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ilIE past week has served as sort evening, given at her home in Southl
of a buffer between last week Salem.
and ita unusual gaiety when j Bealistic cherry blossoms decorated
Hallowe'en furnished an inspiration
for numerous attractive affairs, and
the coming week, which will be marked
by several important events. Next
week's social activity will bo inaugu
rated by the largo dancing party to be
all the rooms, and burning sandlewood
gave the desired Oriental atmosphere. j
Tho twelve guests were met at t-m i
door by small Sylvia Thompson and !
Marlow Miller in picturesque Japanese I
costumes., ducats were furnished san
given by the Ladies' Club in Moose 'dais and were seateil on the floor in
ilall Monday night. Wednesday 's and I true Oriental custom. Place cards
Thursday ' uff.'lirfl whir, thi Mel ill. I WArn iittnch,l tn nimint funu nn,l pm-h
christs will give are being pleasantly I guest was given chop sticks for the
anticipated, and tho Houston-Boggs various courses, which consisted oi
nuptials on the latter night will ulso genuine Japanese foods and sweet
be of paramount interest socially. MrB. incurs, and imported tea. The tea-
David W. Kyre will inaugurate a series room was prettily illuminated witn
Evan Williams in Initial Concert
of Musical Artists Course
By M. R. "Jsrafel," compositions usually as-i Benedict, Mizpah Blair, J. II. Burnett,
pi VAN WILLIAMS has come, anI j sociatcd with the baritone voice. Both (Mrs. A, N. Bush, A. fi. Buh, Asahel
M m " """V ' , ",.'. " n'wefc perfectly handled, bringing out to IBusii, Ermine Bushnell, II. Hevier,
of charming affairs which she has lights in keeping with the general idea, r(,,nHj an( abide with Salem music- the fuliest extent the inagnifieent big-
tilaimAil il oiv nvt Sat,,,..,, v ., f tor. I ,. .l l,ii nrliola ofla'.r uniu i.mnnoi.i.a.l I .1 , .I,- -I....,..... ......... rrl. .
lovers tnrougn an me yenrs r-u come, i "poo ui iuv oiuci b vu.ee. j.iu me
Heralded as one of the world's great-1 dium register was equally remarkable,
est tenors, his coming was looked for-. and his breathing was said to be, by
ward to with the most pleasurable inose in a position to snow, absolutely
planned to give next Saturday after- and the whole affair was pronounced
noon, wnen alio cntortnins with a large one ot the most delightful of any given
tea. Many other affairs of a social by this class.
nature for tho coming week arc being
planned and while not of so rocspicu- Unusually clever in plan and in exe
pus a nature will be none tho loss onition was tho "Political Problems
enjoyable. I'nrtv" oiini. bv K.iwnrtlniina nf Hip
TIis apearance of Evan Williams nt , l.'irt Afntlimliut eimr..h tl. ,.v.i nf !n. i.n.t i...a..u,l .,f o ,,1 ,.u vt tn
tho Armory last night in the brilliant election ,iUy. Icouio the beauty ot poetry, the ryt'u-
iiiiuitHjry reciuu ot me musical at- The affair was one of the League s mie nulsation of music, the sonorous
anticipations, which were more than
realized. There is but one regret, aim
thnt is that it is over, a- pleasure of
lists course, eclipsed nil other events monthly sociuls so much enjoyed by its
""-"i uiuiiriiim u mrgu mm members and by young people of the
representative audience and nt the ,.itv Ilot members elsewhere. All the
mme time reminding us forcibly that routiuu of state affairs, from the regis
the winters season is really hero. ;t,-tiii nf nlnetnrs tn the i,s,,,i,,,. nf
Mm. Willlnm Mctlilr hrist. Jr.. Mrs.
McOilchrist, and Miss MeUilchrist
bavo issued invitations for two "At
Homes" to bo given on next Wednes
day and Thursday afternoons at the
homo of tho former, U'J5 North Hum
in or street, when Mrs. Jnmes Mcliil-
christ will be formerly presented tu
sweetness of song clear, liquid tones
that reminded one of the tinkling of
brooks, the whispering of the winds
through the tops of the forest, the
waves breaking on the beach, all the
sweet symphonies that Nature plays
upon her varied instruments. All these
beyond criticism. All his numbers
were so selected as to show the quality
and calibre of his voice, and from the
big, full, robust tones to the exquisite
pianissimo notes as demonstrated in
"The Dream," given ns an encore,
was particularly successful in this re
spect. Tho heavier dramatic numbers
Mattic Beatty, Maymo Babcock, Mr.
