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    THE SALEM CAPTT L tot r . . n""!0v TRTRSBAY KOVXMdER 12. 1911
Splendid qualitv, 18x38
One large assortment
In all colors suitable for Holiday
Fancy Work
Prettily embroidered
98c EACH
" These are for Saturday Only
Mr. and Mrs. Eckerlen Home;
Were in Heart of War Zone
Strongest War Ship of Sultan
Reported Struck and Put
Out of Commission
No more wars for genial mid alto- and Burgeon;, but t hoy soon cauio, and
gether peaceable "Leao ' hckerlen, took tare of the wounded
London, Nov. 12 The Turkish cruis
er Goebcn wos struck by one uf the al
lies' ships during the recent naval
bombardment of the Dardanelles forts
and badly damaged, according to a
news agency diuateh received hero
from Petrogrnd today. ,
The vessel was said to have a gaping
hole in its hull above the water line.
The Goehen and the eruiser Brexlau
were originally Ocrnian vessels. fcerly
in the war the Anglo-French Mediter
ranean squudrcn drove them into Mes
sina. The British and French ships
lay outside the harbor waiting to at
tack them unless they interned. The
two German craft succeeded in giving
vuiu me mi p, nowever, and succeeded
in reaching Constantinople.
ini Deing a neutral port at the
time, the allies toi-k it for granted they
would interne. Instead it was an
nounced thoy had been sold to Tnrltw
The allies questioned the validity of
hub transaction, especially in view of
the fact that both ships were still man
ned by their German officers and
crews. The sultan, however, disregard
ed all protests.
Later both vessels engaged in an at
tack on Russiun Black sea ports and
shipping. Tho story was not definite
ly proven, but it wag widely asserted
that they did so without the sultan's
authority, the "top being taken by the
Germans who manned them ns a means
er dragging the Turks into the ar
At any rate, it did result In bringing
them into the conflict.
The Guev.cn was by far the most for
midable ship in the sultan's fighting
rn-et, and if it has been seriously dam
j aged, its loss will be a serious blow to
I his ntval power.
who, with Mrs. Kckerlen, arrived home
last evening from a seven mouths' so
journ abroad, during a great deal of
which time tney were in the heart of
the zone of the heaviest fighting in Al
"The wounded upon both sides were
accorded the same care and treatment,
and so far as I was ever able to find
out, tiiere were no cruelties or atrocities
I practiced on either snle. Of course
sace province, Germany, and tor more there were all kinds of stories going
tnan lour weeas iney wero wnnin iour around anout tno narsn trealment ol
Fortland, Eng., Nov. 12. A court-; Capetown, Union of South Africa,
martial today acquitted Admiral Tiou- Nov, 12. The Beyers-DeWet Hoor re
bridge, wto wns in command of the bcllion was believed here today to be
Anglo-French war fleet off Messina at' practically broken. It was in the hope
the time tho German cruiser Goeben of iiastciiing its end that an amnesty
and Hrenlsu escaped from the Italian' was offered to rebels who surrendered
port and, dodging the allies' vessels, by November 21. The leaders wvro ex
succeeded in getting safely to Turkish cepted and it was expected tho govern
watera. The admiral was accused of mcut woud deal wjth them severely if
negligence in permitting this escape. ,,hry W(ire captured.
Low Round Trip Fares
For Thanksgiving: Day, November 2(1, low rouud
trip rates will bo sold between all points In Oregon
en the Southern 1'acifie, Main Line and Branches,'
Nov. 25 and 26. Final return limit Nov; 30.
Round Trip Fares
Between Salem and Portland if2.00
Between Salem and Junction City t2..10
Between Sulem and Eugene ijt2.80
Corresponding low fares between nil ulher points,
Full particulars as to train service, specific fares,
etc., from nearest agent uf the
John M, Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon
to 20 miles of the scene of the bloodiest
of bloody battlefields where the enn
nons kept up an incessant roar und
thousands upon thousands of valiant
soldiers Upon both the German and
rreucu sides gave up their lives for
their countries' cause.
