Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 30, 1914, Page THREE, Image 3

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' ! , Bj Mollie Runcorn
ilisB Leotta Noud and Alisa Lena
Huckeatein will 'entertain with a large
Hallowe'en jiarty tonight at the home
of .the parents of the former, Mr, and
Mrs. John Noud. Among thoBe who
will be present will be Mary heboid,
Margaret Burr, Kstber Orctenger, Eire
nor Campbell, Mary Heenan, Margaret
H.ic.iun. Teresa-Williams. Adclin. Ade
line and Helnia Crossee, Catherine Hav- of the -North Pacific Hoard of Mis
uge, Murie Nadon, Mary Aronz, Mary j sions. Hho ia a very gifted speaker,
Htitz, dudys Dimler, Teresa Albright, j ami will be entertained during her stay
Fay Ludington, Frances' O'Brien, Jo; in ISalein as the guest of Mrs. R. S.
Albr nut. John Amrigtii, Aiuert i.runi, uiiato.
The annual Praiso Meeting of the
Missionary Society nf the First Prcs
bytenan church will be held next Fri
day afternoon. Plans are being made
for the program, which will include as
a, special feature an address by Mrs.
J." V. Milligan of Portland, president
Edward Lebold, Philip Juskoski,
Charles Trombley, Charles Cossce, John
(i. Burr, Henry Bnrr, Raymond Buvr,
Clifford Uadon,
Miss Kdith Parker and her brother
Fred entertained a number of their
friends at a pretty llullowe'eu party
last night at the home of their parents
Mr. and Mrs. George Parker, on South'
Liberty street. Games and pastimes
London, Oct. 30 The Russian
ambassador in Constantinople
has been ordered to demand his
passports and leave Turkey im
mediately, it was stated in a
news agency dispatch received
fiom l'etrograd today. Himiil
tjneously, it was said, all Rus
sian consuls in Turkey were re-culled.
Today is the last day of the Marion
County Teachers' Institute, and this
afternoon 's session will bring to a close
one of the most successful institutes
ever held in this county, according to
the opinion of Superintendent W. M.
Smith. The attendance has been larger
and the (juality of thai lectures and spe
cial instructions the best obtainable.
This morning the teachers by a vote
of 245 to 40 rejected the proposition
to substitute summer school work for
the annual iustitute
W. A. Bellamy has rented his farm
to a Mr. Ottenbein, who lived near I
(leer station. Mr. Bellamy will start
just after the election for Arizona, ex
pecting to locate in the city of Phoe-!
nix. ilis health is somewhat impaired.
He hopes a resideace -in the south will
be a benefit. -
' A few evenings ago quite a number '
of the young people gathered at tTTo
Bellamy residence in the capacity of a
surprise party. This was also in the
nature of a farewell visit. All enjoyed
a pleasant evening.
The young blades who broke into.
Bert Brosslcr s store room ami stole;
Mrs. J. If. Thompson of Portland is
the house guest of Mrs. K. K. Fisher.
She will be remembered as Miss Alta
lloyt, a former Hnlem girl. .
By the proposed method, if the tench-
nii iinmin mwnirnn er is a erariuate or a normal solium or 'the ihestnuts he had recently
DIvJ IijAK O DUolllLOu has had normal training or has attend- (there have decided to pay the value of
ed a certain numoer ot institutes, at-lthe stolen property. rather than staiul
tendance at the institute is not com-! trial. Bert put it up to them to choose
pulsory. There would be no institute j which they would prefer. It will cost
held each year for three days but in ! the boys about '$1(1, which is the cheap
place of. the institute each teacher who 'est way out' of it. In about every
neighborhood there is a gang ot "smart
1,473,020 cubic yards of rock. A total
of 1170 steam and 71 electric Horse
power was used, or a total horse-power
of 1,751. Skilled labor received an av
erage of 4.03 a day and unskilled an
40 J7 rriw. n.A till akilln.l
e'en party tonight in St. Joseph's Hall.: m1 ,t,2 'i-.n'r WOrkmen employed.
