Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 10, 1914, Page FIVE, Image 5

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- Fine Weave
$1 Woolen Sep- nn
arate Garments '"C
70c Woolen Sep- AQp
arate Garments OC
Misses' Pants
and Vests
(Not Forest Mills)
At Greatly
Reduced Prices
of the Famous
Recognized as one of the best wearing and most
perfect lines of Knit Underwear in America. The
finest material is used in their manufacture, and
for warmth, comfort and durability the? are unsurpassed.
$1.75 'Woolen Separate Gar
ments, either Vests, Pants or
Tights, now
$1.50 Woolen Separate Gar
ments, special.
$1.25 Woolen Separate. Gar
ments, special.
.. .'--
umiL iwiim rLttm
! mVK l" V O V!
uniLu yi.u,uuu IL.niLI
mm new ik
Depositors, Among Them 15,
000 Working Girls, Lost
Their Little Savings
Used Girls' Money for Wife's
Expenses, and She Quit
Him When He Broke
Whether or. not tho claim of Alma Bnrstown, Oil., Nov. .10. In a due
V. Kate for approximately $UO,()(0 for pcrato, duel in a dimly lighted Full
expenses incurred in connection with 1 T"" t,h. ' the Mojave
. it v. r .u ii i desert, i'nllmun Conductor J. B. Fin-
the old Columbia feouthern J,rlK.U.o.i , ch(.r. lot a WM . w
(lenezo, N, Y., Nov. 10. Henry Hie
gel, one time "merchant prince" and
head of the former Hicgel chain of de
partment stores, Pent on trial here late
yesterday afternoon before Supreme
Coiirt Justice Clnrk on a charge ot
grand lurcony. ttiegel, with his for
mer partner, Frunk H. Vogel, wus in
dicted on 11 counts following tho col
lapse of his store in New York, repre
senting a loss of approximately :!,
225,000. Vogel died suddenly utter u
few weckB in his 'apartments at the
Baltimore hotel, New York city. Fol
lowing tho pleading to tho indictments,
fSiegel and Vogel were released on $:J5,
000 bail.
v John B. Htunchfield headed tho ar
ray of defense counsel. It wus through
his efforts that Hicgel obtained u
change of venuo from New York cily
on the ground that because before de
positors who were hit by the l'uiluro
of his privato bank there were 15,
000 of tlioin he could not got un im
partial trial in the Greater City.
Assistant District Attorney William
Dean Umbree und Arthur Truin ap
peared for the state. District Attor
ney Wliitniaa announced, alter being
elected governor, that ho could nut
ethically enter a case that might Inter
come before him as chief executive.
The Markets
The sale of a cargo of Pacific coast
wheat in London yesterday at 50
shillings marks the record for the your
and also for the past 25 vears. Tho
cargo was half club and half bluesteiu.
The highest price outsido of this year
for the past quarter of a conturvwas
40 shillings. This was paid1 in Novem
ber, 1807.
The local mnrkpt wna fii-m il,tv!,r
the day. At tho noon session of thei
exchange 15,000 bushels of spot club!
sold at $1.14, and 5,000 bushels for!
December delivery sold at $1.20. These!
am tho priees that prevailed Saturday.
The hop situation is unchanged. An;
important sale was reported yesterday, i
that of the Krebs lot of 412 bales atl
10 Vj eents. A late estimate places the
unsold stock in Oregon at about 55,000
The- unsold stock on California isi
around 60,000 bales, and there is said1
to be about ,000 bales of 1013 loft in'
tho state. The Yakima crop is pretfyj
well sold out but in Western Washing-
iimi uui ew suies navo noen made. The
poultry market drags but eggs are
firm, and in fltrnnir iimon,i n. j- .........
for candled, 35 to 37 cents for eaBtom
mm si io ,w ror storage. No China's
quoted. Potatoes and onions are each
quoted at from 00 cents to $1.00 tho
timothy , $12.00
'"lover., rxr ton fl.no
Oata and vetch ' . 8.50
"" ; 8.00
Wheat, per bushel 1.05(ffi1.10
Bran, per ton $27.50
Shorts, per ton $20.00
. per bushel 35(cMflc
Ti'Wm bark, per lb. ....:...... 4,(W5e
Potatoes, per cwt 75c$l
Butter and Eggs.
