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Candidate for Justice of the
of the Third Judicial District.
The ttree hold-over Justices of the I
Oregon Supreme Court are Republicans.
There are four Justices to be elected
this year. Other things being equal, it
' is right and proper, in view of the Im
partial balance which should be estab
lished and maintained in this tribunal,
that the four to be elected should not
all bo members of the mnjority party.
In 1004 Judgo Oalloway was one of
the Democratic, nominees for circuit
judge of the Third Judicial District,
comprising Linn, Marion, I'olk, Tilla
mook and Yamhill counties all strong
ly Republican. Ho wus elected, carry
ing four of the five counties. In 11110.
no other camtmic-n than tl.nt ,,f 1,1.
i a candidate for re-election, ho mnde
record in office. The result was that
lie received the highest vote of any of
th four candidates, curried decisively
over every one of the five counties,
overcame a Republican plnrulitv of at1"1""! """" "lv,r 'H''n "W".VI"' "'
least 0,500, and was elected with more
than 1,1100 votes to spare,
Judge A. H. Bennett, the well-known
lawyer of Tho Dulles,
lius recently
"I have known Judge diilli.wnv Inti
mately for more than forty years and
nave, never found a better mini. In 1
both prlvute and public life lie is above 1 gmi, in a letter of September 1! 1 , lull,
imspicion or reproach. In his homo, us j writes:
husband Jind father, he is Ideal. "I have known Hon. William (Julio-
Truthfully has it I n said of Judge 'way for n great ninny years, in fact,
Galloway, 'He lias in more than one I cannot say when 1 did' not know him.
Instanoo in the past shown (hat he has He hns ulwiivs been a muu of the high
the courage of his convictions In dil'fi- lest Intcgiitv'nnd courtesy. He is a ciin
cult positions' uml Hint he lias 'mnde ilidnte fur 'the high office of supreme
o record for honesty and courage.' He judge of the state of Oregon. If elect
always docs his duty as he. sees it, ic ed to this office, the statu will be reiv-
fiardlcss of consequences, and is abso. ' ed In the best possible way. Judge
utely invulnerable to 'pressure' or ! (lalloway hns nil the qualifications for
'influence.' He has a fine legal ediicu- j n gond judge. Anvone who tuny take
tion nnd is very famillnr with legal -him fur what 1 liavo hero suiil will
principles and the administration of j never regret It."
(l'nl.l adv.)
" I.I'I'"'HHII IS II. 11)11 llillMiiHin. Iiil n
' ' !'.'' ' ' ' J, ' 1 ; '
.'. ''.;,;''; .' " y: ;. .' '
, f" , ,
l 1 I III
Tho people of tltegou sent Uepienen
tatlvo llswley to Congress bicausi) he
wus known to be clean, Industrious and
honest ami posnesHcd of those abilities,
demanded uf a cougicusiiinu who would
prove a success. The pamphlet sent to
t'vory registered voter, on pages II and
IS, gives a brief slut .-lit of the sue-
cesstul wink our iaidiful IteprcKeu
tatlvo lluwley hus done in Hie Interest
of ALL the people, While a campaign
of deceit nnd mliepieseutsllon wa
being carried on ligiiul him lie remalii
d in Washington until the elni of the
eslon of Coiiguns, faithful to the
trust imposed hi liiiu by his constitueiila
nd mindful of llulr nmriileiTce and
esteem, Hliice the udjuiii iiiuent ol
Congress and his reditu to Oregon this
faith in his constituents and their faith
in him has been the predominant fea
ture, '
Congressman llswley hns lived all
his lite In Oregon and It has been an
open book to her people. In his nd
dress Hatiirdny night he showed gener
osity, ehniity mill forgiveness tn those
who had falsified cunceiiiliig him dur
ing his absence fiom the slate intend
ing to his public duties, and not one
word of mud sliiiuliig, abuse or si sill
ing denunciation ciiinei niiig Ihein and
their melhods came from Viis lips, al
though at the very meeting at which
h was sneaking a liiied nieieeuaiv had
rotilimiril his luiil piaitn e of mlsicpie
I Rrpuollisn Conpiessioual Commitlee
, W, J, Culver, t lialriiinii
(I'alJ Auv.)
1 j plant, the following account of an in-
Tn innr ha it j v,,,,.... ,,...i'
Supreme Court, Now Judge
justice generally. His courtesy
II lid
kindly disposition are well known. He
would make an Ideal supreme judge."
