be held at the
county seat of each eounty on December
Hi, 17, lit and 1 of this year. Tbe
examinations will begin at 9 o'clock
Wednesday morning, December 16, and
will continue until Saturday, December
19 nt 4 o'clock p. m., and the subjects
upon which the examinations will be
held during the four days of work will
be Riven in the following order:
vWednesday forenoon Writing, TJ. 8.
history, physiology.
Wednesday afternoon Physical geog
raphy, reading, composition, methods in
reading, methods in arithmetic.
Thursday afternoon Arithmetic, his
tory of education, psychology, methods
in geography.
' Thursday afternoon Grammar, geog
raphy, American literature, physics,
methods in language, thesis for primary
Friday afternon Theory and prac
tice, ' orthography, English literature,
Friday afternoon School law, geol
ogy, algebra, civil government.
Haturday forenoon Geometry, bot
any. '
Hatnrdny afternoon General history,
book keeping.
Only Sure Corn
Cure Ever Known
"Gets It" the New Way, 2 Drops Do It
To eniluro the. pains and tortures
caused by a little thing like a corn is
ridiculous, simply because it is unneces
sary. The new-plan corn cure, "GETS-
U.o "GETS4T for
Corn and You
Wo't " Hollor"
Whti Yon Put on
Y bow.
IT," is the first one ever known to
remove corns without fail, without
puin nnd without trouble. This is why
It is the biggest-selling corn cure in
existence today, It is now used by mil
lions, because it does nway with sticky
tape, with plasters und cottoa rings
that shift their position nnd press down
onto the corn, with snlvus that "raw
up" tho toe, with "harnesses" that
cuuso pressure and puiu, with knives,
nuors and files, clewing nnd pulling at
u corn,
"GKTS1T" is applied In two sec
onds. Two drops applied with the glass
rod do the work, l'nin goes, tho corn
shrivels, vanishes. Accept no substi
tute. Try it on any com, wart, cnllus
or bunion tonight.
"OKTW-1T" is sold by druggists
everywhere, 25c a bottle, or sent diiect
by E. Lawrence & Co., Chicago.
New York, Nov. 17. There was a
slight abatement today in the sixty
mile gale which has swept the north
Atlantic, coast for tho last few days.
A number of sailing ships, however,
wore still unreported and special look
outs were established along the const.
The steamship Eureka struck Smith's
reef, off the Connecticut const some
time during the night snd will be n
total loss.. Captain Mills, his wife and
crew were saved.
I London, Nov, 17: Announcement
was made t'tnv thnt the late Meld
I Marshal Lord itobcrts' funeral would
be public nnd that the service would
i be held at Ha. I'nul'a cathedral,
A gentleman is a human bein
of the male persuasion,
with all the qualities of a
snore enough man,
only them qualities is
gentled a little to
smooth out the rough
ness. VELVET is a
."gentleman" tobacco.1
' i..'V',V
VELVET, Tlia Smoothest SmoltlnS Tobacco, lia all
the pipe- qualities of Kentucky LUsHty Lrntt "gtn-
tied" by fcjfeinjf.
Governor West Will Keep
Hands Off 'Withycombe Has
Made No Selections
The state printer and state printing
plant muddle, at least o far as Gov
ernor West is concerned, has passed out
of the governor's hands and, if any
changes in the office or the system is
inaugurated it will be done by the
state board of printing under the
regime of Governor-elect Withycombe.
This would seem to operate to the elim
ination of State Printer H. A. Harris,
whose chief hope in being able to re
tain his position rested in Governor
West, and bis successor will be chosen
by Governor-elect Withycombe, Secre
tary of State Olcott and Treasurer Kay.
Governor West has also advised
Governor-elect Withycombe that he will
keep his hands off the selection of a
successor to Superintendent Will 8.
Hale of the stute reform school and,
if the matter should eome up before the
board of control before Dr. Withycombe
is inaugurated, Governor West told him
that he wmit.l rouf 4iia vn4a t,nn M.
successor 'a recommendation and advice.
These concessions were made voluntar
ily and magnanimously upon the -part
of Governor West because, owing to the
lateness of the day, he did not wish to
insist upon anytnina; that would crin
-ae: ' ...... .
(fiu me en iciency or iiisturt) toe har
mony of the incoming administration.
