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PRICE TWO CENTS mamm, nv obnm
Thinks Stories of Russian
Prowess Told by Russians
Need Censoring
It Is Seen Though that Rus
sians Are Able to Keep Ger
mans Busy at Warsaw
By X W. T. Mason
(Former London Correspondent for the
United Press.)
Now York, Oct. 2.1. While the allies
wore reporting todny progress in the
western theatre of tlio Kuropenn war
mensurable by scarcely moro than
inches, ltussia wns churning victories on
a stupendous scale in the east.
The Germans have been driven buck
west of the Vistula, according to Potro
grnd advices, with losses mentioned, at
a minimum, us reaching 1100,000, unci
as a maximum at reaching 3D per cent
ol the knmur's entiro invading toree.
Previous experience has shown the
necessity of discounting the ovor-cn
thusiustic uccounts furnished by Petro
firnd news writers of Russian prowess.
These authorities seem to measure ull
engagements oil the giguntic scale of
Uussiau distances.
Story Incrodlble.
That overwhelming disaster has over
taken the Germans in ltusslun Poland
or that they have been rouied to the
frontier would seem nn incredible re
versal of recent developments in the
eastern fighting one. Indeed, over
whelming victoiies and dnfeuts seem to
huve been removed from tho field of
military possibilities by modern strate
gic methods,
Tho Austrians dime very near to be
ing overwhelmed in Gttlic'la, but their
recent remarkable recovery, under Her
limn stimulus, suggests that decisive
enmpnigna lire far moro difficult now
than ever boforo in the History of war
fare. 1-1' Russia believes the Germans huve
suffered a crushing defeat on the Vis
tula it probably is nourishing ns false
hopes as it entertained on the strength I
of its early victories in Knst Prussia
and (Inlicia,
What probably happened was that
the Russians concent rated in grent
etrength about Warsaw and compelled
tli" Uermun Hue west uud southwest uf
there to fall back n few miles.
Just Now Warsaw Safe.
Klscwhcre the (lermiins seem to bo
holding their own. They are In force
in tho neighboihood of the first-class
fortress of Novogurgiovsk, and are
clinging fust to the Vistula basin nt
Ivnugorod, a second-class stronghold
which guards the capital of Kussiun
Poland against a flunking movement
from the southward.
Immediately in front of Warsaw, It
is true that tho kaiser's line does not
seem strong, probably because the
wretched roads are hampering the Itrrl
vnl of reinforcements.
It must be conceded, however, that
the Russians are showing thoniselves
nblo to keep the Germans moving in
Warsaw's vicinity. This is of the most
pressing Importance tu them, for II
they are unnhle to hold fast in its im
mediate environs, they cannot bring
their siege guns into play.
. Unopposed by heavy artillery, War
mw in safe.
Russians Say Defeat Is Over
whelming Germans Leav
ing Everything in Flight
Pelrograd, Oct. 2.1. Not only did
(he general staff repeat today Its as
sertion that the Germans were retreat
ing from Warsaw but It asserted that
there were places where the retreat had
lieenme a veritable rout.
Cnunon in I transportation equip
ment were reported slicking In the
mud, wounded men and hospllal sup
plies were being nlnndoiul and large
numbers of prisoners worn being taken.
The pursuing ltuslnns were said to
bo hanging on the Germans' flank und
Military reports were received here
to the effect that Herman losses In
Itunslan Poland have amounted thus far
1o 200,000 In killed, wounded and rap
ture I. This Included the fighting all
long the Vistula, of which there was
much at points other than Warsaw.
0 , ....
. Oct. 23. In
celebrate ', completion of
the Northw 'i i Pacific rail
road from San Francisco bay
to Humboldt bay, a golden spike
was driven here today in a red
wood tie. Three hundred and
fifty persons from San Fran
cisco and a large delegation
from Eureka and other Hum
boldt county cities attended the
celebration. Speeches were
made by President W. S. Palm
er, of the Northwestern Pacific
and a response in behalf of the
people of Humboldt county by
C. F. Stern.
Testimony for Defense Is
Strong and Conflicts With
that of Negro Woman
Mineoln, L. I., Oct. 21. Calmly and
without any indication of weakening,
Mrs. Florence Carman, on trial hero for
the murder of Mrs. Louise, Bailey, sub
mitted today to a gruelling cross-examination
by District Attorney Lewis
Smitn. Hhe gave her answers in a low,
soft und colorless voice. The defense
was expected to produce several more
witnesses to substantiate parts or cf-a,
Carman's story.