The Albnny Duily Democrat, uf Octo
ber 7, 11114, in an editorial under the
heading, "An Honest Judge," says:
"Judgo William (lalloway is a r'nndi
dute for Justice of tho Supreme Court.
He hns behind him a long record of
faithful and efficient public service
and It is upon this record that ho ap
peals for support in the present cam
l'i'ign. "It would bo too much to claim for
any jurist dint his decisions are invar
iably upheld by tin unanimous verdict
of the public and tho members of the
H'"! profession. The Democrat make
I J" "T- clVm f"r e "'wy. We
lj" c,tt,m. h"". that he has always
I , Km1",11 ,,y a spirit of absolute
i'lir"1''". ,ri,'t Importinlity. His
partisan prejudice or by noiinlnr In in
or. He has attempted to perform his
.lull. a. III. il.- I
Y " , ' I " Z', ' ' ?.
dence in both.tlie integrity nnd ability
of Judge, Oiillnwny. We therefore feel
tlint lie is well worthy of support."
lutigc Henry .Medina, nf I'nrtliiiul,
ore nf the ablest circuit l.ulir t n.
(Capltnl .liiiiniiil Special Mervlce)
Htayton, Ore., Nov. 1, K, 1). Alex
ander, wife and daughter, Miss Maiian,
Miss Cum Cooper uml E, (', Titus were
Hnlom visitors Miimlnv.
Mr. Kchultn, of I'erhnui, Ml 'sotn,
is visiting at tho .1 no. Mulku lioiue ami
with other Htayton friends.
The entlro tenehing force of the
Htnytou schools Is in ittleudauco lit the
nuiiual teachers' iiisliluto at Halem
this week.
II. ,1. Mutcliler mid fnnilly are expect
ed home this week from an extendeil
visit with relatives III tho east.
Inn, Hrnolis mid wife of Hilverton
vlsldvl at the Clins, Luthy's homo Tues
day, Nick llitx.liiger nail family visited
the first of the week at the Stack home
and Wednesday they left for Ashland,
their future Inline.
Miss Klla Williams was attending
Institute lit Siileiu last week,
Ino, llenkel and wife returned from
Albany Friday, Mr. Ileultel has been
in dm Hospital at Albnny for the past
two weeks.
I Mrs, J. K. Miller is visiting with
, frlemls and relatives in Kastein Ore
j goa, Hho expects to bo gone sonm time.
Alva Smith and Wes, Itiggs tuok a
iciirload of milch cows to Ifiillaiiil last
j Mr. ami Mrs, W, 14, Thomas came
' over front Salem to altetid the funeral
of Mis. Henry Keves.
Walter Keves so attorney of Snlcni
I was here Momliiv In attondtiiice at the
funeral of his sister In law, Mis.
J Henry Keves.
The members of the KMnu club and
their hiisliuuds, ,1, W, Mavo and wife,
Dr. tl. F. Km luck and ' wife, .1. M.
i Kiiigo and wife, .1 ,1, Korluek nnd wife,
and Dr, II, A, lleiiiii'liamp ninl wife
i made up a purly whu uioloreil to Saloin
i Wednesday evening to see Nut tlonil
i win in " Never Hay No."
j H, M. (tltii.iend nml wife ami Dr.
I'cntler nnd Miss Altn lliibson went to
; Salem Wednesday evening to sue Nut
. doodnlii at the (liniid,
I Htuytnii people were urleved to leu in
on Siitnciny of the death ef Mrs. Ileurv
Keves at her home In eastern Oiegnii.
draco I'eutl Apple was horn in Howard
county Indiana, August II, IHx.1, nnd
dlcil at her home In Twickenham, Ore
gon, October i!:l, IIH4 Twenty-three
vents ago she eaioe vlith her parents,
Mr. ami Mrs. ,1. W. Apple, to Oregon.
Her early cdurndiiu was obtained at
Sliivloa, near where her patents still
reside. From there sit" went to Salem,
whets she attended college. In this as
111 even-thing she uiidertouk her siiunv
disposition ui,, peinoveronre enabled
her In make her woik a success, In
November lUUH she was married to
Henry D, Keves or Wheeler eoitutv.
