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Editorial Page of The Daily Capital Journal
NOVEMBER 9, 1914
Daily, by Carrier, per year
Daily, by Hail, per year .
Weekly, oy iluif, per year
$5.00 Per month..,
3.00 Per month..,
1.00 Six months..
The Capital Journal carrier boys are Instruct! to put the paper on the
arch. IX the carrier doea not do this, misses you,, or neglects getting the
iper to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, as this Is the only
way we can determine whether or not the carriers are following Instructions.
jPdone Mala 82.
The federal court at Tacoma had a very peculiar case
before it Saturday. Frank Lotz was on trial for "using
the mails to defraud." It seems he is a healer, and adver
tised his cure or cures, a so-called "gas dissolving" me
thod of treatment. The proposition ran against a stump
when the defendant introduced witness after witness who
testified that apparently miraculous cures were made,
and for diseases from colds to cancer and typhoid-pneumonia
in range. Not only did they swear to the cures,
but that they were made, many of them, in a few mo
ments. One of these, H. B. Rose, a reputable citizen of
Vader, testified that his daughter who had long been deaf
was able to hear distinctly within three days after being
treated by Lotz. The prosecution is up against it for the
reason that there was evidence of the real worth of the
Lotz methods. Now the question is: Is there a new cure
all discovered, or is Lotz guilty of deceiving or defrauding
, The big fortunes of the future in this country will be
made by the men who know how to prevent waste.
Philip D. Armour, the Chicago packer, had this belief.
"We shall see larger fortunes made," said Armour, "out
ot the things that are now thrown away."
There is not only the waste of the railroads, which is
placed at a million a day, or 20 per cent of the total ex
penditure. Besides this, there is the waste of the federal
government, which Senator Aldrich has declared to be
$300,000,000 a year. There is the horse waste, which the
motor truck and tractor experts declare to be several
'hundreds of millions more. And there is the stupendous
fire waste, which has cost us in the last 15 years $2,000,
000,000 and 20,000 lives.
-The fact is that the United States has grown to be so
big that the making or losing of a million dollars has be
come a small matter. If every manufacturing plant were
to save $-1.00 a day, the total daily savings would be a mil
lion. Fifteen cents saved daily by every factory worker,
or ten cents daily by every farmer, or one cent daily per
capita, would produce a million dollars a day.
Even such estimates as these are the merest trifling,
as compared with the problem of waste from a national
point of view. According to authoritative data, the labor
of the United States is only 70 per cent efficient and the
capital is only :!0 per cent efficiently invested. If this is
true, then our labor army oi zv,wv,wu woncers awinuies
to 14,000,000, and our railroad and manufacturing capital
of $:!0,000,000,000 dwindles to $9,000,000,000. Complete
efficiency would add to the nation a total of 6,000,000
workers and $21,000,000,000 capital. Such is the golden
dream of the experts of efficiency. It is one of the sanest
dreams ever dreamed.
What steam did for transportation efficiency will do
in the elimination of waste and risk, and drudgery. Just
as there is no comparison between the digging that is
done in Korea, where nine men operate one spade, and the
digging that is done in the Mesaba Iron Range, where
three men operate a steam shovel, that digs five tons of
ore every three minutes, so there can be no comparison
between a nation of haphazard and a nation of fore
thought and scientific precision.
(From Daily Consular and Trade Reports.)
Potatoes are one of the principal food articles of Bra
zil and are imported in large quantities from Argentine,
France and Portugal. Importations into the port of San
tos alone during the year 191:1 were from the following
countries: Argentina, $50,201; France, $109,426; Ger
many, $8,1)08; Portugal, $41,879; other countries, $:i,:!6:t;
total, $222,810.
Owing to the political troubles in Europe, it is impos
sible for shipments to come from France, which is the
largest supplier to this market, and shipments from Port
ugal are also greatly reduced. Prices are therefore ris
ing very rapidly, and it would not only be an excellent
opportunity for the introduction of American potatoes,
but would be a great relief to the people here to be able
to get them. Present prices are $1.45 to $1.60 pr case of
0(1 pounds, including cost, insurance and freight to Santos.
