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Iffifi "wZP SEEflWilfllEI iHlfi HI BREAK ATFflLSoI - UjP
ra -kinky M, ri. f i. . .; - ,v-rvvUu,
I II I I ill Ml 11 ii "liUC ucs uaim LarPer A ms a m nr.;. :j
W " ..-WW. ,
Colli Rain ad in Places Snow
Made Life Miserable for
Troops in Trendies
Rumor is Persistent that Two
British Cruisers Were Sunk
By Submarine
JJllT l miOM i to be
1 '""" amonS the ae.hoola of tl 0
o.,ty tor their U1intnlace duf h
the coming school . ... "
he state appropriated $25,097.10 from
the state achool fund and ti,
yhool fund appriat omlt
The largest sum for any ine1e d S
.... KM.m-iuiufjiQnnf r,ti ,...
schools, W. M. Mmith. ha. cn.nnH.7V .
following apportionment:
District No. 1, Donald, $702 85 .
District No. 2, Case. nr,l fin ' '
District No. 3. Mi,,iu ' .,
. ipui.-
While Allies Claim hm
Armies Germans Put Them
On Defensive
There wan hard fighting, with
alternate small losses and gains,
!ont: the franco-British and
German lines in Belgium and
ranee but no decisive change in
the situation.
The French declared the Ger
man center, under the crown
prince, was in danger of being!
outflanked and predicted that the!
hiier's forces would soon be!
forced to n.uit France. I
It was confirmed that the
Germans held O.stend and re-
inrled that they hud ."occupied
' Cold rain, and in some places'
w, fell heavily, making ex.'
r-lcnce miserable for the soldiers'
nd hampering military opera-!
The Petrograd war office as-!
wrted that, after being trapped I
tne end of It days' fighting
war Warsaw, the Goiw.n in
teian Poland were in full re
rat, T'ie Germans claimed to be
;"mn tins same region
Jliey also declared the Aus
Mans were gaining Galicia,
l" Mlie Russians denied.
cholera situation in Aus
"'.""Jifiryjfrcw more serious.
"tote denial.-; by the admir
"'.till renort in.roi,, n...i n.-
District No. 4, Silvorton, $577 10
District No. 5, Rosedulo, 47BS '
District No. II, Witzol, $412l'o '
District No. 7, Sublimitv, I4!5oW
District No. H, Rickey, $510 70 ' '
District N. , MbcIcbv, $53!) 55
District No. 10, Evergreen, $822 05
District No. 11, Aumsville, $ 172.no
District No. 12, Fern Iturgo, $23-1 ii
District No. 13, Matminff. ,, ,'
l is net No. 14, Jefferson, HI55.(I3
District No. 15, Hubbard, $17011 21 '
District No. 11), Oak (irove, $2(13
District No. 17, lurisli (lap, $:til() gr,
District No. IK, Hull, $(i;Ma '
District No. lit, Urusli ('reck. $;iN'l III
District No. 20, Marion, MI'IOO ' '
District No. 21, (bite,, $(,if 74
District No. 22, Pring!,., $7S r,
"iMii-i .vo. 2.1, Aurora, $17
I'lsirict 24, fialom
isiri.-t .,. -Ti, Huttl,. Creek, $2113.70.
.-.fin. 1 .so. .0, earmold, $330 115
District No. 27, Loouoy, $2li;i.0 '
District No. 2S, rilihec, $250' -15
District No. 211, Rocky l,jtlt, 27i ;,,,
District No. .'in, Liberty, $2H3 I'll
, DiBtri-t '.,. 31, Iiim, miiM '
pitrl:t No. 32, Champcc,, $(M Ml7
District No. 32, Kvnns VhIIbv $:)(!(! 7.5
Di'trict No. 31, .,(i '
District No. 35, Hilver Cliff. $IHH2
District No. 3D, Mission, $32.! ill)
District No, ,!7, Ksirviow, $21'.li'in.
District No. .'IS, White, $444 2(1
District No. 40, Central Howell.
District No. 41, Il.izd I,-T1 . $l7t.5:i.
District No, 42, I Iion Hill. $:n.-,.sn.
District No. 43, Independence, $25(1,.
District. No. 44, ',,.,, Vo(p,,ur.
