Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 14, 1914, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Olirr sterrett
horrors! l . 1 oh! i rEuTF?) iw'Yk :. VfffitS I T l( HE.Y ? 1 "
, WW"!. Isli!. 81 TH NEW YOHK Vfc,lNU TELECHAM (NEW rOfl"HIULD c6j. Ill flights RMeveiT
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1 itWasttasr liiiLiS3hm-mnmtiM- A
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' a
Corbett Regrets the Loss of j
California Twenty-Round Routs
:.;,V. .3-
The Salem High Team.
Former Hen try -weight Chnipion of the.
Now York, Nov. 1 t,-(Special In t li"
Cupili'l. Journal. j Caliiuiniu witliuu.".
boxing will not miiiii like Culil'iiriii'i to
tlio old-tiuu is who have been priviloo,
ed lu enjoy the .nirt ltn' niiiny vi,,ii !
Hut it lia 1 to utHU', 1 rJiiniiriSf. Thori ,
in tin' vi-rv first rov rf lisi'iriinls
tin- niiilili-.Mt:lit tilliv I
-Mi' lioojty is no longer n li-fritinuit'' I
Niiililli'-ttiMjjiit. iu llml pula li mi out i.fj
tlii I'linniiii; .for tin- honors. Ami :.i
rat.'h. wi'iHhts ( Inliliv oiit-ioiiiloil liinr
in Aiisnanii si'vi-rai niontlis 1140, iv'iirl'
iuoirali's tl'at Ihf Osktish man lias hi:
tin' iliovnwanl tiail anvivav. I'lm nionl
has hi'i'ii I'lu tion Horiiino naiiiHi tin' 1 fonniilnhli' rival uf Clnliiiy
Good Buys in
Real Estate
1(1 ni Kcn of nooil limit nil uinlwr I'lilli
viitlon, miiiill liiiimu, liiirn, wi'll, eliii'ltt'ii
house, Hmt fruit, good ,iuiiiani', .'Hi.,
inllim sonlli of Villein. I'rk'i) fi,QW),
rr'0 rush, Imlniici.' tl pur font iiittfrnit,
80 Heron of (tooil land, 70 nrri'n uinlor
I'lilllviitioii, IiiiIiiiii'o liinln'r. will titku
"My ri'Niiii'Ni't' iroinrty n part puvnnmt.
I'lll'K Hf) MIT lll'll'.
Arm tnirtH just outsiili' of tln citv nil
In hrariiiK uri'lmnl, (fui), soil, diiihtlv
lociilloii. I'rii'i' .tsOK" tr lien', ifuri dowi'i,
nniiini'O o pur month, u per oont in
S!D Mori's of ui)i sail, 17 hitch iimlur
I'lilllviitlnii, (in I it 1 1 it timliiT, 7 mill's
friini Hiili'in. Price JIHiiii, flou ,own,
imiitih'H ftiu per year, 0 per pent iu
terest, Well ltnprovoil ID arret; new 8 room
plnslereit I'otnixi', Imrn, ihii kun lioime,
well, .I'i miles from Milium. IVictt
8 aeriii of liunl, 3 iieres uinler eulllvii
linn, liiilnlii'e IIiiiImt, ruiiniiiK water, 4
iinieH rroiu Miieui. ITlce 111700, ifiiU
ilown, liiiltinee 410 per month.
"'Z neri' fnriii, CI m rei" umler eultiva
tii'li, Inilnni'p limlier llii'l (lusturo, K'mil
lioiise, Imrn, nn.l other biiildinKs, plen
ty fruit, nil Hlnek nnj Impleiuent o
with phief, 8 lli nilleii from Hiilem. I'riee
a room liouso, bnth. toilet, Uctri
IIkIiIm, lnrit hum, wlmliiilll hiiiI tank,
lieiirlnu fruit, lot 7,ri hy I Ail feet, eline
to Hi'huol nml ciirlltie, li! Miti'lm from
Hush hunk, 'I'll in In h uon.l huv. I'riee
I, noil, fi'DO down, lui hi lien 7 per eenl
in:i aire ilnlry riiiuh on Vinpilnii
river, well Iniprovml, will eoushler Hnmll
aereime close to Mnlem as part pay
incut. I'rlen 4ii:i,lloil,
J UK neren In Morrow eoimtv, will
tniilo for L'll or HO nete Improved plaee.
