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Social and Personal Notes
By Mollie Runcorn
AN announcement of especial inter
est to the women of Salem at
., this time is that they will short
ly have an oportunity of hearing dis
cussions of tho various measures f
the ballots to be voted on at the forth
coming election. Mrs. K. E. Fisher and
Mrs. Louella Walsh, two progratsjye
members of the Grant School Parent
Tcachers association, are responsible for
the idea, and have set the date for the
meeting, October 26, at the Grant school
building., A prominent lawyer will be
asked to explain the different laws, the fnmous Custer battlefield, during her
season yesterday afternoon at the resi
dence of Airs. Frank L. Purvine. The
early part of the time was devoted to
hearing reports of the committees, of
playground work and literature. A so
cial hour followed, members relating
vacation experiences. Mrs. Mury New
ton, who spent the. summer in Chico,
California, gave a graphic account of a
personal experience neur Mount Lassen
during an eruption, displaying the pho
tographs inKcti at mat time. -Mrs. (Dr.)
K. K. Fisher told of her visit to the
new city charter and to answer any
questions arising concerning same. Sev
eral entertainment numbers will also
feature the evening, well-known vocalists-nnd
musicians being asked to as
aist. M
The meeting will be strictly tin.
partisan, no candidates for offices or
their supporters being allowed to par
ticipate. Distribution of officer-seekers
cards will be prohibited, the en
deavor to be to make the event of a
purely educational nature.
All voting women of the city are ex
tended a most cordial invitation to
Dr. and Mrs. F. E. Smith, formerly
of Salem, came up from Portland yes
terday and were the guests of the Dr.
J. N. Smiths for the clay. Mrs. Smith
wan an assistant at the large Iiishop
tea yesterday.
- . .
Miss Willa Huckcstein, duugliter of
Postmaster and Mrs. AuguBt Huckc
stein, returned this week from a most
delightful eastern visit which covered
ping first at Chicago, she nttcndcuynH
a delegate the convention of 1 1" Wo
man Catholic Order of Pjrcstcrs.
Over one thousand women from ij
parts of the United St; wcr0
ent ,Ht this moetingyrfhjei, wus 10i,i
the 1 ,Vf garden jfjf t,0 ntci i.nKulle.
1 hrc i weeka
I hrc . weeksySf n(!r time were spent
V"H Vh. tivc In Pittsburg, the Hiuve-
stem -J... - l ti ii. ...i...
'r iijiiiii-i iimmii.. iiuic .oibn iiucni.--
tt?in enjoyed visits to the renowned
recent eastern sojourn; Mrs. Clayton
Young describing a stage ride from
Waldport to Newport during a storm.
Mrs. Purvine had interesting photo
graphs of North Head lighthouse nt
tho mouth of the Columbia, using that
place os hor subject. Mrs. Dora Arns,
who spent the entire summer at New
port, concluded the remarks, relating
experiences and incidents enjoyed at
uregon s most popular beach resort.
Mrs. Arns will be the club's next
hostess, which meets in two weeks.
The Parent -Teachers ' association of
When the accounts were cast up at
the luncheon at tho Y. SI. C. A. today
the subscriptions to date amounted to
41,687.50, $S41 of this amount collected
yesterday, but the -persuasive speech p ,. . . . . .
tZtZ atonal Association Meets
work amounted to more than the entire
tay yesterday. The workers lunch
daily at the Y. M. C. A. at noon, where
the work lor the next period is out
liued and assigned. Jt is proposed to
raise $4,100 by subscription to carry
on the work for tho ensuing year anil
the campaign will be rushed in order
tho n(lu.i. ... I. i. ...i . .
"V.? " '"K " the earn-', ailllres, of W1,k.m(1 hv ,
Members Guests of Paper i
Mill at Luncheon
Oregon City, Ore., Oct.. Hi. The Ore-
gen State Kditorinl association began
paigu are W. C. Dyer, A. 0. Davidson.
J. H. Jrarrur, E. W. Hazard, W, Alc
Oilchrist, Jr., Roy Richardson, .Ceo, J.
