Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 15, 1914, Page TWO, Image 2

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AVelable Ph-parsiion forAs
ling Uic Stomachs aiuLBawelsor
ness andIt?stoiitainsneltltr
Opiiuu.Morphine norNiuenl
wot Narcotic.
Anerfcct IWmedv forCfmsHlMl
Hon . Sour Storoach,Dlarrtiota
hcSmile Sigiumre of
JTbb Cektaur Compaht,
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
J . In
A W' Ir
For Over
Thirty Years
',-,-1! y r-.-
Guaranteed uiukfficTSKlnnl
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
! A Kollcltor for funds for the German
Washington, Oct, 11. That
England ii responsible fdr
Belgium 'a participation In tlin
present e'uropoan war was tho
declaration today of Herman
Ambassador Voii Bcrustnrff.
"England liiHtiftatil Belgium
to (TO to war," Mini Vnn Born
torff, "and whou I lie time
oamo to protect the unfortunate
llttlo country It wns Ii'ft on IU
own resources. England 's denial
of an -A m n I o Hfl " i (i n military
agreement proves nothing. Doni
"menla now In the himds of tier,
man aurhnritiw will lin pub
lished fully later, .The fnet re
main that the so-called neutral
country coucluded Its military
agreement, Kiiffluail proving It
ly landing troop on 111 in
1 neutral ' territory.'
ncu i. ross societies, who secured con
siderable money in .tin1 vicinity of. Alt.
Angel, in held in Oregon City cm
ulmrift of being nn impostor und the
headquarters of tho society sny tlint ho
bus no connection with it. Tim man
gave tho nume of Biinm Wnldruii, und
clulmed to be n (Icnnnn nnhlcmun who
hud tuken up philanthropic work. It
appear,, irom n. viws rrom mo society .,,,., alld .lul)
tllnt hi Itoil ili,i,lil Itr l,illn.l 1 ' . - '
of hiH benefitH and that he win the
only one who wn profiting from the
Rcnennity of tho Herman people in the
XI t. AiikcI neinh'iorhood. Hheriff Kaeli
left t Ii i m ufternoon for Oregun City to
bring tho priKouer buck to thin city,
where he will bo arruigned in the jus
tice court,
The total operating revenues of the
Oregon Electric railway for the year
ending June 30, 1IM4, was $1,181,804.13,
of which 1,154,21.18. is credited to
transportation revenues and $27,587.95
to revenues other
tation. The total
penflcs for the year amounted to (804,-
H3I5.70 or a balance of $377,177.43 in
favor of receipts over expenses. The
ratio of operating expenses to operating
revenues was 68.08 per cent or 31.92
per cent on the credit side of the ledger.
These figures are obtained from the
annual report of the railway company
to the railroad commission, received
yesterday afternoon, and they speak
volumes for the wave of prosperity
which continues to sweep over the Wil
lamette valley in a narrow district
served by a total of 134.54 miles of rail
road lines.
In striking contrast to this display
of prosperity for the heart of the val
ley comes the year's record of the
I'nited Railways company, another elec
tric urban branch of the Great North
ern system which operates from Port
land into the northern part of Wash
ington county for a distance of 33.72
miles, which shows a total revenue of
123,353 from transportation for the
year against $205,003 operating ex
penses, or a net operating deficit of
$82,340. Tho ratio, of operating ex
penses to operating revenues was 1(16.75
per cent or 60.75 per cent to the bad.
This difference, however, is accounted
for by the fact that the United Rail
ways line operates through a sparsely
settled, rough and undeveloped section
of the northern extremity of the valley
and the expense of operation per mile
of line is much greater than that of the
Oregon Hlectric.
The total cost for roml and equipment
to dnte of the I'nited Railways for less
tluin 31 miles of line was $0,341,330 or
$1111.520 per mile an 1 the capital out
standing of the system per mile of line
is $112,071. The total cost of road,
equipment and general expenses of the
Oregon Klectrie to closing date of the
report, was $13,027.1 12.80 for 155 miles
of lino or $84,2011,25 per mile and the
union rit of capitalization per mile of
line was $20,312X1.