Whiit I111 vp yon. I'riee IOilo.
10 Here of In ml, i mile from Siilem.
Will eonshler fulein eity lot us purl
payment. ,
W. II. Grabcnhorst & Co.
name nil the enast lor initny yiars uno
thev phi veil their trump eurd when th"
women were iven sullraye. l-'or with
out the 1'i'iniile voti' there wouhl have
heeu suu'.ll I'hunee to enrry the ' ' a i't i ' '
aiueiiiliiieut ul the reeent I'li'i'tiim.
Kven so, the result was comparatively,
elo.ie comiilcrilij; the (frent vote of the
uttite, us tin, uineii'liiii'iit vns euriiei!
by less t It 11 ii 20 1)00 majority, iiecoriliii
lu tho figures sent mo by n friend,
Ciiliforni:i and Itn twenty rwind
matelien will be greatly missed ill set
tling championship disputes, l'rni'tinil
ly nil the tttle nolderii in the vitrious
lor the
titlu ft t Hie present time is .Mike (lib-
bons. While Al McCoy has to hi.. e:vd
it a fluke knock-out victory over I'iiip.
and by virtue ef which he limit be eon
sidered 1111 "eli)riie " those who have
wntelteil him in recent bouts do not
seriously consider him iu the rimnini;
(libbons uui! Mct'uy met iu u tea riMn.l
mutch about : year n(jo and whiit th"
rt. raul pin 11 tliilit't do to him nt ihal
time could be told in n few words.
However, there is little probability
of liihlion tin I CI11I1I y HoltliiiK the
vexing ipiestiun of which is the better
mtfti in the immediate future. Now that
iiivmioim or tne punt mteen yenrn iiuve , thev nre pupuliirly ueeepted us the tw 1
been ci'tiwiHd in tho ((olden state. Hul lei'.iliii,r enudidnti'.s for the elinmidon
it is nil ill wind that blown no booh, ship, thev will likelv decide to hold e
mid Ctililorniu's tomporury loss for I j li n-rnuiid bout or two withou refe
do not believe Hint it will be limit lie irees' decisions before sonarlm ..rr
fore tho sport will oneo more be leijal
izcl and plaeeil on 11 firi.ier basis tuiiii
evjr throuuhoiil the stnte will nive
boxnio a lug boom in New t'lleans
which in now one of the few cities 0
importance where long contests nuiy be
held under the low. 1 understand I li a '
Promoter Tortorlch, ot the t'lescent
City, has already placed eontructs tor
1 lit' w arena to necoiiiinoiliite more than
Ul.oO'i people and in which he expects
to deiide many championship buttles.
A!o that aeverul other New Orlciiui
promoters have planned ambitions pro
IJnui.s in the buiiiug line for the near
Louisiana, by the way, has also suf
fered m iii'Ii at the hands of the reform
em during the part decade, l'irst they
stopped boxing 1. It nct her, then put
thf skids under the winter horse rae
Ing, u form of sport which played 1111
Important part in making New Orleans
the leadlm; wintir resi rt of the coun
try. Kut renlir.iug that those rudical
aicasnrcs have kept hlindieds of thou
sands of dollars nway from New Or
leans uiiuunlly, the business meu huvu
baadcil toKitlier to restore the city to
that place lu the fnvor of tourists that
r:u'lii( and boxing kept It lor many
yiuim. The result of their cutieerted ac
tion im' first to have n bill piissed
Ihrouuli the leolslaturi' le(;iillinu
twenty round limits with dei isions, and
during the coming winter a sixty da
rami meeting is to bo held at the old
r'uir (iroiinili track.
