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Editorial Page of The Daily Capital Journal
i. ijJ"'.!!-..' r; ...ig
IDuily, by Carrier, per year J-
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TUB Capital Journal carrier boy. are instructed, to put the paperi on the
JFhono Main 83. .
The much talked of war tax is looked upon evidently
,y many as an additional tax forced on America by the
war? It is nothing of the kind. The people of America
have to pay the expense of running the government a -ways.
Heretofore the money for this purpose was collect
ed largely from importations on which customs duties
L . ; nfv,a,- wnvds. throuch the tariff. This
;e one sapienUy a-SS
discovered, as under u uie gieuxcou Uun
could be plucked with the least amount of squawking from
the goose. pftT,snnM- of foreitrn-made goods
XimvRSSHfc. it is not shown up
RS JLtx' n. ,.,,. tvio imnnvtntions have fallen off
U 1. " "ntwh, receints from customs are
55? light The S is that Africans are conjum ne
;u V : j h,f f and nvp not contributing through
fhXlffs before. Inconsequence
of this it becomes necessary for the government not to
?Le more monev than before, but to raise the same
amount irom uuie.c.u , . , onn,lp(1 war
. Everv industry or proauci on yvhu-u u , - ;
uveiy V , i .. i c ,.in vet not thev. but
tax" is levied sets up - -.-"- ipfQ fnllv
the public that consumes men guuua . i r; n"""taV
r.avs the bill, and they are out nothing, there is no lax
cX ted by he government, but the American consumer
ultimately 1 pays, and the war tax is simply a making up
ttZ deficS caused by the people not buying foreign-
made goods.
A non-partisan judiciary would be a splendid advance
f.tep for Oregon. Many of the older eastern states have
it and it works well, because the courts should be above all
partisan bias and influence. The system is now in opera
fon in Washington and Idaho leaving Oregon a one of
all the Northwest electing party candidates f-S"
nreme bench, and there is an initiative bill, No. ..22, pend
j)reme otnui, a . 1 nf.ftVinty for a non-partisan
, ng ai 1 , li..' ' Vi'mi 1 1 A ho 1 to vote ves on this
measure, unu vui.ua b mMa :.,,ia u j voar with
-f kot their canuidar.es ior su nunc j'b v" j--; -teieci
ineir canui nsfP(Ui 0f nartv affiliation.
il View 10 lHiifsa uuu oum .. -- .
Good men are running on both tkkets, in the main, but
v .... 1 '.1 j nJl iinnimann .Il rtW 1j. 1.
the Capital Journal wouiu demo
Uarr!s, XJ; ofall.,artU-s. Both
cnu, toil mm:uh - hereditably as district
:ire men w u iuivg oviwu - ,. .
iudges and are entitled to recognition and promotion at
he hands of the people. There are other good men run
the nanas or uie ptop this
KnSS brought about at once,
fu unnat tntional amendment to be-
wiinoui wiuwiifc mi v".....
come operative.
. iti. p Alh-mu i 5)1 voars old and wil
WHS. lull urn iiaiv, 'u""j " . . .
be 92 next month, yet she beat lots o Unn i county folks
to the register's office, and went on foot, too. bhe was
Kin riorth Carolina and crossed the plains to Oregon
in 1815. coining so young that in spue 01 i n uiuur
1V ' . ' h Twsnnn Sh ifP stered Wednesday
KOTmTrii.. atoV Albany and 1
other's vote, but iitey snow ua- nb"t -
duty and voting, anyway.
England may rule the seas, but when the kaiser gets
those guns with a 25-mile range mounted at Ostend she
will no longer control the English channel. As a matter
of fact, Germany, if the stories of her new gun are true,
can almost bombard the English coast, and if the Krupps
add a few miles to the range, it will be all off with the
tight little isle.
American fashions are being adopted by American
women. This snows an awaKoning 01 painuusm, uuu
that the French are too busy just now 10 nouwr "
ilyles of femuune wear.
uuu va v "- -
C. S. Moores, of Portland, who is the republican party
of Oregon, if we may believe his own utterances, has
muzzled Withycombe, candidate for governor, and taken
full responsibility for the campaign of Booth ror sena
tr wi,of ha cava (rnps and he is savinff a great deal
nowadays through the columns of the Oregonian, that
great champion of the plain people, providing the plain
people will be good, ask for little, and expect less. He
finnc than a Mexican rebel eeneral.