District No. 45, Ht. I'liul, ,fil7:i ;i
District No. 411, McKeo, $17!l4.
District No. -IS, Crouton, (i32 17
District No. Ill, .It., $123.. 'IS.
District No. 5(1, I'rutum, $S74.I I.
Distri.t No. 51. Norih II, .,..11 i.r.r.
Zlr Invincible and! 45,
mm ooen sunk waGer- Di-t
The total number of saved
rpedoed British $Z
District No. 51, Mc.lp., l.-,7.i;o.
District No. 57, (irnssv Pond. 7na .
! (15.
No. 57, Mutteville, $IHil.i!l,
No. 5s, I'li.tisnnt Point, $1117.
District No, 511, St. Louis, $i',lll.liO.
District No, lid. Kldricilirc. r,.i(i i!i
No. (II, West Nta.vton, $1173.
"" 0II1CPM mill .Hi! ' ... nr.
Jaunted for Hml undoubtotllv' !!'",r!''t lN'"' "''' "y. fli'i.7(i.
Til,' rtri'ti.l, i. .
lorn in 1, P''nara-
,.,,, i,7 iini'iner m itarv
'"to the contlnelr1
Awtri.l.Te..c.ur',nt that
ri'orift o ' ia 10 make ter
Nmli i, ",tt,!lH Permanent
' !it,l. .1 .... 111 "1" lOlIiM iitn... ...
?")-.Mii.:- , l f"f Hie roor.ll
li-.i iu """d be
' . If), 1L . .. ' '
""t of the
"n.tii,,.i ' i Art e II
''"if M.1,1 . '. j'vldiim for
I'lhirii't No. (15. line (irc.n in I o UK
District No. (1", liioinm, $532,1(1.
District N, US, ,,istoii, $2!i3.7d.
District No, (id, Prospect, $3(1(1.75.
District No. 7ll. tlnrmnnv. 7'. "7
1 1, Liberty, $1113.1111,
District No, 71
Distri.t No, 73, Hidney', $5311.55.
District No, 7;, Kcotu Mill,,, i f l .
I'istrlct No.
District No,
District No,
rour , "' "ffect,
!" ,h ''ill . ri. '"' Kvnsce, n.
.. . " V ,rt i'1'1: lrt'" M"T-
. " Willis.
"ii .... i .. mm
i- 'WfOn.n.i .. l Ail.lm-'r . ... "(
"tit.. -- m v....;. ;"
o ""ta ,urr reca
k.?. "' t,J:. T rtO"'llitlu. k...
V" rrm. -""un
t, Meliamn, $.'I5M,35.
5, McLniililin, $2S(I.25,
'il. (lervuls. Al.'isl 111
"isiricr no, 77, Ntiivtnti, $2H!M1.(1(I,
District No. iH, Hweulf, $5011.35.
District No, 7ll, Turner. $l'5(l.75,
District No. HO, Hhaiv, $5!MI.I5.
District No, SI, Onk (lien, $211.75.
District N, H2, I'nrkersville, $773.0.1.
District No. s;i, Trluinpli, $3s:i.l(l.
District No, Hi, Four Corners, $53l,.
District No. H5, Hllver Fall", I27.WI.
District No. 80, Centervieiv, $330.i5.
District No, N7, Nunimlt, $211.75.
District No. 8S, Kelr.er, $1053.11(1.
District No. 8!, Pleasant Point,
District No, 1)0, Oak.late, $IHt.4n.
District No. PI, Mt. Angel, $21108.52.
Dlotriet No. VI, (leelan, $177,111.
District No, t:i, $38,1.10.
piMrlct No. (4, llilster, 3(1 1. M.
Dintrlet No, 115, D.vls, 271.35.
District No. (1, Hunnviiide, $120.35.
I'isTMet No. 97. Crookea Finuer
i,u . -IN ...
ki. ,it ;.rt.
' t the
' ii
n,i,l. ..
tn. 1 w'0
it r: ,."''-
., ""llltl
1 Ik.
"r'i. in lv..i -"""'
,. " ' n., lot
1 'l'lv to
. nri...:--
cinl,!.. . . ,1, .... ' V
J'iKtrlct No. t8, Howell. $353.80.
i'istrlct No. , Havesville, $837.55.