Cinvei.Iinr.ft1a.it lVWUnn.V. !. t
. v ILIlJlulllUt, IB 111
Knlem todav, "resting up and greeting
his friends" as he puts it, nnd paid a
visit to Secretary of State Olcott nnd
Governor West and other state officials
this morning. He has made arrange
ments to open temporary offices in the
capitol building so as to get in touch
with the run of the duties that will
devolve upon him- as governor and
Governor West lias extended him every
courtesy of his department. Dr. Wlthy
eotiibe will probably open offices in the
state house later during the present
Dr. Withycombe would discuss, only
in a general way, his selections to fill
the vacancies which will occur during
his Incumbency but stated that lie had
made .no selections, even as to his pri
vate secretary, the most Important of
all of the pntrnnaue which will come
to him for distribution from his admin
istrative point of view, nnd said thnt
he had not made any decisions regard
ing the stnte printer or anv other of
tk m
I I'uprj.i;. I , p llt'l'IMIIlllll-IIIS Illl.UOUgll
nc ii us h iimiTirmic or applications ror
nil of rlio positions which he will be
called upon to fill and many more.
While the 1015 budget was tho prin
cipal subject for discussion at the reg
ular meeting of-the council lust night
some routine business was also trans-
I acted. Hie committee on finance to
, which the claim of Lilly G. llnll for
I damages of KM) against the eitv was
referred reported thai, tho woman had
no legnl claim against the city but that
there was no doubt hut that she had
suffered considerable Inconvenience but
the committee recommended, that the
claim be denied on legal grounds. At
torney Carey Martin, who is handling
the case for the woman was present and
was given the floor for a few minutes.
He stated that he would sue the city if
the matter were not settled as ho con
sidered that his client had a valid
claim and the matter was re rcforred
to the committee.
The street committee reported that,
the signs asked for by the people of
Norlh Salem had been erected nt the
street Intersections, a favorable report
on the petition for n fire hydrnnt at
tho intersection of Rural avenue and
12th street was ndoptel and the petl
and will have the tenchers attoniliiir
tinn for a fire hydrant at the Intersec
tion of Highland nnd Laurel avenue
was referred to the fire nnd water com-
The I'. n. L. 4 1. company was given
nn extension of time until April 1 to
remove their poles carrying their hii'h
voltnite line. John A. Corson called the
attention of the council to the condi
tion of the street nt. the Intersection of
Liberty and Kearney streets nnd the
matter was referred to the street com
mittee. H. S. Kouthwtck was appointed
special police nt tho opera house to
serve without pay or firearms. The
bids for a cement sidewalk nlonir the
frontline of lots llVll and 12 In block
"il. Nub Hill addition, were opened.
W. Armstrong hid l.lfl, H. Winger
-,n .!,.,, ninitiiM. mi u ur
V....L H'i ri I A.. I... !.. 1V1 '1
i linn ti".i.hf nun i n-r n-ii-ituii villi.
A bill for an ordinance chnnging the
nnme of Hl"h street to ltroadwsy was
referred. The report of K. C. Hushiiell
stntlne that tWe was still due for the
ledechimr of the steel bridge I.MUi!
was read and the city's share of l ,303.
N4 was ordered paid.
In theM dsifa rtt lmnot nnivoraat in.
digestion, dyspepsia and other stomach
trouble, the recent announcement by a
great specialise mat. pure nisoratea
mfl.ffnesi& im nn almmt InfulliMa m.
trouble, will eome as welcome sur-
prion ie iu suiierers. a teaspooniuj in
a little water immediately after eating
Or Whenever rutin io felt TjenrrulWoa
the excess acid, and instantly stops
ine lermemation ana pom. loose who
nnA histiratitH mairnaiiD fr,lnl.
- - ...... . , AVI fr
week or two usually find that the
rrouDie nas entirely disappeared, and
normal digestion is completely restored,
Copenhagen, Nov. 17. The Oernisn
cruiser Berlin was reportod off Trond
hjem, Norway, today. Submarines were
also said to have been seen in the vi
cinity of the Lofoden islands. It was
believed here, that a flotilla of them
was being convoyed by the Berlin to
attack British warships in Norwegian
The man who goes to law may rest
assured that his lawyer will get jus
Don't Merely "Stop" a
Hop the Thlasr ka( Causes It
suad tk Couch will
Slop Itself
A cough Is really one of our best
lrwnds. It wnrns us that there is in-
J.......I u, vii-i.1 iii-fcuiii iii iiunjfer-
pus place. 1'lierefore, when yon get a
uiiu cuukii nun i proceed w nose yourself
with a lot of drugs that merely "ston"
tho Onil.,1, lainnii.n. h I... .1 l.
......p.. ,r,rvt, j , urmu-iiifiu vniT
throat nerves. Treat the cause heal the
iniiameu nicnioranes. Hera is a h"mc
niade remedy that gets right at the cause
i.u m iihikv nn uuniuiiuu ruiign vanisn
more quickly than you ever thought pos-
Put 24 ounces of Pinet (!i0 cents
worth) in a pint bottle aud fill the bottle
with plain granulnted sugar syrup. This
gives you a full pint of the most Ideasant
and effective cough remedy ymi ever Used,
at a cost of only 54 cents. ' No bother to
prepare. Full directions with l'inex.