Watson, C. M. Roberts, Theodore Both,
Ralph Moores, W. M. Hamlton, Will
Foster, Curtis B. Cross, H. O. White,
Frank Myers, Walter .Winslow, W. H.
Triudall, Oliver MycrX, U. U. Holt, D.
W. Eyre, Roy Gilbert, R. J. Hendricks
and John H. Levfis.
The fololwin w the subscription list
to iate: 7
Stcevcs & Fv.idicy 100.00
V- uy oO.OO
P. R. Y k P. Co 100.00
ponnn. Roberts flo.00
Mrer (Jcoige Pcnrce
imrl F, Ruof
th-j Grant Bchool will hold a mcetinijJj'Sclirnnini 40
i nicir scnooi onuuing tonight to uis-.ionn ji. Lewis 50.00
cuss matters of special important to J George Uros 15 00
parents and teachers. S Schiudlcr llros l"00
4 . 41. r.. rogue 5.00
I . M. Iiockwood
K. U Knpphahn
Iirrfl Mm ah tvnnm' "D '-'i"" "rug store
WLLL'VUl Uf DtBllJ'".H. Albert 100.00
1 ii. A. fooler
Jones, which wus responded to by Pres
ident Elbert Bode. An executive sea-1
sion was then opened.
In a talk on "How to Handle the'
Foreign Advertiser," -Editor Sam
Evans of tho Klamath Tails Northwest
ern proposed a voluntary association of !
Oregon publishers for the auditing of;
circulation statements and tin agree-I
meat not to deviate from the card rates
in advertising. 1
A. E. Vorhies, publisher nf the Cour
ier, Grunts Puss, recounted incidents of
his 17 years experience iu the southern 1
Oregon city with foreign udvertise-!
inents, and how he handled ninil order
Editor H. E. Hodges of the Silverton
Appeal recommended that the editorial
association net us an information bu-1
rcnu to keep the members informed of !
fakes in foreign advertising. '
aouoiiis, or xne i'i ot lloek llec-
TlintMarion county is well out of
deb 'and hud a aurnhis nf ltiK 71.1 4:1
perioa 01 nearly two mourns. topHi lionil in the general fund on Octo
ber 1 to do business upon n strictly
ciibIi basis is shown by the semi-annual
report of County Treasurer G. J. Moore
which was completed this afternoon and
turned over to the county clerk. Ma
rion county's finances have been in
excellent condition for years past and ! Adolph A. (iueffroy
V. Comntou
L. D. Geer, for Calef Ilros,
Hulem Sand &, Gravel Co. ...
Huuser ltros
John II. Mc Nary
F. .1. Cronise ,
J. A. Patterson
T. J. ('rnnisc
Gcorgo E. Waters
t. K. Srhofer
2 1111 i "I'I'1'"'1'11 tu newspaper men
5 i "ijci'i inemseives Into legislation in
--luregon anil tnniier better laws pertain
ing to legal rates 111 advertising.
A genera! discussion was indulged ill
on "What, to Do With the Merchant
Who Cun't Write Ads, " nnd many hu
morous incidents wero related.
The editors were the guests of B. T.
McBain, malinger of. the Willamette
Pulp and Paper company, at a luncheon
and late this afternoon will inspect the
pulp nnd puper mills and the canal 11 ml
Glen J). Niles
H. A. Harris
J. F. Jones
Salem Commercial Co.
John Moir
the amount of ensh on hand in the gen
eral fund is steadily on the increase.