Autumn leaves and decora .tioiia in keep-, Hki,1(ld 1lbor rc,,eiv(d W.,,n:il d un-
The young women of St. Joseph's
church will give nn attractive llalldw-
Twelve rock crushing plants operated
in the state, exclusive of plants oper
ated by the several counties In Oregon,
are valued at 5!)2,000. They operated i was not exempt from attendance would
an average of ISO days. They crushed ; be obliged to attend a three weeks ses
sion of summer school
The vote rejecting the proposition in
dicates that u large majority of the
.Minion county teachers are younger
teachers and the proposal to spend three
weeks in summer school instend of three
days in institute' did not appeal to
ing with Hallowe'en will be in evi-
skilled Ifl31,2lill. Four men in the of-
iu k-e'ping with the time were enjoyed i donee, and guests will be entertniae.C fi(,e r0(,ei v,d $:i'.4IS. Totnl paid to la
bv the followiim: Misses Edna Acker- with an enjoyable program
iiiun, Alva Burleson, Sclma Lowdough, A one-act sketch will be given, ns
Ferrcll Lowdough, Eddys Reynolds, well ns several instrumental numbers,
Ruth Donation, Murie Huggurty, Lu- and will be followed by serving of re
cillo Cameron, Messrs. Russell Emerson,! froshments and dancing. The progrnlu
Homer Meudor, Gilbert Kennon, Aen-jwill begin at 8 o'clock ami will be
ueth Culver, Grant Kightlinger, Will-'open to outside peoplo as well as to
lace ( arson, Lloyd ALilatire, 1-loyd' ennren mourners.
'ilson and Alva Burleson.
bor 108,7110.
Totnl number employed
. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Barnes and chil
dren, Ruth and lialph, are spending a
lew days at Newport. Going over Wed
nesday, they will probably remain until
the first of the week.
The members of the third year Ger
mau class of the high school entertained
the second vear German students Tues
day eveninu at the homo of Mrs. J. H
Those who are in charge of the affair
are Misses Leoua YVeidmer, Marie
Campbell, Lucille .Inskoskl, Helen Hair,
Evelyn Gremmels, Mary Schoettle,
Anna Harr anil Florence Weidmer.
Fourteen members of the Ladies of
the .Maccabees of Albany attended a
lodge meeting with the Salem Hive
Wednesday evening. Those, in the party
were: Mrs. T. J. Stites, Mrs. Van Win
kle, Mrs. Willinm Duncan, Mrs. M. Me-
Alecs" who need some wholesome les
sons which nothing but the law can
furnish, and it would have been about
the light thins in this case. There
were some six or eight into this game,
though all do not live in Fruitlnnd.
.Mrs. Loe Simpson of Smith Center
linker, the affair bciniz in the liatnvc I Alpin, Mrs. tin rah Willis, Mrs. E. I)
of a Hallowe'en partv, I Sloan, Mrs. E. M. Merrill, Miss Lnuella
' Allen, Mrs. F. W. Horsky,.Mrs. .Mill-
The members of the Lndiea' Aid So-inie Gilliam, Mrs. W. S. Weaver, Mrs.
eiety of the First Methodist church I'. ('. Anderson, Mrs. T. Austin anil
bold their regularly monthly meeting ill
the church pnrlorB Wednesday after
noon. About thirty were present.
Mrs. F. C. Pate.
r- $
Kan., is visiting at the home of M. Al.
them. The feature of this morning's i ,. Mrs. Smith is an old acipiain-.
session was an address on playgrounds . tlnl,a 0f the Hansoms, who were once
and playground-work by Miss Mali Ho-1 resi,0t of the Sunflower State. She
fer, of Chicago. This afternoon ses- j is mm,, loused with Oregon and tuinlis
sion included an address by President our ,m,stMit weather needs no improv
J. H. Ackermah, of the state normal j wu
school, and an address by JJr. Jerome j . j,,,, r revived from Miss Mar-
1)1 11 COI1I1-
I some
bad mountain roads. The mud was so
deep the horses could hardly pull the
.,, tu u-nnnn ,lmvn hill
M il SI M WANIHl J''""' Huk" "d wife have gone up
,!ftnlLUlto Drain on n visit to Mrs. Baker's
mi i i . . c ii 'brother, Fred Doney.