Butterfat, per lb. ;)2C
''' inery butter, per lb ......34e
BKK ; Me 'cash
lions, per lb
Roosters, per lb ...
ryera -
... e
company, .wbJclv-wa.4Hi(en, oven by tho negro iiiniug far potter, who wa4arw-
desert land board and completed under cu with a meat cleaver, early today. -tho
name of tho Tuinnlo irrigation pro-1 Anchor left the train at Mojave und
jeet will be allowed or rejected, came HK"
up for consideration at a meeting of According t i Finchor and other mem
tho board today. ,r., 0f t)10 truin crow Vmahet and
The Coumbiu Southern project wasiwilsoii had quarreled over a tip given
involved in financial difficulties from the negro bv a passenger. Wilson, they
the time it was lirst uuilortnken by I Hni, rushed to the galley of tho din
the original promoters and passed ing ,,ar .j r,,turned brandishing a
through numerous changes in manage-! Imgo cleaver
inents arid titles before it came into j The man grappled in the aisles of
tne hands of Mr Katz in 10 o. He 1 tho awttyinK The atruegi0 Bnj(
v, u,niuirini .MI41II..UI ,l .Ml l,H !l II. I , w . KlIIChlT IflUV I r.,U,,lv ,,,!
was granted exteiisiona of time in
which to fomplete the project by the
ilesert laud I ourd and was finally
forc.-d to relinquish in favor of the
state. The last session of the legisla
ture appropriated funds to finish up
tho project, ami now comes Mr. KaU
nith a claim for expenses incurred by
him during the three years which he
una connected with it.
Mr. .Katii's claim covers the ex
penso of adudicating water rights, tak
ing over the project from tho Colum
bia Southern people, and for operation
and maintenance over and above re
ceipts of same. The ilesert. land board
at its last meeting fixed the lien price
upon tho land at $10 per aero with an
additional $1 per acre for maintenance,
which will provide ample funds, in the
event Mr. Kntv.'a claim is allowed, to
take care of it, Mr. Kut. was repre-
shot Wilson through tho body, killing
nun iiisiauTiy,
Tho ear in which the affair occurred 'imonn
State Printer's Report Shows
Saving of This ilmount
Over Old Fee System
Htiite Printer Harris has filed his
estimate of the probable cost of the
stnttf printing for tho next biennial
period with decretory of Ktate Olcott,
which calls lor an appropriation ol
$120,000, which is but $5000 short (f
the appropriation for the biennial per
iod of llll 1-1012, which was $10,000,
and a deficiency fund of $25,0110 for
the biennial period lOOIMillO. and
was attached to a Halt Lake Limited j 3 7or' the"
I Hill .I... I 1 ...
ki-iii-iiii Hjiiropriuiiou lor
which was $85,000 anil an emergeney
ii-iii-iency iiillll or. ip2.i,0IKI, which
London, Nov. 10. The admiralty , ,,.,.; ,"1.
he Hriti.h war. ' " viv""
past two years.
announced today that the British war-
mii i niuiicy nan u ivcn i ao uernian K'ntn P.;,.i... n . . . , 4 ,
crui-nr Kmden ashore on Cm-os island LxJJlTlnMn lf
and burned it to the water's edge. The Cw t 2 2 7'''''
Kmden e-caped from Kiao ChSu hay j l'''ZL ZZ, ,
soon after the Japanese began war m ?ntl 'l i'""'?1""
the kaiser and has been harVying Brit- E'i' llll.Bi l'"!01"'1
ish chinning ever since, nini. lv In the1 ' .". ' ,"t", M t' ! ' .'""t ;
Altogether it ha. sunk ! ' . T" " '"."!'" '".".' ""'"''
more than 20 vessels. ! , , .'"r u"r. 'I" V. "y."u""
.v -."....i .ifi.i- .-,,.,1, ifvii,uuu io navo
Indian ocean
seated before the board in the Inter-1 l'x'nit(''' the work under the fee sys
ests of his claim by Joseph N. Teal, of t'MV. " '" t,lnt ln addition
, 1 1 iln flin ik 1 111 fun I ,l.i..l. l i .