16SUCS j:iu-iuiiiui,w..u , , i
Moores is a standpatter. He has always stood for the old
order, the convention and the machine, as opposed w uie
direct primary and the right of the people to select then
own candidates. He questions their intelligence or their
honesty perhaps both and believes, no doubt honestly,
that only a select few are capable of self-government m
this country. m
In putting such a man at the head of its campaign com
... j i : i;, fkr.o in onUo nf vpnoorpfi fleteats.
mittee anu KeeiJing mm uwic m 0 . Y
mainly explains the disasters suffered by the republicans
of Oregon. He does not represent the masses of the party,
o . . . '1.1. ia J .Jn Kir nic
has nothing in common wicn uiem, aim, juugcu WJ
actions, entertains only contempt for their opinions and
desires. And the republican party will never win the vic
tories at the polls that its apparent majority enaii u
to until new men, strong anu ciean, wiui w u.
nlain people of whom Abraham Lincoln said : God must
love them because ne maae so many uj. uicm, a.c
the head ot its attairs. , , , , j
The republican' party is not, or snouid De a stdnupat
party. It came up into power under uuicum au
sion of the masses against the Bourbonism of the demo-
. .... 1 o- .j.: .,.1 nnlni'ii ae tnmp
cratic party ot the eany oixues, wuuw 'Uuo,
one expressed it, "Knew iiouung aim iwu,u -j -
anything." It stood for progress and a new order oi
things until long-continueu power wuscu mc
fives of predatory wealth to corrupt its leaders and seize
TViPn rame the revo It. the pro-
tut' reins Ui iia V. . . V U
gressive movement led by Cummings, Bnstow, Roosevelt
and other great leaders who voiced the protest of the rank
and file that the sacred functions of government had been
prostituted to the uses of greed and personal interest.
The insurrection swept the party from power in the na
tion nnd in everv state where the progressive forces tailed
to dominate the party organization. In Oregon a little
c iaue. headed by ivioores and me ureguuian, aim &
he wreck of the party macnine, anu nave uecn
hwnrt pverv effort of the people to regain possession of
the organization that it may again become an mstru-
of nonular ideals anu progres-
sive government. It is said that the Progressive party is
dying it may entirely pass out 01 eiisieiiw a u,6a"-
rl has? taken root in the hearts
1&U.UUI1 UUHIHOl.w...v..... - -
and minds of tens of thousands of republicans and for all
time to come will find expression ai tne Danoi uoa w""s
a., ln inrlannnlont vntincr of those who. thOUgh
thev register as republicans, acknowledge no party ties
that would stultity tneir uuiy ursw ui an tu ure
ance of good government, honestly administered in the in
terests ot the people.
State Chairman Moores and his organ, the Oregonian,
are the most discredited political prophets in Oregon, but
, 1 1 ... :l. mi in fU Hirl hnnHpri
thev don t Know 11. 1 ney are fei upm6 m w ,
by their own egotism, ana aeai 10 any cuunsei mat
not harmonize with their own views of matters political.
nn, .,r.rf tiio inu7Prin(r clouds of another lmpend-
ing defeat, and when they rear their heads from the debris
of the avalanche ot JNovemoer .i, mey wni piutecu tu
u., u riioootm. in pvprvthinf hut its direct cause
Moores and the Oregonian. They are the real wreckers
of the republican party in uregon, Decause me nuues ic
hpHpv ritizena than thev are partisans,
will continue voting the democratic ticket until these relics
of old-time machine politics are ounea too ueep aui eDui-
1 1 .3 -Pr!M wr.f lirwlc. ivni.oQont rnp
rection ana ciean men unu in iVvv...
principles the party of Lincoln once stood for in the his
tory of the republic.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18GS
Capital $300,000.00
Transact 'ft general banking business
Safety Deposit Boxca
i V S. l"Rcn and Col. C E. S. Wood
' poUf at Ashland Thursday and Gover
nor West Fridav evening. Politics are
' warniiiij up in Southern Oregon which
. if. Unini ulwnvs ignored
when it conies to selecting state or fed
1 eral officers.
i When congress revoked its order de-i
priving congressmen absent from duty,;
of tneir I'ay, i.ongrL'ssniuii unurn. .
the first, man to start ror nuuir sihuuk
out on the first train after he heard of
congress' action.
Stnnlev R. Cooper, a wealthy cream
ery man' of Prine-ville who was visiting
Seattle suddenly disappepared an() no
trace of him can be found. He was
sick and it is feared either became
temporarily deranged or has met with
foul play.
Redmond's potato show opeuefl
Thursdav with the finest exhibit of
spuds, it is claimed, ever shown in the
Citizens of Orenco have subscribed
$.1,000 to the stock of the proposed can-
nerv at that place.
Senator Chamberlain spoke at. La
Orande Thursday to a big and enthus
iastic audience.
