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How She Was Helped During
Change of Life by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Philadelphia, Pa. "I am just 52 years
of age and during Change of Life I suf-
I rered for six years
terribly. I tried sev
eral doctors but none
seemed to give me
any relief. Every
month the pains were
intense in both sides,
and made me so
weak that I had to
go to bed. At last
a friend recommen
ded Lydia E.Pink-
' ham's Vegetable
Compound to me and I tried it at once
and found much relief. After that I
had no pains at all and could do my
housework and shopping the same
as always. For years I have praised
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound for what it has done for mo,
and ahull always recommend it as a wo
man's friend. You are at liberty to use
my letter in any way. "-Mrs. Thomson,
Appoints Councilman and
Night Policeman in Place
of A. C. Fisher
There was an unusually heavy voto :
counted today in the Capital Journal j j,
v ;
a Many Candidates Show De
cided Gains, and It Is Any
body's Fight Yet
One new councilman ami one new
iiulii-i.ntun were elected at the nieetimr
of the city council last night and the Imposition contest. Pearl Zinn still re-
enartor committee reported that it
would have the new charter ready for
the vote on Friday ninht at 7:3(1, when
Havre, France, Nov. 3. The
Germans who have been trying
to reach the northern French
coast ore retreating eastward,
abandoning their dead and
wounded, according to an of
ficial statement issued today by
the Belgian government which
now maintains headquarters here.
The Belgians, it was declared',
were advancing toward the Yser.
On their way they were said
to be finding many evidences
that the German retreat .was a
most precipitate one.
649 W. Russell St,, Philadelphia, Pa.
Chango of Life is ono of the most
tinned her hold on first place with a
good margin, Mrs. llibbler being second
anil Kuth r uunte third. Margaret Whitt
a li:.cii incetllltf Wl he he Ml. , W. It. iieeiiiiiiui, iiciimtu nwan an
Cummings, who has served the people Violet. Cory all mode substantial gains.;.
of the Fourth wind since the last dec-1 1118 heavy voting tor nil the leading
tion, resigned, as he was moving his candidates is evidence that the tinul
home from this ward. A.'B. Huddelson outcome is still a mutter of great doubt
was chosen to till the unexpired term, 'and thnt it is still anybody's race. -
Mr. Huddelson was elected as council- The trip to the great exposition with!
man riom this ward Inst night lit the Its wealth of world-wide wonders, will . . . n A
primary election, us he had no opposi- be the event of a lifetime for the UDlCCllOIl Ol rrOpertV UWnCFS
LuibuuHio winner, sum me i.apuui -( 1 n l i
Journal guarantees that no expense will LOulDeiS SfifiKinff AniHrW
be snared in making? it a pleasant one. -r
First class railroad fare, the best of
tion on the ticket, nnd the few names
written in received but lew voles.
A. C. Fisher, who hus been the nigh"
policeman nt the depot, hunded in his
resignation lust night, urn! P. A. Ilnr-i hotel accommodations, and facilities for j
wig was chosen to succeed him. E. W. j seeing tho great fair at its best will be'
James, A. King and George Horton provided free of all charge by this
were suggested by the chief of police I paper. It will be a prize well worth
as suituble officers. Herwig received j working for.
8 votes and Jiiines on the first ballot. I The plan adopted by this paper for
Mr. Fisher will soon leave for Spokane, ("giving the trip does not recpiire the con-
where ho has a t'nrm which requires his testant to sell anything. The only tiling
necessary to securo votes being to pa
tronize some of Salem's most popular
stores. The advertisements of these
firniB is run in each Friday's Capital
Site for School House
attention. He has proven a capable
and efficient officer, ami his ninny
f u ,.,... It (i Innv in.
critical periods of a woman's existenco. Newspapers Do It.
Women everywhero should remember T;10 ordinance bill to regulate the
thnt there is no other remedv known to I mililifiitiitii nf initiative nicHsurcs. liro-
carry women so successfully through j posed at the lust meeting of the coun
this trying period as Lydia E. Pinkham's ,cij, was lost by a vote of 7 to 5. Tl"i
new ordinance provided that the new
measures should be distributed among
Vegetable Compound.