, "iin-ii un. nuuo prim
ing has "cost tho stnto during the past
biemiiuni, It will be necessary to pro
vide another deficiency fund of $5000
before the present biennial period ends,
which will bring the total up to $115,-
mm 1 '
ii ; IS;
'I, :!:.
This new, strictly modern, 6-room Bungalow, at
470 North Church street, will be sold at public auc
tion, Saturday, November 14, 1914 2 p. m., at the
Owing to leaving the states, this property will
positively sell to the highest bidder. Purchaser
must deposit lO''o of the purchase price to guaran
tee sale.
Terms if desired.
Key first door south.
J. A. COOPER, Owner.
Omaha, Neb.. Nov. 10. Minor base
ball magnates flocked here yesterday
to attend the nnnunl convention of, mi
nor leagues, which opened tndny.
The nntiunal hunid of arbitration
met during the morning yesterday to
consider 2W complaints. The only' rep
resentative of the Federal lengue to
arrive yesterday wns Charlie Carr, for
mer mnnnger of the Kansas City Am
erican Association club, now mnnnger
of the Imliamipolis Federals, It was
reported thnt Carr Is looking for a
berth In some orguiiir;ed biineball lea
If ymi will pay tha mailing charges,)
Ttortor Pierce will send you his cloth1
bound book of over 1,000 pages newly
rovlsc,! with color plates and lllus-
tuition. I
Kveryone should read ami have It In'
caso of accident or sickness In the homo.l
I rents of so many subjects in such!
an Interesting manner thnt. knowledge!
of thn human body is quickly and easily!
attained by all who rend the hook,
Bend 20 rents in stamps for mailing'
charges to Dr, fierce, Invalbh' Hotel,1
inn m io, ii. i,, ami enclose this notice,
Washington, Nov. 10. The depart
ment of agriculture deelie, tndav to
extend t cattle quarantine to Ken
tucky, Three oases of thn foot and
mouth disease have been discovered in
Hiillitt county, Kentucky.
A ritlful Story.
No bank or commercial failure in
(irentcr .New York left a niiuii pitiable
trail of suffering and misery among
small depositors than the collapse ol
the House of ISiegel, which ut one time
wus ono of tho largest department
store systems in tho country, with big
stores in Huston, Chicago and New
York. The loss of 426,00(1 to the pow
erful National Hank of Commerce in
New York city, on which a larceny in
dictment against Niegel was based, was
h-iiiicu iiv nivcsiigators "a small mat
ter compared to tho luss to struggling
Kust 8ido depositors in the Hicgel hunk
whose deposits of from $25 to $100 rep
resented the savings of yearsj were
completely wiped out."
The hiegel stores np to within a few
days of the crash, which came sadly
enough for the slum nlrU ,i ...... n
" - - - r-." ' nujt.ij
depositors iust about Christmas time,
were inougnr generally to bo as strong
financially na any in tho country.
Wife Cut Swath.
Hiegel. a dwarf in stature, had had
n meteoric, rise. In 18IIN he was work
ing fur $:l,50 a week as clerk in a clo
thing store. In 1HK7 he established a
department sti.re in Chicago. Ho firs,
came esst in 1S0K, when he opened a
store in Now York, Within a few
years ho wns rated as several times ft
millionaire, ,
His first, wife died before he came
east, In 1S0H II rs. (leorge it. Wilde,
widow of Hear Admiral Wilde, II. M.
