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Editorial Page of The Daily Capital Journal
OCTOBER 23, 1914
Daily, by Carrier, per year $5.00 Per month.,
Daily, by Mail, pur yeur 3.00 Per month.,
Weekly, oy Mail, per year 1.00 Six monthg.
The Capital Journal carrier boyt are Instructed to put the paper on the
torch. IX the carrier does not do thla, mlsset you, or neglect! getting the
aper to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, ai this la the only
way we can determine whether or not the carriers are following Instructions.
Thone Main 82.
Our morning contemporary Thursday morning has
this to say about taxes:
There in a reason why taxation hn increased In the past twelve yearn.
Those in eontrol have been politicians, elected by ami throujih the efforts of n
clique. Member of the. clique had to be rewunled. Jobs had to be furnished.
The taxpayers pnid the bills. A politician lives nt the expense of the public,
and it can hardly bo expected that he will pay the bills for tho public.
Here is a remarkable statement to come from a stand
pat paper. The legislature that passed the bills and cre
ated the larger part of the indebtedness of the state was
almost unanimously of its politics. The state officials,
with the exception of the governor alone, and the officers
of Marion county are practically all of the same political
faith. To whom then does our neighbor refer?
The state officials are good square men, Governor
West along with the others. Judge Bushey and the
county commissioners are both capable and honest. So
are the rest of the county officials. To whom then does
our neighbor allude when it says: "Those in control have
been politicians, elected and controlled by a clique."? To
whom does it refer when it says: "Members of the clique
ha.d to be rewarded, jobs had to be furnished. The tax
payers oaid the bills."?
Is this an attack on the state officials on account of
state expenses, or on the county officials on account of the
bills incurred in running the county?
The legislature provided funds for running the state's
business and it also provided that no deficiency can be
created. How then can the state officials create jobs or
make expenses not authorized by the legislature? They
can't; hence, it is fair to infer the attack must be on the
county officials. Few, if any, will believe the county is
not conducted honestly, or that if any mistakes have been
made they are other than such as are due to the fact that
men are human, therefore are not perfect.
The morning paper ought to be specific and not deal
in generalities which are likely to prove injurious to those
officials who are honest.
A child's quarrel in which one tells the other "take
your dishes and doll baby and go home. You can't play
in our yard, slide on our cellar door, swing on our gate,
scratch our pig's back or paddle in our rainwater barrel,"
is dignified and sensible compared to the actions of some
grown folks angry over the present war. Saint Saens, the
great French composer, says: "It is wrong for any
Frenchman to listen to Wagner's music, just as it would
be criminal to applaud a singer who had just injured one's
mother." Still Germany is fighting France. The German
musicians would boycott all French music because France
is fighting Germany, and all Italian sons because Italy
refused to stand in with Germany and Austria. Germany
also hesitates about allowing Shakespeare's plays to be
presented in her theatres since she is at war with Eng
land. The whole matter is "silliness gone to seed."
Dr. Brooks says dancing, and especially the new
dances, is of great benefit, giving proper exercise and
plenty of it. He asserts some of the new dances are "as
.soothing to adults as rocking is to an infant." A couple
of "fox trots" before breakfast, with a "Luluvado" for
lunch and a "Maxixe" as a dinner settler, may be among
the things prescribed instead of proscribed. When Grand
ma does the "hesitation" and Birdie takes a two-step as
an appetizer, materia mediea can hunt the shelf and the
prescription clerk ditch his mortar and pestle and take up
the study of window display ami the arrangement of face
creams and complexion dope.
A dispatch says: "Hon. II. A. Booth spoke to a big
audience at I'rineville Wednesday night for three hours."
Mr. Booth evidently forgets that he is endangering his
chances for election. A few such rounds as that will not
leave survivors enough to elect him. We are not belittlini?
Mr. Booth's oratorical abilities, but simply suggesting that
no audience can stand that sort of thing, survive and feel
friendly toward any candidate who soaks them that way.
An exchange editorially remarks that "a bachelor is
a man w ho loves himself so much he does not need a wo
man to help him."