It you want opociai auvice , V(lt(,ril in lmtllMet tonn imtemi 0,
write to Lydia K. l'lnklmin MCU-: by ,,,,1,111011 j tn0 newspapers, as is
now I he custom,
Because adjacent property owners
positively refuse to open up streets
through their property to permit He
children from the .Morningsido district
to conveniently reach the site ami to
allow the construction of a board side
walk uloug the north .side of suuio, the
board of directors of the Siilem school
district Inst night decided to iilmiwln,.
These firms have agreed to i negotiations for the purchase of what is
The inauguration of a complete course
in physical culture for all of the pupils
of the grade schools in the city school
system and for the girl students of the
high school was decided upon by the
j board of school directors at Inst night's
meeting?, when .Miss bvelyn task, tor-
, merly of Twin Falls, Iduho, wits elected
i physicul instructor to relieve Miss Ethel
, Merrinm, who has been filling the posr-
tion fit the grade schools until a permn-
' ncnt instructor wns engaged. Miss
Cash will assume her duties lit the be
ginning of the second semester, in Feb
ruary, and her snhtry hus been fixed at
.f 100 per mouth.
In the past the bnnrd of directors
hnvo been unuble to arrive nt a defin
ite decision regarding tho adoption of
a full course in physical culture for
the school children, for several reasons,
but mainly because of the uncertainty
of funds avnilnblc for the purpose, and,
in the iiieiintitne, Miss Merriuui, one
of the instructors in the high school, i
haB been detained especially to give in-1
struction in physical culture to the. I
high school girls. Cndcr the new ar
rangement .Miss Mirrium will be reliev-'
ed of this extra duty and will be able
j to devote all of her time in the school i
I instruction work. j
I Latest System to be Taught.
Miss Cush is a gruduntc of the Kmer- j
! son School of Oratory, of Boston, ni.tl j
nt present is taking an ndvuiiced course j
ill physical culture in one ot the lend-!
ing training institutions of Chicago. I
She will introduce into tho Hiilem j
MA Morris
' ' 1 TWS TUMI1H IL1ND f 1 Vfck A
r rices
i i
i i
Of distinctive
VL-.tf- V.....tA..P
Known as the Vogct site in Houth Nil
lem for the proposed new school buM.l
ing, which had virtually been decided
icino Co. conihU'nniil , Lynn,
Mass. Your letter will be opened,
rend anil answered by a woman
aud beld in strict confidence.
A report from the street committee
recommending that the grading of La
felle street from the west lino of Com
mercial street to tho enst line of First
i street bo left to the property-owner I Margaret White
give a sales check or receipt to evory
purchaser ror cash or tor monthly bills
paid until Januarv 1. 1915. The soles
cnecKs or receipts trom theBe firms may! upon nt the previous meeting, and will
oe exenungeu ior votes at tins office consider other teasible sites that have
one vote for every S cents of your pur-' hcen offered. This makes the selection
chaso. of a site and tl.e erection nf n ..,
The names and standing of the can-1 school, to relieve congested conditions
didates follow: problematical. '
Pearl Zinn 120,143 ,..TJe VoK"t situ is situated between
Ruth Kuimtn in Bill '''gh and Commercial streets nnn.wit,,
Mrs. Grace Koff llibbler H.r.73 ' the cemetery anil is considered the most
It is more important now thnn during
tho period of profuse perspiration, to
keep the pores clean. All cosmetics
clog the pores. In cool weather this in
schools the old Swedish system of phy- tvttm 'utW with elimination of
sicnl culture, which embraces full in- wnst l)lllt,,rilll' ij,.ing instead of aid-
st met I (in H in wniit ih knnwn hh "Tnlt . . . ... i. ,
ing tho complexion. Ordinary inereol-
games" or dances, to develop grnce of . U(1( wnx , .m,p0B(1, 0(
moveinent and poise of the body of the pr0(lms powders and rouges, giving far
student, with what Is known as the .ttor r,.HUtn. u ,.tuiillv peels off an
-iuB.-iiiii iiiuiiiim uuuii, wic iiiieni i'"'!, offensive skin, nt the same time (in
most npproved system of physical cul-1 dogging the pores. Mmuto particles
ture adopted by nil of the principal , f srnrf skin come off dnv bv day,
cities of the putted Htutes. causing not the least pnin or discom
fort, (irnilunlly the Healthy, younger
skin beneath peeps out, nnd in less than
a fortniuht you have a lovelier com-;
I TUT DAMV OC VCfD plcnon thnn you ever dreamed of ac
LlT 1 DAnlV Uf IuLSv quiring. Jlercolized wax, obtainnble at i
any drunstore, is spread on nightly like
cold cream nnd washed off mornings.
