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Social and Personal Notes
By Mollie Runcorn
w-OR the pleasure of the resident In
t4 dinna people who were unable to
ing hour, . .
Decorations were suggestive of the
attend the Annual Indiana Picnic nearby Hallowe'en, witi'hes, iailco'-
ou1 September 1(1, the society officials I lanterns and numerous other Biipersti
have decided to hold another meeting, j tious emblems being employed. MiB
which will take place in tho church Ammbelle Hupert, a popular instructor
nnrlnrs of the First Christian church . in one of the Snlem schools, as fortune
next Monday evening, October 26. A teller entertained the guests with de-
supper will be served from five to half tailed accounts of their futures.
past bix o clock, and all members or
the association are extended a most
cordial invitation to attend. An inter
esting program of musical numbers and
addresses is being prepared, a feature
of the evening being a talk by Gov
Those who were present at this happy
event wore: Gladys Bartholomew,
Madge Bailey, Dollie Button, Flavia
Dimick, Mildred Oil), Katie (,'hamley,
Mildred .ludson, Mildred Bradbury,
Orpha Elliott, Kffie Mull, Archie Mai
School Officials Make Showing
of School Conditions Can
not Change Them at Once
erhor Hanley of Indiana, who is entotir , ley, Amory Hill, Vernoii Caldbock, Carol
through the United States and who ; Carson, Archie Holt, Clyde Gardner,
will be an honored guest of the evening. Kugeno Gill and Lester Davidson.
Tie session will adjourn in sufficient j .
time to enable thoso present to hear I The silver tea given by the Ladies'
Mr, Hanley speak ut the Armory at; Aid Society of the United r.vnngelical
7:i)0 o'clock.
The I'hilodosinn literary society of
Willamette university has invitations
out for their annual "at home," which
will take place in their handsomely,
appointed halls at the univorsity Sat
urday evening, honoring the new girls.
church yesterday afternoon nt the home
ol Mrs. S. 8. Mumey was well attended
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Dallas, Ore, Oct. 22. The Sunday
school teachers of tho Christian church
entertained the teachers of the Dallas
public and high schools at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Campbell on Wash
ington street Inst Friday evening, inoi
evening was spent in talking over
school days past and present. A short
program was rendered, consisting of
vocal and instrumental selections and
readings. After the program,, a deli
cious luncheon was nerved.
West Speaks in Dallas.
Governor Oswald West " of Oregon
addressed a good sized crowd at 'the
court house in this eity Monday night.
Governor West diHcusscd the political
issues of the day from the democratic
Union of Fraternal, Religious, Civic,
Industrial and Other Organizations!
and Citizens of Snlem for Mutual Aid.
PROGRAM Nobody cold Nobody anngry
Nobody frlendleis No little ones niglectod
Work (or tho unemployed No obligation
No humiliation Just civilization.
On behalf of the Sulem public
schools, Superintendent (). M. Elliott
expresses unqualified endorsement or
tho Center movement ami tenders his
own services in every possible way.
pils to the teacher, "the situation is'
being handled very well under the pros-,
cut arrangement and it will not be p6s
hi hie to inn he any changes, owing to1
Mtlie lack of-funds, at least until the
Mrs. David Fugh will be hostess for rooms. Mrs. Mumey presided nt the tea
the Oriental D. M. C. Club tomorlow urn, assisted by Mrs. Sarah Uorsey and
afternoon. I Mrs. Kuphemia Fitzwatcr. The funds
realized will be given to the womn2
Home Missionary society of the church.
During tho afternoon Mm. Fruin.
Frickey gnvo a solo number and several
most dcliuhtftil piuno selections. She
about forty ladies calling dining the j elld o( the first se,m,Btori wlien the
tea hours. i mntt?r will doubtless be taken up and
Tne house was very attractive with i au eflort 1Madc to uilltI.iuute thc worU
its ;'loral embellishments, yellow and i ,oro equitably ."
whiti chrysanthemums and dahlias,! ,t jB pointed' out that the conditions
carrying out a pretty color scheme forare ,)ot i()eal ju o( th(J S01()ol8 aml
rno serving ruuie nnu euicruiiiiiiiK
The Stickerei Club spent an enjoy
able evening at the home of Miss Flor
ence Smith Tuesday. After refresh
ntents were served. Miss lone Fisher
nntiiiiinenil the cneaiioniont of one of i will be the society's next hostess, en
the members of the club, which came
as a great surprise to all present. Tho
attending members were: Misses Kmma
Muths, Bertha Moumurd, ueneva r.uos,
Mubl Gardner, Mury Henningsen,
Florence Cunningham, Florence Smith,
Joue Fisher, Marie Ilovdcbo, Beinicc
(Smith, Helen Smith, Mrs. Mario String
er and Mrs. M. D. Smith.