The most damaging testimony offered
against Mrs. Carman was that given by
ol in Coleman, her negro maid. Mrs.
Carman has denied her story and tho
jury must deculo whether the nogress or
the dolonduiit told tho truth.
I'nder cross-examination, Mrs. Car
man biinl she could not recall when she
first became suspicious of her hus'
band.'' .She said that while on private
visits wnu rue doctor sue heard peo
tile nsk about "his girls."
"They would sny," continued Mrs.
Caiman, "that the doctor was some
devil and that they wished they had his
opportunity and could stay out all
Slapped the Nurse.
"After I Installed the dictugraph I
was sure my suspicions were unfound
ed. I heard nothing important ovor the
dictagraph but 1 wanted to find out if
there was any other woman more at
tractive to the doctor than J."
Mrs. Carman was excused before -tho
noon reeess, leaving the stnud with her
testimony unshaken. Hhe never con
tradicted herself once, replied to Ques
tions iinhestiatiugly and passed through
the ordeal without the least variation
in her direct testimony.
Mrs, Carmun's daughter, Kllznhcth,
testified that file heard a shot on the
night of the murder, ran upstuirs and
found her mother in her bedroom,
The defendant said It wns the sight
of oer husbniid handing money to u
nurse n his offieo that stirred her, not
the fact of tho uurse hnving kissed
him. Mrs. Cur man said she slapped
the nurse's face "good and hard.'
Mrs. Piatt Conklin, Mrs. Cnrman's
mother, testified that on the night of
the murder the door between the pan
try ami the office, through which Colla
Colemnn sold she mid Mrs, Carman THid
passed, wns closed and locked from the
office side.
Mrs. Kin Powell, Ihe defendant's sis
ter, also was cahed and corroborated
much of tho testimony given by Mrs,
Dr. Carman took the witness slirti'l
at 2 o'clock.
Tho Doctor' Story,
Dr. Carman testified that on Iho
night of the murder hn went Into his
waiting room ut 7:40 o'clock anil found
n strange iniiii there, Ho swore the
man sold he hud someone who wanted
to see the doctor hut left saying he
would return,
Dr, Caiman said Mrs, Conklin, Mrs,
I'owell and Colin Coleman entered his
office alter the shooting but that Mrs,
I urien n did not. lie also declared the
iloor between his office and tho pifutry
was locked,
Dr. Carman wns seveiely cross exnm
lucd by Prosecutor Htulth hut his testi
mony remnined unshnken, He siijd lie,
could not recall telling anyone thai
the It ii ii I he saw through tho window
when the shut wns fireil was a woman's
hiiiul, but said, on tho contrary, that
lie hud always thought It was a mini's
Charles Adams, a negro, swore Hist
lie was passing the Cnrmun house on
the night, uf the tragedy and heard a
shot. He said he saw a man leap from
the fence on the wet side of the house,
run down Ocean avenue to Merrick
road, ami finally turn west, running as
long ns hn wni in sight,
Washington, Oct. 11.1. An end of the
deadlock in the senate, caused bv Mi
hint -r I n ir of southern democrats who
are fighting fur legislation to relieve
the finnncial stress In the cotton states,
was believed In right today. The lead
ers were considering several plans,
Vienna, via Home Oct, 2.1. The war
office announced officially today that
the Austrians have captured 2"00 Hus
sians, including 2,1 officers and 15 Ittls
sinn machine guns,
Some One Is Going to Do
Something, Sometime, at
Some Place, Somehow
Correspondent Says French
Line Is Bent in Places But
Nowhere Is It Broken
By Karl H. VonWiegand.
Montmody, France, Oct, 21, via Met)!,
Berlin, The Hague and London.
(rasseU on ami edited by both Gorman
nnd British censors.) The German cen
tral armies nre endeavoring determin
edly to reduce Verdun.
Heavy butteries have been mounted.
and with them some of the outer forti
fications have already been destroyed
The officer commanding, General Von
(name deleted by censor), told mo to
day that he was confident the Btrortg
French fortress would be overwhelmed
nnd taken within a fortnight at the
Ho praised French bravery unstinted
ly, saying the Gallic artillery was ex
cellent, but that its work was partly
nullified by inferior ammunition. In
this connection he called attention to the
many French shells which had failed
to explode because of linporfoet manu
War'i Clearinghouse.
Montmedy is the biggest hospital
(Continued on Puo Flvo.)