l oris, iov. . i ne uermuns nave ue- wne ounco usuanv sumces.
themselves after the city engineer hud
established tho guide. The report of
tho committee on accounts and current
expenses and the report of the street
commissioner of his regular monthiV
payroll were both adopted. The report
of the street committee stilting thnt
tiie drain tile on Columbia street hnd
been installed wus adopted.
Tho committee to which the matter
U Will Na Pflr,rrm7n f the billboard lit the corner of Hood
DayS lie Villi HOI lYCtOglllZe nnd High streets was referred reported
the President Appointed
By Its Authority
Kl Phho, Toxnn, Nov, 3. Roc u imp nf
" i ' 11 I 1 I ...v.. ! Xdllrlf i'UV, , -lilt: Vtt'l llllt IIB llll Vl tn Ullll' it linilltlll milinr!',
'. 44,4Sfi, "(siruoiy located ol all offered, con-, fhiitelv ubandoiied all thoir positions on I For removing wrinkles, w ithout, stop-
nn 1 tn MllPrtlH' fiiiivnit n t, : il. .i. ... . 1 ... .. "... . ....
30,140. ;ll crl,1K I'onveiiience to children resid- j tl(. ,,f't Inink of the Yser, it wus stated , ping the pores with pasty stuff, hero's
",'' ' " ; ," r-"" ' iiisiiici 10 ne today in the Bordeaux war office's reg
Mildred Athcrton
Bervl Ncedham ..
. I , , - - - mi ii v I il i ne in
neiisua nwuri -." i ,l "iuko it avail-: inr afternoon communication to the
vioieti ory 20,(1(10 . '"K" sireei should he opened ' puris public
v"1 F.0H','K';r 5'702li IT, ' i"l'th.,'0 ,,'';i,rvi,'w uv'"0 to j They were forced from their trenches,
Violet M.Burkcr, 5,4.'U ! "O i modute the children in the Mum- ie .ort cxpluined, by tho inund..:
Arl,I,e W ZZ .1. "il ""'i' street opened up tin followed the culling of the
Luanna Brown 1,673 ''M the north side of the .Mdlilchrist dikes by the Belgians. The allies were
e..a u son t,04Mi " om.uercini street. -aid to hnve occinied their lines ns
Mnrguerito Ostrnnder 1,044
lietn ttynn
that they lnnl no power to interfere in
I he ninttcr. the rarent Jcnchers' us
Miciatioii of the Grunt school offered a
communication ut the last meeting stat
ing that the billlbonrd wus a nuisance
mid should he removed.
Wan S150 for Band.
Tim rcliorr of the citv illtornev find
alleged' jicrsccutions of the church and 1 t)u, committee to' whom w'us re-
Myrtlo llerdlein .
Eustis Davis
Lola De Long
Genevieve Fruser ,
Grace Craig
the clcmv, the Cnlliolic residents of
Tolnrii, Mexico, revolted nguinst the
( urriinzii government, ncconling to lid
ferrcl the miilter of the complaint of
the property owners oil Front street
stilting thnt tiie Oregon Klectric fill
vices received here today. 1 ighting be-j ,. encroached upon ho property and
tween the religious forces nnd (''in'riin-Uukiiii dunuiccs in the sum of several
zistns under General Francisco Murgiu j thousand dollnrs, reported that only ill
mis Ik ril in progress ior mice niiys.
The slate in which Tobn n is located
is wholly Catholic and practically every
citizen lias joined in the revolt nguinst
the Ciiri'u ii.ii government. General
Murgiu iippeuled today to the Agnus
Culieutes peace conference for ussist
nin e la putting down the revolt.