Boynlou, Mrs. V. G. Buyer, F. S. Bar
ton, Nauelle Bloom, Miss Cox, Mrs.
Jessie Cromwell, E. M. Croisan, Mrs.
Colony, Mrs. P. A. Cupper, Mrs. Percy
Cotter, 11. V. Coinpton, Mrs. Conn,
Mrs. Lydia Cunipbell, Dr. II. F. Clay,
K. M. Carleton, Allie Chandler, Mrs.
Culbertson, Mr. Crowe, M. Collect,
Stella A. Chapell, .Mrs. C. C. Clark,
Mrs. Denton, Bertha Darby, P. (.1.
Beekabach, Inez Dennison, Lottie
Pimick, Abbie L. Davis, (). li. De Witt,
were brilliant v interiiretcd. In the:
opening number-one of his best-the " , 1 c-v' 1,r.; ; 'j'1'
"Flower Song" from "Carmen," the W"?"1!-0av"' ' M-
singer reached high 11, his highest ? 8' .,B "r, V. V. ..mnions, Judge
note, rnsilv m,,l in"Th. , "one l''"kl- - Elliott, Margaret Fisher,
old, Kuth Fnguto, (leorue Fox,
official duties, at which time su ss
fill canilidutes "served the people" to
the best of thoir ability, was included
in the program, contrary to the ex-
jpericnrn of real life, each citizen met j might try to describe these, as to tell
jhis full responsibility freely and hap-1 of the singer's voice, expression, in
ipily ami nided greatly in filling the terprctation. Those who heard him
hours with instructive merriment. 'have only retrrets thnt thev are not to
society. i Reports from the election were Pre-1 hour him ngnin and those who did
' .qiicntly brought in. not, furtunutely for them, cannot real-
' Complimentary to her house guest.) American flags, pillows, blankets ! ize )iow superb a songster they failed
Miss Helen Whitney, of Portland. Miss ; ami lluwers lent cov.incss to the Inrw to hear.
Wlon Thielsen entertained with n most I chiii'-h parlor, where the affair was: That he is the greatest of American cnjoyubleness of his program by'
enjoyable evening of Auction Bridge ; held. ' ! concert tenors is not the imiiginative J1"'80 selections. They were: "A
Jliursdny, nor card favor fulling to ... tale of a clever prets uncut, but is the ""'lmi y nameiij nainy, - oy
James Young. Mrs. 0. F. Pnrilv was hostess at n' truth modestly told. Mr. Williams is:.a'"'CTi .. .1'ul.l!" .
jwiss nuiiner, wno is u i roquont visi-' prettily planned birthday surpr
iur in i ii ii inuiiscii inline, is a most at- iinr I' i nlay evening nt her N
tractive girl mid is always a popular nierciul street home, given
nanition to younger icty (luriiiir her iilensurn of Miss (leneva
stuys. (She returned to her home to-ithmuli very infiirniiil. the affair was ! Kuulish. " Last niuhl 's iirocrani, which I Much artisticness was lent to the
dny'. , ! most enjoyable, th, lollowing being 'included a splendid variety ot songs ' program by Mr. Williams' aicompan-
'"".v." "". .." i; i, v".r ". ".- ..:: ."'.: t. k. f
nc inierprcis mm inrseius ms iicurers, ; .,.,u,.,r,n, .liwi ,. Pru n It Flint Mr. u I i,n.,
i ,,,l,',Kt,ll,l .I....... A. well (work was tiarticularlv mlmirable. sua-1 .. ... .... . 'I"!,'ir!
. . . , . . ' l.r. Unril luhcr h' h I. W u hi.,- i-a
..aiding n.n.uai t.u iii.ticiToue in puns. ,, , ,,, ,,
The popular Cadman songs, "Fro,,, the K K Hemmg Mrs Mower K J. fer-
Land if the Sky-Blue Water" and , Laura l.rant, h. Monioe I.I-
"When the Moon Drops Low," were ',tf' ' ,MarBa,t t'r"1,i;!"' , :( S- ir'l'
songs familiar to ti' audience and "n J- " tr"' ;Mr9-
gave much pleasure. ,r "'" ',,h,! ..Mra- , in'-v'
-Mr. Williums was tini.sni. v in-ncious t . . ' ' . ' .