District No. 100, Oak Ridge, $31(1.05.
District No. (02, Perkins, $371.25.
p strict No. 103, Womlbnrn, $37(15.40.
pitrlrt, No. lot, ( nlon, 748.15.
pi'trlcf N. in, Ablqna, 308.00,
District No. liMI, 144,70.
pl'trlct No. 107, Unlit. 1811.40.
pmtrlet No. 1011. Ulvervlew, ilH.l.llt.
plMrict No. HO, Pletsant View,
Dlstrlet No. 112, Victor Volnt, 323.50
piatrl.1 No. 11.1, Fruitlnml, (111.05.
plMrlct No. 114, llrl.r Knob, I2.H0.
pistrict No. 1)3, KUhorn, l.-,n.0,
p'slricf So, t !-, Noble, r.'lrt.no.
pistrlct N'o. 117, Magar. OL.K'.
Dutrtet No. lit,, Auburn, 1570.82.
JJntrlot No. 121, Minto, $1811.40.
Ditrict No. 122, Clrtr Lake. 710.110.
Cannot Continue Lone-
"Something Doing" Soon
By J. T. Mason, former London Cor-
New ork, Ouct. K.-CSernuin sue
:8S',,", ' liK the kaiser's line, i
ta'Tlrf'"', H,lKil"" ,0
mVla to the
that all is not moving smoothly i the
( fench army,
The Franco-British tone are sup
poocl to be at least 20 per cent strong
er numerically than the u,.,,.. t.Z
" mncrc,, it w,lM n1,(1lr nKlur
-v I.I..I. uic naiser would be fortunate
to do more thiiii maintain u strictly
;letc.,s,ve attilude. Ilt as a' matter o'f
act, he has continued a series of corni
er offensives which have had the of
";t ot putting the allies as in,,,!,
the i.letcnsive as he has been.
The allies have been ps,ed far from
he derma,, lines of communication and
tho (.ciniaii battle front has been ex
tended sixty miles, from the region of
Arras to Osteml, t protect an nddi
lonal 3HIHI square miles f comiuered
1 ii-lyj :t il territory.
Sitiialilou Puzzling.
. All this the allies have been ,,..!, i. ,
to prevent. They have not only fail,.,!
to move their own lines nenr.-r (,, n,
'ritcial points of the Teutonic defense
out they have hml to i.ivi. .r.m.,.,i i..
the north until now tl.ir mvniice posi
tions revt on the ,'i:iiii.i..u,.i,.in., ........
The northern extremity of their j i n
ought to have swiiim eastward ui H,,.
Ilelguin frontier but instead of this the
lienniiiis were able to detach enough
men id compel tliem to move off t,. II...
This situation is puzzling.
If the allies really outnumber the
eniiaii", why are the (Ioniums
cntlv able to make greater impres
sion than the allies '.
3 lie mii-t ol, inns answer In thl. mu.a.
lion is that the I- rem h hii v.. .,( .....
had time fully to repair their dcricien-
ics in military supplies revealed Inst
enr. i no c,in, nicnr for part, of their
soliln'i's niav in. Iiickinir in ,,,,,, iii ....
pialM.v, so that tl v are cimincllcJ t
I wait until the delieiency is ma, le good
I before their numerical 'superiority can
iuiisiiui.. iiscll,
Annies Near E(iinl.
A second iiuswer may be that the
I'l-ciuh general stalf lias refused to
sanction the enormous loss of life thai
il front it 1 attack on the strong (leiniau
positions would entail. Tile llcioiiiii.
themselves have til.ini, limed the muss
tactics they used during their rush
through Itclgiuin and France towards
I'aris, ami a policy of numerous minor
attacks has perhaps been inloptml bv
llcneinl ilol'lre as more liouiaiie, though
also more expensive of time.
A third possible alternative Is thiiT
I lie allies are not really in mm h actual
iiinnerii nl snpciiorit.v ill the north but
bavii I n roiiceiitiating fr a new of
fensive against the llcniiuii euticiichcd
camp of Mct,
It would be in keeping with the ninny
unprecedented developments of the
present war if the allies should gain n
uciory against the permanent loitlll
cations of Mel while failing to dis
lodge the enemy fiom his temporary
field rhelters elsewhere.