Tho total capital stock of the Oregon
Klectrie outstanding, June 30, HIM, was
2,5,'!0,i0O of an authorized capital of
$10,4110,(100, of which $1 .050,000 repre
sented Common stock, $20(1,000 prefer
red stock and $380,000 deferred stock,
and a dividend of (I per cent was de
clared upon the $200,000 preferred
stock amounting to $12,000. The funded
debt was $2,000,000 of an authorized
$10,000,000 issue and the amount of In
juring the year
at 5 per cent Interest, was $100,000, The
amount of mortgage carried per mile of
line is $12,11(2.
The amount of surplus earnings on
hand for the Oregon Electric at the
close of the report year was $005,287 or
a decrease of $55,337.02 in the surplus
on hand at the close of the previous
yonr. The total amount of salaries
(Capital Journal Hjiciinl Kerjiee.)
Dallas, Ore., Oct. ii Prilling for oil
at the Whitaker farm near this cit.1',
which has been going on for the- iVit
than transpor- several days, is progressing very satis-
operation ex- faeton ly, the hole having been sunk
about 11 feet since the operations were
resumed. It is the intention of the
company to drill about eight or 10 feet
deeper and by that time it is hoped
that it good flow of oil will be reached.
The well at the present time is about
1200 feet dcop and it was around this
depth that a good flow of oil was
reached in the first well sunk by th.
Oregon Oil & Pipe Line company. Y.
L. Kelly, of Keattle, an export driller,
ia in cnarge oi tne work.
Dry Candidate Lectures.
Curtis P. Co, president of the Mc
Minnville college, and prohibition can
didate for congress, conducted the morn
ing lervice at tho Kvangelical church
HlimlflV mnrnimi 1 Ik. .... -a ..
union meeting of the churches of tho J".d fv had the opportunity 'o hear.
city at the t bristian church he gave .1
talk on the side of the prohibitionists.
(Special to the Capital Journal.)
Quinaby, Ore., Oct. 0. Tho meeting!
held at the new school here tonight was :
n unrivalled success from every point
of view and proved conclusively that
the spirit of co operation and good fel-1
lowship is strong ill this prosperous
The name of the new $2500 school
is Bouna Crest. The name meiins beau
tiful view and has reference to the ele-
vation upon which the school stands
and which commands an unrivaled view !
of the surrounding country. j
The amount netted by refreshments
was $18.50.
County Superintendent Kniith spoke ,
in a happy vein, and impressed the
thought that great things would be ex
pected to emunutc from this mngnifi
cont school and (hut it was ull for the
Mr. William KgarKgav one of the
finest talks upon theV history of the
community and building Kite that many
aw m
IA it
Both services were largely attended.
Accident Causes Death.
Mrs. 8. C. Riee. of Gilliam Station.
His bright, optimistic view Js.fillcd tho
large crowd with enthusiiv m. Old
strifes were forgotten and liaYmony
and good will prevailed. V
Htate Superintendent Churchill rede
livered a magnificent address. Ilk
prophesied that this school would be-
. , , ' , I ii umicci u luut liiib nullum w uillU Oil
who was knocked down and injured by - come a sociul center of great power for
a street ear in Salem during tho state I good. He said there must be unity and
.uir, iiaimeu away hi a Salem hospital I hnrmonv
ouu.my evening at noout 0 'cluck wttli
out having regained consciousness. Sin
was aoout 70 years of age. .Mrs. Price
was a sister of Aunt Lizzie Collins, of
this city, and was well known by a
large number of Dallas people The
funeral was held from the .Methodic
church in this city Tncsd:iy morning.
Rev. O. H. Bennett conducting the ser
vices. Burial took place iu the Odd
Follows' cemetery.
Data of Institute Changed.