This union was blessed with two cliib
dien, Klwahcth Viola aged four ami
William Zacluiiv aucd two, A loving
ilsuiihler, a kind and devoted wife and
niothnr, her death brings sorrow to
many but "They tuoiiin not as those
who have nu hope,'' The funeral was
October I'll, at Ike christian Church In
Stnyton and liitciment mis In die stuv
ton cemetery. Hov, II, K, llossell of-fii'laliiig,
Pn.r.lT. Hr V,f 1 TVa T ana aatin.
ty Democratic managers, being without
I a paper in this county, (the Eugene
I Ouarfi which has heretofore supported
tne uemoeratic tieKet having flopped
suddenly to R. A. Booth), this morning
published in the morning paper, a page
that R. A. Booth is a friend of big
interests, opposed to municipal owner-
1 shin nf millic utilities in his hnmn oitv
that he patronises a private corporation
lurinpjiiii "kiiis instead oi tne cuy s
Illflnt- atlfl thnf h a ilvgnk ntmnaaa .la.
velopinent an 1 betterment of utilities
iii-t-t-niwij' vw me opuuiitinig oi tne cuy
of Kugene.
Shnwinor hniv IVa Ttuitn.TTallw T.,.n.
I her company and Booth have opposed
the city, and endeavored to hamper it
in the (miMtrll"t;an Ua mi,nlnU.al
In aH ftrtnnnnn hm.,i. .hi, i, .
install a municipal water plant; $140,
wru vi tujs sum was useu ror tno pur
pose of purchasing tho old water plant
from tho Willamette Valley company,
and the balance was used for the pur
pose of building a power ditch and
power plant on tho Me.Kenzio. The
bonds were dated Jaiwary 1, 111(18."
"October lit, HlOft, the Booth-Kelly
Lumber company, of which R. A. Booth
was mnnngor, filed an injunction suit
in the circuit court of Lane county,
Oregon, against the city of Eugene aiid
its officers, to enjoin the city from
diverting, retaining, detaining or in
terfering with the water of the McKen
zic rivar.
'The amended complaint in this
suit, and upon which the cane was
tried was filed March It, 1111 1, after the
city had spout large sums of money in
the construction of its power plant and
water system. This case was tried in
the circuit court of Lane county. The
court decided in favor of the city.
"The Mooth-Kelly Lumber company
appealed the rase to tho supreme court
of the state an I' the case was decided
b.v tho supreme court in favor of the
city on December 11, 1013. The case
was heard itt -the supremo court and
decided long after the citv lind snt
approximately 3(in,0nfl on" its vyuT-r
and light system. This was a' de
termined effort on the part of the
llootli-Kolly Lumber company to hold
up the city of Eugene, and (Went the
construction ami equipment of the nec
essar.v power plant, which operates the
water and light, pluut uf the citv."
Booth has boon one of the sln'uiichest
supporter of the corporation, refusing
to patrmiifti tho municipal light plant
nn to tint pr at time, although about
i.i per cent of the residents of Eugene
are its regular patrons.
Lot Angeles, Nov. L',-Two dentin
and nine seriously inji.ied were the
Sunday iiutoinnbile ensiiultv toll com
piled here,
Kllon Spodner, age 1.", fell from her
brother 'a nuliimobile uinl was killed.
Miss Nettie MeAlister, age ."0, wns
'struck mid killed by on and ibile
driven by tl. W. Stewart, a n her,
Stewart was liel.l pending an investi
gation. The injuries of the nine who were
hurt in viii iijiii accidents lunged from
bruises to biokeu bones,
No girl renllv wants to many, but
she finally yields to some mnn'i plea
hoi'inme she feels sorrv for him.
i :
--t ' "' ..
' 1 t. x
4 !. V '.
V, II, downing seeks the position of
state scutum at die hands ot the people
of this eoinniiiiiiiy, lie Is eouipeti lit to
handle the nltairs of the position nnd
Ins ;i.ow ledpe of Oregon In general and
this section In particular will he of die
greatest assistance to him, If elected.
VY, II, downing Is a piactieal farmer
nnd business mini. He Is II resilient of
Sobliuiilv, where lie was born and
raised, lie Is a lunu in mature ilelibeia
dou and keen judgment and Ins enndi
diicv otfets the people the opportunity
of I'liiiiug a ton n in the state senate
who will go Into die high office with
clean bniiils, finn in Hie desire uinl iibll
Ity lo woik for the Interest of all
Hie people legindlos of pnity lines.