Mrs. Robert Savage entertained in
formally Wednesday afternoon with a
five o'clock dinner. Places were ar
ranged for six, the guests being "Mrs.
Frederick Krixon, Mrs. Samuel Adolph,
Miss Lillian Htege, Mrs. Karl Anderson;
Mrs. Paul Stege.
"While it is true that some of the
grades in the public schools are crowd
ed somewhat under present condi
tions,'' said an official of the city
schools yesterday, in discussing the con- j
unions wnicn prevail, ns pointed s d Int. He'w1, introduceij t0 ,1C
in the petition of the patrons of the . h M, j 0 VanOrsdel.
Highland school to the board ot direct- To Meet Thursday Nigg
ers for an additional teacher to relieve , T,u, d . ,, COI1Vpncd Monduy
the congestion in one or two of the I ni bJut u.,on rull 01lll ,ln qHorum
grades w nere mere are w or more p .- ,,,,,,.-,.., . a(Uourllmcirt was taken I
until Thursduy evening nt thc usunl Thc naturo of the Center movement
hour. The adjournment worked no , i9 guyted by the heading above. If
linrdship, as the majority of the coun-1 your organization is not represented
cilmen were anxious to near uovernor ,.i,olw a delegate nt once. The move-
west speiiK nt tne court nouse.
Davia onn uunea.
Thc funernl over the remains of Da
vid Oli ii, who died from injuries re
ceived by the kick of a horse in thu
abdomen, was held at the chapel of
the Chapman undertaking parlors Moll
duy afternoon. The remains were lnid
to rest in the I. 0. O. F. cemetery. The
grades in ' Is
nil of the sehooJs in the district, which j Endor8e, Normali
was supplied, the patrons of the High- At a recent ineetinL-of the Monmouth m. ..., nr.. n w .!!,... well
Commercial Club the members unnni- j ),nown residents of this citv returned
moiisly voted to givo the normal school t0 t)l(,jr n0I11(s 3;)0 North Iligh treet
bills their heartiest support. Every yesterday after a two weeks trip to
IIIUUIUUI IB 11 .uinuiit ut vuiu in mx
the board of directors would be glad to1
(.stnblibh an idenl Hystem but this will
. ii . . t ii . IU IKB, III I
cost a great lie. u oi money an, tne i.s- de(.eaB(.(1 ,,.,, ft wi(low llml lur , fura.
trict has not the funds to adopt liny-'.,., . ... s.i i, .i.i ai
thing of the sort this term. However, u r r r.,r,; ,i, pi.,:.
as shown by the tabulated statement of ; ( j, h the' (mvml B(.rv. j
the conditions in each of the grades in . ' '
The Old People's home contributes a
most valuable and experienced Center i
booster in tho person ot Mrs, raunie
Mi. 1'inn, the superintendent,
Tho First Baptist church responds
with the name or Mrs. C. D. Baihyte,
who will represent that church in the
( enter work.
ment is to be citv wide in scope ami
not confined to the members of the
various bodies affiliated.
Delegates' names are being carefully
listed. They will hear from us soon.
Address S. 8. S. ('., cure Journal.
An Amazing Sale At
A tea and general reception is being
planned to be given shortly by the
woman's auxiliary of the 1'epubliean
Club, to bo held at the Hotel Marion.
i-romincnt society women win nave; , . ...
har;'o of the affair, ami a genciTi ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, if ,,,,,,;.
land school In explanation of the reu
sons why the petition could not be
granted at this time, there are only
two grades in the Highland school that
show n congestion or more than M pu
pilB to the teacher, while in some of
the other schools, notably the Lincoln
and Gnrfield schools, thcro uro four
invitation is extended to the people of
the city. An orchestra will furulfii
music during tho hours and several en
tertainment numbers will font uru the
Mrs. R. B. Walsh, wife of I'rofcssor
Walsh of the Foreign Language de
partment of Willamette University, has
Mrs. T. 0. Hopkins and Mrs. A. J. returned trom a four mouths' eustern
Rahn of Albany arc bouse guests of j sojourn. Her return trip was over the
Mr, rimrnn .1. I'enrce. Thev will re-1 Canadian route, and while away she
turn to their home tonight.
visited in Chicago, Cincinnati
many others of the larger cities.
aSid !
pils to tho teacher uud if nn additional
teacher were allowed the llighnnd
school it would throw down the bars
to all of the schools and to satisfy 311
it would require the employment of at
least seven or eight more teachers.