Move Made the Better to Pre
vent Any Violations of
American Neutrality
Washington, Oct. 23. War depart
ment offieinls agreed todnv that army
posts and forts 'in the Philippine Is
lands were being nrmcil and provisioned
rapidly, but It wns declared that ho
extraordinary excitement prevailed ovor
tne rur eastern situation,
Ono reason for the activities in the
Philippines was the currying out of a
comprehensive armament plan recently
snnciiuncd oy congress, but a member
of Hie general stuff of the army ad
mitted that the situation In tho far
east was partly responsible. Ammu'ni
turn In tlie various posts and forts hits
been replenished, but it Is not known
how much had been sent to the Islands,
If was understood that lame uunntltfes
or provisions novo been sent to Port
The chief complication In the fur
east so tnr has been the harboring in
Island ports of iin-nouliul ships. Hi i
Cecil Hprliig-lllcc. the British ambas
sador here, recently complained to the
stnte department that (Ionium vessels
were using .Manila ns a base tu supply
the kaiser's warships,
I lie armament plan, ns outlined ny
a member of the nruiy general si nil
today, Is to ei ul i the islands so thev
can withstand an attack until such
time as the Aiucrlcuu navy could ar
rive and use them ns no offensive, base,
It is understood Hint Ihe islands now
have their ful legal quota of men,
anus anil ammunition.
Washington, Oct, 21. Senate and
house Iciidcra told President Wilson
that congress was hopelessly deadlock
ed and I lint adjournment wns nut of
the question,
Hpeokcr Clerk suggested Hint the
president adjourn congress, predicting
that the country would support inch a
move, t was understood, however, that
Hie president is nut in fuvur of such
Hlxty members short of a quorum,
the house adjourned this afternoon un
til tomorrow, ilepresentiitivo Under
wood sold there wns no prospect of an
early adjournment, and Hpcnker Clark
also wns pessimistic,
Hpoukcr Clark sold neither house was
able to muster a quorum and Hint the
adjournment resolution could nut be
adopted as long ns it was opposed by
a single member.
Representative Henry of Texan aald
h would nut permit congress to ad
Journ without a quorum unless It con
sldered cotton legislation.
.: "4
Probably Had Outside Assist
ance as Bloodhounds Fail
. to Pick Up Tracks
After digging throuch the brick walls
and underneath the concrete floor of
their cell, and twisting the ban apart
in the basement window, two convicts,
Frank Wagner, alias frank Weger, and
Carl Wvinegel, aafe crackers and all-
round burglars, scaled the front wall of
the penitentiary at three o'clock this
morning and made their escape. Up to
a late hour this afternoon no trace had
been found of them, altoooeh the coun
try la being thoroughly aoarched for
milea in all directions. Both nre des
perate men and are expected to But uo
a fight If Overtaken, but the only wea
pon inoy are Known 10 nave tn their
possessioa is a long-bladed bread knife
which waa stolon from the prison
Tho escape was effected during the
dead hours of the night and no ink
ling of their operations was ruined bv
the prison guards or officials until they
wciu ninety over me wuns anu ar large.
J. H. Kvans, the guard at the front
gate of the prison, caught a glimpse
of one of the convicts ns he was leap
ing from the wull, and fired a shot in
that direction, but this evidently had
no offect except to sound the general
alarm. Both mon wore serving two to
five years' sentences for burglary und
sufe cracking in Portland, being sent
up for the burglary of Khnnnhan's
storo last spring. Wagner was received
at the priion April 28 and Weincgcl
May li.
Were Cellmate).
Wngnor worked In the prison bakery
and Weinegol was a waiter in the con
victs' dining room. They occupied the
same cell and wero thus enabled to
plan and effoct their escape together
without taking a third purty into tho
scheme. Tho brick wall of the cell wub
drilled through by the aid of un im
proviscd drill mode of a heavy steel
spike and fitted Into tho heel of a shoe,
which served the purpose of deadening
the sound of hammering during tho
arming process, 1 hoy also used some
old and discarded knives in digging out
tue unoK rrom tne wall, which they
had evidently accured and hidden from
time to tlmo.
Once in the basement, where no guard
is maintained at night, they forced
the heavy iron bars of tho basement
window at the south sido of the build
ing by twisting thoin npurt with strong
wires, and got over the west wall of the
prisoa yard, strapping together two sec
tions of floor racks, usod in the base
ment to pile flour nnd other perishiiblc
provisions upon to keep them dry, with
a section of the window sill which they
placed against the insldo of tho wall
uud used us a ladder.