Caltfortiiu may lie without racing
and boxing for 11 few more years, Im
1 fully believe Hint both sports will
uealn flourish there, mid In the uol
very distant future. And when la
permitting then' forma of nnnisenn'nt
:ire again placed on the statute, hooks
the olijei'llunablo features no doubt
will be eliminated, for there 1110 ob
leetlonnble I'eatureH to all forms ol
for the big doings over a longer dis
tance. And us both lire foxy lads,
there would be little likelihood of eith
er doing much damage lu a ten round
1 know that New York in bidi'ino
for 11 bout between these stars of the
middle-weight division, tin. I I will not
be surprised if an nnnounremcnt is
shortly forthcoming of 11 match to be
held nt Madison isipiart' Uurdcn. Such
n bout would draw big, and, with an
other to follow at Milwuukee or mime
other city where the finuneiiil pickings
nre gumi u tremendous national Inter
est would be worked up for u twenty
round bout In New Orlouns Inter on.
When it rumen to n show-down, with
u referee in the ring to name the win
ner, I will fnvor Uibbonn' ehnnces. I
consider him the best man iu the middle-weight
division, bat- none. I have
watched Mike iu a number of bonis
and -while there in no iiuestiou that he
han made good lu nearly every start,
he Iii.h ulwnys given me the iinpren
sion that he had 11 grent deal in re
nerve. In many wnyn he reminds me
of Tummy llyaa when' that great box
er was at the zenith of his fume. Club
by mny be ranked by nome a bit higher
than flildions because he han met more
men of reputation than bin rival, but
he will hnve tu be n wonderfully Im
proved boxer over whnt he nhmveil an
In thin city a couple of years ugo to
detent the (lihlioas we know around
these diugiiiirs.
If there in any delay in matching
ttiein, it will not Im nny fault of (lib
bons, who has uuiioiinced that he will
he glad to take Clubby on at nny time,
(libbunn would have been Chip's op
poneut In the Sun Vrnneineo bout hint
week if (leorge had nhown nny desire
to take him on. Hut the hitter voted
to box Clubby instead, figuring liiir
th'.' easier proposition i f the pair. So
it appears that It In .limaiy's move lu
t' ill
Eugene High Eleven.
The Hugene
, Coach- Johnson of tho invading host
1 si) ill todnv that his team was out to
win and that if they wore defented by
Hulem it would only be after they had
put up tne imtito or tli.jir young lives.
Princiliiil tinnvtwa V tl,,,.,. .1...
Uilih School football Fi,nn m,.i, a.Z..i ' ...i . ":
tenn omimnled ,v am rt,. ... ;. . 'ft" i. 'V"' 'V. 't"
. . 7 wuiemu i, luuiige, ij ova llarzce.
ived thin citv this afternoon to give Robertson n,l 1(. I). Kiher accom
l.attle to the Salem High School pig- panic,! the tenn. to thin citv
...... . -MM-,,,s. , teams will pre-. The lineups this afternoon
sent their ntrongent. lineups and both follows;
conches are confident of victory though ! Hulein
each renlizen Hint fickle fortune mnvjT,owo e
perch on the banner of the cueniv. Hot'h : Tnvlor r a
tenn, a n r.i rll ,. a..n...... I
.. ..... . iir,,., ,,ml, aiei lotinnil r.t
man khiucs, nowever,
y & -MAY' v
-F --l'M-
(13 A. Dnlrr riirm on ITowell TmlrU.
For cily properly, This li one of the
hest ll!J acre dairy fann in the valley; !
good building), ii welli, No spring
Timer, lencni, wrennra nni snuin tim
ber. Iorntcil In the renter of llowell
J'rnlrle, lieep, rich, black loam soil.
J'rlee ifil.'iiliij terms to suit. What have
Jon to trade,
Modern bungalow, fl rooms, bat -I.
ollet, ntallonnry wa.h trays, vlivtrlo
light, sewer, f Inn location. triisj
l,r'iHI terms to suit.