Today being the date set for the fin-, r y ml ,,,,.,,,, ,,, w.
ish of the Y. M. CI. A. subscription nam-1 ., . ,., ,,,. i'...
The Anderson boys are clcaniig sonie
DAllLLJilU IUU I Raymond, of ' Chicngo university, n I (,,.rite Walker, whose parents i.
TDAADC C( Tft UJ1TI "''"ml"" Tll , Anglo-Snxon Struggle ja Bnur, tim(, to north Li,.,
. IftUUr J UU 1U IlHllljfor Twentieth Century Progress." tv if h Ulrlie, thev lM,POuntere,
James Trollinger was in the city -yes-
terdny from Sheltiuin.
The recently organized Neighborhood
Embroidery Club, including resident
on South Fourteenth street, were enter
tained Thursday afternoon at their first
meeting at the residence of Mrs. II. L.
Hurt. Mrs. I. A. Burdick will be the
club's next hostess, which meets again
in two weeks. Members are: Mrs. M
A 11, ..);. .It 1.,-nui.l.Mit. Ml-M II I.. Ulli-t
Mrs. C. ().' lleiiderso'n. Mrs. Kiishner.l . '' w- Al!l,. a I'lcniinent resident of
Mrs. (!. W. Scott, Mrs. H. C. Krisel,l''l',,'.'l,'ou. i8 "l.'endmg a few days at
Mra. L. E. Glenson, Mis. C. Gleason, ! "nni0 ot h,H m"'k' 0eorK0
Mrs. L. II. Muggins nnd Mrs. Savage. I Allen, at Hiinniter.
. I Hecrctury Frank Mercditlh, of the
Mrs. Fred S. llvnon was hostess for "'' fuir ,,,"n!'1 nml SI're.lith lire
lier Nec.llee.raft Club WT.Inesday after-l1". 1'ort and fur an over Sundiiy visit
lluulli j with relatives and friends.
w. ... jH.'vfrj., sales. iiiauuKer o. uic
Port An rrince, Haiti, Oct. 2!). (Do
Inyed. I Foreigners here received to
night with much relief the news that
the L'nited States transport Hiincock..
with n regiment of marines, hud been
ordered here from Dominican waters.
and that, the battleship Kunsiis was on paign, the solicitors met at the rooms I
Wu n, V r.... ; . -.1. 1 . . 1 J..mi
..n ..j 4it.i,i T,-,u viii,. , (it Tile llSBOCllllH'll nno rcouncu ip-' 1,. ,-,. v'... 1 W.,. l.lunn
Hie cruiser Tacomn was already in i collected since the last meeting, Wed- T . ' , ,..,.,,' ,' w.,1,,,,, visited
port nnd murines were guarding the I ncsdi.y. A large part of the subscip-! J 1 l - ,h";e i ' Al'vnr.1
1 nited States emisulnte, but a stronger tions to date have included member-! ' '" " ' ' ' ) ' , 'f" ,
force was deemed necessary ,o h,llc!l,ip fees nnd with this amount deduct-: , " I he ,l U
the threatened danger growing out of ed there is still several hundred dollars '- l""int,
the rebel lender Davilmar Theodore '' yet to be collected to miike out the , ,",""t"r """ nt l,m'
march on the city. j full amount of SJ4100. The solicitors i 1
Considerable fighting has occurred ill-1 still have a number of prospective sub- . . .
ready nnd a grave situation was i scribers to interview and will continue i MntnAI SfaTllQlailS
thought likely to develop. j the work until the town is canvassed UiaiUdiaUO
the um.iunt raised. TV II II
The subscribers listed today are: 1 CHS 01 IVeCOVery
u. ..i.. i wtifc r,. w T ii, .in,. .it 1 '
MWVnMM wmt . 1,1,1. T, .... A MltUrJi.ll. W V l.,tj.ru llirOltlr lrilUUlCH, lllkC VII II! Ill UCU
UUtM Al IHt BLIGH ; B. C.-Mills, I0; F. W. Spencer, ; coughs and colds, o ten seriously aflect J
Salem Cannery Co., 10; John W. Ho-! Itio lunga. If you have not found nnyll
! IhikI, 5: Merlin Harding, fi ; Dr. J. C. improvement from the treatment yon j
A well directed punch at a button Griffith. HI: J. V. Smith. (5: Mrs. L. have tried, investiguto the many re
labeled "For Fire Only 'tin one of the (1, Curtis, 10; Royal Bakery, $5; I.eh- ports showing benefits, and, in numcr
Don't wait until the frost reaches you before buying
Now is the time when we are not over busy. We are
ship in tiihn fimp in fit vnn nrnnprlv nnH vnu in turn
will find it a more pleasant task to PICK your choice g
We mark our CLOTHING PRICES very low con
sidering QUALITY and MAKE.