Guard Evani Fired.
There was no guard nt the place
where they chose tu sculo the wull, but
there wns one on the south wull about
KID yards oust and around tho angle
whero they went over, but this guard
did not seo them. They went over al
most directly underneath one of the
new clusters of electric lights whicli
have recently been Installed around tho
wulls, und It was but a chance glimpse
that Guard Kvaus gut of them us they
made the Jump on tho outside. Aftei
firing the shot, Guard Kvnns ran around
to where they hod climbed over, but
the convicts hail disappeared in the
darkness around the corner.
Upon the sound of the nliirm the pri
son guards quickly assembled and were
deployed In nil directions, but no sign
of the escupes could bo found und I,
is possible that they received outside
assistance from confederates in making
good their getaway, nn a wngon passed
Hie prison snout the same time, and
it may have been waiting for them In
tho mud at the point where they made
their escape. This theory is partly
borne out by the fact that no report
has been received of anyone's having
given two suspicious men a "lift," as
would havo been the case hud they ap
plied to a passing farmer fur n ride,
and ll I ml from the fact that the blood
hound brought up from Portland for
the purpose by Deputy Hherlffs I, tuns
den, Kul per and Tmit't, trailed the es
capes to Ihe county rond nnd then lost
tho scent.
Expert at Job.
, Tho escape was very cleverly plan
ned and quickly and skilfully executed,
as both men were machinists by profes
sion nad skilled in the art of going
through so-called burglar proof stool
vaults, nnd the work of cutting
through Hie brick wnll of the prison
cell was like crocking nn eggshell to
nrtlsts of their cnlibre. They must have
(I nnlinueil on I'agn Hix.)
The Weather
Fair liinUht and
riaturdayj easter
ly wiuds,
1,'' WUesvJ
With Starting War, Only
One Fighting
Mixes With His Soldiers and
By Example Arouses In
tense Enthusiasm
By William Philip Sims, a United Frees
Staff Correspondent.
Hazcbrouck, Franco, via Havre, Oct.
23, "My lifo ia no more valuable to
the country than yours and my place
is on tho fighting lino," ns King Al
bert of Belgium's reply to his personal
staff's importunities to him to leave
the front.
Thursday I saw his majesty la action
at (deleted by tho censor), fighting
with the remnant of his army tor his
native land. Tho Belgians are untnrri
fied and iincouquured. Tho king woro
a general's field uniform. Ho is con
stantly encouraging his mon every
where. The Belgian general staff admitted
Hint tho German attack in northwest
ern Belgium was tho fiercest of the
war. The Germans, It was said, plafnly
i ii t o ii i i ci i to sweep through the country
into Franco ami soizo Dunkirk, but
King Albert's nnny prevented It.
With Backs to Wall.
Thu Belgians made their final stand
(Continued on Pago Five.)
About to Become a Mother
and So Refuses to Submit
to Operation
Rome, Oct. 3, (Tlv mail to New
York.) 'Behind Itiily'i official atti
tude toward the P.uruponii war situation
there lurks a tragedy of domestic sad
ness which unquestionably has hud
much tn do with King Victor's efforts
to prevent his country from becoming
involved In the grent conflict,
It is known In official circles In
Homo that (Jncell Helena expects to be
come n mother early In December. This
prospective event III tho most domestic
of Kuroicnn rnynl families is tinged
with a sorrow which was anything but
characteristic of the preceding occas
ions on which tho lyincn presented
Italy with three princesses and the
present heir to the throne.
It has been acknowledged by the
court physicians that her mnjesty is
suffering from enncer of the arm.
Her delicate cnnilillons makes nn oper
ation fur Its removal impossible,
Explain! King's Actions,
At Ihe time of the Messina disaster
the queen worked among the unfortu
nates of tho stricken city untiringly,
While engaged thus she Accidentally
received a severe blow on tho nriu,
l.nter tho Inquiry cnuscd her serious
discomfort, and a few months ago her
doctors diagnosed tho case as one of
Dnspllo the fact that an operation
might jeopardize the life of the future
prince or princess, the king has fav
ored having one performed rather tlisn
ierinlt her illsease to make further
headway, but to this his wife will nut
Indeed, his mnlest.v'l Illness, reiinrled
nt various times in the past two months
as grave, are said to be due lo worry
over Hie ipiccn s health.