Mr. Eckerlen was but 15 years of
age when the Franco-Prussian war was
tought in the same territory in which
the present terrible conflict is being
waged between the mighty powers ot
Europe, when Germany wrested the
provinces of Alsuce and Lorraine from
the French, and he got over there just
in time to get into the thickest of the
fray between the tame two warring
nations; and this time, in the opinion
of Mr. Eekerlen, it looks as though
the, French are destined to recover
their lost territory. When he left the
war zone that part of the Alsatian
province was in the hands of the
French and they were making slow but
suro and bloody advance upon the Ger
mans, with the latter contesting every
inch of the advance with the sternest
and -staunchest vultr ami de.'arniina
tion. Germans righting Valiant Fight. .
"Germany, with her powoiful laud
forces, is putting up a most valiant
fight against her allied enemies, and
she is holding uer own most admirably
against such great odds, aud consider
ing the fact that she has heeu com
pelled to fight both upon the offensive
and defensive trfroughout the campaign.
Hut she has been seriously up ugaiust
the worst of it from the beginning, in
asmuch as she was obliged to take the
offensive and tight in the open while
the enemy was strongly entrenched in
their positions and, naturally, the Ger
man forces suffered the greatest loss,
but tho ofher armies suffered as severe
ly in proportion to tue hazard involved.
"When we went down into Alsace
to visit my brother, the mayor of Col
niur, we got into the thickest of it
before we reuli'.ed it and too lute to
Washington, Nov. 12. In an official' Kt l,lt VVm'" tbe '!n, U,'K t"1-''1
bulletin issued here today by the de-1 auvHnce the Uoriiiuns, to retard them,
partment of agriculture, it was claimed ''ft'oved the railroads and bridges he
the foot nnd mouth disease was not hind incin, mid tnis made it impossible
dangerous so far as human beings werel'01, us 'uve until transportation ta
concerned. cilities were restored to Htrassluirg and
"In adults," said the bulletin, " the beyond, The heaviest of the fighting
symptoms are sore mouths, paiufulj was at Muclhuiiseii and Minister, aliuul
swallowing, fever and' occasional erup-l5 mil 20 miles distant Irom Colninr,
tioas on the hands, gome authorities! but numerous engagements took place
believe that wherever- it is general i between the French nil. I German arm
among animals it is fairly general ! ies within four lies of Coliiinr, where
among humans, but the disturbances It I wo were slaying,
causes nro usually so slight that, the Battles' ttaged on All Sidos.
disease 1b not brought, to tho attention "Hack and torth the , two armies
of tho family- physician.'" surged, the fighting all took plueo'in
The department again advised house-'the mountain pusses, just outside of tl-v
wives today to boil and pasteurize all' town, and first the French troops would
milk before serving. march through our town and go Into
I camp for a season and then hero would
come the Germans, and the French
would have to get out. The French
soldiers were much tho younger and
lighter and had all of tho advantage
over the more ueavily accoutered and
clothed fiml Inure nicd German litnd-
i Owing to the higner price of wheat, Isturm,' who ranged in age from .Ij to
flour was yesterday udvauced 20 cents i 45 vears and wore heavy clothing und
a barrel aud Is now quoted at U. Tho j boots. At one time for four solid weeks
inillloed market is also firmer and brun there was lighting every day and night
,is ,i0 cents a ton higher. At the mer- j thut territory und the roar of the
I chants exchange yesterday wheat cannon and rattle of musketry wai
prices fell from I to 2 cents, but this is deafening, and the sight of the dead
j considered only a nntiirnl rtucturation, , and wounded was heartrending.
,ilud prices uru expected to be higher I "Onlv upon one occasion did we feel
minor tnau lower. Huts for forty-fold that we were, .n imminent danger ol
The Markets
becoming involved in active battle am.
ami bluestom were at Ut) to $1,111,
j but the only sales were at $1.20,
j Live poultry is in excessive supply
and the prices aiu tiie lowest of the
season. Springs sold at II cents anil
some us low as 10 cents. Turkeys and
j other poultry dragged. Eggs continued
scarce and firm, with prices unchanged.
Dairy product were ill good supply,
! with no change in prices.
I i lie demand ror hops, even at the 'passes. Several times, however, the
i poverty prices, wns Black, nud only one ! line of battle approached the town and
.ulll C III....,...'.. U H .-4...I 41...4 t ,'. t
non-combatants out in the mountains
and upon the scenes of battle, but we
never saw any of it or noue came to
our personal knowledge, vt hen the
mayors of some of the little villages
were suspected of harboring the trench
they were shot, to be sure, but that
is the" case in overy war.