;th . .. .i.i.. i , I Margaret Mo,
Kdna M. llaliev
irgnret Hodge, ilnllie Hinges, Caro-
L. II lliieL'ins, C. .
Ilnmillon. Mrs. Blanch Howard, Miss
Fern Ilol.hs, .Mrs. Florence Irvin, Mrs.
Ilrahm- " " ""' ' '", I. . Ray,
"" ," v , - I,, al , -ii,,,,' if ui i-n 1 1 ' ivnowiam , i nar.es sini.i, .Mrs.
surprise nf- a past master of exi.ression, and an,. Ab" ; l,Y 1 c-t.alt, and two song. , w Knighton, S K. Kozer, inn V
North Co.... i exponent o( the most exquisite Kng-! U elsh which the singe, gave in ; , n , n . , v ,V, , V I-'
. for thejlisi,; indeed, he is fa.nilil.rly known, h.ng,mge-'M.u, n, Uwen"M
Earl. Al-jin musical circles as the "Disciple of 11,111 Ail TiMougb he N.ght. jselliv. Miss Kegina I a F. . Men-
ist, his son Vernon, who, ullliouah a
dciihnll, liev. Hurry Marshall, V. S.
Miller, Mim Cornelia Marvin, Katie
Mie. K. T. Moor,. Win. M ! i 1 1,I. iUI
very young man, is a brilliant pianist. .. K- .,,whnrv. Mrs. Frances New
II. s playing nt all times was so dcli-lhn. yU4 (1 , (V.cil. Mrs. Ohniait.
Miss Ihlelse.nS quests were: Miss i asked us i'.i.k1h? Xl'mes Ml hel Trimlle. ! wt.s ia.i'ticnlai-lv iilensinir to Salem's
I ita Hteiner anil her guest, Miss Mar-1 Violet Welborn, Alice lllalie, Agues ; uudienee, and at his lirst appearance
arot (Iriffin, of Portland. Miss Voila llav.ie. Heva Itiers. lllani l.e Italic.'. To-1 both sineer mid hearers were in per-
vi-wss, nnss Aiinen .Moores, miss .Mnr-i Iiii.ii I'evnng, Vcniln Karl, Arlene Olim, feet acconl and syinpa.l.y. .Mr. wi-ciuc, so syuipaiueuc, mat one ios; i omlrii u, , ji,,,,,, 1Si (ieorec
pcry juarvin, .Hiss Aline rin.inpsiiii, , llertna Oliver, Alta Jones, Mrs. Dun limns has delightl.,1 vtage lnunncrs; I signt ot tne player ipnle completely i j'eaive, Miss Crcl.i Phillipps, Miss
Miss (Jertrude .Meyers, Miss Hazel , llright, Mrs. P. W. Ilulihurd, Mrs. t gruciuns mid uiii.ssun.i.ig he sings per- j and heard and saw only the wonder-1 iu,m.r, jnSl, I'ratt, Mayine ''pl'gler,
AvruiHTuy, n.r. n n.i ;..rs. I'riinn npciirs, 1 1' isle, .. rs. iieorgo iiiincr. iiona.iy to cacn limn iiiuiii. ne nas u ; m nu ...c mi.j;.t.
Dr. Princo Byrd, Carl (iiibrielson, Lovely dco.atio..s were carried out ; remurkuhle understainliiig of his audi-! The iutereit und appreciation of the
Ralph Moores, James Crawford, l.uw-jin nil Hie rooms with red ilnhlins. ence's likes mid dislikes und niter last ! audience throughout the whole program
reneo Hofer, Jnnies Young, Victor Mor- ... night's recitul expressed himself as ; never abated, but rather gradually in-
rison, Fritz Hlude, Wilbur Miller of I Mrs, Percy R. Kcllv of Allinny is 'greatly pleased with Salem's musical , crensed, and instead of the usual feel
Portland, ! spending the week-end' in Kalein visit- : intelligence and was delighted that the j ing of relief demonstrated at the final
" 'imrfri Is iSulo.u niu.uiuenient had selected the, number there was evidenced instead
jvir. aim
Mrs. Hubert B. II ton j ... 'program that they hail, feeling that itlono of sincere regret.
mar-1 The Ilnllowo'en iiartv L'iven bv Mrs. . wu particularly suitable. His roper-1 The shine was beautifully decorated
ringo of their daughter, Florence, to ! Hurl McMechan nail' -Miss Kununc ! toiro consists of ten programs, the one . with the national colors, palms, green
I.ilburn Marion Hoggs, the
ereinony (.'iiiig, nt the home nf tho former, fur- ; given lust nignt neing lenueieu ror ely Unj a great bowl of ernnsoii cur
iae seconu nine on ins 'ic.-ui .u..., humous, nriungcii ov. . inline.