It Is (ho accepted fact that King
Victor's eilreme reluctance to permit
llnlinn participation In the pending war
was duo In considerable measure to the
fear that the shock of a declaration of
hostilities might have a bd effect upon
her majesty.
Han I'raiiclscn, Oct, 23, K, Del, n
wealthy .lupnncsn farmer from l,nwer
Hheroiau Island, wns run down and In
slsntly killed here today by nn automo
bile truck driven by .1,' It. Meek, fleck
wns arrested and charged with man
Washington, Oct. 23. Acting Hecre
tary of Htate Lansing announced that
the stale department had protested tu
Great Britain against the seizure of
the Htandnrd Oil tank steamship Pla
turla, and had requested her release.
Oct. 23. Kiel ship
are building armored
barges to transport a German
army of invasion to the Uritisn
Isles, according to a Copenhagen
message received here today.
Borne of the barges were al
ready completed, it waa aald.
They were reported to be cap
able of a speed of nine knots.
The same massage said Zep
polin sheds were in course of
construction in Bchleswig, pre
sumably with a view to sending
with the barges a fleet of dirig
ibles. Neither report was confirmed.
Good Work of Marshal Smith
Lands Two Bad Ones in the
County Jail
Through the prompt and. daring ac
tion of Henry Smith, marshal and con
stable of Staytoa, two professional bur
glars, Fred Peterson, the "llig Swede,"
and Charlie Wade, members of the or
ganized gang of bnrglara which has
been operating in tho Wlllainetta val
ley for tho past few months, aro now
languishing in tho Marion county jail,
having been caught in tho act of bur
glarizing the general merchandise store
of Hitter & Belle, of Hiiblimity, Bnd
with tho goods upon them, at about 3
o'clock this morning,
Hhoriff William Kscli. who had been
notified by telephone of suspicious
diameters loitering about iir tho town
of Hiiblimity ut 2 o'clock this morning,
left immediately by automobile, and ur
rivod upon tho scene a few minutes
after tho arrest of the burglars had
been accomplished by Marshal Hnfitli
Both prisoners were arraijiicd before
the juitico of tho peaco at Htnyton tliTJT '
morning and were hound over to n
grniul jury in 1(I00 bonds each. They
wero brought to Hulem by Sheriff Kach
and placed In the county jail.
Knirnnco to tho Hiiblimity store was
gained by means of a skeleton key,
which will open any ordinary storo
door, and when Marshal Hinith arrived
in (sublimity, he having been notified
nt the sumo time Shi ril l' Kach received
his Information, he found Peterson, the
"Big Hwede," inside tho store in the
net of collecting the loot with a gunny
sack full of shoes already laid out on
the floor. Ho threw op his hands with
out mailing a fight and Wade was ar
rest :d tiunn the Outside of tho store,
whero ho wns standing wnlch, before
ho could glvo the nlnrm, Tho robbers
wero taken completely by surpriso and
did not have time to offer any resist
ance. In the capture of thoso two men
Hhoriff Kseh feels confident he has two
moro of tho organized hand of burglars
Hint has split up In pairs and trios to
carry nn wholesale burglary throughout
the valley ami a part of the sumo gnug
to a-1i leli Hugh Brennan, alias Aim
Moore, alius "Bluckle," John fiyTcill
and .7 1 hi Taylor belonged, who wero nT7
rested by tho sheriff and his deputies
here last week and turned over to Hher
ll'f Word, of Multnomah county, where
the group was wanted for n scries of
buruliirles coinitiiltcd In Troutdille, Os
wego and elsewhere In Hint county re
cently. John Adams, a paroled convict
from tho Oregon penitentiary, who wrts
arrested III couipniiy with the former
tiling of burglars and upon whoso per
son wero found stolen articles Identical
to those found upon Hie three burglars,
wns turned over tn the penitentiary of
ficials but wns paroled again In a few
Mrs, Henry I' relumed Tuesday
evening from n two months' visit spent
with her children In Michigan und
Canada. Mr. T. Hmllli and family of
Canada returned with his mother, Mrs,
Paseoo to spend the winter and prob
ably moke (his their future home,
Mrs. (Oorge Fox, of Itickrsnll, wns a
visitor nt tho home of her parents, Mr,
and Mrs. I Miller the past week
Mrs. (, Ti, Dunliip, our primarily
teacher, Is nn the sick list
Tho Ladles Aid spent nn enjoyable
afternoon nt the home of Mrs, Hall
Wednesday. The house was very Bt
tinetlvn with i-nil ibilillns. cnrrvtiitr nut
a pretty color scheme throughout the
entertaining rooms. The afternoon wns
spent in sewing after a profitable social
hour, which was spent with singing sud
music. Mrs. Mnlven Brown presided at
the piano. A delicious lunch was
serve, by the hostess assisted by Mrs,
II, Morris nnd Mrs, O. Wilson,
Paris, Oct, 23, No confirmation had
been received hern today of the report
that es President IHns of Mexico lutd
died III Madrid, While almost any ec
centrlelty In the transmission of neWs
was deemed possible at the present
time, It wns thought somewhat unlikely
Hint uo confirmatory message would
have reached here If the story had been
Level and Open Country
Makes the Losses on Both
Sides Heavy
Russians, Servians and Aus
trians All Claim Sweeping
"In general, there baa been no ma
torlnl change," was today 'a report by
the allies in the situation in the wtst
orn theatre of the Kuropean war.