Scenes Hake Heart Bleed.
"About the most pathetic scenes J
can recall was upon the occasion of the
departure of the local male population,
all between the ages of 15 and 45 years
being pressed into seivice, for the trout.
Wives, daughters, sisters and. sweet
hearts clung to their loved ones' noi4,
and bade them a last larewell, which
was true in tho majority of cases, and
none but tho old men, younger boys
and women were left to take care ot
things aud look after the crops. Wo
men, old men aud children went into
the fields and harvested the crops, and
the few horses and oxen were left, all
of the good horses having been drafted
into service, were trailed about, aud
in this manner the women, old men and
children managed to do tho plowing
und seeding for another season. 1 tell
you it was awtul and the people in this
peaceful country can never begin to
realize or imagine tho suffering that
this dreadful war has brought upon
those innocent and peace-loving peo
No Serious Food Shortage.
"At ono time, when it was known
lor certain there would be fighting in
that region, and the people, in fear ol
a famine, put in u supply of food and
necessary urtlt-lcs of clothing, there
we a shortage of food in tiie market,
but, with the opening of trauiipnrtutiou
facilities (all means of transportation
having been seized toriiiilitniy opera
lions) food and supplies began to come
in and there was a plenty for all. Every
available automobile, of couise, was
scixod and pressed into service and all
of the supply of gasoline was seized by
the military. Uut (key were never up
on the verge of II famine, the prices of
foodstuffs did not increase materially,
and wo were surprise. I at the, high cost
uf commodities in this country, and
especially sugar.
Got Around Without Trouble.
"We never bad tno least bit of trou
ble of getting around any place we
wanted to go while over there, und, al-j
though we saw a gnat many American
citizens, we do not know of a single
case where they had liny trouble or
were molested in (lie least. I hud my
impels with me ail of the time mid did
not have to show Hu m oueo. Wo could
secure passports from one. town to an
other for die asking and had no di''fi
I'ultv whatever in getting out, once the
railroads resumed operations. Yes, In
deed, we were glad to get buck where
we now eviryliody and where wo have
someone to t n I ft to besides our
imnciliutc relations, We were like
strangers in a strange land over there,
nnl the stntiie of liberty on tlv side
of the big pond was the most glorious
ami welcome vision I ever beheld."
' Sailed Through Field of Mines.
Mr. und Mrs. Kckerleii left Hotter
dam, Holland, October 21, on board the
Holland-American'stcamcr .New Amster
duin. They stciimcit into tiie North
sea, which was thickly laid with mines,
nd had to back out again slowly ami
pass tlnoiigh the English channel. They
were followed closely by another small
Holland steamer clear through the clian-
Fortland. Ore., Nov. 12. Wandering!
back info the house, which was on fire,
after being rescued by his mother.
Thomas Lovelace, aged two, was suf
focated to death here early today.
The mother, Mrs. B. Lovelace, asleep
in her home, was awakened by the
cruckling of flames, and clad only in
her night clothing, led her two young
sous, Thomas and Bayard, down stairs
and out into the open air. ' Then, re
turning to the burning building, she
clasped ber infant child in her arms
and leaped from a second-story window
to the ground. Both escaped injury.
In the excitement, however, the two
littlo boys followed their mother on
her second trip of rescue. Bayard was
turned back by the mother, but little
Thomus was overlooked, waudored into
a bath room and was found overcome
by sn.oke nnd flame. Ho died shortly
nrter Deing removed irom tne noi.se.
The house was badly damaged.
("Continued from page one.)
Russiau tide of invasion, the Teutonic
forces will be compelled to retreat in
the west to their Rhino fortifications,
This line of defenses is the strongest
the world has ever seen. One of the
leading comanmders among the allies
has estimated that it would take five
years for an army to get from the
Hhinc to Berlin. Assuming that the
Germans actually are forced back to
lhat stream, the French and British are
not likely to consider the expenditure
of so much time in an effort to take
ihe kaiser's cap. .