There was also a balance on hand iu
the road and highway fund of 40,ilKO.-
nr ynll....;nD mi.u...,n.B mni,.if..nlnrinn Hll nt tllA cli.tii l,t tlm ..,.nrt ..,...;.!.!
establishments and also hud the plea- 1N,1IS.J1 surplus in the road district I l.afl'ir & Holinger
sure of hearing Sousu 's band nt the an-! fund, and $124,024.02 in the county W. S. how
mini Pittsburg exposition, where other ; school and library fund to be uppropri- Kalpi Moores
well-known entertainers had been se- j ated among the several school districts ! I). II. Moshcr
cured to appear. of the county in the near future. The Friend
On her homeward journey Miss statement also bIiows a balance on hand O, K. Price
Huckcstein stopped with friends for in the county fair fund, October 1, of ; I'ntton Bros
night-seeing trips through Denver, Suit U2,H44.54 us against '72.47 at the close j J. C. Perry
Lake City and other western central j of the previous aemi-iinnuul report per-: ltigilon-Hichurdson Co.
e.ities. Ill I,os Angeles, San Jose and 1 iod, April I. The condition of the sev- Hoth Grocery Co
Snn Francisco she wus entertained as i eral funds at the close of the last semi-; V, Si, Huberts
the guest of friends, with them going annual report period, October 1, us com-).). L. Stockton
through the Panama Exposition Tared to the previous report period, I Henry II. Thielsen
April 1, 11114, follows:
General I nnd
April 1
grounds, Golden Gate park, the Cliff
House nnd other points of general in
Miss llnchestein thinks the one thing j October 1
distinguishing Oregon cities from those
of the Kust in the way of civic, beauty
is the natural purkings, the native trees
grow ing as mil ore placed them, and the
riotous profusion of flowers and shrub
bery found only in Oregon. Other cities
have beautiful parks iinj all that, but
somehow they look hand made instead
of nature mocle. They nre the artificial
ngninst the natural when sized up wkh
Oregon cities, and therefore are more
of a contrast than a rompniisoii. One
should see what the hast culls civic
beuuty in order to appreciate the na
tural beauties of our own beautiful Ore
eon. which wo are urone to take ns a
mutter of course because tliey arc oti April 1
our every day life. 1 October 1
Indigent soldiers' fund
Friends in Snlem are in receipt of April 1
news from Mrs. Walter T. Jenks, who, (October 1
witi her husband and mother, .Mrs. j indemnity fund
James Winstanley, hnvo been sojourn-1 April 1
ing In England for the past five mouths, . October 1
suiting thnt they hud arrived in Bos- j
ion aim woum oeparr linmeoiuiciy up
on their journey homeward. The com
munication was dated nt Boston, Octo
ber 10, and it is expected they will nr
rive in Salem in course of a neck or
JO days.
Paul II. Wallace
Cash on hiind.il'. K. Kullertoa ....
...llir),740.OS ('. M, Kppley ..
. .. 1W,S,7I5. ; Mrs. h. K. Paire ..
nouns anil Highways j, a. .Hills
April 1 ' 011,1142.0(1 j T. G. Albert
October 1 40,HMI.W! Kmest III 110
Rnnd districts J. (1. H!i,;i
April 1 25,015.51 Crown Drug Co. .
October 1 l,l!l!i.llj h. H. Coiiihton .
l.'Oumy scnooi unci nnrarv
April 1 5!i.IH1.2il
October 1
Special school districts
April 1
October 1
Countv fair fund
April 1 '
October 1
Fish and gtnne--
Curtis II. Cross
Hussoll Cntlin
121.1121.02: Dr. II. J. Clements
W. C. livers
11.4IS.7I A. (I. Davidson
U2(um 11. :. Epiev
D. W. Kvre
72.4 7 1 W, II. hid ridge
2.:ill.50 Judge Hubert Kgnn
S. II. h'lliott
50.00 . 1. H. .',lm,r
25.00 Gniber Bio
. K. 1 1 oter tt Sons
I'U" K. W. Ila.urd -
" t . Ht ; A. M. Iluusen
Iniperiul Furniture Co,
A. A, hce
5!is.n:i ,
ti.:i:i i
1 0.(10
25.00 1
Nobby Exclusive Designs
Reduced One-Half
Every Trimmed Hat in our
large stock on sale at just
IJ of Former
mM Prices
10 TO 33 1-3 OFF.
The entire stock, including
the latest models, on sale.
This is your big opportunity.
50c for good Waists
that were $2.25
Silk Petticoats in all
colors, $2.00 .