The- pence conference is now debut
Inn the personnel of the cabinet which
will be selected us part of the govern
ment under General Guticrrer. to suc
ceed Currnii7.u us provisional presi
dent. From I'liebln, Mexico, General Cur
run.a wired Consul General Mu.ipiii!
here today a message of ilel'iniicc of the
Agnus ('uliciitcs conference In miming
u successor to him us hend of the Mcx
Iciin government.
"The convention at Agnus ('alien
tcs," Cnrranrn wired, "having failed
to comply with the conditions 1 fixed
,fur my retirement from the duties 1
now perform, I have not taken Into
consideration their resolution regarding
tho naming of the provisional president
to substitute fur me, mid 1 intend to
continue to discharge the duties of my
"This decision has been supported
L . .. - 1
Other Good Sites Offerorl.
1,500! mis site consists of one nnd eight
13IiO , tenths acres and tho price asked' is
1310 MOO. Other sites are offered, on the
inoo "orth and south, however, with a great
loiter amount of acreage, one in pulticu
1080 1 'or offerinu sufficient irioum! fr ,.
Hazel Johnson 1075 1 "tbli-fie field, for less money, nud the
uoairice trawroru ... tuua i uu"i. miner Hum ne held up on the
Mnblo Brasnfield 1047 1 i'"'litiona surrounding the acceptance
Mario Schwab 1010 f the Vogct ..sit, will reoiien neio-
vera George 1000 ''stuns with the other bidders today.
Hnzel (,'ooley 1000! r'lve thousnud dollars is the limit to
Mildred Cooper 1000 whi-n the board hus been authorized
Mnudo McLaughlin 1000 to go in the purchase of a site, ami the
Bornicg Sauter 1000 site offered by Julius Vogct fulfills all
Vivian unrgrovo 1000 rcipiir cuts, with the exception of in-
Grace Taylor 1000 grcss nnd egress for the children, and
three instances were the encroachments Mngdulona Tuffll 907; with these co sions denied it looks
to be found nud then only to a slight Mary Guycr ..... 800 us thonjjh the mutter of the selection of
extent. The petition of the property i Alma Hall 7ii0 j site will be indeiiuitely deferred, with
owners wus denied. A resolution from Vera Martin 750; tho likelihood that the mutter will not
I 'up park hoard asking that the lust!l-otta Penn 750 , be settled until too lute to innlii! iro-
1(1(100 of .their appropriation be turned! Silvia Millor 750 vision for the purclinse in the next
uiaiiys uray vou iniiiget, unless negotiations
suid to hnve
fust lis the Germans retired from them
The nllicd forces were in especial
strength below Uixiniide,
a never-failing formula; I 07.. powdered
ssxolite, dissolved in ' pint witch
hazel. Blithe the face in this daily for
awhile; every line will vanish com
pletely. F.ven the first npplicution
gives surprising results.
Geneva, Switzerland, Nov. 3. The
German crown prince was not killed, us
Renewed German assaults on Arms' has repeatedly been rumored", but. wus
Monday were suid to have been repulsed wounded 111 netion in Franco, according
hcnvilv. to arrivals here from Germany. They
A Journal Want Ad will get
the prune pickers you need.
I uilded that he wns convalescent nt the
Ipulnce in Striisslnirg. This story, how
jever, wus without official confirms,
Corns Comes Off as
Easy as You Please
over wns adopt, 'd. A petition from John
J. Roberts nud 3(1 others asking thnt
the council include if l 'iOO in their bud
get for the ninlntiilnaiiee of s city bund
wns read und referred to the finance
committee. The flounce committee n sh
ed thnt the cliuiiuinn of ench of the
council committees send In a report stnt
iuu hc amount that would be neccssnry
for ihc operation of his department for
the rimiing yenr as it was necessary
to ninke up the new budget by Decem
ber 1.