So, after trial of strength along tiie
Hhino, if it be demonstrated that the
Teuton are unable to resume' tho of
fensive, a settlement will result."
The allies believe that at this point,
economic pressure will begin to exort so
great a pressure in Germany that mili
tarism will be forced to compromise to
relieve the industrial situation.
, This being tho case, there will be uo
sudden collapse of the militarists'
strength but tiiere will be an ever-increasing
economic influence for peace.
- When all this will happen is the
prime unknown factor. If the allies
prove ublo to press their offensive for
a few months morn, perhaps the rising
' 'f peaee may begin to appear above
the horizon.
Tells How She Was Saved
by Taking Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Logansport, Ind. "My babv was
over a year old and I bloated till I wwi
a burden to myself.
I suffered from fe
male trouble so I
could not stand on
my feet and I felt
like millions .t
needles were prick
ing me all over. At
last my doctor tok!
me that all that
would save me was
an operation, bat
this I refused. I
told my husband to get me a bottle of
Lydia E. Pink ham's Vegetable Com
pound and I would try it before I would
submit to any operation. He did so and
I improved right along. I am now doing
all my work and feeling fine.
"I hope other suffering women will try
your Compound. I will recommend H
to all I know." Mrs. Daniel 0. B.
Davis.110 Franklin St.Logansport, Ind.
Since we guarantee that all testimo
nials which we publish ere genuine, is it
not fair to suppose that if Lydia E.
IMnkham's Vegetable Compound has the
virtue to help these women it will helu
any other woman who is Buffering in a
like manner?
If you are ill do not drag along until
sn operation is necessary, but at once
take Lydia E. Pinkhom's Vegetable
Write to Lydit E. Pint hum
PfeliiiieCo.,(conlll ntlaLyim,
Maw. Your letter wil be ojwnoff,
read and answered by wonuvit
and held In strict coiifldrrice.
. Hosiery is to be white. Alms, in cut
ting iloivii the supply of dyestuffs, is
co operating with the steam laundries.
Musterole Olvos Delicious Comfort.
When those sharp pains go shooting
through your head, when vour skull
seems as if it would split, just rub a lit
tle MUNTKHOLK on tho temples and
neck. It draws ot the inflammation,
soothes away the pain gives quick
in ft r If Hit. whitn nint.
wont, mti.lo with oil of imifttnrtl. Hotter
Vlugeae, Ore., Nov. 12. Twenty-one
University of Oregon football men, ii
c'unipunicd by I'oach Bozdek, Athletic
Director It'.iyvwird -ind tlrndiiiite Aln li
nger Tiffany, left this afternoon for
Seattle, where they will play the Uni
versily of Washington football tenia
on Denny field Saturday, November
14. The Oregon team leave Kugnnn
with doubtful prospects.
Jusl before the train left, Coach Ue
dek said: "I hope to start Beckett,
though tho boy hu lost twelve poumle
in two day sickness. 1 don't know
whether I'll be able to start Sam Cook
ur not. Cornell is out of it for the rest
of the season, and so is Malnrhey.
These two places lire hard to fill. Oio
gon ha a wonderful spirit, and tho 'do
er die' ought to help."
London, Nov, 12. -In the absence of
news to the contrary, the admiralty nn
iiounced today that it wns assumed th
.m.. ., ucriiimin i i,ei, which Kept close at hand in case
marched through I'olmar ami camped 1 their vessel came into contact with a
just outside the town ami new came hidden mine so as to rescue the pss
that the trench were coming and would : .cngers. They crept along at a snail's
engage In battle in our midst. The puce for several days, not making more
(ierinans, however, returned into thiitimll tnur or fivc 'nillt,H ,,,. ti I
mountains i to nut up a di tense, and they got out of the danger rone. They
then the rrencli came through and tho ; ,ft 10r .;,lr,)p n April 12 and have
engagement took place In too mountain ; been nwv just scv noiiths today.