All of our FALL goods are now in and you can make
a selection that is hard to beat, and if you wait until
the regular season's rush is on you will not have such
a complete assortment to select from.
The Plymouth
Corner State and Liberty Streets
Recipe Department
! C. R. llnntx nnd wife, of Woodburn, rooms of the Bligh Hotel yesterday man & dough, tttltT; J. W. Harbison, 5; oils cases, complete recoveries, brought
jare Salem visitors today. .brought out the fire department in a Watt Shiim Co.. 25; W. M. Brown, II). about bv the use of Eckninu's Altera-!
I V W ill.,,. ,.,.-,,,, t ..,;.1.,.. p l,... .;... , 1 ,.. . ""''"'ll I t ' i . n!.. ipi ......II
rimii. mm- inn nn: uinrui proved 10 lie!
tivo. Thia is a medicine for Throat and
false as regards the fire denartmeiit. ' 1 1 liifi anifl Plir . . ' Lunir Troubles, favorably known for
TO.. l)i:..i. ti...i !. . ' . . HI II H MIX HH . ... " .. .. I. i .1.!.
" oiiki. iiiiu-i is ii mo. icrn, up-iu.iBie i lLilVu Unix uiiu
stru -ture and each room beaiB a battery
of buttons, which niny be pressed by
the guests who desire special service
iron! tho employees. One of the but
' more than fifteen years. Read this .
Convent of St. Anne, Snnt'ord, Fin.
'Gentlemen: In February, 1011, four
choir will continue or not.
Most of those who belong are high
c. l.ool students and find it somewhat !
Wushinuton. Oct. HO. Flat denial of doctors examined my throat nnd pro
tons is to bo pressed in case of fireln report published' In a San Francisco nounce.l the necessity of nn operation.
Ot.lv. nml it i.ntliinf't.t .litwt.H,. with tl..t 1.., .,. ... ...i'-..!,.. t ulm ' nilviwml llnvi.wr liflnr,l . t. ti,itlt uhlll V
'.' '. '.' '". .' . .. ... .. u . Snnnl.lin., i .,,,.!,,', I'n rtri,ii.l last tl.L ...1..... . ...!..-.'.. .. , . . . " . ' :,..!. .... !... . .... . -I .1.- til..... .. u.
- Tlio junior cnoir nt tne rirst niiiliin ' "h-'. ' ,v" nuinun, mint- u jirnme u.urm is me women or i niiroriiia to voic HKf."lnb j ..loineriiousu or u.u nmicrs ui
church nro daily iniproving in their , "''t "fer a short visit at the hom,e ' Installed. the democratic candidute for govtf nor Francis, where I was visiting, of Eck-
work, and am enthusiastically received iof hi parenta jn Senview, Wash. It ia said that one of the guests felt I of that state was voiced here this After-1 man ' Alterative, I determined ns a
lit each night's services. It has not Xl- Townsend, property agent of, chilly and wanted more hent In the noon by Miss Alice Paul, chairman of 1 Inst resort to try it. After taking four
been definitely decided whether the''10 '' V' ' " am' w''c. room. As the button was for fire only ! the coiigressioiiul union for woman snf-or five bottle's largo pieces of diseased
1 ... - ....... .mi ,,ir aiiuiiiu.iii. ncni ..s an inai rragc. -iissue enme away. i coiiinii.c.i
this fitly, returned to Portland today, was i.ee.lcd tho guest reasoned that the ; "What I did say," Miss Paul said, Alterative, to riiy grateful nnd daily
U. (I. Holt and B. C. Miles, of the janitor could turn on more heat if the tlm nn woman in California or r.,i;,.f Tn in iiiniitlis I was restored In I
difficult to carry their studies and find ' lllir", lv- "pnuiuii.g Logging i o re- proper Button were approached. The any other state where women liuve the perfect health. I would bo glail to!