Harry K, Hi.e, Thomas II. Huberts,
Mis. M. I'!. Honors, (.eorge F. Kogi'rs.
Miss Cladys l.'iches, Mrs. Thomas
Kyiin, Miss Small, Miss Spit.lmrt,
tlcorge C. L. Snyder, Haetrice Shelton,
('.race Sniitii, Mis. W. Carleton Smith,
Mary t-'hult'., Kenska P. Swart., S. (!.
Sargent, Mrs. Walter Spaulding, Her
nice Snuter, Carl Smith, Mis. ,1. L.
Stoclito... Mrs. (I. N. Smith, Miss
Sweczy, L'. (i. Shipley, Miss Clara
Snnt.i, .Mis. Sinner, The Spa, A. A,
! many parties ...id groups ot triends , sen, Mr. rred Thompson, William Trill
great singer's especial I were noted. The names of the patrons I die, Hcv. Mr. Tisi her, C. II. Van
tO tnke, place Tllumluy eellilir iiPVi.IbIiciI n deliirl.tfnl evi.nin.r i.nl.r.
seven o'clock, November M, nt the ; tainnient to n group of their friends, '"'d Is considered the one most cms- The audience was good-sized, mid : Schramm, II. II. Thielsen, Fred Thiol
Jloualon resilience, (43 South Coinmer- Striking decorations were carried out "leal.
fial street. A large number of invitn- ; with vivid iiutuiun folinee. niinntities i While the
tions have been issued, including ninny ; (,f white and vellow chrvsnnlheinaiiis forte is iriai.d ouera and ointoiio work ' for the season lollow, each single name Slyke, J. O. Van Winkle, Wnilon Van
out-of-town society people. lMM, ulli.wt 'en novelties. 'Dancing mid his recital music is planned to satisfy I representing a number of tickets so-1 Winkle, Mrs. Vercbr, Mr. Vick, Miss
!informnl entertainment featured the popular demand ami h.s songs, while i emeu tor lam. lies and iriemis: ,1. it.
Invitations are out for the first evening, and was enjoyed by Mr. and all of the higher-class music, aie not I Albert, Jos. 11. Albert, (I. A. Anderson,
flnncing party to be given by the l.n Mrs. ,1 nines Swarlout, .Miss Lucille so extremely classical as to be beyond Hev. Hichnrd N. Avisou, Miss Mable
lies' Dancing Club, In take place in ; Belle, Miss Mnrgaret l'mimni, Miss ' guncrnl musical understanding. The Albe, J. K. Allison, Peurl Allen, A. L.
itrowii, Mr. iiu.i .urs. nut. jiruwu, .Mist
Winn if red Byrd, (1. (I. Brown, Clia.in
eey Bishop, (.'. P. Bishop, Judge lleorge
Invictus" und j Ilingnain, Joseph iiaumgnrlner, Kdith
Moose hall next lloiiilny evening. Al-1 Marguerite Ostrunder, Mias Mabel lie , songs to which a (euor's voice was
though planned to be quite inl'oiinul, Long, Miss Kdna Sinionton, Will Mntt, : particularly udapted, while essentially
these affairs will include about one j Jnmes Mott, Steve Henderson, (leo.ge his best, did not eclipse hiB rendition
aundrod of the younger married ami Heurdslev, Mr. Cyrus, Fred Milages, of such selections as
jacholor and debutante set, and no j Wilfred Dnrby, lOurl McMcclien.
vuuub win u leiiiincil l.v luveiv
Klma Wcllcr, Lull) Walton, W. ('. Win
slow, Virginia Wechter, Norma Wech
ter, W. A. Weist, Aurora Welch, Mrs.
.1. Wenger, liuby Wilson, Miss Web
ster, Mis. Tom H. Wilson, Paul Wal
lace, Leila Waters, Hurley While, Miss
Cochrane, James Allison, b'ulpli Monies,
Mrs. 11. J. Bean.
gowns, tho latest steps and the same
air of general smartness that lias cl.ar
antorited similar affairs given by this
m contingent in previous yenrs.