Big reductions on all
Ivy Corsets in all sizes,
All-wool $7.50 Sweaters
for $3.50
Exclusive Suirs Millinery
2 70 JSorth Commercial SV.
lnvilutions to the teachers nnd prin-
invest iu an niitomobile.
Councilman hd Block is away to the
i moiiiituiuB for a couple of .veeks' hunt.
Mr, and Mrs, Junics shields liavo; A bunch of men are. working busily
uougui iiio iiiree iois aupnniiig ineir on ine mtcn lor too sewer.
property on the east, two from Murtin There will bo n reception nt the pur
The Orcgi.'ii grund lodge Knights of hmith, the other from Ilermunn Burr, 1 Bonage Friday evening at seven-thirty'
l yiuius, cunciuiM'u ine wurs in us on- nil tor a consideration or seven nun- o'clock, hvervhody welcome, t orn"
j mini session In Portlniid yesterday. died dollars. Mr. Shields will use the , and meet Mr. Vnrnes and family.
I Tho principal business of the day above mentioned bits for tin up-to-date'
: dealt with the liarnioiii'.ation of tho chicken vard, CHECK WAS WORTHLESS.
eipals of all the schools in the countv 1 K"""' ,0,10 statutes with the new- stilt-1 Mr. Andrew Nicols, of Dayton, has San Francisco, Oct. 111. Bernurdo Y.
to uttend the first "Marlon Countv M,,'f promulgated ly tlie supremo ledgo been u recent guest, at the NicolsBrock Shorb, member of n wealthy Sun Frun-
Com Show," to be held November hi l,s "'('ti"K t Winnipeg. The Ore- home. i eisco family, will be brought here to-
und 14, nre being sent out todav. As ; on Krund lodge and other lodges of Attorney Martin and family, of I night from Sacramento to nnswer a
tho show is to lie strictly nn Vliuvn- " ""K1 will Itci (H'tive from now on, Brownsville, Onxtnn, have moved liite; charge of passing u fictitious check,
tionul affair, the appeal is' sent to the j iu lrepiirations for the meeting this neighborhood and are living in The complaint was sworn to by Misn
teachers nnd pupils to malic it a sue- I f supremo lodgn iu Portrlnnd in their home, formerly known as the Annie Windsor, a stenographer, who
cess by tliuir assistance. The Capital I Portland was selected as the next Holmes house, in Kingwood Park. ' snys she cashed a worthless cheek for
National Bank prizes offered to the ! meeting place at the biennial session nt Mrs. Jessie Cjuincr, of Oakland, Cel., 50 for Shorb.
bovs and girls of this com,.,- r,,r Hie Winnipeg this year. was a recent house guest ut the . II. I
(in,, ..I nun v.uiiiitv rur I II I- i I i
best exhibit of 2(1 ears of o(i m mis- ' '1'll, newly-eiwted nnd instnlled grnnd 1'itls hnnn'
Tot.-ii ,(lt7..-0
A meeting of the Thought and Work
Club was held for the first time this
Ornnts Pass, Ore., Oct. 111. In the i
circuit court tudiiy Judge Calkins sell' if
tenceil K. Deiiniso'n, fnunil guilty of nil, PERSONALS
attempt to extort money fiom Oslin M.
Jackson, to from rix months to two 'iinKiiis)!!!
years in the state penitentiary. Den-1
nisou has nppeuled to the supreme W. I), Simmon of Woodbiirn is ill
court. i "" -ly-
. I S. K. Bush of liidepenilencii wns a Sa-
iciii visnor vesieriiav.
ed on 100(1 npiure feet of soli, which ! llgi officers are: A. h. rightiniin,,
was not awarded at the industrial fair, K"" cnanceiiorj wniuiii i.i
will be given at this time. The first ' 11 rl"". Albany, grand vlce chniicellor;
prize is lit, second (l mid third l. ! Thomas B. Ijiughai'y, Astoria, grnnd.
lliu purpose of thte show is to con- premie1, i.ou u, niiuson, Miiem, gruim.