Probably nil three ot these hypothe
ses plays pint In the riddle f the
(icrnil.lis ability to hold off the allies,
Mot that the game can be continue, I
Indefinitely is most Improbable, New
developments must be looked for soon,
"Anliht-bloom!ii Cereun, ft plant
which blooms but once In seven years,
belonging to Mrs, t. ('. Knee, ' III
Month Twellth street, Is now blooming
fot the first time since It hn been In
the possession of Mrs, Knee, The plant
Is of the cactus species and the blooms
which open only after midnight close
n soon as the first light of ilniwi
touches the blossom, The flower Is
pun. white and of a itar shape. The
plant beara two blooms nnlv, and the
second one will liloom tonight
Allies Claim Small Gams
Vicinity of Arras and
For Once the Reports From
Pans and Those From
Berlin Are the Same
Beaten in Battle that Raged
5even Days
Paris, .Oct. 17.1
in the reiriona of Arm. ..,.,i v. . V, ?
and tho occupation by them of tho dis
tnct around Armentiores and the vil
Inge, of lleur-IluU were claimed in the
official atateinent received from the
war ministry today, in ,. i i
ever, it wan said the situation remained
" Comparative nniei " .i...
eial statement, "reign, an,, mm n(
i no rront.
"In Belgium, the fieri,,,,.,. I
passed tho Oatend Tho,iroiit-RU,s..l,..
nm line. '
No Change on Loft.
"On our left wine the ( in dm i)
in the situation in the region of Vpros
"On the right bank of the .y w,'
have occupied Fleur-Haix. We Uvi. ,.i.
so occupied the vicinity of Aimen
tin res.
Each Side Claims Gains But
Each Admits These Are
, IVi, Oct. 17.-Despernte fighting
in a heavy rain was progress today
at many points along the Franco-British
ami (lermnn line, in Belgium ,,,)
ranee, according to information re
eeived from the front at Oenernl (Jul
lieni a hendipiarters here.
The Germana wr.ro said to be attempt
iiK to brnak through the allies' ranks
sntnn li. ...iln. i. .
' "ul" me const ' but
It wos declared they had failed to gain
ground. R
Tn the neighborhood of Lille ti,
I'rench were renri.,,l . i. ,
a nr, .... .. ,' "",: repuisen
The French after driving th nermnn
. ."mi prince s nriny back, was said to
. W1UI ,hl ''"Hi'' center
and started a formidable, advance in the
region of Verdun. The expectation was
that erdun would be relieved and Ht
Mihiel reciipture.l from the (leriiiiuis
I he kniser's eonimiinicHtioii lino in
he region of Met, was understood to
be eiuliingercl d he rushing rein.
"! "' "trengthei, it, 1(t ,i,,am.
Al" "" h, middle vis. i ; z?zi :"'
. I ii. . it- i, n iii-ru. , ?
Rain Adda to Hurdslilps,
The rum not only ms.le lif,. i! '..
. , - " . iiiin.-iuiie
"III the regions of Arm. nn.i u. in
liiel we have continued to cam ,i'omi.I
"No lloticeillle I'll), mrii liiu tul,....
place in the situ.iiion on fhe Kast I'rus
sum frontier. .
una the Ansh in, m l it.n,
been eompcllcd to nKsomn th,. .ic.,.i...
vniiMignoiu ineir entire front
.,. nun s, jne KIlHSIIlna hi. v t I
500 prisoners."
f,- t . . . . . '" "iiii.e
n,e conflict south of P .1 .., "'. 'Z! T. " w '.'M "d trenche.,
iniies. The llussin,,. I nn,, , , ,. ,.1(11.' '"'"n. " "'i"nei,t of
,.i..-.., nun sopiiy trains.
It was admitted officially that the
(erninns held Oatend. having ,,t,.rod
the city, It was salil. Tl -,l ,.
wliereupon the civil guard, which ,;
1 1 h i ii cu ,,,-e arms, threw their weapons
into the sen, thai there might be no
excuse for acts of reprisal by the .
Caught In Tray.
I'etroL'nid. Oct 17 Tl,,. d., ...
Russian pUn, were hard pressed and
o ion reirent today, the war oft ice de
clared, Their but l with the Kussiuns in the
vicinity of Warsaw wns ,l,.,;i,.,.i ....
having raged desperately for II days
"""""" ' "a 111 Herman losses.