The date of the I'olk Countv Ti !
eis Institute bus been changed
wciooer .inth to .November In, Iu lilut
Washington, Oct, 15. President Wil
smn today signed the Clayton anti trust
u I paid wan $i:i(l,ll,40.
i na enura noya department or too I
Salem 1. M. ( . A about '3 in u,im
bor, wore tendered their annual ban
quet last night in the banquet rooms
of the association, Physical Director
Gingrich made a short talk to the boys,
miming tn nt tne erricient lite was ra
ther to be preferred than the strenii- The Pacific luteinntluual live stock
ous life an advocated by Theodore j exposition will be held iu North Port-
iioosevcii. mr. uiiigricn snnwea tne land Irom Decern ,er 7 tn I J. nkm
boys the efficient lifu might be attain-
. has been a mime fiiclni. tn tlm m.l.iiil.l
hill. It completes the administration 'a "nly -,v ra "vill(t ""-I Kooi) deeds, ing rd the ilvo stock Industry in the
t resent program of "big business" leg- Roland, Walter Tait and Paul stute, Tho railroads have made a very
ilatioa, Htaley, of the boys' department, also w ,kte covering the nttendnuce of the
' guvo iMiuri tiiikh nnu iuo pnyi proiiuseii show, Bud Mr.
,' nenpecaen nusnniiu siiouiu if- to put rnrtn their nest efforts to in
Joife that ho Isn't a Mormon, crease tho department,
of a high order among these
workers or such a fine and thoroughly
modern building could not have been
The orchestra from Salem was thor
oughly enjoyed. They renclererf a num
ber of choice selections.
. Probably one of the finest numbers
on tho program was the splemtm song.
"Where the River Shannon Plows,"
rendered by Albert Kgnn in his match
less style and encored three times by
his appreciative hearers.
Among the interesting events of the
evening was the vote taken upon the
I coin I proposed nnme of the school. Among
the mimes suggested were tho follow
ing: Oregon school, Rose Acres, Wil-
ilnmette school, QuinaliyHopmero
Notes and Items. school, Middloview, Oakview, Midway
Miss Hludys Curtwright, of Sulem, is, school, I'nion school, Dnnlwuy school,
teaching in the Dallas public, schools, Homer Davenport school, Quiiii'tn,
John 1. Sibley was a passenger to ' uinectn, and one wng suggested that
Portland on tho Tuesday iiltcruoo.i culled the Tugo'war school,
train. ' j The final selection fell upon Henna
II. II. Belt, republican candidate fori''"'- w''ich was thought to be both
circuit .judge of this district, returned j beautiful and suggestive.
TiiomIb.y from an extensive trip Ihronul, I J- C. Mcl'nrliind, Bruce Junes, Win.
Tillamook county. .tr. Melt reports tiie : 1"'K"1 Albert Kgnn comprise the
(Hi I limit fur the republican party tavo.-- i members of the board, and they were
able iu that section of the state. ' H'l complimented by State Huperinten-
Charles llnrtuug, ii falls City busi-' 'lent Churchill for their excellent work,
ness man, was in Dullns for a short time T'1-" Misses Kvu and Neva Tiinqunry.
Tuesday. of Qiiinnby, are guests of Aumsvillc
Prank llaydcn, deputy fire warden o; ' friends for a few days.
Polk county, is in die city this weeii j W. F. A. Gellately, sheriff of Benton
on business, ' 'county, was an overSuudny visitor m
I. E, Sibley, county nttornev lor the Tunqtmry home at this place.
I'olk county, was a Sulctu visitor Men- Tha 'l,rUe Sunday school wntch meets
'lay. I at the Buena Crest new school, eon-
A free lecture will be held at tlio I tiiHion to increase in numbers and will
nrmoiy in this eitv Friday evening uii '"0 doubt prove of great benefit to the
the auspices of the Christiiin country side, centrally located us it is,
science church. The speaker will I,
Professor II. S. Bering, C. S, B , of Hon
ton, .Mass. The public is cordially invit
ed to attend.
M-r. Sum Burk lias returned from
a visit with relatives and friends in
William llimes went to Portland
comfortably housed and with the addi
tion of the beautiful new organ pur
chased lust week.
John Johnsburg, the bean raiser ou
the Frank Ford place, says thst his
crop of this staple is the lightest the
present year that he has ever raised
owing to drouth conditions the post
Huie Wing Sang Co.