Ilousii ami t lots flOdj terms.
Choice 10-nere tract, all umler culti
vation, nenr rlei'trlo enr line ni l school.
I'riee li,b per acrej terms to suit.
We can trnde your property for vhat
you wnnt. ('nil today.
POK IHCNT-lloineJ.
Money to Loan.
Insurance Written.
Voura for nurgains,
At the same old p!ict, Si? State Btreet
However, Hie silly prejudice that the match making line. -
KiiocKcii mixing out in i uniorniu wilt
work for the good of the sport in oik
er lociilltien. With San rruiii'lneo and
I. on Angelen out of the running, the
From nil acroiiuln Chip In through
mnklng 15S pounds for future matchen.
He miiiht do better In the henvv
competition for bouts of quality will j weight class than he ran hope for
not be no keen an in recent yearn, nad amoiur the middles nt that While him.
that should result In a better class of self of the Hat footed aperies of fight
er, ills dangerous punch might mean
more success for him nmong the nlow
footed fellows who ndorn the heavy
weight division these days. On the
dope he ought to hnve a eompiiriitlvely
ensy time denning up most of the so
called white hones,
tenn Willard linn evidently decided
not to fight Sam l.nngford or any oth
er heavy-weight, nnd to devote I he fu
ture to preparation for the match with
.lack .loliiinon, which .tack Curley litis
gone abroad to clone with the cham
pion, Of rourne, ' Messrs. Curley, .Tones,
Willard et. al. knew their own busi
ness bent, but If thev would tnke a Hp
from me ilens would do eonnldernble
fighting between now and the time sot
for the proposed ninteh with the big
negro. Willard has lielghth, weight,
strength and the punch. Hut lie lacks
cleverness and most of all His ncces
siry exoerien-e nnd ring generalship
to cope with the veteran Johnson. With
proper training and plenty nf real
exhibition wh"re tho sport In permit
ted, When boxers find that they will
not be able to hold up promoters fur
prohibitive guarantees it will mean
that they will strive till the harder to
eslabllhh repulntlonn. for when their
earning capacities depend entirely on
Ihe niimler of people they can atlracl
to the nrenas, nnd not on the ciit lhront
rivalry In match making that has drlv
en dor.eiis of promoters to the wall
they will show the public, tho best the)
have In stock. In other words, where
a boxer's financial success will depend
entirely on his own drawing powers he
will strive nil the hnrder to make him
self popular with his public,
lliumy Clabb.v's cleverness made his
bout with (leorge Chip a rather one
sided nf'uir, Try tin he would, the ng
gressive Chip could not land a solid
punch on Ills adversary! , and from the
Hr-it to th " Inst round the Indiana man
proved himself a master boxer. It was
a triumph of skill over Hie punch, and
by his victory C'labby placed blmsclf
were nn
.... Henipy
.. Newmnn 1
and rciMirilli'Sfl kA.,nn i'n.-i ' iW't . .
of Hie final score the loser promises to) Randall I.e. . . 'Wiunior'e
be in the battle nt the finish. Roth g c uhhi
As to weight-both teams are about j Williams I 'l.t n Willinmsi
evenly matched with an average, weight Hinehnrt q. ..ZZJ. Smith:
,,. ,u,,,,r, n 01 tne trii'K- Kadi'lifTe 1 h. Terrlll
plnys in the repertoire of either team Knndnll r.h. McLean
will be uncorked n the oamn this !.... i . .
af ternoon which Into be called at 3:30 1 Of f icinl's-'iiefe'ren ' Arnv'Srff''
1'iri", rreu .Monnn.
This new, strictly modern, 6-room Bungalow, at
470 North Church street, will be sold at public auc
tion, Saturday, November 14, 1914, 2 p. m., at the
Owing to leaving the states, this property will
positively sell to the highest bidder. Purchaser
must deposit 10 of the purchase price to guaran
tee sale.
Terms if desired.
Key first door south.