'n; eight years Mr. downing was a
member of the State I'nlr llnsed. lie
whs appointed by dovcrnor t lianihee
Inln ninl sei ved the board foe five years
us ptesi.lrnt. Many of the now appte
ciolc.l liupioMuuruts nt the Stnte Kale
droiiinls nie a ecsult of the sblllly ol
Mr, I'onuiiig ilui'lug his term of otflce.
I'leiltiiug himself to faithfully and to
the best nf In. nbilitv carry out the
wishes of these whom he asks Hie privi
lege of topicai tiling, Mr. downing so
licits die mppeit ot all the voters
the coining cl lion.
Explain Chicken Incident.
Editor Capital Journal: In regard to
the article in the Daily Journal of
recent date, I thought that in justice
to my self anil the parties concerned
I should make a statement as to facts.
I admit I have my failings but as to
hooking chickens I am not oi that
caliber. The chickens that were said
to; be stolen from H. O. McDowell were
gotten from the slaughter house of the
Cross Meat Market of this city.
ine parties involved in this, remarked
wTt l?e?l
firm, that Mr. Cross would obioc.t. and
he, Wolfe, said "no" that it was
alright and the parties- relied on the
reliability of his word as to his per
sonal rights, being associated with the
firm as he is. There was no intent of
stealing in the matter. I myself fur
nished aome from home for tho soiial
gathering at Mr. Woifo'B apartments.
There were several married men in
the party with the unmarried "guys".
One of the boys of the Ed. Earl
family told Mr. McDowolI that his
chickena were bein stolen and he
swore out the warrants claiming that,
the chickens Henry Wo'fo, said would
be alright to have) word Us. Later
on Mr. M"Dowell had tho ease dropped,
as he savf more clearly itto tho mnttor.
Remarking no special 'jluiis be laid en
one. Tho l'ew obi'.-itens Ilenrv iWfc
supplied, and what I lurnished, wi.ro
cooked and re.tjn by us ail. The hnv9
offered to pay Mr, McDowell for tl;
chickens tut h refuse 1 to accept it
This was afd-'r th-) into was dropped.
Salem, Oryon, October Hi.
Salem, Oct. 2, 1014.
Editor Capital Jonnal:
The members of tho Marion County
Xon-I'artisan Dry Candidates commit
tee me being asked somo questions
which I desire to answer to the huge
circle of readers who enjoy your paper.
1. Why was the committee appointed .'
Aiu. Hundreds of temperance pco-
plo were asking: "For whom shall i
vote" This committee was appointed
to help in this matter.
2. How thoroughly did the committee
Ans. The committee wrote two let
ters to ench cnudiiluto unking u state
ment as to his position, if ho tared to
make one. This action was taken
subsequent to the primary, when the
winning candidates were announced.
Kvc:y county candidate who asked our
(indorsement received it. (I desire to
state that through a misunderstanding
us to her attitude toward tho endorse
ment, Mrs. Mildred Kobertsou Brooks,
candidate for county recorder, received
no letter fiom the committee.)
U. Why did you bring out other can
didutes in addition to thoso already
Ans. The published purpose of the
movement was two-fold: (a) To dis
cover and einloise dry candidates ul.
realty in the race;' ami
(h) Tn briun .