vince every fimner that coru can be keeper of records and seal; J. W. Mil-
grown in Marion county. This we hope i loney, Pendleton, grand master ol the
Hilly being I exeheipier; Dudley Tyler, IliiHer, grand
Wives enii't iiiiilerstand why bu'i-
F, I., Wood is one of the latest to hands need piu money,
to do by showing whn is actually being
The prir.es offered will be ns follows:
For the first, second and third best
1(10 ears of field com, uny dent vari
ety, the winners will be allowed to put
up at public auction on the Inst day of
the corn show 111 bushels each of s I
corn like tho prize-winning exhibits, -1 1 -
the first prize lot going firsl and the fll IT MFAT IF YOUR
second unit third following in order. VU W'-ni U I UUll
For the first, second iinil third best III
ears of field corn, uny dent vanel.v,
cash prizes of if . ." I . it 1.. "ill nnd Chilli will
be given. For the first, second and
tlii i I best HI ears of field corn, any
dent variety, cash pri.i;i( of 4IJ1H, s ).(:(
11101 ovii win in1 given, .
Superintendent W M. Smiih will also w 1r n ,,,; llf ,, ,,, ,,
hold he school children s poi rn con- ' l)ur ,,,,, , f,, wi, uril, ,,, ,v
test u connectkin with the Marion knillvn ,Mltyi who lir H
(ounty torn Show, and all members of ,u bll ,.Mtly u;,r, Him( Kiu.
.... ' ' nev trout) e.
I master at armsi hlef S, Flnselh, Dal
las, grand inner giiard; O. H. lluwley,
The Dalles, grand outer guard; Ocorgu
W, Jott, nakcr, grund trustee. Mr,
Stiuson is new entering his tilth con
secutive t i'i in and Mr. Mulnuey his 11th
Take a tablespoonfut of Halts If Back
hurts or Bladdnr bothers Moat
i forms uric acid,
Recipe Department
The kidneys do their utmost to free
..Mil 3
Appls Dumplings Peel, h.ilvu and
Daddy's Bedtime
!. to
Ths Brown Cotton
Tails Liatsnsd.
The I5rown
Cotton Tail
be given.
Tho com show will lie held
Public Market building. Sulrni.
J Ii.." " . c Z 1. .:'"' ' '"liiill'iK acid, but 1 Don't Use Canning Rubber Mora Than 1
..1,,.. ii, i',.ii,.ui ,,riV.i n 1,1 " WI'"K lr"m v,'i"l'l ti'17 Ono Year. Did you know it wns poor corn tart apples. Fill hollow wher..
awarded' For the first second ,.,i ' ""BK'"1' i "10 'imlnative tissues ei'nnoiiiy to try and use rubbers 11 se e wns with sugar mid e dnsh of cin
third best 1lls1d.1v of iiiicurii (l' 1, rsi I''1"" 11,1,1 ,n" ' r,',"""'(' in I .Venrl Cleanse your cans mid buy nauioii Put two halves logetuer, eoer
. ,11 .'t'':,,! J . i (i, .,1 ,l11' ,,1"ml " I"1'""" H"' ".vstein. ! w rubbers. It will puv you iu llie.will, plu crust and bake, hut wilh
,;.. " I When your Kidneys mhe 11 ml feel N1V, t ln I'lctoi ial lleview. Thai erraiii or the following sail
nt tliu 1 "" "m" l" "'""l """ '"U ""V" i' Vlllr pears have an Insipid last,, the Mix one cup or sugar, mis table-
istliigiug pains in the back nr (he unlit addition of me grape Juice will give - rnslnrch, oue lmlf tcu
is cloudy, full of sediment, or tho I them a deli. Ions flavor ami bountiful suit, add one tubb'snooii hotter, uno
BOOTH SATURDAY AND iilnnilor Is Irritanie, oiuiging you 10 ;,r Thnt 11 sennt teaspooiilul of cup of hot wntor and one half leiunii
CHAMBERLAIN TUESDAY '''k, r,,,ll'f "," "'K"' j "'"'"nil lidded to s large nettle of pickle sll I, Hull for file minutes.