Commissioner Palmer has announced
that Tinker will enjoy n $10,000 tax re
duction this year, owing to a $10,000
surplus derived through a multitude of
economies practiced last year.
A gold dredge in use at Sumpter is
powerful enough to handle boulders of
prodigious size. The American men
tions one that was eight by four by
three feet In its dimnsions.
"The city council," says the Weston
Lender, "has tackled a man's size job
in financing the waterworks improve
ment, but when carried through as
plnnned it will redound to the council's
credit and that of the city."
North Bend TInrbor: Now that there
is a good deal being said about label-
inrr irnnilu mti II II f II r' t II nl ill this COIllltrV
with the mark "Made in I!. 8. A.,'' the
movement suggests thnt it might be a
pood thing to use a " Jlaile on too
Bav" label.
W. C. Marsh has sold the Wallowa
Sun I. T.nln V r,.V ulin hn
fnr wmna vpnm bnctl nninlnvpil nil the
Sun, and of whom Mr. Nash testifies
that she is "well qualified to carry on
the work and to issue a bigger and
better Wallowa Sun than ever before,'
Astoria's city park eoniniission lia
nftmt.,1 tlia cirv nnrk nn Coxcomb Ml
.Irihn .Incnli Astnr nnrk. lint will imp fill
its influence to retain the present name
or tne mil itsoir, rejecting asto
lTuinr.ru " Vtian rhn nnrk urrin wu
donated it was provided it should be
calle, Shlvely park for the donors, but
this name never stuck.
,k thf. triad hand to all Bolirians who may
seek a home and peace on this side of the ocean. Here, if
anywhere in the world, can be built up the linen industry
until it equals at least tnat oi meir om nome. uhuiwuhd
here require just the class of people now driven from their
homes in unhappy weigium, anu sureiy it is eusit-1 iu uuuu
niiuu hai'a tVinn to trv to brine order and comfort out of
the wrecks of homes and business there. Oregon's latch-
string is out, and she invites you to come and be ot oui
big and happy family.
a tv,o fimm mt riiip. it is disclosed that the value of
the American farm products for the year 1914 is approxi
mately $10,000,000,000. The cost of the European war for
all parties thereto is estimated at $21,000,000 a day. This
in a year would amount to $7,()();,000,000. In other words,
the products of the American farms this year would pay
all the expenses of the war for a year and leave a balance
of $2,:i:'.5,000,000. Truly, this farm of your Uncle Sam
uel's is "some ranch."
The passengers and crew of the British steamship
Consols, arriving at Tacoma from Buenos Ayres recently,
had to cook their own meals after leaving Trinidad.
Tho nrtulf wna n HiM-ninn And was taken off the shin bv
a British warshop. It is a safe bet the outfit made things
lively for the Tacoma restaurants for a few days after
October 20 will bo national apple day, and every pa
triotic citizen should buy an apple, or a box of apples, ac
cording to the extent of his needs and his means. In this
way a great industry might be assisted, and, as apples aid
digestion, everybody will feel better, physically and men
tally, for having been a philanthropist.
The blacksmith labors at his forg
and mutters now and then, " Itv
lleoree. I'd like to be a banker; it's
weary work to swing a sledge, nuc
manuiactiire iron
wedge, and fash
ion nlow nnd an
chor. The banker
sits around nui
gloats o'er piles
of bonds and
:fV'--. Vj stocks and notes,
, f v attired in princely
c J' A raiment, whilo
must tiirnin my
weary thews to
meet niv Sons of
M 1 1 0 d il t s, or
make some othe
ii a y m e u t. The
banker's girls are
wenring gems, his
wife has priceless dindems, ull gifts the
Kiitti unu. iiruiir nut! nur till- imn.i who
and girls, alas, have only brooches of
lint.. If III in. mill MlcV lirp witiirtnif mini.
hum,' The banker, shy of brawn and
pith, admires the mlgSty, stalwart
mii'i, an tun or rcu corpmcies; m
sighs, "Oh, chee, I d give my wealth
to have that mini's nbuinlnnt health
hill uilllit hiilin mill iniiai'liml 1 ill. tint
liitiitt lit,, In. i-iitt .ml m ui.li, F iiinf,,..i
and repent, it it. I feel no indigestion; his
Miim.icn iskcs wnai it recelvus, ami
never balks, and never heaves, and
never asks a question. Hut if I eat a
crnui'n of cuke 1 have twelve kinds of
stomach ache, my works will be cor
roded; a sirloin steak would knock toe
cold so what's the use of all the gold
with which they say I'm loaded f"
Complaining mortal, be content, and
1.111 V lint tlirt nlliitr limit M-lm... I .........
so much better; he rIho sighs for some
relief; he has his share of care and
grief, as sure as donneiwetter,
i .1.1.. .ataL- fi aCvl.