Attention was culled to the condition
of the street nt the intersection of
Chinch and Mill streets near the end of
Hie bridge. City Recorder F.lgin was
givci pcrmi'siou to destroy the biillo'
in 'Ity elections lifter they hud been
preserved for 8 period of two years
niter the election. Iln stilled that the
vault was now full of defunct election
bulbils and that they were of no use to
The Knlem Water couipnn.v presented
two I Ills for water In the city livdrunrs
under the Inst ruling of the state rail
rond commission. Mayor Hteeves was
absent and Cnuiiellmnn Mncy was se
lected to act us temporary chairman of
the council.
Mario Evans 750
The following is a list of tho firms
whose sulcs checks or receipts may be
exchanged for votes nt the Capital Jour
nal office:
The Toggery
Bnlem Klectric Co.
Salem Clrjnr Factory
Imperial Furniture Company,
Salem Laundry Co.
Wiley B. Allen Co.
Tho Globe Theatre.
Tho Royal Unkery (bread wrappers)
A. C. Devoe Shoes
The Hpa
II turner Hros.
Trover & Welgel, Photographers
Yokohama Crockery & Tea Co.
Vick Bros, uarngo
Salem Fish and I'oultrr Market
Independent Ment Market
O. M. Roberts Grocery
1'olsal and Shaw Grocery
('. M. Kpploy Grocery.
Tho Highland Grocery
Hcddiiway 's Cash Grocery
J. L. Busick & Hon Orocnrv
Dr. Murk Skiff Dcntul Office
J. E. Huckett, l'inno Tuner
Sulcm Ico Co. .
"(Jets It" Being Used by Millions!
It is the first time thnt u reul, sure
ns fato corn cure has ever been dlrcov
orcd. "0CTH1T" Is tho new corn-
ml f
by the governor nf this state of I'uelilii,
by General Francisco Toss, General Pi
llar Sani'her., Alijo Gonzales and all the
lenders of the northeast division and
I also by General Margin. 1 don't doubt
I that the buliiiice nf the lenders, when
they lonrn of my resolution, will sup
port me nnd Ignore the actions of the
nrniight to a sntisluctorv conclusion
with the other bidders.
Thinks Price Too Low.
The chief objector to the conditions
attending the closing of the deal lo the
Vogct site, it was reported nt lust,
night's meeting, is Win. McGilchrist.
Sr., whose property adjoins the propos
ed school site on the south, who com'
plains thnt the price to be paid f()r the
j tract Is altogether too low und Hint the
lonrd is uiircii"ouulilc to expect any
j iiilditiinuil concessions in connection
with the locution, ()n ,is account, it
'wus stilted, Mr. McGilchrist not nnlv
refuses to help in the opening of the I
reipiireii street to give access to the
site from ( 'ommereiul street nlong his
property, but positively declines, it is
suid, to permit the construction of, a
board sidewalk nlong his property or
nay sidewalk other thnn n cement one)
and Hint luid tn the proper nnd official
ly established mode. Mr. Voiret. nud
Chairman Miles nf the school board,
both talked with Mr. McGilchrist upon
Iho subject, but they state that lie js
determined III the sluiul ho Ims talien
and will not be moved.
(In the south nud cast of Die Vogct
site m Hie Ohinurt properly. To pro
vide menus of access to Hie site fr
A man cnu never judge by iippcnr- Ihc Morniilgside district It will be nec
Sonii. people get a lot of fun out of essnry to open nud grade High sheet
calling bluffs. I through this property. The Olinuirts, It
! I nil lerslood, do licit nhjeel to Ihc chil-
Diplomacy is me un oi gemug wnai nren pnssnig through their property to
'. i' ' '.. '' ' " ' - "...
V 1 if
I " '
you wuiit without fighting for it.
Try Mustorols. Bos How Quickly It
rud lbUlr Whit Ot iti Wotld'i Cr.slMt
twCar, "GETS-IT."
under, based on an entirely new princi
ple. It Is a new, different forinuln,
never successfully imiinic,,, ir (" ,.,., Ktlff m. Asthma. Neuralgia,
mrn sinvet aim men vniiisu. -
You jii"t rub Miislerole In briskly,
nnd usiinlly the pain Is gone a delic
ious, southing comfort comes to take Its
M I'HTIMIOI.R Is n clean, white oint
ment, made with oil of mustard. I'se II
lntcnd of innstiinl plnster. Will not
Doctors and nurses use MI'HTEHOLE
nud rccomiiieiul It to their patients.