Big Stock Fancy Dry Goods
We make up all kinds of White Underwear, Waists,
Wrappers, Kimonns and House Dresses.
$6.00 Ladies' Fancy White Dresses now $:1.25
$2.50 Ladies' White Waists rf now $1.75
$1.65 Ladies' Muslin Night Gowns now $1.15
$2.00 Men's rants...' now $1.50
Lnrpe line of Men's Furnishing Goods of all kinds.
$.175 Ladies' Top Skirts now $2.!)5
$100 Ladies' Mescaline Tetticoats now $2.25
Ponpee Silks now only 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 a yd.
Tuesday tor a few ilnvs' business visit i summer. The quality, however, is of
Ira Hooker, of Independence, was u ' highest. It is anticipated that the
Dallas visitor the first of the week. : demand for beans will be great this
W. M. Schutt, of Salem, wns n visitor 1 3"'ur owing to war in other lands, and
ill this city Tuesdny, .Mr. Schutt will this staple product is one of the prln
soon leave for a trip to .Vew York toN'ipln articles of diet of all nations dur-
and Mr. O, .M. Plummer. man- i 00'1 "for bnsine.s interests. ing war.
uger of the show, expects a largo at- , "nl Mrs. Waller Web ami fain. Mr. Johnburg's 32 acres of sweet
tendance liom the Salem territory. Thel''v h1'" moved to Dallas from Idaho corn continues to look promising, and
exposiliuu is strictly nn educational one101"' w"' moke this city their home .11 1 It) days more of good weather will fin
aim there are no wild west stunts ceu-l"19 future, jish the corn for the Oregon Canning
.Mis. J. (raven is visit nir at the; Co. of Salem.
nccted with It. There is no admission
charge and Die show is well worth the
railroad fare. Further information can
be secured from the club.
.Mr. I). C, Fieeuiau, publicity aueut
1101110 of her parents, Dr. and Mrs, Ty-
irr-nnmn, at Jsiierldan.
Miss F.tta Porter, of Willauilna, isi
In the city 011 it visit to relatives mil
for the Spokane. Poitland k 'Scatllellrlpnd,
J railroad, writes lor neverol hundred W, T. Grler, of Falls City, republban
more cheap laud bulletins. He says ! "oiuinee for representative, was In tin
nuai ine 1 n in n a 1 1011 is lust what the v".v '"'-mv 011 nuslnc
the r liiiou of laud In comity surveyor, was an Independence
vipuur iiicsnav.
A fretful expression, a wrinkled face
railroad need to let the prospective Taylor, democratic nominee Icm and a faded complexion, do more to
drive the male iiienitiers rrnm home tluin
Is eoiiilnoulv supposed. D was one nf
I he football eleven of th,i Dalian my greatest difficulties to appear snill
High school will meet the tciiiu from I Ing, fresh and elegant when my dem
the mute school ot Salem on the loc.11 ones were with nie. But I have over
groii'ids next Saturday, Coach Fentm, ' come all that. 1 have changed my
hss given the plnytvs some trying lc. I mental attitude ami I now find It see
sons during the past several weeks, and 'end nature to look cheerful. Duo part
a good game Is to be expected. j ly to this, partly to a remarkable treat-
Senator George E. Chamberlain wdl uncut recommended by a friend, niv up
speak in Dallas at the court house 011 1 pciiiauee has so Improved I look fifteen
Wednesday evening, October 2S. veara younger than before,
A petition liss Ii 1 circulated iu la-l A simple face lotion made by dlssnlv-
dependence asking Inr the removal ot Inn m ooncn of oimilnrcl ... v',,r, I.. u
boosting Salem nt the maniitactureni ! A'"'.v Tapper as marshal of that eitvJ half pint w itch hazel, proved a wonder-
and laud pioducts show will coinmunl- ',,r' 'upper was formerly night marshal 1 fill wrlnklechascr. I still use this nc
.ate with the club we will do our bestl"f '"y "oil proved to be an .x-1 caslonally. To renovate mv complexion
I to carry them out. It is often the littlv 1 " oft leer. It Is not thought that j 1 purchased an ounce of o'rdliiarv iner-
picas win', are suggested that attract .uucocv council will listen to coMred
! the most utteiilion, Help us to orginate I I'einioiieis.