"Thfl ouemy," wus the German ver
sion, "is slowly retreating along the;
entiro buttlo front."
According to the allies, the Germans
had withdrawn Bomowhat from the ols
gian coast to escape the fire from their
enemies' warships in tho North sea.
They were directing fierce nttacki
against Nieuport, however.
At Arras, too, they were trying IS
pierce tho allies' liue,
Tho level, open country made" the
fighting frightfully bloody.
The allies claimed to have cut the
kaiser's communication linos between
Bruges nnd Ghent nnd here also there
was u desperate struggle.
Allies Shell Ostend.
Homo accounts said an Anglo-Frenfh
fleet wub shelling Ostend and ou other
authority this report was denied,
To the southward the Germans were
increasing the fury of their bombard
ment ngainst tho' Mouse fortlficutiolia. '
Wost of Warsaw the Hussions de- '
clnred tho Germans were rotroatlng bo
precipitately that in places thoir re
tirement amounted to a rout.
They phicod German losses tn Ituf
slnu Poland at 200,000.
It win noticenblo, however, that In
other places along their eastern line the
Oermuiis still hugged the Vistula, sug
gesting that their Warsaw recessions
were not as Important u" Hie Kussiana
The Austrians reported inccesset
ngainst the Hunsians tn Onliciu, though
tho Hussions suid they hud failed in
repeated efforts to cross the Ban,
AU Are Victorious.
In Hukovinn also tho Austrians pro
fessed to havo beaten the ltussinrjs
badly, re capturing the important city ,
of l,t rnowitz and killing bugo num
bers of Hlavs.
Tho Herviuiii and Montenegrin
claimed fresh victories over the Aus
trians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
A Copenhagen message suid the Ger
mans wero building armored barges at
Kiel ami Zeppelin sheds In Hchlcswig
to invade Knglund.
A British squadron wns reported
looking for the German cruiser Karla
rue, said to have sunk 1(1 British ves-
(Ooiitinued on Page Three.)
American Express Shows It
Lost Money But Paid Divi
dend of 8 Per Cent
According to tho annual report of
the Amerbeit Isxprcss company to the
railroad commission covering the year
ending June ,'!(), itlll, tho total operat
ing revenues of the company through
out the entiro system, which extends
over the United Htates and across the
sens, wero f I5,I(I2,IMIi.3S, and the oper
ating expenses, Including a debit uf
4 -U, 1 Til ,Sltt.i:i for express privileges,
was lft,:iilii;iHI.I I, representing a loss
of ipi3,i;i1."il. The ratio of operating
expenses to operating revenues wue
Ull. Hi per cent. Notwithstanding this
deficit in operating revenues, the com
puny wns aide to declare a dividend of
eight per cent on Its capital stock dur
ing Hie vear, amounting to l,4H0,N0O
and there was H,im0,0W of Wells Fargo
ft On, Block, which hud been held by
tho American Kxpress company, dis
tributed among Its stockholders,
The Immensity of the scope of till
express system may be understood from
Hie knowledge Hint It operates over a
total of 1211,1113 miles. Of this aggre
gate mileage n total of 1250 Is opiuntril
Vn Oregon, H07H miles Is operated In
foreign countries and CiH.'JHt miles la
oceangoing mileage, The amount of
taxes p'lld In Oregon In IIM4 was ,
H7D.ua, nnd III nil other states and coun
tries 3711,302.!!, The enpltnl stock
outstanding wns 1H,000,000, of which
.IHI.OOO is held by the company In Hi
treasury sud la secured by purchase.