They will gladly tell. you whnt relief
It gives from note 1 nrnnt, nrnncirn i,
Rheiinintisin Linn
ck or
tin your toe any morn wn n snesy in ic . , HvTnn, Hl, M,clcs, Bruises,
and plasters thnt press down " "" ch,jB,s, Frosted Feet. Colds of the
vnilistl. 1" ,.., ,i,, 1.... l(l,.,llm t
drops do tho work. You don 't bundle : in) Avhn n( , ,.
in sucKj- Vj Joints. Sprains, Sure Muscles, trim
poor corn no more flesh eating snivel , .,lliut m nft(,n prevents Pneumonia),
that doa't "stuy put," nn more hack- A, f()1r ,irll)rutit '. In !! nnd r.Oe
ing at corns nun itnm-i. or n, .... Brli nlV.inl liirge hospital urn
more bleeding or danger nf blond l'oi- fr .."iO.
on. No more limping around fnr days i I)n vm th() K,tin i no Mt'
With sore corns, no more corn pnlns. TKHOI.K. 'llefue linilul Inns get what
"GETS IT" Is now the bitgcst sell-1 vnl, ,.k fr. The Mnstcrole Company,
Ing corn care In the world. I'se it on : rlnvplnml. Ohio,
nny hnrd or soft corn, cnllm or bunion. i
Tonight 's the night.
, "GETS IT" is sold by druggists JUKt turn back to the Wont
everywhere 25 ceuti a bottle or sent Column now and the
direct by K. l.ar.Mice ft Co., t hlcsgo. offtringl lht
How to Fiflh! Tuberculosis
In n nnper rrnil Inst yenr lirfore
the llrtnr rmmlr Mrillcnl HiH-ler
ud iinlillshril In pnrt In 1he l.niil"
vide xMrillenl I'rimrf , Dr. J, W.
( nrhnrt, tit ftMH Aittmitn, 'I'rxiis, n
nhrtlclnn nhn lis ilrtolril msi'd
llitir to the itlmlr or I nlirrriiloslM,
nnhli MSlitee llfnr mmIIh riiiiMflfitle
f lirrr-lniirthN nf nil the mlnrrnl suit
Nlnners nf 4hr hiiniNB holly, ther
ntust he Mtiiiillcil In the fowls tr
nuiiiilrmrntril In mlnrrnl irrnnrn
fluns, itr nnlurnl Mlnrtnllun rnsiirn
with tilhrmlloslM lltlrlirckril, 'I'he
ltlilrsirrn,l nml Hnrltrcltril niirrnil of
tiihrrt'illimln nml iilhrr nrnrntiitite
illsrnsrn In line InrKrlr to thr tlr-rnli-lflrit
lllnie Incklnicl riiiMllthinN itf
Miiiltlltiilrn thrntmhiiuf the cltlllsril
Thus from another niitliortliitlvs
ntedlciil sovll-cn comes Jusl lllciit Ion
for (he use of Hint 111 the tl eminent
of tulierrlilnsls.
Hluce this ts our of (he lllltredl
nils of Ki ll mini's Allcnitlve. imirh
nf llir Slli'cnss nllendloa Hie wlde
Sliretid lien of Oils reinS'lv (pnllilless
la dun In Hie romlilliiilloli of this
suit In such n wnv us lo icihIpi it
rnsllv nsslmllnlde. It rnimrn no
slorn;icll illslurl.alice. nnd sliu-r It
contains liellher otilnles, imicoli'S
nor luililt-foi iiilna driiKs, It Is siifr
'"nckinnn'n Allrrntlvs tins effected
reniill Kn hie resiills In nlilio-rniis
I'sses of iiulniouiiry luliciculosls
Irdiisouiptloli) nnd nlllC'l cliroillc nf
fcctliitts of Hie lliront noil hroiichlnl
poMsinres. tn oinev Insiances such
rOnilllions. splmrently, have yielded
complelelv to II.