1 new stunts for the show. A Aoodrow Wilson club has been or
ganism py a nuuilier of the deiiiocrnlio
tlleis 1. 1 1 1 1 w
I lie state.
A committee Is cnuilug from the
niiiiiiiluctnrers and land pioduct show
Iu I'liitliiiid the lust of next week to
' boost for the Snlem dny. Members of
the committee will speak at seveial
public meetings arranged by the club
and will give the people an idea of
1 what the show really is. The committee
will try and arrange an exclusion Irom
Salem to boost In Portland on Salem
, day,
I If anyone huving siigucstlous fur
When a young man iicgius to attend
chin 'a regularly it's an easy matter to
discover the funiile !n the case,
.mi 1 nr sjiiii 11 mi 1 1 11 uii 1 in 1 mi
Have You Seen It?
Our Window Display of the charm
ing Old Ivory Finish Wicker Furni
ture. It is both handsome and com
fortable. Take a look at it while
you can.
I! kc fwmwx, we iitidrantec lo Save You Money
Th Complete House furnishers
iiy a
women or tins city. Mrs. At. 1 Hoc I
Is the president, Mis. .1, (I, Van ("la
del, vice-president, and Mrs. Klci'u"
1 Woo Is, secretary The club held a nie d
.Ing Tuesday evening when a constitu
tion and by laws were adopted.
Dr, ('. ,1, Smith, democratic caudi
date for governor, will speak Iu this
cltv not Saturday night.
I th.i estnte of .1, Warren tjtilck, wo'
was killed la the accident at the How
ersvllle Crossing a week ago, wns sp
prale. Tni-wlay bv John Clow, ,lol,u
W. Oir and Koiiort' I ate. II. I.. Kenton
lias been appointed administrator.
The Christian Kndenvor societies ot
this city are busy selling tickets for
wax at 111 y druguist s and be
fore using this up, a marvelous tiaus-
formation had taken place, It was like
removing an unsightly mask, revealing
a new face, a youthful complexion of
distinctive, delicacy, clear, white and
velvety, I merely uppllcd the wax like
cold cream before retiring, washing it
off mornings. Ten days' treatment auf
flced. " Aurllla" in Clubwoman,
the winter lycum coune which npet 1
iu November. The coin sc. which will
be held under the aospiies of I he ill.'
terent churches nf this niv, promises '0
be one of the most IntcH sting seiles m
lectures ever brought to Hm eitv.
Mr. and Mrs. ( , K. SumlPerg' have
mined into the Albert Tent piopertv on
Mill street, recent Iv Mtcatcil bv Hie
family of Uev. T. II Sinrbuck. '
!T.,l,lyM''yT'lk0,vn- n"' .It.lv,.. by .ho hest of the nostrils
- , a v,. mwiiiv iipiici 1 Mica m.i.i hu ... it.r I ... .1
""'""' wvsw jsaery ien nicmlirane whi, a lines ll,.,
Trwly- Dull
Dlschait Htopi,
Try "Fly1, Cream Halm,"
Get a small bottle anvwav, just to
try It Apply a little la the uostrils
an I Instantly yonr cloggcil nose and
stepped up air paiaiies of Hie dead
will own 1 von will breaths frwlvi
uuiineM ami Headache disappear,
morning! the eatarth. cold In head
catarrhal r throat will li gone.
End such misery anwt Get th. small
bolt!, of "Kty'a Cream Balm" at any
ilrug si erf.
I " ni. iiu.imir "in q lines ,, ,i.e,
seait and threat; clears the air pas
sgT. stops nasty dirchaigcs and a
feeling of clean. ing, soothing relief
conies Immediately,
ron 1 isy snake tonight struggling,
Tor breath, with head stiiffe.li noetrils'
cUi.rd, hawking and blowing. Catarrh
nr a cold, wlita li mi,i, ......
uy mucous dropping Into the throat, and:
er law dryness is distressing Imt nlr
Put your faith
-just ouce Iu " Klv's
1 ream .(m n, - . .