time lor rehearsals also. Munv Wrv turned Inst night Irom a trip up tne system is understood more fully now. ballot should vote for any democratic , write or talk to any person who may eui. milk, 1 teaspoonl'ul butter, 1 tea
good voices are being developed nnd it ; Lucliinniuto to their logging J'1""!'"- . m . , .-audi lute for the senate or house. It have a doubt about it. I would like ; spoonful cornstarch, 1 pinch suit, 1 pint
ia hoped that they will be heard fro- Thy hnl intended to remain longer,, UAOpiTAI CUID "ot true that 1 asked California worn- them to see and hear from my own lips I stowed and stunned ( pliin, I ten-
qnently after the present revival sut the rain caused them to fear, for llUwrilnL Uilli 1 en to vote against the democratie ciin- if they so desire, all would say of it." I spoonful ginger, nutmeg or ciiniumon it
HfDrriTn TAI1V di.lnte for governor. e nro not 'pnr- (Signed) desired, i tcuspoonf ill Muplciiie. 1 so
WKCvlVbU lUlAY ticipnting in stnte caiiipaigns. We ai MOTHER M. STANISLAUS. regular piecrust and hah. u.dciiitc
trvitw tn int Clil.tml lif the house llllll' I llinua nliln-nvlatitil . mnt-n fin frn. ! nv '... F.inulli fur Iwn hies.
w, x..-.. i : somite away from tne democrats, iio Cu(.Ht.)
James (Inidy was arrested today r$' Whitby, Eng., Oct. .10. The hospital blocked the' suffrage amendment ufthe Eckmnn'a Alterative lins been prov-' Macaroni In Cheese Shell.
H. (). Thonuis, city marshal of Turner, ship Roliilln, on its way to Belgium, i n'ssbin just closed." Lin l,y many venrs' test to be most af-. Break macaroni into '.' hu h lengths
and Drought to tills ciry tor sine Keep- with ii.-u i.ross nurses, pl.ysicnins u ml
Maplelne Pumpkin Fie.
Fu ir eggs, I cup g.uiiulate.1 sugar, I
Smull friends of Malcolm and Ed
ward .Mcltcyiiol.ls gntherel nt. tho resi
lience, lilt) Leslie street, .Monday even
ing and enjoyed with them a pretty llul
lowe'eu party which was given In their
their heavy chr over tho mountain
muds. ,
lienor. Both are sous of Mr. and Mrs. ! lug In the county jnll pending nu Inves-: some other passengers on bonr.lf wns AUIA RANXTR RHYS
Karl Mclieynolds (Eunice Blun.lell). I tigntion of some goods found on the I wrecked off here today. j vlllV DUxILI UU 1 J
flcacioiis for severe Throat and Lung and boil until tender in plenty of water
Affections, Bronchitis, Bronchial Astj-1 (suited) ; then .Iiiun nnd liliin. li liy
n,n sinl.linrn Cnliln nml in n i.l.iii lil i .ii ixiuiiiiii cold wutcr over it. After It
Each guest was presented a small yel-1 person nf the prisoner. Orndy had sev-; The second officer launched a boat 1 TAWM AF CH ANH H AI I FS ",n aystem. Contnins no narcotics, has been hlniichcd cut into pii a not
low can as a favor, and found their leial coats, one new pair of shoe's, a and landed the nurses, but eight mcin- I v 1 1 ix XjL XjlVfilxiV 1issjliLitJ ,.,,;yu lin 1 ii t fn rm i tin- .trn.fs. Ask I over a half-inch long. Have ready a
places at tho prettily arranged table ' dozen new pocket knives, several razors, J hers of the crew and the other pusseii-1 , fur ,0oklet telling of recoveries, and 'cheeiio shell, one from which the cl.Vese
by "inall jucko'-lniiterns, A large 'pocket combs, purses, ami kid gloves, gnra remained clinging to the Rol.il-1 . .. ., iwrit0 tu Eckmna Laboratory. I'hiladcl- has been thoroughly scooped out.