1 ' '
X ;W .
-; i'X -
i ' r ' In '
i f
A (
y. Vp
for Oregon, will speak in Marion county, as follows:
, Silverton, Tuesday, October 20, at 11:15 a. m,
Mt. Angel, Tuesday, October 20, at 1:110 p. m.
Woodburn, Tuesday, October 20, at 3::'0 p. m.
Salem, Tuesday, October 20, at 8:00 p. m.
PvorvKrirlv io lnvitor. in Cnitid nnrl hear thp sonntor toll
of the work done by congress during the past two years,
(Paid Adv.)
"Three maxims for success? 1
would suggest thinking, working
and economizing, " K. B. llutler.
Thii thi-i'iitiHipil slill hiuhir cost ot
lit'inir in the United States on account
of the war In Kurope may have this
gooit result, that it win cause us to usi
better judgment In the matter of our
iliet. to the ureut ndvantaue of both
our health nnd our pocketbook,
1 lie t nicago ( lean roou t. nil) is plan
ning the formation of a chain of neigh-
iHiruood chilis to lie createil ror tin'
doubli! purpose of fighting the war cost
of living and establishing a permanent
bureau of service for the poor,
Acconling to an oincer ot tins or
ganisation, the present flurry in prices
of foodstuffs Is a blessing In disguise
anil a valunble opportunity to teach
women now to cook, wnat in coon, wny
and when to eook it, nnd how to regu
late the family diet without lessening
its nutritive value.
The American woman is termed a
waster, and the American nation a na
tion of dyspeptic and doctors, in the
resume of the present situation b,l Mrs.
voniinist, acting president or tne cum,
who suggests that we need to eat less
nml nrv nnr fnmtM If ur wish In kpell
well and force the market back to Its
normal condition.
" W have two things to accomplish
in the clubs I am Roing to form," ml
Mrs. Voullolst. "The first ii to M
out where food can he obtained al i?
reasonable nrices. anil how to hrlii w
poor to profit by advantages, uci
buying ut wholesale prices. 'SUmd
is to teach our meiiilicra huw to li
well but frugally. The cume tl mi
time is our wastel'iiHuem. Our illnrsto
are mostly from ovcniiitritioo into
of iiiideruiitritiuii.
" 'Tell me what yon N
tell you what you arc,' i tb
nff.ni inioteil liv Helen H, Ricasras,
from whom I olitaiiieil the pitM put
of mv knowledge of fooihtulli
their 'values. We eat too mufk
need blmplicitv In our ilicf. Wa cat to
much sugar and starch. Wnkoiilill
turn vegclablcs, salnilii, ike " .
la our melius, and use reit ipirnp.'.
especially In summer. Hut it i 'J
be denied Hint there sro tinsel ' "
which cannot bo rq'laec b)i M!'iiK
"Our clubs will aim to tiw
practical eceiiomy ami V"'"
Leeplng. Lenders will bs IW "
UN mi w ut v u
This Is a movement which cauld
spread all ovff.the coimtry It
t L. Wo believe rtat J "
housewives are doing tlirir b l
omm, but in unian i.n. . - -
1, Lt iun'"""
The French suthoritin
use ' ' satlsraeiory ' ....
,,i, from their J .nn -h
that the word suffers in !
Portland, Or., Oct, 111. In reviewing
the I'm est protection work of the past
season, the histrict forester at Port-
mini, Ur., announces that some verv
efficient nml speedy records have been
made In reaching fires.
Perhaps the most striking hislnnce ol
mis rpeeiiv work o irred at a ranger
station three eights of a mile from Hll-
fnr 1.1.1... II Tl. ......... l-.-i .
..i, in., miii'i ri'i-i'iirit ii
telephone call to the et'fct that there
was i nre at n nun twelve miles awav.
Hit tllilli.i.llnt.iU' .I..I.I1...1 1.1. L..... ... I..
-- .. n..itiii-,i uii. iti.ini', rum'
Into town, hired ten men and three
nillillllnbilc ttn.l it-Ill. tlii. .....k
ed the fire In just forty-right minutes
irom me time lie received the telephone
cnll. Tim run frnm Hit-,, I .L. t il.
scene of the fire, twelve miles jwav,
s iiiMiif in in eiHy-eignt lutnutes.
E (Sfe U
G Kfefll M
g mm p
"The Satisfactory Kind."
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