Mrs. Lenta Westncott nsked the
Miss Mario Hovdcbo entertained a
i lighted, behind a large black pot con- brnte its eighth nnnivorsnry this D. St. Helens, Mrs. Otto Shellberg, Mrs.
lie li guest, rur- uioiii", " ei.ii-....iiuu iu. us sccoim i r r risner, .Mrs, .miiihi i.ucns, .Mrs.
tuining n fortune for c
winmbers nf the informal " Happy wero served. Those prose
Hour'l Bridge Club to her homo yester-j Misses Isabel Leidel, of Porl
number of her friends Tuesday even- nj(Ml,( t, nllm, nbsorbiag amusement, meeting this season by Mrs. Wall, the j Hoy Clark, Mrs. Fred Barker, Mrs. W.
Ing at the home of Mrs. .luiiies Wolton ()hl,r ,,., ,vor(. plnved and ghost following afternoon. Three new mem-1 W. Hill, Mrs. Fred Prince, Mrs. M. S.
on Center street, the evening l'irK 1 HtnrifM told. The refreshments consist- bers Mrs. John Paul Jones, Mrs. J. B. Stewart, .Mrs. Hurley Pugli, Mrs, Marv
spent with vocal and instrumental nui-1 1(, (lf HHllll Hallowe'en dclicucies. K'rnig und Mrs. Fruuk Myers wero re- Hodgers and Mrs. Kl.lridge Hvder.
nin, ....... .v...... .ii..... ,y ...n .in,, n.n.- T,se ucceiitiiig i iiv.ti.t ions were; cene.i, priugwig uie niciuiiersnip io us .Mrs. iicrnurm will be the club's next
lay. giving her enrd favor to Mrs. Asa
.off. Airs. John Sutherland will be
the elub's next hosless, which meets
again In two weeks.
Converting the large attic of her
lioma Into a temporary curd room, Mrs.
Paul Johnson entertained her club in
a most delightful manner Wednesday
nt witi. tli pui ,, Porter, Mildred Bunii, Alice originul number twelve. Light of the
Inn tor members now holding member
ship are: Mrs. tleorge Dunsford, Mrs.
Wain, .Mrs, A. L. Brown, Mrs. Daniel
J. Fry, .Mrs. V, W. Steusloff, Mrs. W.
S. Mott, .Mrs. C. M. Kppley and Mrs.
Ida Babcock. Mrs. M. N. Suwtelle and
daughter, .Miss Kli.abeth, of Pendleton,
who are the guests of .Mrs. Suwtelle 's
sister, Mrs. F. W. Steusloff, were ad-
n(,r dirinnnl guests for the afternoon.
Miss Margaret Urift'in, of Portland,
Mrs. William T. Sinter entertained
willi a most delightful informal even
ing affair Monday for tho pleasure of
the teachers of the Lincoln school and
n number of her f.ien.ls. Miss Virginia
Knnwlcs und Miss Lillian Sinter assist
ed during the evening.
The guests were: Mrs. A. Vuss, Mrs.
Mrny Jones, Miss Bertha Byrd, .Miss
Ktliel Jones, of the high school, and
Miss Krmine Bushnell, Miss Sbidlo
oflorlland: Lminn i, i,.,.i. t i..i.i... lt..ki.,
. .. - . ... ii... .. hl:. '
suit lis, Mildred Hawthorne, Alice "ol- ,,.,," u,,.,,,, M,.tuiff, Frances
lister, Bertha lloiiniurd, , (lei.evu Knos . : f.m,,rn, .,,, Mlllir(,Hl Kmily Phil
Ma de (lardner, Ltta Mnlvey, Muriel ,. ,,,,, iSmitl, (ll.lirKiB Bewley,
S uley, l orence Smilli, lone I" ihI.it, nl(,(l ,,n,e,i,, Ida Anderson, Kstl.er
( ertrnde Blinn Murie llovdebi, Be,.t l Am(,ri,m n,ljr rri .M,lriri0 Kd
rice niton and Mrs. .lumes W.dt mmU Man.,, Hazel l.iud-
. lev, Dsther Newberry, lilsie l.cinmoii.
A pretty llnllowe en party was given ' ...