It, heals the .Inflamed membranes n
gently and promptly that you wonder1
how it does it. Also loosens a dry, hoarse
i.'!iVai:iMiii i.iiu mull llll! lOl'lllHTIon 01
iMiiiKin in me rnroat anil nmnrinai tubes,
thus ending the persistent loose cough.
Pinex is a highly concentrated com-
guaiarol, and is famous the world over
for its healing effect on the membranes.
To avoid disappointment, ask your
ii.iuKim inr - ounces of nnex, and
...... .. ...., ,. i.ii,iiii rini-, n iiiiitrniii()
of absolute sat isfaetipn, or money prompt-
,V " '"'. K"e" wiin uun preparation.
The Pinex Co., J. Wayne, Ind. v
Editor Capital Journal: Will vou
please let 'em know through your pa
per, how it is that Salem can compel
the voters of the city to register. We
have a charter that was copied from
tie old Salem, charter, which provides
that "No person shall be eligible to
vote in the city that would not be
eligible under the state law." Now,
we have a register which wo have used
up to last year, but one of our council
asked tbe attorney general about it and
ne vaics tnoy could not keep the citizen
from voting, whether they weie regis
tered or not, and so at our laul electiou
about one-half of the citisens of Turner
voted without being registered cither
in the city or county, or being sworn
ia I took it up with the attorney
general myself, afterwards, and he gave
me to understand that it was all O. K.
Now, does the city of Salem have a
special ordinance requiring city regis
tration or is it enforced under the state
law, and if enforced under the state
law, how could the attorney general
say that the city of Tumor could be
exempt from that law, and from the
provisions of the city charter.
11. JU HAUL,
J. of P. for Turner Precinct.
(Section 3H1S of the Oregon code ex
cepts towns of under 2000 population
from the general registration Iuwb. The
procedure in such towns is vostcd in
the council, and if the ward boundaries
correspond to the county precinct lines,
sometimes the' precincts registers arc
used. In some of these Binaller cities,
however, registration for city elections
is entirely disregarded, tho members of
the election boards being the sole nidges
of the right, of a citizen to cast his
President L., II. McMulinu, of the
Oregon yiop (-rowers' association, re
ceived word this morning that tho Cal
ifornia delegation of hop growers,
which will confer with like delegations
of Oregon nnd Vowbington growers in
this city tumnrrow for theiiurpose of
organizing the Pacific Const Hop
Growers' association, are on their way
from California und will be on hand
for tomorrow's meeting. Mr. McMa
Iinn says that the tii-state convention
will convene at the Commercial club
assembly rooms about 11 o'clock to
morrow morning and the convention
will probably remain in session for
several days. The next meeting of thif
Oregon Hop Growers' nssncintiun will
l.e held in the Commercial club ronnis
Saturday morning and President Me
Mohan urgiS every hop grower in the
stnte, who eun p.issihly make arrange
mcnts to do so, to be on hand to meet
the delegates fnm Wnshiiigtdii and
The Jacob Vogt Shoe Store
which was closed up by the
DaDr JlJsmlJL jit,.,ii JLJL iLL
Watch For Full Page Announcement
in Tomorrow's Journal
S. Creditors1 Company
-E. Gettelman, Apr,
1 tfip '!'!";'
it JliiL
SimilalurtltKFof3riil!lc(iiila. ting iJte Stomadis aruLBossclsof
Promotes DitfwtlonJChterfii-
Opium.Marpiune norMuuraL
fcnnfecl Remedy forConsfli
Hon . Sour Stoirt,DUrrtM(i
ness and Loss OF sleek
tacSintte Signature ft
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
r - -
i i MMnwiinr-rriT-rn I
California nnd participate in tho delib
erations in connection with the. form
ing of the const association. It is ex
pected there will be about n thousand
growers in attendance at the Saturday
meeting, upon which occasion the con
stitution and by-laws of the Oregon or
ganization will bo submitted for adop
Venice, Nov. 17. Deports that Cra
cow, invested by Kussiuns, is biirniuK
in tilltces were contirined on ence h'lit
authority today. Tho inhabitants were
I said to be t'leeine in terror.
A message froim Trieste stated that
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the f
For Over
Thirty Years
the Russians began operations ngaintl
the city Saturday.
Crucovv is the metropolis of nestern
Gnliciuand is situated near the Austro-
I German frontier.
! The Russians were declared to be ut
: tacking its defenses with tremendous
I violence,
I Apparently this Slav force hud en-
terMl (inliciu from the northward'
'crossing the frontier from Hussion Pj
I land.
Another of the czar's army, moving
through (inliciu from the eustwurd, w
j reported to have reached Tarnow. Con
I sidering the state, of the roads, it wuk
said to be progressing with rcmnrknbli
The dollar spent bucking the tiger
will never keep the wolf from the
1 door., ,