N,, then a soi lety reporter on a New
York nowspntier, met Niegel, who of
fered her a position in his department
store. A lew months after tho mar
riage, Mrs. Hicgel and her daughters
began to take a largo part In New
York society, Hicgel, besides buying
and fitting up in the most lavish style
a town house and one en Long Island,
bought another hniidsomo homo In ex
clusive 1'iirk l.nno. l.nnilnn. M
gel then begun to mix in London ti-
ik-ii sinieiy, nne is now separnteil
from Hiegel,
Three Tons of Evldonee,
It Wns to 1IUV for theiui Im-iii-ii.,,,.. I...
to society of two continents, according
to the prosecution, that' Hlegol fre
quently 11 borrowed'' sums of money
from his private bank without giving
other security then stock in one of his
In the mass of evidence which (In
state . has collected tho evidence,
bound, weighs three tons and cost $00
to ship from New York city to (Ion-,
eiio-la the charge that thn mutual ben
efit relief fund of something less thiin
W00, made up I ruin flvu nod 10 cent
contributions from tho 4 and $ll a
week shop girls, wns completely wiped
oat In the romrm rclnl W reck. It wus
the disappearance of this fund that
caused an much resentment iittiilusl
Hiegel niton the nffnlr lien known
M.iny girls depended ay UH
fund hi case of Illness,
This fund also wus used In paving
for the burial of those who contribut
ed. A girl who hud puld her pitiful
10 or 15 cents weekly for years died
a lew unys ueiore movers' nigli nnune-
in nci'iinic snown, ner niter, Win
also Worked nr Hiimi,iti u,,l I......
fords, had no way to pay fur a burial,
and the body went to the potter's
Kept Orooktd Books.
Hmall depositors hail not been so
hard hit even In the notorious failure
of the Carnegie Trust company some
j..ri. iircyiuusiy. in unit, lullurn peo
ple of middle classes or of some means
were the chief losers. In the Hicgel
failure were hit the poor who depunit
ed small portions of their salailes, at
tracted by the larger rate of Interest
Amntilf antnn of (hit utl.,.,.l III I
sets which the district attorney wlllj
rprs ..
cows, per cwt . 4(nSe
riS (slo) -qi jod 'atoq 5).ioij
Ewea, per lb 8Vt,i
-orinp lamns, per JH 5C
Veal, first class 0e,
Orr, ner lb
Salted country pelts, each BUCaA5a
lmb pekts, each .. -.... 25c
By D. N. Mclnturff.
,The Oregoainn and other papers tell
us today that the allies have anked the
Japanese to aid them in the mighty
battlcB in Europe, and offer that it
they will they may have a free hand in
China. VVbeu I lived in Tokio, near
the drill grounds of the Japanese sol
diers, as 1 watched them drill, and
drill, and drill and never soora to got
tired, I used to wonder what such hard
work by tho little men would mean to
the. world. It has mount very much.
They have startled tho world. They
arc a most wonderful people. I admire
them greatly in their hustle with all
their might for supremacy along all
lines yes, world supremacy.
The allies do not know what this
combination means to tho rest of the
world. If the JupancBo shall corno to
have a freo hand in Chinn tln.v ;n
train, dominnto and push China to the
fronti Thev will multinlv ,u., l,.,,n.
cse by four hundred million to draw
upon. The only hope of tho rest ot
the world is to let China continue ti
sleep. Woo be to the rest of us if
bIio should wake, up in tho hands of
Japan. Japan can well afford to en
ter tho combine in Europe if she may
be allowed, to take over China, for then
she can turn around and with China
trained and imbued with the warlike
spirit of Jupun, whip theBO same ill
lies and the rest of the world. No
one can eontemplute the scene without
a shudder.
With the churches in Japan, each
pressing creed more than Christ, and
denouiin-itii nulism more than love, the
Japanese have been slowly coming to
look upon tho worship of idols as a
disgrace and yet have be'eii bo confused
as to the teachings of tho missionaries
each holding tenaciously to his pecu
liur creed, that be has in his heart
and mind been forced to turn from the
whole thing, and today Japan has no
Uod, no religion. Japan is a renegade
planet turned loose in the moral uni
verse und traveling at nn awful speed.