I he kaiser s comniniiiler win snid un
doiibtedly to have been honest ill re
porting to llerliti that lie had won, the
truth being that the Russians retreated
from their positions to deceive the en
emy, who, advancing to follow up their
"iipposed advantage, fell Into a trap
and was completely shattered by the
c.nr's artillery.
This was said to have decided the
battle, the (Icnnaiis fleeing, abaiiilon.
ing numbers of guns and ipiniitilics of
equipment and ammiiiiition,
Tncoma, Wash,, (hi, 17. 1(.
ley lluss wanted , v,,ry ,,.
ly and believed he coulii land
one in Hcnltle. He was In a
Ureal hurry, so he apprnpriated
liuothcr man's autoiiiobile an. I
when this failed him, be stole an
interinban electric train anil
started on his Journey, He was
stopped by detectives, how
eer, and is in jail here today.
lluss us mailing fine pro
gicss In his niitomobiln until hi1
neglected to follow ft curve in
the road, inn I Kent the machine
into inn, Hi, ,le. I'liablii to ei
tnriite the car, Ross "bor
rowed" an liitoiMirhnn motor
which slood in the yards neat
by. Cutting off ft section of
the trolley rope mid attaching
it In the mired autoiiiobile, he
1 1 it'll to pull the machine back
onto the road with the atreet
car. This proved unsuccessful,
so Ross run the trolley ear nut
on to t l.o mmn line aiid stalled
lor Hcattle, regard Ics, of train
schedules, Detectivea then got
busy an I Ross may now get ft
slcmly Job In Tftcoiim for some
time to i ,.iiie.
About the only differenca In babies
Is tha difference In their mothers 1 per
sonal opinions,
District No 123, Detroit, $2113.1111.
District No, K'4, Crawford, $.i;t(t.H5.
District No, 125, iletliel, $427.80.
Distri.t No, 120, North Hantimn,
$300.(5. .
District No, 127, Porter, $112.70.
District No, 121, Kal-m Heights.
District No. I2. Mill City. $SI2.75
District No. 130, llrtmdacres, $1(15.0.1
District No. I'll, Cloverdale. $5iH.I5.
District No. 132, .It. Hooch, $00.10,
District No. 133, Cellar Camp, $inHH0.
District No. I'll, Ueeaii (.'rent (Qiln
bl. $78.1.4(1.
Total, 111,900.40.
The Weather
(leriiinns were also rennrie.1 (.. I
"""(ipied the Helgia,, ,UW11 of Z(..
The big cavalry fight in the region
or Arras was said to be over, the (lor
mnns being repulsed In their attempt
break through the allies lines.
r.xperts declared It. was the greatest
cavalry engagement In history, thoooh
"t a particularly Important 'detail of
ho huge battle raging all ,,g t1H
battle fronts from I he sea to the Sw s
"... i.-r,
Th darman Varrdon.
Herlln, v The Hag,,,., (,,,(, 7,Thn
., ,,-e, , iicigium having ,.f.
'" ,;1 I'",'''11"" wll(l t'" liiiicer's
right wing i France, n series of en
gngeinents with the nllie, w,i, pr.
ress today all along the i,. between
the regions of Nyo n, ,v (
ward Into Itelglun,, the war office ,,.
in11 mi-imi,
Oil Itofll Ht IHH. It wu. ...1.1 it t .
'""" ellKht gain. In some plnce, Anil
7 '""ers, several posllions liny
in been ,),,., lost and retaken a
milch Am fn... I V.....
tl,,. .;;.;.,.. " '7"7',i However.
"' '.' , " pormii, mi, i thn ri,sll
Saciamento, Oil., Oct. I". A posse
ot guards and deputies MtU blood
hounds aro acouring tho hill in the Fob
som district today for convict Frank
Creeks, life tenner, who escaped from
the prison Friday night in one of the
most daring breaks in theJ history of
Hurold Flash, aenteuced to 20 years
from tSiicrumento for attempted bur"
Ulary, and Night Hergoaut J. II. Drury,
"'v n-uieu mill uiar.ls l-l-unr filiiline
and ,loe Kerr were seriously wounded.
iot ureau nan evidently been thor
oughly planned by tho convict in or-
niir to eaten ergeallt Drury and (Juard
Kerr us thev cum., into" H...
bringing four revolvers to tin. In.i.i..