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1868
Capital $,-00,000.00
Transact a general banking business
Safety Deposit Boxes
In the turmoil surrounding the election for such poli
tical offices as United States senator, governor, etc., the
voters ought not to overlook the very important question
" ocicv.tuig auiiauic men iur uie omce oi justice oi me
supreme court. Too often the electorate discharge this
duty in an indifferent and nonchalent manner.. Under our
system of government the courts really occupy first place.
Every act of the legislature, the conduct of all civil offi
cers in the discharge of their duties and the private rights
of all citizens must in case of dispute be investigated and
determined by the courts. How necessary therefore it
becomes to have men of experience and judicial tempera
ment preside in our courts. Book learning alone will never
make a safe counsellor nor a wise judge. In addition to a
knowledge of the books there should be added a fund of
1 l i rt , i ...
general learning ana lniormauon supplemented by a wide
eXDerience in human affairs
Many excellent gentlemen are candidates for the four
1 i- it sh mimmK.A 1 1 1.1- 1 J J A. 1 iM1 1 i il
octtuo uii me Bupieme uencii oi uns scat io De iiiiea at me
approaching election. Without intending to be invidious
we wish to say that among these many candidates Hon.
William Galloway, of this city, is in our opinion well quali
fied for the office of supreme judge. It is true he is the
nominee of the democratic party. It might be thought by
some indifferent nhsprvprs nf rmhlip affaira tlmt Tnrln-a
Galloway would be handicapped by being a member of
fVl., n.lnm... T i- I, . . 1 ,3 1 1 1 1 1
mc iiiiuuiiijr ptutj. xi isnuuiu iiuu, nuwever, oe ovenooKea
that he has been twice elected to the 'office of circuit judge
in the third district, comprising Marion, Linn, Polk, Yam
hill and Tillamook counties, despite the fact that the dis
trict is overwhelminelv remihlican nnnn nnvt.v alionmenr
Judge Galloway never plays politics in his office. Each
men in his court receives the same attention arid is award
ed the same mede of justice regardless of political af f ilia-
j; mi i j - -i i ..
uons. mis is ngnt. some day, we hope soon, the office
of judge will be non-partisan. It ought to be so.
Judge Galloway's record upon the bench is creditable.
Consider the great number of cases tried by him. Then
remember that before him there enme fnr rrinl roavlv oil
- ------ wau V M 1IVU1 i jr Ull
the suits broucht to test the measures nnsserl hv the Wis.
lature and the conflicts frequently arising among state
on ice rs concerning tneirrespective rights and duties and
limitations. It is safe to say that no other circuit judge in
Oregon has been called upon to decide so many of these
cases. In all he has exhibited great good common sense
and discharged his arduous duties efficiently and in an
urbane and courteous manner.
Here is a sample of the daily market report which
came over the wire with the regular press report yester
day: . ' , , . .
Si'iittle, Wash., Oct. 22. Kl'KH Fr esh ranch, iH(a'iir frcHM eastern, XVfi
40c Orientals (1'hlnaj, Inc. . .) .
I lilt tor l.ucul cubes, IHc; bricks, lljc; Oregon cubes, iv'fri .Hie,
Chinese eggs and New Zealand butter seems to be cut
ting very little figure in the Northwest markets, accord
ing to these quotations, which were not censored by the
One effect of the submission of so many things to the
voters will be the voting down of many of them. The voter
who has not had the time, or for that matter, the inclina
tion, to wade through the mass of matter descriptive of
their objects, which is generally told in language the av
erage layman cannot understand, will satisfy his con
science by making a cross in the no column. It is possible,
perhaps probable, every one of the proposed measures
will be beaten in this way.
Governor West and R. A. Booth are to meet in Port
land tonight for a joint discussion of Mr. Booth's fitness
for the office of United States senator and also to go into
the matter of his accumulating his present timber land
holdings. The Oregonian has promised to print every
thing either of them says that is pertinent to the subject,
and to do this Sunday. It is rather an odd proceeding, to
say the least, but it will perhaps furnish some interesting
A war correspondent estimates that only about ten
per cent of the stories of atrocities in the warring coun
tries are true. If his estimate is correct, it is high time
we reform our so-called civilization or revert to barbarism.