What mid where it will hit no one
knows. This new problem just now
about ta enter tho awful war calcula
tions is worse, to my mind, than any
that has gone before. The other con
tiiigenciea might como to a peaceful
end, this never. Tho others might be
settled and nur clvilirnti. ............
ed, but this would unbalance tho world,
and mako only consternation und utter
ruin. I sincerely pry tio(i tllt it
may never happen,
Heatlle, Wash., Nov. HI. Eggs, fresh
ranch ,")0cj fresh eastern il."i(j0cj
Orientals 18,.. - '
Butter, local cubes 3Jc; bricks ;i.5c:
Oregon cubes ;i2(ri Xle.
Cheese, limbuiger lllc; Wisconsin 10c;
Swiss (domestic) 21c; Washington
Onions, green 20(('i 2ic nor ' ,l,iy.n
eastern Washington Jki1I.; California
Ifri 1 'C,
Potatoes, graded No. 1, $llri$IS per
Han Francisco, Nov. 10. ICgga, extras
IIMajc; pullets J'c; California storage
extras 27c. "
Hotter, extras .'Ml Vies prime firsts 2Xc j
firsls 2c; kccoiiiIh 21c,
Cheese, California fancy liicj firsts
12c;socoiiIb 10c.
Wheat, pnr ctl Club $l.l)nfti $2;
Hlnestein $2.0V $2.10; Turkey Ited
$l.0o(fi$2; Red Russian l.2',i(i;'$l.ti
Forty Fold $2( $2.0.1.
Hurley, per etl., feed $l.2l(7i $1.22'jJ
shipping ami brewing $l.2,"i( $1.27 'j.
l'nrtland. Ore.. Nnv in l,.,t
Club, $1,1-1; blueslem, $1,17.
Oats No. 1 white feed, $2S..)0i tfiuv.
Hurley Brewing, $2."i.r.0; feed, $21.
Il.ius Host live. 7.I.V
I'riine steers, $7( 7.1.1; fancy cows, $
rull.2': best, calves. 7r,. K. i.
Hotter City creamery, ;il(:Hi!e.
I'-i'gs Heleeted local extras, 2,"ie.
11 , '-''i broilers, lie; geese, 10c.
I'nitlnnd, Ore., Nov. 10. .Much
Strentlth Uim uluium In II,., .....11.. ....
atlon at North I'oillnad ut the open
ing of the week's trade, Values for
tllll lIllV H'l.rn frmn IT,.. ... U"... 1. 1.. I
thuu similar quality sold at last week,
there being some business In the steer
division at $7.lii for tops this moiuiug.
There was only a small run of cat
tle reiuii-teil In llin tn.,lu n,:. H 1....
I " i ,nn Mini ill ll,
allhiiigh totals were far belter than
I,,.. i i....
Mini ill lllllll y t
Owluu' to I lie liri.Hiini.it nt r,,.,i .,.l
mouth diseuse at (lleiullve, Munt,, some
i ears are expressed Here Hint the local
market, muv be u I'd. tin, I I'M l.
still closed on this account, no receipts
nr qooiaiious neing sliewii thorn in nnv
line of II vest nek.
At dmuhn. there was n firmer lone
generally (t cattle, with values 10c
(n I fie better generally, altl gh tups
in win sieer uivision remain ut (llll. fill.
oeitcr mm of Hogs,
There ni n linlln m, ..r l i..
the local yards today t In fact, nrrivnl.
over Hiindiiv were fur in,.i,l,.r ii,., ,. !,
totnls of Inst week,
Hogs sold this morning at substan
tially thn same values as Hie rinsing
of Inst week, tlinrii linlii,, ,.i
shown in sentiment.
hlllcrs were esrly bidders fur swine
In tho local tun! fiir thn H...i
this helped to msiutnln Hie price.
nr. panms i ity morn tv,m hctter
feHIng ill the hog tradrt with an ml
vsnce of a dime In the price,
tlmnha hnir murkiil wn un. ..
today, with prices 0c to I fie hctter
Tokio, Nov. 10, In accordance with
the terms of their unconditional sur
render, the (lei-mini garrimni marched
from its Kino Chnn ,li.l',nu,,u ,..( ....I
..lapaiicse and Hritish forces occupied
I them, '
than Hatiirduy. Topi at, $7.(15.