Inst Saturday bv tin. Miss... Irene
vonlnn ii,,., ,,ii 1 1... ri i I.,,..., i... . .... ' t... i,.. .i Mrs. A. T. W alii w as hostess to
- ' .....n .., , .,, ,-i i nK "H I ' ... I . , I.....', riusi, i-.ssie 1 .1 nil I.- v anil , , ,. , . . . ,t .
wood and colorful miiple leaves eninhii- (Inrnett Clearwater at the latter ' two clubs this week, entertain. ng tlu
nisei the rustic effect, makiair n ...nl h, ,,,.. !.t.t H....II. Cl.r,.l. .1 t l,. , "Cherry I ity '" 1" " ''
aruniic setting tor the small card tn- L. H. I.ickle, Mrs,
bles. Auction "SHU" Is the 111 II. Cameron 11 ml M
I'layed by this club, whose members I wero the chuperonc
........ mr i.i-mi nvc, ruvors wero won eiry prevnueii anil ine nil ill r wns one ' . , - i.,r,.i i,,... fP vnri.nis ..v.,..u Mi..1...,,! Ml I),.K,. lull,,,,.
by Miss Zoa Stockton and C. It. Webb. ! of the most deliehli'iil of that ,1 . of white chrysaiilhe.nun.s used In l,r "' ; LV . . ! . , L ' . '. ' "- M f." ! "" 1 "m 1,1 1,11 1)llll,ri1'
Mr,. Uoy Mills and Mis. Stockton were The guests urrived en mask und were ' '"""'. Prtirul.rly rf ec.ve n J, , , ' ' ' .
assistan,. during ,., evening and a.f ushered into the ,veirc,,.,-,ig 1 rooms .I;-Tuv . V' I t C y lV, , he H, I
ilitionnl guests bidden were Mr. and .where grotesque jack u'lanterns fr. , Prizes were se.unu ny .mis. j J IImII,,,,., ',.,J 1
Mrs. Webb, Mr. und Mrs. (luy Siullh J nlshed the only illumination. Witches 1 Mr. Steusloff le... bers uf tl l t ' , for . ""o-. i n MIKW
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schmidt, Miss Flur ! jnuit.eved (.cross windows and doors. Hub are: .Mr. nni -Mrs. loHi'1 I ,' ". . ' '"";"" " ' mwuiv .
fneo Houston and I.ilburn Hoggs. ! while black cuts peered from uaexnect ley. Mr. '' -V?.- . '" ... n' .." .i." ...... 'i. J ". .. , " 1 :
air. ami airs, i.rtng .Marvin will be fit places
boats at the club's next session, ghosts
" " " were mm
A Japanese party wn the entertain-1 and vellow
H. ... I ,.lHM...l I... tl ll.. A 1.... I . . , ., '
.. ,. ,,,, , ...,s v...-.- nii.ii.i n.i ; minus nun nui.iinn leaves lining ine, .," " - ... l IIHI ,, ,.,, ,,,, . K i .. i
" I . l,. ei.ttnii li.,.!,. I).l.n...rl n il Ii ' kliu. tlnv ...,.l t. u,ti,l I., I,., I,id
' ,, r "'itial session this venr Wednesday even- Miss il.ta Kte.ner's house guest, re-. Sknttaboe, Miss Inei Kearn, Mrs.
XI a r . . inu when she asked Mrs. F. W. Steus- turned to her home yesterday after a Mary Memlnr, Miss Llsie White, Miss
Airs, rt , i lenrwalcr uji m,( Mrs, J. B. Cruig to assist her. i w-eek's stay. Miss tiriffen, a most at- Mabel Temple, Miss Julia lverson,
ines, hi. one eu lev- .... . w, consisted entirely tractive girl, has been clniined by scv .Miss Kdna Kramer, Miss Flora Slinw
id the iiflair wns i,e " ' , l,. ..-,.- t. ,..,..i. Ml..1,..,,! Mi- i)..u ii;n....i
v FrorLt Laced.
I If
Advertising will not make
you see the actual value in
MODART front laced Cor
sets. The most it can accom
plish is to induce you to see
and examine them. If you
are not already familiar
with them, you have a pleas
ant surprise in store.
The workmanship is as
near perfection as it is pos
sible to come. You can see
for yourselves. Their style
is evident when you try
them on.
We know of no better
front laced Corset than the
Mrs. L. C. Redding
The Expert Corsetiere
Will Be in Oar Corset Section
Three Days, Nov. 12-13-14
It really means a great deal to you to confer with
a corsetiere of her experience and capabilities.