Then, too, the school board is con
sidering plHiis for tho betterment of
the facilities for instruction in music,
there being but one teacher in this
brunch of training for all the eight
grade schools, and the proposition of
establishing a physical culture depart
ment in connection with the schools is
Tl,. Tiilina' Aid Society of the First
I'resbvterian church will be entertained Mrs. L. K. Pago returned Tuesday
at 'the home ot MrB. M. O. Buren, 710 night from a delightful week's stay
Court street, tomorrow attemoon at! with mends at urenco, uregon. uunu
hnlf past two o'clock. Hostesses for! there she was entertained by Mr. and
this occasion will be Mrs. A. L. Brown,
Mrs. Joseph Albert, Mrs. W. G. Allen,
Mrs. G. L. AduniB, Mrs. L. G. Altinan,
Mrs. C, S. liiirdsull, Mrs. K. J. Allen,
Mrs. 0. L Brown nud Mrs. T. Burrows.
Mrs. Mulcoliii McDonuld aud Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Towers. Orenco is prac
tically inhabited by former Salem peo
ple, both the McDonalds ami Powers
residing here several years ago. Mrs,
McDonald was. Miss Aline Mellon be-
il'Oi Albert Minion (Lucille 8tuley)lfore her marriage and for a number of
of Albany is a visitor in Salem, being years was a popular tcucher in the
entertained at the H. B. Houston home public Bchooli here. They have one' of
on -South Commercial street, coming the most luxurious homes in this beau
down yesterday to be u guest at thetiful little city, which is quite noted
surprise shower given last night for j for its handsome residences and nrtis
Miss Florence Houston. Miss Leita;tic gurdens and parkings. Tho place
Bents, of Aurora, who was returning; was originated by thc Oregon Nursery
from Portland, also stopped off to bo company and derives its mime from a
Brescnt. returning to her homo this consolidation of a portion of cue!! of
that the community is ndvtscrt of this,
Southern Oregon voted heavily for t bi
nomial school nt Monmouth in t lie 19 1 1
election, and the people of Monmouth
deem it their duty to help support thc
Ashland institution at this time.
Hutton to Speak.
Ii. P. Hutton will speak at the high
school auditoriurn Thursduy evening ut
8 o'clock. Air. Hutton is one of the
most forceful speakers before the Ore
gon public and is worthy uf a capacity
K. P. Lodge to Bulla.
PlunB and specifications for the pro
posed new K. P. -hall at Independence
liuvo been received by the bulge and
bids will be culled for and the contract
let for the new building at un early
also up for consideration and the board !dntl!. Thc blliiding win , lv two-story
thoso words, Ore N-Co.
Mrs. E. A. Kurtz wob hostess for tho
second division of the Ludies' Aid So
.intv nf tho First Methodist church
nn,i.,r,iiiv ft(.i-nnnn nt her Homo on Godfrey. Mrs. Godfrey
Nnrti, church street. She was assisted friends horo who will be
Mrs. JnmcB Godfrey of Portland, who
has been a several days' guest of Mrs.
R. K. Page, is now with her son, A. L.
has many
pleased to
will proliubly take the matter up for
discussion at the next meeting. If thc
patrons of the several schools are going
to insist upon the employment of more
teachers before provision 'can be inatle
for more funds, the board will be com
pelled to ubaniloii its program of im
provement in instruction in the special
courses for the present yeur at least.
At present there arc only four special
brick, nicely arranged for n meeting
place with sufficient floor Bpuco for cn
tertuinment purposes.
Expects Good Meeting.