Ueneial hog market range:
i1,''"1, 'Kht , $ 7.10
ilcumn linht. ..... t on-.. ? hit
: Onod and heavy ...... (KSdrt; (I
uougu and heavy (I.05(o (1.20
Sheop Situation Stronger.
I fiiouiion in too sheep and lamb
trade is somewhat stronger at North
Portland. Thero was a moro limited
run than expected over Holiday and
buying began somewhat earlier than
usual this morning, Tops in the lamb
division are easily commanding (i.23
with wethers at $5,110 and owes a dime
better nt $(l.(i(),
At Omaha there was a firmer tone
in tho sheep trndo with an advance of
a dime, Tup lambs $!U0,
Potatoes Are Weaker.
Further weakness is showing for
potatoes in the local market and the
extreme price in the wholesulo market
today was $1 u cental. Kven this price
was reported shaded for fair ii.ed lots
of best quality, with ordinary stuck
iH'iag freely offered down to 85c per
Offerings of p.itatues from tho home
Bootlon continue tu hw im.r,.BB.
The result, in that with no outside de
mand except for an occasional ear of
somethinir cut r... k.. ..
, ii . i ti ii
Cisco shipment, the wauls of tho home
i trade are being over-supplied.
I lllllho eontinoen in nl'l'.,.. i..
t - . ,MMiiiui-n ii,
i i (ocul iHinKvi, hut so far as knowu
tho trade has made no recent piiii'liuics
from there, hoonusn of the more free
ottering trout tin: homo territory.
Hctter quality and moro favorable
m.os me ii,,w coming from the home
section, und at t ), i i: i,.,,.. i
,, ' " ''. .."ii. in mill".
ticnllv no need of outside stisk, even
" i" 'ier ciiihs trade,
riour Will Advance.
1 nit a further advance will he made
hi tho price of patent flour all through
tho I acilie. northwest at an early date,
was (he general opinion of the trade
today. There is every likelihood, snv
seme of tho leaders, that patent will
go to $11 within a very short time.
,; 1,11 ' "t advances lor wheat
nnlleis say that a further rise in pat
eat Is not only , P,Biry lllt , ,rt, l( ,.
'ilnisoi.i )i in sjuon irt iimiiiw oi do
lod.ip p.iA.iu pini p.fl.M ut 'H.ia
psuin.i A.npi jpiqi no .(,111,1111 )tii
mojjoi u.HW s.iinn mii pi mi,iui.ippip
ii ; oi jo u KuipwittHU tuiv SHOIMI
io spii o,ui K.i. I,i,i) .ipiH,n
l'H w SAiud o plun'iiin
Dr. Csler on Tuberculosis
Mir IMIIInm lrr, mir nt Ihr lurr
mi ut ll Ins; Mrtll. nl mrn, for.
mrrl)r n f Jiikna lli.pklnn, llHlllimiir,
anil ins llralim Vrntnmnr nt Mnll
el al lliiril, mm,m In kl "l,r.lc
of llrrilelnr" IIWIUI, nil utiifr iMIll
'lar kenlllia fif iiolniiinnry tuner
fulirala In aliiimi cllnlenllr li S
r.i ,r, i,r pnllmi. s !, nnulH
fhiKlIC tUno n.l hnellll knvr kern
tnuml. u H,r Krnnulnllniii
irHlu,.n anil nmiH-lnlnl piiiinnuiiln
n.nr llnnne In furinril, nlillr Ike
nntnllrr rnnrnun linn lircontr Inl
l.r.nniilnl vtlih llmr anlm, 'In nuek
f Illl.inn nlone nhi.ulil Ike lira.
ki ulliiac Ur mmllril,"
slnuy nil t iimmIIi'mI ii ii l Ii I .x
havn I .! Hi. ,1 m ii,., ii,.,ii y ,. Hnn
enlls III (he llcHloienl of luhoicu
b'Mis, noil Hie sureHS of Nrktoim'B
Allcmllve In IIiIh iiiiiI ullleil Ihiniit
snil liriiiii lihil uirnclloua nuiy lie dun
! 1 1 1 v In the fii, ( 1 1, i iinmlos
a 1 1 tni. Mil nn iiinihlned wllh other
vsliiHhln liiHieitlnnis as to lis suslly
WiiinMiu'esil use of (his reiiieilv In
nuoieiiius esses of tlili..r--llli'nln
hiHhv or Willi Ii HimHr tit Iihvs vlelil
d ciioiileely Io ll- Jimllllrs tii'it- lie.