i'"' liBvn severe hondurlros, ucld stum- wj K,.,.t ,nm Vl,rv ,.,,,, ni) lnlu,
The voters of Snlem will be permitted 1 ' rheumatism in bud weather, get j ,,,, ,,,.B1 .'lt ' Vw , , 0n f llir,. ; Cl,.nnng with l ,r,l Is said til ri-
to hear both sides of tin iitorlnl '" '""r phiiriiiiielst about foil.1 1 yl ri , (( , vmr MI, IMmi, n,,, B, ,lf fi sti from puis.
situation within 11 week, and at first .ounces of Jail Salts; take a tablespoon- .f, screwing 011 the lids will prevent 1
hand, si on Sutiirdiiv night of this!'"' " K1""" water before lirenh-, ,d frnin fimnliig 1111 vnnr frull Thai If 11 Knife is plnced under 11 tuin-
weck II. A. Booth, of h'ogeiic, rej(ibli-j ' '"' '"''rning nnd In 11 few .lays ,,. j,,, w hl, f;. ,. ,.,. ,,,r ,. M ,i-h, boiling 111III1 or wu-
can eundldate for I'nite.l Slates sen- y"f kidneys will net rine 1 if Hie filled gln-ses me st 1 In Hie ler en 11 be put in wil t breaking thu
utor, will n.hlres' iiieetlngs of electors I"""" ' ""''I'' f"11" '"' "r .Irong sunlight for iiiuiiv hours before glass.
on tlie streets ami nl the opera house, j1"!"" """ " " J'"lri 1""" putting n 1,1 the pnnlrv shelves,'.
I hat 11 geriiinuiii leal put Iu the but- I ( . 1 1. v looking sill, c.ii be made clenii
torn of 11 glass of ipnnce or cinbiipple mid lo w hioliiiig If sponged with tlm
i -1 1 V will give II h ilelii'iiniK I In or ami water Iu who Ii ot,itoes lime been
OU know." snhl II10 Innwii cotton tall rnliblt. wliosn nniiie wna Mr.
I'uz.y lliown ('nt ton 'full, "I ilnn't lluo to bmg or Inmst, lint 1 no
Ibluk our fniiilly nro tho most sensible nnd tlm brnvest niiliniils
thei'O nro."
"I ngivo wilh you perfeilly." suhl Mrs. Fuwy lliown Colton Toll.
"You see," continued Mr. Fuzzy Blown Cotlon Tull, "nil wlnler lliu meeooii
iinones In n beeeli' tree. Tlm gray mid red sipilnvis hiiii liixuilous 1 us,
always iH-nr their prlvulo nml well lllleil sturelioiises, Tho clilpniiitikN In llielr
mllglilly underground homes nlwny pieini' liefoielinnil f"f Hie bind, enbl win- ;
or. The tuuskliils build tbeb1 huts beneiilli the leo mid are Just us wiirin under 1
tbeio ns If tho leo wero tliu wiirin sun. liven the bloodlblist1 winsel Is Inzy.
TI10 fot linen fur loss binitliiir nnd 11 ureiil ileal inui'o sleeping, wlib li h very
lilplil of lilm. but wo well, we lite always w ldenwiihe nml busy too." Common garden rvge brewed Into a
Now, us Mrs. Fur.zy Brown C'ollon Toll ogieed with lilm ntul us Hie Utile heavy lis wilh siililiur nnd alcuhol
liniwn enii.m mil M.hhli. nil n.-reiHl wllb him. Iliero wns no argument to Is ndded, will turn gray, streaked nnd
Iinil. which wn c.nilv l.ni Me l-wir.v lliown Cotlon Til II wiiuli'il. bo coll' fnded hnlr beautifully dark anil liixur
tinned to tnllt, for bu enjnyed It very niiu li.