The Tolk county cuehcrs institute
which will be held in this city some
time in November has for the speakers
some of the best known instructors In
the stuto. Subjects .covering every
brunch of school srink will be discussed
branches, outside of the rcgiiuii course A vrrnm 8rruuged will be of
V, " , -'"" ""ispcolnl tienefirtw those who nave the
these are music, art, sewing hud man-1 ,,,,. onPnlti0, in hand,
mil (ruining, and the schools are o . personal Notes.
widely scattered over thc city that it j c Talbott, of Falls City, who for
is dilticult for the instructors in these 1 110 past HPVrri w0ks has been con-
i ranches to cover me enure ncid and ; t() hiH homi! wj,i, Inflammatory
no justice- to ail, and the board enter- rieumntism, is rapidly Improving in
u,.,,-, uuj.t-n ui immiik auir is n-iivva! lM.utli mill will soon be able to attend
these conditions and extend thc beiie-ito hi,. business affairs. Mr. Tulbott
fits to all the pupils who desire to tnkeiaa many fr,.nds in this city who will
Clifford Harold, of Portland, is in
the city on business.
8. C. Dunlnp is in the city from
R. P. Hutton, a member of the com
mittee of 100, is in the city on business
connected with the wet or dry campaign.
II. W. Fegley, of f'orvallis, is regis
tered Bt the Bligh to-lay.
D. J. Upjohn and A. E. Ball, went
to Aurora yesterday on a business trip,
!, K. Marshall, a prominent resident
of Hood River, was in the city jester-1
day. j
E. D. rhillippi, of Silverton, Is a'
Salem visitor. j
R. D. Rich, of Dallas, is In Snlem onj
George W. Hyland, of Portland,
commissioner of this static to the
Panama Fair, is in Snlem.
V, 8. D'Heii, of Oregon City, candi
date for Governor on the Independent
ticket, is a Snlem visitor.
Dr. .lames Withycoinbc, Republican
Suits, Coats,
This is THE opportunity to own your
outer garments at a price that has never
been equalled at this season of the year.
Every Suit, Dress and Coat in our stock
lias been pruned down in price in many
cases less than half.
Our policy is never to carry a garment
over the season.
See window displays.
$9.75, $150, $17.50, $24.50
$4.95, $7.50, $10.00, $12.50, $17.50
$4.95, $7.50, $9.75, $13.50, $17.50
interests of his candidacy.
8. E. Purvance, of Sulem, arrived f
here this morning to spend a couple of j
days on business. Roeburg Review.
Mrs. O. V. Helliwcll, of Snlem, is
spending a few days in Hoseburg at
tending to businoss matters. Hoseburg
Miss Wile McCullum, a' local teach
er, left this morning for a few days
candidnto for Governor, Is hero in thej visit at Sulem. Hoseburg Review.
Petrogrnd, Oct. 22, Tnat tho Her
mans had been driven back ton miles
all along their front west of Warsaw
was announced by tho war office hoiu
At Ivtingorod and south of Przemysl
too, it was stated, the Russians hud
been much successful.
"At every point of contact," con
cluded the official report, "our forces
have won decisive victories."
by Mrs. George Vick.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kcndnll Lovcll
learn that her visit will cover a
returned last night from Portland. j M-. ami. Mrs. Ralph Moody and Hugh (lr(1)t
. . . j llUMin, rilliur i o,... , j ,,,,
R. E. Lee Sterner is linine trom weeii enii visnors nt ir,
-..:..: rt inr.it,.,.i i-ntiifnlnir InHt nitlit. 1 cuts. ex-Governor and
,,...vi.u . '. . " I Moody. Itnlph Moody, Jr., Is attending
A most eniovable surprise was given the 'I'niversity of Washington at
in honor of .lolin Mull Saturday evening I Seattle,
home, Mr. und .Mrs. r.
v ' L, ! Line jln
nt his nurenls
K. Mull, in Mornlngside, a nuinner oi
bis school friends culling in celebration
cf his birthday. Mrs. T. L. Davidson
presided us chaperone, and asked M1ss
J;ii.abeth Gill to assist her at the serv-
Washington, Oct. H2. Tho British
foreign otfieo notified neutral powers
todny that Germany hail laid mines
within fifty miles of tho British coast
Daddy 's Bedtime
Tha Capoozic
, And ihe Fairy
Queen's Birthday.
The following tnlue shows the dis
tribution of the pupils in the grades in ,
all of the eight grudo schools to date, I
ns compiled bv City Superintendent '
Grade 1 2 3 4 Ii 0 7 S I) !