Great care should be taken in packing. Wooden cases,
us light as possible to stand the rough handling of ocean
freight, should be used. They should be securely strap
pod with either wooden staves or steel wire. The plunks
must be far enough apart to allow the air to pass through
f rcelv, and each box must contain 66 pounds.
The present price to the consumer is about $1 a case
in the local market, and a consignment to a responsible
house at Santos should prove profitable.
Yesterday Messers. Hampshire & Co., an English
bouse of very high standing, who have been importers in
this market for many years, expressed a desire to get in
touch with some American shipper who would send them
a small shipment on consignment as an experiment.
Messrs. Hampshire & Co. are agents for the Damport &
Holt line and stand very high. Anyone who would care
to take advantage of this opportunity could not do better
than to form a connection with this linn.
Japan has removed the Germans from China, but whe
ther it will prove beneficial to that country remains for
time to disclose. The Japs solemnly asserted they had no
designs on Chinese territory; they also asserted they only
took possession of certain Pacific islands as a war meas
ure, but at the same time these same islands are being
populated with Japanese. When a fox catches a fat
chicken it seldom lets go of it until it is safely inside of
said fox. Benevolent assimilation is not peculiar to the
Caucasian. .
Everything indicates the national prohibition move is
the next. When Arizona goes dry, surely the whole coun
try is ripe for the change. With the absence of snake-bite
medicine, it will be interesting to watch the returns as to
snake bites, tarantula burns, scorpion stings, gila mons
ter fumes and all the other activities among Arizona's
strange and deadly fauna.
Now comes the statement the Turks have started a
"holy war." In this case there is nothing in the name to
justify it, and it will probably be a little worse so far as
brutality is concerned than the present one. It may be
"holy," but it is certain it is not righteous. Any old kind
of a war, however, is as civilized and as justifiable as that
now raging.
THE round-up ;
Work on the Powder valley irriga-!
t ion project will be resumed next
spring. The company, has already dune
l2a,uuu worth ot work on the pioject.
Every Linn county officer ui for ro-
election was successful. There are only j
two changes in the court house ofti-i
cials. Wiilurd L. Marks, county clerk,!
did not run ami his place is tilled by I
H. J. Kussell, mid J. I). Irvine will be:
tlio new county commissioner succeed-!
ing 0. H. Kussell, whom he beat for
the nomination.
Jim Wong, a Portland Chinese uier-.
chant, was stabbed while eating his
dinner in his store Saturday by a Chi-,
nesa gunman, Luin ( hang Ving. He
was badly wounded.
Sweet Home, Lina county's only wet1
precinct, win have a minister for jus-1
tice of the pence. It is H.. C. Kaff,i
former pastor of the iOvatigelienl
church, now retired. He received the;
republican nomination by his numu be-1
tug written in nl the primaries.
Toil Word, sheriff of Multnomah
county, celebrated bis .r7tk birthday at
his home in Portland Sunday.
A mess boy of iho steam schooner
Klamath was drowned at Portland iSnt
urday. He was known to the crew
only as " YVillimn. " lie tried to jump
from the dock to the boat and fell into
the river.
Tom Hurlburt, republican, had a ma
jority of 1114 over Tom Word lor sher
iff in the recent election, und the lat
ter intimates ho niuy demand a recount.
Circuit .fudge Campbell of Oregon
City has held that the recall does nut
apply to school directors.
Mrs. Charlotte (iuynp of Oregon
City, after 41) yeurs of married life, has
brought suit for divorce. !She alleges
her Husband hus been drunk for 'M
years, getting n new drunk every day,
whir, i is largo enough tu lap over and
act ns u starter fur the next day's
j ",,..,,.-. ill i iiiiWn tiiiiii mnin
When the
lime? tunica
be ready
&with enough'
money to
grasp op-
money in w
the Bank?
A Bank account is a mark of solidity.
It establishes a man in the minds of
others as a solid citizen.
Those who save regularly regardless
of how much, are soon looked upon as
men of means. The world confers its
favors upon those who prove capable of
doing justice to themselves as well as to
others. In justice to yourself you should
start a Bank account. Start with $1. if
you please.
of Salem, Oregon
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1863
Capital - - $500,000.00
Transact a general, bankin; business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Already several Salem people have expressed their de
termination to be in Portland to see the old year 1915 go
out. They have nothing especial against the year, but
seem to think its passing with prohibition going into ef
fect as the baby year 1916 is ushered in will have some
features that will be well worth seeing. ., ,
With the adoption of prohibition in Arizona, the much
exploited wild and woolly West vanished. Without the
cowboy, the drunken greaser, the bad man with two guns
and a load of trantula juice, the stage robber and the be
whiskered miner with an arsenal on each hip, there is no
thing left of the old days but the grizzly-eyed burro.