Ilet Ihiil II Is wnilh n trial, unless
Mill, nlher Irrillioenl' already la
aiii'i'iM'illnK. It eniiiiiiiia no opinioa,
iniri iilli a nr llahll-fin mli.u ili uas.
W uinhs no lilonilara i-iiui eiltlllK It
snv uinra thai repiiliilils iihyalilaoa
Rive irnnilni.s with their ueacrli
llona. Inn w homy or many cases
In which IT HAM HKI.I'KII,
Yiiui' ilnikulst hna ll nr can nt
It, nr you ran srn.l ill rm-l.
Clekmnsi l.akwntury. I'kllaU.lpkllU
in addition to tlie extremely low
prices I give a beautiful premium
for each 85.00 worth of tickets.
STANDARD no cheap goods
and my prices are right
Boat Hama, lb igc
Nice Breakfast Bacon, lb 20c
Pick Nick Hams, lb 170
Seasoning Bacon, lb 17c
No. B Lard 75C
No. 10 Lard ji.45
Medium Cottoiene 65c
Large Cottoiene .$1.80
No. S Oompopna :. 8S0
No. 10 Compound $1.23
10 bars good Soap 250
5 pkgs. Corn Starch 2rj
1 gal. size Choice Peachee....35c
1 gaL size Choice Peara 35c
1 gal. ize Choice Pumpkiua....26o
1 gal. size Choice Squash J25c
4 pkgs. Seeded Eaising 25c
3 cans MUte k 25c
3 cans Extra Corn 25c
3 cans Extra Qual, Tomatoes 20c
2 cans Bauer Kiaut 2flc
2 caus Choice Peaa 25c
3 cans String Boons 25c
2 pkgs. Ann it Hammer Soda.lSc
2f)c K. O, Baking Powder 20c
1 can Nlco Minced Clams 10c
3 cans Extra Choice Oysters 25c
2 cans Pride of Columbia
Elver Salmon 25c
Alaska Pink Salmon, can 10c
Extra Choice Coffee, lb 30c
2 lbi, Brick Codfish : 25c
Vt gallon Syrup 25c
1 gallon Syrup 50c
'a gallon Karo White Synip..35c
1 gallon Karo White Syrup....65c
01b, box Macaroni 30c
10-lb, size Corn Meal 35c
Large size Oolden Bod Oat. 30c
Large slzo Golden Bod Wheat 30c
3 pkgs. Post Toastlea 2Be
4 Krlnkle Corn Flakes 25c
Large bottle Vinegar 10c
fi gill. Korosene (bring your
can) 65o
Extra fine Vncolored Japan
T. lb 40c
8 cam Cloarbrook Peathei BOc
2 cam Clearbrook AprlcoU....2fMj
3 lbi. Orackeri 25c
No, S Kog Pickloi r,c
No. 5 BcBt Cream Eollcd
Oats 25c
4 lbs. Broken Elce 25c
3 lbi. Head Eice 25c
3 lbi, Choice Dried Peachei....25n
4 lbs. Fancy White Beam 25o
li lbs. Pink Beans 25c
Pride of Waldo mill Hour,
"Hck i,35
m 1
The Dalles Patent, suck 1. 70 to
Young America Choose, lb 20c
Best Tillamook Cream
Choose, lb 200
1 gal. Bost Cider Vinegar 26o
Id lbs, Onions 25o
100 lbi, Onions $1.20
rotatoos, per bushol BOc
Homombsr each $5.00 worth of
tickets gets a beautiful proinlum.
1500 pieces to select from.
rroe Dolivery Anywhere In Sa
lem and reasonable dlstanrt in
PHONE 1407
Corner Morris Ave. nd Tair
grounds Bond