-Let her show -you the Modart from her point of
view, for nobody else is quite so competent to speak
MODART merits as they affect your individual
wishes and figure requirements.
the Sunday school services of the First grain. F. stooneries of Hallowe'en
Methodist church, is cuiuposed uf the blossoms und greenery were used for 11
following? Kleunor Tuit and tluy Al-1 setting for the young performers who
bin, first violins; Itiiymond Barton and ; delighted the nssemblnge nf thirty pai
Kenneth l'Ogg, first and second cornet; eats ami friends with the clever in
ilurold Hoyt, clarinet; Koliin Fisher, terprelalions of their numbers. Those
drum; (Iretehen Brown, pinno, Mrs. inusiculcs are a regular monthly fentuie
J, O. Van Winkle Is director of this of this well-known teacher, who is pnr
iirgani.atiou and is receiving many i tioulnrly successful in her methods of
compliments upon their excellent work. teaching younger piano students.
A Indies' ipinrtet, composed of Mrs. The program given follows!
Mau.ul. Mrs, Sloper, Mrs, Leeper and j Duet The I'ienie.
Mrs. Van Winkle, gave pleasing sclec- I'nul Lee, Miss (Irniit.
tions, us did ulso tleorge C, L. Snyder The Tulip
and Dr. J. O. uu Winkle in their duo
number. I'm, haunter August Hucke
Cecil Hencon,
,11. t.ichn.r
The Charming Shepherdess. , , Mathews
Deryl Meyers,
Tin Soldier Patrol
Finery Hood.
stein spoke on the "Idea of Fraternal
ism." "littln Summv. Pet " u hni...ir..n.
reading by Perry Heigelmnn, wns most , sKIW''r "f Nchnttiseh
cordiiillv received and was one of the I Margaret Davis.
n.n.t d,'.inhtf..l numbers nf tl... i.rmr. I tliellroW s.,.,
lain, The pinno selection by Miss Lena
Dotsou, daughter of Professes Dotson,
was effectively given and merited the
commendation given her. Little Louise
Miiui.d was another juvenile perlormer
a to Z U he wiM: ' 'inTn e ! Mr: n.V Mrs. J. B. Craig. Mr. and Mrs. bridge Thursday evening, l Mis, Al.;,,,,,,,,,,;
in wan n iiu win u s nun ini , .. . M 'fed W. , then Moores had her for a luncheon
In the, frolics. 1 he rooms , D ' - j J u Mint,., guest Thursday afternoon, when she Tuesday evening, November 17th.
7' ;'"' y ' '"' ". I m a, I l A Frank XI Irown, Mr. and also entertained Miss Steiner and Mis. will murk the opening of the Students'
ji ! who pleased with her prettily given
A banquet was served later in the
evening, the table bearing decorations
of black and yellow.
,St renl.oig
. .Kmnimin
Donald Allison.
Song Hello! Is This the Weather..
Mailt Kffie Koue
Kileen Johnson.
Harlequin Dances (1. Walter
llollis Vick.
In Kther Blue r. Baroui
Marie Harold.
Sunday, Monday
and Tuesday
OF '49.
This film lias broken all attendance records in San Francisco. Two years
time required to produce.
.The price to the public of Salem, with the other Globe attractions, will be
only 10 cents. A picture greater than "The Spoilers" in a class of its own.
them during the winter. If Mr. Mc.Mc
chen's business nf filiations in tluir
North Yakima home can he adjusted
according to their latest plans, liny
will remain In Snlem until spring.
Mrs, Frederick W. Steusloff Is en
tertaining her sister, Mrs. M. N. Suw
telle, und d,iui:hter, Miss Kli.ubeth, ot
est success, which fact alune Is suffi
cient rcrnmmcndiitinn. Mr, Day has
been especially fortunate In the selec
tion of the members of this quartet.
Knch is well adapted to the place he
fills and with n.l.l.,1 s of expeii
once all have become finished artists.
Their program consists of vocal music
und Instrument:, I music and ulso nihil-
Pendleton. They w ill probably remain I ,"ml entertninmcit to please the
whole niulienee,
The personnel of the quartet Isi
J. M. Sherman, first tenor ami saxo
phone; V. K, Creamer, stvon.l tenor
and mellophnne; T. P, Duffield, bari
tone, savophont and render; II. ,1,
Brown, bnssii and trombone.