cake, bearing tiny yellow candles, ecu- all new, which he was attempting to I la's bow. Seven bodies had been wash-1 " i""'. '., , . j p,n, l'a., for evidence, A. pt no sub-: Stand thet shell on a piece of waxed
"'""i " " " , . ti. ...ii Al,,.. - i.. ....... in, nni- Hn.l Hum ill u linliinii ili.h. I'nt
n.niiil nif.i- lyi.Tw, i.-iiiiii pi.'i i "i - - p --- ,
tered the board, mid wier.l jncko
lanterns, witches nml black cnts n -pear?d
about the rooina. Those who
enjoved this affair were: Francis Mat
tie Martin, Jcnnette Sykes, Constance
nnd Dorothy Krebs n ml Margaret Me-
sell to n-sidents along the wny from ed nshoro.
Marlon to Turner. i The vessel was fast on the
It is thoiiuht the iioods have been the weather was very heavy,
stolefi from some ucncrnl store In the I for tho one which brought the
valley and the goods will bo looked up , ashore, the launching of boats had,!"'"
before formnl charges are prelerreil. I proved impossible.
C. M. ( lino of Mill City wus In Sa
lem yesterday on a short trip.
Daddy's Bedtime !Cofns Qait) Pai(ls
rock, and M ! m-h.-l " entire town for lo1-, titutn. Small si.e 1.00: regular str.e papc ' -j K
? loiitrom a local real estate firm, repre- -t-JOO. For sale by all leading drug- o tables pnoululs of butter
. Except V , .1 .. IA 1 I flour in the san. epan, mix
he nurses "" the (.rand Dalles rownsite coin- git"- ! pint of milk. Stir until boil
The town is (lian.l Dulles, just across niTCCIjt TV AVIMP
WAR DFri ARATIftN ' i"'i'i",r ymn """""
UlU 1 dVlirtlArt I lull tho shell; cover with a plecn ot gre
and two of
ami add a
boiling, mix lu
the cold ma. -lu.. nl mid stir over the
fire until it Is just heated through: it . Id
a tiihl. -spoonful of sill) and salt spool..
plecn ot groused
. puper and leave in the oven fifteen
, , , . .,. minutes. Lift the shell caiefulK', put
flclrt.grad, Oct. .111. Russia was ile- ,.,
his acres with Califuriiiiiiis who prefer 1 laying a declaration of war iintiiiiNt. tlll),, lf . lt, f), h (.u,(.y ,.,..U1,.,
Press the finger hurt by the splinter
tightly over the neck of tho bottle mot
hold it in portion for three or four
minutes. The steam will cause the splin
ter to come out nnd relievo the pain.
When incandescent gus mantles break
do not throw them nwiiy. Crush them
up int.. a powder, store In a small box,
and use for cleaning jewelry. It gives
a spbiidid polish and docs not scratch
the surtiico ot the gold or silver. ,
Salt will removo hlnckboows. Tut
plenty of snll where the beetles 1'i-rt-.pient,
and keep It there for u week.
I). . not leave any wutcr where the in
sects go. When they eat the salt It
will dry up their bodies.
When ink Is spilt on the carpet ruh
a cut Ictiii.u over the stain Imme.llutely
.....I it will entirely disuppcar and not.
injure the carpet, no matter how ligh,
.Or. It comprises S0J1 acres, a water
j plant and a tew .iiiil.liiigs,
I Delweiler says ho Intends to build
up a manufacturing town mid bring
some people from Ohio, I..M coloni.e
The Monoooit Jump
ed at the Snake.
The Indian
Mongoose and
The Woodsman
I the Washington climate.
Stop, With "Gets-It" sultan is getting
i nrse.v ,n,s .mcr, . .. ,.. ... .. .. 1;1y , used iignin.
that even yet the sultan niny repudiate.. '
I the acts of his naval comiiiiiiiile.s lu nl-
: tacking the c.ar s ports and shipping.
If you
kKI.L u a !ory about tome ulmnl w't never heard of before,"
asked Jack lis ilnddy wu aliotit tu begin bis bedtime story.