ooi .lew eituiiiiiutes when the old ones; f the people of Oregon do not wish
were not satisfactory The committee I to see an honest, vigorous effort to
has done these two things to tho best 'ward tho enforcement of laws Hint uim
or us n unity, . fo irnino( .i,,,.,,,,, Knilill l,(,,liti(IMS. ir
4. h ,i, you not makn i-ecoin-1 t,cy wish to see In the state house ul
men .itions lor other ollicers besides ,,ilem a man who will Hike a lax or in
county otticorsi ,,! different uttitnde toward violations of
Ai s. The committee found that this the laws that curb the I business
additional work would be impracticable, , that prohibit gambling nu, such places
i i . i "uc"1'"'" tuo tusli it
'in inn ii-ci nine in pciionn,
To the Kditor:
1 luive been charged by the members
ol' the VY. ('. ''. i:, of Haleiu nf being
disloyal to llicir otgauiitaliou becuuse mnko u mistake if they vote for the
of the fact that I had openly assorted Democratic, nominee for governor, j
that I would vote wet at llio coming Hut if the people desire to see tho'
election. 1 wns uotilied to appear 8ut- laws enforce I; if they think that laws
unlay to stand trinl. I enncrning liipior, gambling nnd vice
I appeared at the given time, But should mean what they iv, and tluil
business of the order went on until 1 , this stnte should have n governor who
saw there win lo hu nothing said, so stands fearlessly by his null, of office,
1 ni'oi-c and usKnl them to give me a utiil who menus business in the iliree
trinl mid asserted myself guilty to tlie ' tion of law enforcement, they will do
extent of eliiiming that I would voto welt Indeed to voto for tr, Smith,
wet becuuse of the ilisiistriiiis results There is not a mini In the statu more
that I myself hud seen and met since fitted than ho to be governor during n
the loitn went dry. I locoivrM the law enforcement eru. Mis symputhv is
reply tluil the iirjiiiuizntiiiu hud already j with that, muses he Is pledged to jhut
heard nil about the affair and I 'us program, and ho bus die ability and
given nu trial; vet I wns given to nil- the csurnge to curry out. his pl'eMges, .
ilerstund that I had been ousted I'ioiii The people nf 1'cinlleton know this, nml
ithe W, I', T. I', because I had pledged
I myself to a cause that I deemed right, don t. believe It, look nt the way thev
III the sigh! of dud a cause thut I feel' voted nt the primary election, for those
wiiii', I save oir boys who hao the right . figures speak more clnipmntly than
kind of parents, ns well as our girls ! words, The hulk of the vntes ngulnst
who are milking night trips on motor-' ''f- Smith in I'mutlUa county ul the
I cycles to nearby wet towns, ollen coin-i primary were east In n few wards In
lug home III a " wet '' cotidillon. lam fy'iiillcton, where the saloon Interests
.not disloyal to temperance, yet, wmit ' ' strong. In the resilience wauls ho
to see freedom, I want to lielp educate llln liao a streak of lightning. That
I the 'misses to such an eteiit that they shows I'otullelnn 's estlmnte of Or.
j ran say "Kiiongh" ton iliiuk of whis-, Smith. It Is nit estimate based on Si!
;key ns easy as they can to n dis'li of .Years' experience with the man.
policies and cecum! I shall have no , ' ' -
feeling of a bird with n broken pinion Wl,s spniscly sctdcil toil being pus
I who'i I go to the polls on Noveniber llnl wsseil of Hie indomitable will of the
land vote M.'l.l X No, and I ask all true pioneer, he helped bla.e the dull nnd
woiti-Mi til Oregon who love " liberty for
nil" to take the stand that I have
MUS. KATK I., fori'Kll,
Salem, dr., Nov, I, 1IM4.
To the Kditor:
On the eve of the election I desire
lo draw attention of the volets of die lug to horticulture. He Is one ol' (Me
eoutily to the uniiiiuc f dm iepnl.il. gun's self-mad" men, lins si .,11111', I n'
can narty foe stnte si iiolor- Hon. A. M. I'ompetency ami Is a heavy tavpnver.
I'olletl. , 1 lb' is 110 sliangcr In lite lialls of
When Mr, l.n lolhlt settled ill Mar- legislation, haing send In Hie lower
1"""" on two ilifl'ervtit - iiccssieiia. In
A Prompt
Make up your ndinl quickly to
help your overworked Stoontch,
l.nsy l.lver uml t'onstlpalcd How
ell til thus snfegiitietl yourself
against sickness, Try
Stomach Bitters
todny, Ton 11 rind It banrflrlnl
In tvsrjr way.
(By J. W. Maloney. Member the Com
mittee of One Hundred, County
Judge of Umatilla County.)
A few of the many reasons why I
shall support Dr. J. (J. Smith for gov
ernor at the coming election:
1st. Because of the splendid execu
tive ability he displayed as mayor of
D.nju.. nn.i -ft!..-
-e opposition, to help the cit and
make it a better place in which to live.
zna. Because of his interest in edu
cational affairs as was evidenced by
his 18 years' of service to the Pen
dleton school district as school direc
tor. I had the pleasure of serving
with him on this board for five yoars
and I know that the new high school
building and the three graded school
buildings were largely tho results of
his labor.