Relatives in the Battlo Zone,
U'Ull l - L-..L....I-... ..: .!...- I.!..
sal of Oregon ' is reported, hat of the lookout, which was mainli. I in ! relatives In Alsace his H.lcr b olaor
John Shiendcr of Salem. This brought a church tower at all times, sounded , Ag Kckerlen, aged :l years, and
VrU ,r 'f- Al""' We l"1"1""1 "IS "I major of ihe town of Hansen, died and
,'" """ '" "" ,.. ,, . or ine people of tno viiinge, w, t.uriv.l. Another older brother,
repu ted ns cinnging hands at 7 cents, .and went to my brother 's house, where who , lnnn,er of the priesthood
At (hicago wheat prices shaded off half .horse, were kept hitched and in read!-, lives up in the mountains where the
" " . ,, , ,, oul ut , lono or heaviest of the fighting took place
of nence. 1 hm i rim ,inm unit hn ....,. ln il. 1.....1.. -.1,1.1..'.. .... . ... n . .
il 1. 1 1. 1 .1 11 4 1 , H " "ni"K in vicinity or t olinar, and he has n
ikel y dealer, co. er thisjalk to ma-j the city. llrPM(,w , , nrlllv. ,,,,,,. Kj, r,
t,'rl"lut'' , I Losses Never Will Be Known. ! another old Slid respected resident of
I j ,0 1()t h,,tpvw MMll (uNpl ()fh, pitV) fho M,V(1) lhewt n
LOCAL WHOLESALE MAUKETS. .life will ever be kiirwn as a result ol j service In Ihe Herman army, but Mr.
this war. Soldiers were mowed down 1 Keklerlen onlv not. tn ncn two line.
Hay, timothy 12.0(1 !bv the thousands, end the wounded, ,,f them before they went to the front.
nii'iit with a Herman sipiudron off tht
Chilvun const.
ninn a mustard 11 aster ami Hkm ul u-ui..u ,..t -j 11 - --.1 i
... . . nriiirn viuisurH mun I4u,in miu
nV 1 uioiiln were sunk in the recent engage-
"'"'"' " nurse iranKiy recom
mend M D8TKROLB for More Throat,
Bronchitis, Ooup, Stiff Neck, Asthma,
Neuralgia, Congestion, Pleurisy, llheu
matism, Lumbago, lin and Ache of
the Hack or Joints, Nprains, Sore Mus
cles, Ilruisos, Chilblains, Frosted Feet
Tolils of the Chest (it often prevent
At your druggist', In 2.1e and Hflc
.jurs, ami- u special largo hospital size
for tS.M.
lie sure you get the genuine MI18
TKUOI.R. Kefuse imitation get what
you ask for. The Musterole Company.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Farmer, Read This I
Does your land produce
what it should? Wet, told
land will not do it.
Why? Because it needs
Have a talk with J. F.
Bingham, the tile man, and
see what he will tell you
about your wet land.
Address General Delivery,
Salem, or phone care 1472.
(.'lover, i er tuu tH.lMl!ao were brought Into Colmur by the
Oat ami vetch M.IHI I hundred from the battlefields .just out-
side I lie town, were literally shut and
Wheat, per bushel
. H.00
cut to piece. All ol the chinches and
Hran, per ton 27.ri(l ) schoolhouse were turned into hospitals
lloth Mr. and Mrs. Kckerlen nro en
joying the best of health, and express
themselves as being perfectly satisfied
to surround their uwn peaceful fireside
for some time to come, having "mid the
operlenee of their lives, an experience
they do not care to. live over again,
, You enuld not select a mure desirable OHRIHTMAH OIFT for your
eastern friend than a fancy packed, paper sealed, Kl lb. hinged tup
box of our
or a box of our
Killur one wilt speak loudly roneernlng Oregon's wonderful clim
ate and resource, and will be a constant reminder of you to your friend
while the fruit lasts.
for this trade some of our very best fruit. Each box will contain a
booklet of recipe, sad will not only be a pleasure to your friends, hut
will at the same llmo help to sdverfine two of OKKOON'H most Imporv
ant .HOIN'CTH. A very ehenp HPIOCIAI. K.XPHK8H HATK ha been
otadn whereby they will carry to any express office In the I,', H. A.
(except (southern Kxprcsa) these 10-lh. package for 40 cent.
Dace your order with ns NOW while the supply Uata.
Trade and High Streets II. S. Gilc, Manager
rash !