This .west fr.gr.nt balm wdl siirViy di rl,,"r"'
At Reduced Prices
Now) Is the time for bargains in this popu
lar department. Despite our former low
prices, we will give you liberal reductions.
Nothing reserved, all new up-to-date hats,
shapes and fancy feathers at
Fur Sets at Reduced Prices
SNice large Fur Muff and Collar, aa v
p").00setnov $J.UU
Nicerge Fur Muff and Collar, f-
$10.00 now $.jU
Nice largeW Muff and Collar, ah ft
-f 7.50 set nov, v
Nice large Fur Muff alrf Collar, . -Sr'fi.50
set now
Nowport, Ore., Oct. M. -After
being buffeted by heavy seas for
six days in un open launch which
was stripped of supplies and en
gine disabled by a huge wave,
Al Spraguoand Hay Van Burger
of Coos Bay are here today re
cuperating from their experience.
One bottlo of beer was the
men 'a only sustenance.
They were picked up by the
schooner Tillnindok, off this
port late yesterday nearly dead
from starvation und exposure,
ford, where he spent several duys iu uc
ningiiig an ud.iiistun ut of forestry pu
trid - taxation mutteis, which required
his I'l'isoniil attention
Professor II. T. French, of O. A. C,
was lure yesterday for a brief viuit
with l.ntlier ,1. (.'Lupin, the county ug
liculluiist. ('. V.. Aruey, of S okane, has written
tho couinii rcinl club relative to estab
lishi'ig a grocery or hardware store iu
Mr. and Mrs. W. (' Wallace, Mitm
l.ocliwood and Mrs. (leorge Scott, were
ill the city yesterdi.y.
Dr. M. E. Pomeroy lias returned from
a few duys business trip to Portland. !
C. A. Ciinuon, n prosperous farmer of
Turner, is in Sulem.
W, B. shinn, from Tolk county, is in
Snlem today, registered at the Bligh,
S. t Wakefield, a business man of
Portland, is looking over the city. .
-Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Hubbs, of Bit
vertnn, ore in the city. Mr. Hubbs
is the proprietor of n sawmill and sauh.
J. I.. Caurse, of Hillsboro. is a Holem
visitor, k,
Wutt Shipp, of the Watt Shion iw
der to., went to Kugene yesterday on and door factory in Silverton.
nl,i M-ir,i 011 nuTursiay.
K. P. Cutler and family, who left
lust week, are now iu Kansas City on
n visit with friends and relatives. Mr
Cutler is an employe of the P., E, & E.
V, F. Looney, nf the P., E, & E,, and
wife, who left Salem Monday night for
Fort Worth, have reached their destina
tion, '. D. Ilulicmk, 11 member nf the In
dustrial accident commission, Is In As
toria adjusting business mutters in con
nection with his depurt unit.
State Forester F. A. Elliott lias re.
tnrii"d from a trip to Ashland and Med-
! "Doc" Stewart, th etlc diet in
thleties of the Oregon Agricultural Col
lege, has informed Bulph Aloorea, sec
retary of the Salem Commercial club,
that he looks with favor upon the prop-
1 ositlon to play the annual U. of O.
O. A, (', football gumo in this city.
Stewart estimates, however, that othor
( towns have offered a bonus to bo per-
, milted to stage the contest. Moormi
states that Salem has plenty of advnn-
I nges to offer, but no bonus.
When a Man's Waist
Becomes greater than his chest,
ho begins to mistrust his tailor.
That is when the cutter who can
draft a pair of trousers that set
well, hang correctly, and won't
draw when he sits dow n or steps
upstairs, is a real treasure to the
big waistcd fellow. The coat,
too, makes a world of difference
when skillfully modeled to tone
down that corpulency. My (ail
oring corrects all of nature's defects.
1 urjif". vn . rr'TT 1 I
344 State St.
r frrr wt. . ff- f fr f w f