The .li.rksnn county urniul Jury re
fused to Indict Louis lioduc, of Ash'
land, who lit August accidentally shut
his nui.lt, Miirtiu Olscn, mistaking him
fur n ilccr,
Harry (luitlicr, iihihI 17, who wus kill
ed in I'urtluml In n collision between his
motorcycle ti ml nil auto truck, It was
found liy the ei. rimer's Jury win HdinK
on the wriwf side of the street nnil
the auto driver was held blameless,
The I II 1,1 lliw rVstlvnl nt Port bind
will be held June l to II Inclusive,
Hr-ntitur Chiiinlicrliiin addressed an
audience of 1.100 lit Medl'ord Wednes
duv night.
Hun, II. A, Hoolll spoko for three
hour, to n I'rineville nudli'tice Wcdnv
dnv uijlit. null at Madtiia the sninc day
nude nn nddtess In which he discussed
the tariff mid its effect on the prod
acts of Oreyon, es itillv Its fnrius and
The first shipment of frctuif over
the new Willamette Tneltlc rallruad
nas mndi" to Florence Huiidny, It was
a eailond of cans for the Florence can-norr.
Hix young folks, so It is stilted in n
l'urtlnud paper, added to the brilliance
uf the weekly dinner dnaci? nt the Com
mercial club Wednesday night, They
Illustrated the latest in steps, doing
the " l.uliiviidu, the fox trot, the one
step, the hesitation and the Muxixc."
They were warmly upplauded nnd tie
serve to have, their pictures placed la
the hall of fmiio.
hiirliwny enterprise, the Milker Peiim
pint says: "It is appropriate that the
mute I rout Nniilie river to the Culum
,111a river highway should be deslgtiateil
us 'Tim Old Oregon Trull.' This route
curries Alth it -nil the old memories of
I early day immigrant travel from tlic
east to the west and in picturesque
nes it rnnnot he excelled by any
other liljjhnny in the world."
t i
That the Pendleton library is pro
viding ninterii.l for the Imlust'iial needs
of the community. In addition to the
cultural rctliiireineiits, Is Indicated by
accessions, listed In the Kast Oregon
inn. Including :"J mechanical mid ar
tistic lines, i
The Condon tllobc, analysing n re
cent government report so fur it
rclntcn to tlillinui comity, note among
other things that of 'the 1H4 town
dwellings occupied .y their owners,
only four are morlgugcd. and of the
Hit farm homes occupied by llieli
owners, all are clear,
Tlio program of lectures Tor the Mar
ion County TeaeheiB' Institute, which
begins October 2it, is now practically
complete. Superintendent W. it. Smith
announces that ho has secured a number
of lecturers and educators of national
renown to take part in the instruction
during this time. Teachers from ull
over the county will be in attendance
at the institute, whh li will be held in
the high school building.
Following is the program of general
Some Characteristics of the Educated
Man O. M. Elliott
The Sew Movement in Education
I'res. J. W. Kerr
Early Oregon History Judge Morclninl
Pacific Ooust Authors
Mrs. F. O. Franklin
The Faith of an Educational Optimist
Dr. II. D. Sheldon
Character Building.. Dean Geo, II. Altlcu
Constantinople: The Hone of Con
tention of tho Great Powers.
Dr. Jerome Raymond
Russia: The Guardian of the Slavs
and Their Ambitions (Illustrated)
Dr. Jerome Raymond
Playground Supervision
Miss M. R. Ilofer
normany: The Death Grapple of Mn
te'ialisin and Social Democracy (Il
lustrated) Dr. Jerome Raymond
Pres. J. H. Ackcrman
London: The Anglo-Saxon Struggle
for Twentieth Century Progress
Dr. Jerome Riiymond
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On some bright future tiny, mayhap,
the kings themselves will do their stay
ing, when wanting strife they 'll go nnd
scrap, and let their people tin tlm hay
ing. Then rulers
of all grades and
kinds must each
one wield his pri
vnte swatter,
when they've
inuiln in. their
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slaughter. The ail
gry king will not
command his sub
jects to go forth In
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foe the same old story. And so I'm
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