- Kgg
Hhorts, per ton :'.0.00 1 'r the care of the wounded, and, at
Oats, per bushel (I.Ku 4(le first, there was a shortage of physicians
Clilt'.un bark, per lb " fr'r '
l'otn,n"' -ri.-.; "c,tt" ::?ui"i4' . "." hgekmans escaped
iMHicnni, per in tve
t rcauicry butter, per lb. ..
. Poultry.
liens, per lb
Knostcrs, per lb
Cows, per cwt
Stock hags, per lb. (top)
llogn, at, imr lb
Kwes, per lb
spring lambs, per lu
Veal, first das
Dry. lier lb
Halted country pelts, each
Unio pelt, each ..2.1e
I nan rrnncisco Nov. IS.-hggs-hx Melbourne, Australia, Nov. I3.-Th.it
I t I'M H Jltl'..l. 1. nil, 1.4! !!.... f'.. II I'. .. ... . . '
. .., , mice niiicers ami hi men rroiii tne licr-1
llei n'lT' ' J"."' : "'" Kiwi, which the Austral-
',"'V'r7K!I,V""' rl",H' in r.hip Hyducy destroyed on tho
USc; firsts, .lei seconds, Jlc. ,Vtl, ,,,,, , , lh ln',lin
"ifir.v!,, 'llf,;rnl '"'"'y. '"''iiwere at large In the open sea In a
".5'.e, ,l'''U": "; , ., ""h"t ' "'".V eoiuinandeered oil i
1 MW ;'' ;"' ,'r,lJl,''1 -1.1..t..ai : Ul IHI,1, w, , e, by the inln-
I.;; ".'M,"" '(,i--U)l J":Ury, 2 '" ' '"'-'"' -iv.
Be fV? T '-'.""'"n' 1"1'"'" '' ' T)" 11 '''"". '"', P tl"
c',y,1"1'' '"""I',. ,. , landing party which had already 1-1
. ,1rl"r (l';f "ID-reed Vim .22'vl ,,,.,, ,f thl, ,,U1(, wir(ll, . ,
! shipping and brewing, l,2..(.i 1..7 ic. ,h(, Hv,m,v , ,,,,, the-K
neeing tnelr cruiser destroyed, they
Neuttle, Wash., Nov. 12. Kgg
Kresh ranch, fines fresh eastern, .lAfri
4(icj (Irlenlal. lHc.
Hatter Local cubes, ;,
3."ic: (Ireuun cubes. .'Illffullle.
Cheese l,linburg(r, IHc Wi.con-
sin, I He; Hwi (domestic), 24c Wash
ington, (He.
(Inloin (Ireen, 30fn S.'te per down:
enstein Washington, I in I'-Je per pound; I tile,
Portland, Ore., No. 12. Wheal
Clnh, l.i:ii4; bluestem, I.I7',1.
Oats No. 1 white feed, i.'H; gray,
117.7.1. .
Barley llrewlng, t'.M.oO; feed, fit.
Hogs Ileal live, 7.1fifm7.2(.
Prune steers. A7rni7.1.'.'i: funcv kuwi.
hi'lck,itil(riH.i!.1i best calve, 7fT,'f4.
Spring lambs, p(n fl.2.1.
Ilutter City rresinery, ,14';.e.
Kgg Heiected local r-x'tis", llUfti1
Hcn, 10c; broiler, Into He t geese,
; escnped Instead of surrendering, Inking
with them two month' supplies, four
Maxim guns nnd a quantity of small
arm and ammunition.
The statement w made thai, besides
Ihe Maiden, the Hvdiiey sank two mi
ller which HcetiinpKnicd the former,
Berlin, by wlrcles via Hnyvllle, Nov.
12 The Arnhlsn Mohammedan are
mubilir.lnu fur war ngninst the Bri'lsh
the war office staled today, They
were snld to be arming at .Mecca and
The Man Without
In some form or other Is a man of small scconiplishmcut
ii man tth a lack of knowledge in the place where his
knowledge ought to be. He Is a man whose "hindsight" la
greater than hi "foresight." A man whose training has
been such as not to equip him with the glorious vision of tin
future possibilities of growing manhood.
It is not beyond the power of any respectable man now-a-dnys
to adopt a "system" of same kind, and perhaps th
easiest way for him to start ln Is to adopt
The "L" System
Clothes for Young Gentlemen
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