"Now, yon see," bu cuiilliiueil. "wlieii spilng entiles nml tho warm days
nre hero I ho milmals who hnva been Inzy mid sleeping all winter In win m
teds beulu to think uf uelllng nn. Tho wiiini ruins. Ib blight sun nml Hie
B. F. Smith ami wife of Monmouth
were In Salem yesterday on a short
K. C. Clen I, the postnl Inspector of
Portlniiil, wus In Salem yesterday,
, William A. Marshall and II. Beck
I with, members of the Stuto Industrial
1 Accident commission, are iu Snlem to
day lo pass 011 the claims presented
this week.
1'. (1. Holt, of the louuili ileonrtnimil
of the Chillies K. Spiiuldiiig hogging "'1 ''"i""1 tl",,'" s '"r "'"umber
I v. w.ioi 10 111,., k l..l, i.iu ...Main l scheilnlcl to be iu Salem Toes
1 .'.i.- , ...... .i Iiluv iivciilliu u ltel, ,ii nltiiiirt unit V will
i , " , " r::,: ' , , : i..- ,,Ken ,.r i,,.,.. i.,. .,:;i, i . n hvr, rcef irrn.ti..n,
1 . 1 . . . . . . 1 ..t I. : I :., v..- I..... 1....
' lug his parents, .Mr, and .Mrs, John (liv
en, at their home at hint North Cum
I nierciul si reel,
lilliiu, nml has been nsed for genera
tions Iu flush and stimulate clogged
lililni'vs, to iiciitiulie the nefds Iu urine
Iciest of his candidacy for re eleelliui, '" UK urinary and bladder illsor-
Tonight the big Itepnblicnii meeting iters,
will be hefd In Hie circuit court room 1,11,1 Mt' ' Inexpensive nnd can 11, ,
delightful urn, in,
luivnte secrelinv to ( 'oiigiessiinin lluw-
: lev, will I11II1 upon federal legislation iu
ninlnt rrtltf lllin ine interot nl Mr. Ilswiey s 1 11 11 1 1,11. .
UA1M UlAI I1A1IV '"' ''" Kt''""- '""i 1 1'-
. , candidates I'or slate, legislative and
Bring Bnelc Color. Oloss and Thickness eoiinly offlee. will ,il-,i have a ehaiice
with Orandnm's Roclp of Sngo 1,1 r,,,,"l ,h" "','' "' "' ,l"'.v 1,1
and Sulphur, I'"' "'"i 1,1 ' I' t to seive Hie will of
. - the people.
of I he court house when Koiuild (Hover, Injure: makes a delightful elfervesi t
ilium waier tiniiK, aiui uoiionv run
make s mistake by taking a little nc
ciisloiiiilly to keep the kidneys clean
and active,
The school building, 11 two slmy
"tini'lmc, st Miiicoln, was em plie,( ,v
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cent visit of Supet visor ( I'lleilly.
Iiint, remove every bit of dandruff,
slop scalp Helling and falling hnlr, Just ,
a few applications will prove a revela
tion if your dsir is fading, grny or dry,
Mixing the Sage
0 I Mini; of gelling up. ino wnnn nuns. hmmh ' ,,) tliin. Mixin
ipnilglng up of nil tho Hide tender about Ill llm woisis maho inem an in . ,T( (1(v vMt ri,,.,,r it home, though
Just like getting up. ,1s trnsblesome. An easier wny is to
"lint Just Imiigliie-tblnk of what (bey'vo mlsseill Tliey bave hml lunio ol gt ready t" uss toalc sting
h fun of hunting for (heir food when It's hard to get. They simply find out ,t,mt m rents 1 large bottle nt drug
I he onslest wnv to llvo nml then II vn tli.it way. Fnn.'jt getting nil yonr f I ;. tores, known s. " W.'1' "'
mintb. In ndvnncH.! It's ridiculous, nnd II .b.esii'l show 1h11.11. tur. Il's char. ;s pl.ur lU.r Kenedy," thin svol,l,nB
cl..r to stay awoke all wlnler mid hurry nroinid when It s did to get br. a lot or wuss ,
Ms, ,,d JrwM , wintry winds nml snow, ntul sy .0 ourselves W; ,s .J'x v. u' Vo r t in n,!; "
won't Iw liealvli by a cold day. Then when spring doe come we enjoy pun K fn .,., ,m Mtrnetlvcncss: By 1
In up lbs lender plnnti that grow In III woods, ntul w enjoy the young i(1nrkplUI r,,r hnlr with Wrelh'sHnge
buds." - - 1 nnd Sulphur, nn one cnii tell, because it
Now. nil the little brown rotdm lulls listened to his siieeeh with a grt-nl ! ,u, , , naturally, so evenly. Von
leal of Interest and ndmlriitlon Ho they Jumped i)) nml miwn ami sold. j,t dampen sponge or sort brush with ,
"Fine tine!" it and drnw this through your hair, tsk-'
Mr. Furxy Brown Cotton Till 't "P l his own speech that h. j n one sm.ll strsnd M a time; by
. ple.i.e.1 nt the applause of the little rtibblts. , "'"JI "Jnho J h 1
-TI.. reason I'm t t,g yot, all tills." he colillnue-l one. more. "I. hersu e d. an d, jn,,;"0;'!;;'" !