In rnse voilr ilcusalsl Is nut of
It, n Mm to oriler, or send direct
to u.
trkMnn l.nhornlnrT) rhllilrlihla
nud Iiiiiii the proposed school, but Ihey
, not ready to open mid grade llluh!
street, through lo Falrview uv until
lhev urn iiepiired In plat mid place
i their property upon Hie market la ellv,
lots because it nceessitntes the removal
of their burn nud destroys their garden
patch. They are willing, however, to
co-operate nml nsli in (he opening or
the street through on the south side of
the .tile to Coiuiiiercinl slreet.
Mr. Vogct rfms piesenl nt the meet.
jug of Hie board last evening nud lie
I explained the nuinuer In which his pro
posal Is being held up, but slil hus
.hopes of being able to meet the ifll-
t titius of the ed I hoard,
j The llliriuy hus on exhibition a iiiiiii
licr ol' photographs ot the ti'c.J nnd
I shrubs of Oregon, wliii h will be Hie iib
'jject of Prof. Hweep.ei's illnstiiite, lee.
lure nl Hie lilirnrv next Saturday nt
!7:l"i"i p. hi. Among Ihc iiio-t Inteiesl
Ing are the led lit r. Incense cedni,
' pine, yew nml Oregon grape. Conp
i nnd see the photographs nnd get rendv
I lor the lecture,
"Tenors from Duly, Germany, Frill and Ireland hnve recently made their
appeal fur Hie esteem of New York's music loving public, but II is douldl'iil if
any one more deserving Hum Is America's conlribiilioii to Hie ll-l of com-
peiitors. He singsnot so much I mise of the wailing iiudiince in flout
but rather fur the pure joy of It." The American.
.Mr, Williams recommends nml use exclusively the Mii-on 4. Hamlin piano
nud will use it on hiH program In Snlcin,
For Salo Only lly
."J I Court St reel. R. F. Peters, .Malinger, Snlcin, Oregun
I Naples, Nov, -3. Mount Vesuvius'
I eruption vns becoming more violent to
day. Mighty idrenms uf luva were
! pouring dow n Its slopes. Th" terrified
inhabitants were fleeing from the
tonus and forms in (he mountain's vi
Frantz Premier Electric
Will save the housewife the drudg
ery of sweeping, nnd got nil the dunt,
lint, thrsnd, etc, from tin cut pets,
ror the next thirty days we will
take your old linnd cleaner In
'chnngs for a rreniler, providing your
cleaner is not too bndly used. This
ofior Is only on for thirty tlnys.
Plifns for particulars.
Buren & Hamilton
in addition to tiie extremely low
prices I give a beautiful premium
for each. $5.00 worth of tickets.
STANDARD no cheap goods
and my prices are right.
Best Hams, lb , 19c
Nice Breakfast Bacon, lb 20c
Pick Nick Haws, lb 17c
Seasoning Bacon, lb 17c
No. 5 Lard 75c
No. 10 Lard 11.45
Medium Cottoiens 6fic
Large Cottolone J1.00
No. 5 Compopnd 65c,
No. 10 Compound $1.23
10 bars good Soap 25c
0 pkgs. Corn Starcn 25c
1 gal, size Choics Peaches.. ..35c
1 gal. size Choice Paars 35c
1 gal. size, Choice Pumpk!iis....25c
1 gal. size Choice Squash 25c
4 pkg. Seeded Raisins 25c
3 cans Mllii 25c
3 cans Extra Corn 25c
3 cans Extra Qua, Tomatoes 25c
2 cans Bauer Kraut 25o
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3 cans String Beans 25c
2 pkgs, Arm & Hammer Soda 15c
25c K. O. Baking Powder 20c
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1 gallon Karo Whits Byrup... 85c
61b. box Macaroni 3oc
Boat Tillamook Choese, lb 20c
10-lb. size Corn Meal 3nc
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5 gal. Kerosene (bring your
can) OBc
Extra fluo Uncolored Japan
Tea, lb ,j0u
5 cans Cloarbrook Poaches ...50c
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Oats one
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nck II1.30
Th Dulles Patent, sack .. Jl.BO
Young America Choose, lb. .. 20o
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rilONE NU7
Corner Morris Ave. and Fair
grounds Road