A key, invented bv the cnnvietti at.
tached to a long wire which ran through
ft pi0 to the cell door, served us a
means of opening the prison door.
Whin it was time for the i.n.n,..,l
and-guard to bring the guns into thV
prison ruo convict opened the inner
loor and crouched behind it.
Crooks Well Armed.
Armed with dunilil Hills Unrl kid.'.!.
tho two convicts leaped upon the ser
geant and Hie guard as they passed the
inner door. Drury fell first with three
knife wounds in his lieu, I im.l il,,.,., i
"is wuy. ierr was struck on the head
with a dumbbell und stunned. '
"lion he regained his senses suffi
ciently he muile for the outer door and
iiltempted to close it before the con-
Met, nut the keys were In Drurv's
After Drury fell tho convicts took the
guns mid keys from him and started for
the prison ynrd, As he rushed out the
door Kerr opened fire and Convict
I' lash dropped dend with a bullet wound
in lb" back of his head. r
8cliig Creeks Mashing i.ross the
M'larry, (luard Frank Muher, stationed
at ii guard house, emptied hi, rifle at
tile fleeing prisoner but U siu.w.ent
wide of their nmil. Creeks return. I
Iho fnc with hlnii,lv--(hn shot Mn.
fr. in th,.., Jcg, cniisin ; hi. ii to lull;'
tscuperl Tliiougft. ijiihnioa.
Helore oilier gunnls could be called!
(reeks hml disappeared among the porled that
111 i"- "piiirry nil, l mane good his
escape. A thorough search or the qnar
l.v was al'lerwurd lumle but Creeks
could not be found.
"hen the break occurred Warden
Ninilh was in Nuern nto att ling the
(lov Tiinr .lohiiNou political meeting.
Hergeant llrury was a resident of His
kl.vou county mid leaves u wife ami twu
Senator Stone of Foreign Af
fairs Committee States
Position i
French Officer Forces Amer
ican Citizens on Neutral
Vessel to Sign Parole
Oregon! Tonight
ad Hon, lay part
l.v cloudy, prnb
aldr rain; smith
rly winds,
I .....!.., .. ' ' .'
"... ic.isne, tuoiigii in n general wav
j ... siiuatioii wa, Improving, from tho
Herman aliindpnlnt,
The weather was declared to be
shocking. - '
(l'ficlnl Mnnuiiiicement was ,,,
tho f lermnn occupation f ,,,,,,
1 hursdiiy, no resistance being ,,e and
the burgomanter surrendering the city
At the Herman center and left, It wiis
said, the situation remained unciiiiiB'd
Rain HtoB, Progresa,
"ftln. and snow wera reported (0 be
re -.r ung operations in Alsace Lorraine
ii J , A "rmnn, were gain ug In
Russian Poland, while Fast p,,.,
not Hiisslnn remained (lerman ,oll.
The Austrian, asld tin, war office
had occupied the helirht. or
't of tho town of ( hyrow. tiullcl,.'
were advancing iung t10 ltivfr
Tolichlnir on th nnriun- i .
from Russian and A... r .. ....v. '. .
m.I ".hr "f ''"""""rl, the (ler
man official statement declare I that
enet,, niniltrloff ,,, Hulg.rlaa of'
fleer n charge of ths besieging force,.
...I -raiieii to check" tlm Austria,,.
frtre,r" mr'hln ,0 """' '
The Austrian ftrtlllery 1J t0
n... iirnrujm many Kiiislan tenini rary
br.lg,-i across the hn, drownlna lre
8a n
k-tter from R. W. Patterson of
Colorado, voicing a vigorous pro
test against the alleged bourdinjf
of the American steamshin Me.
tapnn by officers of a French
cruiser and the reported arrest
of live German Americans, en
route to a neutral port, whs read
in tho senate today by Senator
Senator Stone, chairman 'o?
the senate foreign affairs com
mittee, voiced a warning in
which he notified the belliger
ents that they will be held re
sponsible, ,(f their interference
with the rights of American citi
zens forces the United States to
wl- - ' ' ,,
n iciifr mia ny i nomas r- .
rled that ollicors fmm tv.
rrenrii cruiser Conde boarded
the Malnpan off Colon October
4. It was a similar incident that
provoked the war bid
United States and Great Uritain
in 1813.