I want you nil to feel grateful. Iu be glad thai yon re not foies orwesseis 1 h)utitl)U ,
vr niuskruts, but Just to h glnd that jou re Urown cotton (nil rnUbll. I j 0' 1rrJf I
Baker's Cocoa
That Makes It Deservedly Topular
An absolutely pure, dclidnti and wliplc
.pmo food beverajje, produced by a scien
tific Mending of lith-jjradc cocoa beans,
iut jetted lo perfect mechanical proccit
of manufacture.
Crt th gtnuint, madt only by
Walter Baker & Co. Limited
iI'TmIo. KiiablUhcd 1780. DorclK'stvr, Muta.
3 '
i) ' ' -. (
One Price -Always
nt.. luc
1 01., Wc
I iis b'ic
Cnr.HCIiNT Ml'O. 10, Brattle 1 l, enc
i Mill Without Meat - Two cups elmp-'
I ped iippleM, Hour or sweet, two cups
igleeil tomatoes, lltell-llie I litter chopped
liiud diiiiiied, one hull eii'i chopped suet,
'one half tcliioon suit, two cups sugiil,
,011c half cup Niio'uur, ui,i,e or ullier
Irnit .illiee, one cop tui-ilis, o'te foui'tn
'coll eitllill, one half clip lint III, Ills, one
Manlelno Hot Biscuits -I ipinrt. I'loiu,
i l.e.iping ti upooiil'iils balling poivdei,
I pnnll ol' s.ilt, I liiblespooiiliil butler.
I lllhlespotuiflll hud, I i Hill tenspouul',.1
Mupleliie, Sift the riiinr, bulling pow
der and Mrlt together, nib Iu tho butter
mid bird 1, ml use imouuh sweet 111III1
nun 1 ue mipicino none 1 in ike a verr
teii'pion, ciiiiiaiuoii, one ton, 'th teiispooii suit ibiuli, l(oll gently Iu nboiit (1110
I en, It of elm ci and nutmeg, Mis well, inch t hi, In, cm, cut Iu small blseiilti,
I Let come to boiling point and uu in crottd them together la pans nnd bnko
,sterilid (mil Jins. j In a ipilck oven,
Jumbles I II clip Putter; ' j cup Wl oolilng eg ilnbles remember
sog,ir) I egg, gialed rind of half a Unit all 1 egeliiblea winch giow iiboio
'leiunii', I eup lluiiri I I ten. 1 11 sain gruu.ol slunild be put lulu boiling n:.
I te'i.poon rri'seeut balling puwiler, ler, and nil winch giow undergioiiiid iu
Ileal, the butler and n.tini to a eiesui; ''"Id wilier-- with tlie evc'l,,i of new
M,bl the egg ptciluiii.lv beaten, the lem- potatics,
on rind, sod then the flour, suit sad
I balling powder sifter! logetliii. I'lup If you have 11 thin fnvmlte cloak
I by spoiuitnls on a griiised pan and balte
41 110.1t ten iiilimti s.
von would like to make showerproof,
! neie Is the ii.iihnd 1
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