Senator Lodge has criticised President Wilson's course
in Mexico. He points out what the president should have
done, and roasts him for not doing it. This 'simply shows
that the president's ideas and Senator Lodge's are not the
same, but it does not prove Senator Lodge is correct or
the president wrong..
The New York and Liverpool cotton exchanges will
open November 16, the day the federal reserve banks be
gin business. This is significant and speaks well of the
strength of the new banks which are relied on to protect
the cotton interests until the foreign demand relieves the
General Robert Kekewich, who distinguished himself
as the defender of Kimberly, after being tendered a com
mission in the English army, committed suicide because
he was physically unable to accept. This shows to what
length the human mind can become imbued with militar
Three million eggs were shipped to New York from
the western states recently and were sent from there to
England. This will relieve the strain on the American
market caused by the Oregonian's flock of China hens.
The old demon rum was not killed Tuesday, but it is
evident that when the women voters got said demon by
the caudal appendage they twisted In a way to cause him
great uneasiness and discomfort.
Senator Root says: "Lawyers do not take kindly to
change." That is where they differ from congressmen,
who refuse checks and want it in big bills.
The local price of butter at Oregon City is several
cents under that at Portland. Evidently New Zealand has
moved over into Clackamas county.
(Kxi Image.) '
Hume fellow poetically Inclined Inn
brolt.'ii Into priii! with the following
efl'ulnii! My autu, 'lis of thee, short
cut to jioverly of thee I rant, 1
blew a pile of dough on you two years
ii go nnd now you refuse to go, or won't
or can't. Through towns and country
side, jrnii were my Joy nnd pride: a
happy day. I lovixi thy gaudy hue,
thy nice white tire s new, but now
vour'ie down and through in every
way. To thee, old inttlehos, came
inn n v bump ami knock" for thee 1 1
grieve. Uudly thy top is torn, frayed
are thy acuta and worn: a whooping
con jli affects thy hum, I do believe.
Thy perfume swells the lireee while
genii folks choke ami wliecre, as we
pass by, I paid for thee a yrlco,
Iwnulii buy a uiniiniou twice, now are
nil peddling "lee" 1 wonder whfl
rhv motor has the grip, Hint spark
plug has the pip ami woe is thine, I,
too, nave Buttered chills, ague Bud kin
dnil Ills, endeavoring to pay my bills
luce then wert mine, tloiie is my
bank roll now. No more 'twould
choke the cow, as once before. Vet if
I hail the moil, so liHp rue .lulin amen.
I il buy a car agaiu, anil speed some
Amsterdam,. Nov. The Hermans
have asiised a Iti.ooii.iloil wnr tat
again"! Antwerp, according to "fichu
de Mclge" today.
The melancholy days have eonio, the
saddest of the year; our bunk accounts
are out of plumb, nnd all we buy is
dear. 1 take downtown my largo green
roll, that would a
heifer choke, but
when 1'vo bought
my winter's eoal,
1 1 find that I nm
broke, I seek my
unci e's squalid
den, where ni y
greatcoat 's in
brine; alas, when
1 come out agaiu,
an empty purse is
mine. I n tears
that from my eye
lids leak, my whis
kers are awash; It
takes wages of a
week, to buy a
Hubbard sipinsh, When to the butch
er's shop 1 slope, for alee lean pork to
fry, 1 always need a microscope to find
the meat 1 buy. I draw good wages for
a dub, but, by my halidnme, when t
have bought my daily grub 1 haveu't
car faro home. In summer man him
self can garb In cheap aad flimsy
clothes, and he, can eat tho juicy yarn
that in his garden grows; and ho has
Binn'l desire for ni'wt, re lives on corn
and gn, ii'..f ho haj nr expense f'ir
heat., for kerosene or g.in. But
Autumn's nipping, eag.'r nir increases
all his bills and he has grlnf till in
despair ho kie'ns mil breaks the thills.