East Jl 112 III .14 MS ;il 41 40 1
Eugicwood 24 ni 2:1 ;n ;:i 47
Garfield ... 4.'l ll-'i .'IS 311 .'III 44 42 4:1
r 44 a.r 25 42 .1.1 44
glilaud ..III! 42 40 31 III! M
:i2 44 M 34 42 41 27 40 nl
Park 3H Ha HO 40 47 111 37 4
h'ichnioml ..ll '-'."I 27 .111 40 :!-'i IS
Tencliers: lOeust school, II, including
principal, who relieves in class work;
lOnglewood, 7, including principal, who
relieves in class work; Garfield, H, in-
eluding principal, who tenches class:
.11 f 1 I ... I ! ..-!....!.... I I...
'mil, I, i hi nun up ju mi ipil'i Willi
tenclr'S a class; llighliind, i, including
principal, who teaches class; Lincoln,
II, principal relieves In nil grades; I'arli,
I), principal relieves; Hicliiuoiul, 7, prin
cipal relieves in class work.
"Many happy raturna,'
ths fsirits oriad.
Bociety and club notices will
be received for the dully issue
at Tho Capital Journal editorial
rooms up to 2 p. m. Muin 82,
hu glad to Icnrn that he is tupidly 1m
Attorney B, F. Swupe, of Inilepend
once, whs a Dallas visitor the fore purl
of the week.
T. W. Hrunk, of Kola, democriitlc
candidate for representative from Polk
county, was a Dallas visitor Monday
und Tuesday.
Von Cnscv, of Portland, spent Sun
day ut the inline of his parents in this
Miss Rose Pnrrutt, n teacher In 'the
Oregon State Normal nt -Monmouth,
was nn over-Sunday visitor at trie home
of her sister, Mrs. B. Casey.
.lull ii Irakcs ami wife have goiio to
California tu spend the winter.
Cephns Nelson, of Monmouth, wits n
business visitor in the city Mnnduv.
N i mil Gregg, of Biillstun, was a Del
las visitor the latter part of the week.
Mrs. II. A. Lee, of Perryiliile, nils in
this city shopping SnturdiiV.
Christie Stufrin und wife, of Kuluina,
Washington, nre In the city visiting nt
the home of his mother, Mrs, Miiithn
SI li frlu.
The Eastern Slur held n s lul meet
iug in their lodge riiiuns Sutiirduv
night. Severn! Iiiilliitliins were hel
Kef rcshmeiits were served utter the
win k.
Mr. and Mrs. ,1. II. Harder and ilaiigh
: " '' '''I ..' Il.l,l.'l'l, li.ijlll ..yiMlilvnsaajiii.is iwi imjifp If 'Hl "if
jM Economy lttJi :
Sale -mI
T was the tiny before tho fulry queen's uiniitiny, snm uuiuiy. ui
course the fit ley queen I" nhviiys young nod Is bonutmii. sue nns a
lilrthllny, us nil' the little fairies Insist lipmt having sotno day, In which
tln.v enii mi v her snoelnl coinpllnients. They lovo to plnn for a birth
dny pnity. Somehow, though, this tlnio they bad thought anil thought uud
bail not been ublu tit think up nnytlilng. '
"Well, nt lust, when nntlilng hud been settled and the fnlrles were becom
ing ruther dlsenuiageil, It wns decided Hint n coiimiltteo of six fairies was tu
to chosen and (lint they must ileeldu what wns to be done.
"Ho the si fnliles who woru chosen went off Into Ihe woods. Through
nn opening In tho woods mm of tho fnlrles saw n very timisiuil thing nml
Culled Hie other fairies, siiyliig,''l See sm h a strange looking ereuturo In tout
rallcy over there.'
'"Let's go over to lilm aud seo If he can suggest nnytlilng,' said nnutlier
'"'So the six fnliles lifted their silver wings and alighted In the valley very
rear where tho strange looking vruiiture was standing. Ho proved to bo
funny little old uiun with n very solemn facu.
" 'Who are you?' nsked llio fnlrles.
" 'I'm Ihe Gnponr.le,' the old mau niiswercd.
" 'Wo never liennl of you. Where do you llve-wlth (ho rcnl peoplo or by
yourself In 'thu woods?'
'"In Ihe duvtltno 1 live In this vnlloy-nlwnys by myself-where It Is nice
ami sunny, niid'iit night I "lecp hi the woods. My only friends are the crows,
for they tell mo fonny stories nnd I give them presents.'
"'What do you mean, lliipoos.lcT
"'Why, If nny one can tell me a 'funny enough Joke to make me laugh I
alinke sll over, mid when I sbnke I drop presents nil around.'