"Let me llilnk," tnld daddy; "there are lu few ntilmnli you two
children bnveu't teen pleturtw ot, seen lu the loo or heard mo tell
torlea about."
"Liu think of a new one, though. You surely ran," suld Evelyn.
"Well, hare you ever heard of the Indliiti luonguoseV"
"No," suld Jnck. "Tell ua nliout lilm."
1 . "U he no untmnl or person?" asked Kvel.vi nneertnliily.
"Oh, be la uu niilmnl nnd a vvrj renl one." snld daddy. "He'i a freat
frteud to tho woodsinnn. for he Urea alwayi In the wooda, and very time ht
ecu a polsonoin snake he does his best to kill blin."
"I'm going to tell you a apecliil story. One time a young woodsman,
with aeveral other friends, cntne to the part ot Hit woudi where the llttlo In
dian motigoote I'm going to tell you about lived. In fact, they pitched their
tent very, very Hour the mongoose's, home. Tide little mongoose lived nil
alone, arid aoructliiiea tie used to get pretty lonely. Bu he wn awfully happy
to see the woislsmau'i cninplng .arty, for he wn very fund of human iwople.
"One day the woodsman nnd his onmpliig pnrty atnrted on a walking trip
throtmU the woods. They carried sneka on their liarka which held their lunch.
"Tho little Indian mongoose had watched nil their plain without being
Uu ...hi nls.i tu hliiisiiir that lie would fjllow. unseen by them, for he
had become attached to his new neighbors, lie dreaded the narm tnnt an,i win now try ur.in 1 1, you wui
might come to tlieui If thet went Into sums parts of the woods. They bsd realise this glorious fact,
not Bone very far when the little mongoose, who was running shesd, heard You probably nro tired sticking on
. h...,,, ..,.! and . rustle throimh the lesres. l tlist won 't stay stuck, plasters
" . . ... .... !... ). Pf hntnin VDI PlCftlt fill II V f
The mongoose pricked up hi. ears, Mr, of course, lie anew .1 must ot . " - k, . ,',,
Quit Plasters, Balres snd What Nots.
After using "OETS IT" onco you
HK FHRf HV AIW Fiirnh.llne Bey, the Turkish nmliiissa
After wiishlng I i - chimneys, try
polishing then with .liy salt,. This
, , , t , l-- . .. , 'iM.rs uu- uuii'n n r. ....... I siiiiio nun ..ni-
lor here, also remained at his post, " . ., ..... 1
awaitina- Instructions. Ile expressed ' ' " """,
London. Oct. .10. lleilollllis are IIIIISS' I ll,n inn nsnucil nnluinn that his cooll-l ..
,1M live . rn . nvJ ncca n Ii, k "l"1-' u,fi'"""' I ' I I l.v ' ,,,, nM ,aiu neulriil. Personally ' ' '-;
,111 never again ha ye occas on or ask-, J () V1(ll ,, ; ,,,.,,,. J , , , , ,,,,'. longer time , so,,,,, ated I run. the
m1'.".' it!m V, yi'"g " """''' ""'""' f',"r .Velopmct s, of which, he addi' I, he'"""- """'.V !'" ''' "' '"
oriisl" "OhlSlT" I, i the first sure, , . ,,, fp,)M1 Athens, which as yet received only unofficial 1 1 '""r' K"'T 'l'.v, '"'I I'1'""'-
Whs "Surrw. ff
C.m.T Dm I WS. tt pT
"GKTS4T.' Ju"xnrnf
received the news rrom uaninscus. news. . , . ,
II was added thai seiloiisnntl llrltish , ivtrogrn.l officialdom, commenting! ,A '!"' "f, ",l"',,ll"' ,h1'', ,J1"'
deinniistrntions were III progress III Da- nu tho threat of Turkish .( rt lelfiit l..n . '""r "'' "Iter wush.ng Is
mns.'iis, the sultan's subjects there evi- In the wur, said It would constitute a!'" '"I1 ' '"to a i.i.xliiro uf e.iuiil
dentlv being enthiisliistlcallv for war. much greater danger to (treat Britain , 'l"""tities of milk ami water, and thou
have tried other things by the score
An Amsterdam message to the News than to Itussln, siiicn the ear's HTacIt
raid a Cairn dispati h had been received Sen fleet Is stronger thnn the siillau's
there saying strong forces of Turkish entire navy, whereas Ureal Britain's
cnvalry were moving along the (lulf of direct linn of coniini. nl.nl Ions with In-
Akanah, dia would bo endangered.