Tho melancholy days have come, the)
saddest, of the. year, when all the prices
skyward hum and things are doubly
dear. .
fhw'rhM. 114 i i'L.l. fJTTV
An English Author Wrota:
"No shade, no shine, no fruit, no
flowers, no leaves. November! " Many
Americans would ndd no freedom from
entarrh, which is so aggravated during
this month that It becomes constantly
troublesome. There is abundant proof
that catarrh Is a constitutional disease,
It Is related to scrofula and consump
tion, being one of the wasting diseases.
Hood's rinisaparilln has shown that
what Is capable of eradicating seroftiln,
completely cures catarrh, and taken in
time prevents consumption, We cannot
see how any sufferer can put off tak
ing this medicine, In view of the widely
published record of lis radical and per
manent cures, It is undoubtedly Amer
ica's Orentest Medicine for America's
(Ircatest l'lsense Tatnrrh,
Washington, Nov. 0. The govern
ment's cuttle quuruntine was extended
todnv to Canada, Itliode island and
Delaware. Shipments of livestock from
Camilla to the Cuited States will be
prevented. The foot and mouth dis
ease has just been ciscovered at Wil
mington, Hoi.
Such Evidence Our Boaders Cannot
Washington, Nov. B, Extension of
the livestock quarantine to Khode Is
lund, making eleven states now under
surveillance, was contemplated today
by government officials. . Kxperts re
ported two suspected eases of the foot
and mouth disease in Khode Island.
Secretary of Agriculture Houston ad
mitted today that the present epidemic
wits the most severe in American his
tory. Stockyards at Kansas City, Omuhn,
St, Joseph and Sioux City are still
open, and officials believe packing
houses at these points will be able to
prevent a meat shortage.
If you have a furnished apart
ment to rent, just jot down all
about it concisely and clearly
and send your Want Ad now to
the Journal.
As we tako up tho Journal, we are
struck by the hearty unmistakable way
in which witness after witness speak
out ns Mr. Hill does here, If- these
people were Btrangers living miles
away, wo might take little notice ot
.tliAin. Tlnf tliitv nrn nnL Tlmw. qm aiip
neighbors, living among' us. Their
word is too easily proven to admit of
nay doubt. They speak out in tho hope
thnf rViitir oynerieticA mnv be A. mliilA
to others.
C. W. Hill, wagon maker, 1039 N.
Front St., Halem, says: "I had more or
less backache ttad my kidneys were
disordered. Dean's Kidney Pills have
always relieved me in a short time. I
know of several other people who have
taken Dnnn's Kidney Pills with good
results. - Von may continue publishing
the statement I gave before recom
mending them."
Price 150c, at all dealers. Don't aim
ply nsk for a kidney remedy get
biiau's Kidney Pills the same that
Mr. Hill had. Koster-Milburn Co,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
A man who smokes cigarettes anil
wears whiskers and a celluloid collar
is likely at any moment to be the vic
tim of a disastrous conflagration.
From $4 to $9 Per M.
A. J. Anderson, Trustee
Salem Lumber Co.
Portland, Or., Nov. 8. Hen.jniniii P.
fllltuer, Oregon pioneer of 1H.")H, died
nt 10 o'clock lut night at the resi
dence of his son and daughter-in-law,
Mr, nnd Mrs. Kdinoud C. tliltner, "71
Kverett street. The time for the fun
eral has not yet been fixed, but the
services will be private.
Mr, tliltner, In spite of his advanced
age, was exceptionally robust nnd
strong till nbiiut six weeks ngo, when
age began to tell rapidly and he was
unable to longer tnke his daily walks
down town for n chat with friends.
Itapblly h failed and yesterday morn
ing is lapsed Into unconsciousness that
end.'d In death.
The Want pages go to the
office and home and are con
sulted often and frequently
clipped and filed for ready
reference. Tho Journal
Wants are valuable that's
the reason.
This coupon may be exchanged for votes in the con
test for a trip to San Francisco in 1915, at the Capital
Journal office. Not good after November 14, 1914;
House of Half a Million Bargains
We carry the largest stock of Sacks and
Fruit Jars.
H. Stcinbock Junk Co.
133 Btats Street, Balam, Or go a. Phone Mala KM