"Oh how wondetfuir thev shouted. 'Will you come to the fairy queen
birthday' party tomorrow? We'll tell you all tho Jokes you like If you'll shake
nml drop beautiriil presents for her.'
"Promise!" hu filed. ,
"The next day the fairy queen wns requested to sit upon Dor throne wuile
the fairies gathered around, nnd In the center stood the Onpooslc.
" '.Many huppy returns, fulry queen!' Ihey nil cried.
"Then the fairies began to tell Jokes, and the Oapoozlc shook and shook
with laughter, and presents dropped from him.
now delighted they all were, and the fnlry queen hd the most wonderful
birthday she had ever had."
An Old, Family Cough
Remedy, llome-Mada
Ksallr Prepared fn Verr
l.ltllr, tnil In I'rnmpt, Sure
nntl F.ffrctlve
ter have returned from an estended
visit with relatives In Minn tu.
Mrs. Oin Ciinper, Mrs. Kllu ,1. -Met -ger,
Mrs, Ami B. Ituhinaiin hud Mis,
I), P. Patterson have returned from
Eugene, where they attended n meeting
uf the St nte Kcileriitton uf Women's
l-'i ii nk Coed returned Sinidiiy night
from ii short business visit In I'nitliiiid,
, . A, , , i The Slnle llonid of
By making this pint of old-time cough , n.,lllltf ,, ,,,
!. m,Mi.i-e,l with tl. r,.n,lv.iii,i,l,. .'"rds of linnleiMii to cover I lie upper
Control thi
for "i-'ll siiuure
oniilor floors of tho Capitol boil-ling
but no itnii't will be awarded until
due consideration can lie given to Ihe
I prh
kind, hut M'U will also have a much more
prompt and poitlve remedy in every way.
It overcomes the usual emijili. tlinmt and
chest colds In 21 hours relieves even
wiiomihiif coiieh uulcklv nnd is excellent,.
too, (or briuieliit is, hriinchiiil asthuia,
hniirsem-ss nnd sniisinodie croup. 1
tlet from iiuv diiu; store V1 ounces nf
Pluex l 0 cents woi'llil, pour It Into n
Hint bottle nml till the buttle Willi plain
griiimliitcil siiuur sviup. lull iliiwliniia
with I'iuex. Keejis perfectly and tutcs
Volt can feet thin tnke hold nf a couch
or rohl In n wity t tint meiins business, It,
quickly Inosriis the div, honise or piiln
nil cough and henls the Indented litem,
brsnes. It uUo lias a remit rknhle edeet
in overcomlni the )tcrUtcnt loose eonuli
hv stoiMiiiur Hie fitriitiitiou of phlegm in
Mm . l,,-,,i ,..l l,,.,l,;.,l l.ll...
The elleet of I'itte on t he incmhrsnes Is , lino in i.io, t resign, ti.- i.
kiintin bv itlmost every tine. I'lnex Is s tleliln l.tl for Vi Ineli, nnd $1.2
moat vitltinhle concent ruled compound nf :t 1 t i 1 1 ti rk carpet s 1 . 1 i ami tl.27
genuine Ntuwsv pine cilnict eiimblnrd , (,, r(mn,i & King, Portland, lln
ph,e"m"n!. '"' " ol""ln '!,'" "ni1 ',l'r "I"1"'"
'lltere sre ntflliv wiulhh-ss ImitntinnSi '
of this famous mixture. 'In avoid ilia- TVin Tniimof Wnnt Ar?a
sppolnltiietit. ssk vmir diueulsl Tor "2'4I ""
ihirr"erJe,ill',x" ''" ""l "',,rvi "r," are 1,ca" c111130 acy are
'A'giisrnitfee nf abaolitte anll.fnetlon. ' f ull Of bargain I1CW3 that
nr nmnev promptly refiindnl. goes with .,u 1,, ,1 ',,
this prensratioii. Th pincx t Ft. everybody needs to Know.
Wayne, Ind. '
and qualities of the goiuls bid
upon, lite bids were ni(Cd upon nil
giades of linoleum and wlint is known
ns "liiil.tleihip'' floor cmcrlng nnd the
bids were submitted Ms follows only
one Hulem firm, the Imperial I'uriiitiire
store linvlitg entered Ihe competition:
Imperial t'liinilure I oiiipiiny, linoiileuut
1.20 per square ynnlj battleship griuln
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