"Under tho circumstances,"
said Senator Stone, "no one will
forget that both belligerents and'
neutrals have certain rights un
der internal ional law. These ara
well dellned.
"The government and the peo
ple of the United States have as
mimed an attitude of strict neu
trality, Insuring to the United
States and its citizens the rights
of neutrals. If any belligerent
does not, recognize there rights,
responsibility for violating the
rights of a neutral government
rests with that belligerent.
Mexican Bullets at Battle of i position of strict neutrality but
Naco Do Damage This Side i KKJ Z K
flipRnrriPr dillerently upon tho invasion of
mvuuiuu the riirhls of nut pKlvi.tiu l..r
Captain An Englishman.
Patterson was a uiuiseim,- nn thn
iMetapnn. The ('undo, he said, forced
the luisscnucrs to undeim I ectl.m
, in the dining room and that nil wcr '
permitted to leave except five young
(Ioniums. These, the letter said, wer
not reservist, but American ritlzen
en route to Colombia. They were forced
to sign a parole promising to not fighl
against the nllle,.
The Motnpiin was held up two and
ft half hours. Patterson ailid the Meta-
tifl permitted
Harold Flash, also known as (leorge
Plielns, was 27 years of age, and was
.bun,! 211 year, for attempting to rob
the Liiiiffe,, saloon in Hacrninuuln.
('r'elis was serving a life term from
niline county for murder. He Is 32
years of age.
Naco, Ark, Oct, l7.-Foiir American
1. 1 r.v on ii nun tnreo civilians were
wounded early today by bullets fire, I
by Mexican belligerent,' at Nin o, Hon
oroa, opposite this village.
Two of the cavalrymen may be fatal
ly hurt.
The wounded
Private Robert 11. Wntson, Troop A,
Ninth cavalry, shot through stomach;
probably fatal,
probably fatal 11 1 " American ship becauss.
Herge.nl Natl,,,,, milh. Tenth ...e..! J ' i . ' . . ,,'''.,,r''V',"1'. " .""J"
ryt ricsti wound iu left leg,
i tain,
ft British sublet, coniiiitttiilctl th
Wap,;: wXrlold- re .cot at ,1,
ce In a service nuloilio bi e In $, u.. .'. ' . " ' K '".' .
,,!.r.:.'.i,5;,;'.;r"""1 iZZsr- "
AVx&Zt riM
-he had fled erns. the ln.r.i.. .A... 11...L. . or"". ".P
., . . " 'cover lienintl
numbers of lhelr defotu'e
Purl land, Or., Oct. 17.The decM
or the state supreme rnurt today that
pie innll I, ,Pf executing ,ured the
holding f, r.a fWUon ,(1 ,
October 27 .gainst Mayor Alb. .,,,1
Iter om 1",'k id Drew-
Mexican town,
Mrs. Rivleia was .hot while she
coweied In a house from which aim bad
been nrder.,1 by American officers.
After th. firing had censed, Colonel
Hatfield aent a courier to Muylorena tu
notify lil 11, of the effect of his flr.
Mill and bis ('arrniuists, were not
dlslodued from Naco. Him..r wv,n....
there were anr easualtle. n.. 11..!
belligerents was not known.
The rasiiallie. occurred during Inter
mittent attacks by the Vllllst, rebel,
under Oovernnr Martorenn on the Car
ran garrison at N.no, Honnm. The
first attack was launched .oon after
midnight. Others followed at .10 min
ute inletvnl. until :.10 o'clock this
When the shwtlng began, C.plaln
ft sniull hi 11 north uf th
The e.valry, with th exception of
W.tsou, wero shot by bullets that fed
into their camp,
Watson was .hot while crouching be
hind ft railroad embankment.
) "ft"" 41 ft,
Portland, Ore., Oct. 17.-Ttie
populHtlon of Oregon has In
creased nearly 800,000 since the
1010 ceaus, aroording to re
searehe. completed today by
the Portland Commercial Club.
Th total estimated population
of the .tale now is ftriA'.rl.