J. A. COOPER, Owner.
on Kilpntriek Field.
Portland, Or., Nov. 14. Kxperts in
I'olluginte sports were of the. opinion
that, the score in the football game taoro
thin afternoon between the Oregon
Agricultural College and University of
Idaho would be very close. The teams
were apparently evenly matched, with
tho Aggies, by virtue of their 0 to 0
game with the University of Washing
ton nlight favorites. Indications were
that ideal football weather would pre
vail. It was cool and slightly cloudy.
Buys Chicago Nationals,
Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 14. August
Herrmann, chairman of the National
Baseball commission denied here today
that Charles II. Weeghinan, owner of
tho Chicngu Federals, hud completed
negotiations for the purchase of the
Chicago Nationals,
MarFarland to Meet Welsh.
( hiciigo, Nov. 14. I'nckev McFar-
In nd.
Great Meet at Berkley. .
Herkeley, ChI., Nov. 14. The first of
a nome of 2o,0U0 or moro rooters to
witness the twenty fourth annual foot
ball contest between Standford, uud tho
University of California begun to pour
into Berkeley from a special and ex
cursion trains early toduy.
Ideal Rugby weather assured a tre
mendous attendance and made a fust,
spectacular game probable. The tarf
at Berkeley field was in good condi
tion, and all preparations were com
pleted. The gates Into the field were sched
ule. t to opeu at 1 o'clock and long he
fore that hour the streets and the
rnnipus in the vicinity of the field wore
crowded with enthusiastic followers of
the two trams.
hot Angeles, Cal., Nov. 14. Tho All
American baseball tourists have an
other victory over tho All Nationals to
their rrrdit today as a rrnult of yes
terday'! game. Kinir Cole Ditched fur
land announced here today that ha had I .u" "" !""" 0,lly '"'
tirn.,il.,M., -....-I ..... . t . " '"e sauie.
practically agreed to a ten round bout
to be staged in new York enrlv In
January with Freddie Welsh, 'world
lightweight champion,' All details, he
snid, would be n Ijusted nt a meeting
in New York next Wednesday,
The weights mentioned ' wern 1,'lfl
nouiiils for MeFnrlnml nnd HM for
Welsh. McFarlan.l nnd Welsh hnve
met three times, the bouts resulting Int
two drnws and one decision for McFnr-
fighting Jess mny become n grent hen
vy-wcight, but if he confines his work
for Hie mutch with Johnson to the
gymnasium exclusively, lie will not
mnke much homlwnv. Fxperlenre Is
whnt makes champions. No one yet
tins coine along nnd earned a title be
fore he went through a grilling ring
experience. And there Is no reason ti
regard Willard nn exception to the urn
eral rule.
Score i
nationals g ()
Americans 4 7 ;
Alexander and t'lnrkj Cole and Mo
The Aggies' Eleven Will Meet
Idaho at Portland
Other Sports
Among the hop sales reported this '
week is that of 411! bales bv Krebs !
Urns, to Ilishop & Keyt at HH,e, Thin
is the Int wnieh hrens expected to soil 1
nt n dollar a pound,
.:...... ,L, . , 1
in i-n,iiiiniii nm uunoill oops in
Oregon at oo,ono bales; in California
(10,000 bales of Ihe 11M4 crop and WOO
bales of Hie li:i crop, Washington
has unsold about Sl'i.OOO bales,
Henry I Dents yesterday purchased
three lots as follows: 711 bales at'N'i
cents from (lie Hue, Silvertuni 1!S bales
-Tom ( hristensen, Donald, nt Ndj cents,
pun hh uaies rrom ixnrup, Hunks, at N
Only the choicest large lots will
"una aouM- (i-v cents toiiny, ami there
Scuttle, Wash., Nov. 14.
jimt about run the length
siring. -
That urns II, a .
, 7, , , " 1 - """"i-iin inane
by ( oneh (Minora Doble, the "miricle
man ot tne nortnwentern intercol
leginto football conference today re
garding the probable outcome of
Washington University's game with
Oregon Uuivcrnity here this afternoon.