snake, end Hit men wer almost tip w mm. - . ', t,, and rress rluht down on
"Without waiting to draw s bmttli he brnreiy jumiwa on tne snaue ana , i.ut two drops of "OETS-
killed him before the croflture could shoot forth his iwlsonous fangs. , T,, on tlmt (l(irB , fwo ,,,,,1,, The
"The woodsman and his friends were Just tu Unit to set tht mongoose kill ir tlpn AmmFi as sure as night
tbtsnnke. follows day. The eorn shrivels. There s
"You're saved our llvesf cried the Woodsmen. . . , no pain, no fuss. If you think thls
"Oh. how plensed Hit little mungmsst was: miring tne rest or me mnipms (nundt too good to tie true, try it io
party tiie little mongoose went on nil their walks with them, and when the ; 0Kt n any eorn, callus, wart or bun
nnrtr Im.ke up the woodsiuun. Who had t lovely country home, took the In- :lon. '
dlan mongtKa.. bom. with him. Bt.eh good friend, n. they were! And one "GETS IT" Is sold by druggists
STear theiongt would go .long. too. ou cni.iplng part,- j
Baker's Cocoa
That Makes It Deservedly Topular
An absolutely pure, delicious and whole
tome food beverage, produced bjr a scien
tific blending o( high-grade) cocoa beans,
subjected to a perfect mechanical process
of manufacture.
Get tht genuine, mod's only by
Walter Baker & Co. Limited
KmablislicJ 1780, Dorchester, Mass.
dry before the fire.
To remove fruit s'nins ft.. 111 tublo
cloths ami serviettes, apply powdered
starch to the staiue.l purls and leave
for seveial hours till nil the .lined. .ra
tion has I. ecu absorb.'. I by the stuivh.
ItlwH.ya nn wrlromt',
Hll Ih'hI UllMIH'.l will)
Its rich, sin. mill, riri.mv taste Is lu
'ompiiiiibln for en lie friistlugs, fill
ings and lliiMiriuns -1(, will not eool.
l-0. BOTTLE, Wo
2 Or.,, 35c.
(let It from your giticer or wilt"
Scud L'c stamp for Itecipe Book
Always put. hciiil.bii.g l.iusli.s to drv
with the bristles face dowi.wai.lH, This
lengthens their lives . onsnleiiibly, lis the color,
if dried the other way the water nut-j ,
ill-ally soalis lulu the wood and lots the : To uive a rich, ereuinv flavor to ...if.
I britles. ; fin-, bel'ore lidding tho aater mix Wi-'l
' 'with the dry coffee as much mustard
I To leinovo paper labels fnin. old but-! p,,.r as ill cover a three i
ties easily, wet tin. nice of the label (, 1M tie siime ipiiintlty of suit.
I with water nnd hold it for an instant f.,r cveiy pint of eoffee re.pilre.l.
;.iver anv .'oiivciiient lliiine. The st.-aui
forui.d penetrates the label at once and
softens the paste.
Ilissolve four minces of nliin. In one
gnllon of rain water ami I'mir euu. es
of sugar of lend separately In another
gull. hi. Then mis, dip the nu.t.rliil
into this, well work it about, dry in
the lur, iiili lu cold water, .liv fin
To revUe withered flowers, pluug'l
the stalks lu boiling miter and Icavu
I licin in till It hcciuiics cold, Tin",
cut ..bout one Inch fnnn the ends ol
the si ii I 'is, '
When boiling s hum have It In tin
water lu nlii.'h It hus been boiled until
ally, and there you arel Two dippings It is e.d.l. I his will l.inke It Juicy llli-t
and two dryings will make It water- ""oer. ..
proof. I
-- - , I Tn remove rings from a finger swul
, To remove a splinter, curly fill a leu by their tightness, dip the finger'
bottle with Kilter just oft the boil. In lcc-cdd seapsiuls.