The four remaining numbers on the
rourso will appear one each mouth
throughout the season. From the Ii
terest manifested, the course will be a
decided success in every way,
A piugriiin if unusual Interest fea
ture, I the open meeting of the Mucin
hivs Wedncsdiiv evening lu their lo.lire
bers of the Klite F.tnhroldery club at renins in the McCnrmnck building, Tim
her home lliursdny afteni.iiMi, Mrs. D. I i.ttointiince numbered nlioiit HUI mem
II. Weyant being asked additionally, hers, their families mid friends. The
Miss Fthel Priuicr assisted dining the playing ef the juvenile ntchestra nut
afternoon, Club members are: Mrs, with Instant tutor and their numbers
A. M. Clnugh, Mrs. Nellie Knot, .Mrs. j were r.itl.U'instl ully applauded. This
(livens, Mrs. Joseph Horimrdl, Mrs. U. .uvliestrn, l.i. h u pours legul.irly ,:t
for a week or mure.
The Willamette club met with Mrs.
A. A. Siewert Thursday afternoon.
Two new members Mis, Carl Abrams
and Mrs. .lames lleltrel have hrcn
lidded to the list and Mrs. Hay IV in
berton was asked additionally. Club
members present were: Mis. F. II.
Thompson, Mrs. K. L. I'tler, Mrs. Hall
Heeves, Mrs. Klmo White, Mrs. Kurl
Kyre, Mrs. Wlnficld Funnel.
Mrs, Thompson will entertain the
club nt Its next meeting in two weeks.
Mrs. P. I Frsrler received the mem-
! ...
In a letter received Saturday bv her I flUB?
4ia rents, Mr. and .Mrs. M. P. Baldwin,! LLUDj id
diss Ouyiil Baldwin, who is studying, iy
violin In Berlin, (ieimiiny, slates 'that I :i
I she would nut return home, as she had I .,... . ,
j partially planned to do earlier, but I) ' IAKAMI"Nr interest in fia-
would continue her residence und Icriuil circles this week will be
studies in the same place. Berlin she i ' riji open a tiim of the I'liile,!
desciibes as being unusually quiet, and 1 Artisans given In the Armory toulglil
, iini.er ine auspices in i npi.nl asseinlily.
i Over one thousand out-of-town lodg"
men, their frleiubi and families lire ei
'pected to be present, and prominent
citls tind entertnliiers will lase part
nn the program. All members of fain
, Hies of the local Artisans hud tlll'M-
, nuns unit no a in m. nee, ne I, 'It con
teeming America,, students owing to
I war conditions.
The (Inks Sewing Club, a very In-
formal little neighborhood club with a
....in...,,, nt. It. lit.,,..., .... ..........!..
cd by Mis. W. S. How-en Wednesday Un'' ''" ,,l'"ll'''l Invitation, and
afternooi,. This club, which ns f .'- IV" ''Ti. " " ".'r fn,,,'r""1 oignnir.i
cently oigan.r.cd for the winter, plans,"','!'," '"' w,,,,,'"''''
Inter to iniiuguiiite its M nv eve,,. ! , ' t'r"l-",m follows:
ing sessions, which proved most p..,,,,. ' . M"" ''-Artisnii Orchestru of Cnpltnl
. . . . .' 11. Asset.. I. Iv 1)., ... li in f.
'.,, ... . , iMiiirii,
lleninrks I ongiesstiiun W. C, Haw-
mr nisi year wnen nusli.uiils were bid
dell for curds.
Club members tire Mrs. William
Thielsen, Mrs. F. S, Stewart, Mrs. A
M. Crawford, Mrs. Merlin Harding!
Mrs. William Mc(li,hrlt, i,., .Mrs. ,1.
C. Ci.rrle, Mrs. W. S. Buwen, Mrs. IL
S, Itowlby. Mrs. !;. (. Seleke, Mra. Ho
mor Smith, Mrs. Lovelace, .Mrs
Song stunts, Mnnilnlnv, and
A most enjnyable private musical
wns given but Siiturdav after ,n i.i
the residence of M,ss I. Burn 1). (Iriiat. t
when she presented a number of her i
It, lt.il. in It,,,... i,..!.. . A
Cntitiiiued on pane Three.)
Society und Commercial
Fhon 1511
Booun 13, l'atton Block