3rd. Becauso he was a'strong advo
cate of the splendid gravity water
system which has recently boon in
stalled in Pendleton. He has always
stood for public improvmouts of any
kind that wore for the good of and
best for tho people of Pendleton, not
withstanding the fact thnt he has for
a number of years been a heavy tax
payer in Umatilla county.
4th, Because he has alwnya been a
strong supporter of the church; prov
ing himself conscientious and fuithful
in tho dischargo of evory duty.. Ho
affiliates with tho Presbyterians and
was for many years a trustee in the
Pendleton church.
5th. Bocause he is a man of great
strength of charactr and ability, and
if he is elected as chief executive of
this state he will be, tho real governor,
tho responsible and actual head of the
government of Oregon aud will not be
controlled by any ring or clique.
tith. Because I know him to bo ab
solutely honest, absolutely conscien
tious, absolutely truthful. Ilia every
act during the 15 years 1 have known
hi in have attested this. ,
"th. Because Dr. Smith is a man1
who does his own thinking, ausinvalu-j
able trait in any governor.
Ht.ll. Because he will An mn.-l, fn'
tho people of Oregon by using his
splendid executive ability to further
advanced and constructive legislation.
nth. Bemuse he is wise, patient,
courugeous, thoughtful, fearless and
possesses a wonderful capacity for
Wth. Because his career as physi
cian, surgeon, farmer, mayor, Icgi'sta;
tor, executive, and business man, has
been a great success and this with his
past experience has most admirably
qualified him for the position of chief
executive of this state,
llth. Because ho is by fur the most
desirable ciiudidnto for the office of
governor before the people.
(By E, B. Aldrich, Editor of The East
!Hs restricted tenderloin districts, they
will do well not to
elect ltr, ('. ,1,
Smith as governor.
If the people think It is wholesome
to have district attorneys who shirk
their duty, sheriffs who 'stand in with
I gamblers and divekeepeis, and giniiil
juries that return reports that make
i tho laws of Oregon n farce, thov will
'ho v'ce clement here knows It. If vou
0111 nr " wilderness established n spied-
lid I ii i in III Mission I lot dun. which lo
him will always bo "die old home."
lie 's the well known pciii It gmwer of
die Willamette vnllnv and tlnoiigh his!
thellt. and energy peovcl Hint ihis sec
jliun is capable of jiro.lucliig the irue-t !
I fruit In Oiegon and die present genera-1
itinn nonois lilni III seeking ami reeeiv-
lug iulotmalloii on all miilleis ueitnin
lone ot which he luliuili .1 uinl seemed
Hie tipeal of what is known as lite
I "sculp homily bill," winch alnne saved
the sfnle upwards of I.OOO.oiiii.mi, lie
j Is firstly n good Ameiii nn cltieni see
oiidly, a stiiunih Uepiibliciin, ami die
. 1 oiiibuat('n of the two alien I, I be siif
idelenl to convince any man or woman
Ithat the Interests of the slnf Snnd
jiouaty will be In sale ami snne hainls.
1 ll-j pesacses an ainb.doii to serve
his constituents In die state senate and.
the voters will make 110 mistake In I
entrusting din, Inlctc.t. 1 ),,a l.n 11. ..
ddtld ddVKllSMKNT.
Hoitland. Or., Oct. ,11.- I harged w'ith
hiring boys of twelve an I fnurtmnl
years to stral milk from doorstops n
tho early morning hours, .Ismes Huker,1
a confectioner, ia under nrirat today.
I .-TIT-
Stutter when you
two "Peps" for this is double strength
Peppermint chewing gum lotsofJPepI
It's like a Peppermint Lozenge with a
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Seattle, Wush., Oct. 31. Leaders on
both sides of the state-wide pryMliitlou
fight express confidence In tho outcome
at the polls Tuesday, following one of
the hottest politicnl battles ever waged
in the state of Washington,
I'. M. IHckinson, president of the
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Oregon State Hotel iiNsociutlon, who
has been olio of tho Washington sldlo
"wet" campaign lenders, declares the
stuto will remain wet by several thou
sand majority, and that counties now
dry will nil give wet mnjurltrra,
(leorgo F. t'otterill, head of the In
lernatioiuil organisation of wonn Tem
plars, after stumping the greater pad.
of the state, is satisfied It is unfitly in
the dry column and predicts that Oin
gnn will voto dry by an overwhelming
ra..ltl.a .( on. rlnnits.
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