Brink weather prevailed In the morn
ing and there were good prospects that
the field would be in topnoteh shape
for the game.
The liuhtest betting In yenrs is re
ported. This is largely due to the ap
parent, evenness in strength of the two
For the first time since . Washington
entered the business of winning con
ference championship under Dobio's
direction, the 'varsity will tnke tho
field under a weight hnndlenp. Ore
gon averages 188 pounds and Washing
ton nbout 8 pounds less,
Ornirnn u-ill h. ....- ii. ,
. v 'ii'' services
of Quarterback Cornell and Marlarkey, I
their halfback. Doth are unablo to,
play on account of Injuries. Conch
Heidek believes their loss will be
henvlly felt.
Chnrley Smith, Washington's regular,
pivot. Is In bod simp and It la not im
probable that he will remain on thai
The Oregon team lino light work
out on th rin.i ic.i.u,. .... , I
.... ...... Hl uirimnii, m
the evening Ilia hl.,. ...... 1.1
11 .1 V . i""."" iieuur.t a
thentrlcnl performance.
The game starts promptly at 2 :10
0 clock.
hit"' l jfL
The Model Hostess
Uses an Electric
Chafing Dish
because it always adds a
charm. ,Welsh rarebit can
be prepared for one or two
cents. Clean, economical,
easily regulated, novel.
If it's electric come to us
Salem Electric Co.
Masonic Temple Phone 1200
. , I ''.' "..ii in. ri a a "i-.r o-y i-eius toilliv, ntlll tne
Jess could prnctl 'e on and at Hie .nine I are very few of that grade left In fli
nine oe giinering mncn vnlunnle cx- section, Aurora Observer
pericnce while doing so. Hy kee)lng
lilm Idle, it seems to me that his bmk
ers haven't much confidence In the big
renew tn spite or their nvowula to tin
Contrary. Jess Is rated ns n possible
cniidi liite for the title not so much on
what he has actually at compltshed bi t
because his rlvnls nmonir the whiten
are so lacking In dnss. In other words
h is a mere possibility. He has no'
yet proved himself of championship
W'ooilburn Independent! There hnve
been nnny inquliles for farms, but
tne inquirers have been waiting, upon
advice that they consider emanating
from good authority, for further de I
preclntion. Vnlues will now be en- i
hsnred, and If they dclre to take ml- !
vantnge of the reasonable figures ot- I
fered at the present moment thev will.
in. loiiKi r iiesitnre, me wise Investor,
the close observer, nots this fiu.t.
(Silverton Appeal.)
The Fischer Flouring mill has recent
ly received verv vnlnnt.ln n.t.ll.t...
For a long time they have maintained
one of the best flouring mills In Ore-
s " voiioii- ui years ngo tnev erect-
ed anotuer large biiildlng and Installed
a complete cereal plant, since which
time lnrg quantities of their products
hnve been placed upon the market and
consumed by hungry Oregoninns, as well
a the inhabitants of adjoining stnlei.
Now thev have added what Is known
... peerier, wnicn Is used In the maim
racture nf flaked wheat. Of this they
nre turning out an abundant supply,
the quality of It Is of t'.ie very lien't.
mi men are better sntinfled with
failure than others are with itccesi.
Here You Are!
Just what you were looking fort 2
acres, 'j, mile from school, fenced with
woven wire fence, small shack, well, 3
acres plowed, 8 acres onk timber, U
miles out; prlie H000, 2l)0 cash, bal
ance C yenrs at B per cent.
Fivn acres nenrly all In cultivation,
20 rods to school, store, depot, black
smith shop, warehouse, Die. fare to
Haeiii; small house, well, etc.; price.
MM, i)3r,o co,h, balance easy payments.
Nearly new 5-room, bath, pantry, full
basement, plastered house, good well
water, small barn, 3 lots, 140U, V4 cash.
J. N. Ganiard